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LEARNING CATEGORIESNONPROFIT TRENDSLEADERSHIP &MANAGEMENTPUBLIC POLICY &ADVOCACYSUBSTANCE ABUSE& MENTAL HEALTHFINANCE &ADMINISTRATIVEFUNDRAISING & GRANTSMARKETING &COMMUNICATIONSGOVERNANCE & LEGALHUMAN RESOURCESTECHNOLOGYAll workshops are pending approval for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT) credit.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday6 7Financial Literacy forNonprofit Boards8 9 10JUNE13 14 15 16 17Clinical Supervision:Maximize YourLeadership Style20 21Grantwriting CertificateProgram – Day 122Sexual HarassmentPrevention23 2427Using YouTube for YourPowerful Stories28Grantwriting CertificateProgram – Day 229Understanding Directorsand Officers Insurance30Maximize Technology,Minimize Your PitfallsMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday4 5 6 7 8JULY11ADHD & Addiction asCo-Occuring Disorders12 13 14E-Newsletters: BoostAttention & Fundraising15Utilizing Google Analytics18 19 20 21 22Relationships & TheirImpact on SubstanceAbuse & Treatment25Budgeting in anUncertain Environment26 27Winning the FederalGrant28 29Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday1 2 3 4 5AUGUST8 9 10Clinical Supervision:Ethical Issues11 1215 16 17 18 1922 23 24 25Financial Statements:Composing EmployeeUnderstanding ReportingHandbooksRequirement262 | CONNECTICUT ASSOCIATION OF NONPROFITS

Connecticut Association of Nonprofits values the participation of the thousands of people who come toour workshops each year through our Center for Professional Development. We continue to work hardto identify distinguished presenters and beneficial topics.This summer, give yourself a chance to revitalize and renew yournonprofit’s promise and explore new, unique strategies to achieveyour mission.In this catalog, you’ll find learning offerings for everyone, as well as special discounts for our members.Education remains a vital way to build capacity, improve operations, inspire staff and advance yourorganization. We realize that times are still tough for nonprofits across the state, so we’ve kept many of ourreduced prices to ensure that you can receive quality education without stretching your resources.As always, feel free to call us at 860.525.5080. Please note: Payment is required prior to each workshop.WORKSHOPS BY LEARNING CATEGORYGOVERNANCE & LEGALProtecting Your Organization and Board Members:Understanding Directors and Officers Insurance | June 29- pg. 5SUBSTANCE ABUSE & MENTAL HEALTHClinical Supervision: Maximize Your Leadership Style | June13 – pg. 4Assessment of ADHD & Addiction as a Co-OccuringDisorder in Adolescents & Adults | July 11 – pg. 5Coupling, Marriage, Separation & Divorce: Their Impact onSubstance Abuse & Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment |July 22 – pg. 6Clinical Supervision: Ethical Issues for Supervisors | August10 – pg. 6HUMAN RESOURCESSexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace | June 22– pg. 5Composing Employee Handbooks | August 25 – pg. 6FINANCE & ADMINISTRATIVEFinancial Literacy for Nonprofit Boards | June 7 - pg. 4Budgeting in an Increasingly Uncertain Environment | July25 – pg. 6Nonprofit Financial Statements: Are They Really ThatDifferent from For-Profits? | August 23 – pg. 6FUNDRAISING & GRANTSGrantwriting Certificate Program | June 21 & 28 – pg. 4Winning the Federal Grant | July 27 – pg. 6MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONSUsing YouTube for Your Powerful Stories | June 27 - pg. 5E-Newsletters: Spread the Word, Increase Website Traffic &Boost Fundraising | July 14 – pg. 5TECHNOLOGYPlain English It: Maximizing Your Technology WhileMinimizing Your Pitfalls | June 30 - pg. 5Utilizing Google Analytics | July 15 – pg. 5Visit www.ctnonprofits.org to view additional workshops being planned for the summer!CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTAll the tools to advance your organization andenergize your staff.At CT Nonprofits, we bring together nonprofits andexperts in all of the skill areas it takes to lead yourorganization in the 21st century. You’ll learn best practicesfor capacity building and professional development thatyou can use right away. With more than 130 workshopsand seminars each year, there are always valuable trainingsessions planned for staff of all levels.CONNECTICUT ASSOCIATION OFNONPROFITS (CT NONPROFITS)We help nonprofits help Connecticut.CT Nonprofits is the largest membership organization inthe state dedicated exclusively to working with nonprofitsin Connecticut. As the voice of nonprofits, the associationhas advanced the social and economic impact ofnonprofits for over 30 years. By connecting organizationswith information, education, advocacy and collaboration,we help members focus their energy on the people andcommunities they serve.CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT | SUMMER 2011 | 3

