Mission Statement - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

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Mission Statement - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Mission StatementPartnering with our community to provide exceptional serviceand safety in the Florida Keys.VisionTo meet the needs of the community as a recognized and respectedprofessional agency by doing the right things for the right reasons atthe right time......always.Values:LoyaltyResponsibilityRespectPrideProfessionalismCourage both physical and moralFair and without prejudiceCourtesy / Customer servicePerseveranceInnovationPersistenceNeatness/AppearanceCompassionAchievementDiscipline

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Letter from the SheriffThe past year - my second year as Sheriff - saw manychanges in the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, all ofthem good ones. I've truly enjoyed being Sheriff. Ibelieve we have the most professional law enforcementagency in the State of Florida and I'm proud of all thepeople who work here, and who work hard every day tokeep it that way. That's easy to say, but the proof is inthe results we see from our work every day. In 2010, wewere proud to be reaccredited on a state and nationallevel. This agency is state and nationally accredited inLaw Enforcement andstate accredited inCorrections. The healthcare we provide in ourdetention center is alsonationally accredited.This means we are heldto a higher standard,and are regularly andextensively inspected byoutside entities to makesure we are holding tothose standards in ourday to day operations.Obtaining, and thenmaintaining accreditationis not easy. Only asmall percentage of lawSheriff Robert P. Peryamenforcement agencies inthe country can say theyhold the same status we do. More proof of our professionalism:major crime in Monroe County continues todecline, as it has consistently for the past 20 years. In2010 we saw an8.5% decrease in the number of majorcrimes that occurred here. Even better: We saw a 17%decrease in violent crime. These numbers come from theFlorida Department of Law Enforcement, the stateagency which tracks such statistics.We are working hardon some of the goals I personally set when I first tookoffice. I feel strongly that we should be working harderto reduce recidivism in our jails, particularly for our militaryveterans. To that end, we have applied for grantswhich will help us set up new programs to target them.Using drug treatment and education I believe we canmake a difference when it comes to rehabilitating someof our jail population. We have a number of programswhich target those who show signs they can be helped,including a culinary program which helps inmates toobtain the necessary certification to obtain food servicework when they are released. We also have a work releaseprogram which allowsinmates to get an outsidejob while they are in jail.They are paid for theirwork, and the moneygoes either to requiredrestitution payments, orto help their families.When they are released,many keep their jobs,facilitating their entryback into society. Wehave drug treatment programswhich have beenvery successful in teachinginmates how to stayaway from drugs oncethey are released.We strive every day tosave taxpayer dollars byseeking alternative sources of funding for our agency.Wehave obtained almost $2 million in grants to help fundmany different parts of our operation; we generated $1.2million dollars from the rental of jail bed space to federalagencies and, to top it all off, we returned almost $2 milliondollars to the county in unused funds from the2009 - 2010 fiscal year.We have become a green agency, implementing anagency wide recycling program which is not only goodfor the environment, saves thousands of dollars a year forMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20104

Letter from the Sheriffyou, the taxpayer. We recycle paper, cans, bottles, cardboardand electronic equipment. We have hybrid vehicleson the road, and use electric scooters for patrollingthe Key West Airport. We have been working towardthe goal of retrofitting some of our buildings to saveenergy as well.We have visibly changed. We now wear green uniforms,more in keeping with other Sheriff's Offices around thestate. In addition, many officers on the street felt thewhite shirts we used to wear made them more of a targetfor the bad guys, particularly at night. This uniformchange was accomplished using money forfeited fromdrug and criminal cases, not from taxpayer dollars.We try hard to reach out to the public in many differentways, so you will all know what we are doing and so youcan give us feedback as well. We want to hear from youColonel Richard Ramsayso we will know what we are doing right, and what weare doing wrong. If you see a problem we should betackling, let us know. If you are impressed with one ofour employees, let us know that too. You can find us onour web site at www.keysso.net, on Facebook at"MCSO - Florida Keys",on Twitter at "mcsonews" andon our blog at floridakeyssheriff.blogspot.com.Sheriff Robert P. Peryamand Colonel RamsayThe Undersheriff holds the rank of Colonel and is secondin command of the Sheriff’s Office, reporting directly toSheriff Peryam. He is responsible for the day to dayactions of Sheriff’s Office personnel and for the enforcementof General Orders and Policy within the Sheriff’sOffice. He also handles the disposition of disciplinaryaction. Colonel Ramsay oversees all Sheriff’s officebureaus, including the Operations, Corrections andAdministrative Bureaus; the Sheriff’s CommunityRelations Division, the Communications Division, theAviation Division, the Internal Affairs Division and theChief of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area groupin Miami report directly to him. Colonel Ramsay, raisedin the Florida Keys, started with the Monroe CountySheriff’s Office in 1987 as a patrol deputy.He has worked in virtually every area of the Sheriff’sOffice over the years. He worked in Traffic Enforcementas a deputy and then as Traffic Sergeant. He worked as aPatrol Sergeant, and Detective Sergeant of both theSheriff’s Monroe County HIDTA Group and as head ofSpecial Operations and Narcotics. He was promoted toMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20105

Colonel Richard RamsayLieutenant in the year 2000, placed in charge of allinvestigative functions, including general crimes, crimescene investigations and special teams.He was promoted to Captain in 2001, serving asCommander of Operations at the Main DetentionFacility and then Captain of the Lower Keys District. Hebecame Lieutenant Colonel in 2003, third in commandof the entire office, and has served as Colonel since2004. He has attended the prestigiousFederal Bureau of Investigations National Academy andthe Southern Police Institute’s Command OfficersDevelopment Course. He serves on the board of UnitedWay, the MARC House, the Guidance Care Center, theFlorida Keys Children’s Shelter and the Florida KeysCommunity College Training Advisory Committee.Colonel Ramsay’s depth of experience in law enforcement,and in Monroe County law enforcement, makeshim particularly effective at directing all aspects of theoffice.Sheriff ‘s Command Staff GroupRear, left to right: Patrick McCullah, Director Bill Martin, Captain Don Fanelli, Chief Joel Widell, Colonel Rick Ramsay, Sheriff Bob Peryam,Captain Gene Thompson, Chief Tommy Taylor, Captain Joe Mendez, Chief Mike Rice and Lt. Colonel Tim Wagner.Front, left to right: Captain Ted Migala, Captain Tim Age, Captain Penny Phelps, Chief Lou Caputo,Captain Don Hiller and Captain Chad Scibilia.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20106

