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Chapter 1SELLSMARTERModern sales professionals face aninteresting problem: they spend most oftheir time not selling.It sounds crazy, but the majority of asalesperson’s time is actually consumedby the day-to-day tasks of findingcontact information, updating accounts,and entering data. This can be a majorhinderance for any company looking togrow their business.To be successful, sales teams need tofocus on not just working harder than theircompetition, but working smarter too.To help make this happen, Salesforcehas added three new products that candramatically improve the effectiveness ofyour sales team: Sales Reach, Sales Coach,and Sales Analytics. Let’s take a look ateach and see what these new tools canhelp you accomplish.Nearly 59% of a salesrepstime is spent on tasksother than selling,such as prospecting,administrative tasks,meetings or training.-CSO Insights3 /

4. THE NEW DATA.COMINTELLIGENCE FOR THE MODERN PROFESSIONALIn an age of immediate solutions and readily available information, customers expect you to understand their business needsbetter than they do. This means you need data that doesn’t just cover the basics, but provides actionable intelligence that can beaccessed anywhere at anytime. Data.com is the sales tool of choice for getting the data you need on every account, to find theright prospects, make the right pitch, and to close the sale.THE RIGHT DATA, THE RIGHT TIMEELIMINATE DUPLICATE RECORDSNothing hinders sales productivity more than piles ofduplicate records. Data.com Duplicate Management willimmediately improve the quality of your Salesforce data andthe accuracy of your selling with real-time duplicate alerts inthe Salesforce1 mobile app and Salesforce desktop.MOBILE PROSPECTINGProspecting is no longer an arduous activity that needsto take place in front of a desktop. With Data.com’s latestenhancements, users can access relevant and personalizednews, tweets and insights about their accounts andcontacts right inside of the Salesforce1 mobile app.7 /

Chapter 2SELLFASTERHospitality is being disrupted by Airbnb.The face of retail is being changed by TrunkClub. Fitness has already been changedforever by Fitbit.In nearly every industry, paradigms arebeing shifted by the companies thatare moving fast and connecting to theircustomers in a whole new way. Thedisruptive power of customer-centeredcompanies is redefining the businesslandscape.In order for companies to thrive in thedigital age, they need to make similar shiftstoward their customers and make changesthat allow them to connect with theircustomers in new and exciting ways.Companies need to grow their accountsfast, find new customers faster, closedeals faster, and be able to do all of thisfrom anywhere. Salesforce has added newfunctionality and mobile apps to make thiseasier than ever.67% of CIOs and ITprofessionals believemobility will impact theirbusinesses as much as ormore than the internet didin the 1990s.-Xcube Labs8 /

5. TODAY APPSales is not an easy job. It takes aspecial personality to juggle dozens ofaccounts, manage countless meetings,and be responsive to dozens of followupemails and tasks every day. You’dbe hard-pressed to find a companyemployee with more on his plate thanan average sales rep.With so many appointments andresponsibilities to handle, salesprofessionals deserve their ownpersonal assistants. They needsomebody to keep all of theiraccounts, tasks, and appointmentsorganized so they can focus onwhat they were hired to do: sell.Unfortunately, a personal assistant forevery sales rep just isn’t in the cardsfor most companies.However, Salesforce intends to changethat with the brand new Today Appon Salesforce1. Designed to give youa morning briefing each day, theToday App can keep you organized,informed, and on top of everything.YOUR SCHEDULEGetting a complete view ofyour day often requires visitingmultiple apps. You need to visityour calendar app to see theday’s appointments, your to-dolist for daily tasks, etc. The TodayApp in Salesforce1 brings all ofthis into one location so you canget a complete briefing on yourday at a glance.AND EVERYTHING ELSEIn addition to your daily schedule,the new Today App provideseverything else you might needfor a productive day. From theday’s weather forecast to newsalerts for any breaking newsaround your accounts, Todaykeeps you up-to-date andinfomed. The Today App evengives you a daily status update onyour progress toward quota.

