RPQuiz List Report Preview - School District of Waupaca

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RPQuiz List Report Preview - School District of Waupaca

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 1Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction18388 N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims Robert D. San Souci MG 6.6 0.5 English Fiction17549 Nadarín Leo Lionni LG 2.9 0.5 Spanish Fiction129832 The Name Game: A Look Behind Donna the Labels M. Jackson MG 7.1 2.0 English Nonfiction15821 The Name of the Game Was Murder Joan Lowery Nixon UG 5.5 7.0 English Fiction118321 The Name of This Book Is Secret Pseudonymous Bosch MG 5.6 9.0 English Fiction125531 Name That Style: All about Isms Bob in Art Raczka MG 5.7 1.0 English Nonfiction67384 The Named Marianne Curley UG 5.3 13.0 English Fiction80299 Naming Maya Uma Krishnaswami MG 4.4 5.0 English Fiction89071 The Naming Alison Croggon MG 6.3 24.0 English Fiction34815 Nancy & Plum Betty MacDonald MG 5.5 8.0 English Fiction5634 Nancy's Mysterious Letter Carolyn Keene MG 4.9 5.0 English Fiction132551 Napoleon: Emperor and ConquerorKimberley Heuston MG 7.1 2.0 English Nonfiction10789 Nasty, Stinky Sneakers Eve Bunting MG 3.3 2.0 English Fiction119036 Nat Love Deborah Underwood MG 4.6 1.0 English Nonfiction104717 Natalie's Secret Melissa J. Morgan MG 4.9 5.0 English Fiction330 Nate the Great Marjorie Weinman Sharmat LG 2.0 0.5 English Fiction1255 Nate the Great and the boring Beach Marjorie BagSharmat 2.0 0.5 English Fiction1256 Nate the Great and the Lost List Marjoire Sharmat 2.4 0.5 English Fiction904 Nate the Great and the Sticky Case Marjorie Sharmat LG 2.3 0.5 English Fiction1253 Nate the Great and the Stolen Base Marjorie Sharmat LG 2.0 0.5 English Fiction125322 Nation Terry Pratchett MG 5.2 16.0 English Fiction8479 A Nation Torn Delia Ray UG 8.1 3.0 English Nonfiction87008 National Geographic Prehistoric Mammals Alan Turner MG 9.0 5.0 English Nonfiction19771 Natural Enemies Carolyn Keene MG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction60796 Navajo Long Walk: The Tragic Story...March Joseph Bruchac from Their Homeland MG 7.1 1.0 English Nonfiction69193 Navy Seals: Special Operations for Simone the U.S. Payment Navy MG 6.7 1.0 English Nonfiction4892 The Nazis Seize Power, 1933-1941 Stuart (Holocaust) A. Kallen UG 6.2 1.0 English Nonfiction118411 The NBA Michael De Medeiros MG 5.6 1.0 English Nonfiction121305 Neandertals: A Prehistoric PuzzleYvette La Pierre MG 8.7 3.0 English Nonfiction68984 Necessary Noise: Stories About Our Michael Families Cartas They Really UG Are 5.1 6.0 English Fiction137662 The Necromancer: The Secrets of Michael the Immortal ScottNicholas Flamel MG 5.6 13.0 English Fiction130733 Necropolis Anthony Horowitz MG 5.1 16.0 English Fiction114313 The Neddiad: How Neddie Took the Daniel Train...and Pinkwater Saved Civilization MG 5.1 8.0 English Fiction109534 The Neighborhood Stink Dave Keane LG 5.3 2.0 English Fiction130901 Neil Armstrong Is My Uncle...Lies Nan Muscle Marino Man McGinty Told MG Me 4.1 4.0 English Fiction19831 Neil Armstrong: Young Flyer Montrew Dunham MG 5.7 4.0 English Fiction136725 Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders Kevin Sylvester MG 4.9 9.0 English Fiction6621 Nekomah Creek Linda Crew MG 3.9 5.0 English Fiction28271 Nellie L. Connie Brummel Crook UG 5.5 9.0 English Fiction28272 Nellie's Quest Connie Brummel Crook UG 5.1 7.0 English Fiction139665 NERDS: M Is for Mama's Boy Michael Buckley MG 5.3 7.0 English Fiction134181 NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, Michael and Buckley Defense SocietyMG 5.3 9.0 English Fiction59252 Nerilka's Story Anne McCaffrey UG 7.3 7.