professional developmentPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTWe believe in educating nonprofit professionals about core principles and best practices that should govern all nonprofits.By having a strong and well-educated staff, your organization will have the ability to serve your community more efficientlyand effectively. Though a mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge, the following workshops will teach you how get themost out of your resources, and how to develop your own skill sets so that you can be a positive factor in the growth of yourorganization.FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR NONPROFIT BOARDSYour organization’s Board of Directors is responsible foroverseeing the finances of your agency, but do the Directorsreally understand their job? Can the Directors read andunderstand financial reports? What happens if they cannot?This workshop will benefit anyone who sits on the Board of anonprofit, as well as Executive Directors and finance staff whowork closely with the Board. Our two presenters – an attorneyand a finance specialist from the Hartford Foundation for PublicGiving, both with extensive experience with nonprofits – willaddress the governance aspects of financial literacy and alsothe nuts and bolts of how to understand an organization’sfinances and what to do with that information.Topics will include:• The legal responsibilities of board members regardingfinancial management and oversight, as well as someindividual and organizational liability for failing to do so.• A review of IRS recommended policies that emphasizefinancial accountability• How to interpret and understand your nonprofit’s balancesheet and profit and loss statement• An overview of different types of revenue streams and assets(unrestricted, temporarily restricted, permanently restricted)• The impact of liquidity on operations, etc.• We promise an interactive and enjoyable conversation thatwill help you, your key board members, and your senior staffattain improve their financial literacy and their ability tomanage the organization’s finances.Tuesday, June 7 | 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $25 | Code: FLNTrainers: Priya Morganstern, Esq., Hartford Program Director, ProBono Partnership and Amy Studwell, Program Officer, NonprofitSupport Program, Hartford Foundation for Public GivingTo register, please visit www.nycharities.org and click on “SearchEvents” or go directly to http://www.nycharities.org/events/EventLevels.aspx?ETID=3600CLINICAL SUPERVISION: MAXIMIZE YOURLEADERSHIP STYLEParticipants will explore their own supervisory style anddesign individual development plans to increase supervisoryeffectiveness. Inventories of personality styles and supervisorystyle will be completed to assist in the completion of thedevelopment plan. Other topics covered will include traits ofeffective supervisors and leadership skills.Monday, June 13 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $60 | Code: CSMTrainer: Mary-K O’SullivanCT Nonprofits can customize a variety of trainings foryour organization. Contact us for more information!Mark Berardi, Director of Membership Development & TrainingServices: 860.525.5080 x14 | mberardi@ctnonprofits.orgGRANTWRITING CERTIFICATE PROGRAMUniversity of Bridgeport, Waterbury Campus84 Progress Lane, Waterbury, CT 06705Tuesday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 28Both days 9:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. | Lunch included | Code: GCP3Trainer: Diane Gedeon-Martin, The Write Source, LLC*Application for CFRE credit pending – see CT Nonprofits web sitefor confirmationNon-member/ Out of area: $325. Members of CT Nonprofits andorganizations in the following cities and towns only pay $250:Beacon Falls, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Cheshire, Goshen, Litchfield,Middlebury, Morris, Naugatuck, New Milford, Oxford, Prospect,Roxbury, Southbury, Thomaston, Warren, Washington, Waterbury,Watertown, Wolcott and WoodburyDAY 1Finding Funders