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The VIP-Booking european live entertainment Book

VIP- News - May 2011Music Industry Forms Organisation to Join UK MusicAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comUnion (MU), representing 32,000 musicians;PPL, representing 45,000 performermembers and 5,750 record companymembers; PRS for Music, representing70,000 songwriters and composers andmusic publishers.UK Music is the umbrella organisationfounded two years ago, headed up byFeargal Sharkey that was formed to representthe collective interests of the UK’scommercial music industry. The organisationinvolves itself with matters concerningand involving: artists, musicians,songwriters and composers, major andindependent record labels, music managers,music producers, music publishersand music licensing companies. The aimsof UK Music are to “… understand, explain,promote, protect and nurture the UK’scommercial music sector so that its inherentvalue grows and its positive knock-oneffects reverberate ever further and everdeeper.”UK Music’s membership iscomprised of:Association of Independent Music (AIM),representing 850 small and medium sizedindependent music companies; BritishAcademy of Songwriters, Composers andAuthors (BASCA), with over 2,200 songwritermembers; BPI representing over440 record company members; MusicManagers Forum(MMF) representingmore than 425 managers throughout themusic Industry; Music Producers Guildrepresenting and promoting the interestsof all those involved in the production ofrecorded music – including producers, engineers,mixers, re-mixers, programmersand mastering engineers; Music PublishersAssociation (MPA), with 250 major andindependent music publishers, representingclose to 4,000 catalogues; MusiciansUntil now though there has been no organisationrepresenting the live musicsectors main trade associations and representativebodies, this omission has nowbeen rectified with the formation of theUK Live Music Group. UK Music has announcedthat the live music sector is tojoin the board – ensuring that, for the firsttime, one umbrella body will represent theUK’s entire commercial music industry. Themembers of the UK Live Music Group are:AA - Agents AssociationAFO - Association of FestivalOrganisersAIF - Association of IndependentFestivalsCPA - Concert PromotersAssociationILMC - International Live MusicConferenceNAA - National Arenas AssociationPSA - Production ServicesAssociationwe:Live - independent venue andpromoter associationThe group will meet every six weeks andhave nominated Paul Latham of Live NationEntertainment to be their representativeon the UK Music board.Feargal Sharkey, chief executive of UK Musicsaid: “This is a fantastic developmentfor UK Music. The coming together of theUK Live Music Group is hugely significantin itself - establishing a unique and powerfulvoice for the sector. Having their inputat board level will be a huge asset for thisorganisation and we hit the ground runningnext week, with the publication ofsome groundbreaking research on musictourism.” (See below)Paul Latham, COO International Music atLive Nation Entertainment and UK LiveMusic Group chair said: “I think it is longoverdue that live music was representedwithin a wider sphere and UK Music is themost appropriate forum. Too many timesdecisions are made at a parochial levelthat have far-reaching consequences forour industry. Through the voice that is UKMusic we would hope to become a forcefor pro-active change.”Music tourists Contribute £864m aYear to the UK economy:UK Music has called for a ‘live music tourismstrategy’ to increase overseas visitornumbers. On May 16th UK Music publishedDestination: Music – the first study of itskind to scope the economic contributionof music festivals and major concerts totourism throughout the UK. Drawing onunprecedented access to more than 2.5manonymous ticketing transactions, the report’smain findings are as follows:• Large-scale live music across all regionsof the UK attracts at least 7.7m attendancesby domestic and overseas musictourists.• Collectively they spend £1.4bn duringthe course of their trip. This is a positivecontribution of £864m (GVA) to the nationaleconomy and equivalent to 19,700full-time jobs.Paul Latham - COO Live Nation3VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011The Great EscapeAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comAccording to the organisers 15000 people,2,500 delegates and 12,500 punters attendedthis sixth edition of the event thatmany publications and reviewers referto as the UK’s answer to SXSW. CertainlyThe Great Escape achieves that same feelof “..what am I missing now?!” that theTexas event generates. Thankfully it is notas gigantic as SXSW, but even so thosewith wristbands hoping to see the betterknown acts either found themselves inmassive queues or were better off takingpot luck on the act they’d never heard of ina neighbouring venue– often a rewardingexperience as the programming of TGE isvery good. The gold delegates band cutvery little ice with door staff who wereeither uninformed of the importance ofthose displaying them, or they were justtoo busy to care – very reminiscent ofSXSW in the last few years.However, that said, there was a lot that wasright about what went on in Brighton thisMay 12 to14th. The panels were all well attendedand just as importantly, relevant.Yours truly chaired a panel on Eastern Europe,going up against a keynote speechby ex EMI Chairman Tony Wadsworthof the BPI, a couple of parties and whoknows what else – and still we discussedelements of a very big subject in front ofa good sized audience. The numbers ofparties, mainly given by international concernsincreasingly go up against the panelprogramme – again a similar situation tothat in Austin. Faced with the choice offree