The Beacon February 2012 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...
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The Beacon February 2012 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

DIRECTORYVicar:Churchwardens:Readers:The Revd David WallisThe Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WAGeoffrey HeathAndrew MartinSt Margaret’s(01273) 843165(01273) 845134(01273) 846123Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366Mark Moody-StuartDoreen KallmanRichard AllenColyeen BlanchardSt Martin’s(01273) 846525(01273) 844743(01273) 84291901444 246186Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodds 01444 250753Organists andChoirmasters:Hon Organists:Nick HancockJohn SandfordLynette WalkerLynn BondSt Margaret’sStreat ChurchSt Martin’s(01273) 84181507855 957644(01273) 891005(01273) 842387Parish office Email: Phone: 01273 843165The BeaconEditor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368AdvertisingManagers:Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298DistributionManagers:Jenny BellMargaret MooreDitchling(01273) 843194(01273) 843805Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:www.BeaconParishes.orgThe Revd David Wallis’s day off is FridayThe Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488Front cover: Snowdrops, photo by Margaret Bovill.

So how will we be studying during Lent?This year, we will be following an excellent LentCourse written by Canon Peter Sills. ‘The Time hasCome’ is a Lenten Journey with St Mark. Fr Peterwill be giving a talk about his book on AshWednesday (22 nd February) at 7pm. We will then behaving study sessions on 29 th February, 7 th , 14 th and21 st March.Fr Peter will give a concluding talk on 28 th March. Allof these will take place at St Margaret’s at 7pm.Copies of his book will be available to purchase atchurch on Sundays.Last, but by no means least, ‘Prayer’I greatly encourage you to make a seriouscommitment to coming to church every Sunday during Lent. Your preparation forHoly Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be very much enhanced by doingso. Furthermore, are there one or two mornings a week that you could come toMorning Prayer? Every weekday morning, at 9am, we will be follow a series ofLenten readings and prayers that will help you to experience the Lenten seasonand are ideal preparation for hearing afresh the story of Christ’s death andresurrection.May God bless us this Lent that we may not remain unchanged, but, rather, growin understanding, holiness and love in Christ’s name.Fr DavidThe Beacon Parish OfficeOpen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings9.30 am to 12 noonthe place to direct any enquiries01273 843165email: admin@beaconparishes.org3

Beacon Parish NewsBeacon Parish OfficeThe Beacon Parish Office now has an email address can be used to contact the office as an alternative to the phone number01273 843165. It is also open four days a week, Monday to Thursday.Treasure and TalentsThe following is a brief summary of the results of the Stewardship "3 Ts" appeals.TreasureThe appeal for giving resulted in seven new standing orders bringing inapproximately £3,400 pa, including tax retrieval. In addition 12 people increasedtheir standing orders by an extra £2,565 per annum. The total increase inPromised Giving is therefore just under £6,000 per annum. In addition chequeswere received for £1,800 so that the total of new money is a little under £8,000,including tax retrieval.TalentsAs a result of the appeal for talent, 72 people put in offers of new work orreoffers of existing work. Nick and Nicki Upton now hold detailed records ofvolunteers by activity. Volunteers will be contacted to ask if they will undertakespecific activities, where appropriate.TimeLarge numbers of Time Pledges were handed in at the Dedication Services andblessed at the altar. Since they were then destroyed (as was promised), wecannot report on how many responded.PCC BriefingsThe PCC met for the first time this year on 19 th January, 2012, in St Margaret’sVestry. Items discussed were:• A summary of attendance at the Beacon Churches over the past four years,showing a fall in 2011 compared with 2010, but this may have been due tothe closure of St Margaret’s for two months. Easter, Remembrance andChristmas services were well attended. The number of baptisms in theparish increased from 12 in 2010 to 23 in 2011 and weddings from 18 to 19.5

The results of the recent Stewardship and Dedication Services whichproduced an increase in giving, including new and increased standing ordersand one off donations.• Young people and families – 450 attended the Nativity Service at Christmas.The proposal to have a shared Youth Worker with Clayton, Hassocks andKeymer had been discussed with four parents from the Parish and a memberof the PCC. It was felt by all that there is a need for a Youth Worker in theParish.• The Admin Office at the Vicarage is now up and running and operating fourmornings a week.• The Archdeacon’s Visitation will take place on 26 th March when he will visitall three churches.• Repair of St Margaret’s Church Clock is in hand.• The Treasurer’s Report showed that we are still just about keeping ourfinances in the black.• The APCM will be held on Sunday 29 th April in St Margaret’s Church afterthe 9.45 am service.Margaret Bovill, PCC SecretaryThe Beacon Parish ChurchyardsThe next Churchyard clearing morning will be at Streat on Saturday February25 th starting at 9.30 am when we hope you will be able to join us. Please comealong even if only for an hour and bring any tools you think will be useful fortasks such as cutting back undergrowth and ivy, edging paths and tidying graves.Coffee, tea and cakes will be provided.During the morning Fr David will bless a new bench in memory of Ruth Thomaswho died on February 25 th 2010. Ruth, who was christened in Streat Church,was the daughter of George Thomas of Spatham Farm in Spatham Lane whereshe lived for many years. The bench given by her family will be placed in thesouth churchyard looking towards the Downs that she loved.Janet CraggThe Beacon Churches “100 Club”The winners of the December Draw were Ivor Blomfield and Richard Allenreceiving prizes of £20 each.6