and Grant Proposal WritingNonprofit organizations seek grants to secure funds tocontinue viable programs or implement new projects. Butwhere do you search for potential funders? Conducting asearch for grantmakers can be a labor intensive process. Thisworkshop will provide a step-by-step process to identify andlocate appropriate funding sources including foundations andcorporate giving programs. Learn the appropriate tools to useto match the proper funding institution to the needs of thenonprofit organization. Topics include:• Changing face of grants• Identify types of funding institutions and resources• Provide a method of determining potential matchGrant Proposal Writing Part 1From proposals to foundations and corporations to those ofthe federal government, this workshop will provide workingknowledge of how grantmakers review proposals as well asdeveloping the program or project idea. Discussions includedeveloping outcomes using logic models. Topics include:• How grantmakers review proposals• Typical reasons for rejection• Logic model developmentDAY 2Grant Proposal Writing Part 2Receive a section-by-section outline for preparing successfulgrant proposals, timelines, flowcharts and evaluationmethodology. Fine-tune your skills to craft competitive grantproposals. Discussions will include formatting the narrative toget to the point quickly and effectively. Topics include:• Four C’s of effective grant proposals• Make your proposal stand out• Recommended reading listGrant Proposal ReviewLearn methods used by foundations, corporations and governmentagencies to review grant proposal submissions. After aone-week break, participants will provide a draft of their proposalfor review by their peers in the workshop. The feedbackthey receive will strengthen their proposal and confidence tosubmit their request to a grantmaker. Topics include:• Methods grantmakers use to review proposals• The dynamics of committee review and discussion4 | CONNECTICUT ASSOCIATION OF NONPROFITS

SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION IN THEWORKPLACEDesigned to meet the requirements of P.A. 91-85, this is aninteractive, dynamic workshop where participants developskills to respond appropriately when faced with a sexualharassment complaint. Attendees will leave this seminarwith tools necessary to eliminate the confusion and helpthem be proactive in their supervisory roles. Through theuse of questionnaire and case studies, participants will applythese tools in simulations of everyday workplace encounters.The instructor will explain case situations, how the facts areanalyzed and how determinations are made as to whether asituation constitutes sexual harassment.Wednesday June 22 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMember: $50; Nonmember: $60 | Code: SH3Trainer: Catherine Blinder, CT Fair Housing CenterUSING YOUTUBE FOR YOUR POWERFUL STORIESIsn’t it time your organization came alive with dynamic imagesand stories that motivate people to action? There’s nothinglike video to tell powerful stories, and YouTube is an incrediblynonprofit-friendly (and free!) tool.By the end of this workshop, you will know all the steps tocreating simple, quality videos that can profoundly impact yourability to move supporters to take action, volunteer or donate.• Choose and use the right video equipment• Edit simple videos• Apply for the YouTube Nonprofit program• Customize your nonprofit’s YouTube channel• Upload your video to YouTube and add “call to action”overlays• Add videos to your website and FacebookMonday, June 27 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMember: $50; Nonmember: $60 | Code: UYPTrainer: Carol Buckheit, Nonprofit MediaWorksPROTECTING YOUR ORGANIZATION AND BOARDMEMBERS: UNDERSTANDING D&O INSURANCEDirectors and Officers insurance coverage protects your board,your officers and your nonprofit organization. It can alsocover tricky employment related lawsuits including sexualharassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. Learnhow to best protect your organization.The information session will discuss actual claim examples andspecific questions about your own Directors and Officers policy.Guidelines that board members should follow and employeerelated issues will also be covered.Wednesday June 29 | 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFree | Code: PYOTrainer: Jennifer McEwen-Glover, Peoples United InsurancePLAIN ENGLISH IT: MAXIMIZE YOURTECHNOLOGY WHILE MINIMIZING YOUR PITFALLSTake advantage of technology to help run your organization.Attend this “plain English” workshop on maximizing yourorganization’s IT, computer and security technology whileminimizing its pitfalls…all while reducing expenses!Topics will include:• HIPPA Compliance• Email Pitfalls - secure file and email transfers• Secure Communications• Cloud Computing - what is it and how does it apply?