beer and a sausage or fish and chipsas opposed to a panel discussion that mayor may not hit the spot, selection can betricky! As it happens though over thethree days of the CMU-programmed GreatEscape convention with over 100 industryleaders taking part in talks, debates andinterviews there seemed to be very fewbadly attended sessions. The main themesconcerned themselves with developingand monetising new talent in the digitalage.Highlights of the convention will be availableon SoundCloud from later this Chris Carey of PRS had startedoff the conference with a report urgingcaution reminding the audience at his keynotethat the saviour of the music industry,the way to make money while CD salesdropped, the live music industry stutteredlast year. In the UK, live music revenuesdropped by 6.7%, after a decade of growththat saw income increase by 9.4% in 2009and 13% in 2008 whilst in Europe the picturewas worse – with arena music gigsseeing a 16% drop .But festivals were up,including the Eastern European events,and delegates were sent off to do businessover the next couple of days reassured byChris’s conclusion that, “I don’t think this isa disaster, I think it is a blip, I’m not worried,about the future of live music.” Witha lack of big name live acts touring lastyear, things look set to change in 2011. Thissense of optimism continued through tothe end of the event on Saturday night inthe late night gathering place of the delegates,the crowded and raucous QueensHotel Bar.Highlights of the showcase and festivalgigs included Australia’s Jezabel, Mossfrom the Netherlands, the UK’s Dry theRiver, and many others – the standard ofacts was definitely high.VIP-News asked a few of the delegates fortheir opinions of this edition:Martin Elbourne:Great Escape co-founder:I found this year a lot smoother and a lotmore relaxed. The Convention side felt fulland relevant, and crucially from an industrypoint of view there seemed to be a lotmore significant players at the event, morethan any other event I’ve been to in the lastyear, and they seemed to be both having agood time and also being quite optimisticabout the future. So for me it felt like a realturning point.Guna Zucika:Brainstorm Management & Record Company- Latvia:6Our very own editor Allan McGowan together with Ruud Berends at The Great Escape 2011.Proud winners of the awards “Conference Junkie Of The Year” and “Best Conference Bag”.VIP-BOOKING.COMThis was my 3rd Great Escape, I attendedthe first year, last year and this one. Thegrowth of the event was obvious – interms of communication prior to andduring the event, networking possibilities,people attending, etc. As per resultsregarding the Latvian band BrainStorm Iwork with – I usually say, give me some 2

VIP- News - May 2011months after any particular industry eventto be able to inform of any real outcome. Ican tell you that the Great Escape in 2010was great for us – I got BrainStorm to playChina’s leading festival Modern Sky andarranged a comeback sold out club showin Helsinki. Additionally I was glad to seemore delegates from Latvia attending theevent – this is a good sign for my tiny lovelycountry to become more visible on an internationalscale. I also was thinking aboutall the panels I have heard regarding EasternEurope and usually they are concentratedon how international acts can getto play in those territories, but there hasn’treally been anything on one of the artistscoming from Eastern Europe and havinga career outside the region - case studies,challenges, quality, etc. There are fewexamples, including BrainStorm who havesucceeded to a certain point. The mostprominent example is TATU from Russia ofcourse, but also Vanilla Ninja from Estoniahad few years success in Germany, plus Romania’sDJ’s, etc. Now especially with theproposed CETEP programme it would benice to have such panel.»What I really like about itis that the event does not tryto do too much; just the rightamount of bands, the qualityof the bands performingis top notch«Adam Lewis:- Adam LewisThe Planetary Group - US:I had taken a couple of years off from TheGreat Escape, mainly because I was tiredof getting rained on! (Weather was goodthis year and last – Ed.) However this yearwas fantastic, the event has really grown.The international participation has as well.What I really like about it is that the eventdoes not try to do too much; just the rightamount of bands, the quality of the bandsperforming is top notch. Highlights includedThe Jezabels, Cloud Control, SaidThe Whale, The Holidays, Team Me, LittleRed, The Heartbreaks.All the shows were quite full. I do worryabout the number of wristbands sold, since,as a delegate, it was often impossible to getinto some shows. However, with planningthis worked out. Business wise, I expect tobe working with several bands from thefestival and was very happy to see the buzzthat our clients, The Jezabels, received.Fer Isella - Producer:Buenos Aires - Argentina:A plane took me to London, then a trainto Brighton. Buenos Aires, my homeland,was feeling far away at that time. But onlyto enjoy one of the richest and most wonderfulexperiences I have lived in my pro-7VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Yearly Music Conference Awards:The day-time events of The Great Escape concluded in the Conference Hub in theDome, on Saturday with the presentation of the YMCA’s.The winners were:Special Legend Award- Seymour SteinBest Conference Bag- Eurosonic (Netherlands) - Ruud Berends received this.Best Delegates Trip- Lobster Tour Prince Edward Isle (Canada)Least Boring Trade Fair- WomexBest On Line Experience- Canadian Music WeekConference Junkie of the Year- Allan MacGowan (told you they couldn’t spell it! – Ed.)Best Agent For Breaking New Acts- Lucy Dickins (International Talent Booking)Martin Elbourne Award for the Best