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TITRE DE RUBRIQUE #Web & PaperPool enclosuresThis market is developing very fast and this since25 years now. It reached its prime with most ofthe shelters bringing together quality and performances.EuroSpaPoolNews, the first «Web & Paper»media for swimming-pool and spaprofessionals, is now available in 7 languages:French, English, Spanish, German, Italian,Romanian and Czech. More than 1300articles dealing with the industry news andnew products were published during 2009.300 Newsletters were sent in 7 languagesto 17 000 swimming-pool professionals allover the world.The content of www.eurospapoolnews.com is provided by numerous sources ofinformation and attracts on average 1000visitors per day.Lastly, between 8 and 10 paper editions offeringthe latest information, all in Englishand in the local language, are distributed atthe major international fairs, with a totalamount of almost 40 000 copies printed.Professionals, do not hesitate to use our«Web & Paper» media to promote yourcompany and advertise your products.Loic Biagini and his teamThere are two major families of swimming poolshelters:Low shelters to be used as coverThese shelters have seen an exceptional developmentthat is partly a result of the fact that peoplewant to make swimming pools safer.These are often telescopic and are preferred to removableshelters to facilitate the ease and flexibilityof handling, which can also be motorised.Medium-height shelters to be used for swimmingThese are the shelters that offer a stay and developmentarea, even though minimum, for mediumheightshelters and limitless for high-shelters.These shelters facilitate a «COMFORTABLE» as wellas «OFF-SEASON» swimming while protecting thepools and making them safe.This is the reason why these have been increasinglysuccessful and that during the last few years,they have seen an exceptional growth.These create areas for conviviality and relaxationthat are especially sought after these days whenstress rules.Thus, we also see an increase in the shelters’ sizeto add Fitness areas where Spas, Hammam orIPC / Sesameother Saunas are often installed…Comfortable swimming… Off-season swimming…Swimming when weather is not favourable… It isbecause of all these reasons that covering one’sswimming-pool and being able to use it as andwhen one wants is no longer a must that is limitedto a chosen few.Covered swimming pool was something that was arare privilege till a couple of decades, thanks to themodern Swimming-pools are now accessible to agreater number of people.Continued on page 4contact@eurospapoolnews.comLE JUSTE LIEN Special Emerging Markets 2010EUROSPAPOOLNEWS.COMis published by IMC(International Media Communication)264, av Janvier Passero - F-06210 MandelieuTel. +33 (0)493 681 021Fax. +33 (0)493 681 707contact@eurospapoolnews.comLtd Company with a capital of 152,449 EurosRCS Cannes B 414 683 953 00031APE 221 E - TVA FR02414683953Publisher: Loïc BiaginiManager: Vanina BiaginiEditor: Michele Ravizza, Gaël DoyenAdvertising: Michele Ravizza, Marie LalanneTranslation: AB TraduireDesigned by: Jean-Michel PebrePrinted in Czech-RepublicContents © 2010 IMCReproduction in whole or part of this publicationwithout the publisher’s written permissionis a breach of Copyright - The publishers cannot takeresponsability for subsequent changesto product specifications.Combined cabinsare very much in vogueThe sauna cabin has changed dramatically over past decades,both in terms of cabin design and capabilities. You can nowchoose from a variety of baths.Finnish Olympic sports participants first introduced the saunato Germany during the Olympic Games in 1936, when theywere accustomed to taking a sauna throughout the games. Thesauna only began to become widespread in Germany after the2nd World War.At that time, cabins designed according to specified dimensionsand set against room walls were the norm. Only a type ofRögerwood, namely spruce from native forests were used; the wooden door only had a smallwindow and the equipment was incredibly spartan. The electric heating furnaces had a simple design. Othertypes of heating such an oil and gas as well as oven lining were only introduced at a later stage. However, therange of sauna cabins developed at a dramatic pace during the 1980’s. The warm, moist bath with greater cabinhumidity and correspondingly lower temperatures now appeared alongside the traditional, so-called Finnishsauna with high temperatures and lower humidity. Other equipment variants appeared over the years: Lightpatterns, starry sky, an aerator, sounds and smells. Above all, LED technology, which conjures up a fantastic playof colour in the cabin, has found its way into the sauna in recent years. A completely new bathing form alsoentered the market: the infra-red cabin. Although its façade is similar to that of the sauna, it has an infra-redlamp or a heating foil via a completely different heating system. In the meantime, both bathing forms, namelythe sauna and the infra-red version, can be often found in the cabin. Customers can adjust the respective bathingforms using a controller.Continued on page 8The heating pump solutionfor family pools An eternal ray of sunshineWe all know that the family pool represents arecreational area with numerous benefits: an opportunityfor children to have fun in the water,rest and relaxation, well-being for the whole family,stylish design and a great communal area,to name but a few.While water quality is a naturally important prerequisitefor a pool to fulfil all of its promises, poolowners believe heating isthe top priority if it is tobe used comfortably andfor a long period of time.Where are we today withcomfortable heating solutionsfor family pools?Heating a pool firstlymeans trying to avoidheat loss. This dependson the season and on theamount of sunshine present.Continued on page 2Zodiac