• Network Operations• Network Security• How to purchase equipment and software• Real world examples and practical tipsThursday June 30 | 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $25 | Code: PEITrainer: Richard Luna, Founding Partner, Protected HarborASSESSMENT OF ADHD AND ADDICTION AS ACO-OCCURRING DISORDER IN ADOLESCENTS ANDADULTSThis training will provide a comprehensive overview of ADHDto include signs, symptoms, complications, and treatmentoptions. In addition, attention will be focused upon differentialdiagnosis from other psychiatric diagnoses with overlappingsymptoms. The complications presented by the use of certainsubstances that can mimic, enhance, or cover the symptoms ofADHD will also be addressed.Monday, July 11 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $60 | Code: AADTrainer: Mary K O’SullivanE-NEWSLETTERS: SPREAD THE WORD, INCREASEWEBSITE TRAFFIC, AND BOOST FUNDRAISINGe-Newsletters have many advantages over paper newsletters.They can be a powerful, cost-effective, and even personalizedway to disseminate information, drive traffic to your websiteand more importantly, increase online donations and otherforms of support.This webinar will cover:• How to write a great e-newsletter• How to get people to sign up for your e-newsletter• Advantages of e-newsletters over paper newsletters & howto use these advantages to maximize ROI• How to use e-newsletters and other techniques such as SEOto drive more traffic to and fundraising through your websiteThursday, July 14 | 11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.WebinarMember: $35; Nonmember: $50 | Code: ENETrainer: Allan Pressel, CharityFindersUTLIZING GOOGLE ANALYTICSHow effective are your website strategies? Are you havingdifficulty finding statistics to support your assumptions? Asa nonprofit organization operating on a razor-thin budget,tracking your online reach is quite often overlooked. GoogleAnalytics, a free web-based tool, tracks user visits, page views,and unique visitors- all allowing you to focus your marketingefforts.Learn to leverage the use of Google Analytics to determine ifyour website strategies are achieving your marketing goals.Attendees will leave with an understanding of the benefits ofusing Google Analytics on their website, how to interact withthe user friendly interface and how the software integrates withother free non-profit tools from Google. This course is designedfor Webmasters, Marketing and Communications Directors andExecutive Directors.Friday. July 15 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMembers: $40; Nonmember: $60 | Code: UGATrainers: Bryan Czajkowski and Kim Dibble of Foresiteprofessional developmentCENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT | SUMMER 2011 | 5

professional developmentCOUPLING, MARRIAGE, SEPARATION & DIVORCE:THEIR IMPACT ON SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND CO-OCCURRING DISORDERS TREATMENTThis course will provide a historical view of the couplingand marriage process, their implications for the ongoingdevelopment of a “sense of self,” and their impact on creatinga “personal identity.” Separation and divorce, commonconsequences of active addiction and recovery, have a greatimpact upon the client’s “sense of self” and “personal identity”,often leading to relapse. The skills necessary to cope withthis loss and to rebuild the ability to develop other intimaterelationships will be explored to better assist clients with theseissues in the treatment planning and counseling processes.Friday, July 22 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $60 | Code: MSDTrainer: Mary-K O’SullivanBUDGETING IN AN INCREASINGLY UNCERTAINENVIRONMENTBudgeting is an essential activity for managers and boardmembers of nonprofit organizations. In an uncertainenvironment, it is critical to employ thoughtful and skilledbudgeting, diligent monitoring, and timely adjustments asunexpected contingencies emerge. Workshop participantswill learn budgeting best practices and various techniques tocope with increased financial