Boutique Event in Canada- M For MontrealBest New(ish) Event- Tallin Music Week (Estonia)Best Line up for Breaking Acts- South By South West (USA)Best Export Office- AustraliaBest Hotel- W HollywoodBest Delegates Bar/Party- The Queens Hotel in BrightonThe Moose Jaw Random Award for General Conference Randomness- Tony Scott - Guilfest UKSeymour Steir - winner of the Special Legend Award9VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Nick Blackburn appointed new Chairmanof EVENTIM UKAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comEuropean ticketing market leader CTSEVENTIM AG announced on May 13 thatNick Blackburn has been appointed Chairmanof EVENTIM UK Ltd.Nick Blackburn was previously Chairmanand CEO of See Tickets in the UK. Hejoined Really Useful Theatres in 2001 witha remit to grow a new ticketing business.The business became See Tickets, whichafter quickly growing into the numbertwo position in the UK was successfullysold to Stage Entertainment in early 2008.Prior to his involvement with See Tickets,Nick had been a director of Ticketmasterfor 13 years where he was largely responsiblefor their growth in the UK. Sinceleaving See in September 2010, he hasacted as a consultant to such companiesas Last and Universal Music.As the new Chairman of EVENTIM UK,Blackburn will be responsible for EVEN-TIM’s business development in the UKand Ireland. He said, “I am very excited tobe joining such a successful company ata time when they are looking to developtheir business in the UK. EVENTIM has alwaysbeen at the forefront of technologicaladvance, and I believe the EVENTIMsystem really has an edge over the competitionin terms of attractive featuresand impeccable performance.”Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTSEVENTIM, commented: “Nick Blackburnhas been a driving force in ticketing inthe UK for more than two decades, andwe are happy he has accepted our offer tobecome Chairman of our UK operations.His appointment underpins EVENTIM’sclaim to be one of the leading ticketingservices providers in the UK.Nick BlackburnTrade FairShowcase FestivalConferenceNetworkingFilm MarketAwardsvirtualWOMEX*SMART RATE*Deadline17 J U N E 2 011COPENHAGEN, DENMARK | 26 – 30 OCTOBER10VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 201111VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 201122nd Music & Media Finland ConferenceIntroduces New Opportunities forInternational DelegatesAllan McGowan am@vip-booking.comIn planning its 22nd edition this year, Music& Media Finland conference is againlooking to bring together over 700 representativesof music and related industries,including over 100 international delegatesfrom all over the world. Taking place in theintimate and picturesque setting of Tampere,Finland on October 20-23, the eventcomprises a variety of networking andbusiness opportunities, seminars, keynotesand of course, showcases.Live music has a key role at Music & MediaFinland; the delegates can attend a fullrange of high-quality showcases at theLost in Music Festival, where around 100hand-picked Finnish and international actsperform during the three conference days.With all venues within walking distance,delegates have a chance to catch a goodnumber of shows on each festival day.For the global music community, Music &Media Finland offers a unique chance toconnect and enter into new business withparticipants from all over the world, butespecially with key executives from theemerging Russian and Baltic music marketsas well as the Nordic countries. Lostin Music is a unique chance to showcasetalent to music business people from allsectors of the industry.The conference itself provides the participantswith a platform for networking andkeeping up with the current developmentsin the industry. Ms. Anu Aittoniemi, the ExecutiveProducer at the company behindthe conference says, “We work very hard tooffer insight to the multifaceted businessof music through a carefully selected lineupof panelists and keynote speakers. Eachyear the conference also highlights someof the greatest pioneers who have helpedshape our business.”Previous speakers and Celebrity Guests ofHonour at Music & Media Finland includeTerry McBridevisionaries such as Seymour Stein (SireRecords), Barry Dickins (ITB), Terry McBride(Nettwerk Music Group), Jonathan Poneman(Sub Pop), Jonathan Forster (Spotify),Tommy Ramone (The Ramones), Tom Silverman(Tommy Boy), David Fricke (TheRolling Stone) and many more.Read more about the event and sign up byJune 30 for an exclusive international delegates’early bird deal at & Media Finland is producedby Suomen Musiikki & Media-TapahtumatS.M.M. Oy. in co-operation with Lost inMusic and Music Export Finland. The internationalprogram is funded by the Ministryof Employment and the Economy, the Ministryof Education and Culture, the Ministryfor Foreign Affairs of Finland, ESEK, LUSESand the Finnish Institute in London.Music & Media Finland, Tampere:October 20-23, 2011www.musiikkimedia.fiShowcase Festival Lost In Music, Tampere:October 19-22, 2011www.lostinmusic.fi12VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Clean &Green - Greenest and Cleanest!Manfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comWith the 2011 Festival Season soonto be in full swing Manfred Tarilooks at the plans of various festivalsand Green Organisations to increasetheir efforts to make our major musicevents Cleaner and Greener.Wacken Open Air:The world biggest metal festival promotedby ICS Festival Service in partnership withRegionNord Office and the Academy forAgriculture and Landscape Architecturein Osnabrück will undertake a number ofmeasures for the restoration of its festivalsite after the event.The 200-hectare Wacken Open Air site foris intensively used for the event. Dependingon the weather conditions it takes significantefforts