The heating pump solution for family poolsAn eternal ray of sunshineContinued from page 1NEWSPolytropicWe all know that the family pool represents arecreational area with numerous benefits: anopportunity for children to have fun in the water,rest and relaxation, well-being for the wholefamily, stylish design and a great communal area,to name but a few.While water quality is a naturally important prerequisitefor a pool to fulfil all of its promises, poolowners believe heating is the top priority if it isto be used comfortably and for a long period oftime.Where are we today with comfortable heating solutionsfor family pools?Heating a pool firstly means trying to avoid heatloss. This depends on the season and on the amount of sunshine present.An unheated open-air pool is only usable from between three to nine weeks of the year.As with heating a house, heating a pool obviously requires energy consumption. The sharp increase inthe costs of fossil fuels and the need for developing new sources of energy that have little or no impacton the environment, has changed the game.The heating pump has therefore become the sensible choice,as proven by its spectacular rise in the domestic heatingmarket (with 53,500 geothermal heating air/water pumpssold in 2006, according to the French Heating Pump Association,AFPAC).The Heating Pump is the most widely used solution in theEuropean family pool market and, with the outcome currentlyexpected for fossil fuels, it is sure to be the technologyof the future.French and European builders have been using this productfor thirty years to make a difference in terms of efficiency,energy savings and performance. The product is the culminationof their significant input into research and developmentClimexel by Procopiof new technologies (cryogenic fluids and efficient air condensers,intelligent machinery and sensitive noise level reduction, etc.)A Heating Pump’s performance is measured by its coefficient of performance or COP, which is the ratiobetween power released and power used. ItThe Heating Pump, with the outcome currentlyexpected for fossil fuels, it is sure to be thetechnology of the future.is fundamentally about the release capacityof the PAC. The higher the COP, the moreefficient the PAC. PLEASE NOTE that the COPvaries according to external conditions (airtemperature, humidity). If you compare twoCOP from two different PAC, be sure to check that the conditions used are identical.Ditto noise levels: the possible noise disturbance of this type of heating system is questionable. It ishard to compete in a world where everyone seems to be offering THE quietest product, but withoutalways being able to prove it, nor from which distance the noise level is measured at.The Heating Pump solution is essentially a technical solution that therefore requires skill, reliabilityand service. It is strongly recommended that installation is carried out and followed up by a professional,using the SAV Network for after-sales service, in order to respond efficiently to the requirementsand expectations of the consumer. These three criteria are vital for ensuring customer satisfaction.The key to future success lies with this striking solution that is the special pool heating pump – aneternal ray of sunshine.Jean-Philippe GUILMEAUPSA Zodiac Key Account ManagerZodiacVésuvio by AqualuxSumHeat byHaywardTout Pour l’Eau PRAT spreads itsbusiness at international levelIn fact, its Manager, PhilippePerrot, has confirmed that nowhe wants to exploit the potentialof swimming pool structures’kit completely. This kitwas developed during the lastfew years and enlarges its distributionnetwork, especiallyin Europe. The founder of thebrand and creator of SolidPOOLpatent proposes a unique rangeof modular formwork blocksproposing a «tiling» finish fromnow on and rejoices, «Fromnow on we have a head-startover our competitors and wewish to increase the exports of our products».Remi Frachon, International Development Manager:«The quality, originality andPhilippe Perrot complementarity of the offer compensatethe difficulties related to thecrisis and will enable the companyreach this aim quickly. The productsthat we propose let our clients meetthe consumers’ demands in a preciseand effective manner. For example,MoodyPOOL hinged panels are idealfor the construction of unique «freeform» swimming pools and this, witha very simple mounting and construction…that any handyman can doquite easily!». Read the whole articleon www.eurospapoolnews.comsolidpool.moodypool@gmail.com / www.piscine-kit-facile.frArchbond in EuropeArchbond in UK, the well known producer of Isothermal Pool Cover materialsfor the professionals, made their first sales to Continental Europe in 1986 andnow have many customers throughout Western and Eastern Europe purchasingon a regular basis. The high UV durability of their materials renders themideally suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools in the Italian marketplace.Having a width of 1.85 metres the Premium material is readily fabricated intoisothermal covers to suit pool sizes from small private to full Olympic. Withthe increased awareness of Carbon Footprint an Isothermal Pool Cover is thechoice of all who have a social conscience and Archbond are able to offer thesolution with their Premium or Super Flex materials.Noémie PetitM. Nokeslizhayes@archbond.com / www.archbond.comPiscine prepares its new2010 issuePiscine 2010, the world spa and personal swimmingpool fair, will be held from 16 to 19 November 2010 atEurexpo in Lyon (France). The next issue will reiteratethe formula that combines the swimming pool and spafair with Aqualie (the aquatic fun and wellness facilities’fair) and Wellgreen (the designing and outdoor designfair). In order to simplify the visitors and exhibitors’ task,the event organisers will propose new services such asPiscine Connect that may be discovered very soon.piscine2010@sepelcom.com / www.piscine-expo.comAlbion Group launches BRILIXALBION Group, a.s., producer of swimming pools andpool covers, has decided to extend it‘s business activitiesestablishing a new division focused on saleof BRILIX products, a complete range of pool accessories.Thanks to the efforts to reduce costs, BRILIXproducts are offered at very competitive prices. BRI-LIX benefits from 20 years experienced team in productionand quality control of all pool’s technologies.BRILIX products are sold throughout Europe and salesare extending in North and South America; they meetthe most demanding quality requirements, are rigorously tested and certified (TUV,ITC,AFNOR,RoHS)albion@albiongroup.cz / www.brilix.comEuroSpaPoolNews.comis now in CzechIn Prague, the Eurospapoolnewsteam led by our collaboratorPoslední Kamila,communicate with professionalsof the swimmingpool in the Czech Republicand Slovakia directly in theirlanguage. With her, we haveidentified about 800 companies(producers, distributors, installers ...) whoreceive our weekly newsletter inCzech language. Thus, with Romania,inaugurated in June 2007, thisis the 7th spoken and written by ourteam of reporters. Producers, if youwant make known your productsand announce your news to Czechsand Slovaks professionals, write toour editorial office in Prague:redakce.praha@eurospapoolnews.comredakce.praha@eurospapoolnews.com / www.eurospapoolnews.comTo receive our regular free email newsletter covering news and developmentson the pool and spa scene, visit our website atwww.eurospapoolnews.comand click on the“Newsletter subscribe” panel

