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That touch of individualityThe Toyota Auris is all about confidence and self-belief. It inspiresindividuality, freedom of thought and a whole new outlook on life.With genuine Toyota accessories you can make even more of theAuris sensation by reflecting your own personal tastes for style,practicality and technical innovation.Modern living is a journey of untold adventures. Each day becomesan experience to be savoured with the Auris and your choice ofToyota accessories.Importantly, each accessory in the range has been conceived byToyota uniquely for Toyota cars and then made with the same careand attention to detail as the Auris itself. Installation is easy, integrationis perfect and you have the absolute assurance of quality,performance and reliability.Contents04 Design08 Sports accessories by Toyota Motorsport GmbH12 Hi-tech and entertainment14 Transportation and storage18 Safety and protection22 Car care products23 Accessory range list2

1Your choice for styleThe Auris exudes style and panache. Toyota accessories build onthe appeal by creating special opportunities for self-expression.The big thing about Toyota style accessories is that they originatefrom the same teams of designers that conceived the Auris itself.Every last detail has been considered to produce a co-ordinated yetpersonalised appearance.For instance, the range of alloy wheels includes two 15” designs, a16” and a 17” design. So, whether your preference is contemporary,sporty or elegant, you know that your choice is going to lookabsolutely right. Equally, you are assured of technical compatibilitybecause each wheel is perfectly balanced and engineered to bestrong, low weight and highly durable.Security is another crucial feature of the Auris. Protection for yourvaluable alloys can be significantly enhanced by replacing one nuton each wheel with a special Toyota wheel lock. The combinationof a rounded profile and unique coded key makes the locks virtuallyimpossible to remove with a conventional spanner.A rear chrome garnish presents that final touch of individuality. Itadds character and yet harmonises superbly with the Auris' overalldesign concept.4

2341. Leather interior2. Alloy pedals3. Leather steering wheel4. Scuff plates7

The sporting arenaThe power and excitement of the racetrack is clear to see in theexclusive range of accessories by Toyota Motorsport GmbH.Toyota Motorsport GmbH is the skill and ingenuity behind ToyotaFormula 1 racing. Today, its design and technology teams haveinspired a unique choice of specialised sports accessories for yourAuris.You can see the influences of high speed racing straightaway in thecustom made front skirt. Its purposeful aerodynamic lines smoothand control the way air flows around your car.In turn, alloy wheels look and behave like true racing thoroughbreds.You have two highly distinctive styles to choose from:the Grand Prix is available as a 16” wheel, while the Pitlane comesas a 16”, 17” or 18” wheel. Each is precision engineered to ensurethe optimum balance of low weight, strength and lasting durability.Lowering springs add even more to the effect. They reduce vehicleheight by approximately 30 mm to give your car a very sporty lowslunglook. Importantly, the Toyota Motorsport engineers haveensured technical integration by designing the springs to ideallycomplement the Auris’ original shock absorbers.1. Front skirt8

451. Alloy wheels, Grand Prix 16”2. Alloy wheels, Pit Lane 16”, 17”, 18”3. Rear skirt with silencer4. Roof spoiler5. Side skirt6. Lowering springs611

5 678In-car entertainmentYou can add new dimensions of pleasure to every journey with thesuperb range of Toyota entertainment and audio accessories.Time will fly by for rear seat passengers as they watch theirfavourite DVDs or play a connected games console on the ToyotaModular in-car entertainment system. It features an all in one DVDplayer with 7” screen, infra-red headphones, a remote control andhas a USB 1.1 slot for accessing selected media straight from a USBmemory stick. Conveniently, the special headrest docking deviceenables you to move the unit between seats and cars, and alsoallows the unit to be reversed so the screen can be positioned lowfor children or higher for adults.You also have a great choice for hours of continuous music. The highquality Toyota CD changer fits discreetly under the front passengerrighthand side seat and will hold up to six CDs. Plus there's theToyota iPod ® integration kit that lets you play your iPod ® and viewplay lists or the artists name through the Auris' superb sound system.The integration kit recharges your iPod as you drive and has steeringwheel switches to make control safe and easy.The vehicle security system provides extra reassurance whenleaving your car parked. Its powerful anti-tamper alarm ideallycomplements your pre-fitted immobiliser.1. Bluetooth ® hands-free system with keypad2. Bluetooth ® hands-free system with steering wheel controls3. Hands-free telephone kit4. HomeLink ® control unit5. Modular in-car entertainment system6. Underseat CD changer7. iPod ® integration kit8. Vehicle security system13

7 81. Roof rack2. Ski holders3. Barracuda bicycle carrier4. Surfboard holder5. Ski box6. Luggage box7. Fixed towing hitch8. Detachable towing hitch9. Rear bicycle holder9Making more of lifeLife is there to be enjoyed. With Toyota transport accessories yougain extra carrying capacity to make the most of each big adventure.The aerodynamic aluminium roof rack is ideal for lovers of activeliving. It is easy to install, fully lockable and combines with agreat range of optional attachments. The options include holdersfor a surfboard or windsurfboard and mast. There's a streamlinedluggage box featuring central locking. And, if your passion is forwinter sports, you have a choice of two sizes of lockable ski orsnowboard holders and an aerodynamic central locking ski box.on your travels. The Barracuda bicycle carrier combines with theToyota roof rack and has a unique anti-theft system and specialwheel profiles to hold your bike firmly in place. Alternatively, oradditionally, the rear bicycle holder attaches to the fixed ordetachable towing hitch and can carry up to three bicycles whencombined with a separate extension.For even greater versatility you can fit your Auris with either afixed or detachable towing hitch plus optional wiring kit. Bothdesigns have a capacity of maximum 1,300 kg and are perfectlysuited for towing a jet-ski, small caravan, boat or trailer.There are two systems to choose from if you like to take a bicycle15