By the end of January we will have completed the draws for the year of 2011.When all the new shares have been collected, we will commence our monthly2012 draws at the end of February.This is a very enjoyable way of raising funds for the Church with the chance towin a prize each month, (two £20 prizes for eleven months and two £50 prizes atEaster). Please help to support the Church by joining the “100 Club” andencourage your friends and relations to join also. Forms are now available ineach of the Churches during February. Thank you.Pam Gaskin – 01273 843182BellringingBellringers from Ditchling and Wivelsfield rang a quarter peal of 1260 changes ofplain bob triples at St Margaret's Church on 17 th December in memory of BertBerry. Bert with his wife Pearl, learnt to ring at Ditchling; however they becameregular ringers at Wivelsfield where ringing is from the ground floor and as Bertwore a hearing aid he found it easier to hear instructions over the sound of thebells. Bert and Pearl who lived in the Dymocks for many years wereaccomplished ball-room dancers. They had both been members of the Friends'Association supporting Ditchling Museum from its early days.David CraggBible NotesIt was so heartening that the Queen quoted the Bible in her Christmas speech tothe Commonwealth, and that the Prime Minister gave a speech on the Bible’simportance to our culture; showing it is not just a book for the Church andSunday but for all life and every day.To show the Bible has an impact may I share an amusing anecdote? After we hadceased keeping a few cattle on a few acres we kept receiving an increasingnumber of forms to fill in about the stock even though each time we informedthe powers that be that we no longer had cattle.Finally we received a large booklet to note down our supposed dairy herd andinformation on our acreage, a big task for our farmers today. I wrote backquoting Jesus’ words to the Pharisees in St Luke 11:46 “Woe to you also youlawyers! For you lay men with burdens grievous to be borne and you yourselvestouch not the burdens with one of your fingers.”7

Within a week I received a polite personal letter back stating that they had takenin my comments and we haven’t received the forms since.News from Chichester DioceseChurch Attendance in 2010Approximately 1.7 million people attended Church of England services eachmonth in 2010, 1.1 million of which attend one of the 16,000 churches in atypical week. In 2010 marriages in the Church of England increased by four percent.£10,000 prize for new art for parish churchesParishes throughout England can apply for a £10,000 prize for the bestdeveloped proposal for commissioning a new work of art for their church. Thedeadline for the first stage of the competition is 29 February 2012 and thedeadline for the final stage will be 1 October 2012. For more information in Brighton and HoveSeven churches in Brighton and Hove have joined forces to provideaccommodation, food and company for homeless people in the city every nightfrom 1 st February 2012 to 31 st March 2012. This is a trial project to try to meetthe need created by the imminent closure of St Patrick’s night shelter.Volunteers are needed urgently and Training and support is on offer. To find outmore please see MemoriamIn February we remember:2 nd James Allen 3 rd Terence Covington9 th Philip Petherbridge 16 th Roderick Webb17 th Alfred Crofton 17 th Sylvia Stevens19 th Braunda Pickup 21 st Roy William Edwards22 nd Peggy Jean Spacek 24 th Edward Armitage8

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Peggy Edwards 1926 - 2011Peggy’s funeral was held in St Margaret’s Church on 9 th December 2011.Below is a moving account of her life by her daughter Laura.We moved to Ditchling in 1959. Dad, who died 3 years ago had a job at WadeEngineering and would drive over Ditchling Beacon each day. They lived inHarrow before moving to Ditchling, into a house called Rooftree on the Lewesroad. We were a big family as my Dad’s sister Val and my grandmother movedwith us. Mum delighted in running this big rambling Victorian house makingjam, cakes, sewing clothes and painting portraits. She joined the Ditchlingplayers and was one of the ladies of Canterbury in Murder in the Cathedral byThomas Beckett. She loved village life and the family started attending thevillage church each Sunday. I have very happy memories of carol services at StMargaret’s, when we looked down into what was then a farmyard and saw a cribscene with real sleepy cows and sheep - it was magical.Mum was always very sociable and I remember before I was old enough forschool long warm coffee mornings with wonderful cakes and a chat. She was amodern cook and we had European style pastas and pizzas as well as moretraditional recipes.Mum and our Dad Roy had a long marriage full of love and friendship. I havefound love letters from when they were apart in the early days that speak asfriends as well as lovers. Hand painted Valentine cards from Dad to Mum wereall kept and they are full of the passion he felt for her. As children growing upwe were surrounded by love and we had the space and a creative environmentin which we thrived. Mum and Dad travelled to France together each year oncewe had left home and Mum’s diaries are full of joy.Mum and Dad were in the Pageant held in Ditchling in 1971 and we, as children,enjoyed being part of this epic performance on Lodge hill. Ditchling Fair was anoccasion into which mum put a huge effort in helping us have fabulous costumesas she was a talented dressmaker. She became part of the Grey Ladies PaintingGroup very early on and over the years developed a passion for portrait painting.She loved the company of this group of artists whom she met weekly to paintdifferent models. She transferred her passion for art to me and we would spendhours painting together.Mum returned to work once we were all at secondary school and developed alove and real talent for selling houses.Mum spent her later years at Villa Adastra, where she was a popular characterand the family want to thank all the staff for their excellent care. Peggy diedpeacefully in the Princess Royal Hospital on 10 th November 2011.Laura Froude10

