FARGO HDP8500 Brochure - HID Global

FARGO HDP8500 Brochure - HID Global

FARGO HDP8500 Brochure - HID Global

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Printing andEncoding Solutions<strong>FARGO</strong>® <strong>HDP8500</strong>Industrial Card Printer/Encoder

Produce IDs reliably andcontinuously—even in the mostdemanding environments.High Definition printingdelivers the highest imagequality—layered on the highestfunctioning cards. HDP Film fusesto the surface of proximity andsmart cards, conforming to ridgesand indentations formed byembedded electronics.Rugged and RobustThe <strong>HDP8500</strong> looks and feelsmore solid than other desktopprinters. Its solid metal cabinetryand precision-engineered interiorcomponents provide improvedresistance to parts fatigue andgeneral wear from routine andrepeated use.High Duty PerformanceWith the new <strong>FARGO</strong>® <strong>HDP8500</strong> IndustrialCard Printer/Encoder, <strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> deliversthe most reliable, high duty performanceID card printer in the industry.The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong>, featuring <strong>HID</strong>’s HighDefinition Printing (HDP ® ) technology,is the superior industrial ID printer forextended-run, high throughput credentialpersonalization and issuance. It’s especiallysuited for the high duty cycle requirementsof large government ID card programs,laborious service bureau conditions,and demanding university and largeenterprise environments.With the <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong>, you’ll get aprint system loaded with features thatensure reliability, from enhanced cardand consumable material handling toair filtration. You’ll get a system thatperforms—it has one of the highest cardinput capacities in the industry and requiresminimal operator intervention, saving timeand money. And, you’ll get a system that’sdesigned for operational and issuancesecurity. The <strong>HDP8500</strong> is enabled withinthe <strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> Trusted Identity Platform(TIP). With its built-in security featuresfrom operator PIN number access andmulti-locking entry points, to dataencryption and resin ribbon data-erasefunctionality, you’ll know your systemis secure.Wherever high duty cycle and throughputis required, the <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> delivers.Backed by <strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong>’s 45 years ofmanufacturing excellence and three-yearhardware warranty, it’s the ideal solutionfor unparalleled quality, performanceand security.High Definition Printing Quality<strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> pioneered High DefinitionPrinting, also called retransfer printtechnology in desktop ID card printers.Now, <strong>HID</strong> leverages the technology tointroduce its fifth generation HDP printengine in the <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong>. Retransfertechnology works with a wide varietyof card materials, giving you greaterprinting flexibility. And, you’ll be able toproduce crisp, high definition images ontechnology cards—even cards with surfaceimperfections. The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> isthe clear choice for ID issuance operationswhere the highest print quality is required.High Durability ResultsThe <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> is designed towork with the most durable consumables,ensuring long-life card provision for smalland large government ID programs. Clearand holographic overlaminate patchesprovide higher card durability andlonger life to ID credentials. The highestlevelsecurity features, including secureprinting and secure lamination, providelasting protection from fraud. The <strong>FARGO</strong><strong>HDP8500</strong> is the ideal printing system for IDcards that need to last.