Jurisdictional AreaThe Florida Keys are a chain of islands extending southand west from the southern tip of Florida. From theMonroe County line at the 112 mile marker of HighwayU.S. One (including State Road 905 and a portion ofCard Sound Road) to the island of Key West at the fivemile marker of the same highway, the Monroe CountySheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agencyproviding service to the citizens of the County. Theagency also is charged with operating County detentionfacilities and serving civil papers in the entire County.The Sheriff’s Office has its main Headquarters building,and it’s main Detention Center just outside of Key Weston Stock Island. The County is broken up into Districts,including the Lower Keys (District One), the MiddleKeys (Districts Four and Five), Islamorada (District Six)and the Upper Keys (District Seven).While the Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcementagency for Monroe County, other local, state andfederal agencies also operate in the Florida Keys. TheFlorida Highway Patrol investigates most accidents onKeys roadways. The Florida Fish and WildlifeCommission takes care of most waterborne law enforcementactivities. The Naval Air Station, located in theLower Keys, has its own security force. The City of KeyWest has its own police force, as does the City of KeyColony Beach. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with alllaw enforcement agencies in the Keys, and enjoys a goodworking relationship with all of them.General Information and LocationsThe Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has 546 employees,including 187 road patrol deputies, 136 corrections officers,159 support staff and 64 employees in our SouthFlorida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area office.SHERIFF’S OFFICE LOCATIONSHeadquarters: Located at 5525 College Road on StockIsland, the Sheriff’s Headquarters building houses all themain administrative offices responsible forday to day operations, including the FinanceDivision, the Human Resources Division,Records and Warrants Divisions, the Civil Division,Internal Affairs, Information Systems, the TrainingDivision, the Legal Division, the Community RelationsDivision, Professional Standards and Planning andResearch. Detectives working Lower Keys cases also havean office in the headquarters building. Housed separatelyat the courthouse complex in Key West at 500Whitehead Street, is the Sheriff’s Property Division.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20107

General Information and LocationsFREEMAN SUBSTATIONalso in Marathon, housed separately, in the Florida Statebuilding at 2796 Overseas Highway at the 47.5 milemarker.AVIATION DIVISIONThe Freeman Substation, at 20950 Overseas Highway, isat the 21 mile marker of Highway U.S. One, on CudjoeKey. It is home to Lower Keys Road Patrol and twodetectives who work Lower Keys cases. District One runsfrom the city limits of Key West at the 4 mile marker tothe 40 mile marker on the Seven Mile Bridge.MARATHON SUBSTATIONThe Marathon Substation, at 3103 Overseas Highway,mile marker 48.7 in the City of Marathon, housesMiddle Keys Road Patrol, and Detectives. There is asatellite Records Office and Property Division, as well asa Civil Deputy assigned to the substation. District Fourincludes the City of Marathon, from the 40 mile marker,on the Seven Mile Bridge to Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge atthe 60.5 mile marker of Highway U.S. One; and DistrictFive runs from Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge to theIslamorada city limits, at the 74 mile marker of HighwayU.S. One. The Sheriff’s Communications building isThe Aviation Hanger, home to the Sheriff’s AviationDivision, is on the grounds of the Marathon Airport at10100 Overseas Highway at the 52 mile marker. In additionto housing all Sheriff’s Office aircraft, it also providesa home to the Sheriff’s mobile command post andfirearm’s trailer. The building has a fully functional andequipped training classroom, and a gymnasium used bySheriff’s employees.SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISIONThis building, at the north end of Marathon, housesdetectives assigned to work specific types of crimesincluding narcotics, homicides and crimes againstwomen and children. Victim Advocates are housed here,as is the Sheriff’s Intelligence Officer. The Monroe HighIntensity Drug Trafficking Area group (HIDTA) alsoworks out of this building, coordinating long termmoney laundering, racketeering and other types of investigationsinvolving the cooperative involvement of local,state and federal law enforcement agencies.ISLAMORADA SUBSTATIONServicing the law enforcement needs of the Village ofIslamorada, the Islamorada substation is at 86800Overseas Highway, mile marker 86. District Six RoadMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20108

General Information and LocationsPatrol is housed here. District Six runs from the 73 milemarker, at the south end of the Channel Two Bridge, tothe 90.5 mile marker at the Tavernier Creek Bridge.MAIN DETENTION CENTERThe Main Detention Center, at 5501 College Road,holds up to 596 inmates. Inmates from the Lower Keys,as well as all inmates judged to be violent or high profileare housed here.MARATHON DETENTION CENTERTHE ROTH BUILDINGThe Roth Building, at 50 High Point Road in Tavernier,services Sheriff’s Office District Seven, which runs fromthe northernmost city limits of Islamorada at mile marker90.2 (Tavernier Creek Bridge), to the county line atthe 112 mile marker of Highway U.S. One, and includesOcean Reef and parts of Card Sound Road and StateRoad 905.The Marathon Detention Center is a satellite facilitythat houses 52 inmates judged to be “low risk”. Locatedat 3981 Overseas Highway at the 49 mile marker inMarathon.PLANTATION KEY DETENTION CENTERThe Upper Keys Detention facility houses 47 inmatesjudged to be “low risk” and is located at 53 High PointRoad at the 89 mile marker of Highway U.S. One inTavernier.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 20109

Year in ReviewJANUARYAmerica’s Most Wanted Murder ArrestMan wanted for the Thanksgiving murders of his familyin Jupiter, Florida was apprehended at the EdgewaterLodge on Long Key, after a tip was called in to America’sMost Wanted about his location.Ransom note left bydetectives for Marijuana.Ransom note fordrugs leads toarrestDetectives seized marijuanaplants growing inMarathon and left aransom note in theirplace. “Thanks for thegrow! You want themback? Call for theprice….we’ll talk,” thenote read. A Marathonman called and offered$200 for the plantsreturn. He was arrested.MCSO Re-accreditedThe Sheriff’s Office announced it had received re-accreditationfrom the State of Florida in both LawEnforcement and Corrections.CrossingGuards handedover to KWPDThe Key WestPolice Departmenttook over employment of all SchoolCrossing Guardsworking within the city limits. The Sheriff ’s Officehandled Crossing Guard duties county-wide for years,including contracting with the city for thosein Key West.FEBRUARYBoat theft in Key LargoA Homestead man was arrested after he stole a $400,000boat from a Key Largo home. Customs and BorderProtection apprehended him offshore. He claimed to betaking the boat to Mexico for the owner.Second jewelry store burglaryFor the second time in a month, someone broke intoDePaula Jewelers in Tavernier by cutting through theroof and attempting to enter a safe. A second jewelrystore burglary in Marathon, at Midas Touch Jewelers,occurred several weeks later with a similar method ofentry. A Hialeah man was caught right after theMarathon burglary, headed northbound out of the Keys.He had a plasma torch and a six foot tall gas cylinderwith him in his vehicle. He was eventually charged withboth crimes.Two arrested after Superbowl party fightTwo men were taken to the hospital, then arrested afterseverely injuring each other in a fight at a Superbowlparty. One man suffered from a dislocated jaw; the othersuffered severe lacerations to his face and puncturedtesticles.19 cited for alcohol related chargesA party at Port Antigua Beach resulted in 12 adults and7 juvenile being cited for alcohol related charges.Students at the scene said they were there for “SeniorSkip Day”. They were on two boats, loaded with varioustypes of alcohol. They attempted to flee, but were apprehendedand cited; parents of the juveniles were notified.Key West Police take over School CrossingGuards in the city of Key West.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201010

