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session a session b session c session a session b ... - QNP2012

SESSION AChair: tba Amphi: AragoThe proton form factor ratio results from Jefferson LabVina Punjabi 14:15 - 14:35Experimental search for two-hard-photon exchange in elastic epCharles Perdrisat 14:35 - 14:50Accessing the time-like proton form factors in the unphysicalregionJérôme Boucher 14:50 - 15:10Exclusive limits of Drell-Yan processesOleg Teryaev 15:10 - 15:30Correlations in multiple-parton interactionsTomas Kasemets 15:30 - 15:45SESSION AChair: tba - Amphi: AragoExtraction of Sivers functions with TMD evolutionMauro Anselmino 16:15 - 16:35MONDAY, APRIL 16SESSION BChair: B. Saghai - Amphi: FaurrePhotoproduction of mesons off light nucleiBernd Krusche 14:15-14:35Coupled channel analysis of the N*(1520)(3/2 - ) and N*(1700)(3/2 - )with ρN (s-wave), πN (d-wave) and π∆ (s-wave and d-wave)channelsEugenio Javier Garzon 14:35-14:55Chiral dynamics in the nonet SS and PP two-point correlationfunctions, semi-local duality and scalar spectroscopyZhi-hui Guo 14:55-15:15Electroweak hadron structure in point form dynamicsMaria Gomez Rocha 15:15-15:35Radiative decay of heavy-light mesons in a relativistic potentialmodelKoichi Seo 15:35-15:55COFFEE BREAK 15:45-16:15SESSION BChair: Q. Zhao - Amphi: FaurreRecent results on hadron production from ISR and two-photonprocesses at BABARDenis Bernard 16:15 - 16:35SESSION CChair: W. Kamleh - Amphi: Gay-LussacStrangeness of the nucleon from lattice QCDVincent Drach 14:15 - 14:35Baryon wave function from lattice QCDVladimir Braun 14:35 - 14:55Renormalisation of operators for excited-state hadrons in latticeQCDEkaterina V. Mastropas 14:55 - 15:15The H-dibaryon in lattice QCDAssumpta Parreno 15:15 - 15:35Three particles in a finite volumeKathryn Polejaeva 15:35 - 15:55SESSION EChair: tba - Amphi: Gay-LussacLatest flow results from PHENIX at RHICEric Richardson 16:15 - 16:35Bessel-weighted asymmetries and the Sivers effectLeonard Gamberg 16:35 - 16:55Sivers effect and transverse single spin asymmetry ine+p^\uparrow → e+J/ψ + XVaibhav Rawoot 16:15-17:10Quark angular momentum and the Sivers asymmetryMarco Radici 17:10-17:25Status on the transversity parton distribution: the dihadronfragmentation functions wayAurore Courtoy 17:25 - 17:40Transverse spin and transverse momentum distributions fromCOMPASSGiulio Sbrizzai 17:40 - 18:00Exclusive ρ 0 muoproduction on transversely polarised protonsand deuteronsKatharina Schmidt 18:00 - 18:15Precise dispersive determination of the f 0 (600) and f 0 (980)resonancesJ.Ramon Pelaez 16:35 - 16:55The nature of X(3900) and recognition of open charm effectsQian Wang 16:55 - 17:15Radiative decay of the X(3872) into J/Ψ gamma from theperspective of a Dbar D*+ccFrancesca Aceti 17:15 - 17:35Exclusive c → s, d semileptonic decays of ground-state spin-1/2and spin-3/2 doubly heavy cb baryonsConrado Albertus-Torres 17:35 - 17:55Laura Tolos 17:35 - 17:55Resonances of the systems π − η and π − η' in the reactions π − p → π −η p slow and π − p → π − η' p slow at COMPASSTobias Schlüter 17:55 - 18:15Comparative analysis of the harmonic flow measured by theevent plane and two-particle correlation methods in lead-leadcollisions at √s NN =2.76 TeV using the ATLAS detector at LHCAndrzej Olszewski 16:35 - 16:55Collective flow and charged hadron correlations in 2.76 TeVPbPb collisions at CMSStefen Sanders 16:55 - 17:15Shear viscosity of the quark-gluon plasma from relativistic heavyion collisionsMatthew Luzum 17:15 - 17-35Shear viscosity in superfluid neutron starsMedium-induced soft gluon radiation in the quark scatteringprocess without color transfer in t-channelHao Ma 14:15 - 14:35WELCOME RECEPTION 18:15-20:15