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 2Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction41087 Net Force Clancy/Pieczenik UG 5.8 16.0 English Fiction16984 Never Cry "Arp!" and Other Great Patrick Adventures F. McManus MG 5.5 4.0 English Fiction103127 Never Do Anything, Ever: by Jamie Jim Kelly Benton MG 5.7 2.0 English Fiction78562 Never Mind! A Twin Novel Avi MG 3.6 5.0 English Fiction5716 Never Say Die Carolyn Keene MG 3.9 4.0 English Fiction10906 Never Say Quit Bill Wallace MG 4.1 5.0 English Fiction110018 Never to Be Told Becky Citra MG 4.9 7.0 English Fiction32500 Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings Dan Greenburg LG 3.0 1.0 English Fiction31648 Never Trust a Dead Man Vivian Vande Velde UG 5.6 7.0 English Fiction70165 The Never War D.J. MacHale MG 4.4 14.0 English Fiction15578 The Neverending Story Michael Ende UG 5.9 18.0 English Fiction113524 The New and Improved Vivien Leigh Yvonne Reid: Collins Diva in ControlUG 5.0 10.0 English Fiction917 The New Baby Mercer Mayer 2.0 0.5 English8234 The New Boy R.L. Stine UG 3.7 4.0 English Fiction18734 New Dawn on Rocky Ridge Roger Lea MacBride MG 5.3 9.0 English Fiction1141 A New Fear R.L. Stine 4.4 4.0 English81082 New Found Land: Lewis and Clark's Allan Voyage Wolf of Discovery UG 5.5 13.0 English Fiction8235 The New Girl R.L. Stine UG 5.3 5.0 English Fiction126406 The New Girl Meg Cabot MG 5.2 6.0 English Fiction119768 The New Girl Nancy Krulik MG 4.3 3.0 English Fiction7142 The New, Improved Gretchen Hubbard Ilene Cooper MG 4.2 5.0 English Fiction108713 New Moon Stephenie Meyer UG 4.7 20.0 English Fiction112354 The New Policeman Kate Thompson MG 5.1 8.0 English Fiction103040 New Spring: The Novel Robert Jordan UG 6.8 20.0 English Fiction1021 New World Gillian Cross 5.5 7.0 English117902 New World Monkeys Melissa Stewart MG 5.9 1.0 English Nonfiction9886 New Year's Evil Carolyn Keene MG 4.9 6.0 English Fiction1039 The New Year's Party R. L. Stine 4.4 4.0 English19396 New York, New York! Ann M. Martin MG 3.8 5.0 English Fiction129895 News for Dogs Lois Duncan MG 5.4 6.0 English Fiction132650 Newsgirl Liza Ketchum MG 4.3 10.0 English Fiction132599 The Nexi Robot Toney Allman MG 5.5 1.0 English Nonfiction6622 Next-Door Neighbors Sarah Ellis MG 4.6 5.0 English Fiction80078 Next Stop Neptune: Experiencing Alvin the Solar Jenkins System MG 6.5 1.0 English Nonfiction70566 Niagara Falls, or Does It? Henry Winkler MG 4.3 3.0 English Fiction123308 Nick of Time: An Adventure Through Ted Time Bell MG 6.3 19.0 English Fiction104012 Nicola and the Viscount Meg Cabot UG 6.8 10.0 English Fiction122318 Nigeria Bridget Giles MG 7.0 1.0 English Nonfiction5279 Night Elie Wiesel UG 4.8 4.0 English Nonfiction377 Night Cry Phyllis Reynolds Naylor MG 5.4 6.0 English Fiction34692 The Night Flyers Elizabeth McDavid JonesMG 5.0 5.0 English Fiction44715 Night Flying Rita Murphy UG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction83430 Night Games R.L. Stine MG 3.0 3.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 3Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction85440 Night Gate Isobelle Carmody MG 5.6 11.0 English Fiction40657 Night Hoops Carl Deuker UG 4.5 8.0 English Fiction78556 The Night I Flunked My Field TripHenry Winkler MG 4.2 4.0 English Fiction9617 A Night in Terror Tower R.L. Stine MG 3.5 3.0 English Fiction33508 The Night Is for Hunting John Marsden UG 5.7 12.0 English Fiction5032 The Night Journey Kathryn Lasky MG 5.3 5.0 English Fiction27941 Night Journeys Avi MG 4.9 4.0 English Fiction5280 Night Kites M.E. Kerr UG 4.3 6.0 English Fiction10866 Night Mare Piers Anthony UG 6.7 18.0 English Fiction41088 Night Moves Clancy/Pieczenik UG 5.7 15.0 English Fiction17175 Night of Fire and Blood (Pacemaker) Leo P. Kelley UG 2.8 1.0 English Fiction57139 Night of the Bat Paul Zindel MG 5.4 3.0 English Fiction119520 Night of the Creepy Things R.L. Stine MG 3.3 1.0 English Fiction116706 Night of the Howling Dogs Graham Salisbury MG 3.5 5.0 English Fiction9618 Night of the Living Dummy R.L. Stine MG 3.7 3.0 English Fiction14955 Night of the Living Dummy II R.L. Stine MG 3.1 3.0 English Fiction14956 Night of the Living Dummy III R.L. Stine MG 3.2 3.0 English Fiction53492 Night of the Living Gerbil Elizabeth Levy LG 3.8 1.0 English Fiction105864 Night of the New Magicians Mary Pope Osborne LG 4.0 2.0 English Fiction10680 Night of the Ninjas Mary Pope Osborne LG 2.7 1.0 English Fiction118249 Night