'Off to the Races'Come and enjoy an eveningat the racesSaturday 4 th February 20127.30 pm, Ditchling Village hall£10 per ticket to include a delicious supperTickets are available from the Post OfficeEnquiries phone 01273 842856Fun fundraising in aid of the Beacon ChurchesChichester Cathedral Choir at HenfieldOn Sunday 12 February the entire musical establishment of Chichester Cathedralis to move from its home base to undertake a long-planned visit to St Peter’sChurch, Henfield; there, the Choir is to sing Evensong at 4.30 pm under thedirection of Sarah Baldock, Organist and Master of the Choristers. With her willcome the Cathedral’s Assistant Organist and the Organ Scholar, as well as TheRevd Canon Timothy Schofield (Precentor) and The Revd Canon David Nason(Priest Vicar).Many from the Hurst Deanery and the wider Mid-Sussex area will rememberSarah Baldock’s impressive organ recital in October 2008 and will wish now totake the opportunity to hear the choir that she has honed so brilliantly over thelast four years.It is a rare privilege for a village community to be able to hear the choir of thediocesan cathedral as it leads a service of worship in a local setting. Everyone iswarmly invited to be present on this special occasion. We trust that there will bea large congregation in St Peter’s to give an enthusiastic and sincere welcome tothe distinguished musicians of Chichester Cathedral.11

Beacon Parish Church Duties February 2012Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen5 Presentation of Christ in the Temple Flowers:8am Ditchling Eucharist BCP9.45am9.45amDitchlingWestmestonAll-AgeEucharistMorningPrayerMalachi 3: 1 - 5Luke 2: 22 - 40Malachi 3: 1 - 5Luke 2: 22 - 40Acts 3: 1 - 10Mark 1: 29 - 3912 Second Sunday before Lent Flowers:9.45am Ditchling9.45amStreatEucharistMorningPrayerProverbs 8: 1, 22 - 31Colossians 1: 15 - 20John 1: 1 - 14Proverbs 8: 1, 22-31John 1: 1 - 1419 The Sunday Next before Lent Flowers:8am Ditchling Eucharist BCP9.45am Ditchling Morning Prayer9.45am4pmStreatWestmeston22 Ash WednesdayFamilyEucharistEucharist2 Corinthians 4: 3 - 6Mark 9: 2 - 92 Peter 1: 16 - endMark 9: 2 - 92 Corinthians 4: 3 - 6Mark 9: 2 - 92 Corinthians 4: 3 - 6Mark 9: 2 - 9Streat: Lynette WalkerWestmeston: Jo WrattenJenny BelltbaGeorgeHancockMark Moody-StuartJenny BellCarl BelfieldPenny TyasPaulCharmanStreat: Jane JuniperWestmeston:Sonya NormanPenelopeBennettCharlieYeldhamSallie HeineDi MartinJudy EssexSue SewellStreat: Jane JuniperWestmeston:Sonya NormanIvor BlomfieldNicki UptonDerek WalkerMaryMiddletonLyn BondDoreen KallmanIvorBlomfieldJoan StylesJane RobertsSue SewellPaulCharman7pm Ditchling Eucharist tba tba tba26 First Sunday of Lent No Flowers in Lent9.45amDitchlingBeaconEucharistGenesis 9: 8 - 171 Peter 3: 18 -endMark 1: 9 - 15Mary DoddsTonyBlanchardIan Berrill13

Prayer Diary – February 2012Feast DaysPrayer for the world church& Prayer for this diocese1 Brigid, Abbess of Kildare, c525;Ralph Nevill 1244Central Interior (Canada)Ferring, St Andrew2 The Presentation of our Lord:CandlemasAngola (Southern Africa)Findon, Clapham & Patching3 St Blaise, Bishop & Martyr 4thCenturyAnkole (Uganda)Findon Valley, All Saints4 Gilbert of Sempringham, 1189 Antsiranana (Indian Ocean)Goring-by-Sea, St Mary5 3 rd Sunday before LentSt Agatha, Virgin & Martyr 3rdThe Anglican Church of CanadaDiocesan Inter faith teamCentury6 The Martyrs of Japan, 1597(Accession of Queen Elizabeth II)ArgentinaMaybridge, St Richard7 Argyll & The IslesHeene, St Botolph8 St Cuthman of Steyning, Hermitc900Polynesia & AotearoaLancing with Coombes9 ArizonaLancing, St Michael & All Angels10 Scholastica, c543 Arkansas (USA)Sompting, St Mary the Virgin11 Armidale (Australia)West Tarring, St Andrew12 2 nd Sunday before Lent;Gilbert of St Leofard 1305ZambiaMission & Renewal Department, ChurchHouse13 Winfrid Burrows 1929 Arochukwu/Ohafia (Nigeria)Worthing, Holy Trinity with Christ Church:Vacant14 Valentine, Martyr at Rome, c269 Aru (Congo)Worthing, St Matthews15 Sigfrid, Bp, Apostle of Sweden,1045Asaba (Nigeria)14

Feast DaysPrayer for the world church& Prayer for this dioceseWorthing, St George16 Thomas Bray, Priest,Founder of SPCK and SPG, 1730Athabasca (Canada)Worthing, St Andrew17 Janani Luwum, Abp of Uganda,Martyr, 1977AtlantaWest Worthing, St John the Divine18 Auckland (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia)Archdeaconry of Horsham: RogerCombes, AD19 Sunday next before Lent Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central deAmericaFinance department, Church House20 Ashurst Tunrer Gilbert 1870 Aweil (Sudan)Rural Deanery of Cuckfield21 Saints and Martyrs of Africa Awgu/Aninri (Nigeria)Ardingly, St Peter22 Ash Wednesday Awka (Nigeria)Balcombe, St Mary23 Polycarp c 155 Awori (Nigeria)Bolney, St Mary Magdalene24 Badagary (Nigeria)Cuckfield, Holy Trinity25 Bukuru (Nigeria)Haywards Heath, St Wilfrid26 1 st Sunday of Lent L'Eglise Anglicane Du CongoChurch House27 George Herbert, 1633 Byumba (Rwanda)Haywards Heath, St Richard: Vacant28 Oswald, Bishop of Worcesterand York, 992Ballarat (Australia)Highbrook & West Hoathly29 Charles John Ridgeway 1927 Banks & Torres (Melanesia)Horsted Keynes, St Giles15