SESSION BChair: B. Krusche - Amphi: FaurreNucleon resonance electrocouplings in the non-perturbativeregimePhilip Cole 14:15 - 14:35TUESDAY, APRIL 17SESSION DChair: J. Bijnens - Amphi: AragoRare meson decays and transition form factors with WASA-at-COSYSusan Schadmand 14:15 - 14:40SESSION EChair: tba - Amphi: Gay-LussacATLAS study of jet properties in lead-lead collisions at √s NN =2.76TeV using the ATLAS detector at LHCMartin Rybar 14:15 - 14:45Decaying hadrons within constituent-quark modelsWolfgang Schweiger 14:35 - 14:55Sea content of the ground state octet baryonsChenshung An 14:55 - 15:15Relativistic quark-model spectroscopy of light and heavybaryonsJoseph Day 15:15 - 15:35A first prediction of the electromagnetic rare decays η′ → π°γγand η′ → ηγγRafel Escribano 15:35 - 15:55SESSION BChair: E. Manoni - Amphi: FaurreHadron physics at KLOE and KLOE-2Jaroslaw Zdebik 16:15 - 16:35Meson spectroscopy with unitary coupled-channels model forheavy-meson decay into three mesonsSatoshi Nakamura 16:35 - 16:55Charmed and strange baryon resonances with heavy quarksymmetryOlena Romanets 16:55 - 17:15Enhanced non-quark-antiquark and non-gluebal N c behavior oflight scalar mesonsGuillermo Rios 17:15 - 17:35A theory of baryon resonances at large N cDimitri Diakonov 17:35 - 17:55Determination of ChPT low energy constants from a precisedescription of π-π scattering threshold parametersJenifer Nebreda 14:40 - 15:00Bounds on the spacelike pion electromagnetic form factor fromanalyticity and unitarityImkong Sentitemsu Imsong 15:00 - 15:20Factorization of chiral logarithms in the pion form factorsRamon Stucki 15:20 - 15:40Tests of ChPT in Primakoff reactions at COMPASSStefanie Grabmueller 15:40 - 15:55COFFEE BREAK 15:55-16:15SESSION DChair: S. Descotes-Genon - Amphi: AragoExtraction of S-wave πN scattering lengths from data on pionicatomsVadim Baru 16:15 - 16:35NN interactions from chiral dynamics and the N/D method. chiralefective Field Theory for Nuclear MatterJose A. Oller 16:35 - 16:55Two-nucleon scattering in nuclear effective field theory withperturbative chiral two-pion exchangeManuel Pavon Valderrama 16:55 - 17:151/Nc - chiral perturbation theory in the one-baryon sectorAlvaro Calle Cordon 17:15 - 17:30Investigating the thermodynamics and susceptibilities of the(2+1) Polyakov quark meson modelSandeep Chatterjee 17:30 - 17:45CMS hard probes in 2.76 TeV PbPb collisions at CMSPelin Kurt 14:35 - 14:55Lessons from RHIC for the LHC and vice versaMichael Tannenbaum 14:55 - 15:15High-p T hadrons in heavy ion collisions: from RHIC to LHCJan Nemchik 15:15 - 15:35SESSION EChair: tba - Amphi: Gay-LussacQuarkonia and heavy flavor production measurement in Pb+Pbcollisions with the ALICE experiment at LHCLizardo Valencia Palomo 16:05 - 16:25Charmonium production in p-p and Pb-Pb collisions at CERNand comparison with RHIC dataNataliya Topilskaya 16:25 - 16:45The effect of parton energy loss on quarkonium nuclearsuppression at large x FStéphane Peigné 16:45 - 17:05Gluon EMC effect and fractional energy loss in Upsilonproduction in dAu collisions at RHICAndry Rakotozafindrabe 17:05 - 17:25Recent results on heavy quark quenching in ultrarelativisticheavy ion collisionsPol Gossiaux 17:25 - 17:45

SESSION AChair: tba - Amphi: AragoTransversity in electroproduction ofpseudoscalar mesonsPeter Kroll 14:15 - 14:35Diffractive gauge bosons production beyondQCD factorisationRoman Pasechnik 14:35 - 14:50High precision measurements of the neutronspin structure in HallA at JLabEvaristo Cisbani 14:50 - 15:10QWEAK at Jefferson Lab: precisionmeasurement of the parity-violating epasymmetryPaul King 15:10 - 15:25SESSION BChair: P. Cole - Amphi: FaurreProspects on spectroscopy at SuperBElisa Manoni 14:15 - 14:35Exotic gifts of natureTeresa Caramés 14:35 - 14:55The mixing of D s1 (2460) and D s1 (2536)Xiao-gang Wu 14:55 - 15:15The D s1 (2460) as a molecular state in aconstituent quark modelDavid Entem 15:15 - 15:35WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18SESSION CChair: S. Beane - Amphi: BecquerelLattice QCD at CSSMWaseem Kamleh 14:15 - 14:35Charm-bottom hadron spectroscopyZachary Brown 14:35 - 14:55Correlations and fluctuations of conservedcharges from lattice QCDClaudia Ratti 14:55 - 15:15Spontaneous electromagnetic superconductivityof QCD x QED vacuum in strong magnetic fieldMaxim Chernodub 15:15 - 15:35SESSION EChair: tba - Amphi: Gay-LussacAntiproton nucleus reactions at PANDAOlaf Hartmann 14:15 - 14:35Particle production at high energy and largetransverse momentumTolga Altinoluk 14:35 - 14:55Study of hadronization dynamic with nucleiRaphaël Dupré 14:55 - 15:15J/ψ depletion in a nuclear mediumChu-wen Xiao 15:15 - 15:35Prospective for a fixed-target experiment at theLHC: AFTER @ LHCJean-Philippe Lansberg 15:25 - 15:45On the role of one pion exchange and heavyquark spin symmetry in heavy meson moleculesManuel Pavon 15:35 - 15:55Canonical transformations in gauge theorieswith non-trivial backgroundsAndrea Quadri 15:35 - 15:55Mueller navelet jets at LHC: the first completeNLL BFKL studySamuel Wallon 15:35 - 15:55CONFERENCE DINNER 20:30-23:30