Year in ReviewBig Pine man shot to deathAn 18 year old Big Pine man was shot to death in a trailerat Seahorse Campground on Big Pine Key. The shootingwas believed to be drug related.Small child held against his willA Key Largo man was arrested after he led a child to abeach at an Islamorada marina and kept him there eventhough he was trying to get away.The boy was finallyable to escape and told his father about the incident.Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run.Sheriff’s Office cleans upTorch RunMany employees of the Sheriff’s Office participated inthe Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run inApril. The run is held state-wide each year as a kick-offto the yearly Special Olympics event.MAYMan commits two robberies in one nightA Key Largo man was arrested after he robbed two conveniencestores in a row at gunpoint. The clerks got adescription of the man and of his vehicle. He wasstopped a short time later by deputies who found ahandgun on the floor of the vehicle. He was identifiedby the clerks, and by surveillance tapes.Stock Island drug bustA search warrant turned up 31 grams of cocaine, twococaine cookies, marijuana, and cash. Twenty fightingchickens were also found and turned over to the ASPCA.Three people were arrested. DCF was notified about twoinfants in the household.Cock fighting arrestsTwo separate cock fighting operations were busted, oneon Stock Island and one on Rockland Key. Two menwere arrested for multiple counts of cruelty to animals.Clean up at John Pennekamp State Park.The Sheriff’s Bureau of Corrections and the FloridaDepartment of Environmental Protection teamed up ona cleanup operation at Pennekamp State Park.Sheriff’s Office gets“new look”The Sheriff’s Officeannounced a “new look” forits uniformed personnel. Theoffice changed from whiteuniform shirts to green oneswhich brings the office morein line with other sheriff’soffices around the state.Sheriff 's Office changesto green uniforms.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201013

Year in ReviewPolice Memorial DayThis water buffalo head fell,crushing a man sleepingin his chair.top of him. He was ableto reach his phone butall dispatchers could hearon the phone was himyelling his address andthe word “crushed”. Hewas treated for injuries atthe hospital.Police Memorial Ceremony in Key West.The Sheriff’s Office took part in Police Memorial eventsboth locally and in Tallahassee to remember those officerskilled in the line of duty in 2009.CART exercise successfulMen jump from Card Sound BridgeTwo Miami men who were drinking beer and fishingjumped from the top of the Card Sound Bridge “just forfun”. One died as a result.Marijuana grow operations bustedChild Abduction Response Team exercise.A Child Abduction Response Team exercise broughtmany agencies together to participate in a mock childabduction scenario.JUNEDeputy dies in accidentDeputy Melissa Powers died in a traffic accident, whileresponding to a call in Key Largo.Man “crushed” by water buffaloAn Islamorada man fell asleep in a recliner and wokewhen a water buffalo head fell from the wall, landing onMarijuana seized during statewide grow operation.Monroe County participated in a state-wide operationtargeting marijuana grow operations. Two such operationswere found in the Keys: one in Key Largo and oneon Stock Island. Two more people were charged withpossessing the illegal substance.Report of “mummified body” revealsmannequinA young couple exploring an abandoned boat offshore ofSugarloaf Key reported finding a mummified body onboard. Law enforcement officers immediately respondedMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201014

Year in Reviewto recover the body. Their initial response was ratcheteddown somewhat once they found out the “body” was actuallya mannequin.Bulge in pantsleg is bricks ofmarijuanaA traffic stop on aswerving, speedingvehicle on CudjoeKey wound up indrug arrests. Adeputy saw a largebulge in the pantsleg of one of the car’s passengers. Although the manclaimed it was his wallet, she had never seen a walletthat big so she investigated. The bulge turned out tobe two large compressed bricks of marijuana. A gunwas found in the trunk of the car. Both Key West menwere arrested.Marijuana hidden in pants leg.JULYTree falls on carA large tree uprooted overnight on Plante Street in KeyLargo. It fell on a car,crushing it. MonroeCounty Public Works,assisted by trustyinmates from theMonroe CountyDetention Centercleared the tree fromthe roadway.Tree, uprooted in Key Largo.Fingerprints, DNA lead to chargesA Big Pine man who left fingerprints at one burglaryscene, and blood at another was charged with bothcrimes after test results identified him as the suspect inboth break-ins.Armed, barricaded man arrested safelyAn armed Islamorada man barricaded himself insideafter a confrontation with deputies. One deputy fired hisTaser and the other fired his gun during the confrontation.The man was safely apprehended after negotiatorstalked him into coming out peacefully. He was latercharged with sexually battering a 10 year old girl.Sport lobster season peacefulThe two day sport lobster season took place with nomajor criminal incidents in the Florida Keys. LawEnforcement stopped many vessels, and issued relativelyfew citations for various violations.AUGUSTMan’s body recoveredA lengthy search for a missing Georgia man led to therecovery of his body 2.5 miles offshore of PennekampState Park in Key Largo. He had a gunshot wound in hishead, and chain wrapped around his body with handsand arms left free. A gun was found nearby. The deathappeared to be consistent with suicide.Three search warrants in two daysSix people were arrested during the service of threesearch warrants during a two day period. A search on BigCoppitt turned up 581 grams of marijuana and led toone arrest. A search on Stock Island in Sunset HarborTrailer Park resulted in four arrests after detectives found43 crack rocks, 14bags of marijuanaand powderedcocaine. A search inMarathon turned upparaphernalia, andcandles meant tokeep law enforcementaway, and help win acourt case.Candles seized during searchingMarathon, meant tokeep law enforcement away.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201015

Year in ReviewArrest for rape of young girlsA Key Largo man was arrested for repeatedly raping twoyoung girls between 6 and 8 years of age.Sheriff holds community meetingsDrugs, guns and ammunition, seizedduring search in Tavernier.Two arrestedafter searchwarrantA search warrantinTavernierturned up 862grams of marijuana,12 gramsof hash, mushrooms,fourguns, over a thousand rounds of ammunition and a largeamount of cash. Two men were arrested. The search ledto a large cultivation operation in Orange County withmore arrests.Multi-agency operation nets drugs, cashK‐9 Deja with drugs and money seized ininterdiction operation.A Highway Interdiction Operation involving local,state and federal officers led to the seizure of 139 gramsof crack cocaine, 87 grams of powdered cocaine, marijuana,Xanax and over $2,000 in cash. Three peoplewere arrested. The operation also resulted in 151 stops,84 citations, 31 K-9 searches, 9 arrests for undocumentedworkers.Colonel Rick Ramsay at acommunity meeting held on Big Pine Key.Sheriff Peryam and his staff held community meetings inthe Upper, Middle and Lower Keys to hear directly fromcitizens what they think of the Sheriff’s Office and itsoperations.National NightOutNational Night Outeventswereheld intheUpper,MiddleandLower Keys,bringing publicservice agenciestogether withthe citizens theyserve.Sheriff 's Office held National Night Outevents in the Lower, Middle and Upper Keys.Detention Centers offer new servicesNew “TouchPay” payment system installed at the KeyWest jail allows money to be paid by credit or debit cardMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201016