WHIST DRIVETuesday 28th FebruaryWestmeston Parish Hallstarting at 7.15pmEveryone is welcome to join thefriendly team of players. The nextwhist drive will be on Tuesday27th March at 7.15pmFor more details contact DoreenKallman on 844743Streat Rectory Barnis available for appropriateuse by organisations andindividuals with connectionsto the Beacon Parish.• A heated room withcapacity for 40 people.• A small kitchen and WC.• Parking for 10 cars.Advance bookings can be madeby telephone between 9.30 amand 5 pm on 01273 891005.Stainer’sCrucifixionPerformed by thecombined choirs ofHurst DeanerySunday 26 th February,6.30 pmSt Andrew’s Church,Burgess HillDitchlingPre-schoolJumble Salecome and grab a bargain!Ditchling Village HallSaturday 4 th February,2pm - 4pm,£1 entry, Tea/coffeeavailable.If you have any jumble pleasecontact Lisa on 07934 47457216

What’s On in February 20122Ditchling WI meeting and talk A Policemans Lot,Ditchling Village Hallp 212.30 pm2 ThuDitchling Film Society film Uncle Boonmee,Ditchling Village Hallp 268 pm4 SatDitchling Pre-school Jumble Sale, Ditchling VillageHallp 162 pm'Off to the Races', Ditchling Village hall p 20 7.30 pm7 TueDitchling Downs WI meeting and talk ‘History ofClayton Tunnel Cottage’, Friends Meeting House,East Gardens, Ditchlingp 218 pm8 Wed Frugal Lunch, Emmanuel Chapel 12.30 pm9 Thu Choir Practice, St Margaret’s, Ditchling 6.15 pm12 SunEvensong with the Chichester Cathedral, StPeter’s Church, Henfieldp 114.30 pm14 TueNewick Decorative and Fine Art Society ValentineDay’s lecture, Plumpton Village Hallp 282.15 pm16 ThuDitchling Film Society film A Separation, DitchlingVillage Hallp 278 pm17 Fri Deadline for contributions to March Beacon21 TueDitchling Village Association Coffee morning,Ditchling Village HallWomen’s Fellowship evening on church music,Margaret Moore`s homep 23p 2210 am7.30 pm22 WedTalk by Canon Peter Sills on his book ‘The Timehas Come’, St Margaret’s, Ditchlingp 37 pm23 ThuRehearsal for Stainer’s Crucifixion, SayersCommon, 77 pm25 SatChurchyard clearing morning, Streat Church p 6 9.30 amDitchling WI ‘Marmalade Morning’, DitchlingVillage Hallp 21 10.30 am18

What’s On in February 2012 (contd)26 SunHurst Deanery combined choirs Stainer'sCrucifixion, St Andrew's Church, Burgess Hillp 166.30 pm28 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 16 7.15 pm29 Wed Lent study session, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm1 ThuWhat’s On in March 2012Ditchling Film Society film A Serious Man,Ditchling Village Hallp 278 pm7 Wed Lent study session, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm8 Thu Choir Practice, St Margaret’s, Ditchling 6.15 pm10 Sat14 WedBurgess Hill Fair Trade Festival Handel Come andSing Messiah, St Andrew’s Church, Burgess Hillp 297.30 pmFrugal Lunch, St Margaret’s, Ditchling 12.30 pmLent study session, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm15 Thu Choir Practice, St Margaret’s, Ditchling 6.15 pm18 Sun Bishop John's Farewell Service, St Peter’s, Henfield 6 pm20 TueDitchling Village Association Coffee morning, p 23 10 amDitchling Village Hall21 Wed Lent study session, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm22 Thu PCC Meeting, St Margaret's Vestry p 6 6.30 pm23 FriDitchling Village Association Newcomers’ Party, p 22 8 pmDitchling Village Hall27 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 16 7.15pm28 Wed31 SatConcluding talk by Canon Peter Sills, StMargaret’s, DitchlingThe Royal British Legion Women’s Section, TableTop sale, Ditchling Village HallSussex Chorus Choral Music by Russiancomposers, All Saints Church, Hovep 3p 22p 297 pm7:30 pm19