by farmers to restore thefestival site for their purposes. The AcademyOsnabrück will now set up a 250 squaremeter test area in order to investigate thecarrying capacities of new ground mixturesand seed variations.Besides this the scientists aided by farmersand a new geographical information systemwill set up an analysis that evaluatesan optimised cultivation of the site afterthe event. Additionally ICS Festival Servicewill be supplied with a virtual map thatenables the promoter to best plan and layout visitors and transport routes on thesite. The project will last three years andwith funding of 118.000 Euros from theDeutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU -Federal Foundation for Environment) Theresults of the examination will eventuallyalso be made available to other festivalpromoters.Wacken Open Air 2011Green Footsteps at RoskildeFestival:Green Footsteps is the title for the campaignfor sustainable measures at RoskildeFestival. The festival is already well known13VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011for undertaking measures that includessocial elements alongside environmentallyfriendly activities Among other activitiesRoskilde Festival supplies sleepingbags and tents left by visitors on the site tohomeless people organisations.Furthermore this year Roskilde Festival alreadyoffers 6 so called ‘Green Camps’ forvisitors, special camping areas for visitorsthat commit themselves to more environmentallyfriendly behaviour. Festival goersthat choose to stay in these are asked tocommit to rules such as :Green footsteps“The camp must organise and run some‘fun’ green activities each day to involveand inspire other festival guests.The camp must have some kind of originalor unusual theme and a catchy slogan thatreflects ‘Green Footsteps’ green feet. Everyoneshould be able to see immediatelythat it is a Green Camp.The green activities during the festivalmust be documented through photographsand video. The goal being to createa video that can inspire future festivalguests to a green camp life.VIP-News spoke to Marie á Rogvi, RoskildeFestival project manager about currentactivities and other sustainability measuresfor the upcoming edition of Roskildefestival.VIP-News: Roskilde, Oya and the Way OutWest intend to develop an organic foodrange that will be available at the festivalsand also in normal shops. Can you pleaseprovide me with some information on thisproject?Marie á Rogvi: We are currently workingwith Oya and Way Out West to improvethe exchange of knowledge between festivalson how to get even greener - and yeseventually we will also cooperate on gettingorganic and sustainable products tothe festivals.VIP-News: What percentage of the foodconsumed by Roskilde visitors is organic?Rogvi: We actually haven’t counted, butit’s an area in which we think there is spaceMarie á Rogvifor improvements. In the area around theSustainable Stage (Odeon) we only haveecological and Fair Trade products - food,drinks etc. - and this area works as a testarea for the rest of the festival, so we try toget even better.VIP-News: What kind of organic food isserved at Roskilde for festival visitors?Rogvi: All dairy products, popcorn, vegetarianmeatballs with potato salad andgreen salad, normal and luxury falafel inpita bread with lettuce and homemadedressing, Tapas dishes, soup, spaghetti,fruit and vegetables, pizza, drinks, tea, coffee,juice - among others.VIP-News: Does the catering for the crewand artists at Roskilde-Festival include organicfood and if so, what kind of organicfood products?Rogvi: “Dairy products as well, honey, tea,coffee, sugar, some nuts and fruit - it dependson the riders, but this is actually anarea we are focussing on this year - how toimprove and make it easier.VIP-News: Are there any new environmentalmeasures or improvements you willimplement at this years edition of the Festival?Rogvi: This year we will also intensify ourfocus on transport. The focus is on publictransport, the use of bikes and electric cars.We make sure it is easier for our audienceand our volunteers to use public transportto and from the festival. More trains andbuses are operating between the mainstation and the festival site and the servicestarts earlier this year.»We rent out bikes to ourvolunteers so they can usethese instead of cars.Also our audience canrent bikes so that they canget into Roskilde city in asustainable way«- Marie á RogviWe have 13 electric cars, which our volunteerscan use during the festival. Thatsaves us the use of petrol cars. We rentout bikes to our volunteers so they canuse these instead of cars. Also our audiencecan rent bikes so that they can getinto Roskilde city in a sustainable way.Furthermore we have a bike-event wherethe audience can cycle from Copenhagento Roskilde Festival and we supply themwith food and music.This year we have laid out all our green audienceactivities - we call them Green HotSpots. At a Green Hot Spot the audienceshave the opportunity to do a sustainableact. Examples are: producing energy onan exercise bike to charge their mobilephone, buy biodegradable bottles, eatfood made of mealworms (meat withoutcarbon footprint) etc.14VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011This year we also get our own three windturbines, so we can produce our own energy,and we keep intensifying the use ofLED-lamps on our stages.Again we will carry out our daily trashcollection - every day we go around thecamping area, encouraging the audienceto collect their trash and deliver it in thetrash cars. We call it Green Hour - it lastslonger, but in this hour we make a littlemore noise and excitement about it!And again, we hand out pocket ashtraysto make people put their cigarette buttsin these and empty them in the trash cansinstead of on the ground.”For further information