Year in Reviewfor bonds and inmate trust accounts. Payments can bemade in person, over the phone or on-line.SEPTEMBERWaterborne Strike Team trainingMembers of the Sheriff’s SWAT team attendedWaterborne Strike Team training to learn about tacticsused by SWAT teams when responding on the water.Homicide in IslamoradaDetectives responded to the scene of a shooting death inIslamorada. A 70 year old man was found in his homeon Pirates Lair Road, shot multiple times. A co-workerinitially found him after he failed to show up for work atan Islamorada resort.Man dies after fight on Big Coppitt KeyA 55 year old Big Coppitt Key man died at a MiamiHospital after he was airlifted for injuries he sufferedduring a fight. Deputies arrived on the scene to find himon the ground with severe injuries to his head and neck.Several people were there at the time of the fight, butthey all said they didn’t see what happened to the victim.Marathon home invasionAn 86 year old man was robbed in his Marathon homeafter two men wearing ski masks broke in. The robbersstole two large safes containing valuables and left the elderlyvictim restrained with duct tape and zip ties.Suicide Bomber Response trainingMembers of the Sheriff’s Bomb and SWAT teams participatedin training to learn about prevention and responseto suicide bombing incidents.Suicide bomber response training.Waterborne strike training.OCTOBERElderly woman goes missing – is foundA 70 year old woman, missing from a Key Largo homeovernight was located in a wooded area by a K-9 teamfrom Islamorada. She’d slipped and fallen, and couldn’tget back up again.Key Largo man beats dog, is arrestedA Key Largo man severely beat a black lab, leaving it withbroken ribs, a collapsed lung and damage to its esophagus.The man was arrested; the dog was rushed to an animalhospital in Homestead where it survived its injuries.Device found at college is “class project”A device which appeared to be functional bomb withoutexplosives attached was found in a mailbox in the mailroomof Florida Keys Community College. A studentcame forward to report the device was his and was meantas a class project.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201017

Year in ReviewSearch warrant in Key LargoA search warrant at a Key Largo residence turned up 172grams of marijuana and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia.A stolen boat motor was also found on the property.A 35 year old man was arrested on drug related charges.Human bones found in MarathonHuman bones found on two lots in Marathon were mostHuman bones found in Marathon.likely dumped there when fill was brought in to theproperty years previously. The bones were determinednot to belong to two juveniles who went missing fromthe area in 1974. Testing revealed bones were from theperiod 200 – 400 B.C.Sheriff hires new general counselAttorney Patrick McCullah was chosen as the newSheriff’s Office General Counsel to replace Mark Willis,who died in August. McCullah previously worked for theMonroe County State Attorney’s Office, where he was thedirector of the Marathon Division.NOVEMBERMan fleeing from police crashes;is arrestedA Tavernier man who was reported to be drivingrecklessly fled from deputies. He crashed at theTavernier Creek Bridge, jumped in a canal andswam away. A resident of the area refused to let himclimb out of the water however, and the man finallyhad to return to deputies and give himself up.Search warrant results in two arrestsA search warrant at a Stock Island residence revealed afortified door, a hinged pass through for drug sales andother modifications which turned it a drug manufacturingand salesoperation.Suspects triedto destroycocaine byputting it inmuriatic acid;they wereinsteadcharged withtrafficking inA hinged pass‐through door found at aStock Island drug house.the illegal substance.MySpace leads to burglary arrestA Big Coppitt teen was arrested for breaking into a homeon Sugarloaf Key. Deputies found a computer in thehouse logged in to the teen’s MySpace account, which ledthem to identify him as the suspect.Body found on Little Torch KeyA 56 year old Little Torch Key man’s body was found ina wooded area by three young boys, playing in the area.Friends and acquaintancessaid the manhad been depressedafter his wife died. Anautopsy on the skeletonizedremains foundno evidence of foul play.Body found in a woodedarea on Little Torch Key.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201018

Year in ReviewDECEMBERGun discharges in McDonaldsA Miami man accidentally fired a small Derringer handgunhe had in his coat pocket as he stood in line forbreakfast at McDonalds in Tavernier. No one in therestaurant was injured but he was asked to leave by themanager, who then called the Sheriff’s Office. Whendeputies stopped his car a short distance away, they sawblood on his pants and pointed out to him that he’d shothimself in the leg.Gun, drugs buried in Marathon yardGun and drugs found in Marathon yard during search.A handgun and drugs were found buried in the backyard of a Marathon residence when a search warrant wasserved there. Three people were taken to jail on drugrelated charges. Marijuana and cocaine were found onthe property as well.Sobriety checkpointA sobriety checkpoint in Islamorada resulted in 147vehicle stops and numerous citations and warningsissued. A sergeant coordinating the operation noticed a“noticeable increase in taxi traffic during the checkpoint.”Homeowner shoots teenA Key Largo homeowner shot a teenage boy who wastrying to open his locked front door. The homeownerfirst yelled a warning, then pursued the boy outside. Heshot the boy as he attempted to flee by jumping over afence.Chase results in burglary arrestsA chase with burglary suspects on State Road 905 endedwhen the suspect vehicle rammed two Sheriff’s patrolcars. Three suspects were apprehended. The three wereeventually charged with a large number of burglaries inthe Key Largo area.Murder on Stock IslandA homeless man who killed a friend in a dispute over awoman was arrested. The suspect used a hammer to killthe victim after he caught him having sexual relationswith a woman the suspect considered to be his girlfriend.Small boat handlingcourseMembers of the Sheriff’sOffice attended a smallboat handling course tobecome qualified to operateSheriff’s Office marineequipment.Sobriety checkpoint in Islamorada.Sheriff 's Office holds boathandling course.National AccreditationThe Sheriff’s Office was nationally re-accredited followinga CALEA Inspection in December.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201019

In MemoriamGeneral Counsel Mark Willis WillisDeputy Melissa “Misty” PowersMark Luther Willis, General Counsel for the Sheriff’sOffice, died August 21, 2010 of natural causes. Markwas 53 years old and had been with the Sheriff’sOffice for 20 years. He was hired by Sheriff J. AllisonDeFoor, and served as General Counsel to him, toSheriff Richard D. Roth and to Sheriff Robert P.Peryam prior to his death.Deputy Melissa Powers, 36, was killed in the line ofduty in a traffic accident which took place at 10:20p.m. on June 22, 2010. She was responding to assistanother officer at the time of the accident.Deputy Powers was hired by the Monroe CountySheriff’s Office in December of 2006 as a road patroldeputy working in the city of Marathon. In Februaryof 2010, she transferred to road patrol in the KeyLargo area. Prior to working for the Sheriff’s Office,she worked for the Florida Department of Corrections.Deputy Powers is survived by two children and herhusband, who works as a detective with theHomestead Police Department.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201020