of the Soul Stealer Joseph Delaney MG 5.5 13.0 English Fiction628 Night of the Twisters Ivy Ruckman MG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction25441 Night of the Vampire Christopher Pike MG 4.4 3.0 English Fiction6825 Night of the Werewolf Franklin W. Dixon MG 6.1 6.0 English Fiction1038 The Night Room E. M. Goldman 5.7 6.0 English378 The Night Swimmers Betsy Byars MG 4.3 3.0 English Fiction11727 Night Terrors Jim Murphy UG 5.2 6.0 English Fiction15812 Night Terrors M.C. Sumner UG 4.4 7.0 English Fiction7191 The Night the Bells Rang Natalie Kinsey-Warnock MG 4.8 1.0 English Fiction14967 The Night the Heads Came William Sleator MG 4.8 5.0 English Fiction70141 The Night the Martians Landed Kathleen Krull MG 6.7 1.0 English Nonfiction32511 The Night the White Deer Died Gary Paulsen MG 5.7 3.0 English Fiction6675 The Night the Whole Class Slept Stella Over Pevsner MG 5.3 5.0 English Fiction541 A Night to Remember Walter Lord UG 7.0 8.0 English Nonfiction118779 The Night Tourist Katherine Marsh MG 4.8 7.0 English Fiction141174 Night Whispers Erin Hunter MG 4.0 9.0 English Fiction131140 Night Wings Joseph Bruchac MG 5.7 6.0 English Fiction9638 A Night Without Stars James Howe MG 3.9 5.0 English Fiction23350 Nightbirds on Nantucket Joan Aiken UG 5.8 8.0 English Fiction67028 Nightfather Carl Friedman UG 4.8 3.0 English Fiction9993 Nightjohn Gary Paulsen MG 3.8 1.0 English Fiction6935 Nightmare Willo Davis Roberts UG 5.7 9.0 English Fiction71685 Nightmare Joan Lowery Nixon UG 4.9 6.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 4Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction119224 Nightmare Academy/Monster Hunters Dean Lorey MG 5.3 9.0 English Fiction17166 Nightmare at Danger Island Eric Mann UG 3.5 1.0 English Fiction1019 Nightmare Hall Last Breath Diane Hoh 7.0 4.0 English1005 Nightmare Hall Monster Diane Hoh 7.0 5.0 English1055 Nightmare Hall, The Experiment Diane Hoh 7.0 5.0 English1056 Nightmare Hall, The Vampire's Kiss Diane Hoh 7.0 5.0 English2501 Nightmare Hour R.L. Stine MG 3.5 4.0 English Fiction21729 Nightmare in 3-D Gloria Hatrick MG 3.0 3.0 English Fiction5769 Nightmare in Angel City Franklin W. Dixon MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction9887 Nightmare Inn T.S. Rue MG 4.0 5.0 English Fiction16681 The Nightmare Machine John Whitman MG 4.7 3.0 English Fiction6989 Nightmare Mountain Peg Kehret UG 4.6 5.0 English Fiction1012 Nightmre Hall-Deadly Attraction Diane Hoh 7.0 6.0 English114461 Nightrise Anthony Horowitz MG 4.7 15.0 English Fiction66159 Nights in Rodanthe Nicholas Sparks UG 6.1 8.0 English Fiction18779 Nightwalkers Judy K. Morris MG 4.5 4.0 English Fiction282 Nighty-Nightmare James Howe MG 4.2 2.0 English Fiction84376 Nine Days a Queen: The Short Life Ann and Rinaldi Reign of Lady Jane MG Grey 4.5 5.0 English Fiction28505 Nine Man Tree Robert Newton Peck UG 4.8 4.0 English Fiction120609 Ninja Jim Ollhoff MG 6.2 1.0 English Nonfiction71431 Ninjas, Piranhas, and Galileo Greg Leitich Smith MG 5.2 5.0 English Fiction17511 El niño que no creía en la primavera Lucille Clifton LG 3.3 0.5 Spanish Fiction122154 Ninth Grade Slays Heather Brewer MG 5.3 9.0 English Fiction67029 Ninth Key Jenny Carroll UG 5.0 8.0 English Fiction117965 The Nixie's Song Tony DiTerlizzi MG 4.2 2.0 English Fiction11430 No Arm in Left Field Matt Christopher MG 4.3 2.0 English Fiction8699 No Boys Allowed Marilyn Levinson MG 4.3 5.0 English Fiction118318 No Castles Here A.C.E. Bauer MG 4.4 7.0 English Fiction6338 No Coins, Please Gordon Korman MG 5.1 6.0 English Fiction122325 No Cream Puffs Karen Day MG 3.4 7.0 English Fiction78892 No Dogs Allowed! Bill Wallace MG 3.7 5.0 English Fiction12466 No Effect Daniel Hayes MG 5.2 9.0 English Fiction129525 No Girls Allowed (Dogs Okay) Trudi Trueit LG 3.2 2.0 English Fiction11283 No Laughing Matter Carolyn Keene MG 5.3 5.0 English Fiction129231 No Limits: The Will to Succeed Michael Phelps UG 6.3 12.0 English Nonfiction11326 No Mercy Franklin W. Dixon MG 5.4 5.0 English Fiction48259 No More Dead Dogs Gordon Korman MG 4.5 5.0 English Fiction49719 No More Dodos: How Zoos Help Endangered Nicholas/Theodore WildlifeNirgiotisUG 9.0 4.0 English Nonfiction919 No More Monsters for Me! Peggy Parish 2.0 0.5 English Fiction59485 No More! Stories and Songs of Slave Doreen Resistance Rappaport MG 5.6 1.0 English Fiction8481 No Place to Be: Voices of Homeless Judith Children Berck UG 6.4 4.0 English Nonfiction34774 No Pretty Pictures: A Child of WarAnita Lobel UG 5.0 8.0 English Nonfiction5281 No Promises in the Wind Irene Hunt UG 5.6 8.