Area Guide Dungeon Maps
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Area Guide Dungeon Maps

Chapter 4 – Area Guide – DalentarthOdarathGorhart Jail–Lawbreaker’s GrottoA relatively undersized and undermannedjail, this small-town jail is fairly easy to escapefrom. However, if you get thrownin early enough, your level may be too lowto easily facilitate escape!Stealth Escape – Pick the lock to your cell(Easy). Wait until both of the guards havebegun heading north before quickly goingeast (use Stealth and roll / dash repeatedlyto cover ground) to reclaim your equipment.Pull the lever at Point A, and then return toyour cell. Wait until both the prisoners haveengaged the wardens, and then run pastthem to the exit and freedom!Combat Escape – Pick the lock to your cell(Easy). Wait until all three guards are northof Point A, then run across to your equipment.Go north, and kill both the guardswhen they attack you. Leave via the exit.Dungeons & CavesAllestar GladeStonecandle MineHead west, make sure you avoid the BearTraps, a good level of Detect Hidden is helpful but not essential as long as you are careful.At the first large clearing you will be attacked by a group of Kobolds. After defeating them,continue south through the mine. At the southernmost point, there is a Hard locked chest,and nearby you will have to face the remainder of the Kobolds so that you can access a pairof locked chests. Jump down from the jump point to the north, there is another locked chest(Average) with a Bear Trap directly in front of it, so be careful!Odarath –Agnur FarhalLevel Range – 6-16Level Range – 2-12Enemies – KoboldsTraps – Bear TrapsQuests Associated – Recipe for TroubleLevel Range – 2-10Enemies – Brownies, Red Legion Bandits,Red Legion ArchersHead east through the dungeon, then south.Make sure you get both of the Autumn Lorestonesin this area. Many of the Red Legion you encounter will turn their backs and can bestealth attacked if you have daggers or faeblades. The two offshoots of the main path bothhave hidden loot piles in them.ABGorhartOdarathLorestoneAutumnLorestoneAutumnCBDAGorhart Merchant:Rikka Egest (The Corner Shop)No. Item Name Price RatingWeapons1 Iron Greatsword 1017 221 Iron Hammer 921 281 Iron Longsword 661 151 Birch Longbow 627 141 Iron Greatsword 567 221 Birch Staff 516 211 Birch Staff 516 181 Birch Sceptre 432 131 Birch Sceptre 432 11Apparel1 Iron Cuirass 1008 301 Iron Helm 816 281 Cotton Robes 591 231 Leather Armor 541 221 Iron Kite Shield 234 151 Iron Chausses 234 151 Birch Buckler 126 111 Leather Hood 126 111 Leather Leggings 126 111 Copper Talisman 74 81 Cotton Cowl 66 81 Iron Greaves 66 81 Iron Gauntlets 66 81 Leather Gloves 37 61 Leather Boots 37 61 Cotton Shoes 15 41 Cotton Handwraps 15 4Accessories1 Hearty Ring 4461 –Consumables1 Black Cohosh 48 –1 Softscrabble Powder 48 –Miscellaneous1 Backpack 7500 –14 Lockpick 60 –Gorhart Merchant: Nanne Hanri(Golden Age Alchemy)No. Item Name Price RatingConsumables2 Minor Damage Boost 1796 221 Greater Healing Potion 1313 2812Minor Mana RegenPotion497 152 Minor Alchemist’s Art 497 142 Minor Assassin’s Evasion 497 226 Purification Potion 386 216 Minor Frostguard 188 184Minor Sorcerer’s Intelligence188 136 Minor Flameguard 188 116 Minor Current Stopper 188 306 Minor Steeled Curtain 188 288 Minor Venomguard 188 232 Minor Freezing Sentinel 188 2224 Minor Mana Potion 188 1512Minor Health RegenPotion188 154 Minor Healing Potion 188 1124 Minor Mana Potion 188 1112 Sativa Fibers 40 1112 Black Cohosh 40 812 Softscrabble Powder 40 812 Embereyes 40 812 Cripplespore Caps 40 8Odarath – Waterhall DownQuests Associated – Crisis of FaithLevel Range – 2-12Enemies – Boggart TumblersTraps – Lightning MinesA decent level of Detect Hidden is highly recommended for thisdungeon due to the proliferation of Lightning Mines in the centralsection which can ricochet you from one to the other and kill youquickly! Other than that it is relatively straightforward – progressfrom east to west. Several hidden piles of rocks are dotted throughoutthe