CASTRO - Locarno Film Festival
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CASTRO - Locarno Film Festival

CASTRO runs. He has left his life behind, and survivesby hiding in a room on a small city. He is basicallyalone… but someone has appeared in his life: Celia.She is young, beautiful, and (sometimes) cruel.

SINOPSISCASTRO runs. He has left his life behind, and survives by hiding ina room on a small city. He is basically alone… but someone hasappeared in his life: Celia. She is young, beautiful, and (sometimes)cruel.Celia and Castro survive together without a job nor money. Wecould say that they love each other. One day they abandon thesmall city and head to the Capital, in search of a new shelter, whereCastro starts looking for a job. He finds out that making a living issynonym of wasting it.Meanwhile, the couple is followed by a complot, each one fordifferent reasons: Castro’s former teacher, Samuel, because heneeds him; his ex, Rebecca Thompson, because he love him; Willythe cynical, because of unclear reasons; and the misfortune Acuña,because he is being paid to find Castro.At some moment, the complot catches up with Castro and Celia.At some moment, Castro finds a job and abandons Celia. At somemoment, the complot finds Celia on a pension she used to sharewith Castro. At some moment, Castro steals his followers’ vehicle.At some time, everything (the ones that follow, the ones beingfollowed, their strategies and reasons) tends towards confusion.Castro runs again, but this time he disappears forever.

MARIANOLLINÁSPRODUCTORMariano Llinás was born in Buenos Aires in 1975. He studiedat the Film University, where he now teaches. Between 2001and 2002 he was in charge of the newscast at the BuenosAires Independent Film Festival. In 2003 he co-founded ElPampero Cine, with which he produced El Amor PrimeraParte, Opus, and the collective show “New Argentine SilentFilm,” comprised by three short films by AgustinMendilaharzu, Ignacio Masllorens, and Llinás himself.His work as a director starts with the documentary Balnearios(2002), which was screened for a number of months atMALBA museum in Buenos Aires. He then directed anotherfilm called La más bella niña (2004), and co-directed thedocumentary El Humor (Pequña Enciclopedia Ilustrada),which portrayed eleven comic strip illustrators.He also developed a series of documentaries for MalbaMuseum on influential artists such as: Paul Auster, GuillermoKuitca, Chantal Ackerman, Alex de la Iglesia, and ArturoRipstein.“Historias Extraordinarias” is the most recent of his films.

COSTAFILMSPRODUCTORESCosta Films is a company created with the purpose of producingand financing high-quality Latin American films. The LatinAmerican Film Co., the result of our partnership with TheWeinstein Company, is our main vehicle to reach globalmarkets, as well as acquiring acclaimed titles from renownedfilmmakers from around the world for distribution in our region.With a strong awareness towards the changing medialandscape and emerging markets, Costa Films is alwaysexploring new business opportunities. Our growing interest ininternet-based distribution, led us to partner and, an innovative online platform that will host acurated library with the best cinema from around the world.Driven by our passion for the arts, Costa Films is also producinga slate of independent films from avant-garde filmmakers, aswell as sponsoring non-for profit cultural activities through MalbaMuseum in Buenos Aires.Stephen Frear’s The Queen was TLAFCo’s first acquisition fordistribution in Latin America. The film was awarded with anOscar (Helen Mirren), and was very well received by audiences.Costa Films’ first co-production was Tropa de Elite, (Directed byJose Padhila), which was the 2007 highest grossing film inBrazil (2.5 M admissions) and was awarded the 2008 GoldenBear at the Berlin Film Festval.Costa Films’ second co-production, The Burning Plain, writtenand directed by Guillermo Arriaga and starring Charlize Theronand Kim Basinger will be in Official Competition at the 65 VeniceFilm Festival.






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