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 5Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction68033 No Small Thing Natale Ghent MG 4.6 7.0 English Fiction139516 No Such Thing as Dragons Philip Reeve MG 6.0 6.0 English Fiction115396 No Talking Andrew Clements MG 5.0 4.0 English Fiction18825 No Time to Cry Lurlene McDaniel UG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction55299 No Time to Die Elizabeth Chandler UG 5.3 7.0 English Fiction29343 No Turning Back Beverley Naidoo MG 5.1 6.0 English Fiction11327 No Way Out Franklin W. Dixon MG 5.0 5.0 English Fiction31391 No Way Out Ivy Ruckman UG 4.8 6.0 English Fiction73216 The Nobel Book of Answers Bettina Stiekel UG 8.0 8.0 English Nonfiction6676 Nobodies & Somebodies Doris Orgel MG 3.6 4.0 English Fiction88658 The Nobodies N.E. Bode MG 4.4 7.0 English Fiction31876 Nobody Else Has to Know Ingrid Tomey UG 4.3 8.0 English Fiction11284 Nobody's Business Carolyn Keene MG 5.1 5.0 English Fiction114407 Nobody's Princess Esther Friesner MG 5.8 11.0 English Fiction122301 Nobody's Prize Esther Friesner MG 5.6 11.0 English Fiction43263 Nobody's There Joan Lowery Nixon UG 5.0 7.0 English Fiction80290 Nobody Was Here: 7th Grade in the Alison Life Pollet of Me, PenelopeMG 5.5 7.0 English Fiction18319 La Nochebuena James Rice LG 2.1 0.5 Spanish Fiction77149 Nonmetals (Material Matters) Carol Baldwin MG 6.3 1.0 English Nonfiction239 The Noonday Friends Mary Stolz MG 4.8 6.0 English Fiction138277 Noonie's Masterpiece Lisa Railsback MG 4.3 3.0 English Fiction10911 Nora: Maybe a Ghost Story Constance C. Greene MG 4.2 4.0 English Fiction78679 North Donna Jo Napoli MG 4.0 9.0 English Fiction25252 North American Wolves (Nature Watch) Barbara K. Parker MG 6.2 1.0 English Nonfiction629 North to Freedom Anne Holm MG 5.7 9.0 English Fiction120762 Northlander Meg Burden MG 4.9 11.0 English Fiction135537 Northward to the Moon Polly Horvath MG 4.6 6.0 English Fiction36700 Nory Ryan's Song Patricia Reilly Giff MG 4.3 5.0 English Fiction51706 A Nose for Adventure Richard Scrimger MG 3.3 5.0 English Fiction8930 A Nose for Trouble Jim Kjelgaard MG 5.3 7.0 English Fiction20479 The Nose from Jupiter Richard Scrimger MG 3.6 5.0 English Fiction65155 Noses Are Red Richard Scrimger MG 3.2 6.0 English Fiction32160 Not Just a Summer Crush C.S. Adler MG 4.4 3.0 English Fiction67496 Not Just a Witch Eva Ibbotson MG 5.6 6.0 English Fiction240 The Not-Just-Anybody Family Betsy Byars MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction73393 Not Quite a Stranger Colby Rodowsky MG 5.3 6.0 English Fiction8542 The Not-So-Jolly Roger Jon Scieszka MG 3.8 1.0 English Fiction88383 Notebook for Fantastical Observations Tony DiTerlizzi MG 4.9 1.0 English Fiction34771 The Notebook Nicholas Sparks UG 5.5 8.0 English Fiction116707 Notes for a War Story Gipi UG 2.7 1.0 English Fiction48680 Notes from a Liar and Her Dog Gennifer Choldenko MG 3.8 7.0 English Fiction139982 Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire Tim Collins MG 6.7 6.0 English Fiction131462 Notes from the Dog Gary Paulsen MG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 6Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction73837 Nothin' but Net Paul Mantell MG 4.9 4.0 English Fiction6432 Nothing but Net Dean Hughes LG 3.8 2.0 English Fiction7014 Nothing But the Truth Avi UG 3.6 4.0 English Fiction11431 Nothing But Trouble Betty Ren Wright MG 4.2 2.0 English Fiction14536 Nothing Grows Here Jean Thesman MG 4.2 6.0 English Fiction185 Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade Barthe DeClements MG 3.7 