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The World’s Best 2 Coat Priming System on The World's Best Substrates!Offer BuildersTrim Products with aCompetitive Advantage...Manufactured in the Northeast for Substantial Freight Savings

Quality Projects Deserve Advantage Trim.• Rakes and Soffits• Corner Boards• Kick Boards• Skirt Boards• Box Out TrimWarrantyWe stand behind the productswe sell. A 5 year limited warranty*is offered on Advantage Trimprimed products.*See actual warranty for complete detailsManufactured ByPhone 800.724.0010 • www.russinlumber.com

Product Availability& SpecificationsS4S BoardsAvailable in:Radiata PineEuropean PineEastern Red PineEastern White PineSize (Nominal) Length (feet)1" x 3" 16' no trims1" x 4" 16' no trims1" x 5" 16' no trims1" x 6" 16' no trims1" x 8" 16' no trims1" x 10" 16' no trims1" x 12" 16' no trims5/4" x 4" 16' no trims5/4" x 5" 16' no trims5/4" x 6" 16' no trims5/4" x 8" 16' no trims5/4" x 10" 16' no trims5/4" x 12" 16' no trimsCeiling Pattern1" x 4" T&G ECB 16' no trims1" x 6" T&G ECB 16' no trimsOther sizing Options available.• Now dealers will be able to receiveprompt shipments in quantities tomeet your individual needs.• Because of our location there is a substantialfreight savings in serving our traditional eastcoast customers.10 Year Substrate Warranty • 5 Year Primer Warranty

Introducing Advantage Trim by RussinAfter three years of extensive research and laboratorytesting, Russin Lumber is proud to introduce our new lineof Advantage Trim products. The complete line of AdvantageTrim is specifically developed to satisfy the requirements ofquality oriented builders, remodelers and architects.Superior Quality TrimA premium project deserves a superior quality trim productand Advantage Trim provides discriminating builders, remodelersand architects with the world’s best substrates and theworld’s best two coat priming system. When Advantage Trimis specified you can be sure that the finest trim products arebeing used.Advantage Trim is Available in 4 Different Species• Radiata Pine • European Pine• Eastern Red Pine • Eastern White PineExactly What Are The "Advantages"?There are so many benefits when you specify Advantage Trim.The substrate (raw material) has been sourced in 4 speciesproviding our customers the maximum amount of flexibilityin determining what is ideal for their contractors and builders.Each board is finger jointed and or edge glued depending onwidth and produced to guarantee 4 knot and defect free sides.The glue used in the production of these products is the finestavailable for an exterior application. Strict quality guidelineshave been set to insure tight finger joints with a smoothtransition from block to block. All boards are 16’ lengthswith no trimbacks, minimizing the problem of dealing withshort lengths at the job site. These products have undergonerigorous laboratory testing assuring you of the finest exteriortrim available.

Attention to Detail Ensures the Highest QualityQualityStandardsEach of our substrate manufacturers have received specific andongoing training to insure that the finger joints and overallappearance is consistent with our stringent quality specifications.Every Advantage Trim board will be perfectly smooth, clear andstraight with cupping, twisting and warping virtually eliminated.This attention to detail ensures that Russin will consistentlyprovide the best available trim products anywhere.The finishing line was developed with the finest industry ideasavailable including a 2 coat priming system improved beyondwhat has ever been available. All primed Advantage Trimproducts carry a 5 year limited warranty. This coating hastaken over one year of lab and field research to develop.Plus Advantage Trim is produced at Russin Lumber’s brandnew, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located inMontgomery, New York. Our experienced personnel utilizea "triple check" system of quality control to guarantee thehighest standards of any finishing facility. A manufacturingsystem of this quality available on the East Coast is a first.Now dealers will be able to receive prompt shipmentsin quantities to meet individual needs. Because ofour location there is a substantial freight savings inserving our traditional east coast customers.

The Perfect Finish Every TimeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Before entering the priming line each piece is fully inspected.Any board with a defect is removed from production.Each board enters the first vacuum coater and is coatedfully on all sides and ends. As the board leaves the vacuumcoater it immediately goes into the most advancedInfra-Red oven available. It is dried and sent to our coolingcross transfer to be cured.First coat curing occurs at this time resulting in a hard finish.Advantage Trim is the only priming process in the marketthat gets extra curing time. While being cured the productis exposed to an additional inspection to remove any boardsthat show defects in the substrate or first coat of primer.Each board is processed thru our state-of-the-art sander. Thismachine (called a de-nibber) looks for any high spots in theboard and removes them so every board is perfectly smoothbefore the second coat of primer is applied.Step 5Step 6The second coat of primer is then applied by a secondvacuum coater. The board now travels through a secondInfra-Red oven to quickly dry the paint. It then goesthrough a second cooling cross transfer for curing.At this point boards are ready for final inspection andpackaging. Advantage Trim by Russin is packaged in unit sizesof approximately 1,000 board feet. Each unit is protected onthe bottom by cardboard to make sure dirty forklift bladescannot mar the finish. Each unit is covered with a fitted,opaque lumber bag that is clear on the ends so that ourcustomers can readily see the quality inside the package.Nearly three years of planning have gone into the developmentof Advantage Trim by Russin to make it the very best2- coat priming system anywhere in the world!

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