please FestivalVIP-News spoke to Eric van Eerdenburg,MD of the Lowlands festival in the Netherlandsabout his motivations to run a moreenvironmentally friendly festival.VIP-News: Why do you put ‘green’ measureson the agenda for Lowlands?Eric van Eerdenburg: Festivals shouldbe more than a line up. Festivals are thegathering of likeminded young people.They are the future of the world. Theyhave to deal with the big issues of tomorrow.In the 60s and 70s festivals were theplatform for the issue of the Vietnam warand how to come to peace. One of thebig issues today is a sustainable world.As a festival organiser I want to be part ofthe solution and not part of the problem.Lowlands can be seen as a metaphor fora city for 55.000 people for three days. IfI find solutions for my temporary city andthey work well they can work anywhere. Iwant my visitors to be involved and theyare. They expect us to work cleaner. Lowlandsis a frontrunner in choice of line-upand its festival concept. We want to be afrontrunner in recognising and tacklingsocial issues too.VIP-News: Do you have for a ‘sustainable’or ‘environmental’ manager for the Lowlandevent?Eerdenburg: Not really. We just put the issueon the agenda and keep sustainabilityin mind with all the things we do. We havebeen working on it for over 10 years andtake things step by step. I think we havedone all the logical and easy things onecan do. Now we are at the point where wehave to fundamentally change the way wework to do things cleaner and better. Innovate,invest and experiment.15VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011VIP-News: What kind of efforts in particularwill you undertake to make this year’sedition of Lowlands ‘greener’?Eerdenburg: The biggest issue is electricity.We use over 130.000 litres of diesel forelectrical power. We are about to have anew lease for the festival site. That used tobe 3-year contracts, now we will have a 15-year contract. This enables us to invest ina permanent infrastructure for electricity.That is quite a thing really. We use peaksof 8 megawatt. We work together withpeople that normally do the infrastructurefor big factory buildings to get it right. Nomore diesel after this years edition is thegoal, when everything is working we willhave a lot less co2 emissions. Over 300.000tons of co2 that is ridiculous! It could be amodel for other festivals that have longerlease contracts for their site. The most importantthing is that you get the businessmodel right, and that looks very promising.Greener and cheaper, what else couldone wish?If that is in place we want to put a solar energyplant in place on the site as well, butthat will take more time to get licenses tobuild - we are a very bureaucratic country....Furthermore we are looking at betterwaste composting this year, and we aretrying to reduce our wastewater. We aretalking to a factory that takes in urine andtransforms it into fertilizer. We are developinga vacuum toilet system that worksfor outdoor events. We will experimentthis year we hope with a new type of unitwith 20 vacuum toilets.VIP-News: Do you collaborate with externalpartners regarding these issues?Eerdenburg: Yes, we hire a consultant thisyear to organise the expert meetings andcalculates the business models. He tries toget the right companies involved and persuadesthem to co- invest in our experimentsand test cases. There are quite a fewexternal companies involved in gettingthe plans into realistic models.VIP-News: What kind of waste you have todeal with on the site and how many visitorsdid Lowland have in recent years?»We have 55.000visitors who all campfor three days. But fromcamping the waste is toodiverse to recycle. It will beburnt in a power plant«- Eric van EerdenburgEerdenburg: We separate our waste fromproduction and catering on the backstageside of the festival in paper, glass, plasticand wood, scrap metals etc. From the festivalground itself we make sure everythingwe give out from the catering is compostable/biodegradable. Beer-cups arefrom bio-plastics and through a depositsystem 80% is recycled. We have 55.000visitors who all camp for three days. Butfrom camping the waste is too diverse torecycle. It will be burnt in a power plant.VIP-News: What are the figures on the Lowlandseco-balance sheet?Eerdenburg: the CO2 footprint is 2679 ton;that’s officially measured including bands,audience, and production transport, waste,food, etc.(A) Average City with 60.000people(B) Lowlands incl. Visitors,Crew & Guests 60.000CO2 emissions:(A) 5277 ton(B) 2700 tonWaste:(A) 314.630 kg(B) 487.000 kgWater:(A) 23 million liter(B) 10 million literElectricity:(A) 757.030 Kwh(B) 864.000 KwhGreener Festival- Another Best Case Example:It is a certification but also a brand. It is veryvaluable example for the live music industryof how to deal with environmental issues ina smart and clever way. It is also an exampleabout the relevance of networking and collaborationin a part of the music industry aspractised by the recording music industryor music publishers and copyright collectionsocieties.VIP-News spoke to Ben Challis, general secretaryof the Glastonbury festival and oneof the founders of the organisation GreenerFestivals.Eric van EerdenburgVIP-News: When was the organisation‘Greener Festivals’ founded and by whomactually?16VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Ben Challis: It was founded in 2006 by ClaireO’Neill (MD of the Association of IndependentFestivals), it was her research in 2005that inspired us, myself and Luke Westbury.Our team now includes Helen Wright whois our European co-ordinator and AmieGreen, our Australian co-ordinator.VIP-News: What inspired your engagementfor ‘Greener Festivals’?»Last year 47 festivalsentered our Greener FestivalAwards scheme, hundredsof festival goers took partin our Great