Pesticides and IPM Concepts - Sarasota County Extension
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Pesticides and IPM Concepts - Sarasota County Extension

A Discussion ofPesticides Environmentand IPM ConceptsPesticide Safety for the SmallFarmerRobert D. HalmanCED & Ag AgentCollier County UF/IFAS Extension

PesticidesWhat are they??

Pest ManagementControl vs. Elimination

Know Your PestKnow the “Best” Way toControl It

Types of pests- Identification

Types of Pesticides• General Use• Restricted UsePesticides

Pesticides work accordingTheir effect on the target pest:• Stomach poison- Contact Poison• Fumigants, Pheromones• Systemic sterilants• Anticoagulants• Plant growth regulators• Defoliants• Desiccants

Chemical Pesticides• Organophosphates• Carbamates• Organochlorine• Pyrethroids

Formulations• Aerosols• Emulsifiable Concentrates• Flowables• Wettable &soluble powders• Granules• Dusts• Poisonous baits• Fumigants• Misc. formulations

Biopesticides• Microbial• Plant IncorporatedProtectants (PIP)• Biochemical•

Pest Control Management is aMatter of Timing

“Fighting Smarter”IntegratedPestManagement

Read the Label!!!

Know yourpests!!Pests vs. Predators

Pesticide Safety:What are we doing thisfor?

Who’s Got Questions ???

Fun Fact• Medical Studiesindicate that mostpeople suffer a 68%hearing loss whennaked

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