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SHORT SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being HumanA journalist (Berry) goes undercover toferret out businessman Harrison Hill(Willis) as her best friend's killer. Posing asone of his temps, she enters into a game ofonline cat-and-mouse.

KEY ACTORSThe Cinematic Arts Have thePower to TransformBruceWillisHalleBerryGiovanniRibisiMilesFlorenciaLozano

KEY TALENTOur Artists AreOur LiberatorsDirector: James FoleyStory by Jon BokenkampTodd Komarnickiscreenplay, andalso appears in thefilm as a CSIWitness. He is theproducer of TheRetreat (2008) andWild About Harry(2007)

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTHalle Berryis an Emmy, Golden Globe, andAcademy Award-winning Americanactress and former fashion modeland beauty queen. Berry wasawarded the Best ActressAcademy Award in 2002 for herperformance in Monster's Ball, andis the only woman of AfricanAmerican descent to have won theAcademy Award for Best Actress.Actors areLiberators Unaware

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTBruce Willisis a two-time Emmy Awardwinning,Golden GlobewinningAmerican actor andsinger. He came to fame inthe late 1980s and has sinceretained a career as both aHollywood leading man and asupporting actor, in particularfor his role in the Die Hardseries.Actors help us: laugh, be happy,cry, get angry, and even think.Can there be any better gifts?

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTDirector James Foley(born December 23, 1957 inBrooklyn, New York Brother ofdirector Jerry Foley. Attended theUniveristy of Southern CaliforniaFilm School.Selected FilmographyPerfect Stranger (2007)Confidence (2003)The Corruptor (1999)The Chamber (1996)Fear (1996)Two Bits (1995)Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)After Dark, My Sweet (1990)Who's That Girl? (1987)At Close Range (1987)Reckless (1984)Filmmakers are RevolutionariesNot Just Entertainers

TRIVIA AND NEWSMovie Making is the Convergenceof Many Talents and Art FormsThe first motion picture tobe filmed at "ground zero",the site of the former NewYork World Trade Centersince the terrorist attacksof 11 September 2001.The filmmakers filmedthree different endings tothe film, each with adifferent character as thekiller.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is EssentialHer search leads heron a chase throughthe darkest cornersof the Internet as sheobserves herprimary suspect,multi-millionaireHarrison Hill (BruceWillis).

EXTENDED SYNOPSISStories Embody the Essenceof Being HumanAs a CEO of a powerfuladvertising company, Hill is avery respected and publicindividual, but that helpsRowena keep a close eye onhim.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISCinematic Story Telling is aProfoundly Humanizing endeavor.As she jumps between various on-lineand real-life personalities, she searchesfor any signs of guilt or weakness inher subject.

EXTENDED SYNOPSISFilm making is aCommunity Event.With the help of an ITwiz and hacker namedMiles Haley (GiovanniRibisi) and using theanonymity of theInternet to heradvantage, she hopesto finally achieve somejustice as she tracksdown the killer online.

CRITICAL OPINIONFree Artistic Expression is aMark of a Free SocietyHalle Berry's strongperformance and a cool twistovercomes conventional plotHarvey S. Karten,COMPUSERVEDerives some novelty valuefrom its colorblind casting.But as a thriller, it's so bythe-numbersthat it's hardlyworth keeping count.Scott Foundas, Village Voice(One star out of four) There’s littlestorytelling craft in evidence and scantregard for the planting of subtle clues.Dan Jolin. EmpireGrade: CEmanuel Levy,

FILM REVIEW:PERFECT STRANGERDavid BruceAmbition to Succeed vs.Need to Survive“Harrison Hill will do anything tosucceed,” Berry says, “and Ro will doanything to survive. The needs of oneare based purely on ambition, and theneeds of the other are based on ourprimal need to stay alive.”Human worth is far greater than anypersonal ambition. Ambition shouldalways be subject to respect forothers.Art is the Languageof LiberationThere is a powerful lesson in this film.Reflection: Do our ambitions(personal, relational, professional,political) help or hurt others?

FINDING TRUTH inPERFECT STRANGERSociety is only as free as its arts. Art isthe voice of human freedom.Halle Berry: “I think Ro is a really goodactress. Because of her job as aninvestigative reporter, Ro has become verygood at pretending, wearing different faces,chameleon-like. For her, it’s a way to survive;she’s a woman on a mission.”We all role play. We all tend to act differentlywith certain people and in particularsituations. Examples: The parent role , thebusiness role, the lover role, the friend role.Reflection: Are each of your roles in syncwith the real you and those around you? Ro’sroles were totally different, but very in sync.Mr. Hill’s roles were selfish and lackedintegrity and consideration of others .

LIFE CONNECTIONS inPERFECT STRANGERArt is a Liberating ForceSomebodymurderedGrace!“Every person we meetin the course of a day isa dignified, essentialhuman soul, and we areguilty of grossinhumanity when wesnub or abuse him.”--Joshua Loth Liebman,Rabbi and writer (1907–1948)Treat everyone withGrace!

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