1st Quarter 2010 - mahle

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1st Quarter 2010 - mahle

such as good prospects for the agricultural crop with growth of graintransportation in the country, investments in infrastructure due to the GDPgrowth, the Truck Drivers Financing Program with interest rate at 4.5%per year until 12/31/2010, and the Program for Investment Maintenance(PSI) of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES).Vehicle importsThe imported vehicles market continued to exhibit a strong growth, drivenby a heated domestic market and favorable exchange rates. The vehicleimports in the first quarter totaled 141.6 thousand units, a growth of 35.4%in relation to the same quarter of 2009. The sales of imported lightvehicles represented 18.8% of the total sales (16.2% in the first quarter of2009).Vehicle exportsThere are signs of recovery in some major export markets, such asArgentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico, although lower than thelevels recorded in previous years. In the first quarter, vehicle exports (inunits) increased by 82.7%, representing 85.1% for light vehicles, 37.8%for trucks and 55.9% for buses as compared to the disappointingperformance for the same period of 2009.Vehicle productionThe vehicle production (light vehicles, trucks and buses) in the firstquarter was 826.7 thousand units, representing an increase of 24.4% overthe same quarter of the previous year, due to the recovery of sales in bothdomestic and export markets. In March, the production showed increasesof 32.5% and 34.6%, respectively, when compared to the immediatelyprevious months due to a significant increase in domestic sales, aspreviously mentioned.7/9



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