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BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Cruciate Starter KitsTTOTPLOTTACODE DESCRIPTION COMPONENT PRICE KIT PRICE SPECIAL OFFER PRICEBSATTOBKIT TTO Basic Starter Kit £1,124.00 £895.00 £795.00BSATTOBKITPOW TTO Basic Starter Kit plus Multisaw Kit £1,622.00 £1,400.00 £1,275.00BSATPLODKIT TPLO Starter Kit with Delta Plates £4,586.00 £3,750.00 £3,500.00BSATPLOSKIT TPLO Starter Kit with Slocum Plates £4,553.00 £3,750.00 £3,500.00BSATTAPREM TTA Starter Kit in Premium Box contains all instruments/implants £4,623.00 £3,950.00 £3,450.00Visit for complete kit listsLocking TPLO Starter KitNEW FOR 2012.Veterinary Instrumentations VILock TPLO Plates have some significant advantages over otherscurrently available.The Plate is designed to align with the osteotomy. The proximal screws are placed along the line ofthe osteotomy. The screw configuration includes both converging and diverging angulation tomaximise pull out resistence.The starter kit includes all that you will need to offer locking TPLO to your clients.Locking TPLO plate showing both converging anddiverging locking screwsThe VILock TPLO Starter Kit includes the following:• TPLO Saw and Hose.• 18, 24 & 30mm VI Pattern TPLO Blades.• TPLO Basic Jig.• TPLO Rotation Chart.• Slocum Rotation Gauges.• Bone Scribe.• 8 x VILock TPLO Plates (2x 2.7mm, 4x 3.5mm, 2x 3.5mm Broad).• DVD Step by Step Guide.• Plate Acetates.Code: BSATPLOVILKITComponents Price £4,610.00Kit Price £3,750.00OFFER PRICE £3,500.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Locking Plate and Screw SetThe Locking Plate and Screw Set containsa wide selection of locking plates and screwsas well as all the essential instruments required.Available in both 3.5mm, 2.7mm and 2.4mm.Available as either Locking Plate and Screw Sets withHex Head or Star Drive Locking Screws. Please statescrew head preference when ordering.An example of the contents of the kit:The 3.5mm set contains:• 1 of each plate (4 -14 hole).• 3 of each screw 12mm to 20mm.• 4 of each screw 22mm to 26mm.• 5 of each screw 28mm to 38mm.• 4 of each screw 40mm to 48mm.• 3 of each screw 50mm to 58mm.• 5 Locking Plugs.• 1x 2.5mm Hex Screwdriver.• 2.7mm Hard Drill Bit.• Drill Guide.• 1x Screw Holding Forceps.• Premium Box/Insert.Visit for complete kit listsCODE DESCRIPTION COMPONENT PRICE KIT PRICE SPECIAL OFFER PRICEBSALS35KITALL 3.5 Locking Screw (Hex) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £2,489.00 £2,150.00 £2,000.00BSALS27KITALL 2.7 Locking Screw (Hex) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £1,992.00 £1,725.00 £1,500.00BSALS24KITALL 2.4 Locking Screw (Hex) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £1,992.00 £1,725.00 £1,500.00BSALS35STARKITALL 3.5 Locking Screw (Star Drive) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £2,489.00 £2,150.00 £2,000.00BSALS27STARKITALL 2.7 Locking Screw (Star Drive) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £1,992.00 £1,725.00 £1,500.00BSALS24STARKITALL 2.4 Locking Screw (Star Drive) and Plate Kit in Premium Box £1,992.00 £1,725.00 £1,500.00Visit for complete kit listsLocking Screw Tap SetStar Drive Screwdriver SetIn dense cortical bone getting the screw started can be a challenge. Starting thescrew at any angle other than 90 degrees to the plate will have seriousconsequences when the locking threads meet the plate. In addition if the screwdoes not tap the trans cortex efficiently a disc of bone may be punched from thebone surface as the screw exits.The Set Contains:• Quick Release Tap Handle.• 1 x Tap for 3.5, 2.7, 2.4, and 2.0mm Locking Screws (4 in total).All VILock Screws are available with the international ‘Torx’ Style Star Drive. Theinterface between screwhead and screwdriver is significantly stronger and thestripping of screwheads consequently much rarer. The tip of the screwdriver istapered and ‘picks up’ the screws without the requirement for a screwholdingsleeve.Contains:• Quick Release Handle.