Ditchling Women’s GroupsDitchling Downs WIFor our January meeting members and guests welcomed Emma Mitchell, ChiefExecutive of the Camelia Botnor Foundation as our guest speaker. The CameliaBotnar Homes and Gardens in Littleworth Lane, Cowfold are fairly well knownbut not the Foundation which provides residential training and work experience,helping young people between the ages of 16-21 who are in a special needsituation. After an initial 5 week trial the trainees are helped to learn a skilledtrade, which will help them towards a useful career. The various departmentsthe trainees can choose from are Metalwork, Cabinet making/Joinery,Horticulture, Pottery, Painting & Decorating and many more. The course lasts for2 years and members were amazed at the high quality of pottery and cabinetmaking that the trainees had achieved. The proof of their skill is on show as allthe products made by the trainees are then sold in the Camelia Botnar Homes &Gardens shop.Our next meeting will be Tuesday 7 th February at the Friends Meeting House,East Gardens, Ditchling, 7.30 pm for 8 pm. Our speaker will be David Porterwhose talk will be entitled ‘History of Clayton Tunnel Cottage’. Visitors are verywelcome.The Ditchling Village Association’s Coffee Morning on Tuesday 21 st February willbe hosted by the Ditchling Downs WI and will include a tombola and WIhomemade cakes. Please come along and support us.Barbara Dollings 01273 843892Ditchling WIDitchling WI held its meeting on Thursday January 5 th 2012. Our speaker DrJanet Pennington gave us a very interesting talk with slides on the “History ofSussex Inn Signs”. This was followed by Flower of the month, a raffle and tea andbiscuits.Our next meeting will be on Thursday February 2 nd in Ditchling Village Hall at2.30 pm. Our guest speaker will be Neil Sadler and the subject will be “APolicemans Lot”.On Saturday February 25 th 2012 we will be holding our famous ‘MarmaladeMorning’ in Ditchling Village Hall from 10.30 until 12 noon. Please come along21

and enjoy coffee and refreshments. We will have Stalls selling cakes and plantsand there will be a grand raffle.Joan Sayer, Tel 01273845255Women’s FellowshipBy popular request our organists and choir masters, Nick Hancock and JohnSandford, will give us another evening on church music at 7.30 pm on Tuesday21 st February at Margaret Moore`s home. Please remember to ring Margaret ifyou are hoping to come: 01273 843805.Margaret MooreVillage NewsDitchling Village Association Newcomers’ PartyTO ALL NEWCOMERS to Ditchling since March last year – we look forward tomeeting you at our annual Newcomers’ Party on Friday 23 rd March at 8 pm inDitchling Village Hall. You will soon be receiving an invitation from your GoodNeighbour but if you don’t, please get in touch with us so that we can send youone. This is a lovely evening and a great way to meet other newcomers to thevillage and representatives of the many clubs and societies that exist heremaking Ditchling the village it is.Please contact Pam Gaskin on 01273 843182 or Royal British Legion Women’s Section, Ditchling andDistrict BranchOn Saturday 31 st March we will be holding a Table Top sale in Ditchling VillageHall. Tables are for sale at £10 (large) or £6 (small). Entrance will be 50p toinclude coffee/tea and biscuits. The Women's Section, will have a homemadecakes and produce table (eggs, jams, chutneys etc), a good as new clothes tableand a bric-a-brac table. Please phone Pauline Lee on 01273 844019 if you wouldlike to book a table or for any further information on this event or MargaretBovill on 01273 845319 if you have any Bric-a-Brac, which I am happy to collectfrom you.The St George’s Day lunch will be held on Saturday 21 st April in the Village Hall.22

On Sunday 22 nd April, 2012, Fr David has invited the Main Branch and Women'sSection to help and participate with the 9.45 am Service at St Margaret’s.Margaret Bovill, Hon Sec.Ditchling Village Association Coffee morningsThe Coffee Morning on Tuesday February 21 st in Ditchling Village Hall will be runby Ditchling Downs WI, from 10am to 11.30 as we have to ensure that wevacate the village hall by 12noon.Dates for subsequent coffee mornings during 2012 are shown below:DateMarch 20 thApril 17 thMay 15 thJune 19 thJuly 17 thAugust 21 stSeptember 18 thOctober 16 thNovember 20 thDecember 18 thSocietyPTADitchling PlayersHorticultural SocietyDitchling Morris DancersDitchling WIFriends of Village GreenDitchling Film SocietyFriends of St Margaret’sDVAA Big Thank YouMany thanks to all those people who came to the Bull in Ditchling on Boxing Day,to see the Morris and Mummers, and who contributed to our collection in aid ofSt Peter & St James Hospice.We collected over £900 and with other donations will be able to send over£1,000 to the Hospice.Ditchling Mummers and Morris1 st Ditchling Scout GroupBeavers – Starting the New Year I am told the Beavers enjoyed an evening ofdancing – in welly boots! I think one has to use one’s imagination on this.Dinosaurs are very much in the news at the moment in our Scout Group and onemeeting was devoted to constructing Dinosaurs out of junk materials such as23

cardboard boxes, cereal packets and all sorts of other things suitable for makinglarge model dinosaurs.Cubs – And talking of dinosaurs, and getting ready for the forthcoming ‘sleepover’one week-end at the National History Museum in London at the end ofJanuary (which is being called a “Dinosnores Evening”), one evening was devotedto a film all about, you’ve guessed it, Dinosaurs.Scouts – Apart from the usual games night, which always starts every Sectionsprogrammes at the beginning of term, the Scouts had an ingenious and thoughtprovokingevening which was all to do with Human Rights. This was built into agame whereby each Scout had the opportunity to make an argument for hisparticular human right (chosen beforehand) being more important than hisopponent. The other Scouts then voted as to whom had made the mostconvincing case for the human rights being debated.Preparations are being made for the annual patrol cooking competition which isto be held at the end of January. .Alec Gaskin, Group ChairmanDitchling History ProjectThe Ditchling History Project is now an independent organisation with its ownconstitution affiliated to the British Association for Local History. DHP’s key aimsare to promote and encourage study and research into the history of Ditchlingwhich will be made accessible through talks, presentations and publications andwill be added to our substantial Ditchling Database.Thanks to a grant from the Turner-Dumbrell Foundation the database is to begiven a user-friendly interface which will greatly assist members in inputting dataand will at the same time become a unique resource for the study of the longand fascinating history of our village.During 2012 our programme will include further talks in the popular DitchlingCharacters series and ‘Ditchling for Beginners’ walks, to be publicised at theNewcomers’ party. We are working on a history of the Fair, to include memoriesfrom local people and will be offering two themed walks during the week beforethe Fair. Further events are planned for the autumn and we continue to helpwith local and family history inquiries. You will find details of our events, ourresearch, our publications and how you can contact us Cragg24