4.0 English Fiction10135 Nothing to Do but Stay Carrie Young UG 7.0 6.0 English Nonfiction5975 Nothing to Fear Jackie French Koller UG 4.2 8.0 English Fiction16682 Nova Command Brad/Barbara Strickland MG 5.6 4.0 English Fiction32553 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Lurlene McDaniel UG 4.7 5.0 English Fiction7015 Now Is Your Time! Walter Dean Myers UG 8.3 9.0 English Nonfiction104300 Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva Yvonne in Training Collins MG 4.8 10.0 English Fiction83181 Now You See It... Vivian Vande Velde UG 6.1 8.0 English Fiction32504 Now You See Me...Now You Don't Dan Greenburg LG 3.4 1.0 English Fiction39861 Nowhere to Call Home Cynthia DeFelice MG 5.3 7.0 English Fiction5777 Nowhere to Run Franklin W. Dixon MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction133636 Nuclear Submariners Antony Loveless MG 6.3 1.0 English Nonfiction115905 Number 8 Anna Fienberg MG 4.5 12.0 English Fiction5767 The Number File Franklin W. Dixon MG 5.2 5.0 English Fiction379 Number the Stars Lois Lowry MG 4.5 4.0 English Fiction59767 Numbering All the Bones Ann Rinaldi MG 4.2 5.0 English Fiction122281 Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures Ursula Vernon of a...Brave Shrew MG 5.8 4.0 English Fiction19660 The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery Carolyn Keene MG 4.4 5.0 English Fiction331 Nutty Can't Miss Dean Hughes MG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction283 Nutty for President Dean Hughes MG 4.8 4.0 English Fiction43740 Nzingha: Warrior Queen of Matamba Patricia C. McKissack MG 5.6 3.0 English Fiction89422 The Oaken Throne Robin Jarvis MG 6.9 20.0 English Fiction64630 Oasis Gregory Maguire UG 4.8 5.0 English Fiction131215 Oath Breaker Michelle Paver MG 4.7 8.0 English Fiction58300 Oathblood Mercedes Lackey UG 7.1 18.0 English Fiction58309 The Oathbound Mercedes Lackey UG 7.3 16.0 English Fiction58301 Oathbreakers Mercedes Lackey UG 7.1 14.0 English Fiction115237 Ocean Realm Rebecca Moesta MG 7.0 12.0 English Fiction132851 Odd and the Frost Giants Neil Gaiman MG 5.0 2.0 English Fiction109352 Odd Man Out Sarah Ellis MG 4.4 5.0 English Fiction10294 Oddballs William Sleator UG 6.2 3.0 English Fiction46287 Odysseus in the Serpent Maze Jane Yolen MG 5.0 7.0 English Fiction127436 The Odyssey of Flight 33 Mark Kneece MG 4.2 1.0 English Fiction139490 The Odyssey Gareth Hinds MG 5.1 3.0 English Fiction7898 Of Nightingales That Weep Katherine Paterson UG 6.2 7.0 English Fiction53475 Of Sound Mind Jean Ferris UG 5.1 7.0 English Fiction115075 The Off Season Catherine Gilbert MurdockUG 5.8 11.0 English Fiction134613 Off the Bench Jake Maddox MG 3.6 1.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 7Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction25215 Off the Rim Fred Bowen MG 4.2 2.0 English Fiction31893 Off the Road Nina Bawden MG 4.8 6.0 English Fiction100452 Off the Wall: A Skateboarder's Guide Justin to Hocking Riding Bowls and MG Pools 6.3 1.0 English Nonfiction123736 Off to War: Voices of Soldiers' Children Deborah Ellis MG 5.4 7.0 English Nonfiction130958 Officer Spence Makes No Sense! Dan Gutman LG 3.3 1.0 English Fiction120217 Oggie Cooder Sarah Weeks LG 5.1 3.0 English Fiction133419 Oggie Cooder, Party Animal Sarah Weeks LG 5.1 3.0 English Fiction10867 Ogre, Ogre Piers Anthony UG 6.6 18.0 English Fiction332 Oh, Brother Johnniece Wilson MG 3.9 4.0 English Fiction106749 Oh, Rats! The Story of Rats and Albert PeopleMarrin LG 6.2 2.0 English Nonfiction133962 Oil King Courage Sigmund Brouwer MG 4.3 4.0 English Fiction143203 Okay for Now Gary D. Schmidt MG 4.9 11.0 English Fiction102134 The Old African Julius Lester MG 5.1 2.0 English Fiction101238 The Old Country Mordicai Gerstein MG 4.4 4.0 English Fiction24593 An Old-Fashioned Girl (Unabridged) Louisa May Alcott MG 8.2 18.0 English Fiction85406 Old Hickory: Andrew Jackson and Albert the American Marrin People MG 8.2 16.0 English Nonfiction67590 Old Ironsides Roger Wachtel MG 7.0 1.0 English Nonfiction59254 Old Magic Marianne Curley UG 5.3 12.0 English Fiction79582 