NEW PRODUCTS 3New brand T-CoverPOOL’S presents its new brand T-Cover synonymouswith telescopic covers. How many times inthe spring and autumn you wondered what couldbe the best solution for increased use of your pool?T-Cover is the answer, protects the pool and allowsthe right climate in mid-season, allows smaller poolmaintenance, reduces water loss through evaporationand prevents the accidental fall of childrenand pets through the doors that are shipped completewith lock. Each T-Cover coverage follows thespecific needs of realization. The covers are assembledusing extruded aluminium alloy connected byinternal teams and stainless steel bolts, the surfacesare made of transparent polycarbonate for theroof and safety glass for vertical surfaces. No needfor guides to the ground as you scrolling of eachmodule is assured by Teflon wheels which facilitatethe opening and closure; can also be equippedwith a pair of radio-controlled motors poweredby solar panels. To put the best telescopic coverin your environment, you can choose from a widerange of colours, even with wood effect. It’s possibleto insert doors or sliding windows. The varioustypes of T-Cover telescopic covers are: full, fullwith double roof, leaned against one angle, leanedagainst one roof, leaned against a double roof.The telescopic covers T-Cover can also be used onpublic facilities, accompanied by calculations andcertificates filed in Civil Engineering. Are also easyto place in all those businesses in which you wantto make usable spaces such as terraces or outdoorarea, in order to increase your business.Heat your swimming pool with solar energyElios from Belgian company Technics & Applications is an economic and ecologic heating system for swimmingpools. Thanks to the sunlight, the water of the swimming pool is pumped through EDPM solar collectorsand returns heated to the pool. The collectors can easily be connected to an existing installation and areavailable in nearly all sizes. EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is frost, heat and chemicals resistant. It can bewalked across and delivers high heat efficiency through the thin channels. It benefits from very long life spanand comes with a 10 year guarantee.Astore launches 420Astore, an Italian producer,has developed,since 1970, advancedtechnologies on injectionmoulding ofvalves and fittings inthermoplastic material.The flexibilityand the productionelasticity are the characteristicsthat renderAstore an efficient anddynamic company on the marketsegment of water adduction, irrigationand industrial pipelines. Now Astore launches 420,a new ball valve dedicated to swimming poll application.Here following it’s main features:The handle presents an innovative colour and anergonomic design: used to switch and adjust thesupport. The structure of the nut has an optimizedthickness and is provided with ribs to grant catch.The ball is round and perfectly smooth for an excellenthydraulic sealing on moving seats. A singleand solid threaded support insure a safe assemblingto the valve body, which remains compactand massive.Fairland swimming pool heat pumpThe Czech company Vagner Pool, wholesaler for swimming pool technologies, introduces an innovation onthe market, in addition to its usual products: the Fairland swimming pool heat pumps. It is one of the mosteffective pumps on the market, with COP6 value, that is to say a higher effectiveness up to 20% compared tothose generally sold. These are recommended for the heating of all pools up to 150 m3, spas… The Erasparange, in white, offers performances of 4,5 and 5,5 kW. The Fairland range, in discrete brown, offers performancesof 9, 12, 16, 23 and 30kW. An intuitive digital control panel can be placed outside, in an easily accessiblearea. The units use a modern technology and are not only very effective but also very quiet and silent.info@vagnerpool.com / www.vagnerpool.cominfo@aquatop.be / www.t-and-a.beRoldeck HQ polycarbonate slatsStarline Roldeck slatted pool covers are now available in a new HQ (high-quality) polycarbonate versionand the slats are officially certified by the German TÜVNord institute with a TÜV certificate. The company useswhat they describe as a “new and revolutionary” typeof polycarbonate taken from the German automotiveindustry, which offers claimed significant additionalstrength while preventing ageing and discoloration. A2.5 x 30mm ‘flushing aperture’ has been created in theclosure of the slats to minimize dirt accumulation, andless calcium deposition is also claimed. The polycarbonateslats have matching end caps in black or transparent,and the transparent slats are said to improve theeffect of underwater lighting.www.starline.info / mz@starline.infoinfo@pools.it / www.pools.itSwimming pool lightswith LED technologyTeclumen is present in the professional lighting industrysince more than 30 years. Thanks to this experienceinnovative products to illuminate swimmingpools have been created by using alternativesystems. Today Teclumen offers and distributes awide range of swimming pool lights manufacturedwith LED technology, which offer several advantages:high quality, long LED life (an average of 100000 hours), splendid light-output, very low powerconsumption (90 % energy saving), little maintenanceand compatibility with the standard Par 56300W, without changing the existing system. Thereare 2 types of lights: FIXED COLOUR lamps (whiteor blue) and COLOUR CHANGING lamps (availablewith DMX signal or with remote controller) withRGB system that can create scenographic effectsand colour games in swimming pools.sales@teclumen.it / www.teclumen.itastore@astore.it / www.astrore.itVitaswim: a stainlesssteel swimspaTo tone up and feel fit, this stainless steel pool isequipped with a counter-current jet stream so thatswimmers can swim continuously at their preferredpace. Created by Belgian manufacturer LPW,Vitaswim is equipped with the thermal Covrex®flap, a floor outlet and halogen spot lights. Thewalls, halogen spot lighting concealers and injectorsare made of the same metal and all combineto give it a pure and harmonious design. Thanksto its compact dimensions (2.5 m X 5.5 m X 1.3 mdeep), this small pool can be installed anywhere– in a small garden or even inside the home. Witha specially adapted shelter it can even be used inwinter.www.lpw.be / www.covrex.com