• Star Drive Inserts for 3.5, 2.7/2.4 and 2.0mm Locking Screws (3 in total).Components Price £435.00Kit Price £395.00Components Price £315.00Kit Price £295.00Code: BSATSLSETOFFER PRICE £325.00Code: BSASDTSETOFFER PRICE £250.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Cortical Plating KitsAll kits are available as either cortical or cortical self tapping. The description corticalmeans that the pilot hole must be pre-tapped prior to screw placement. Cortical selftapping means that the screw itself has a self tapping tip and cuts its own thread.Self tappers work very well in all but the hardest cortical bone. It is recommendedthat surgeons using self tappers keep a tap ‘just in case.’Each kit contains all you need including screws and implants.Example of contents of a Self Tapping Kit:2.0mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit (CORTSTKIT2)• Hex Screwdriver and Sleeve.• Load/ Neutral Drill Guide.• Tissue Protector.• Double Drill Guide/ Sleeve.• Insert Sleeve.• Screw Length and Drill Gauge.• Bending Templates.• Depth Gauge.• Bending Levers.• 2 Drill Bits.• 2.0 CSST screws 6mm — 16mm (32 in total).• 1 x DCP 4 — 7 hole (4 in total.• 1 x 4 Hole T Plates.• 1 x Cuttable and Cuttable/ Malleable Plate.• Stainless Steel Equipment/ Screw Box.Visit for complete kit listsCODE DESCRIPTION COMPONENT PRICE KIT PRICE SPECIAL OFFER PRICEBSACORTKIT1.5/2 1.5/2.0mm Cortical Kit in Stainless Box £1,838.00 £1,675.00 £1,450.00BSACORTKIT2 2.0mm Cortical Kit in Stainless Box £1,426.00 £1,250.00 £1,075.00BSACORTKIT2.7/3.5 2.7/3.5mm Cortical Kit in Stainless Box £2,375.00 £2,150.00 £1,950.00BSACORTKIT4.5 4.5mm Cortical Kit in Stainless Box £1,464.00 £1,300.00 £1,100.00BSACORTKIT4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5mm Cortical Kit in Stainless Box £2,718.00 £2,475.00 £2,225.00BSACORTSTKIT1.5/2 1.5/2.0mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit in Stainless Box £1,753.00 £1,475.00 £1,300.00BSACORTSTKIT2 2.0mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit in Stainless Box £1,323.00 £1,150.00 £1,000.00BSACORTSTKIT2.4 2.4mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit in Stainless Box £1,462.00 £1,275.00 £1,075.00BSACORTSTKIT2735 2.7/3.5mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit in Stainless Box £2,163.00 £1,975.00 £1,775.00BSACORTSTKIT4.5 4.5mm Cortical Self Tapping Kit in Stainless Box £1,368.00 £1,150.00 £1,000.00Visit for complete kit listsMiniDriver SetsThe MiniDriver is Dead! Long Live the MiniDriver!Blue Line Battery Surgical PowerThe Blue Line Drill and Sawhave proved very popular sincetheir launch in 2010.The drill is fully autoclavable andis supplied with a quick fit 1/4”(6.3mm) stainless chuck and anAO quick release chuck. Fullycannulated.The saw accepts a range ofblades from 6mm wide. Sawspeed is nicely controlled via thetrigger.Supplied with 12 monthwarranty.The entire MiniDriver range is now available and when purchased as a set thesavings are considerable.The entire range is remanufactured and comes with a 12 month warranty.The MiniDriver Set Contains:• MiniDriver Handpiece Mark II.• 4mm Chuck.• Wire Driver.• AO Quick Release Chuck. Components Price £6,595.00• Sagittal Saw Mark II. Kit Price £3,950.00• MiniDriver Hose.Code: BSAVIMDB2OFFER PRICE £3,450.00The Blue Line Set Contains:• Blue Line Drill.• Blue Line Saw.• Jacobs Chuck.• AO Quick Release Chuck.• 2 x Battery Chargers.• 2 x Battery TransferSleeves.• 3 x Batteries.Code: BSABLDSSETComponents Price £3,415.00Kit Price £2,750.00OFFER PRICE £2,450.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Gigli Wire Passer SetPassing gigli wire aroundthe ischium for TPO/DPO canbe challenging. Developed by NickVanvooren this device simplifies thisprocess. The wire is passed down thetube, the bend forces it back on itselffor easy retrieval. Eyed wire will notpass through the tube of the passer,so wire without eyes is required. Cutto length before autoclaving, allowinganother 10-15mm more than witheyed wires to allow attachment to thehandles.The Set Contains:• Wire Passer.