Peak PerformanceThe <strong>HDP8500</strong> sustains longer,uninterrupted, high-yield batch printruns. Large-capacity consumablesand card input hoppers helpminimize downtime. A clean, stableprint environment and internalcard flattener ensure consistentlyhigh-quality card output.Flexible Technology for ImprovedOptions and SecurityThe <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> uses HDPtechnology to print a dye-sublimationimage onto an intermediate transfer filmthat is retransferred to the card surface.This flexible technology works with a widerchoice of card materials, is more resistantto identity adulteration and attack, and isthe optimal choice for smart cards becauseit easily handles surface or embeddedelectronics irregularities.Enhanced System Reliability forChallenging EnvironmentsNon-climate controlled areas, high heat,dirt and debris can routinely impactperformance, affecting your productivity aswell as overall print quality and reliability.The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> is designed tosafeguard against the most challengingoperating environments. Its airflow andfiltration system, canopy dust seals andinternal temperature sensors maintainideal printing conditions in the harshestconditions. Multiple in-line cleaningstations that eliminate unexpected blankcard surface debris and a special coverprotecting card path sensors help preventdefective card prints and printer jams.Powerful stepper motors give you improvedcard handling over long print shifts.And the printer’s gearbox design, metalshaft spindle components and supplycartridges ensure reliable consumablematerials handling.Advanced System Performancefor Enhanced Security, Throughputand DurabilityIn addition to demanding the highest levelsecurity features for their printer systems,governments need stable and consistentthroughput as well as longer-life cards.<strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> delivers.The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> has physical lockson all access points to protect the ribbonand film consumables, as well as thecards, before and after printing. It offerssecure PIN access to electronically lockthe printer from accepting print jobs. Ithas several features for data protection. Ituses advanced encryption standard (AES)256 to protect electronic data, and it hasa resin-erase feature to eliminate personaldata on used ribbon panels. And it offerssecure printing and laminating, includingUV printing with fluorescing (F) panelribbons, holographic retransfer film, andholographic thin films and overlaminates toprovide up to three levels of security: overt,covert and forensic.The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> by <strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> hasmultiprocessing capabilities to greatlyincrease card yield per shift. The systemcan encode one card while printing asecond card and laminating a third. Itoffers two additional print modes—alongwith the standard print mode—to meet yourneeds. Performance mode provides thefastest throughput speed of approximately1,000 full-color, single-side cards per shift.Premium mode provides enhanced printMaximum SecuritySpecial features of the <strong>HDP8500</strong>make it compliant with the securityrequirements of government IDissuers worldwide. The printingmaterials and the cards in the inputand reject hoppers are all protectedby physical locks. Printed cardsare delivered into a concealedoutput hopper, and misprinted ormisencoded cards are secured in aninternal reject bin, protected fromidentity theft.The printer is architected within <strong>HID</strong><strong>Global</strong>’s Trusted Identity Platform(TIP) to provide highly secure printjob authorization at the point ofissuance. Data is also protectedwith AES-256 bit encryption as itpasses to the printer, and aunique data-erase feature rendersinformation on used print ribbonsillegible. Optional Custom SecureConsumables create a proprietary,secure link between printers andconsumables used in your uniquelarge ID project.

Key Elements for Successful GovernmentID Personalization ProgramsWith the <strong>HDP8500</strong>, designed for networkinginto a high duty cycle distributed card issuancesystem, <strong>HID</strong> took into account five key featureareas to ensure the productivity, security andreliability of your operation.quality for challenging images. Also, the<strong>HDP8500</strong> has a patented dual input hopperfeature, making it the only retransferprinter to allow automatic selection fromtwo different card types without userintervention.Finally, the <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> offers clearand holographic overlaminate patches in0.6 mil and 1.0 mil to provide higher carddurability and longer-life ID credentials.Operational Convenience for Lower CostsGovernments require printing solutions thatfocus on lowest cost of operation. Theyneed printer/encoders with predictablemaintenance schedules and or limitedservice requirements—all supported byindustry-leading product warranties.The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> has among thehighest card capacity with dual 200-cardinput hoppers providing 400-card totalinput capacity and requiring less userintervention during continuous card runs.It provides an industry-first touch-screendisplay, giving you superior printer status,diagnostics and maintenance informationfor easier and faster service. It also has afully accessible card path, allowing youto monitor card throughput visually forconvenient troubleshooting. An optionalandon lighting system provides operatorswith visual remote printer status feedbackacross wider, secure print environments.Plus, the <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> is backed bythe longest warranty in the industry, soyou know it’s built to last.System ScalabilityNot all IDs are the same. Some may requireonly single-side printing, while othersneed technology card encoding along withdual-side printing and laminating. Someorganizations need a printer system thatfits particular needs now, while also havingthe capacity to meet additional needsover time. The <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> is thatprinter system. It has several options thatcan be added to meet your specializedrequirements, including:• ISO magnetic encoding• Contact or contactless card encoding• ISO card flattening mechanism• Andon light remote operator feedback• Lamination moduleThe <strong>FARGO</strong> <strong>HDP8500</strong> provides all of thesesystem options as field upgrade modules.That means the print system scales asyour needs evolve, and you don’t need topurchase another solution when your needsshift in the future.What's more, the <strong>HDP8500</strong> isfully interoperable with Genuine <strong>HID</strong>technology. This guarantees theprinter's compatibility with otherproducts within the <strong>HID</strong> ecosystem,enabling organizations to leverageexisting <strong>HID</strong> technology investments.Produce secure High DefinitionIDs anywhereSecure government-to-citizen IDcard production is no longer limitedto a single high-volume printersystem in a central location.Government organizations andservice bureaus can issue IDsfrom multiple sites—centrally andremotely—in combinations thatsatisfy population centers of all sizes.With an Ethernet port andinternal print server, <strong>HDP8500</strong>printer/encoders can be securelynetworked together to producehigh volumes of ID cards incontinuous batch runs, sharingone or more common or centrallymanaged databases.

