SCB-7100 H.264 D1 Real-time Recording with TV-out - Ifsec
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SCB-7100 H.264 D1 Real-time Recording with TV-out - Ifsec

SCB-7100H.264 D1 Real-time Recording with TV-out64*CH Hybrid SolutionMulti-PlatformCMSPanomorph3 TV-outputs directlyTranscoding6 Smart10 InstantSupport E-mapSupport DigitalIntelligentPTZ Control128CH RemoteSupportMobile ClientsPTZ (360°)from capture cardDetectionsNotificationsWatermarkSearchLive ViewPOSKey BenefitsD1 Real-time Recordingwith TV-outSCB-7100 supports H.264 hardware compression,with all channels real-time recording. Inaddition to its excellent recording performance,SCB-7100 series also supports 3 TV-out ports (2RCA and 1 HDMI outputs). The system canoutput all the analog cameras through RCA andthe mix of analog and IP channels by HDMIoutput. With the TV-out port on SCB-7100series, you don’t need to output live view fromyour desktop’s video port anymore. That port isfree right now for other purposes, such asplaying your advertisement for promotion.Mobile Phone ViewerUsers can check their live video through iPhone,iPad, and Android. Besides, they can controlcamera’s PTZ and the I/O devices connecting tothe system.Panomorph PTZ (360°)NUUO NDVR system supports panomorph PTZ(on IP cameras), which can reduce the total costby decreasing the number of IP cameras. Notonly the original view, NUUO NDVR alsosupports PTZ, quad, and perimeter modes. Thisuseful feature can be found both in live view andplayback.TranscodingTranscoding feature can reduce the stream sizefor smoother viewing at remote live locationwith limited bandwidth.Central ManagementNUUO Central Management System can accessand control unlimited cameras, I/O devices andPOS from NUUO recording servers. Withunlimited-layers E-map, users can instantlyidentify the camera location and alarm status.Supporting unlimited video matrices, allchannels will be viewed simultaneously.Key Features■ 3 TV-outputs directly from capturecard for live viewing■ PCI-e interface for the latestmotherboards**■ Support transcoding forlimited-bandwidth remote viewer■ Support panomorph PTZ (360°)■ All channels D1, real-time recording■ Smart detection of 6 events with 10instant notifications■ POS and I/O device integration■ E-map and GUI recording schedule■ Support joystick■ Up to 128CH remote live view■ Support iPhone, iPad, Androidmobile clients■ Alarm source of NUUO CentralManagement System■ Support digital watermark■ Support 52 brands of IP camerasand more than 1090 models* The maximum number of camera connections depends on the resolution and frame rate of IP cameras. Please refer to the performance table.** See NUUO website for approved motherboard compatibility.C Block, 18 Sihyuan st., Jhongjheng District, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC).Tel: +886-2-2362-2260, Fax: +886-2-2362-2296 www.nuuo.com5874 Greenwood Road, Shreveport, LA., USA 71119 Tel: +877-241-7035

AGSpecificationModelVideo InputsAudio InoutsMaximum CardsMaximun ChannelsDisplay RateRecording Rate @CIFRecording Rate @D1Recording ResolutionTV Output RateCompression FormatInterfaceAvailable I/O CardAvaliable I/O BoxHardware WatchdogDimension (mm)WarrantySystem Minimum Requirements (per card)OS SupportedCPURAMSCB-7108SCB-711688240fps (NTSC)200fps (PAL)240fps (NTSC)200fps (PAL)240fps (NTSC)200fps (PAL)2 Cards216 (W) x 126 (H)16161 Card32 (with 6000/7000 series)480fps (NTSC)400fps (PAL)480fps (NTSC)400fps (PAL)480fps (NTSC)400fps (PAL)704x480; 352x240; 176x120 (NTSC)704x576; 352x288; 176x144 (PAL)RCA and HDMI: 10fps (w/ HDMI)RCA: 25fps (w/o HDMI)HDMI: 14fps (only HDMI)Hardware Compression H.264PCI-e x14 CardsSupportSupport216 (W) x 126 (H)3-year parts and laborWindows XP (32-bit)/ 2008 (64-bit)/ 7 (32 and 64-bit)Intel Core 2 Quad Q84002GB(Above RAM amount is recommended based on one DVR card installation. For system with multiple DVR cards, stacked 1G RAMfor system under 16ch, 2G RAM for system under 32ch, and 3G RAM for system with 32ch or above are recommended.)System Drive250GBMother BoardIntel P55, H55, X58, P45, P43 chip, MB vendor ASUS Gigabyte or MSI with Intel Chipset recommendedGraphic CardATI Radeon 3850/4850, nVIDIA GeForce GF-9600 or above (ATI Driver V9-2 recommended, ATI Driver V10 not support)Part NumberSCB-7108SCB-7116Recording Channels8ch, D1, 240fps16ch, D1, 480fpsSupport 52 brands of IP camerasand 1090 modelsAbout NUUONUUO is the world’s leading provider of open platform video managementsolutions. Combining IP and analog technologies with IVSdetections, NUUO guarantees a comprehensive security and surveillancesolution to meet your high standard demands. Simple to install andmanage, with customer-proven reliability, a high compatibility for 3rdparty system integration and a wide range of IP camera support solutionsin more than 20,000 worldwide installations, NUUO is dedicated toproviding a flexible, user-friendly surveillance solution for large-scale andhigh-level enterprise projects as well as for small-and-medium business.Access Control PartnerC Block, 18 Sihyuan st., Jhongjheng District, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). Tel: +886-2-2362-2260, Fax: +886-2-2362-22965874 Greenwood Road, Shreveport, LA., USA 71119 Tel: +877-241-7035 V. 2011 / 01

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