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Da Vinci Exhibition January 2012Lucky enough to get tickets for the National Gallery we duly had our mindsblown by the exceptional quality of Leonardo's work assembled from all cornersof the globe. Especially beautiful we found the famous Cartoon which portraysthe Virgin Mary sitting on her mother, St Anne's, lap with two very youngcousins, Jesus and John the Baptist at their feet. Jesus is playfully andaffectionately chucking John under the chin. A perfectly beautiful composition; Iwas glad to remember the citizens of our nation digging into their pockets tosave it from being sold abroad.The celebrated Last Supper, a huge wall painting done for the Duke of Sforza,was there but only in the form of a copy. Original however were several sketchesLeonardo used to make up the painting. One in particular I found riveting: asmall red chalk drawing of Judas's head. It depicts the moment when Jesus tellsthe Twelve that one of them is about to betray him. All the disciples are caughtfrozen in shock as they try to guess who the traitor is. Judas' head shows acomplex personality, a highly intelligent (if cunning) face tormented by zealousextremism. But it is the neck that is most revealing. Superbly observed as toanatomical detail, it tells a story of excruciating tension as the tragic idealistrealises he has been rumbled and manages to half-conceal in his face what theconvoluted muscles and sinews of his neck cannot but reveal.Everyone, it seems, falls in love with the face of Sforza's 16 year-old mistress,(the Girl with the Ermine) as equally with the perfect beauty of Sforza's wife. It'shard not also to sense God's love for his creation in every minutely recorded andcherishing line of this master among painting masters, who is reported as sayingthat the artist's careful recording of every aspect of nature is itself an act ofdevotion. And that the artist's task is to record all he sees, as it were, with theeye of God. That's not the least of Leonardo's achievement. Go and see it if youcan and, if it’s now too late, go and look at his drawings in the Queen's Collectionat Buckingham Palace.Rodney DoddsDitchling Film SocietyWe shall be showing two films in February, the first of which will be onThursday, 2 February 2012 entitled Uncle Boonmee (full title: Uncle BoonmeeWho Can Recall His Past Lives) about a middle-aged farmer living up in the ruralhills in Thailand. Sadly, he is dying of a kidney disease and the film centres onthe last days of his life. Together with his loved ones, including the ghost of his26

dead wife and lost son who has returned in a non-human form, Boonmeeexplores his past life as he contemplates the reasons for his illness. It won the2010 Cannes Palme d'Or and is a beautiful, mysterious film about past lives,ghosts and the fear of death, subjects which are often presented as scary orsentimental but here are accepted as alternative phenomena, existing alongsideday-to-day normalities.Director: A Weerasethakul. Thai 2010 114 mins.Our second film will be on Thursday, 16 February 2012 and is called ASeparation. Winner of the Golden Bear at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival, this is anintelligent and suspenseful drama detailing the fractures and tensions at theheart of Iranian society. When his wife leaves him, Nader employs a youngwoman to take care of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer's. However,Nader is unaware that his father's carer is not only pregnant, but also workingwithout her husband's permission - thus he soon finds himself entangled in aweb of lies, manipulation and public confrontations.Director: Asghar Farhadi. Iran 2011. 123 mins.On Thursday, 1 March 2012 we shall be showing A Serious Man made by theCoen Brothers. Set in Bloomington, Minnesota in 1967, a Jewish physicslecturer, Larry Gopnik, is a serious and very put-upon man. His daughter isstealing from him to fund a nose job, his drug dependent son only wants himround to fix the TV aerial and his useless brother, Arthur, is an unwelcome houseguest. Life deteriorates further when both Larry and his brother get turfed outinto a motel when Larry's wife Judy, who wants a divorce, moves her lover, Sy,into the house. Although not religious, Larry becomes convinced that only therabbi can assist him and he has a vision of how he has erred, how he has livedand the path he should follow as a good Jew and a serious man.Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen. US 2009. 106 mins.The films will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. Films start at 8.00 pm. Doorsopen at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parkingbehind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small chargepayable at the door.Rowena Cager and Melanie SamuelDitchling PlayersFollowing on from the December issue of the Beacon I'm pleased to report thatwe had an excellent attendance at the auditions on the 9 th January and that Tom27