Organizational ChartsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201022

Organizational ChartsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201023

Divisions and DepartmentsSHERIFFSheriff Robert P.Peryam is ultimatelyresponsible for everydivision and departmentin the MonroeCounty Sheriff’sOffice. He is in touch,day to day, with theactivities of theSheriff’s Office throughhis command staff.Sheriff Robert P. Peryan. Most divisions anddepartments report tohim through his second in command, Colonel RichardRamsay. His Aide, Val Marinello, and General CounselPatrick McCullah report directly to the Sheriff.UNDERSHERIFFThe Undersheriff holdsthe rank of Coloneland is second in commandof the Sheriff’sOffice, reportingdirectly to SheriffPeryam. He is responsiblefor the day to dayactions of Sheriff’sOffice personnel andColonel Rick Ramsay. for the enforcement ofgeneral orders and policywithin the Sheriff’s Office. He also handles the dispositionof disciplinary action. Colonel Ramsay oversees allSheriff’s Office bureaus, including the Operations,Corrections and Administrative Bureaus. In addition, anumber of divisions report directly to him, including theSheriff’s Community Relations Division, theCommunications Division, the Aviation Division, theInternal Affairs Division, the Training Division, Sheriff’sOffice Special Teams (Special Weapons and TacticsTeam, Bomb Squad, Dive Team, and HostageNegotiators) and the chief of the High Intensity DrugTrafficking Area group.General Counsel Patrick McCullahLEGALDIVISIONThe Legal Divisionprovides counsel to theSheriff and theagency’s many divisions.The Legal Division isstaffed by PatrickMcCullah, GeneralCounsel.INTERNALAFFAIRSThe primary functionof the Office ofInternal Affairs is toinvestigate complaintsagainst law enforcementand correctionsofficers. The Sheriff’sOffice has two types ofinvestigations ofemployee misconduct:supervisory reviews andinternal affairs investigations.An internal affairs investigation is conductedwhen the allegation is criminal misconduct, corruption,brutality, or breach of civil rights. All other complaintsfall under the supervisory review category. The InternalAffairs Division will also investigate other complaints asdirected by the Sheriff.Internal Affairs reviews lawsuits which name Sheriff’sOffice employees, and employee and citizen complaintsthat are a result of law enforcement action including theInternal Affairs Captain Don HillerMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201024

Divisions and Departmentsuse of force. Investigators also handle property seizures,work environment offenses and track union grievances.Capt. Don Hiller is the Inspector General for theInternal Affairs Office, which is staffed by two full timeinvestigators and an executive assistant.The unit alsoinvestigates, resolves and coordinates citizen complaints,and accepts and tracks commendations from the publicand from supervisors citing employees for exemplary performance.During2010, the office of Internal Affairstracked 16 internal affairs investigations. There were 116supervisory reviews completed investigating allegationsof policy violations. A complete year by year listing of allcomplaints handled by the office of Internal Affairs isavailable on our web site, www.keysso.net.Where to file a complaint:For a complaint involving a law enforcement officer:• At the Roth Building onPlantation Key: 305-853-3211• At the Marathon Sub-Station: 305-289-2430• At the Freeman Substationon Cudjoe Key: 305-745-3184For complaints involving our Office of SpecialInvestigations, including detectives in the DrugEnforcement Unit, the Traffic Enforcement Division,Crimes Against Persons Unit and other major crimes:call 305-289-2410the highest levels possible. Through community-orientedpolicing, we actively promote community safety, protectlife and property, regulate safe and efficient motor vehicle,bicycle and pedestrian traffic and assist in environmentaland marine law enforcement.The Sheriff’s philosophy is clear: to work with the communityin partnership to address public needs andaddress the important issues of the citizens of MonroeCounty. Community oriented policing (COP) is anorganizational philosophy with a decentralized approachaimed at reducing crime and improving the quality ofFor a complaint involving a corrections officer:• At the Plantation KeyDetention Center: 305-853-3266• At the MarathonDetention Center: 305-289-2420• At the Key WestDetention Center: 305-293-7300ROAD PATROLThe Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing a safeenvironment for the citizens of Monroe County. We arealso committed to community-oriented policing and toensuring the quality of life and the livability factor are atMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201025

Divisions and DepartmentsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201026

Divisions and DepartmentsThe Freeman Substationis located on Cudjoe Keywhere you will find twoadministrative assistants,Brenda Winegarden andColleen Carter, who arecustomer oriented andhandle the records managementof the district.The Patrol andInvestigative Unit’s dutiesinclude traffic safety andSheriff Peryam and Captain Thompson enforcement, respondingformally inspecting the troops.to calls for service, makingcommunity contacts, investigating misdemeanor andfelony cases and educating the public on crime preventiontechniques. They are also charged with developing a partnershipwith community members to help reduce crime inour neighborhoods.In 2010, members ofDistrict One attendeddozens of communityevents, crimewatch and homeowner associationmeetings, and fundraisers. Additionally,District Oneenhanced its bikeThe Sheriff's Office performs many community patrol operation withimprovement tasks because having a clean communitycontributes to having a safe one as well.deputies ridingalmost 400 hours,patrolling local neighborhoods. Thirty-eight citizens participatedin the Sheriffs ride along program during thecourse of the year. Officers participated in cleanup projectsfrom Big Pine Key to Stock Island; assisted theSouthernmost Homeless Assistance League (SHAL) withits yearly homeless count; conducted marine patrols duringholiday weekends and the busy sport lobster mini seasonand contributed many working hours to Key West’sFantasy Fest celebration. District One officers respondedto or initiated 48,533 calls for service, investigated 2,574cases and made 953 arrests in 2010.District Four / FiveCaptain Chad ScibiliaDISTRICT FOURAND FIVE -MIDDLE KEYSDistricts Four and Fiveare staffed with a commander,Captain ChadScibilia and a stationcommander, LieutenantBruce Winegarden; theyoversee 29 sworndeputies. The districthas responsibility forthe City of Marathon’s contract for law enforcement servicesas well as county regional support services from thesouthern limits of the Village of Islamorada (mile marker72) to the Seven-Mile Bridge (mile marker 47). TheDistrict also includes the City of Layton, Long Key StatePark, Conch Key, Duck Key, Pigeon Key and Boot KeyHarbor. They further support the Key Colony BeachPolice Department with regional support services andemergency back-up lawenforcement assistance. In2010, Marathon continuedits active support of theCommunity Traffic SafetyTeam sponsored by theFlorida Department ofTransportation.Numerous TRAP detailsDistrict 4/5 Criminal Investigative Unit(Targeted Rapid ActionProgram – where overtime hours are authorized to be paidout of drug seizure funds) were carried out throughout theyear to address many different aspects of community safety.District Four and Five Criminal Investigation Unit is adiverse and enthusiastic team of investigators that workextremely well together. The unit is responsible for investigationsand follow-up of a variety of cases, such as rob-Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201028