zzPool enclosures Continuedfrom page 1AbrisudMedium-height shelters to be used for swimmingThese are the shelters that offer a stay and developmentarea, even though minimum, for mediumheightshelters and limitless for high-shelters.These shelters facilitate a «COMFORTABLE» aswell as «OFF-SEASON» swimming while protectingthe pools and making them safe.This is the reason why these have been increasinglysuccessful and that during the last few years,they have seen an exceptional growth.These create areas for conviviality and relaxationthat are especially sought after these days whenstress rules.Thus, we also see an increase in the shelters’ sizeto add Fitness areas where Spas, Hammam orother Saunas are often installed…Comfortable swimming… Off-season swimming…Swimming when weather is not favourable… It isbecause of all these reasons that covering one’sswimming-pool and being able to use it as andwhen one wants is no longer a must that is limitedto a chosen few.Covered swimming pool was something that wasa rare privilege till a couple of decades, thanks tothe modern Swimming-pools are now accessibleto a greater number of people.This market is developing very fast and this since 25 years now.It reached its prime with most of the shelters bringing togetherquality and performances.There are two major families of swimming pool shelters, lowshelters to be used as cover, medium-height shelters and highshelters to be used for swimmingLow shelters to be used as coverThese shelters have seen an exceptional development that ispartly a result of the fact that people want to make swimmingpools safer.These are often telescopic and are preferred to removable sheltersto facilitate the ease and flexibility of handling, which canalso be motorised.AbrisudA. di ArcobalenoDELTA UV range of water treatment systemsThe American company Delta UV, subsidiary of BIO-UV, proposes a competitive range ofwater treatment systems for private swimming-pools and spas. These devices are adaptedfor disinfection and significant reduction of chlorine, bromide or other products andguarantee healthy and clear water at low prices. This range will be presented on thewww.bio-uv.com web-site soon.New shade in the Louisianestone paving slabs rangeThe French company S.R.B.A. is now offeringthe Louisiane range as part of itslarge catalogue of reconstituted stonepaving slabs. Available until now inrose and natural wood shades, a highlyfashionable grey shade will be addedin keeping with the colours and designscurrently on offer. This product line,which comes in a large variety of imprints,perfectly recreates the authenticityand diversity of the material andthe natural veins in the wood. It allowsyou to bring both a personal and originalpiscinesfrance@bio-uv.com / www.bio-uv.cominfo@srba-ra.com / www.srba-ra.comtouch to your terraceor swimming poolsurround.New brilliant swimming poolmembrane Alkorplan 3000PlatinumThe manufacturer Renolit presents the new Alkorplan®3000 Platinum membrane. Thanks to itsunique properties this lining gives swimming poolsa luminous and brilliant finish. Its metallic effectdesign combined with the exclusive productsqualities offer an aesthetic and technical solutionfor pool building while adding at the same timean elegant and original touch. Flexible and malleable,it adapts easily to the most complex shapesand designs. The innovative protection coating ofthis product range offers excellent resistance toabrasion, ageing and staining, and protects poolsagainst the daily wear and tear.Paradiso - enclosure without railsSwim ProtecHigh shelters for swimming-useHigh shelters have developed well asfar as their technical level and aestheticaspect is concerned as it facilitates a successfulintegration in all sites.These shelters are fixed or telescopic,angular or arched, here, everyone willfind what one is looking for.These ensure a comfortable swimmingseason sheltered from wind and adverseweather.This swimming calendar is usually dividedin three:- 4 to 5 months for unheated swimmingpools- 6 to 8 months for heated swimmingpools- whole year for heated swimming poolsand CLIMABRIS type suitable heatedshelters.In all cases the shelters bring in invaluablecomfort: AVAILABILITY!The most needed advantage because nothingis more frustrating than being unableto enjoy a comfort when one needsas those who choose to swim at a giventime are discouraged because of wind,rain, pollution and darkness.Emulsion of essential oilsfor hammamHammam mist of French companyCamylle is a very concentratedmilky base that is completely water-solubleand is made from anemulsion of 100% pure and naturalessential oils. This product ismeant for adding fragrance to thewater-vapour and does not harmthe technical components of hammams.It does not contain alcoholand is absolutely stable over time.Its essential oils enrich the vapourwhose generator disperses a fragranceof essential oils of plants,www.renolit.com / www.alkorpool.comcontact@camylle.com / www.camylle.comthus, providing a deep feeling of wellnessand cleanliness. A complete range thatconsists of nine fragrances is proposed:eucalyptus, pine, eucalyptus/mint, Lavender/ rosemary, cajeput/lemon, luxury, elinya and orange.This product is very famous amongprofessionals and is a mark of olfactoryidentity of Thalassotherapycentres, hot springs and spas ofprestigious hotels.By Patrick Sanchez, author of the book «Swimming-pool shelters and covers»French edition on sale on www.homekiosque.comCasablanca by Albion