<strong>FARGO</strong> ® <strong>HDP8500</strong> Industrial Card Printer/Encoder Features1 Multi-processing capability:21encode/print/laminate simultaneously1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10231 Dual locking input hoppers423with 400-card total capacity145233.5-inch graphical touch-screen display1645with PIN access231 2 3 4 5 716 7 8 9 10453-year full warranty and lifetime3827465printhead warranty1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 109381 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1076511 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Print protection with durable10 491 2 3 4 85 HDP 6 consumables 7 8 9 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 106271059837 Physical hardware locks6104987 Airflow and filtration system: dense air1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1010 958 filter, high-flow fans, door dust seals10 61 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 109and internal temperature sensor71 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1010Multiple in-line card cleaning stations89 Resin-erase, data protection feature101010 Multiple field upgradable printer optionsPrint MethodPrint PlatformResolutionColorsPrint Speed (batch mode)**Simultaneous Printing/EncodingUser InterfaceHDP Dye-Sublimation/Resin Thermal TransferDual-sided printing (standard)300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)Up to 16.7 million/256 shades per pixel• Up to 1200 cards per shift/24 seconds per card(YMC with transfer)*• Up to 992 cards per shift/29 seconds per card(YMCK with transfer)*• Up to 720 cards per shift/40 seconds per card(YMCKK with transfer)*StandardTouch-Screen DisplayAccepted Standard Card Sizes CR-80 (3.370" L x 2.125" W/85.6 mm L x 54 mm W)Accepted Card ThicknessDual Input CardCartridges/CapacityOutput Hopper Card Capacity.030" (30 mil) to .050" (50 mil)/.762 mm to 1.27 mm(2) 200-card hoppers; Total capacity 400 cards(.030"/.762 mm)(1) 200-card hopper (.030"/.762 mm)Software DriversPrint AreaWarrantyOptionsIncluded SoftwareWindows® XP/Server 2003/Vista (32 & 64 bit)/Server 2008R2 (64 bit)/7 (32 & 64 bit); Mac OS X v10.4/v10.5; andLinux***Over-the-edge on CR-80 cards• Printer—Three years• Printhead—Lifetime; unlimited pass• Card lamination module—dual-sided (simultaneous)• Secure Proprietary Consumables System• Magnetic stripe encoding• Custom Secure Holographic HDP Film and Overlaminate• Smart card encoding (contact/contactless)• Andon Production Status Light• iCLASS® Programming Platform Kit• ISO Card Flattener• Printer cleaning kit• Laser Engraving<strong>FARGO</strong> Workbench Diagnostic Utility with Color Assistspot-color matching* Indicates the ribbon type and the number of ribbon panels printed where Y=Yellow, M=Magenta, C=Cyan, K=ResinBlack, I=Inhibit, F=Fluorescing, H=Heat Seal.** Print speed indicates an approximate print speed and is measured from the time a card drops into the outputhopper to the time the next card drops into the output hopper. Print speeds do not include encoding time or thetime needed for the PC to process the image. Process time is dependent on the size of the file, the CPU, amountof RAM and the amount of available resources at the time of the print.*** Linux versions: Ubuntu 7.10, Red Hat Enterprise Desktop 5, Fedora Core 7, Fedora Core 8, openSUSE 10.3.<strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong>: The trusted source forthe delivery of secure identity<strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> is in an ideal positionto participate in large-scale securegovernment-to-citizen ID issuanceprograms, from national IDs and driverlicenses to e-health and electronicbenefit transfer (EBT) cards. With over200,000 <strong>FARGO</strong> ID printers installedworldwide, we offer a unique mix ofsecure ID technologies, including securecard production hardware, softwareand services. Hundreds of governmentsaround the world trust <strong>HID</strong> <strong>Global</strong> as theirsource for the delivery of their citizens'secure credentials every day.

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