• Gigli Wire 10m spool.• Handles.Bone Plate/ Drill Guide SetTemporary fixation of a bone plate at afracture is an essential part of bone plating.Unfortunately there is an equal desire for theplacement of bone reduction forceps and drillguides. The new range of VI bone holding/drillguide forceps attempts to address two of theserequirements.The Set Contains:• 1.5/ 2.0 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps.• 2.4/ 2.7 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps.• 3.5 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps.Code: BSAGIGLISETComponents Price £197.50OFFER PRICE £150.00Code: BSA0012SETComponents Price £315.00Kit Price £250.00OFFER PRICE £195.00Whiting Bone Plate Retractor SetThe Whiting Bone PlateRetractor is designed to exposethe end hole(s) of the plate forscrew placement. It is often thecase that a plate is pushedunder soft tissues to avoidunnecessarily large exposuresonly to find that it is very difficultto access the last screw hole.This retractor lifts the soft tissueto allow access.Heavy Duty Bone Plate PliersCode: BSABPRSETThe Set Contains:• Retractor for 3.5/ 3.5 Broad.• Retractor for 2.4/ 2.7Components Price £135.00Kit Price £120.00OFFER PRICE £105.00The largest bone plate pliers in the range, these will contour all plates other thanthe 4.5 broad. The bending head has 3 interchangeable anvils and the ‘hammer’side has 3 different shapes which rotate, offering the surgeon 6 differentcontouring options to matchdifferent plates and differentshapes.Code: BSA001289CCatalogue Price £495.00OFFER PRICE £395.00Orthopaedic Wire KitCerclage wire can be a veryuseful means of fragmentfixation.This kit contains our mostpopular cerclage instrumentsand a roll of wire.The Set Contains:• Wire Twister.• Set of 3 Single Ended WirePassers.• 10m Roll of 1.0mmOrthopaedic Wire.Strong Wire Passer SetThis three instrument set is double ended giving internal diameters of 12.5mmand 15mm (small), 20mm and 25mm (medium), and 30mm and 40mm (large).Code: BSAOWKITComponents Price £184.00Kit Price £135.00OFFER PRICE £105.00Code: BSACWPSETComponents Price £172.50Kit Price £125.00OFFER PRICE £105.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596FESSA Ex Fix KitsFESSA is alightweight tubularfixator. Available inStainless Steel andUltra-LightweightTitanium (ideal forbirds, small furriesand exotics). Thetubular structure actsas both clamp and bar making it very strong and has good angular pin rigidity.Available as starter kits. See for FESSA kit lists.Safety Pin CuttersStandard Stainless SteelFESSA Starter Set inStainless Steel BoxCode: BSA015500Titanium FESSA Set inStainless Steel Box.Code: BSA015530Components Price £542.00Kit Price £445.00OFFER PRICE £350.00Components Price £576.00Kit Price £475.00OFFER PRICE £375.00The new telescopic handles make it easier to use, easier to clean and easier toautoclave.Same cutting actionCatalogue Price £245.00as original.Code: BSA001229OFFER PRICE £175.00Stubby Osteotome SetModular Osteotome SetThe SetContains:1 x each size of‘Stubby’ Osteotome -3mm, 4mm, 6mm,8mm, 10mm, 12mmand 14mm (7 in total).NEW FOR 2012.Following customer feedback David Strong has started development of a series of‘Stubby’ Orthopaedic instruments. For 2012 a range of ‘stubby’ osteotomes hasbeen developed.Allows surgeon to stabilise bone and hold osteotome with one hand.Code: BSA0013SETDisgorger - CanineComponents Price £315.00Kit Price £200.00OFFER PRICE £150.00The osteotome is supplied as a comfortable handle into which fits a large rangeof blades. The blades are very thin 1.1mm making them suitable for a variety ofprocedures including block sulcoplasty. Supplied as a handle with the followingblades 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15and 20mm. A diamondcoatedrasp and 2mm and3mm blades also available.Catalogue Price £180.00Code: BSA001380Thoracic Surgery SetOFFER PRICE £140.00NEW FOR 20102.Ingested fish-hooks are seen commonly in many practices. If they are stuck in theoesophagus, they can be challenging to