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TAIL GRUB + JIG - evia

B09MONTEROThis floating Slim is stunningly effective for sea bass.Its streamlined, stylized shape and internal magnetic system make for spectacular casting.Its swimming action is dominated by a very fast, tight rolling motion. It can be handled justas well at low and high retrieval rates.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYM14* 20 145 FLOATING 0-1 m B09, B42, G04, MA02, MA05 5,95IYM16* 27 165 FLOATING 0-1 m B09, B42, G04, MA02, MA05 6,75B42G04MA02MA05B18RAFAELThis suspending Slim features a tungsten ball weight transfer system.Although lightweight, this lure has an outstanding casting distance.It has a slight wobbling motion combined with a pronounced rolling action, offering a perfect response to jerks of the rod.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYRF13* 15 130 SUSPENDING 0-1.5 m B18, B94, L03, L09 4,95B94L03L09314

AF01AF04AF05NI02NI05MAREA SLIMA generous sized Slim featuring a ball weight transfer system.Swimming action with a rolling - wobbling movement just below the water’s surface. Ideal for handling with a stop and goaction. Great for tempting sea bass in “risky” shallow, rocky areas.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYMS17* 21 175 FLOATING 0-1 m AF01, AF04, AF05, NI02, NI05 7,50A62B42C04S15TD4ROSARIOSlim floating minnow featuring a ball weight transfer system and over-sized weight in the tail.Its stylized body allows for precise, long-distance casting even in unfavourable conditions.Highly pronounced wobbling motion combined with a powerful rolling action.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYR13* 18 130 FLOATING 0-1 m A62, B42, C04, S15, TD4 4,752TH4THBI02RGTHLOLAJerk bait with a powerful body and thick lip, capable of clinging to the water even in the worst conditions.Good casting capacity thanks to its internal balls, featuring a pronounced rolling action which responds perfectly to jerksof the rod. Its catch depth is between 50 to 80 centimetres.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYL11* 13,5 110 FLOATING 0-1 m 2TH, 4TH, BI02, RGTH 4,50315

L01FLAMINGOA compact, highly realistic minnow with an exceptional finish. Its high density makes it ideal for casting long distances,featuring a perfect swimming action in all types of waters.It is available in three sizes, the two smaller sizes are sinking lures whilst the largest size is floating. The smaller sizes sinkslowly down, making it possible to fish at the desired water level. The 120 mm size floating lure features a lifelike, nervousswimming action, remaining perfectly on the water in any conditions.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYF7* 6 70 SINKING 0 - 1.5 m L01, L09, L13, L15, L19 3,95IYF10* 15.6 100 SINKING 0 - 1.5 m L01, L09, L13, L15, L19 4,45IYF12* 23 120 FLOATING 0 - 1.5 m L01, L09, L13, L15, L19 4,95L09L13L15L19A30B02SALSEROA floating, fat minnow, featuring a very low centre of gravity.Exceedingly simple to handle, with a very realistic swimming action right from the start.The very best catches are achieved with very small jerks of the rod, alternating with short stops.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYS10* 13 100 FLOATING 0 - 1.2 m A30, B02, B08, C20, C24 4,30B08C20C24316

B42B43G06EL DORADOThis long and stylized minnow is ideal for casting, thanks to its streamlined shape. In the water it offers a fast,nervous swimming action, responding perfectly to jerks of the rod and to changes in the line retrieval rate.Pack: 10 Blisters.4THREF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYE12* 15.5 120 FLOATING 0 - 1 m B42, B43, G06, 4TH 4,70A67B02B41B44GITANAThis aggressively shaped floating Minnow, with the lip integrated into the head, offers a highly realisticbehaviour and swimming action.Pack: 10 Blisters.C04REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYG12* 16.5 120 FLOATING 0 - 1 m A67, B02, B41, B44, C04 4,70317

B01CAPOTEThis round-bodied, classic popper is specifically designed for fishing leer fish, chovas, sea bass and other predators,although it can also be successfully used for catching large pike.This heavyweight lure features an outstanding casting distance and creates havoc once in the water, with incrediblesplashing and bubbles in response to the jerking action of the rod, immediately getting the attention of all nearby predators.Pack: 10 Blisters.B17B21M20REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYC14* 40 140 TOPWATER SURFACE B01, B17, B21, M20 5,95C04C20RIVIERAThis articulated, lipped lure has an extremely lifelike swimming action at slow retrieve rates in contrast to its frenetic actionat faster rates. Highly effective for large bass and pike, whilst it is equally interesting for sea bass fishing at river mouthsand estuaries or in calm seas.Pack: 10 Blisters.M03M13M22REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYRV9* 16,6 95 WOBBLING 0-1 m C04, C20, M03, M13, M22 4,50318