Dufty has been able to fully cast 'When we are Married', our Spring 2012production.Our advertising for the audition obviously paid off and whilst there are somewell-known (I won't say old) faces amongst the cast there are also some newones too, and I'm sure that everyone will be pleased to see you in the audience.Rehearsals start in March but scripts are already being distributed to the cast inthe vain hope that we may have learnt some of them by that date, Tom is everthe optimist!The production dates are the 16 th to 19 th May, so do leave an evening free thatweek to come along and give us your support.David TettersellDitchling Village HallWhether a Ditchling resident or not, or a current user of Ditchling Village Hall ornot, you are invited to attend the Hall’s Annual General Meeting on WednesdayApril 11 th 2012, at 8.00pm in the upper hall. We can tell you about the thingsthat have taken place over the last year, during which I am pleased to report wehave sustained a very high level of utilisation.It is now used for a record average 43 hours per week, the majority being byvillage organisations or residents. Most of the 'outside' organisations using itinvolve village residents. The hall is at the centre of the community. It is used foran incredibly diverse range of regular activities, including weddings, wakes,plays, dances, arts and crafts exhibitions, martial arts, yoga, talks, films, concertsand quizzes.We’d like to hear whether you think we are meeting our charitable objectivesand, just as important, you can give us your ideas on how we can develop,despite limited financial resources, the service we give. So please come along.We will also offer you a glass of wine or soft drink. There are no tickets – justcome!Tom Dufty, Chairman of the Hall TrusteesNewick Decorative and Fine Art SocietyPlumpton Village Hall, February 14 th at 2.15 pm.Come and enjoy a special Valentine Day’s lecture on the loves and intriguesbetween painters and their models. The lecturer John Iddon will be looking athow the passions and affairs of artists from Holbein to Picasso were transferred28

from couch to canvas. It is well known that throughout his long life Picassomaintained a number of mistresses in addition to his wife and they all of coursemade useful sitters. Holbein life is less well documented but it is known that heleft his wife in Germany when he became court painter to Henry VIII and…wellyou will have to come to the lecture to find out what happened next!John Iddon is one of our very popular lecturers. He also lectures at the TateModern, on P&O Cruises, the National Trust and for the Peggy GuggenheimGallery in Venice. We look forward to seeing you, £5 on the door for nonmemberswith tea and biscuits afterwards. If you require any furtherinformation please ring Carole Burgon on 01273 890301 or Marjorie Blunden on01825 723250.Annette ShelfordSussex Chorus Concerts in MarchSussex Chorus will be singing in two concerts in March:Burgess Hill Fair Trade Festival Handel 'Come and Sing'MessiahSaturday 10 th March, 7.30 pm,St Andrew’s Church, Cants Lane, Burgess HillThis concert is part of the Burgess Hill Fair Trade Festival with Sussex Chorus.Soloists will be Katherine Nicholas – soprano; Hannah Summers – mezzosoprano; John Grave – tenor; Douglas Rice-Bowen – baritone with John Walker –piano. The conductor will be Neil Jenkins.Tickets: £10 from the Sussex Chorus Ticket Manager, 01444 412579 or 01273273333.Choral Music by Russian composersSaturday 31 March 2012, 7:30 pmAll Saints Church, HoveThe concert will include the Rachmaninov Vespers; Tchaikovsky Five SacredChoruses; Tchaikovsky Dance of the Peasants from Eugene Onegin; Glinka TheCherubic Hymn; Stravinsky Ave Maria and the traditional Contakion of the Dead.Tickets: £15 (concessions £12 Children free) from Sussex Chorus Ticket Manager01444 412579/01273 273333 or Brighton Dome Box Office 01273 709709.29

Specialists in Landscape PlanningGarden Construction Waterscape Landscape& Waterscape Maintenance ServiceASHDOWN COTTAGEUNDERHILL LANE, DITCHLING SUSSEXTEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335Directors: A L Standen & S M MayCompany Reg. No. 814630 Registered atAshdown Cottage, Underhill Lane,Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8XE30

Open Day in aid of MalawiThe Mac’s Farm & One Good Egg are holding an Open day on Sunday April 29 thfrom 10 am to 4 pm, at Fourfields Farm, Dumbrells Court Rd, Ditchling, BN68GT. They hope to raise enough money in just ONE day to fund small egg farmprojects in Malawi. All they ask is for a donation of a £1 a person which will gotowards raising money to fund new farm projects in Malawi.For more information please go to our websites Parish WebsiteThe Beacon Parish website ( provides a usefulresource for anyone interested in news and events in the parish. The websitecontents include:• Calendar of events for the parish and the three villages.• Copies of each issue of The Beacon in PDF format (but for a higher copyprinted version you can’t beat the real thing).• News and information on the three churches and activities in the parish.• Slideshows of photos taken at various events dating back to 2004.• Wedding information including fees and a sample wedding service.• Contact forms to contact the parish on a number of different topics. This isregularly used to book baptisms and weddings.31

Nature NotesNow well past the shortest day, we can look forward to the end of the winter.That doesn’t mean we are past the possibility of cold weather and snow but atleast the sun is becoming stronger each day it rises higher in the sky. Even beforethe middle of January, strong leaves of the Bluebells have emerged through thewoodland floor to about four inches high and leaves on the Honeysuckle havebroken through the buds.Coppicing has traditionally been the way woodlands have been cropped andincidentally benefitted wildlife so I was pleased to see some being done in thelocal woodlands. Over the years many of the woods have become neglected andderelict. as the need for Hazel products for skills like thatching, hedge-laying andmaking hurdles became less important in the countryside. Thankfully in recentyears there has been an interest in country skills and some of them have beenrevived.When the woodland has been worked on a regular basis and a different sectioncoppiced to ground level each winter, the wood will come to life. Firstly theopening allows more sunshine to reach the ground, warming the soil so thatwithout the competition from Brambles, a carpet of spring flowers occurs. Thisattracts insects to pollinate these flowers and both they and their caterpillars arethe next link in the food chain. Larger insects and small birds feed on them andin turn they too are fed upon by birds of prey caught in flight or taken as eggs ornestlings by members of the Crow family or nestlings by Woodpeckers.So long as this balance is maintained and a patchwork of areas are in varyingstages of regrowth, each new area provides the flowering plants before beingcovered by Brambles the eco-system will succeed. Probably the most beneficialplant is the Bramble as not only does it provide cover for nesting and protectionbut firstly the flowers attract large insects, the fruit is nutritious food to build upthe condition of migrating Warblers and the fruit that doesn’t get eaten dries outinto small parcels of high energy seeds for finches and small mammals in thewinter.It is surprising how when some people see this work being carried out oftenobject, thinking that by cutting English Hardwoods down to ground level they arebeing harmed. The truth is that this rejuvenates the tree and can keep it youngand vigorous for centuriesI always visit the stables at this time of year just to have a look at the Swallows’nests on the beams. Many have been there for years, and will require only re-32