Divisions and Departmentscern and qualityof life issues withinthe communitybefore theybecome a problem.Severaldirected patrolswere initiated thisyear as s result ofIslamorada's National Night Out event our officers identifyingpotentialdraws lots of people with food, music, funand lots of good information about how toprevent crime.problems. Highvisibility and trafficenforcement along U.S. One is a priority in order tokeep our highway as safe as possible.. The Marine Unitsenforce marine violations with aphilosophy of compliance througheducation.Following the Sheriff’sphilosophy of community-policing,building partnerships, addressingquality of life issues and involvementin the community is whatMembers of the Sheriff 's Office attendCareer Day at Coral Shores HighSchool in Islamorada.makes all of Monroe County a satisfyingplace to work and a safeplace to live and visit.DISTRICT SEVEN- UPPER KEYSDistrict Seven starts atthe 112 mile marker andends at the TavernierCreek Bridge at milemarker 90.2. DistrictSeven also encompassesState Road 905, theOcean Reef Community,and parts of Card SoundRoad. The District Sevensubstation is located inthe Roth Building at the 88.7 mile marker on HighDistrict Seven Captain Lou CaputoPoint Road. The Roth building is a state of the art facilitypurchased through federally forfeited drug proceeds.The building was opened in 2005 and was named afternow-retired Sheriff Richard Roth, who was responsiblefor its purchase and renovation.The District Seven commanderis Captain Lou Caputo and the station commanderis Lieutenant Nancy Alvarez. The Ocean ReefCommunity is overseen by Lieutenant Corey Bryan whooversees a group of patrol officers for the Ocean ReefCommunity, as well as the north end of Card SoundRoad.District Seven is comprised of 22 patrol deputies andfour sergeants. The District has a Records Unit whichhandles phone calls, lobby issues and dissemination ofreports. They have a civil deputy responsible for civilprocess. The Criminal Investigations Unit works bothDistrict Six and Seven is housed at the Roth Building. Adetective sergeant oversees four detectives, a crime scenedetective, and an administrative assistant. This unit isprimarily responsible for following up and investigatingfelony crimes along with processing crime scenes.Deputies notonly handle dayto day calls, andwork trafficconcerns, butare constantlylooking forways to detercrime and preventcitizensfrom becomingvictims.District Seven patrol and detectives divisions.Commandstaff, deputies,and other community partners meet with approximately21 Citizen Crime Watch groups regularly, where theydiscuss any criminal issues in these areas and providehelpful tips on ways todeter crime. The district utilizes a bicycle officer to helpMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201030

Divisions and Departmentspatrol; members of the district also assists organizingcommunity events such as the Wounded Warrior project,Annual Jewfish Creek Bridge run, and the Key LargoFourth of July parade, St. Patrick’s Day parade, NationalNight Out and any other event where law enforcementinput is needed. Reserve deputies are volunteers and arean integral part of the district. Reserve deputies assist inmany different areas including parking enforcement,records assistance, and many other aspects of the MonroeCounty Sheriff’s Office.Special Investigations DivisionsCaptain Chad ScibiliaSPECIALINVESTIGATIONSDIVISIONThe Special InvestigationsDivision is made up ofdetectives specializing incriminal investigationsrequiring special skills andtraining to perform. Thesedetectives operate countywideand many of theirinvestigations are longtermand sensitive in nature. Captain Chad Scibiliaheads up the division, and Lieutenant Tom Brazil overseesthe day to day operations of the division.The units under their command are:• Vice/Narcotics Unit• Crimes Against Women and Children• Homeland Security• Homicide Unit• Victim Advocates• Crime Analysis• Intelligence• Traffic EnforcementVice and NarcoticsThe Vice/Narcotics Unit is a specialized investigativegroup consisting of six detectives and a detective sergeant.The detectives are assigned in pairs to provide coveragethroughout the Keys.The types of crimes this unit investigatesare primarily drug related. Theunit conducts other investigations intocrimes such as, but not limited to;• Gun violations• Prostitution• Illegal gambling• Firearms Violations• Dignitary ProtectionIn 2010, the unit seized 385 grams ofpowdered cocaine and 909 crackNarcotics unit frequently seizesdrugs and guns during searchwarrants.cocaine rocks, 7,951 grams of marijuana and 68 livemarijuana plants, 29 Ecstasy pills, 1,131 other pills, 100hits of acid, one rifle, 19 handguns and seized$26,544.00 in cash.Crimes AgainstWomen andChildren’s UnitThe Crimes AgainstWomen andChildren’s Unit consistsof three detectiveslocatedthroughout thecounty. They investigateall child abuse,sex crimes, missingjuvenile, child pornography and child victims of prostitutioncases in the county. They also maintain recordson registered sex offenders and conduct quarterly addressverifications on the offenders. Detectives with this unithave worked a number of cases with the LawEnforcement Against Child Harm (LEACH) task force,the US Marshall's Office (Operation Falcon) and withthe Florida Department of Law Enforcement, updatingtheir secured sex offender web site. In 2010 the unit successfullyperformed their first Child Abduction practicedrill. The scene was in Key Largo and multiple agencieswere involved. In 2010, the unit received their ChildAbduction Response Team certification from the FloridaCAWACU, Homicide and Victim'sAdvocates work closely together.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201031

Divisions and DepartmentsDepartment of Law Enforcement. The unit is led byDetective Sgt. Linda Mixon and the detectives are KimTrullender, Deborah Ryan, and Daniel Mehler.HomicideHomicide is made up of two detectives who handle allhomicides, missing adults, and suspicious death cases inthe county. They are also charged with reviewing andinvestigating all cold cases involving a homicide and theyroutinely assist other jurisdictions when a homicide callsfor some type of follow up in the Florida Keys/MonroeCounty area.The unit has reopened several cold homicide cases andresubmitted evidence for new DNA testing. Some of thecases submitted have produced new evidence. In 2010,the new Cold Case Squad was formed and the unit isseeking a cold case grant for DNA submissions andre-submissions.This unit is led by Detective Sgt. LindaMixon. The two detectives in this unit are MarkColeman and Terry Smith. Detective Coleman alsoserves the county as the Dive Team Leader.Victim AdvocatesThere are four victim advocates in Monroe County whowork for the Sheriff’s Office. There is one stationed ineach area of the Keys, and one assigned to the Key WestPolice Department. Victim advocates assist crime victims- particularly victims of violent crimes - and twoare on call in the county at all times. The advocates arefunded by a grant from the Office of the AttorneyGeneral. The advocates are essential in maintaining contactwith victims of crime where arrests have been made.The victim advocates assist victims through the courtprocess and help to gain successful prosecutions ofdefendants. The victim advocates are supervised byDetective Sgt. Linda Mixon. The victim advocates in theKeys are: Sally Ann Crawford, Debbie Shepherd, CarolAlbury-Johnson, and Elaine Woodson. Victim AdvocateDebbie Shepherd was awarded Support Employee of thelast quarter in 2010 for all of her great work.Homeland Security, Crime Analysis,IntelligenceThe Homeland Security Division coordinates with theRegional Domestic Security Task Force and assists in thecoordination of the regional strategic plan as outlined inthe state of Florida Domestic Task Force. This unit is aliaison with various local, state and federal agencies onareas of domestic security and natural disasters.The Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering, analyzing,and disseminating information concerningknown or suspected criminal activity including organizedcrime, gang members, terrorists, extremists, any dignitaryrelated activity, immigrant smuggling, homeland security,convicted felons, narcotic trends, crime stoppers tips,intelligence information about narcotics and generalintelligence.Traffic Enforcement UnitThe Traffic Enforcement Unit enforces the traffic laws ofthe state of Florida and all Monroe County ordinancespertaining to traffic enforcement. This ensures everyonetraveling on the roadways of Monroe County stay as safeand secure as possible. Highway U.S. One is the mainhighway in the county, which makes these duties particularlycrucial. Traffic accidents and other traffic issuesfrequently interrupt the flow of traffic into and out ofthe Florida Keys and it is the duty of the TrafficEnforcement Unit to see such interruptions happen asinfrequently as possible.The Traffic Enforcement UnitMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201032

