Assessing the impact of Megatrends on your company
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Assessing the impact of Megatrends on your company

The ong>impactong> ong>ofong> megatrends on Western RetailersGeopolitics:Gap rich-poorGeopolitics:Globalization 3.0Geopolitics:Rising middle class inemergingPositioning, target groupshrinks (no middle class)New supply chains;new competitorsGeopolitics:Global GridNew customers, adaptportfolioEfficiency ong>ofong> valuechaincrowdsourcingDemographics:Generation YNew needs; employeeretentioncrowdsellingNew competitors /business modelsdesintermediationDemographics:Ageing populationDemographics:Global mobilityNew consumptionpatterns; flexibleworking conditionsNew tastes,consumption patternsCradle to cradle,energy & transportcostsEnvironment:Resource scarcetyGreen TechnologiesGlobal warmingSupply chainchallengesViral marketing; newinfluencersDemographics:UrbanizationStreamlining valuechainNew shoppingexperienceTechnology:Social networksTechnology:Pervasive Technology(Internet ong>ofong> Things)Technology:Augmented RealityPS: Pure consumer trends such as ethical consumption and mass customization were not taken into account

Top threats for Western RetailersSustainability issues will increasingly determine consumerspending • Energy and resource scarcity will might drive prices up; will consumers prefer sustainable retailers?• Will suppliers or customers push for ‘cradle to cradle’ concept? How will this affect retailers?• Should you invest in ‘Life Cucle Assessments’ ong>ofong> your products? Should you be pro-active or reactive?Globalization 3.0, new competitors in ong>theong> hood?• Chinese companies take over natural resources in Africa, how will this affect your products?• Are (some parts ong>ofong>) your value chain targets for M&A’s from emerging countries? If so, do you know how thiswill affect ong>theong>ir ecosystem? Is ong>theong>re any benchmark you can use to assess ong>theong> potential threat?Ageing population & GenY will change general consumption patterns• Do you know how your (or your client’s) target group will be affected by ong>theong> chaging needs ong>ofong> ong>theong> ageingpopulation or ong>theong> upcoming GenY ? Are ong>theong>y moving to more ethical buying?• Are you dependent on key skills that are at risk ong>ofong> becoming scarce? If so, do you have a strategy to fill ong>theong> gapswith elderly workers or GenY? Are you aware ong>ofong> ong>theong>ir needs and requirements?Peer-to-peer services, when will it hit retail? Well, it already does !• Can your activity be prone to desintermediation? Can it be replaced by a peer-to-peer business model?• Should you embrace or fight ong>theong> peer-to-peer movement in your specific area? Is ong>theong>re a competitive advantageto be ong>theong> first?

Agenda1. What exactly is a megatrends?2. How megatrends will affect Western European Retailcompanies3. Facts and key questions about ong>theong>se megatrends4. Key takeaways

Sustainability issues will increasingly determineconsumer spendingCONSEQUENCES• Consumers likely to be increasingly influenced bysustainability issues, which will drive adoption ong>ofong>Cradle-to-Cradle, Life Cycle Assessments, ...• Climate changes, natural resource scracety andenergy dependence might increase cost ong>ofong> supplychain;Graphic from•Through tools like ‘Goodguide’, consumers will haveincreasing insights in total Life Cycle (LCA) ong>ofong> ong>theong>irpurchase, which will change ong>theong>ir buying behavior;This will increase incentive for companies to closelymonitor ong>theong>ir business and value chain.Back to menu

Globalization 3.0, new competitors in ong>theong> hood?CONSEQUENCES• Increasing number ong>ofong> European companies boughtby emerging companies (Hummer, Volvo, ...);• This might alter ong>theong> value and supply chain ong>ofong>Retailers, need to put monitoring system in place tobe prepared;• Consumer products will need to adapt to differenttastes;Back to menu

Ageing population & GenY will change generalconsumption patterns and widen talent shortageCONSEQUENCES• The gap between (more) elderly and (fewer) youngpeople will drive labor skills shortage; people willneed to work longer but will likely want to do it atdifferent conditions (flexibility), or do different workaltogeong>theong>r (crowdsource);Chart by McKinsey Quarterly• Consumption patterns will likely shift, elderlybuying more recreation, utilities, ... (see Mckinseychart), younger people shift to sustainable, ethicalbuying(?)Back to menu

Crowdsourcing provides retailers with opportunity forbusiness model innovationCONSEQUENCES• The Global Grid results in possibility ong>ofong> new businessmodels, opening markets for new entrants orpossbilities for business model innovation for existingplayers;• Crowdsourcing provides ways ong>ofong> turning ong>theong> samebusiness model more prong>ofong>itable, efficiency gains.Back to menu

Social networks ong>ofong>fer limitless possibilities to reachyour (new) audiencesCONSEQUENCESFacebook relationships map:Social Media will be subject to many changes in ong>theong>next few years. Some ong>ofong> ong>theong>m will change it for ong>theong>longer term, like:• Complete decentralization ong>ofong> social networks:The concept ong>ofong> a friend network will be aportable experience.• Influencer marketing will be redefined:Discovering people that can help you to reachyour desired consumer will becomeexponentially more effective and important.• Thinking beyond “nowness”: In a semanticweb world, search engines, for example, willanticipate ong>theong> best search results we’re lookingfor based on what ong>theong>y know about us (such asall our public social networking prong>ofong>iles).Back to menu

Augmented reality: how to benefit from newcustomer experiences?CONSEQUENCESThe goal ong>ofong> augmented reality is to add informationand meaning to a real object or place. Unlike virtualreality, augmented reality does not create a simulationong>ofong> reality. Instead, it takes a real object or space as ong>theong>foundation and incorporates technologies that addcontextual data to deepen a person’s understanding ong>ofong>ong>theong> subject. Augmented reality might add audiocommentary, location data, historical context, or oong>theong>rforms ong>ofong> content that can make a user’s experience ong>ofong> athing or a place more meaningful;Multiple retail applications already, creates acompetitive edge.Back to menu

Agenda1. What exactly is a megatrends?2. How megatrends will affect Western European Retailcompanies3. Facts and key questions about ong>theong>se megatrends4. Key takeaways

how do megatrends affect your company?Notes:

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