Big Greenideas competition, wespoke to hundreds of eventorganisers at conferencesand seminars around theWorld and visited a numberof Universities promotingsustainable events«- Ben ChallisChallis: Whilst a number of festivals in theUnited Kingdom have been instrumentalin promoting green living and sustainablelifestyles for many years, there seemedto be a need to have a central resourcewhere event organisers - and festivalgoers - could swap ideas and good practice.A Greener Festival grew out of thatneed and the 2005 research undertakenby one of A Greener Festival’s co-founders,Claire O’Neill, which showed that theaudience going to events was worriedabout noise, pollution, waste and increasinglygreenhouse gas emissions. Againsta background of increasing recognitionof climate change and the effect of greenhousegases on climate, and a dramaticincrease in planned legislation, we hopeto have helped music and arts festivalsaround the World promote sustainableevents and sustainable lifestyles. Lastyear 47 festivals entered our Greener FestivalAwards scheme, hundreds of festivalgoers took part in our Great Big Greenideas competition, we spoke to hundredsof event organisers at conferences andseminars around the World (Australia,Hungary, Finland, Belgium, Germany, UK)and visited a number of Universities promotingsustainable events.VIP-News: How many festivals usuallyhand in the application for the Green FestivalAward?Challis: “16 in 2007, 32 in 2008, 39 in 2009and 47 in 2010”VIP-News: Just in terms of figures, it lookslike many English festivals support theidea behind ‘Greener Festivals’. Are Englishfestival promoters and their audiencemore open minded and concerned aboutthese issues?Challis: Not really - I think it was initiallythat we launched in the UK because that iswhere we are basedVIP-News: Do you have an overview ofhow many UK-Festivals currently have anenvironmental or sustainability manager?Challis: Not exactly - its growing and festivalslike Glastonbury and organisationslike Festival Republic do have full timemembers of staff - but many small festivalsdo not. BUT - we feel it is importantfor one person to have overall responsibilityfor environmental issues - with thesupport of organisers they can make areal difference.VIP-News: Do you work together with organisationssuch as ‘Green & Clean’ orpublic institutions?Challis: Yes, we do - we work with Julie’s Bicyclein the UK and now with Green EventsGermany and the Green Music Initiative inGermany - we recently provided speakersfor the Belgian Festival’s organisation, forthe British Council in Hungary and for Finnishfestival promoters. BUT, we receive NOgovernment funding of any sort. We are‘not for profit’ and open to work with anycredible and effective partners dependingon what they want to do.”VIP-News: What else comes into your mindthat may be of interest for other people inthis industry?Challis: Maybe the work of Reverb in theUSA - on greening tours - and the originalresearch into greenhouse gas emissionsby Julies Bicycle there are links on our blogto those Challis17VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Business NewsManfred Tari mt@vip-booking.comMusic In SharesCTS Eventim Reports First Quarter Results:For CTS Eventim it is almost a shock; for years the German marketleader was able to continue to report increases in its business,but the first quarter results for 2011 (Q1-2011) were the first since2007 not to achieve this.The revenue went down 21 percent, from 127.8 million Euros inQ1-2010 to 101 million. To explain this CTS Eventim cited the deconsolidationof FKP Scorpio and temporary higher spending forlegal consultations due to the ongoing arbitration case with LiveNation, as well as additional spending for staff compensationslinked with the acquisition of See Tickets Germany in July 2010.In June 2010 CTS Eventim lowered its stake in FKP Scorpio from50.2 to 45 percent in order to avoid problems with the Germancartel office in reference to the acquisition of See Tickets Germany.This measure among others resulted in the returns for theLive Entertainment division dropping 45.9 percent from 89.1 to48.2 million Euros. The Earnings before Interests, Taxes, Depreciationand Amortisation (EBITDA) within this company segmentwent down from 11 to 4.9 million Euros, the Earnings before Interestsand Taxes (EBIT) from 10.4 to 4.4 million Euros.In the Ticketing business segment the company as usual deliveredgrowth figures. The revenue went up from 40.3 to 54.8 millionEuros, the EBITDA from 14.6 to 18.6 while the EBIT rose from13 to 16.3 million Euros.CTS Eventim’s overall company results for Q1-2011 reportedEBITDA of 23.6 million Euros compared with 25.6 million andEBIT of 20.7, up on 23.4 in the same period a year ago. For theongoing business year CTS Eventim determined to focus on internationalexpansion plans and the integration of its acquiredcompanies.On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the share went down since therelease of the business on May 16 from 48.98 to 47.60 Euro.18VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Music InSharesLive Nation increased turnoverand lowered its loss in Q1-2011First Quarter results for DEAGThe Deutsche Entertainment AGmanaged to increase its revenuein Q1-2011 from 20.5 to 24 millionEuros. The EBIT went up from 1.3 to1.6 million while the company netresult went from 0.3 up to 0.4 millionEuros. DEAG will reveal a detailedbusiness report with figuresfrom its various business divisionson May 31.DEAG announced that it expects tomaintain a positive business developmentfor the ongoing businessyear in the upcoming quarters. Earlierthis months DEAG announcedthat the company would expand itcooperation with the classical musicsinger Anna Netrebko and herpartner the singer Erwin Schrott. In2011 the company