Current VI Deployment - VMware
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Current VI Deployment - VMware

The Always-On Enterprise:Acheiving Higher ServiceLevels with VMwareMornay Van Der WaltVice President, System ArchitectIXIS Capital Markets

Session AgendaPART 1: The Early DaysCompany ProfileIXIS Technology ChallengesExploring Solutions, Proof of Concept, VI Project ApprovalPART 2: The Present DayCurrent VI DeploymentCurrent VI ProjectsCurrent VI Proof of ConceptsLessons LearnedPART 3: Beyond Boundaries: The future of VI at IXISDR, VDI and GRIDGeographically Dispersed Virtual DatacenterQ & A Session

Company Profile – Global OperationsIXIS Capital Markets is the U.S. subsidiary of IXIS Corporate & InvestmentBank and a member of Paris-based Groupe Caisse d’Epargne1.3 billion euros in 20052000 employees world wide

Company Profile – North American OperationsBased in New York City, with branch offices in New Jersey, Los Angeles,Chicago, and AtlantaIXIS Capital Markets Products and Services include:Financing and Asset SecuritizationSecurities and Derivatives Sales and TradingAsset and Portfolio Protection ProductsInvestment ProductsApproximately $524 million (421 million euros) in revenues in 2005Approximately 450 employees in North America and growingSmall cohesive virtualization team with skills ranging across:NetworkingSANClient/Server computingVirtual Infrastructure

Proof of ConceptProof of Concept (POC)Compiled a well defined scope for the POC• Validation of ESX and VirtualCenter• Validation of IBM Blade server platformCollaboration with IXIS IT Management• Reviewed the scope of the POC to ensure alignment with thebusiness drivers for the projectCollaboration with external vendors (VMware and IBM)• Reviewed the scope of the POC and business drivers for the projectCreated a focused SWAT team with the right skill set for the POC• Networking• SAN• Client/Server computing

Current VI DeploymentPower Supply OverviewEach PSU from a chassis connects to a separatePDU, providing protection against:• 30 Amp electrical circuit failure

Current VI DeploymentStorage OverviewCHASSIS 1Blades 1 to 7Two McDATA SAN switches per chassisTwo ISLs per McDATA SAN switchEach McDATA SAN switch is mappeddirectly to a single Connectrix DirectorClass switch, providing protectionagainst:• McDATA SAN switch, ISL or portfailures within the IBM Chassis• Connectrix Director Class switch, ISLor port failureVMs1 TBVMFSLUN335 GBVMFSLUNVM TemplatesRoll Back VMs1 TBVMFSLUNVMs14 ESX Hosts mapped to a VMFS LUNVMotion operations possible:• Within a chassis• Across a chassisCHASSIS 2Blades 8 to 14

Current VI DeploymentIXIS VI 2 Report CardServer ConsolidationIncreased host resource utilizationZero Downtime Upgrades with VMotionDatacenter relocation with no moving trucksIncreased server to administrator ratioReduced server deployment timesInfrastructure cost savingsLabor cost savingsCentralized management of geographicallydispersed Virtual InfrastructurePASS/FAIL

Current VI ProjectsVI 3 DeploymentVirtualization Features /Support VI 2 VI 3Symmetric Multiple Processing (SMP) 2 Way 4 WayMemory 3.6 GB 16 GBESX Host to LUN mapping 16 3264 Bit Support No YesVMotion Yes YesDistributed Services (RP HA, DRS and VCB) No YesWorkloads / services currently virtualized on VI 2• DCs, Printing, IIS, Avocent DSView, CAVA, Citrix,Documentum,Datasynapse Engines, Tradeweb, SLX, KVS, SQL, OracleWorkloads / services not yet virtualized• Compute Intensive (PolyPaths) and MS Exchange

Current VI ProjectsVI 3 Storage and Distributed Services28 ESX Hosts mapped to a LUNVMotion operations possible:• Within a chassis• Across a chassisVI 3 Clusters and Resource Pools (RP)Utility computing modelDefine RP per serviceDRSAutomated VMotion, optimizedresource allocationHAAutomated restart, improvedservice uptimes

Current VI Proof of ConceptsApplication GRID on VI 2In production and proving to bea successApplication GRID on VI 3Optimization at the applicationlayer with the GRID applicationOptimization at the hardwarelayer with DRS and HAResulting in a highly optimizedfault tolerant GRID computingenvironment

Current VI Proof of ConceptsVirtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)Small POC underwayPOC users do not require dualhead video displayBenefits of moving to VDICost reductionsImproved provisioning of desktopsUser desktop services hosted on afault tolerant infrastructureEnhanced Disaster Recovery

Lessons LearnedArchitect your VI carefullyNetwork and SAN are key components of the VIConstruct a VI roadmapProject ESX and VM totalsTAM service adds critical valueSingle point of accountabilityNot all workloads should be virtualizedUsers and workloads differ by environment, consider this carefullySpread the Virtualization story internally to all of members of ITVirtualization for most is still a new and unknown technology

Beyond Boundaries - The Future of VI at IXISEnhanced Disaster Recovery SolutionsReplication of VMFS or individual VMs between sitesManual / Auto restart of replicated VMs at time of test or disasterCentralized management of the distributed VIEnhanced VDI SolutionsLeverage distributed replicated VI for VDI at time of test or disasterSupport for multi video head virtual desktopsEnhanced Application GRIDGeographically dispersed Application GRID


Session SummaryReality check, datacenters are changing from physical to virtual,so be preparedArchitect your VI carefully, SAN and Network are key componentsDevelop a Virtual Infrastructure RoadmapVI 3 will enable a utility computing modelIntegration of VI into enhanced DR solutions

QUESTIONSThe Always-On Enterprise: Acheiving Higher Service Levels with VMwareMornay Van Der WaltVice President, System ArchitectIXIS Capital Markets

Backup Slides – VI ComponentsVirtual Infrastructure (VI)Physical components• Enterprise Servers• Enterprise Network• Enterprise StorageVirtualization components• ESX servers• Virtual Network• VMFS• Virtual Machine (VM)Management component• Virtual Center

Backup Slides - Increased Host Resource Utilization

Presentation DownloadPlease remember to complete yoursession evaluation formand return it to the room monitorsas you exit the sessionThe presentation for this session can be downloaded at the following to download (case-sensitive):Username: cbv_repPassword: cbvfor9v9r

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