uncertainty, including scenariobudgeting, pro forma forecasting and cash management.Participants are encouraged to bring their organization’sbudget issues and working financial documents to be used inthe workshop.This seminar is ideal for finance staff members, seniormanagement and board members.Monday, July 25 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMembers: $40; Nonmember: $60 | Code: BIU2Trainer: Aviv Aviad, Cornus ConsultingWINNING THE FEDERAL GRANTErase the complexity and confusion often associated withfederal grants. Rather than relying on corporate or foundationgiving, it may be time to seek out potential federal grants. Morethan $300 billion in federal grants are awarded each year. Thisworkshop will assist you with:• Learning to write a federal grant• Knowing the process when applying• Finding the best information on federal grants throughonline resources and publications• Understanding funding programs and who is eligible for afederal grant• Information on the Recovery ActParticipants should have 3-5 years of experience preparingcorporate and foundation proposals.Wednesday, July 27 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMembers: $40; Nonmembers $60 | Code: WFGTrainer: Diane Gedeon-Martin, The Write Source, LLCCLINICAL SUPERVISION: ETHICAL ISSUES FORSUPERVISORSThis course will focus upon the ethical duties of those in clinicalsupervisory roles. They include issues of documentation, whatshould occur in a clinical supervision session, duty-to-warnissues, and how to manage relationships with those whoare both colleagues and supervisees. This course includessmall and large group discussions as well as case studies andscenarios to define these principles in practical application.Wednesday, August 10 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordFee: $60 | Code: CEISJTrainer: Mary K O’SullivanNONPROFIT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: ARE THEYREALLY THAT DIFFERENT FROM FOR-PROFITS?Yes, they really are that different! Understanding the uniquereporting requirements of a not-for-profit organization is vitalto understanding the financial health of your organization aswell preparing accurate financial statements. Topics include:Financial Statement Analysis• What do our financial statements say about us?• Why is it a Statement of Activities rather than an IncomeStatement?• Why is it a Change in Net Assets rather than Net Income?Functional Expenses• Objective allocation methods ***• How to track and allocate shared services and space• How to determine which programs are appropriately fundedand ask the difficult question - “Is this program feasible?”*** The workshop will NOT discuss state contracts or OPM coststandards.Preparation of Financial Statements with Footnotes• Where do I start?• Why it is necessary to prepare footnotes for internally issuedfinancial statements?This interactive workshop is geared toward financial directors,CFO’s and other financial people in the trenches!Tuesday, August 23 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMembers: $40; Nonmember: $60 | Code: NFSTrainer: Dawn Bryant, CPA, Viola, Chrabascz, Reynolds & Co. LLPCOMPOSING EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKSThis workshop will focus on “Writing Employee Handbooks” andfeatures guest speaker Gabriel Jiran and Gary Starr, attorneysfrom Shipman & Goodwin and co-authors of the NEWLYUPDATED 2011 Nonprofit Employee Handbook published byCT Nonprofits. This workshop will be a hands-on review of keypolicies and provisions of employee handbooks. Participantswill review examples of draft policies and provisions; learnthe significance of the language in employment disputes;learn strategies in developing and revising language in orderto address common problems in the workplace; and discussrecent developments that may require revisions of existingpolicies. Bring your handbook and/or policies to the forum.You will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the 2011Nonprofit Employee Handbook (a $40 - $60 value) upon paidregistration and attendance.Thursday, August 25 | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.CT Nonprofits, HartfordMembers: $60; Nonmember: $80 | Code: CEHTrainer: Gabriel Jiran & Gary Starr, Shipman & Goodwin6 | CONNECTICUT ASSOCIATION OF NONPROFITS

