volunteers gear up for festival - Townsville City Council

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volunteers gear up for festival - Townsville City Council

ourcityourfutureTownsville’s new councilTownsville’s new Mayor CrJenny Hill, Deputy Mayor CrVern Veitch and Councillorswere sworn into office lastmonth in front of family andfriends.In their first official meeting as thecity’s leaders, the new team decidedon the Standing Council Committeesand appointed committee membersand chairs. There have beenadjustments to some committeesincluding the addition of an eighthcommittee.The committees are:>> Governance and FinanceCommittee>> Infrastructure Committee>> Planning and DevelopmentCommittee>> Community and CultureCommittee>> Healthy and Safe City Committee>> Smart City Sustainable FutureCommittee>> Sport, Recreation and ParksCommittee>> Townsville Waste and WaterCommitteeFor a full list of committee dates,including the Ordinary CouncilMeetings for the next three months,see page 12.Committee Chairs are outlined onpage two.JezzineBarracks tocome alive againThe old Jezzine Barracks site is setto become a hive of activity afterthe construction tender was awardedlast month.The newly elected Council awardedthe Jezzine Barracks Redevelopmentconstruction contract to Abigroup.The $40 million project will startwith demolition works leading intoan extensive program to redevelopthe site including major landscapingand interpretive works.Mayor Jenny Hill said it was greatto see the project come to life.“This world-class redevelopmentwill ultimately provide Townsvillewith one of the most exciting publicesplanades in regional Australia,” CrHill said.The redevelopment is a jointlyfunded project between council andthe state and federal governments.townsville city council city update >> JULY 2012 3

Friday 29 June – Tuesday 31 JulyTOWNSVILLE400 festivalTownsvillecomes alivein July!The annual Townsville 400 Festival ison again! Townsville will come alive inJuly to celebrate the festival with powerboats, horse races, school holidayprograms, business luncheons, V8supercars and markets galore…There’s something for everyone! Withmore than 100,000 visitors anticipatedto travel to the Townsville region for theTownsville 400 Festival, this will onceagain be the highlight of Townsville’sannual event calendar.Friends and family flock inPeople from across Australia takeadvantage of Townsville’s brilliant winterweather and come to the city to enjoy everythingon offer when the city comes alive in July.Of the 100,000 visitors to the city last July,more than 50 percent of people stayed withfamily and friends in Townsville.The Fitzgerald family from the NorthernBeaches will be welcoming four of their familyand friends into their home to enjoy all thecelebrations of the festival.“We have visitors coming from Brisbane andHobart and we are looking forward to having agreat time again this year,” Joanne Fitzgeraldsaid.“It will be a full house again this year althoughlast year we had so many visitors some of ourfriends even camped in the backyard.“We will be getting along to the V8 race andalso the Super Welcome and markets.“There is always plenty on to keep us busyand show off Townsville’s best assets to ourfriends and family.”A third of Townsville’s tourism market ismade up of visiting friends and relatives fromthe 800,000 visitors to the city each year.Why not phone a friend and invite them toTownsville to experience all the festivities onoffer in July? Find out about all the great thingsto do in Townsville’s backyard in the NorthQueensland Regional Guide. Grab a copy from aVisitor Information Centre.Super Welcome to TownsvilleThursday 5 July, 5pm–9pm, Strand ParkThe Super Welcome to Townsville event isthe biggest council event on the festivalcalendar.Gear up for all the action and join the V8Supercar drivers on the eve of race day. Comealong and meet the famous drivers behind theV8 machines and for the first time this year thecrowd will be treated to a Question and AnswerSeries with some of the sport’s biggest names.There will be great entertainment withheadline act Dragon, fronted by Mark Williams.Don’t miss the amusements, food stands,rides, car displays and much more.It’s a night of jam-packed action to preparethe city for the roar of the V8 supercars!

