High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Networking with SDN

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High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Networking with SDN

Economics Effect on TechnologyService Attribute Today TomorrowService duration Long-term On-demandB/W requirement Moderate, predictable High, unpredictableUser experience Mostly best effort Rich QoE2

Why Virtualization? – Cloud & BIGDATA eraPublicPrivateHybridBusiness models are changing3

Similarities of EvolutionRapidautomatedresource allocationTimeconsumingto changeHide complexitySanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 4

Nowadays Complexity - The messof protocols• Significant investment in OPEXSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 5

What’s SDN?YearInitiative1996 Ipsilon GSMP1998 Cambridge’s TheTempest2000 IETF Forces1. Centralized Control2. Modularity3. Programmability (with timeframes)2004 IETF PCE2004 Princeton's routingcontrol platform2005 4d Initiative2007 Ethane2008 OpenFlow2011 ONFSource: Google and J.P MorganNETCONF YANG XMPP PCESanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 6

SDN BandwagonVCsStartupsVendors• It’s not new to separate the control & managementplanes, but we need programmable servicesNetworkAs “Gigantic”SwitchSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 7

SDN Means Different Things toDifferent PlayersFortune500EnterpriseTelcoProviderCloudProvider/ Cellular SuperComputingCenterDC is simple contained domain…but service provider networks are much more complexHow this will imply on existing OSS framework?Santa Clara, CA USAApril 2013 8

Top Drivers for CarriersConsidering SDNs1. Simplified provisioning2. Creation of network services—and virtual networks—too complex with existing technologies3. Creation of virtual networks across multi-vendorequipmentSource: Infonetics, SDNs, 40G/100G, and MPLS Control Plane Strategies: GlobalService Provider Survey, July 2012Santa Clara, CA USAApril 2013 9

Service Providers Have SDNs onTheir Minds100%Percent of Respondents80%60%40%81%38%43%76%71%43%67%38%33%33% 33%33%52%33%20%19%0%OpenFlow BGP-TE PCE IETF SDNP ALTOSDN TechnologiesSanta Clara, CA USAUnder consideration Will/may considerApril 2013 10

SDN Challenges?• Multiple layers• Scaling and Security• Standards – interoperability• Adaptation layer to existing NE• Existing Features/servicesSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 11

SDN & Multiple LayersApplicationsNorthbound• Software Orchestration of cloud resourcesSDNControllers• Firewalls• Load balancersLayer 4- 7Southbound• Routers• SwitchesLayer 1- 3• OpticalSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 12

Flows CorrelationSDNControllerLambda YYVLAN 1000IP / MPLSLambda XXCarrier EtherentLambda XXIPv6 fe80::200:f8ff:fe21:67cfPhysical Layer WDM, OTNSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 13

Existing Features/ServicesLayer 4- 7• Multi-layer• Multi-vendor• Multi-networksMPLS-TPIP-VPN VRFMPLS CorePBB-TEVLANVPLSDomainADomainBDomainCLayer 1- 3Santa Clara, CA USAApril 2013 14

Control and Management BackwordCompatibilityNorthboundGeneralized OSS/BSS-NMS-EMS-NE ModelSDNControllerSouthboundSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 15

So why We Need to Strive for Success ofSDN?SDN can make a real revolution:Ability to displace legacytechnology/mindset & enable newvalue chainSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 16

Cell Roaming Analogy to SDN• Auto-Connect• Preset SLA and best economics• TMSI process that hide complexitySanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 17

Summary• The question is no longer “IF”, but “How,When & Where” SDN will takeoff• Open Standards will be imperative• Backward compatibility will be crucial in SPsnetworks and specifically to OSSSanta Clara, CA USAApril 2013 18

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