What to expect from DanubeParks (2837 KB)

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What to expect from DanubeParks (2837 KB)

What can we expect ofDANUBEPARKS?Kick-off ConferenceOrth, 7th – 9th June 2009Carl ManzanoSpeaker of Danubeparks

1. Motivation

Danube is ONE interrelated ecosystemSchiemer, 1994 (veränd.)

Main ProblemsFloods /DroughtsNutrient /OrganicPollutionHazardousSubstancesPollutionHydromorphologicalAlterations

Feiner Kies in Duna-Ipoly

1. Motivation– Danube is ONE interrelated ecosystem– Danube Protected Areas faces commonchallenges– New European Framework (FWD, FFH, TEN, NATURA 2000)

1. Motivation2. Towards a Danube River Network of PA

1. Motivation2. Towards a Danube River Network of PA

Signing the Declaration of TulceaTulcea, April 2007

Worksphop focused ondevelopement ofDANUBEPARKSVisegrad, October 2007

1. Motivation2. Towards a Danube River Network of PA– Declaration of Tulcea– Follow-up workshop Visegrad– ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKS

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKS -jointly for our common future

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKS• 1. Phase: Expression of Interest• 2. Phase: full Application• Approved in March 2009 as one of 41Projects out of 822 !

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSPartnership– 9 ETC-Project Partners (A,SK,H,BG,RO)– 3 PA Network Partners (SRB, HR, D)– 7 Observer Partnersrelevant ministriesnational and international organisations(ICPDR, via donau)

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSObserver PartnersJoint TechnicalSecretariatLead PartnerNetworkPartner NetworkPartner NetworkPartnerProject Project ProjectPartner Project Partner Project Partner ProjectPartner Project Partner Project Partner ProjectPartner Partner Partner

Goals of DANUBEPARKS“...a Platform for continuous transnational co-operationto develop and implement• joint conservation strategies,• coherent management practice and a• common corporate identity of Danube River PA. „“DANUBEPARKS has been created to foster conservation agendas ontransnational level and to raise the capacity of single PA by thedevelopment and implementation of transnational strategies andactivities.”Declaration of Vienna, June 2009

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSWork packagesWP1 Project Management (Donau-Auen NP)WP2 Communication & Dissemination(Donau-Auen NP)WP3 River Morphology & River Revitalization(Donau-Auen NP)WP4 Floodplain Management & Habiat Network (BROZ)WP5 Conservation of Flagship Species (Danube Delta BR)WP6 Monitoring & NATURA 2000 (Duna-Ipoly NP)WP7 Nature Tourism (Duna-Drava NP)

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSOutputs & ResultWork Packages &Activities............

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSOutputs & ResultWork Packages &ActivitiesProject Outputs...... ............ ......

ETC-SEE DANUBEPARKSOutputs & ResultWork Packages &Activities Project Outputs Project Results....... ...... ............ ...... .....

What can we expect fromDANUBEPARKS ?• New impulses for habitat managementby know-how transfer and implementation of pilotprojects• Joint concepts and a wide horizonfor planning innovative follow-up projects• Raised awareness on the natural heritage at theDanube and the corresponding PA tasks• Improved standing of Danube nature conservationin regional, national and European policies

How to guarantee long term sustainablitiy of DANUBEPARKS ?

securing long term sustainablitiy ofDANUBEPARKS• well established cooperation structures developed byETC-SEE DANUBEPARKS• development of transnational follow-up projects• success of DANUBEPARKS convinces governments orinternational organisations to support the Danube RiverNetwork of Protected Areas

It is on our own hand !We have to start implementation !Good luck !

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