Divisions and DepartmentsSPECIAL TEAMSSpecial Teams include theSpecial Weapons andTactics Team, Dive Team,Bomb Squad and HostageNegotiators. All SpecialTeams fall under the commandof the Undersheriff,Colonel Rick Ramsay.Special Weapons andColonel Rick Ramsay. TacticsThe Special Weapons andTactics (SWAT) team is primarily used to serve high-risksearch warrants where occupants are suspected of beingarmed and/or dangerous. They also respond, whenrequired, to other situations such as barricaded subjects,wanted suspects who might be armed and dangerous,and any other time they are needed.The team is comprised of deputy sheriff’s and detectiveswho have agreed toserve the citizensof Monroe Countyin this high risk,high liability positionat no extracost to taxpayers.They do notreceive any compensationover andSpecial Weapons and Tactics Team.above their normalsalaries to perform the duties of a SWAT team member.SWAT team members have all completed at least onetwo week SWAT course, and they train together on aregular basis to maintain those skills and to ensure theycan all work smoothly together. They are periodicallyrequired to participate in a timed military obstaclecourse to remain on the team, and must frequently qualifywith a variety of weapons. To date, no Sheriff’s OfficeSWAT team member has been seriously injured or killedduring the performance of their duties.In 2010, the team responded to 11 incidents, includingthe execution of seven high risk search and arrest warrants,one high profile prisoner escort and one officerinvolved shooting involving a barricaded subject.Dive TeamThe Underwater Search and Recovery Team, also knownas the Dive Team,responds to anywater-related operationand is trained tosafely effect any typeof waterborne recoveryor rescue operation.TheDive Team’sprimaryresponsibility isunderwatersearch andrecovery ofpersons and/orThe Sheriff 's Dive Team.evidence. Theteam consistsof deputy sheriffs who are specially trained and equippedto conduct such operations. All members of the teamalso hold other working positions in the Sheriff’s Officeand do not receive additional compensation for theirpresence on the team.Bomb SquadThe Sheriff’s Office BombSquad is the only fullyequipped explosive handlingteam in the Florida Keys.Bomb Squad membersrespond to calls involvingfound explosives, bombThe Bomb Squad truck and remoteoperated robot.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201033

Divisions and Departmentsthreats, or suspicious packages. The squad is made up oftwo certified bomb technicians, Detective SergeantBobby Randolph and Detective Jason Madnick, withtwo deputies waiting for F.B.I. bomb technician training.All members of the squad also hold other working positionsin the Sheriff’s Office and do not receive additionalcompensation for their presence on this high risk, highliability squad.The Bomb Squad also handles the destruction of explosivedevices, old outdated ammunition, flares, and otherdangerous items, such as military munitions and otherfound items that float into the near shore waters of theFlorida Keys. Citizens who have hazardous items to disposeof should contact Sgt. Bobby Randolph at 305-292-7060 to discuss safe handling and disposal.The Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad has state of the artequipment to handle dangerous situations and has, inthe past, been called upon to dismantle homemadeexplosive devices, destroy old dynamite, clear buildingsof dangerous explosives, and search buildings, boats, andother locations for possible explosives.Hostage Negotiation TeamThe Hostage Negotiation Team is a unit of speciallytrained persons tasked to respond to crisis incidents.These incidents include but are not limited to: suicideattempts, hostage situations, sniper attacks and barricadedarmed subjects, with or without hostages or othervictims. A member of the unit must receive special trainingin crisis intervention, negotiation techniques, recognitionof patterns and clusters of behaviors and advancedactive communication skills. These skills are used withthe goal of a safer more controlled resolution to a volatileincident which poses high risk to the members of theSheriff’s Office, persons in crisis and general public atlarge. All members of the team also hold other workingpositions in the Sheriff’s Office and do not receive additionalcompensation for their presence on the team.Reserve UnitCaptain Ted MigalaRESERVE UNITThe mission of theReserve Program is tosupport the operationof the Monroe CountySheriff’s Office. TheSheriff provides theopportunity for thereserves to be directlyinvolved in the dailyoperation of the SheriffOffice. The Sheriff providesthe reserve captain and reserve first lieutenant aposition at all staff meetings for direct coordination withthe rest of the office. Reserves contribute to the operationof all divisions within the Monroe County SheriffOffice. Reserves are a functional part of: Honor Guard,Victim Advocates, Court Security, Aviation, Records,Special Investigations, HIDTA, Dive Team, CommunityRelations Division and Parking Enforcement and swornreserve deputies work road patrol both supplementingand\covering shortages. Reserves support almost everyspecial function during the course of the year. They canbe seen helping at: New Year’s Eve fireworks, the PigeonKey Festival, the 7 Mile Bridge Run, 4th of July parades,and Fantasy Fest to name just a few.Rose Crum was Reserve of the Year for 2010. Dan Ziegand James Aurelio were both Reserve Officers of theQuarter and all should be recognized for their outstandingcontributions to the Reserve Program. The ReserveDivision has 45 members that volunteered 16,051 hoursin 2010 to the citizens of Monroe County.The following members volunteered over 500 hours oftheir time in 2010:Dan ZiegRon SylvesterWilliam DorMary Jo MigalaThe following members volunteered over 1000 hours ofMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201034

Divisions and Departmentstheir time in 2010:Richard StangerDavid CampbellEmil La VacheJames AurelioTim HunsbergerTed MigalaCongratulations to the following reserve members whocompleted the Basic Law Enforcement Academy andpassed the Florida State test to become certified LawEnforcement Officers: Richard Gross, James (Brad)Humelsine, and David Campbell.Community RelationsDirector Becky HerrinCOMMUNITYRELATIONSDIVISIONThe goal of theCommunity RelationsDivision is to promotea better working relationshipwith thecommunity, and to letthe citizens of MonroeCounty know whatthe Sheriff’s Office isdoing, and how the Sheriff’s Office serves the public ona day to day basis.The Community Relations Division is comprised of:• Public Information and Media Relations• Web Site Management and Design• School Resource Officers• School Crossing Guards• The Crime Watch Coordinator• The Juvenile Programs Division• The Civil Unit• The Sheriff’s Office Animal FarmPublic Information / Media Relations / Web SiteIn addition to overseeing the Community RelationsDivision, Director Becky Herrin is charged with performingthe duties of Public Information Officer for theSheriff’s Office, speaking with the media about news andevents, producing internal and external newsletters forthe agency, including the Weekly Rap Up producedevery Friday; and designing and maintaining the agency’sweb site. During Hurricanes, or other disaster relatedevents, Director Herrin also performs the function ofspokesperson for the Monroe County Division ofEmergency Management.School ResourceOfficersThe Sheriff’s Office has fiveSchool Resource Officers stationedat Sugarloaf School,Marathon High School andMiddle School, PlantationKey School, Key LargoSchool and Coral ShoresHigh School. The SROs provideday to day security at each school. They are alsocharged with maintaining positive relationships with thestudents, teachers and administrators at each school.In 2010, SROs taught Project ALERT to all 360 7thgraders, with a booster class in 8th grade. This programtargets drug abuse, bullying, and many other issueswhich affect today’s youth.The SROs are also charged with overseeing the Sheriff’sOffice Explorer / Cadet Program.Citizen’s Crime WatchCitizen’s Crime Watch is a nationally recognizedcrime prevention program thatbrings neighbors and law enforcementtogether to prevent crime. Citizen's CrimeWatch acts as the volunteer “eyes andears” of the Sheriff’s Office. The CrimeWatch coordinator is charged with helpingset up new crime watches, coordinatingmeetings and communicating crimeSROs are also advisors to Sheriff 's OfficeExplorer Posts county‐wide.Citizens Crime Watch teaches allages about Crime Prevention.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201035

