Helping your child Get ready for French Immersion - TFO

Helping your child Get ready for French Immersion - TFO

Fall 2011

Helping your child

Get ready for

French Immersion

Fun learning activities in French

for your child and you

Marianne and Dino

Online activities in French at

TV programs in French for 2-to-6-year-olds

starting at 6 am every day.

You‛re a big kid now, and you‛re going to school!

You‛re going to learn all kinds of things like how to

count and how to draw! You‛ll sing songs, and you‛ll

hear stories that will make you laugh! And you‛re going

to be doing it in French!

To help you get a head start with your French, take

a look at fun activities you‛ll really like.

Marianne and Dino

You have just enrolled your child in a

kindergarten or Grade 1 French-immersion

program. TFO MediaGroup Educational Services

produces and distributes French-language

educational and cultural plurimedia content.

We are pleased to offer you fun activities that

take a practical approach to learning and are designed

especially for children entering kindergarten or Grade 1.

TFO can be a great partner in your child’s education and development.

You can also contribute to our educational and cultural content by

becoming a member of TFO.

At TFO, your child’s success is important to us!

Caroline Paris

Director of Communications, TFO MediaGroup

Online educational activities at

Au jardin enchanté de Pouce-vert

(Green Thumb’s enchanted garden)

Pouce-vert invites his friends into his

enchanted garden to learn new

vocabulary words. This activity develops

attention, dexterity, memory and other



Children join Manon and her farm-animal

friends to play simple games at her pond, in

her garden, and at her house. This activity

develops attention, dexterity, and memory.

Nelly & César

This activity includes puzzles and

games to develop attention (find

the hidden animals), a sense of

logic, and dexterity (avoiding

obstacles while riding a bike).

Videos of Nelly & César are also

available online.

Le grenier de Bisou (Bisou’s Attic)

Bisou helps young children to explore their everyday

lives and the world around them. In the process, they

count, learn the alphabet, acquire new vocabulary,

and develop their visual memory.

Les tranches font la paire

(Two Slices Make a Pair)

Madame Tranche de Pain prepares a

delicious sandwich, and children help

her to find the ingredients!


Wumpa the Walrus invites children to

explore the Arctic and its ice sheet!

Le château magique

(The Toy Castle)

As they explore the toy castle, young

children find games that help them

to learn the letters of the alphabet,

numbers, sounds and music, dance

steps, and colours.

Les dessins-mystères de Méli-Fleur

(Méli-Fleur’s Mystery Drawings)

This activity helps children to

develop hand-eye co-ordination

by using their computer mouse to

connect the dots.

Online interactive reading at

Carmen à la Campagne (Carmen in the Country)

Carmen reads stories to children while they follow

in her interactive books.

L’histoire du petit Poupouyaki (The Story of Little Poupouyaki)

Children turn the pages and listen to the story of Poupouyaki. On

each page, they can click a little picture of the Poupouyaki holding a

pencil, then play games where they answer questions to see if they

understand the story.

Léonard le canard (Leonard the Duck)

Children listen to the story of Leonard the Duck and develop their

vocabulary by following the words and answering questions.

TFO, the favourite French-language

destination for parents and children

Children‛s TV personalities who are

creative, endearing, and fun

Marianne and Dino of

Mini TFO keep children

company with fun TV

programming all day


Mini TFO is a Frenchlanguage


universe where children feel at home and

develop their identity through games and all

kinds of exploration.

Your 2-to-6-year-olds will also find all their

favourite French-speaking characters on TFO:

Wonder Choux (Wonder Pets), Caillou, Le

Dino train (Dinosaur Train), Thomas le petit

train (Thomas the Tank Engine), Sid le petit

scientifique (Sid the Science Kid), and many



The favorite

French-language destination

for parents

and children!

Visit us on Facebook and YouTube too.

TFO wants to help your little

ones get off to a good start

at school. But we can’t do it

without you.

Become a member at:


Producer and distributor of French-language educational and cultural plurimedia content

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