NEW PRODUCTS 5New line of switchboards for water disinfectionThanks to a further work on the mechanics and technical aspects, Pool’s new powerunits have better performance and ease of maintenance. The 2010 line of switchboardsfor water disinfection offers customers a wide range of systems to managethe analysis and adjust basic parameters of pool water: Regular Timer Plus (dailyand weekly chemicals dosing), Regula Zero Plus pH or Redox (monitoring of pHor ORP, recommended for modest size pools), Regula 2 Plus (monitoring, controland determination of pH and Redox, in compliance with more restrictive regulations),Regula 6 Plus (integrates a multi-parametric regulation processor tomanage pH, chlorine, ORP and temperature, and features a remote servicemanagement via GSM / GPRD transmission module) and Regula Colour Silver(pH, ORP and residual chlorine, interaction with the controller through visualsystem programming, also features remote service management). Thecontroller is also proposed in the Plus version and detects more than thestandard parameters.info@pools.it / www.pools.itImbedded salt chlorine generatorAmerican company Aquatron offers COBIA, a salt chlorine generator imbeddedinto a robotic pool cleaner. This exclusive technology enables the userto devote minimal time into maintaining the main filter/pump system: themain pump system timer can be reduced up to 50% since the chlorination,filtration, and scrubbing are all achieved using the COBIA. This product iscompletely independent of the main pump system and has a built-in timerwhich will turn the unit ON every day. It is designed to stay in the pool whileperforming its tasks throughout the day so that the pool is always spotless.New technical developmentsPMPS Technologies Company presents a new version ofMopper cleaning robot. These novelties include severaltechnical developments: detection of full cassettes, hydraulicstrut rotation system and innovative after sales service solution.On the other hand, the robot is now manufactured ata new production site that was inaugurated in the beginningof the year. This factory is located on the border of Toulouse andalso specializes in aviation (1st class supplier of Airbus). Thus, thisproduct benefits from a know-how, demands and productiontechniques of aeronautics industry.www.mopper.frEasy uncovering of Swim SpasStandard swim spa covers generally prove difficult to handle. However, the innovating mechanical liftertogether with the new lightweight structure cover from Czech manufacturer USSPA make it possible to uncovera swim spa with just one hand! The new cover is made of one piece divided lengthwise into two partsinstead of several components, and is equipped with an easily operated lifting mechanism which principallyassists in physically undemanding use. This technical solution has been protected by an international patentand is intended for the Swim Spa Classic and Swim Spa XL models from the same company. There are eightvinyl colour options available.info@aquatron.us / www.aquatronsystems.com“Customized” transparent pool cover slatsIn addition to its large choice of colors already available, the Ocea range from Belgian manufacturer AquaTechnology now proposes “customized” transparent or translucent slats for pool covers. The company, whichis in a constant quest to optimize its products and is at the summit of technology as regards innovation, is nowable to offer transparent pool covers in pink, yellow,green or any other color to suit the final customer’sdesires. These products can be supplied in 2 qualities:standard PVC and HQ PVC-PMMA (an alloy of highquality materials). The advantages of the PVC-PMMAare the following: higher vicat softening point (~ 85°C),increased UV protection, superior shock resistance,stronger rigidity, improved longevity and 4 years warranty.When combined with colored electroluminescentdiodes swimming pool lighting, the transparentslats can create a very original effect.usspa@usspa.cz / www.usspa.euinfo@ocea.be / www.ocea.beSpas’ Heating systemFabarpool spas’ Heating system can be connected toexternal sources of heat like a boiler or solar panels,for example. This ensures maximum output: spa wateris hot in little time and at a low costs, all this whilebeing environment-friendly. The system consists ofa 3 kW resistance and a coil inside the heat heat-exchangerwhose output is 13000 kcal/h for water at atemperature of 70°C and 18000 kcal/h for water at90°C.info@fabarpool.com / www.fabarpool.comAll-in-one swim spaHydropool presents Aquasport FX, the acrylic swim spa. Thanks to this all-in-one design, one can accommodatea swimming pool and a «spa» in the samearea. The counter-current swimming systemconsists of three independent and adjustablepumps that can satisfy all types of swimmers byadapting according to everyone’s requirements.Moreover, the strong under-water jets can alsobe used while standing for aqua gym and fitnessexercises. The «spa» part can accommodate 4people: its ergonomic seats, which are immersedvery deep, are equipped with a set of adjustabledorsal massage jets with «Venturi» air-injection.This friendly area can be easily maintained ata specific temperature and remains availablethroughout the year.cnoslier@hydropoolhottubs.com / www.hydropoolhottubs.comIf you are launching brand-new products or services, and they have not been featuredin this newspaper, please email information and pictures tocontact@eurospapoolnews.comas soon as possible, and we willinsert it on in our website

6NEW PRODUCTSPool Vac Ultra Pro & Navigator Pro has changed their lookHardly of a long experience in the field of robots with inhalation, Hayward developed the new generationof Pool Vac Ultra Pro and Navigator Pro. Thanks to their conception hydrodynamics and their propulsion byturbine, Vac Ultra Pro pool and Navigator Pro operate silently and without jolts. The conception of their sidewings improves the inhalation of all kinds of fragment. The system of exclusive guide allows to cover thewhole pond. They are easy and fast cleaners to install and easy to use. These two robots admits for all thetypes of pond thanks to their pack inclusive accessories.contact@hayward.fr / www.hayward.fr100% automatic regulation & cost-effectivePool Technologie has fitted the Justsalt® Duo with a Redox function, foroptimal, automatic and cost-effective water treatment. The equipment producesa powerful disinfectant through electrolysing salt water and automaticallyregulates