remove, even with endoscopy. The deviceallows for the hook point to be pushed back out of the wall of the oesophagus theway it came and then either retrieved via the mouth, or if it is a multi-pointed hookto be gently pushed into the stomach for removal via a gastrotomy.Code: BSA014010Catalogue Price £130.00OFFER PRICE £105.00Code: BSACAMTHORKITThe Thoracic Surgery Setas used by Cambridge VetSchool.Working inside the chest ofmedium and large dogs willrequire extendedinstrumentation. Theinstruments in this kitrepresent a reasonablestarter kit.Various specialist items areincluded.See fora kit list.Components Price £583.00Kit Price £475.00OFFER PRICE £350.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Howard ‘B’ Ovariohysterectomy ClampAHM Balfour RetractorNEW FOR 2012.Designed and developed in practice by Howard Taylor who recognised thatovariohysterectomy was far from straight forward, particularly but not exclusivelyfor recent graduates.The new clamp has a number of features which assist the surgeon in theexposure and ligature of the ovarian pedicle.See video atCatalogue Price £ .Alasdair Hotston Moore has re-visited the original Balfour design and has madesome significant changes which improve the instrument both in use andsterilisation.Catalogue Price £165.00Code: BSA546470OFFER PRICE £50.00Code: BSAAHMOFFER PRICE £125.00Feline and Canine Spay KitsThese comprehensive kits contain all necessary instrumentation.Feline Spay Kit Contains:• Stainless Autoclave Case.• Metz Scissor Str 14.5cm.• Sturdy Type Spay Forceps.• Adson Rat Tooth Forceps.• 2 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps.• Fenestrated Drape.• 2 x Crossaction Towel Clips.• Olsen Hegars 15.5cm.• 2 x Spencer Wells COF.• Scalpel Handle No. 3.Canine Spay Kit Contains:• Stainless Autoclave Case.• 2 x Curved Hysterectomy Clamps.• Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight.• Rat Toothed Treves 14cm.• 4 x Spencer Wells 14cm Curved.• 2 x Allis Tissue Forceps.• Fenestrated Drape.• Olsen Hegars 16.5cm.• 4 x Towel Clips.• Scalpel Handle No. 3.BUY BOTH THE FELINE AND CANINE SPAY KITSAND SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 10%Code: BSASPAYBOTHFeline Code: BSASPAYFELCanine Code: BSASPAYCANComponents Price £333.00Kit Price £255.00OFFER PRICE £185.00Components Price £485.00Kit Price £375.00OFFER PRICE £285.00Ring Retractor KitSoft Edged Surgical Spoon SetSome abdominal approaches require a morecomplex retraction system than a simpleBalfour. The VI Ring Retractor allows thesurgeon to place hooked retractor stripsaround the periphery of a surgical incisionwhich may be tensioned individually andretained around the edge. Tissues atdifferent levels may be retracted by the ring.The Set Contains:• 3 Standard Rings (200 x 130mm, 160 x 85mm,110 x 40mm internal).• Set of Sterile Hooks (10).Code: BSA701700Components Price £157.50Kit Price £145.00OFFER PRICE £105.00Removing calculi from the bladder or impacted faeces from the rectum requiresgreat care to avoid damage. ‘Domestic’ spoons are typically too sharp and tooshort. Available as a set of 3.The Set Contains:• 1 x XSmall 10 x 14 x 230mm.• 1 x Small 20 x 25 x 250mm.Components Price £63.00• 1 x Large 67 x 34 x 270mm.Kit Price £50.00Code: BSA014702OFFER PRICE £42.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Comfort Handle ElevatorsDesigned and developed byDavid Strong. The comfortpattern elevators takes aradical new look at elevatorhandles. The pattern fits intothe palm of the handallowing the fore finger to bepositioned along the shaftfor added control. The kitcontains 1, 2, 3, 4mm widthsin a stainless case.Comfort Handle Winged ElevatorsExactly the same design asthe standard comfort handleelevators but with short wingedblades with lateral edgeswhich curve upwards furtherthan traditional elevators,improving conformation to rootstructure as well as instrumentcontrol. The kit contains 1, 2,3, 4mm widths in a stainlesscase.Components Price £210.00Kit Price £150.00Components Price £210.00Kit Price £150.00Code: BSA012600OFFER PRICE £105.00Code: BSA012610OFFER PRICE £105.00VI Mini Dental Cart With Fibre Optics and Ultrasonic ScalerNew for 2012 the VI Mini Cart has beenredesigned and improved.Supplied as a complete package the Veterinary Instrumentation Mini Cart includes all the essential elementsfor a veterinary air unit. Made in the UK to our specification and incorporating a Bambi medical standardcompressor.The VI Mini Cart includes our USD scaler and fibre optic high speed handpiece and many other features.The Mini Cart is supplied with the following handpieces: Push button highspeed with fibre optic light, lowspeed motor, polishing attachment and pack of prophy cups. Both handpieces are controlled via the footcontrol.The inside of the dog or cat’s mouth is relatively dark. It is difficult to set upancillary lighting to get light to where you need it (c.f. human dentistry). Fibreoptics deliver brilliant light exactly where you need it.12 MONTHS WARRANTY.The large stainless steel tray style top of the Mini Cart has plenty of room for the scaler for and instruments.The tray is easy to wipe clean and can be removed if necessary for more thorough cleaning. The tray has alip to prevent items rolling off onto the floor.Magnetic Bur ZoneThe tray has a nice lip to retain elevators and burs etc but the front left handcorner is magnetised to attract and keep all your burs and scaler tips in oneplace.Pressurised Water Outlet for Scaler.For your convenience to the rear of the unit thereis a water outlet which is connected up to thepressurised water cooling system of the MiniCart. Simply plug in the scaler. No more pumpup bottles!!Discrete Air ConnectionAll the air pipe work is hidden away within the cart frame for acleaner look and a minimum of tangles and trip hazards. Eithercompressor or cart may be disconnected from each other in aninstant should an off site service be required.Catalogue Price £3,250.00Code: BSAVIMINIFOPLUSOFFER PRICE £2,750.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Rodent Dental KitThe Kit Contains:• Small Fine Diamond Molar Rasp.• Cheek Dilators - Small, Large and Long Reach• Crossley Incisor and Molar Luxators.• Molar Extraction Forceps and Cutters.Code: BSAROD2With rodents increasing inpopularity, this kit containsall the instrumentsnecessary for rodentdentistry. All instrumentshave a lifetime warrantyagainst manufacturingdefect.• Rodent Spatula.• Mouth Gag.• Instrument Box.Components Price £335.00Kit Price £250.00OFFER PRICE £185.00Economy Table Top Rodent Gag & LightAllows rodent mouth to beheld open and illuminatedin an appropriate positionwithout assistance. Whiteteflon platform. Table fullyautoclavable.Code: BSA012209BUY BOTHTHE RODENTDENTISTRY KIT ANDTABLE TOP GAG &LIGHT AND SAVE ANADDITIONAL 10%Code: BSARODBOTHComponents Price £320.00Kit Price £295.00OFFER PRICE £250.00Ophthalmic KitThe Ophthalmic Kit as recommended by David Williams MA VetMB PhDCertVOphthal, for a range of ophthalmic procedures.The kit contains 10 instruments.All are contained in a stainless steel case with a protective silicone lining whichminimises damage to the delicate instruments.All instruments have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect.JB Drawstring and Foot Drape SetsBUYBOTH DRAPESETS FOR £150.00Code:BSAJBSETBOTHSave an extra £10NEW FOR 2012.Jane Trinder BVM&S MRCVS hascome to us with a couple of ingeniousproducts. The first is a solution of how tostop drape slippage with whole limbpreparations. Her solution has been to create adrawstring drape. Jane has also developed areusable foot drape. These drapes are very easyto use, being much better than wrapping a footin a standard drape.Each set contains 4 x different size drapes.DrawstringDrape Code:BSAJBDDSETFoot DrapeCode:BSAJBFDSETComponents Price £139.00Kit Price £120.00OFFER PRICE £100.00Components Price £106.00Kit Price £75.00OFFER PRICE £60.00The Kit Contains:• 1 x Roberts Tying Forceps.• 1 x Castroviejo Corneal Scissors Straight.• 2 x Halstead Mosquito Forceps (1 = Curved and 1 = Straight).