TOWNSVILLE 400 festivalGetting to the V8 trackPublic transportPublic transport is the recommendedevent travel option.Sunbus services> Increased Sunbus services will beoperating during the event.> Bus stops are located near the main entrygates.> Further information is available on theSunbus website www.sunbus.com.au.Ferry services> Increased ferry services will operateduring the event.> Timetables can be viewed online at:www.sealinkqld.com.au orwww.fantaseacruisingmagnetic.com.au.Taxis> Taxi ranks will be established aroundthe precinct during the three days of theevent. Taxis can be contacted on131 008 (13 TAXI) or www.tsvtaxi.com.au.Regulated eventparking arearegulated event parking area will be inA place around Reid Park. A detailed mapof the regulated area can be found atwww.townsville400festival.com.au.The area prohibits non-residents parking instreets surrounding the Reid Park precinct.The regulated area will be in force from7am to 7pm on Friday 6, Saturday 7 andSunday 8 July.A two-hour parking limit will apply to streetswithin the regulated event parking area. Finesmay be imposed. Residents living within theregulated area will receive three parkingpasses by mail; these are for cars parked onthe street only, not in driveways or garages.ParkingThe designated car parks for theSucrogen Townsville 400 include:> Townsville State High School> Railway Estate Primary School> Townsville West State School> St Margaret Mary’s College> Hyde Park Shopping Centre> First Avenue Car ParkGet V8 race ready! before the event: go online to www.townsville400festival.com.au before the raceweekend for information on transport, parking, and events and to download a track map.Food: small eskies are permitted into the race so pack some food and drinks for thefamily, either packaged or home made. No glass or alcohol is permitted.Seating: take a blanket or chairs and find a great spot on the grass.Sun safety: take a hat, sunscreen and water. The UV in Townsville is high even in winterand the cool air makes it easier for dehydration to creep up.RACQ Race Ready Bag: get a bag from a Townsville 400 ambassador located atTownsville Airport and selected festival events.Festival Fast FactsThe Townsville 400Festival runs for justover 30 days from29 June to 31 July.30 42More than 100,000visitors are expectedto visit the city in July.Over 90 per cent of peoplethat attended the 2011Sucrogen Townsville 400were from Queensland.The markets, TownsvilleShow, Power Boats andSuper Welcome werethe highest attendedfestival events by 2011Sucrogen Townsville 400patrons.attendance$$Contact informationTownsville 400 Festival Committee1300 878 001townsville400@townsville.qld.gov.auwww.townsville400festival.com.auThe Townsville 400 Festival Committee is proudly supported by$$$$The 2011 Sucrogen Townsville 400delivered an economic return ofmore than $18 million to the city. 90%Last year more than 90per cent of race goersrecommended theTownsville 400 to theirfamily and friends.There are more than 42 eventsthat showcase the region’s culture,sports, lifestyle and cuisine – makethe most of the stunning winter days.5There are morethan five differentmarkets to enjoy inTownsville includingthe Sunday CottersMarket, Strand NightMarket, FarmersMarket, WillowsMarket and FlindersSquare Market.Over 50 per cent of visitors to Townsvilleduring the 2011 Sucrogen Townsville 400stayed with friends and relatives.Sucrogen Townsville 400V8 Supercars Australia(07) 5630 0364www.townsville.v8supercars.com.au