The Old Man Mad About Drawing: Francois A Tale Place of Hokusai MG 5.6 2.0 English Fiction5323 The Old Motel Mystery Gertrude Chandler WarnerLG 4.0 2.0 English Fiction65 Old Mother West Wind Thornton Burgess MG 5.2 3.0 English Fiction58685 Old Town in the Green Groves Cynthia Rylant MG 5.2 4.0 English Fiction82156 The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story Mary Downing Hahn MG 4.2 7.0 English Fiction66 Old Yeller Fred Gipson MG 5.0 5.0 English Fiction71432 Olive's Ocean Kevin Henkes MG 4.7 4.0 English Fiction333 Oliver Dibbs and the Dinosaur Cause Barbara Steiner MG 4.3 5.0 English Fiction284 Oliver Dibbs to the Rescue! Barbara Steiner MG 4.0 4.0 English Fiction30547 Oliver Twist (Great Illustrated Classics) Dickens/Leighton MG 4.6 2.0 English Fiction70567 Olivia Kidney Ellen Potter MG 4.9 4.0 English Fiction87563 Olivia Kidney and the Exit Academy/Olivia Ellen Potter Kidney Stops...No MG One 5.2 7.0 English Fiction113690 Olivia Kidney and the Secret Beneath Ellen the Potter CityMG 5.3 12.0 English Fiction117195 The Olsen Twins Jacqueline Laks Gorman MG 5.5 1.0 English Nonfiction126703 The Olympics: Unforgettable Moments Stephanie of the Peters Games MG 7.8 3.0 English Nonfiction112003 The Omen and the Ghost John Townsend MG 3.3 1.0 English Fiction132724 The Omnivore's Dilemma: The Secrets Michael Behind PollanWhat You Eat MG 6.8 11.0 English Nonfiction75162 On a Pale Horse Piers Anthony UG 6.0 17.0 English Fiction25561 On Board the Titanic: What It Was Shelley Like When Tanaka the Great Liner LG Sank 4.4 1.0 English Fiction109979 On Christmas Eve Ann M. Martin MG 4.7 3.0 English Fiction7016 On Fortune's Wheel Cynthia Voigt UG 5.6 15.0 English Fiction134614 On Guard Jake Maddox MG 3.3 1.0 English Fiction77889 On Her Way: Stories and Poems Sandy About Growing Asher Up Girl MG 4.8 7.0 English Fiction128 On My Honor Marion Dane Bauer MG 4.7 2.0 English Fiction67 On the Banks of Plum Creek Laura Ingalls Wilder MG 4.6 8.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 8Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction50413 On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend Louise Rennison of a Sex God UG 4.7 6.0 English Fiction8483 On the Brink of Extinction Caroline Arnold UG 7.0 1.0 English Nonfiction124735 On the Court with...LeBron JamesMatt Christopher MG 6.8 4.0 English Nonfiction7017 On the Devil's Court Carl Deuker UG 4.9 9.0 English Fiction39879 On the Edge: Stories at the Brink Lois Duncan UG 5.4 7.0 English Fiction630 On the Far Side of the Mountain Jean Craighead George MG 4.5 6.0 English Fiction32240 On the Line Fred Bowen MG 4.3 2.0 English Fiction6433 On the Line Dean Hughes LG 4.0 2.0 English Fiction109969 On the Line Jake Maddox MG 3.5 1.0 English Fiction10918 On the Other Side of the Hill Roger Lea MacBride MG 5.2 9.0 English Fiction117623 On the Rails Ian Graham MG 5.4 1.0 English Nonfiction78843 On the Run Michael Coleman UG 4.6 7.0 English Fiction20088 On the Sidelines Emily Costello MG 4.0 3.0 English Fiction45344 On the Trail of Trouble Carolyn Keene MG 4.7 5.0 English Fiction5033 On the Way Home Laura Ingalls Wilder MG 5.3 3.0 English Nonfiction7117 The Once and Future King T.H. White UG 7.4 41.0 English Fiction20797 Once Burned: Mackenzie CalhounPeter David UG 6.0 11.0 English Fiction18780 Once on This River Sharon Dennis Wyeth MG 4.4 5.0 English Fiction85752 Once Upon a Curse E.D. Baker MG 5.6 9.0 English Fiction62564 Once Upon a Marigold Jean Ferris UG 5.7 8.0 English Fiction122193 Once Upon a Time in the North Philip Pullman MG 6.3 4.0 English Fiction133258 Once Was Lost Sara Zarr MG 4.7 9.0 English Fiction116360 One Beastly Beast (2 Aliens, 3 Inventors, Garth Nix4 Fantastic Tales) MG 5.5 3.0 English Fiction10926 One Brave Summer Ann Turner MG 4.1 4.0 English Fiction35583 One Child Torey L. Hayden UG 5.7 12.0 English Nonfiction135338 One Crazy Summer Rita Williams-Garcia MG 4.6 7.0 English Fiction9619 One Day at HorrorLand R.L. Stine MG 3.4 3.0 English Fiction11432 One Day in the Alpine Tundra Jean Craighead George MG 5.5 1.0 English Nonfiction44824 