M04M06M13S15SONATAThis small popper with an oversized mouth is deadly for provoking bass to strike on the surface.Its characteristic “pop” attracts fish many metres away, by splashing around and sounding just like a pop band …Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYST6* 8,5 65 TOPWATER SURFACE M04, M06, M13, S15 3,70B13B27B103C35M46PERLAThis small floating minnow features a very enticing rolling action combined with moderatewobbling, capable of bringing the best trout out of hiding.It is also very effective with bass and pike, and even tempts barbel ….Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYP5* 3 50 FLOATING 0-1m B13, B27, B103, C35, M46 3,60B13C45S03S17FIESTAThis floating crank bait has a medium sinking depth of between 1 to 2 metres.Featuring a fast, nervous swimming action, with a low centre of gravity, it is ideal for use in feeding areas, where thecleverest bass can be tricked … Although small in size, its high density means that it casts exceedingly well.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. ACTION SWIMMING DEPTH COLOURS €/EACHIYFT6* 11 60 FLOATING 0-1.8 m B13, C45, S03, S17 3,60319

049SANDERThis well rigged, small weighted vinyl fish has a highlyrealistic swimming action, thanks to its lip shape.Its tail produces vibrations which are highly attractiveto predators.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYSA12* 21 120 049, 085, 099 2,25085099NIKOVinyl minnow with lip and jointed body. Combiningthe advantages of hard fish and vinyl fish, to createa life-like lure which is highly effective for all types ofpredators.The realistic colours and holographic eyes make iteven more irresistible.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYN10* 21 100 B01, 016, 122 3,99B01016122021X-HECHTThis perfect imitation of a vinyl pike is an essentialpart of your box of lures. It’s easy to cast, has ahighly life-like swimming action, and is an excellentfishing lure …Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYXH10* 17 100 021, 069, 091 1,99IYXH14* 41 140 021, 069, 091 2,25069091S-GRUBThis vinyl shad has a body and tail design to giveit a truly life-like swimming action, whilst it slowlysinks down to the bottom.Its body and holographic eyes make it even morelife-like.Pack: 10 Blisters.REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYSG8* 10 80 020, 049, 091 1,85020049091320

049065134160 REF. GR. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYSP8* 14 80 049, 065, 134, 160 1,85SHAD PROWeighted, vinyl shad, iridescent shimmers on thebody and holographic eyes. The life-like colours andextremely realistic swimming action make it anessential lure for tempting predators, in fresh andsea water.Pack: 10 Blisters.126237244REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYTB12* 30 120 126, 237, 244 2,25T-BELLWeighted vinyl fish, affording a perfect, well-balancedswimming action.Its Paddle tail produces extra vibrations to afford amore aggressive swimming action.Pack: 10 Blisters.004050061065105108REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYSL88* 15 88 004, 050, 061, 065, 105, 108 2,15SHAD LOWThis weighted shad is a highly life-like imitation of anatural bait.It casts perfectly and is ideal for suspended and dropshot fishing.Its tail produces extra vibrations which attract alltypes of predators.Pack: 10 Blisters.1234053122REF. G. MM. COLOURS €/EACHIYGJ75* 7 75 1, 2, 3, 4, 053, 122 1,99GRUB JIGThis rigged, small weighted vinyl fish is a lethalweapon for casting and drop shot fishing for pike,perch, bass or trout.Exceedingly simple to handle and responds perfectlyto even the lightest jerk of the rod.Pack: 10 Blisters.321

001GRUBGrub with an unbeatable swimming action. Its lightbody and fine, touch-sensitive tail give it a highlyrealistic movement. Highly resistant to pulls frompredators. Pack: 10 bags.REF. MM. PCS/ BAG €/BAGIYG3* 75 10 1,65IYG5* 125 10 3,35011025051085TWIN GRUBDouble grub with a magnificent swimming action fromits two moving tails. Highly realistic action thanks to itsfluted body. Pack: 10 bags.REF. MM. PCS/ BAG €/BAGIYTG3* 75 10 3,35IYTG4* 100 10 3,95111117001TESTATwin tail grub with unbeatable action. The fluted bodygives off irresistible vibrations to predators. Pack: 10bags.011025REF. MM. PCS/ BAG €/BAGIYT1* 40 10 1,60041085FLATIRONWorm with magnificent tail action. The fluted bodygives a good swimming action and issues powerfulvibrations. Highly resistant to pulls from predators.Pack: 10 bags.REF. MM. PCS/ BAG €/BAGIYF1* 40 10 1,60011025085LODITop quality vinyl, for fresh and saltwater. It can berigged on a Jig Head or Drop Shot. Highly resistant topulls from predators.Pack: 10 bags.REF. MM. PCS/ BAG €/BAGIYL2011 50 10 1,60322