councilworksWorks boostlocal economyTownsville City Council’scommitment to ‘buy local’ isensuring local contractors arebenefiting from the massivereconstruction of disaster hit roadsacross the Townsville region.Up to 20 locally based companieshave worked on the campaign torepair and reconstruct hundreds ofroads and suburban streets that havebeen badly damaged in the pastthree wet seasons.Abigroup was awarded thecontract to manage thereconstruction work, which is part ofmore than $100 million from thestate and federal government’sNatural Disaster Relief and RecoveryArrangements (NDRRA), that isexpected to take until next year tocomplete.Under the NDRRA guidelines,councils are unable to claimreimbursement for day labour worksdone internally.As a result, council has developedan award-winning project deliverystrategy that utilises a managingcontractor with a requirement to uselocal companies where possible.Construction and MaintenanceExecutive Manager Brenden Quabbasaid the strategy had major benefitswith the timely delivery of repairs,supply chain efficiencies, value formoney and much needed work forlocal companies.“The important objective for us isto complete the works as quickly aspossible and council is workingclosely with Abigroup and localcontractors to make that happen,” MrQuabba said.“The project delivery model hasalso enabled council to continue toprovide its full range of services andscheduled road workssimultaneously while the NDRRAprogram is rolled out.”Abigroup’s North QueenslandManager Garry Innes believesdelivering such a vast program ofworks for council has helped thelocal industry out of the GFC impact.“Whilst recovering from any sort ofdisaster is not where you want to be,the way council has managed the rollout of recovery works whilemaintaining their scheduled workshas really benefitted the localconstruction industry,” Mr Innes said.“Abigroup are incredibly proud tobe a part of the rebuilding of theTownsville road network.”An Ultimate CowboysExperience prize pack!Grab your codeword andenter online.Townsville City Council, as amajor sponsor of the NorthQueensland Toyota Cowboys, isoffering an Ultimate CowboysExperience prize pack to one localfamily.The pack includes:» behind the scenes tour of DairyFarmers Stadium» 1 x family pass in the easterngrandstand, and» Cowboys merchandise.Grab your codeword and enteronline at council’s website to gointo the draw to win this greatprize!Tickets are for the homegame against the WestTigers between 20-23 July2012.Codeword: CowboysFor full terms and conditions visit council’swebsite at www.townsville.qld.gov.auAre You Fuellingthe Fire?It is now bushfire seasonand while Townsville isn’tprone to the devastatingfires that sweep into urbanareas in other parts of thecountry, the threat is stillvery serious.Last year, the suburbs ofAnnandale, Burdell, Kelso,Woodstock, Alligator Creek andRoseneath were all threatened byseparate fires that coveredkilometres of bushland.Bushfires can cause havoc for theenvironment, wildlife, livestock andeven rural homes and businesses soit is important to prepare a bushfiresurvival plan and be prepared to acton it if fire threatens your property.Council is working with theQueensland Fire and Rescue RuralOperations on an annual fire breakand hazard reduction burn plan forrural areas of the city.The plan is particularly relevantwhere houses back onto bushlandand will take into account high riskareas as well as specific hazardrequirements of the natural habitat.It is important that people in ruralareas, particularly those which backonto bushland:• do not dump rubbish or gardenwaste (including lawn clippings) inbushland reserves – dry greenwaste can start or become fuel fora bushfire• remove leaves from roof andgutters• clear the ground around the houseof long dry grass, dead leaves andbranches or thick undergrowth• keep flammable materials andfuels away from the house• ensure all outside taps and hosesare in working order• have a water source ready forputting out spot fires, and• be aware of fire ban days.Visit www.townsville.qld.gov.aufor more information on bushfirepreparedness.townsville city council city update >> JuLY 2012 9

goinggreenTree day events community’s biggestNational Tree Day and SchoolsTree Day is Australia’s biggestannual community tree-plantingevent. It aims to inspire, educate andrecruit Australians all over thecountry to actively care for thisunique land and create futuregenerations of committedenvironmental custodians.National Tree Day and Schools TreeDay provide all Australians with anopportunity to do something positivefor the environment and reconnectwith nature. Townsville City Councilthrough its Urban Nature CommunityTree Planting Program is gettinginvolved and will host a communitytree planting event on Sunday 29July. Keep an eye out on council’swebsite for all the details.Individuals, families and childrencan be part of making Townsville aclean and green city and have a funouting with tree planting, free facepainting, sausage sizzle and freenative plant to take home.Schools Tree DayA local native plant presentation toschools will be held Friday 27 July.Local schools are encouraged to holda tree planting activity. TownsvilleCity Council will assist by providinglocal native plants and othermaterials. Schools can register forthe event by contacting council on1300 878 001.This event is proudly sponsored byLend Lease and Mike Carney Toyota.About Animal RegoEach year in Townsvillemore than5,000There are onlynew dogs 3,400are registered with council. cats registered70964Council recently sentout more than35,000registrationrenewalnoticesto dog and cat owners.Did you knowyou can now have yourpets registrationtagreplaced for free?Come along to Townsville CityCouncil’s Discount MicrochippingDay and Mini Pet Expo!date >> Saturday 14 Julytime >> 9am to 5pmlocation >> Thuringowa DriveSoundshellcost >> Entry is free, microchip costs$25 per implantand council predicts thereare tens of thousands yetto be registered.Registrationhelps councildetermine wherefacilitiesare needed for animals inthe city, such as dog parks.Renewalspaid before thedue date areoffered at areducedcost.A microchip can help owners findtheir pet if it becomes lost andprovides permanent identification forpets across Australia.Puppies, kittens and some olderpets are required to be microchippedby law. To help pet owners with thisresponsibility, council is offeringthem the opportunity to microchipPuppies and kittens up tosix months of age can beregistered forFREEuntil the end of thatfinancial year.Registrationhelps ownerslocatetheir petsif they become lost.All cats& dogsare required to beregistered by lawand registrationrenewals are due soon!pets at a significantly discountedprice.The procedure involves a smallchip (the size of a grain of rice) beinginserted under the animal’s skin andtheir details are then registered on anational database. The procedure isquick, simple and pain-free and willbe carried out by a qualifiedThere are nineoff-leash30 dog parksin Townsville,find out wherethey’re located oncouncil’s website.Almost80%of all catsregisteredin Townsville wereregistered in 2011 afternew laws cameinto effect in 2010.Discount Microchipping Day and Mini Pet Expo!microchip implanter.Dogs must be on a lead and cats ina cage. The owner will also receive anexternal tag and certificate ofidentification. No bookings required.For details, visitwww.townsville.qld.gov.au.10 townsville city council city update >> JuLY 2012