One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: Barry Denenberg The Diary of Julie MG Weiss 5.6 6.0 English Fiction241 One-Eyed Cat Paula Fox MG 5.4 7.0 English Fiction63445 The One-Eyed Giant Mary Pope Osborne MG 4.8 1.0 English Fiction127226 One False Note Gordon Korman MG 4.9 5.0 English Fiction776 One Fat Summer Robert Lipsyte UG 4.2 6.0 English Fiction109088 One-Handed Catch MJ Auch MG 4.2 8.0 English Fiction18781 The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline Lois Lowry MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction41089 One Is the Loneliest Number Clancy/Pieczenik UG 6.6 11.0 English Fiction7035 One Last Time William Buchanan MG 4.8 5.0 English Fiction106211 The One Left Behind Willo Davis Roberts MG 5.4 5.0 English Fiction58521 One Lucky Summer Laura McGee KvasnoskyMG 3.9 3.0 English Fiction24964 One More River Lynne Reid Banks UG 5.0 9.0 English Fiction65683 One More Valley, One More Hill: The Linda Story Lowery of Aunt Clara Brown MG 7.2 7.0 English Nonfiction85424 One Night in Doom House R.L. Stine MG 3.3 3.0 English Fiction134019 One of the Survivors Susan Shaw MG 3.7 5.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 10Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction140923 Orphan of Destiny Michael P. Spradlin MG 5.3 10.0 English Fiction20089 Orphan Runaways Kristiana Gregory MG 5.5 4.0 English Fiction18487 Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Andrea StoryWarren MG 6.1 2.0 English Nonfiction43742 Orwell's Luck Richard Jennings MG 6.0 5.0 English Fiction10949 Othello Julius Lester UG 5.2 5.0 English Fiction6025 Other Bells for Us to Ring Robert Cormier MG 5.9 4.0 English Fiction137869 The Other Half of My Heart Sundee T. Frazier MG 4.9 10.0 English Fiction32359 The Other Ones Jean Thesman MG 4.2 5.0 English Fiction28543 The Other Shepards Adele Griffin UG 5.0 6.0 English Fiction15100 The Other Side of Dark Joan Lowery Nixon MG 4.0 6.0 English Fiction61395 The Other Side of Dawn John Marsden UG 5.7 16.0 English Fiction23775 The Other Side of Silence Margaret Mahy MG 6.0 8.0 English Fiction124563 The Other Side of the Island Allegra Goodman MG 4.5 9.0 English Fiction53694 The Other Side of Truth Beverley Naidoo UG 5.3 9.0 English Fiction10269 Others See Us William Sleator UG 5.8 6.0 English Fiction488 Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great Judy Blume MG 3.5 4.0 English Fiction6482 Otis Spofford Beverly Cleary MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction89261 Otto and the Bird Charmers Charlotte Haptie MG 4.7 10.0 English Fiction77179 Otto and the Flying Twins Charlotte Haptie MG 4.7 8.0 English Fiction132552 Otto von Bismarck: Iron Chancellor Kimberley of Germany Heuston MG 7.0 2.0 English Nonfiction113819 Our Country's First Ladies Ann Bausum MG 7.5 5.0 English Fiction101284 Our Eleanor...Look at Eleanor Roosevelt's Candace Remarkable Fleming LifeMG 8.0 10.0 English Nonfiction124046 Our Farm: Four Seasons with Five Michael Kids on J. One Rosen Family's Farm MG 6.0 5.0 English Nonfiction8087 Our Man Weston Gordon Korman MG 4.9 7.0 English Fiction35294 Our Only May Amelia Jennifer L. Holm MG 4.8 7.0 English Fiction83037 Our Secret, Siri Aang Cristina Kessler MG 6.2 8.0 English Fiction6007 Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies Eve Bunting MG 3.9 4.0 English Fiction44826 Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Patricia Diary, Hermes Jamestown, Virginia,1609 MG 3.2 2.0 English Fiction5079 Out from This Place Joyce Hansen MG 4.6 5.0 English Fiction5745 Out of Bounds Carolyn Keene MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction65079 Out of Bounds: Seven Stories of Conflict Beverley and Naidoo Hope MG 5.4 5.0 English Fiction8578 Out of Control Norma Fox Mazer UG 4.0 5.0 English Fiction136421 Out of My Mind Sharon M. Draper MG 4.3 8.0 English Fiction11728 Out of Nowhere Ouida Sebestyen UG 4.5 6.0 English Fiction102396 Out of Order Betty Hicks MG 4.1 4.0 English Fiction106170 Out of Patience Brian Meehl MG 4.9 9.0 English Fiction124999 Out of Reach V.M. Jones MG 5.2 9.0 English Fiction131601 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Marilyn Kaye MG 4.7 5.0 English Fiction18782 Out of the Blue Sarah Ellis MG 4.1 4.0 English Fiction14996 Out of the Dark Betty Ren Wright MG 4.8 4.0 English Fiction18783 Out of the Dust Karen Hesse MG 5.3 3.0 English Fiction11729 Out of the Silent Planet C.S. Lewis UG 7.4 10.0 English Fiction14872 Out of the Storm Patricia Willis MG 5.3 6.