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12/2007theO p e r a t o r N e w s l e t t e rMerittouchFrom theDesk of the CEOMerit Celebrates 30 YearsThank You Operators for 30 Years of PartnershipAlot changes in 30years. The world in1977 was mostly analog,much less globally interconnected,and not nearlyas fast-paced, comparedto the digitally-driven,24/7 environment weinhabit today. Over thelast thirty years, Merithas grown from agarage-based startup tobecome the most successfulcasual game companyin the world.Merit’s success stems inpart from decades ofhard, smart work atthe factory. But equalcredit lies in the handsof our customers – thestreet operators – whosaw the opportunity toprofit from operatingtouchscreen countertopsand capitalized on it.Together, we have enabledgenerations of playersto experience and covetthe Megatouch experience.Together we havebuilt a franchise thatdelivers and monetizesover four billion gameplay experiences everyyear. Together we havecreated value, for operators,distributors, andMerit, beyond anythingenvisioned 30 years ago.From everyone at Merit,please accept our sincereTHANKS for yourkey role in makingthat happen.The past 30 years havenot always been easy.Many times, Merit hashad to reinvent itselfto meet changing marketneeds. Fortunately, thebasic approach of providingcompelling entertainmentnever goes outof style. And neither dothe core principles onwhich Peter Feuer foundedthe company: a)build great products,and b) take care ofcustomers. Those simpleprinciples are drivingaction at Merit today,just as they did threedecades ago.I wish I could tell youwe are always perfect– we’re not. I wish Icould predict exactlywhat players will wanttomorrow – I can’t.However, I do promisethat Merit will continueto deliver the best games,software, hardware, service,and support »3“Our companyis excited andoptimistic aboutthe new suite ofMerit productsunveiled at theAMOA show.The newEntertainerand portableFirefly havemany interestingpossibilitiesfor previouslyuntapped locations.We look to Meritto consistentlythink outside thebox and bringnew and innovativeproducts tothe market.”Tom Green-BlackhawkMusic Co.coin a phrase:

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!– from all of us at MeritOp:talk“Merit continues to offer operators the most innovative software solutions in the industry. Year after year Merit keeps theoperators’ best interests in mind, and creates the entertainment that keeps our cash boxes full.”– Rick LaFleur, LaFleur and SonOPERATORTOOPERATORADVICEby Michael Lee ofAutomatic VendingHERE’S HOW TO MAKE 30 HAPPY CUSTOMERS:Buy 10 Auroras, the newest member of the ION product line, and put them on your route in placeof 10 ION Elite Edges or ION eVos. Take those 10 IONs and replace your 10 best producing ForceeVos. Take those 10 Force eVos and replace 10 older Force units. Sell the 10 old Force units in theresidential market (hurry, Christmas is right around the corner!). You’ll see a bump in revenue fromupgrading all of the equipment and you’ll be able to use the money from selling the old Force unitsto help pay for your Auroras. Best of all, 30 of your customers will be happy that their equipmentwas upgraded.» OPERATOR CHOICEBob Fay (left), Merit’s Director ofGovernment Relations and InternationalMarket Division, presents the 2007Operator of the Year Award to JohnNeville of Blackhawk Music Co. the Merit Touch

»TECH TIPSHave you ever experienced a “Coin Jam” error message?Coin jams may be caused by issues with:» Coin acceptor» Bill acceptor (note acceptor)» I/O board» Optical Sensor board (Radion\Select\Slim)» Jumper settingswith Merit tech-expertJoe Perry»Procedure to correct Coin Jam:Once the “Coin Jam” error alarm stops (about 30-40 seconds), try inserting bills (paper notes) and coins.If bills and coins are accepted and registered, then the Dollar Bill Acceptor (note acceptor) and coin mech are not in question.The problem may be related to the I/O board, harness or jumper settings.If the “Coin Jam” error message appears when inserting a coin or bill, then the coin acceptor or DBA is the likely culprit.At this point the coin acceptor, bill acceptor, or I/O board may need to be replaced.TechTip: The I/O boards have 6-8 credit input channels. The U.S. uses channels 1 & 2 for coin and bill.Refer to the game manual for further information.TechTip: If “Coin Jam” appears on the screen after installing a replacement I/O board, compare the jumper settingson the removed I/O board with the recently installed I/O board.All I/O boards ship with specific jumper settings. They may need to be changed due to differing coin mech configurations.Operators and Technicians: Send your tech questions to and I will be happy to assist you.(continued from cover)From the Desk of the CEOthat we can. And that taking care of our customers willremain our top priority.I am confident that together we will drive at leastanother 30 years of tremendous success, by entertainingand delighting millions of game players across thiswonderful world. Congratulations and thanks forhelping to make the first 30 years so successful.-MikeMike MaasCEO

»MERIT’S 2008 SOFTWAREThere has beena ton of hypes u r r o u n d i n gM e r i t ’ s2008 softwarerelease and thetypes of earn-ingsoperatorsincreasescanexpect after upgrading. I’m here tohelp you wade through the numbersand show you how to get the mostout of your Megatouch.Merit does an “apples to apples”comparison of machines runningnew software against those stillusing the prior year’s softwarefrom July through the followingJanuary. We use MegaNet connectedmachines to collect raw data, so thenumbers are 100% real.There is one absolute fact about thecoin-op industry — collections onmachines with older software willeventually decline. Merit cabinetshowever, earn for years beyond theoriginal purchase because of oursoftware upgrades. Reloading yourMegatouch with the most currentsoftware jump-starts earnings andkeeps collections at a high level.Re-covering your pool tables once oreven twice a year keeps them earningat their max, and is well worth the$600 recovering cost. Back in thedays of CD jukeboxes, spending the40 bucks a month to put fresh musicon the jukes virtually guaranteedstaying above a $100 weekly gross.So, it makes sound business sensethat keeping your Megatouch systemsupdated with current software isone of the best investments you canmake for your route.“Meritcabinets...earn foryears beyondthe originalpurchasebecause ofour softwareupgrades.”Each spring we provide a free soft-ware update chock full of new triviaquestions and photos. We do thisbecause we discovered, as far back asthe mid-80’s, that reinvigorated TriviaWhiz and Photo Hunt databaseskeep players coming back for more.Players flock to the fresh entertain-ment, flooding your cashbox andensuring location retention.So, when should you update yourgames? Quite simply, as soon aspossible. Updating your machineswith the fall release as soon as ithits the street results in the big-gest earnings bump and puts youin line for an additional earningsjolt when the free spring softwareupdate arrives.By now you’ve heard the positivebuzz on the 2008 software fromfellow operators. It is real andit is making money! Plenty ofMegatouch machines earn upwardsof $500 a week on a consistent basis.Why not yours?If you want to find out how to getin on this earnings boost, call meat 800-523-2760, ext 423.Bob MillsVice President of Salesand Network BusinessCustomers always come first.Listen to customer needs.Develop the products that customers need.Deliver superior quality in everything we do.Help customers make money.THE MERIT CUSTOMER PROMISEMerit Entertainment2525 State RoadBensalem, PA 19020800-523-2760Fax: the Merit Touch

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