artscultureSomething foreveryone atCityLibrariesThere is a lot more than youmight expect on offer atCityLibraries. A library card is yourticket to experience a great range ofservices and events on offer – thereare a whole lot of reasons tobecome a member today!Free e-audiobooksA downloadable collection ofe-audiobooks has just beenlaunched. Books are available fordownload to iPods, MP3s or otherelectronic devices, making themavailable to listen to whenever,wherever. With over 800 titles nowonline, there’s something foreveryone.Literacy andnumeracy assistancefor adultsThe YourTutor Lifelong Learningprogram provides free, onlineassistance from a real person foradults who require help with resumewriting, basic maths and Englishskills. Go to the CityLibrarieswebpage and follow the links.What will I read next?A focus group and informationsession for adults will be held toshare information on people’sreading habits and provide aninsight into great reading options.The free session will be held onWednesday 11 July, 10am–11am, atCityLibraries Aitkenvale. Bookingsare essential. Phone 4727 8310 orbook online at council’s website.For a full list ofevents andactivities seethe latestedition ofLearnDiscoverConnecte-magazinenowavailable atcouncil’swebsite.@TownsvilleLibkids in a lolly shopadmirebooksWe all have a storyThe power of wordsThe power of wordslearn secretsbe inspiredcrimeeager to readexcitedTropical livesengagedlearn new writing techniquesOur words – our livesRead, love, tellWe all have a storyromancekids in a lolly shopOur words – our livesinspirebe inspiredbe entertainedconnected to Queensland authorslearn secretsWe all have a We all have aissue no. 17 >> jun–aug 2012kids in a lolly shopLEARNdiscovERcoNNEctAuthors on the strAndnAidoc Weekschool holidAy progrAmfantasylife – aliveinvolvedthrillexplore, discovercraftadmirebe inspiredRead, love, tellWhat’s on at the galleriesperspectivesJon Cattapan and eX de MediciAn Australian War Memorial Travelling ExhibitionPerc Tucker Regional Gallery6 July – 2 Septemberfree admissionPerspectives presents the unique insights of twocontemporary artists responding to the subject ofpeacekeeping. As official artists commissioned by theAustralian War Memorial, Jon Cattapan travelled toTimor-Leste in 2008 and eX de Medici went to theSolomon Islands in 2009. Both artists gained insightinto the role of Australian peacekeepers and from theseexperiences created a series of works that reveal apersonal vision and artistic style.image credit >> eX de Medici, Tetanus, 2009,watercolour on paper, 114 x 176 cm, AWM OL00610.001urban legacyAlison McDonaldPinnacles Gallery21 July – 26 Augustfree admissioneX de Medici –TetanusAlison McDonald – GyreAlison McDonald imparts a strong visual experienceout of everyday materials exploring what humans leavebehind in the 21st century. It is a continuation of anearlier temporary public artwork, Flow, an extraordinarywaterfall-like hanging sculpture created from thousandsof discarded plastic lids collected over four years.image credit >> Alison McDonald, Gyre (detail),Upcycled plastic bottles and fishing line, 2-3 m floor toceilingSyncopationWed 20 and Thurs 21 June, 8pm – Riverway Arts CentreSyncopation is a smash-hit fusion of comedy, drama, romance and ballroomdancing set in the exciting, electric rush of New York City in 1912.David Williamson’s Let the SunshineTues 26 and Wed 27 June, 8pm – Townsville Civic TheatreA ferociously funny social satire with all the warmth and wit we know and love inWilliamson’s work. Ageing Sydney radicals Toby and his wife Ros head north to theupmarket seaside town of Noosa to escape scandal, only to find that their coastalrefuge may contain more treacherous undercurrents than they thought.TaikOz Shifting SandFri 29 and Sat 30 June, 8pm – Townsville Civic TheatreInspired by the beach and ocean, Shifting Sand is a powerful evocation of theocean’s many faces. TaikOz’s ethereal sounds, thunderous taiko drumming,dynamic movement and dance seeks to capture the beauty, majesty and force ofthe ocean.CloudlandWed 11 July, 8pm – Townsville Civic TheatreRe-live the memories of the iconic Cloudland Ballroom, as told by the state’spremier ballet company, Queensland Ballet. The lights dim, the music swells andwrapped in the magical embrace of Cloudland, the dance begins…The School for WivesTues 31 July, 8pm – Riverway Arts CentreFalling in love is never easy. Take our hero for instance. Now here’s a guy whowants desperately to get married but is afraid that a smart woman will cheat onhim. His ingenious solution? Enlist the help of a local convent to raise a girl sostupidly innocent that she won’t know the first thing about cheating – let alone thelast. In his mind she will be ever-faithful. The perfect wife. Or is she?townsville city council city update >> JULY 2012 11