0102030405REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYA3* 65 5 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 3,95ABUSThis vinyl imitation of a young fish, with a hollow,translucent body, is easy to mount and handle with anyjig. It features an erratic swimming action, from side toside, and its paddle tail generates vibrations which areirresistible to predators.Pack: 10 bags.0102030405REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYAT4* 110 5 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 4,95ABUS TWINFeaturing the same characteristics as the Abus series, butwith a natural forked tail for Finesse fishing. Translucentbody and highly realistic finish.Pack: 10 bags.0102030405TWIN TAILA small vinyl fish with its belly open to facilitate themounting of Carolina rigs or jigs. Its forked tail has isdesigned for Finesse fishing. A perfectly balanced body,ideal for Drop Shot fishing.Pack: 10 bags.0601REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYTT5* 120 6 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 2,35020304REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYTR3* 70 7 01, 02, 03, 04 2,25TRAILERThis frog imitation is an essential lure in your box ofvinyls. Its ribbed legs generate extra vibrations andgive it astonishing mobility.Pack: 10 bags.001003004008014REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYOG5* 55 10 001, 003, 004, 008, 014 1,75O’GRUBThis small, perforated tail grub is a classic for jig headfishing, with increased power of attraction afforded bythe tail perforations.Pack: 10 bags.323

SENTAILThis shad, with a ribbed, segmented body,generates some extraordinary vibrations in thewater. It features a highly realistic swimmingaction on jig heads and Texas rigs.Pack: 10 bags.002009014018REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYS13* 130 5 002, 009, 014, 018 3,95LEE MINNOWShad with a ribbed body and segmented tail, with anatural, highly realistic swimming action, producingstrong vibrations in the water. Recommended rigs areTexas, Carolina and jig heads.Pack: 10 bags.002006014017025REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYLM10* 100 8 002, 006, 014, 017, 025 3,25HOMERA vinyl worm with a ribbed body and spear shapedtail. This morphology creates a swimming action andvibrations which are irresistible to predators.Pack: 10 bags.011014015016025REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYH95* 95 10 011, 014, 015, 016, 025 1,95324

011017018LONG GRUBA long, slim vinyl worm with an over-sized grub tail. Theribbed body produces some very intense vibrations whenswimming, and the tail provides a magnificent extraattraction.Recommended used in classic rigs ,Texas, Carolina andjig heads.Pack: 10 bags.020022REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYLG12* 120 10 011, 017, 018, 020, 022 1,95621624627628629GUSSA fine bodied vinyl worm with a spear shaped tail.Perfectly balanced for Drop Shot fishing, although it isalso suitable for other types of fine fishing.Pack: 10 bags.REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYG11* 110 10 621, 624, 627, 628, 629 2,15009B01O’WORMA large sized, heavyweight grub. The over-sized ribbedbody and large tail perforations produce some highlyattractive vibrations for large predators. Used in classicjig head rigs.Pack: 10 bags.358361362REF. MM. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYOW11* 115 8 009, B01, 358, 361, 362 3,60325

04TD JIGJig Head with a round head and strong hook.Ideal for accurate fishing and rapid prospectionfrom fishing vessels.Perfect for fishing in deep areas.Pack: 10 Blisters.11121323REF. GR. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYTD21* 21 2 04, 11, 12, 13, 23 4,2504COBRA JIGAsymmetrical jig head with weed guard andrigged with a powerful, short shank hook.Used for difficult fishing in compromised areas.Its fishing action starts with an “innocent” dropto the bottom … you should then tighten theline and give a powerful tug.Pack: 10 Blisters.111213REF. GR. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYCO14* 14 2 04, 11, 12, 13, 23 4,752304RUG-B JIGJig Head in the shape of a rugby ball.Designed for drag fishing, offering optimumresistance. Perfect for fishing close to thesurface with long vinyls.Pack: 10 Blisters.111213REF. GR. PCS./BAG COLOURS €/BAGIYRU7* 7 2 04, 11, 12, 13, 23 4,2523TAIL GRUB + JIGJig heads painted with mounted TAIL GRUB vinyl.Bags of 4 pcs. Packaging of 10 bags.REF. MM. GRS. €/BAGI1302* 40 3 1,30I1303* 50 5 1,60I1304* 60 7 1,95PUCHNEBLAMRO326