added one moreconcert with the singers on July2 in Cologne while in 2012 a tourand further open-air concerts areplanned.Live Nation has been able to increase itsrevenue result from $723.4 up to $849.4million; the company improved its resultsin every business section exceptthe management division Artist Nation.In the Concerts segment the revenuerose from $408.1 to $449.3 million,for Ticketing returns leapt up by 41.7percent from $209.1 to $296.3 million.Percentage wise the biggest growthgainer was the eCommerce division ofLive Nation, which went up 62.4 percentfrom $18.1 to $29.4 million whilethe company reported increased revenuefor its Sponsorship departmentfrom $21.2 up to $24.8 million. Only therevenue gained by Artist Nation wentdown, from $69.9 to $54.1 million.The Operating Loss lowered from $87.7to $69.0 million. The total liabilities onDecember 31 2010 were $1.474.221,on March 31 this year this figure wasat $1.825.877 billion. In the businessreport Michael Rapino commented:“Our healthy first quarter performancereflects improvement in ticket sales,solid growth in our Sponsorship andeCommerce segments and our focuson carefully managing our costs.” Regardingthe outlook Rapino said: “Inthe year ahead, we remain focused ondriving the two key parts of our businesswhich are adding content andmonetizing the event in order to growour higher margin businesses. We’recontinuing to invest in upgrading ourdigital infrastructure to improve functionalityand adding enhancements toour eCommerce platform to improveour core services for fans, artists, sportsteams and venues.”On May 5 when the business reportwas issued the share closed the marketday at $10.87 and until May 20 went upto $11.00.On May 18 when the company publishedits preliminary report theshare stood at 3.16 Euro, on May 13the share closed the trading week at3.55 Euro.Michael Rapino19VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - May 2011Financial heavyweights EnterFrench Concert Marketartist avails ››It appears that the corporatisationof the live music market in France isspeeding up. Whilst no major acquisitionsare currently to be reportedin most European live music markets,the activities of new corporateinvestors have attracted attention tothe French concert market.The French investment company FimalacDéveloppement announcedat the beginning of May that it intendsto acquire a 40 percent stakein the concert company Auguri Productions.Fimalac already owns a 40percent stake in Gilbert Coullier Productions,the French market leaderin the concert business and a 40 percentstake in Groupe Lucien Barrièrethat promotes about 2.500 showsper year via its subsidies Barrière andFouquet’s.Fimalac Développement belongs tothe holding Fimalac and is listed onthe Paris stock market Euronext. Thecompany also owns a 100 percent ofthe venue chain Vega, owners of 20concert halls, sport venues and conferencecentres. Vega is the marketleader in France within this businesssegment.Another new market entry is the LagardèreMedia Group who launcheda new division entitled LagardèreUnlimited Live Entertainment at thebeginning of April. The venture intendsto promote tours and concertsand will also hold a stake in the companythat runs the Zénith concerthall in Paris. In 2010 the LagardèreGroup returned a turnover result of7.9 billion Euros and, due to its financialstrength and media power, isconsidered by other live music participantsas a very serious player thatwill accelerate the consolidation ofthe French live music market.Also corporate players are focusingon the ticket market in France; at theend of 2010 Vivendi Universal tookover the ticketing provider Digitick.According to media reports VivendiUniversal paid 45 million Euros forthe company, supposed to be themarket leader for so-called e-tickets.In November 2010 Live Nationbought the French ticketing companyTicknet, which according tothe company is the second biggestticketing company in France. LiveNation also owns the festivals MainSquare Festival in Arras in the northof France and Garorock in Marmandein the southwest. In 2010 Garorockattracted more than 50.000 visitorsup on the 41.000 in 2009 while thesite of the Main Square Festival inthe centre of the Arras can hold upto 30.000 visitors.Dub Syndicate(feat. Adrian Sherwood and Style Scott)Territory: EuropePeriod: November - December 2011Agency: Paperclip AgencyAgent: Rob BerendsPhone: +31 24 323 9322E-mail: rob@paperclip-agency.comHomepage: www.paperclip-agency.comCIRCA(feat. Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye of YES)Territory: EuropePeriod: Summer 2011, Autumn 2011Agency: Kultopolis GmbHAgent: Markus SollnerPhone: +49 6861 939980E-mail: booking@kultopolis.comHomepage: www.kultopolis.comAnthony BTerritory: EuropePeriod: 24th of June to 23rd of July 2011Agency: MagicboxAgent: Pedro PontesPhone: +31 5 915 378 951E-mail: pedropontes@magicbox.ptHomepage: www.magicbox.ptHairballTerritory: EuropePeriod: 01/06/2011 - 31/12/2011Agency: ARM EntertainmentAgent: Dana StrutzPhone: +1 651 483 8754E-mail: ds@armentertainment.comHomepage: www.hairballonline.comWu-Tang ClanTerritory: EuropePeriod: June/JulyAgency: Paperclip Agency(in cooperation with Eva Ries Inc.)Agent: Rob BerendsPhone: +31 24 323 9322E-mail: rob@paperclip-agency.comHomepage: www.paperclip-agency.comGroove ArmadaTerritory: Europe / WorldwidePeriod: Worldwide 2011Agency: WME - William Morris EndeavorEntertainmentAgent: Steve HoganE-mail: SHogan@wmeentertainment.comHomepage: www.groovearmada.comMore Artist avails your Artist avails