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 11Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction31181 Out of the Wilderness Deb Vanasse UG 4.8 5.0 English Fiction136663 Out of the Woods Lyn Gardner MG 5.6 9.0 English Fiction25885 Out of Time Chris Archer MG 4.6 4.0 English Fiction14774 Out of Time Caroline B. Cooney UG 5.2 7.0 English Fiction102721 Out Standing in My Field Patrick Jennings MG 4.3 5.0 English Fiction123123 Outcast Erin Hunter MG 5.4 11.0 English Fiction124149 Outcast Michelle Paver MG 4.7 9.0 English Fiction15097 Outcast of Redwall Brian Jacques MG 6.3 15.0 English Fiction100602 The Outcast Kathryn Lasky MG 5.1 6.0 English Fiction76086 The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler PlaceE.L. Konigsburg MG 5.5 9.0 English Fiction7932 The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Creative Bret Education) Harte UG 7.3 1.0 English Fiction130509 The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Kelly Aimes Easton MG 4.1 5.0 English Fiction631 Outlaw Red Jim Kjelgaard MG 6.6 8.0 English Fiction6826 The Outlaw's Silver Franklin W. Dixon MG 6.1 6.0 English Fiction130074 Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood Tony Lee MG 3.1 2.0 English Fiction104735 The Outlaw Varjak Paw S.F. Said MG 4.0 6.0 English Fiction16933 Outrageously Alice Phyllis Reynolds Naylor UG 5.0 5.0 English Fiction102918 Outside and Inside Mummies Sandra Markle MG 7.3 1.0 English Nonfiction123124 Outside Beauty Cynthia Kadohata MG 4.0 7.0 English Fiction17830 Outside Shooter Thomas J. Dygard UG 5.8 5.0 English Fiction381 The Outsiders S.E. Hinton UG 4.7 7.0 English Fiction132414 Over My Dead Body Kate Klise MG 5.6 2.0 English Fiction109169 Over & Out Melissa J. Morgan MG 5.2 6.0 English Fiction129 Over Sea, Under Stone Susan Cooper MG 5.4 12.0 English Fiction5736 Over the Edge Carolyn Keene MG 4.9 4.0 English Fiction127523 Over the Net Jake Maddox MG 3.5 1.0 English Fiction63094 Over the River Sharelle Byars MoranvilleMG 5.1 6.0 English Fiction41560 Over the Wall John H. Ritter MG 4.2 10.0 English Fiction17831 Over the Water Maude Casey UG 5.7 9.0 English Fiction13796 Overdue Richie Tankersley CusickMG 4.4 7.0 English Fiction7160 Overkill Alane Ferguson UG 4.3 5.0 English Fiction25838 Overland to California in 1859: A Guide...Wagon Louis M. Bloch Train Travelers MG 8.1 2.0 English Nonfiction64369 Overnight Adele Griffin MG 4.4 5.0 English Fiction8236 The Overnight R.L. Stine UG 3.9 5.0 English Fiction55841 Owen Foote, Super Spy Stephanie Greene LG 3.6 2.0 English Fiction113372 Owen & Mzee: The Language of Friendship Isabella Hatkoff LG 6.0 1.0 English Nonfiction5334 Owl in Love Patrice Kindl UG 5.1 7.0 English Fiction136666 The Owl Keeper Christine Brodien-Jones MG 5.4 11.0 English Fiction142398 Owl Ninja Sandy Fussell MG 4.0 5.0 English Fiction29151 The Owl's Song Janet Campbell Hale MG 5.3 6.0 English Fiction35196 Owlflight Lackey/Dixon UG 7.2 19.0 English Fiction58302 Owlknight Lackey/Dixon UG 7.5 22.0 English Fiction680 Owls in the Family Farley Mowat LG 5.0 3.0 English Fiction

Reading Practice Quiz List Report Page 12Accelerated Reader®: Monday, 10/03/11, 09:00 AMWaupaca Middle SchoolReading Practice QuizzesInt. Book Point Fiction/Quiz No. Title Author Level Level Value Language Nonfiction542 The Ox-Bow Incident Walter Clark UG 5.4 12.0 English Fiction114835 Ox, House, Stick: The History of Our Don Alphabet Robb LG 6.2 1.0 English Nonfiction1174 Oy, Joy! Lucy Frank 5.0 10.0 English46313 Oy, Joy! Lucy Frank UG 3.8 8.0 English Fiction11485 Ozzie on His Own Johanna Hurwitz MG 4.4 3.0 English Fiction

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