PRESENTER BIOGRAPHIESOur trainers come from both the business and nonprofit world, and are tremendously skilled in their area of expertise. We’d liketo thank each of our trainers for not only lending their talents to our workshops, but also for making these classes affordableand valuable educational opportunities.AVIV AVIAD is the principal of Cornus Consulting, amanagement consulting practice specializing in providingshort- and long -term financial services to the nonprofit sector.Aviv has worked with national nonprofit organizations such asthe American Civil Liberties Union, National Urban League andOutward Bound. He received his MBA from the Yale School ofManagement and holds degrees in Law and Economics from TelAviv University. Aviv currently serves as Treasurer on the boardof Solar Youth, a nonprofit environmental education and youthdevelopment organization located in New Haven.CATHERINE BLINDER has been a trainer and consultant tononprofits for over 25 years. She works nationally with publicinterest groups, nonprofits, State and Federal governmentsand First Nation communities in the areas of advocacy, crisismanagement, resource development and PR and marketing.She was named the PR Coordinator for Planned Parenthoodof CT after successfully managing the state’s first referendumon reproductive choice. She is currently the CommunicationsDirector of the CT Fair Housing Center.DAWN BRYANT is a licensed CPA in Connecticut, Massachusettsand North Carolina. She has worked in public accounting forthe past 14 years with her primary focus being auditing andspecializing in nonprofits. Dawn’s nonprofit perspective andexperiences are from both sides of the table – as the financedirector of a privately held foundation and public charityreceiving the “to do list” from the accountant to the auditorwho creates the list. She is currently the Audit Director at Viola,Chrabascz, Reynolds & Co. LLP.CAROL BUCKHEIT is the founding President of NonprofitMediaWorks. She helps nonprofits create social change throughcreative, cutting-edge, strategic communications. She played anintegral role in winning the right to marry for same-sex couplesin CT by directing key communications and public educationprograms for Love Makes a Family. Carol’s wealth of knowledgeand relationships with local media and policymakers, coupledwith her work as a community organizer, fundraiser andexecutive director, allow her to advise CT organizations througha practical, cost-effective, customized lens.BRYAN CZAJKOWSKI is the Business Development Managerat ForeSite Technologies. With a focus in emerging multimediatechnologies, Bryan brings ten years of experience servicingmajor accounts with a hands-on approach to clients websites,social media and other online needs. As part of this accountsupport he has utilized web analytics to determine appropriatemedia strategies and support ongoing client initiatives.KIM DIBBLE has over 18 years of sales experience. From sellinghigh-end publishing software, to document managementand content management solutions, web analytics, andshipping and tracking controls. She has sold software solutionsthroughout the US, Eastern Canada, and Europe. In addition tobeing an individual sales contributor, she has held numerousmarketing and sales management positions.DIANE GEDEON-MARTIN is a nationally recognized andrespected instructor and lecturer in the area of grants andgrant seeking for nonprofit organizations. Since starting TheWrite Source in 1993, her firm boasts a roster of over 200 clientsin 23 states and Washington, DC. She has been a memberof the faculty at The Fund Raising School at the Center onPhilanthropy at Indiana University since 2001. She serves as amember of the Board of Directors for the CT Chapter of AFP andChairperson for the Education CommitteeGABRIEL JIRAN practices labor and employment law on behalfof corporations and public employers, and assists employersin addressing the full spectrum of issues associated with theemployment relationship. He negotiates collective bargainingagreements for employers of all sizes, and frequently representsemployers in labor disputes. Gabriel’s strives to resolve issuesas early as possible so as to avoid the costly effects of litigation.He has had several articles and books published, including theNonprofit Employee Handbook.RICHARD LUNA is the founding partner or Protected Harbor,a computer services outsourcing provider. Richard has beeninvolved in the computer and programming field for morethan 25 years and has developed four commercial networkmanagement software packages. For more information onRichard and Protected