chlorine production using a Redox probe. At the same time,it automatically controls and adjusts pH levels, to ensure maximum efficiencyfrom the chlorine. Easy to install and use.New cover series Aquadeck-EProcopi has now introduced a new cover series.Aquadeck-E is a child-safe and affordable lamellaecover, certified in accordance with the French NFP 90-308 standard for child safety in private pools.The self-locking lamellae bending is achieved by acomposite system which has been patented threetimes. The covers can be delivered with network,battery, solar or crank drives, as desired. Installationcosts can thus be significantly reduced. Cablesare not required for the battery and solar versions.For the most part, the cover is delivered ready foruse and can be mounted to the pool edge withoutdifficulty. All pools up to a size of 14 x 6 m, includingcontact@pool-technologie.fr / www.pool-technologie.comcurves, steps and ladder sections can be equippedwith these covers.erlangen@procopi.com / www.procopi.deMoonlightSCP proposes Moonlight infra-red cabin. Autumnis the ideal time for planning the purchase of asauna in addition to the swimming-pool and thusenjoy its benefits throughout the winter. This 3-seat sauna of 182x122x193cm size is made ofHemlock wood. Its main novelty is heating offloor and seat. It is equipped with coloured LEDsfor the roof and recessed speakers, radio, CDplayer and sound system. An internal and externalcontrol panel lets one regulate temperature,time and lighting. It is delivered with a remotecontrol.In stock and can be delivered immediatelyat SCP.New tiles finishThe French Company Tout Pour l’Eau, which manufacturesand markets a range of swimming-poolstructures in kit, proposes SolidPOOL modular formworkblocks with an exclusive «Tiles» finish. Onthe other hand, today, MoodyPOOL hinged panelsfor constructing unique «free form» swimming-poolshave made the offer of the brand more completeto some extent thus letting it meet absolutely allneeds and complete all projects in a more preciseand effective manner. The simplicity of mountingthese structures provides a real autonomy in termsof action and this facilitates the organisation, coordinationand follow-up of construction sites whilehelping gain time and economise materials to alarge extent at the same time.solidpool.moodypool@gmail.com / www.piscine-kit-facile.frFLAG is launching a new largerthan life mosaic linerItalian manufacturer FLAG continues its research asfar as innovations are concerned and proposes originalnew products in the international market on aregular basis. It showcased Flagpool Mosaic, its newrange of mosaic liners for swimming-pools, duringBarcelona Fair in October. The innovative design ofthis liner recreates the beauty of swimming-poolsmade of real mosaic. The result is so realistic thatthis product appears larger than life. It representsan interesting solution for those who want the advantagesoffered by a PVC-P membrane as well asthose of traditional mosaic coating. Flagpool Mosaic is made by direct printing on a whitemembrane of a design that is protected during the last phase by acrylic paint. It is availablein three unique colours: navy blue, sand and turquoise.An entirely modularpool constructionsystemThe French company PiscinesDUGAIN offers DUGASTAR, atruly unique concept of freecofferedpools featuring variableheights. A DUGASTAR poolis comprised of integrated stiffeningposts and simple components,straight or curved, insmooth PVC that are perfectlyinfo@flag.it / www.flag.itmade and ready to accommodate all types offlexible coating. This innovative auto-carrying andauto-stiffening system doesn’t require any steelframes within the concrete walls: only the posts,floors and upper belts require them. The parts areattached to each other through a vertical slidingsystem over a double-tailed inverted contour andare available for various heights: 1.24m, 1.54mand 2.29m. 1m2 weighs 25 kg, which is 10 times lighterthan breeze-block. DUGASTAR kits and poolsare available in four primary categories: AZURA,DETENTE, STAR and PRESTIGE.dugain.piscines.troyes@wanadoo.fr / www.dugastar.comThe new assistant forpool-maintenanceHexagone’s new manual brush, QuickVac’, is light and portable. It is batteryoperatedand makes it possible to cleana pool of 10 x 5 minutes in less than 7minutes. It is equipped with four wheelsthat can revolve up to 360 and an integratedhigh-capacity 105 microns bag filter.It ensures fast and effective cleaning,even in the corners. It is delivered with atrolley and can be moved around easilyand completely on its own. The productis available in 3 versions: aconventional version, a specialfountain-paddling pool versioninfo.eu@scppool.com / www.scpeurope.comthat lets it suck from 10 cm ofwater and a big pool version.With one out of every twoswimming pools in Francebeing equipped with one ofour robots, today, Hexagone isthe leader in French market inthe field of manufacturing vacuumcleaner robots for publicand collective swimming pools.Swimming pool linings and membranesGerman company Elbtal Plastics manufactures pre-fabricated swimming pool linings and membranes to beinstalled onsite, even in public areas. Its ELBEblue line offers several products for various areas of application:lining / insulation of swimming pools inside and outside, with customised inner linings (SB and SBD printedmodels), ICE nano surface coated swimming pool liners(SB Ice model), fabric reinforced swimming pool membranesfor onsite installation (SBG/SBG Supra model,also suitable for public swimming pools) and with antislipstep protection foil (STG model). The latest product,TOPborder, has been developed in conjunction with theDresde University in Germany. Thanks to its innovativeand groundbreaking ICE nano coating, this new self-adhesiveswimming pool border is the perfect protectionagainst dirt near the critical area of the waterline.info@myhexagone.com / www.myhexagone.cominfo@elbtal-plastics.de / www.elbtal-plastics.de