SESSION AChair: tba - Amphi: AragoQuark phase-space distributions and orbital angular momentumCedric Lorce 14:15 - 14:35GPDs at HERMESTHURSDAY, APRIL 19SESSION CChair: C. Roiesnel - Amphi: Gay-LussacHigh precision measurement of the form factors of thesemileptonic decays K+ → p0+l+n (Kl3) in NA48Roberto Piandani 14:15 - 14:35Baryon properties from the covariant Fadeev-Popov equationAram Movsisyan 14:35 - 14:55Helios Sanchis Alepuz 14:35 - 14:55Measurement of deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) cross A light-front coupled-cluster method for quantum field theoriessections with CLASHyon-Suk Jo 14:55 - 15:10John Hiller 14:55 - 15:15Deeply virtual Compton scattering on longitudinally polarizedprotons and neutrons at CLASSilvia Niccolai 15:10 - 15:25Timelike Compton Scattering at JLAB, RHIC and LHCJakub Wagner 15:25 - 15:45SESSION AChair: tba - Amphi: AragoThe DVCS program in Hall A at Jefferson LabRelevance of glueball bound states in the Yang-Mills plasma inthe many-body T-matrix approachDaniel Cabrera 15:15 - 15:35Size matters - Nonlinear effects in the Glasma evolutionSoeren Schlichting 15:35 - 15:55COFFEE BREAK 15:45-16:15SESSION CChair: B. Blossier - Amphi: Gay-LussacHolographic pomeron and the Schwinger MechanismJulie Roche 16:15 - 16:30Gokce Basar 16:15 - 16:35Theory and phenomenology of helicity amplitudes for high Baryon as Hologramsenergy exclusive leptoproduction of the rho mesonAdrien Besse 16:30 - 16:45Hilmar Forkel 16:35 - 16:55Nucleon-to-pion transition distribution amplitudes and backward Anomalous AV*V amplitude in soft-wall AdS/QCD modelselectroproduction of pionsKirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky 16:45 - 17:00Juan Sanz-Cillero 16:55 - 17:15Measurement of Collins asymmetries in inclusive production ofpion pairs in e + e - collisions at BABARDeeply virtual Compton scattering from Gauge/Gravity dualityFabio Annulli 17:00 - 17:15Marko Djuric 17:15 - 17:35Integrated and unintegrated GPDs and PDFs from LCWFs Light-Front holography - A new approach to non perturbativeQCDDieter Mueller 17:15 - 17:30Guy de Teramond 17:35 - 17:55Finite-t and target mass corrections in off-forward hard reactionsSESSION EChair: tba - Amphi: FaurreScanning for changes, PHENIX results from the RHIC low energyscanAchim Franz 14:15-14:35Identified particle production and spectra with the ALICEdetector in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHCIouri Belikov 14:35-14:55Theoretical and experimental evidence for hadron formationabove the QCD critical temperatureRene Bellwied 14:55-15:15Dffraction on Nuclei: effects of nucleon-nucleon correlations andinelastic shadowing within an improved Glauber-GribovapproachClaudio Ciofi Degli Atti 15:15-15:35Photoproduction of vector mesons in ultra-peripheral Pb+Pbcollisions at ALICEDaniel Tapia Takaki 15:35-15:55SESSION DChair: J. Bijnens - Amphi: FaurreFunctional renormalisation group and few-nucleon dynamicsBoris Krippa 16:15 - 16:40Parity violation with three nucleons and the predictive power ofEFT without pionsHarald W. Griesshammer 16:40 - 17:00Soft spectator scattering in the nucleon form factors at large Qwithin the soft collinear effective theory approachNikolay Kivel 17:00-17:20HQET sum rules for quark-gluon three-body components in theB mesonKazuhiro Tanaka 17:20 - 17:40Three-nucleon contact interaction at NLOLuca Girlanda 17:40 - 18:00Alexander Manashov 17:30 - 17:45

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