dungeon. [a 1]Side QuestsGorhart 1 – Building BridgesHerc Adwold is standing near a woundedFae. Talk to him, and offer to help. He willtell you to find Aery, another Fae. Aery ison the peak overlooking the village to thenorthwest at Point A.Speak to Herc. If you already have a GreaterHealing Potion you can give it to the injuredFae. If not, head to the local merchant,Rikka Egest. She will give you a recipe forthe potion and send you to Nanne Hanri thealchemist. You can make the potion yourselffrom reagents at Nanne Hanri’s if you havesufficient Alchemy, or loot it from the deskdownstairs.Go to Gorhart Inn and speak to Herc. Hewill suggest reporting the crime to the2Quest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardGorhart 2 – HomecomingObjectivesFind or make a potionGive it to Herc AdwoldReport the crime to the Warswornor the House of BalladsWarsworn or to the House of Ballads. If youchoose to report it to the Warsworn, thenhead to Shieldring Keep in Yolvan and speakto Grima Peodoras. If you choose to report itto the Fae, go to the House of Ballads northernOdarath and speak to Galin. DespiteHerc’s worries, neither path will lead to theFae becoming angry.Herc AdwoldGorhartShieldring Keep / House of BalladsXP / Gold / Sword / BucklerYou must find Gizela’s (presumed dead) husband Camden. If you goto Didenhil, you can find Camden’s “body” on the eastern road, witha death notice upon it. However, this is NOT Camden, and Gizelawill deny his death notice. Camden is in the Three Lamps Inn in1Didenhil. You can Persuadehim that his wife still lovesObjectiveshim, but other options willFind Camden Wulflac in Didenhilresult in him staying put.Convince him to return to his wifeReturn to GizelaReturn to Gizela. Thequest will automaticallyend if Camden hasreturned, if not you will have to say whether he is alive or not – ifyou say he is alive, Gizela will join him. If you lie, she will stay inGorhart, alone. [a 2]Quest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardRequirementsAGizela WulflacGorhart graveyardDidenhilGold, Experience, ArmorComplete “Gorhart 1: Building Bridges”228 229

Chapter 4 – Area Guide – DalentarthGorhart 3 – Crisis of FaithFind Brother Egan in the forest to the north.Defeat the Boggarts attacking him. Speak tohim and he will tell you that he left the missionin order to find the Selkie Veil. Head toWaterhall Down, in the northwest. Speak toEgan and head through the tunnels, keepingObjectivesFind Brother EganRetrieve the Selkie Veil from Waterhall DownPersuade or defeat Finna and Arbosan eye out for Lightning Mines in the centralsection. Sprites will also spawn and attackyou. The Selkie Veil at Point A has LightningMines directly around it which you shouldwatch out for! More sprites will spawnwhen you take it.Quest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardReturn to Egan’s camp and speak to the two“Fae”, Finna and Arbos. They will ask youfor the Veil – you can either Persuade themthat it is cursed, or fight them for it. Returnto Father Dynwel – the Mission will now beopen.Father Dynwel,Gorhart, in front of the MissionWaterhall DownSelkie Veil, Gold, XP, Infrequent DaggersGorhart 6 – Out of the PastAObjectivesFind Ugnar OdgrayTake his daggerFind Iltran the ShadeTake his daggerGo to Red IdwardKill Delf or IdwardReturn to Delf (if alive) or Idward (if alive)OdarathOdarathOdarathAfter speaking to Delf, you need to headinto Gorhart. Find Ugnar Odgray outside theinn and speak to him. You need his daggerand can get it in a variety of ways: youcan fight him, Persuade him, bribe him, orPickpocket him.and then go to Lorca-Rane in northwestGlendara. Fight your way past spiders to acave door, then go inside. Talk to Red Idwardat Point A. He will demand that you kill Delf.You can either return and kill Delf, or killIdward.AWhen you meet the second man, Iltran,in Northern Haxhi just to the northeast ofSunder Caverns, you will have to fight him.Reduce his health and he will talk to you.You can also bribe him, but you cannotpickpocket