NEW PRODUCTS 7New swimming pool line of tropicalquartz and mother-of-pearlCarobbio, an Italian company, manufactures tiles,exterior garden fittings and pool panels made ofstone formed from marble selected in various coloursand finishes. The company has created a lineof high quality copings and pavements. This new«Platinum» line was developed using precious materialssuch as mother-of-pearl and tropical quartz.The different styles featured in this collection goby the mild names of «Madreperla», “Thaiti» and“Oceanic». Under the force of the sun’s rays, theseproducts take on thousands of different colouredshades.Concept of modular poolsmanufacturingThe concept of the French company MondialPiscine is based on a system using polypropylenepanels (filled withconcrete). Developed byits design team, it is oneof the only constructionprocesses on the marketto have receivedtechnical approval fromthe French building organisationCSTB (CentreScientifique des Techniquesdu Bâtiment). TheProteusThe uniqueness of the high-quality Proteus panellies in its patented new technology - stainlesssteel construction covered with heat laminatedrigid PVC. Its structure is totally self-supporting,with the advantage of total freedom of design.The basin is equipped with a full-featured Pool’sfiltration system. Extras available: skimmers, mirror,waterfall.info@proteuspools.com / www.proteuspools.cominfo@carobbio2000.it / www.carobbio2000.itpanels measure 1.20m or 1.50m in height by 1mwidth and 15cm in thickness, and weigh only 14kg.They are injected on a press of 1700 tons. They arecompletely modular, enabling to create both deepand flat-bottomed pools.The whole poolstructure is thereforemade entirely in onepiece. This enables thecompany to offer a tenyear manufacturer’swarranty on its products.Alutherm launches LhassaAlutherm, a Polish company member of the IPC team, an association of traders and producers of telescopicand oval pool, spas and terraces enclosures, launches Lhassa, a new model of enclosure. Lhassa consists oftwo different models, Oasis and Corso, linked with a new designed connecting wall completed with a gutterrainwater. A stationary massive front wall was used in a telescopic Corso part, double wing door in front ofoval Oasis part. Additional lateral doors and roof door assure an effective ventilation. Corso can be producedin the Diamond NEO TM design, a new line of IPC enclosures with rounded design of aluminium profilesand the highest safety and aesthetic standards, as well as stability and endurance. Lhassa is part of the IPCHOME PROGRAM range, suitable not only for pools, but also for free-standing or fixedto a house terraces. This range creates an area that can be used fora spa, a gym or simply for enjoying a beautiful view. “Till2008, before the world crisis hits the pool business,the Polish pool market was registering a growthrate of 30% a year. In 2009 the economicdownturn has seriously affected enclosuressales too. We expect that in 2010the swimming pool sector will continueto be dynamic in Poland as it was beforethe credit crunch”, says WieslawRygielski, General Manager ofAlutherm Poland.alutherm@alutherm.com.pl / www.alutherm.net.plAn aggression resistant hoseThe Hi-Fitt® laboratories present Barrierflex CDS®, a new spiral hose for spa andswimming pool supply systems. This new product is able to resist corrosionby chlorinated water, which eventually leads to internal erosion, irreversibledamages and breakages. Thanks to two patented technologies, this innovationguarantees an excellent seal and resistance to subsurfacestress as well as watertight protection againstchlorine corrosion. The CDS protective film offersan important reduction of water absorption andthe hose is much more resistant to heavy tensilestress. These hoses come with a 20-year WarrantyCertificate.info@hifitt.com / www.hifitt.comcontact@mondialpiscine.fr / www.mondialpiscine.frDEPA, almost 40 years of experiencein swimming pool accessoriesDEPA srl, operates in swimming pool field from ever 38 years. Thecompany is specialized in swimming pool grating, lane ropes, startingblocks, ladders, etc… The grating can be manufactured in anysizes, shape and innovative colors. In the last “Salon de la Piscina”in Barcelona, DEPA presented the new tensioner “BARRAKKUKA”for lane ropes for competition. It’s a very simple tensioner suitablefor all kind of lanes, made of plastic and technical rubber. You canfind all possible technical accessories of high quality from DEPAsrl, Esine Italy.info@depatech.it / www.depatech.comCLIMABRIS, a temperature control devicefor covered swimming poolsIt’s been 15 years since Climabris heating device air-conditions, heats, regulatesand facilitates air-circulation in several covered swimming pools. Locatedoutside the shelter, only one cut is required for the duct opening that has ashutter: it can be put on all the shelters that exist and this regardless of thefact whether these are standard or customised. The device works with eitherfuel or gas, regulates humidity and facilitates off-season swimming. This generatorof heated air that can be automatically regulated is especially designedfor covered swimming pool that have either telescopic or fixed sheltersand at the same time it is flexible, customizable, instantaneous, autonomous,simple to use, economical and reliable. It is characterised by its speed of commissioningthat facilitates an occasional and instant use. It offers assuranceand guarantee of the desired level of swimming comfort in all seasons andenjoying the pool area throughout the year: by facilitating increasing theswimming-time, the shelter becomes a new living area at the same time. Climabrisis delivered in a ready to use stage. In its Fuel version, one needs justan electrical connection with the mains. The beginning of year 2010 will seethe arrival of Mini Climabris meant to equip low and medium-height sheltersthat are more and more used off-season. Other novelty of the year: a «Highpower» Climabris installed in an innovative one-piece boiler room. Thus, therange will offer a complete range of devices for all types of shelters.www.climabris.com / climabris@wanadoo.fr