07060504010302REF. MM. €/BAGIRF35-* 35 1,75IRF50-* 50 1,95IRF70-* 70 2,25RON FISHRigged vinyl eel fish. Bags of 5 pcs.Packaging of 10 bags.010302REF. MM. COLOUR €/BAGIAG6-* 60 01,02,03 3,05IAG8-* 80 01,02,03 3,25ANGULASElver with swivel. Rigged on hookand brilliant threads. Bags of 5 pcs.Packaging of 10 bags.01020304FLATFISHVinyl bait tied with simple hook.Bags of 5 pcs. Packaging of 10 bags.05REF. MM. COLOURS €/BAGIFF75* 75 01,02,03,04,05 1,30CAMARORigged shrimps or prawns.Colour: Fluorescent.Bags of 20 pcs. Packaging of 10 bags.REF. MM. €/BAGICA25-01 25 1,95ICA40-01 40 1,95010204REF. MM. COLOURS €/BAGISQ120* 120 01,02,04 2,30SQUID12cm vinyl squid rigged on triple hook. Bags of2 pcs. Packaging of 10 bags.327

CHINUBLACK NICKELREF: AY0101 + SIZE1BAGSIZEPCS./BAG5/0 104/0 103/0 102/0 141/0 14SIZEPCS./BAG1 182 183 184 225 22SIZEPCS./BAG6 227 228 2510 2512 25CHINU Ringed EyeBLACK NICKELREF: AY0102 + SIZE1BAGSIZEPCS./BAG5/0 104/0 103/0 102/0 141/0 14SIZEPCS./BAG1 182 183 184 225 22SIZEPCS./BAG6 227 228 2510 2512 25STRAIGHTNICKELREF: AY0103 + SIZEBLACK NICKELREF: AY0104 + SIZE1BAGSIZEPCS./BAG2/0 141/0 141 142 183 22SIZEPCS./BAG4 225 256 257 258 25SIZEPCS./BAG10 2512 2514 2516 25TWISTEDNICKELREF: AY0105 + SIZEBLACK NICKELREF: AY0106 + SIZE1BAGSIZEPCS./BAG6/0 85/0 84/0 83/0 10SIZEPCS./BAG2/0 141/0 141 142 18SIZEPCS./BAG4 226 228 2510 25UNIVERSAL JIGBLACK NICKELREF: AY0108 + SIZE + WEIGHT1REF. HOOK Nº WEIGHT PCS./BAGBAGAY01084/0* 4/0 8g. 3AY01084/0* 4/0 12g. 2AY01083/0* 3/0 8g. 3AY01083/0* 3/0 12g. 2AY01082/0* 2/0 5g. 3AY01082/0* 2/0 8g. 3AY01081/0* 1/0 5g. 3AY01081/0* 1/0 8g. 3AY01081* 1 3g. 3AY01081* 1 5g. 3328

Cards of 10 hooks. 1 metre lineCHINU BLACK NICKELREF: AY0201 + SIZE1BAGRECTO BLACK NICKELREF: AY0202 + SIZE1BAGSIZELINE Ø1 302 283 284 285 266 268 2210 20SIZELINE Ø2 303 304 265 266 268 2610 2612 2214 20BARRILGOLDENREF: OY0101 + SIZEBLACK NICKELREF: OY0102 + SIZE1BAGSIZEPCS./BAG1 62 73 84 95 106 118 13SIZEPCS./BAG10 1412 1414 1616 1618 1620 16ROLLINGBLACK NICKELREF: OY0103 + SIZE1BAGSNAPNICKELREF: OY0201 + SIZEBAGSIZE PCS./BAG2/0 51/0 61 72 83 94 10SIZEPCS./BAG5 126 128 1410 1412 1414 14SIZE PCS./BAG1 100 1000 10000 10329

BAGOVAL GLOWROUND GLOWROUND TRANSPARENTTWO-HOLE OVAL GLOWREF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0101* 3, 5, 6 25REF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0102* 3, 5, 6 25REF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0103* 4, 6 25REF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0104* 3, 4, 5, 8 20TWO-HOLE ROUND TRANSPARENTREF. Nº UND./BOLSABY0106* 2, 3, 4 20TWO-HOLE OVAL TRANSPARENTSOFT ROUND GLOWSOFT OVAL GLOWREF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0105* 3, 4, 5, 8 20REF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0107* 3, 4, 5 20REF. Nº PCS./BAGBY0108* 3, 5, 8 20BAG1 piece per bag.REF. CHARACTERISTICS SIZES1 BY0201*2 BY0202*3 BY0210*4 lines of 5 silicone stoppers4 lines of 5 oval silicone stoppers3 stoppers with swivelS, M, LS, M, LS31 20.50 m lenght tube.REF: BY0301BAG330

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