or Persuade him. Take his dagger,Quest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardRequirementsBrother DelfSt. Odwig’s Reliquary, basementHaxhi, Bloodstone DeepGold, Experience, Key to Brother Delf’s ChestMust complete “Gorhart 3: Crisis of Faith”Gorhart 4 – Recipe for troubleRed “The Dead” Idward (Champion / Swordsman)OdarathAObjectivesFind Karth in Agnur FarhalDestroy the 10 crates of formulaReturn to Nanne HanriBOdarathLorestoneAutumnLorestoneAutumnQuest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardCDSpeak to Nanne, then go and find Karth inAgnur Farhal to the east of Gorhart. Speakto him at Point A in order to uncover histreachery, then defeat him and the otherRed Legion Bandits who attack (you do nothave to kill him). Following this, you willhave to destroy the 10 crates of formula.Four can be found in Agnur Farhal at PointsB, C, and D. If you have not been in this dungeonbefore, make sure you get the AutumnLorestones.Leave Agnur Farhal and then go to the RedLegion camp in the north to destroy theremaining 6 crates. Return to Nanne Hanri,who will give you Alchemical Recipes andcure any diseases you may suffer from.Nanne HanriGolden Age Alchemy, GorhartAgnur FarhalAlchemical Recipes, Disease Cure (temporary)The leader of the infamous Red Legion Bandits, if you choose tofight him, you will have to take both him and his minions down.StrategyWith no Super Armor or teleport, the best strategy to take outIdward is simply to stick to him like glue and kill him fast. Once he isdead, take care of any minions that have rushed to the area.TasksMightThe juggle attack from the longsword and strings canceledinto Abilities will kill Idward quickly.FinesseIf you are particularly cunning, you can plant Frost Minesaround the area before talking to Idward. Lure him or histroops into them after he becomes hostile, and then finishthem off with attacks canceled into Shadow Flares.SorceryTry and keep a chain going with Chakram attacks canceledinto Storm Bolt or Mark of Flame. After killing either Idwardor Delf, you must report to the one who is still alive. Delf will giveyou the key to his chest in the Reliquary basement, as he no longerneeds it, or you can loot it off his body if you killed him.Base StatsAttributeRed “The Dead” IdwardEncounter Level Range 3-20Hit PointsNormalSuper ArmorNoneWeaknessNoneResistanceNoneJuggleYesFateshiftYesGorhart 5 – Members OnlySpeak to Sister Zelda, thengo into the Reliquary in St.Odwig’s Mission. You willfind the Ordination Tomein the Reliquary at PointA. Take it (make sure thatno-one sees you!) and thenreturn to Sister Zelda.ObjectivesTake the Ordination Tome from theReliquary Return to Sister ZeldaQuest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardRequirementsSister ZeldaGorhart, in front of St. Odwig’s MissionSt. Odwig’s MissionGold, XPMust complete “Gorhart 3: Crisis of Faith”Gorhart: Long OverdueSpeak to Brother Til and he will tell youabout his missing books. These can befound all over the Faelands and as such,this is one of the most involved and lengthyquests in the game!The locations of the books:1 – In the House of Ballads Library (must completethe House of Ballads side quests to unlock)2 – In the house of the Mayor of Whitestone, inApotyre, Detyre3 – In the Vauner House in Webwood, Dalentarth(completing “Hair of the Dog” will cause Syllaretato move upstairs, making it easier to steal)4 – In Moon Camp in the Northeast Tywili Coast,in Erathell5 – In St. Hadwin’s Mission in northwest Glendara,in Dalentarth6 – In the Scholia Arcana Library in Rathir, in Erathell7 – In the Adessa Library in Adessa, Detyre8 – In the Adessa Library9 – In Anker Edmure’s House in Emaire, in theWest of the Forsaken Plain10 – In Castle Ansilla in the south of Caeled Coastin KlurikonObjectivesRetrieve the 10 booksReturn them to Brother TilQuest Received FromLocation of Quest GiverDungeon/Area Travelled toRewardBrother TilReliquary ofSt. Odwig’sEverywhere!Gold / XP230 231

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