123Personalised storageWith the sheer practicality of Toyota accessories you can personalisein-car storage to ideally complement the way you like things to be.For example, fitting a dog guard behind the rear seats defines theboot area so that your pet can have its own travel space but berestricted from jumping over the upholstery. Similarly, horizontaland vertical cargo nets enhance boot storage for more staticpossessions such as bags, cases, shopping and sports equipment.Plus, to keep your jacket looking crisp and wrinkle-free, there's aspecial coat hanger that fits neatly beneath the front seat headrest.There are two purpose designed options for storing those little bitsand pieces that everyone loves to take with them in a car. Theseat-back storage bag is particularly good for children's toys andhas a useful detachable rucksack section. There's also a specialstorage box that attaches to the underside of the rear parcel shelfand is just right for smaller items that might otherwise clutter theboot.16If you like to take your own refreshments with you on a journey you'llfind the Toyota cool bag the perfect companion. It plugs into your car's12v auxiliary socket and will maintain food and drinks either piping hotor deliciously chilled. Conveniently, the bag has a shoulder strap so thatyou can take it with you when you reach your destination.

4 56 71. Dog guard2. Horizontal cargo net3. Vertical cargo net4. Coat hanger5. Cool bag6. Under parcel shelf storage box7. Seat storage bag (grey and black)8. Seat storage bag (beige and black)8

1231. Babysafe child restraint seat2. Duo Plus ISOfix child restraint seat3. Kid child restraint seat4. Velours anthracite textile floor mats5. Rubber floor mats6. Trunk liner7. Seat heaters8. Parking heaterStrong, safe and caringReassuringly, Auris accessories offer specialised options forincreasing comfort and care for you and your youngerpassengers and for protecting your car itself.The Duo Plus child restraint seat is for children of between8 months and 4 years (approximately 9 to 18 kg). It locksinto the rear seat ISOfix bars with a simple push-clickoperation to anchor directly to the car body while alsoattaching with a top tether for all-round stability.For your very youngest passengers, the Babysafe offerscomfort and protection for babies from birth up to around15 months (to 13 kg). An integral retractable canopy guardsagainst the sun and wind.The Kid seat is for children of between 3 and 12 years(approximately 15 to 36 kg). It has an adjustable headrest tokeep pace as your child grows and is designed to ensurecorrect seatbelt positioning and optimum impact protection.Protection for your carpets is provided by Toyota tailored fitfloor mats. There's a water-proof rubber trunk liner and, forthe cabin, a choice of ultra-tough black rubber mats andeither velour or needle-felt textile mats in a range of colours.If you live in a cold climate, you'll find the parking heaterparticularly beneficial for keeping the cabin warm while alsomaintaining the engine at a suitable temperature. Similarly,for extra personal comfort, Toyota front seat heaters haveindividual controls so that you and your passenger can adjustthe temperature to your preferred levels.20

Velours beige textile floor matsNeedle felt textile floor mats45678

1 23 45 6Attention to detailSometimes it's the little things in life that can make a bigdifference. Auris accessories consider the details of helping care foryou and your car.No one can be sure of what lies around the next corner. So, inpreparation for the unexpected, the Auris accessory range includesessentials such as a warning triangle, reflecting jacket, fireextinguisher and first aid kit. Similarly, there are stick and aerosoltouch-up paints to cover minor scratches, a Toyota replacementbattery, and spare light bulb kits including either Optiblue orOptibright high performance headlamp bulbs.1. Fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit2. Reflecting jacket3. Touch-up paint (stick and aerosol)4. Spare light blub kits with Optiblue and Optibrightheadlamp bulbs5. Screen wash, polish, interior trim cleaner, exteriortrim cleaner, leather cleaner, car shampoo6. Replacement batteryYou also have a choice of Toyota washes, cleaners and polishes.Each is especially formulated for Toyota to help care for your Aurisand maintain that all-important 'good as new' look.22

Accessory range listpageAlloy pedals 07Alloy wheels 04 & 10Audio 13Bluetooth ® hands-free system 12Bumper corner protectors 19Car care products 22Cargo nets 16Child restraint seats 20Coat hanger 17Cool bag 17Dog guard 16Fog lamps 19Hands-free telephone kits 12Headlamp covers* 18HomeLink ® 12Leather interior 06Leather steering wheel 07Modular in-car entertainment 13Mud flaps 19Parking aid system (TPA400/ 800) 18Parking heater 21Rear bicycle holder 15Rear bumper protection plate 19Rear chrome garnish 05Roof rack with attachments 14Rubber floor mats 21Scuff plates 07Seat storage bags 17Seat heaters 21Side mouldings 18Toyota Motorsport body accessories 08Textile floor mats 21Towing hitches 15Trunk liner 21Under parcel shelf storage box 17Wheel locks 05Wind deflectors 19Vehicle security system 13* Not shownAppearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, without prior written permission from Toyota MotorEurope.Note: vehicles pictured and specifications detailed in this brochure may vary from models and equipment available in your area.© 2007 Published by Toyota Motor Europe, Customer Services Business Support Department - Brussels.23


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