Combined cabinsare very much in vogueContinued from page 1The sauna cabin has changed dramatically over past decades, both in terms of cabin designand capabilities. You can now choose from a variety of baths.Finnish Olympic sports participants first introducedthe sauna to Germany during the Olympic Games in1936, when they were accustomed to taking a saunathroughout the games. The sauna only began to becomewidespread in Germany after the 2nd WorldWar.At that time, cabins designed according to specifieddimensions and set against room walls were thenorm. Only a type of wood, namely spruce from nativeforests were used; the wooden door only hada small window and the equipment was incrediblyspartan. The electric heating furnaces had a simpledesign. Other types of heating such an oil and gas aswell as oven lining were only introduced at a laterstage. However, the range of sauna cabins developedat a dramatic pace during the 1980’s. The warm,moist bath with greater cabin humidity and correspondinglylower temperatures now appeared alongsidethe traditional, so-called Finnish sauna with hightemperatures and lower humidity. Other equipmentvariants appeared over the years: Light patterns,starry sky, an aerator, sounds and smells. Above all,LED technology, which conjures up a fantastic play ofcolour in the cabin, has found its way into the saunain recent years. A completely new bathing form alsoentered the market: the infra-red cabin. Although itsfaçade is similar to that ofthe sauna, it has an infraredlamp or a heating foilvia a completely differentheating system. In themeantime, both bathingforms, namely the saunaand the infra-red version, can be often found in thecabin. Customers can adjust the respective bathingforms using a controller.However, customers are also spoilt for choicewhen it comes to choosing a type of wood. Scandinavianspruce, hemlock, Douglas fir, poplar, redcedar, Kelo, alder and beech are the types of woodon offer. Furthermore, socalledthermo wood, i.e.heat-processed wood, isbecoming increasinglyfashionable. The cabinhas a primarily frameworkdesign with prefabricatedinsulated elements. Wallsand cover can also becreated using solid woodblocks. The doors havechanged as well: Today,transparent glass doorshave replaced the smallwindow.In line with contemporarytrends, the modern saunacabin adapts to the designof the room. Wood isn’tthe only element used:KlafsIn line with contemporary trends,the modern sauna cabin adaptsto the design of the room.RögerDifferent materials such as stainless steel, naturalstone and glass are combined with each other justlike different colours, though dark, noble coloursseem to be the current fashion.Heaters are also undergoing a change. Apartfrom the traditional electric sauna ovens made ofstainless steel and cast stainless steel, heating systembelow seats and behind walls are becomingincreasingly popular.Other variants includesheating systems drivenby gas and oil. On theother hand, the woodensauna ovens found inFinland have not taken afoothold in Germany.Sauna control units are becoming increasingly relevant,given the greater range of bathing formsand equipment. Apart from the traditional controlunit which only accesses the oven and the light,digital multi-functional control units which allowdifferent bathing forms such as Finnish sauna, softsteam bath, herbal bath or infra-red (if it exists)to be easily accessed, are being offered on an increasingbasis. In addition, other features such asautomatic infusion can be found in industrial settings.Today, the modern multi-functional saunacabin offers a variety of bathing forms and opportunitiesfor relaxation. The steam bath also reflectsthe same trend. The cabins which are lined withtiles or natural stone still offer a series of othersteam bath varieties: e.g. the brine bath and thehamam. Another variant is the thermal radiationbath based on the Roman Baths which emits a dryheat into the cabin just like a tiled stove.Herbert NonnenmacherHerbert Nonnenmacher is the CEO of RögerGmbH, Schwäbisch-Hall, www.roeger-sauna.deTylöDiaryHere is Eurospapoolnews’ list of all the key pool and spa events you should have in your diaries for 2010ATLANTIC CITY POOL & SPASHOW – USAFrom 26/01/2010 to 28/01/2010ATLANTIC CITY (New Jersey)pmccormick@nespapool.orgwww.nespapool.orgAQUA-THERM MOSCOW 2010RussiaFrom 02/02/2010 to 05/02/2010Moscowwww.aquatherm-moscow.ruMADE EXPO - ItalyFrom 03/02/2010 to 06/02/2010MILAN RHOinfo@madeexpo.itwww.madeexpo.itSPATEX - United KingdomFrom 06/02/2010 to 08/02/2010BRIGHTONinfo@spatex.co.ukwww.spatex.co.ukINTERNATIONAL POOL SALONRussiaFrom 09/02/2010 to 11/02/2010MOSCOWprmos@msi-fairs.ruwww.msi-fairs.ruEGYPT POOL - AQUATHERM 2010From 13/02/2010 to 15/02/2010CAIROinfo@aquathermeg.comwww.aquathermeg.com / www.egyptpool.comFORUMPISCINE - ItalyFrom 25/02/2010 to 27/02/2010BOLOGNAinfo@ilcampo.itwww.ilcampo.it / www.forumpiscine.itCLIMATHERM 2010 - GreeceFrom 03/03/2010 to 07/03/2010East Airport Hellinkoninfo@climatherm.grPOOL 2010 - TurkeyFrom 04/03/2010 to 07/03/2010Istanbulinterteks@interteks.comwww.interteks.comCONSTRUMA 2010 - HungaryFrom 14/04/2010 to 18/04/2010BUDAPESTconstruma@hungexpo.huwww.construma.huAQUA-THERM KIEV 2010 - UkrainFrom 12/05/2010 to 15/05/2010KIEVwww.aquatherm-kiev.comSPLASH! POOL & SPA TRADESHOW - AustraliaFrom 28/07/2010 au 29/07/2010Conrad Jupiter’s, Gold Coastmelanie@intermedia.com.auwww.splashexpo.com.auEXPOLAZER - BrazilFrom 11/08/2010 to 14/08/2010NOVO HAMBURGOinternacional@francal.com.brwww.expolazer.com.brGLEE - United-KingdomFrom 20/09/2010 to 22/09/2010BIRMINGHAMglee@emap.comwww.gleebirmingham.comLIW - United-KingdomFrom 21/09/2010 to 23/09/2010BIRMINGHAMcjbrown@cmpi.biz / www.liw.co.ukMIDDLE EAST POOL & SPAEXHIBITION - UAEFrom 26/09/2010 to 28/09/2010DUBAItarek.ali@reedexpo.aewww.mepool.comPISCINA 2010 - PortugalFrom 07/10/2010 to 10/10/2010Santaremgeral@exposan.ptwww.salaopiscinas.comINTERBAD - GermanyFrom 13/10/2010 to 16/10/2010STUTTGARTinfo@messe-stuttgart.dewww.interbad.deInt’l Pool | Spa | Patio ExpoUSAFrom 03/11/2010 to 05/11/2010LAS VEGAS (Nevada)info@poolspapatio.comwww.poolspapatio.comSPLASH - QuebecFrom 11/11/2010 to 12/11/2010LAVALinfo@acpq.comwww.acpq.comPISCINE 2010 - AQUALIEWELLGREEN - FranceFrom 16/11/2010 to 19/11/2010LYONpiscine@sepelcom.comwww.piscine-expo.comTrade fairs: double-chek before leavingFollowing the recently postponed and cancelled trade fairs and events these last months, we remind you it isrecommended to get in touch directly with the organizers of the various shows you wish to attend, in order toobtain confirmation of the exact dates and that the event will be held. We only relay the information which isprovided to us by the organizers and update in real time all modifications. We can not be held responsible for suchlast minute cancellations.

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