6. PRODUCTIVITY APPSTasks Notes EventsTASKS NOTES EVENTSCreate tasks and receive alertson the go with the redesignedTasks App.Meeting notes are most effectivewhen the information is still fresh. Startmaking them right on your phone.Sales reps need a calendar app thatkeeps them organized, and the newEvents App delivers.10 /

7. TERRITORY MANAGEMENTPLAN AND EXECUTE TERRITORY MODELSDespite being commonplace across most companies and industries, territory models are notoriously hard to set up, execute, andmaintain. Salesforce is looking to change all of that with a brand new territory management system. Sales teams no longer needto involve the IT department to create territory models or struggle with the ambiguity of assigning and working clients.OPTIMIZE SALES COVERAGENO HELP FROM I.T.Involving IT in the setup process of territorymodels means taking its creation out of thehands of those who will actually use it most.Salesforce allows a sales team to set up theirown system with no involvement from IT.ENHANCED TRANSPARENYSales teams can now optimize their salescoverage on the fly, in a matter of minutes,not months. A more flexible model meansmore accurate forecasting, less ambiguity, andgreater responsiveness to issues.11 /

Chapter 3BEUNSTOPPABLEThe modern sales professional is no longertied to the outdated paradigms of the past.Salespeople are no longer lone wolves, solitaryroad warriors, or cube dwellers. Technologyis creating a new breed of sales rep that issomething so much more.The modern sales professional needs to beable to sell from anywhere, backed by anincredible wealth of technology, and accessto the collective intelligence of their entireorganization through social collaboration.Salesforce transforms the best sales reps frommerely effective, to unstoppable. You can goanywhere and do anything with the power ofSalesforce and the new Sales Cloud.12 /

8. RESPONSIVE DESIGNOPTIMIZED FOR EVERY FORM FACTORYou are no longer confined to your desktop computer for work. Today’s workforce is on multiple devices, and alwaysconnected. The tools you use most should work the same across all of your devices and feel like a consistent experience onevery screen. With Salesforce1’s responsive design, you now get the same experience no matter where you are or what deviceyou are using.13 /

9. SEAMLESS UICONSISTENT EXPERIENCEToday’s workforce is spread over dozens of tools to solve theirbusiness problems and enhance their productivity. All of thesetools wind up fracturing our attention and ultimately make usless productive. however, that all changes with the consistentuser experience of the new Sales Cloud.INCREDIBLE USABILITYONE TOOLIn addition to its tremendous functionality, the new SalesCloud also feels like one tool designed to fit all your needs.From new tools like analytics, Sales Reach, and SalesCoach, to decade-old tools like tasks and accounts, SalesCloud works the way you expect it to and feels like onetool designed to meet all your sales needs.ONE EXPERIENCENo matter what device you are on, the new Sales Cloudfeels like the same tool and the same experience. Witha refined desktop experience to match the existingresponsive design of Salesforce1, you can move from yourdesktop to your phone without missing a beat.14 /

10. SALESFORCE REFERRAL PROGRAMWE LOVE CUSTOMERS LIKE YOUWe love customers like you — excited about what Salesforce can do, and ready to tell everyone about it. And now, every timeyou vouch for us, we can thank you properly. Login to your account page now to see the different ways you can refer Salesforceto your network. Your support means a lot — it’s customers like you who have made us who we are today. Track your referralswith this complete toolset. Using the options below, tell your friends how Salesforce will change the way they sell.IT PAYS TO REFEREARN REWARDSRegister now to start earning rewards.Once you register, you can:• Send referrals to your friends via email,LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.• Use your personal dashboard to trackthe status of your referrals.• Earn rewards when a new businesspurchases Salesforce.IT’S SO EASYIt’s easy. Just tell your friends how Salesforcewill change the way they sell. When yourreferral purchases Salesforce*, you get a $100reward.15 /

SALES SOLUTIONSTHAT WILL MAKEYOUR BUSINESSMORE PRODUCTIVEIf you want to grow your sales and establish atransparent sales process, you need an easy-to-useCustomer Relationship Managment system. Salesforceallows you to store customer and prospect contactinformation, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities inone central location.32%40%32%Improvement inwin rate.Increased salesproductivity.Increase in salesrevenue.The information provided in this e-book is strictly forthe convenience of our customers and is for generalinformational purposes only. Publication by salesforce.com does not constitute an endorsement. Salesforce.comdoes not warrant the accuracy or completeness of anyinformation, text, graphics, links or other items containedwithin this e-book. Salesforce.com does not guaranteeyou will achieve any specific results if you follow anyadvice in the e-book. It may be advisable for you toconsult with a professional such as a lawyer, accountant,architect, business advisor or professional engineer to getspecific advice that applies to your specific situation.© 2014 Salesforce.com. All rights reserved.16 /

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