Harbor, visit them protectedharbor.com.JENNIFER MCEWEN-GLOVER is from Peoples United Insuranceand has been in the insurance industry for over 10 years.She specializes in the nonprofit industry and is endorsed byConnecticut Association of Nonprofits.PRIYA MORGANSTERN is Director of the Hartford Program ofthe Pro Bono Partnership, Inc., which provides free businesslegal services to qualified nonprofit organizations in CT, NJ andWestchester County, NY. As Program Director, Priya providesdirect legal services to local nonprofits; connects organizationswith volunteer attorneys in the community; does outreachin the nonprofit community to educate the public, nonprofitBoards, and others about nonprofit and tax-exempt organizationlaw; and trains volunteer attorneys in various aspects ofnonprofit law. Priya has been in practice for 23 years and is amember of the CT Bar Association’s Pro Bono Committee.MARY-K O’SULLIVAN, LMFT, LADC, LPC, has educated andtrained in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, and cooccurringdisorders for more than 20 years. She is past directorof The Center, which was the certification/licensure trainingfacility for substance abuse and prevention for the state ofConnecticut. Mary-K provides training to many nonprofits in CT,and is completing her doctorate in clinical psychology.ALLAN PRESSEL is founder and CEO of CharityFinders, whichhelps nonprofits use the Internet to further their mission.Allan was named one of the world’s leading e-philanthropyexperts by the ePhilanthropy Foundation. He was also given theVolunteer Service Award by President George W. Bush. Allan isthe co-author of Internet Management for Nonprofits: Strategies,Tools and Trade Secrets. He has co-founded and sits on theboards of several nonprofits.GARY STARR of Shipman and Goodwin LLP provides practicaladvice to a wide range of clients in the private and publicsector, bringing over 20 years of experience to counselingclients in traditional labor relations matters as well as humanrelations problems. His experience helps clients avoid the“big mistakes” as well as the day-to-day hassles. Gary defendsemployers in state and federal courts, and provides strategicand creative approaches to difficult employee issues. Gary isthe author of many articles on labor relations matters, includingarticles which regularly appear in CT Nonprofit’s magazine.AMY STUDWELL is a Program Officer in the Nonprofit SupportProgram of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving whereshe has designed and implemented programs to increasethe capacity of local nonprofits in the areas of financialmanagement, technology and evaluation. Prior to joining theFoundation in 2004, she was the Vice President, Finance andAdministration for the Governor’s Prevention Partnership.presenter biographiesCENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT | SUMMER 2011 | 7

90 Brainard Road, Suite 201Hartford, CT 06114NON PROFIT ORG.U.S. POSTAGEPAIDHARTFORD, CTPERMIT NO. 1799REGISTRATION INFORMATION Association MemberAgency NameBilling AddressCity, State ZipPhoneAttendee(s) Name*1.Job TitleEmail**Workshop Date / Code2.Job TitleEmail**Workshop Date / Code3.Job TitleEmail**Workshop Date / Code Non-Member* Substitutions are Welcome** Attendee email required for registration. Confirmation anddirections to the workshop location will be sent to email provided.Copy of registration to be forwarded to:NameEmail AddressTo be paid by Employer EmployeeTO REGISTERRegister online at www.ctnonprofits.org/educationPayment policy: Payment is required in advance.Or mail or fax your registration information and payment to:Connecticut Association of Nonprofits90 Brainard Road, Suite 201Hartford, CT 06114Fax: 860-525-5088Questions? Contact Us! Phone: 860-525-5080 x 28Email: choneycutt@ctnonprofits.orgPAYMENT INFORMATIONAmount Due $Discount Code Check enclosed, payable to CT Association of Nonprofits Credit Card—Please fill out the information below.Credit Card TypeCredit Card No.Cardholder NameExpiration DateSignature MasterCard Visa DiscoverBilling ZipCancellation Policy: Cancellation must be made by e-mail tochoneycutt@ctnonprofits.org. The attendee is still responsiblefor payment unless cancellation is received at least seven (7)calendar days before the workshop.Where did you hear about us? Training Catalog CT Nonprofits Website Social Media Word of Mouth Nonprofit Advantage E-mail

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