communityinteractionStrongpartnerships continueThe Together Townsville programcontinues to strengthenrelationships with the community,through its partnerships withvarious organisations.The support and contributions received throughthe program are important for the community,ensuring continuity of valuable initiatives fromyouth activities and resources for seniors to eventsand infrastructure projects.More than 85 percent of sponsors have renewedtheir sponsorship contracts for this financial year tohelp council deliver over 45 community initiatives.Some of these initiatives include the Tony IrelandStadium, Australia Day Fun Run, Carols byCandlelight, Summer Reading Program, StudentEnterprise Challenge, Seniors Picnic in the Park,Cyclone Sunday, National Tree Day and MorningMelodies.scan here formore informationThis edition of City Update features the upcomingTownsville 400 Festival for which council has againsecured sponsors for the McDonald’s Dance Expo,RACQ Race Ready Bags and Townsville AirportAmbassador Program.Council has also recently welcomed Humes-Holcim, Cleveland Bay Lions Club, Horan and Bird,and Gough Plastics to the Together Townsvilleprogram and thanks these organisations for theirsupport.together townsville is council’s incomingsponsorship program that engages the corporate andcommunity sector to sponsor council initiatives thatbenefit our city. There are a number of initiativessponsored under the program ranging fromcommunity events to infrastructure projects. To findout more about the program visit council’s website.Support the program that supports our city!Contact CouncilTownsville City CouncilPO Box 1268Townsville QLD 48101300 878 001 from 8am–5pmwww.townsville.qld.gov.auenquiries@townsville.qld.gov.au103 Walker Street, Townsville City86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa CentralOperating hours 8.30am–5pmMonday to FridayCouncil Meetings>> 9am Tuesday 26 June>> 9am Tuesday 24 July>> 9am Tuesday 28 AugustStanding Committee Meetings>> Infrastructure Committee9am Tuesday – 12 June, 10 July, 14 August>> Townsville Waste and Water Committee11am Tuesday – 12 June, 10 July, 14 August>> Planning and Development Committee12pm Wednesday – 13 June, 11 July, 15 August>> Community and Cultural Committee10am Thursday – 14 June, 12 July, 16 August>> Smart City Sustainable Future Committee11am Thursday – 14 June, 12 July, 16 August>> Sports Recreation and Parks Committee1pm Thursday – 14 June, 12 July, 16 August>> Healthy and Safe City Committee2pm Thursday – 14 June, 12 July, 16 August>> Governance and Finance Committee9am Wednesday – 20 June, 18 July, 22 Augustseniors’ picnic in the parkseniors’ music day on maggie2rar/nz marchSheriff ParkWednesday 22 August10am–1.30pmSeniors over 60 years of age can celebrateSeniors Week at the picnic and lifestyle expo.Enjoy a free morning tea, sit down luncheon anda big line-up of entertainment including JeffSalter. Phone council from 11 July to register,places are limited.Alma BaySunday 26 August12noon–3pmCelebrate Seniors Week at the Seniors MusicDay on Magnetic Island. Enjoy various styles ofmusical performance in a relaxed and friendlyatmosphere. Bookings not required.The StrandSunday 29 July9.30amVietnam War veterans from 2RAR/NZ (ANZAC)Battalions will proudly commemorate theirservice, and honour those who were killed andwounded, with a street march along The Strandfollowed by a Commemorative Service in ANZACPark commencing at 10am as part of theirfive-day reunion in Townsville.scan here formore informationfor more information >>www.townsville.qld.gov.autownsville citycouncil events12 townsville city council city update >> JuLY 2012

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