• 1 x Barraquer Wire Eyelid Speculum.• 1 x Beaver Type Scapel Handle.• 1 x Castroviejo Needleholders with Catch Straight.• 1 x Steven's Tenotomy Scissors Straight.• 1 x Colibri Tissue Forceps.• 1 x Graefe Fixation Forceps 3.5mm Jaws.• 1 x Stainless Case with 1 x Silicone Protective Insert.• 1 x 18” x 18” Balloon Cloth Drape.Code: BSA014130Components Price £732.00Kit Price £455.00OFFER PRICE £365.00Washable Warm Air Blanket SetThe blankets are reusablebeing madeof a silky polyesterfabric with an inlayof nylon waterproofmaterial to keep theairflow circulatingupwards towards thepatient.The blankets aremachine washable(hang to dry, do nottumble dry).The opening is 5” (12.5cm) with a cord tie making these blankets suitable for allbrands of warm air convection units. Available in a set of 3 blankets.The Set Contains:• 1 x Small 75cm x 50cm.• 1 x Medium 90cm x 60cm.• 1 x Large 120cm x 60cm.Code: BSAC9SETComponents Price £210.00Kit Price £175.00OFFER PRICE £150.00

BSAVA SPECIAL OFFERSVALID UNTIL 18/05/12 Tel: 0845 130 9596Oxygen ConcentratorInfusion Pump ST1000NEW FOR 2012.An Oxygen Concentrator is an electronicallyoperated device that provides an uninterruptedsupply of oxygen at the touch of a button. Theoxygen concentrator draws in room air,separates the oxygen from the other gases inthe air and delivers the oxygen at highconcentrations to the patient. Although theconcentrator filters oxygen from the room air, itwill not affect the normal amount of oxygen inthe room.Weighing only 16.3kg the Compact 525 is thesmallest and lightest 5 litre concentrator.• Easy to operate.• Robust design.NEW FOR 2012.The Infusion Pump ST1000 has beenextremely popular in the Spanish market andVeterinary Instrumentation are very pleasedto have been appointed exclusive VeterinaryDistributor in the UK.This robust, reliable unit represents greatvalue.The Infusion Pump is supplied with 10intravenous infusion sets free of charge(worth £25.00).Code:BSAOXYCONComponents Price £775.00OFFER PRICE £600.00Cardell 9500 MonitorCode: BSAIPST1000Components Price £770.00Kit Price £745.00OFFER PRICE £625.00Vetron 4 Parameter MonitorNEW FOR 2012.Not just another pretty face, the Cardell9500 HD features the world classCardell blood pressure technology,Nellcor digital pulse oximetry andoptional Respironics solid statemainstream CO 2You can also measure ECG,respiration and 2 channels oftemperature.With a 7” high definition, wide screendisplay and integrated printer, it’sexactly what Cardell fans have beenwaiting for.This advanced monitor offers fast and reliable SpO 2, Pulse Rate, ECG, noninvasiveblood pressure and temperature with waveforms and trend display. TheVetron features a built-in battery lasts for more than 3 hours. Having dimensionsof 250mm x 85mm x 84mm (W x H x D) and a weight of 2.2kg makes this one ofthe world’s most compact multi-parameter patient monitors.The Versatile and Compact Veterinary Monitor.Catalogue Price £2,950.00Catalogue Price £845.00Code: BSACARD9500OFFER PRICE £2,650.00Code: BSAVETRON4OFFER PRICE £645.00PetMap Blood Pressure MonitorCode: BSAPGBM• Digital display of systolic, diastolic, MAP and heartrate.• Real-time display of the oscillometric “envelope”.• Tabular list of measurement session values.• Graphical trend of session values.• Real-time calculation and display of the NSV(nominal session value).• BP Range 30-260mmHg.• Heart rate 40-240BPM.PetMap Graphic can display the last 10 readingseither as a list or a graphical chart.Supplied with 7 cuffs from 2 to 5.5cm. Larger cuffsavailable.Suitable for all species.Kit Price £1,885.00OFFER PRICE £1,500.00Laube 505 Cordless ClippersThe Laube Cordless Clipper has an intergrated light for better visualisation.A powerful Clipper.Catalogue Price £375.00Code: BSA028100OFFER PRICE £325.00VETERINARY INSTRUMENTATIONBroadfield Road, Sheffield S8 0XL U.K.Tel: 0845 130 9596 Fax: 0845 130 8687Overseas Customers use:Tel: +44 114 258 8530 Fax: +44 114 255 4061E-mail: Website:

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