VIP- News - August - May 2005 2011notice board ››Another new service in the improved and redesigned VIP-News is the Notice-board, which is available for all readers.Reader’s messages will be posted on the Notice-board as a free service, passing on announcements, job postings, buyingand selling notices, inquiries or alike. Announcements should be emailed to noticeboard@vip-booking.com3 Artists On Tour - Jose Feliciano, Alan Parsons &The Orchestra w/ f.m. ELOPlease take a moment to refer to the dates and details below for3 of our Artists:I am looking to surround the following 1 date for:JOSE FELICIANO & Band• Hasselt, Belgium on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011(Exclusive Belgium Appearance)The Artist is OPEN and LOOKING FOR OFFERS for the 3 or 4 days infront-of, and the 3 or 4 days in back-of August 14th.For additional information please visit: Jose am looking to surround the following 3 dates for:ALAN PARSONS ‘LIVE’ PROJECT• Motril, Spain on Friday, Aug. 5, 2011• Gibraltar, on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011• Zofingen, Switzerland on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011The Artist is OPEN and LOOKING FOR OFFERS for the followingdates in August:• Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011• Monday, Aug. 8, 2011• Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011• Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011• Friday, Aug. 12, 2011• Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011• Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011For additional information please visit: Alan Parsons ‘Live’ ORCHESTRA starring ELO former membersI am looking to surround the following date for:THE ORCHESTRA starring ELO former members• Uffenheim, Germany on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2011• Linz, Austria on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011The Artist is OPEN and LOOKING FOR OFFERS for the followingdates in July and August:• Friday, Jul. 29, 2011• Saturday, Jul. 30, 2011• Sunday, Jul. 31, 2011• Monday, Aug. 1, 2011• Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011• Friday, Aug. 19, 2011• Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011• Monday, Aug. 22, 2011For additional information please visit: THE ORCHESTRA starringELO former Regards,JOYCE MAKINAJIANExecutive Assistant to Mr. John RegnaManager of Jose Feliciano, Alan Parsons and The OrchestraWORLD ENTERTAINMENT ASSOCIATES of AMERICA, Inc.JOSE FELICIANO & BandTelephone: (407) 993 - 4000 Ext. 101Fax: (407) 993 - 4444Cellular: (201) 394 - 8229E-mail: Joyce.Makinajian@WorldEntertainment.net21VIP-BOOKING.COM

VIP- News - August - May 2005 2011Monthly featured Artist ››Black CirclesOrigin:EnglandStyle:Alternative rockTour period: -Territory: -Agency: -Name:Dave WilliamsEmail:blackcirclesbooking@gmail.comWebsite: Circles are a power-trioBlack Circles are a power-trio with experience in their ranks anda gloriously melodic heavy sound. Frontman Dan and bass playerMayumi cut their teeth in previous bands before fate broughtthem together. In 2010 they recruited drummer Tris and self-releasedtheir debut single “Little Girl” (iTunes/Aug 2010), pickingup reviews in Japanese and UK press (Classic Rock Magazine). Itwas also played on BBC Kent Introducing and further afield in LA.With a busy festival season ahead (The Great Escape) and a videoby Crossroad Films, there is no doubt Black Circles are a force tobe reckoned with.Looking for:Management, Festival / Tours, Record Label, Booking AgentBlack Circles22The VIP-Booking European Live Entertainment BookAdvertising in the VIP Book will make you visible to 10.000 businessprofessionals all over Europe. You will find no better place to expose yourcompany to the whole European Live Entertainment Industry.›› Reserve your ad now on

VIP- News - May 2011Member presentation ››In this section we offer members of some space to present their company to VIP-News readers.If you would also like to present your company please contact Peter Briggs at pb@vip-booking.comRWE Arena Mülheim an der RuhrRWE Halle - a multi functional Venue focused in Concerts, Galas,Conferences & Sport Events offering a perfect service to visitors,Artists and Promoters.In the Heart of Germany with best infrastructure and Cities aroundlike Duisburg, Essen, Oberhausen, Cologne and Düsseldorf - 15million people catchment area.Capacity from 1000 to 4000, seated 3500 and 3 variable Tribunesgives multiple potentialities.Some Facts and services we offer:- Large Foyer incl. separate Ticket Entries, Bars, Guest Wardrobesand culinary offers- Luxury VIP Lounge- 3 tiers variable to use- Externally roofed huge Terrace- Close to City Centre and Central Station & Airport- 14 Wardrobes incl. Showers and Lounge Furniture- Sauna area- Weight & Sport room- Production Offices incl. LAN, ISDN & Fax, WLAN all over theVenue- Press & Conference & Catering Rooms- Short distance (under 10 meter) from Loading Dock to Stageground level- Bus and Tram stations named “RWE HALLE” are immediatelyoutside the VenueShowbiz-Management & Booking Agency is the exclusive Marketer& tenant for the RWE Halle - 45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr -GermanyAll kind of booking enquiries could be sent by e-mail to:rwe-halle@showbiz-management.comRWE ArenaAbout Our CompanyVIP-Booking’s core product is the Internet’s oldest and largest databasefor the European Live Entertainment Industry as a tool for industry professionals. Since it’slaunch in the year 2000, we have consistently offered our subscribersthe very best in database services and now boast subscribers inover 30 countries.Today VIP-Booking offers a range of tools for the industry – includingVIP-News, VIP-Booking, VIP-Book and VIP-Contract.Please visit for further information.Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.®vip-booking.com23VIP-BOOKING.COMVIP-BOOKING.COM | 145-157 St John Street | UK - London Ec1V 4PW | Phone +44 870 755 0092 | Fax +44 870 622 1953 | e-mail: vip@vip-booking.comVIP-BOOKING.COM

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