lining when the birds return. It is also easy to speculate as to where the oneshatched in those nests may be at this time of year. How many survived themigration south to Africa? How many will make it back to Britain in the spring?Will any of the nestlings we ringed return to their natal colony? One did last yearat the college stables, only the third in twenty years I have recaptured as a yearold bird where it had been hatched. Will the old male Swallow return to breed inthe same loose box as he has for at least five years? Such are the wonders ofNature that the more we learn the more we realise that there is to learn.Reg LanawayThe Plants That Came In From the ColdMy tolerance for winter is shrivelling. Hitherto, I have been able to get throughthe forlorn cold season by ensuring there were enough interesting foliage plantsin the garden to gaze out upon like phormiums, euphorbias, box topiary andgrasses. But not this year. Even though I had penstemons, calendulas and rosesall blooming until Christmas, it was still not enough. So, I took the momentousdecision to dip my toes into the terrifying world of indoor plants, …again.Previous forays had left me psychologically scarred to say nothing of theembarrassing horticultural remains of tragically malnourished plants. But there isonly one way of being up close and personal with plants at this time of year andthat is by having indoor plants. After a visit to the Lanzarote Cactus Garden, Idiscovered plants that can cope with over 330 days of drought – that’s my kindaplant! Ideally, small potted cacti should be watered twice a month in summerand once a month in winter. There is nothing to touch the architecturalsplendour of a cactus - which is lucky, as given their lethal spines, you need tokeep your distance! Unlike cacti, orchids are bought solely for their outstandingflowers, which last for months. Their management requirements are veryspecific, but after a morning’s tutorial at McBean’s Nursery in Cooksbridge, Ilearned amongst other things: that orchids should only have rain water, love thepotassium of banana skins and in order to replicate their native humid growingconditions, should be stood elevated (so their roots have no contact) in a shallowreservoir. Only time will tell if my newfound indoor plants’ confidence iswarranted.As long as they forgive total neglect for 9 months of the year, whilst my realgarden performs, we shall get along famously!Haut Talk by Karoline Baird07742 731967 haughty.culture@virgin.net33

The Beacon in the PastBelow are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.40 years agoIn the February 1972 Ditchling Beacon, the Rev Tony Way wrote of the “shortageof smaller houses and flats to let. Because of it many of the young people whoget married in St. Margaret’s and who would dearly like to set up house inDitchling are forced to move away. This … is very much inclined to create anunbalanced community and produce a shortage of certain kinds of leaders andkeen church members.” He continued “An area in which recently we have beenrather badly hit is one which seldom gets the publicity and appreciation itshould. I am referring to bell-ringing where recently we have lost several keenringers. We all expect to hear the bells rung and are sorely disappointed if theyare not, especially on certain special occasions; but I wonder how many everreally think about the ringers themselves who enter by the back door and climbthe belfry stairs before most church-goers arrive at the Church.”His letter also mentioned that “The Synodical Government Measure of 1969made provision for a thorough periodic overhaul of our church electoral rolls,and this year the first of these complete renewals takes place”.With regard to the Vestry Fund, the Vicar said that following a recent donation“we have been able to raise the angel on our progress chart almost to the £2,400mark”.The Vicar also referred to “The extraordinarily mild weather that we have beenhaving this winter” which some had welcomed and “hope it will continuethrough to the spring …. But it has now gone on so long that even the farmersseem to have stopped saying, ‘We’ll all pay for it in the end’”.20 years agoDitchling Museum held two exhibitions starting on February 1 st , 1992, “’SussexWindmills’ featuring the history of Oldland, which is being restored by a group oflocal enthusiasts” and “‘Tools of Many Trades’ ranges over a vast assortment,some on loan from local collectors as well as our own store”. On February 14 ththere was a slide-show and talk by Andrew Miall on “the Silk Road from India tothe Mediterranean”.20 years ago Romania at Heart opened a Charity Shop in Hassocks and requiredvolunteer helpers.Graham Sharpless35

DITCHLINGPOST OFFICENewsagents & Stationers1 Lewes Road, DitchlingTel: 01273 842736ConfectioneryNewspapers TobaccoIce cream PostcardsGreetings cards StationeryMaps Parking vouchersGifts36

If you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and villagecommunity matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JSTel: 01273 845368 E-mail: sharpless@btinternet.comwww.BeaconParishes.orgCopy deadline for the March 2012 edition isFriday 17 th FebruaryContributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the emailaddress above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Word file.For events please ensure that all necessary details are included, such astitle, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.Printed by DPS Ltd, Burgess Hill37

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