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Highest paid barristers and solicitors firms in 2005-06 - Families Link ...

Highest paid barristers and solicitors firms in 2005-06 - Families Link ...


Highest Paid Barristers - Criminal Defence Service2005-06 Balbir Singh £1,116,000Nigel Lithman Q.C. £978,000John C Rees Q.C. £947,000Oliver Blunt Q.C. £913,000Andrew Trollope Q.C. £889,000William Clegg Q.C. £849,000James Sturman Q.C. £765,000Howard Godfrey Q.C. £733,000Abbas Lakha Q.C. £706,000Stephan Riordan Q.C. £699,000Highest Paid Barristers - Community Legal Service2005-06 Elizabeth Gumbel, Q.C. £493,000Jeremy Rosenblatt £492,000Sally Bradley Q.C. £422,000Stephen Knafler £401,000Anthony Hayden Q.C. £377,000Paul Storey Q.C. £373,000Eleanor Hamilton Q.C. £371,000John Godfrey £371,000Michael Keehan £312,000Marcus Scott-Manderson £306,000These figures must be interpreted carefully and do not represent the personal earnings of theindividuals listed in any one year. There are a number of reasons for this.1. The amounts paid to each barrister listed represent payments for work covering manyyears, for a variety of cases. The amount an individual receives in any year fluctuateswidely, and is to a large extent due to the variety of payment processes and schemesused by the Legal Services Commission and the Courts.

2. All the figures listed are inclusive of VAT (17.5 per cent.) as paid, and disbursementsincurred (e.g. travelling). Individuals must pay that VAT to HM Revenue & Customs.3. Barristers pay a percentage of their fees towards professional overheads. Additionally,barristers face the same expenses as any other self employed person, including incometax and National Insurance contributions.A number of other qualifications need to be added to these figures.1. Payments are made after claims are carefully scrutinised by the Legal ServicesCommission or the Courts, and where necessary adjusted. The Legal ServicesCommission and the Courts may make payments many years after cases conclude.2. While these figures represent gross payments actually made to the barristers during theyear, some of those monies have been (or may in the future be) repaid to the CommunityLegal Service Fund by other parties. This will happen in cases where the legally aidedparty wins the case and recovers costs from the opponent. Once those costs arerecovered the legally aided party's solicitor refunds some or all of the money to the CLSFund. As a consequence the figures may not reflect the actual cost of the barristers' feesto the Fund. In some cases where costs are recovered from the losing party the actualcost to the CLS Fund may be very little or even nothing.3. Not all payments could be verified with all the individuals concerned. Cases in dispute,where amounts listed as being paid to individual barristers were identified from recordsheld by the Department and the Legal Services Commission, and the practitioner has nosuch record, have been included. Where possible, amounts have been verified bypractitioners and adjusted where necessary.4. For the CDS, not all payments are recorded centrally in a way that can be attributed to abarrister. Also not all payments made to barristers are recorded in the database used tocompile the list. These include manual legal aid payments and a small number of billspaid on account and payments made in the high court. Therefore, it is possible that thelist could change in future following the inclusion of such payments in light of furtherinformation and subsequent verification.

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