Divisions and Departmentstrends and other helpful information to the existingcrime watches, and with conducting free home securitysurveys. The program has proven it’s worth over the yearshere in Monroe County.School Crossing GuardsIn 2010, the Sheriff’s Office was responsible for schoolcrossing guards, and other school crossing duties, atschools in Monroe County. There are crossing guardsassigned to work the school zones at Stanley SwitlikElementary School in Marathon, and in front of KeyLargo School. School resource officers perform crossingguard duties at other area schools, including the schoolzone in front of Sugarloaf School, and in front of CoralShores High School / Plantation Key School in theUpper Keys. The crossing guards in the unincorporatedareas are supervised by School Resource Sgt. Glenn Test.from fees attached to court cases. For moreinformation about any of these juvenile programs,contact Juvenile Program Supervisor SherwoodHanford via email at shanford@keysso.net or by phone at305-292-7129.Civil UnitThe Civil Unit acts as the executive arm of the court system.The unit receives, processes, and executes legalprocess including summonses, subpoenas, writs of executions,writs of possession, writs of attachment, writs ofbodily attachment, injunctions and levys. The unit alsohandles the appointment of private process servers.The Sheriff’s Office Animal FarmThe farm and its operations are overseen by a paidemployee, currently Jeanne Selander, who manages theAnimal Farm, and oversees the maintenance of thedetention center and Sheriff’s Office headquartersJuvenile ProgramsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile InterventionPrograms help prevent youths from engaging in furtherdelinquent behavior and help prevent youthful offendersfrom becoming adult offenders.The Juvenile Citationprogram and Teen Court program use restitution, communityservice, curfew, letters of apology and othermethods to help re-direct youth in the program backonto the right path.The Intensive DelinquencyDiversion Program (IDDS) is a longerterm program for more serious offenders.It targets education, job placement, youthand family counseling along with substanceabuse and mental health counseling in itsefforts to keep youth from committing furtheroffenses. Both programs are financedthrough a contract with the Department ofJuvenile Justice that provides 38 slots forjuvenile offenders overseen by three highlytrained case workers. It also receives moneyBaby Syd, a Sloth, wasborn on the farm in 2010.Kids love the Sheriff 'sAnimal Farm.grounds.The animals at thefarm are cared for primarily byDetention Center inmates whoreceive formal training in someaspects of animal husbandrywhich they may be able to useonce they are released fromthe facility. At the very least,Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201036

Divisions and Departmentsthey learn to work closely with many creatures in need ofthe compassion and caring of a human being ‐ an experiencewhich cannot help but be a positive factor in theirlives. Veterinarian services are primarily contributed byDr. Doug Mader, of the Marathon Veterinary Hospital.He regularly checks on the animals, administering medicalcare, vaccinations and other necessary services. Thefarm, located underneath the Stock Island detentionfacility, is free of charge to all and is open to the publicon the second and fourth Sundays of each month.Group visits can also be scheduled. This special placecontinues to be a big hit with families and frequentlysees visitors from local schools, nursing homes, and otherprograms such as the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCAand local church groups.The farm began as a haven forhomeless animals and to date, most of the animals onthe farm come from the SPCA, or from owners who canno longer care for their animals. The farm features allsorts of animals ‐ both the traditional farm animals andexotic animals from many different countries.The farmoffers one of the only opportunities for Keys children tointeract with animals they wouldn’t normally have theopportunity to experience. The farm has special eventsthroughout the year. The facility is supported largely bydonations from visitors.COMMUNICATIONSDIVISIONThe CommunicationsDivision is located in theheart of the Florida Keys inMarathon. All of the 911calls for Monroe County areanswered in the center withthe exception of calls for thecity of Key West. The missionof the CommunicationsCenter is to provide rapidpublic safety response to the citizens of our community,those passing through, or to other communities requestingour services. The division strives to meet those needswithout regard to age, race, sex, religion or disability.The Communications Division dispatches Sheriff’sdeputies, emergency medicalservices and fire/rescue personnel. In 2010, theSheriff’s Office handled 153,462 calls for service, for anaverage of 420 calls entered in the Computer AidedDispatch (CAD) system in a 24-hour period. Calls forservice are received into the center by both non-emergencylines as well as 911 lines. Most calls for serviceentered in CAD represent a law enforcement officer,emergency services person, or fire response unit sent to alocation in the county to answer a request for help froma citizen.Communications DivisionDirector Anne LeonardMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201037

Divisions and DepartmentsThe division has a total of 22 staff members, whichincludes a director, four shift supervisors and 17 communicationsofficers. Communications officers must monitormultiple radio frequencies and dispatch multipleagencies in a calm and professional manner. They frequentlyare called upon to make split second decisionsthat can mean the difference between life and death.They can be a lifeline to deputies in the field and tocallers on the phone. Communications officers are alsotasked with providing life saving pre-arrival instructionsto assist in medical and fire situations.They go through approximately 5 months of trainingwith a training officer prior to being released to work ona shift. A 911 call should only be made in an emergency.Otherwise callers should use the other five non-emergencyphone numbers available 24 hours a day.(305) 296-2424 Headquarters(305) 745-3184 Lower Keys(305) 289-2430 Middle Keys(305) 664-6480 Islamorada(305) 853-3211 Upper KeysTip: If you accidentally call 9-1-1, don’t hang up, stay onthe line and tell the Communications Office that it wasunintentional.Aviation DivisionDirector Brooks BatemanAVIATIONDIVISIONThe Aviation Divisionconsists of seven pilotsand three mechanics.The aircraft they operatecurrently include aSikorsky S-76 medicaltransport helicopter anda King Air B200 airplane.The hangerwhere the division islocated is on the northern end of the airport inMarathon.The King Air provides transport of countySheriff 's Office pilots fly the county's Trauma Star helicopter.employees traveling for business. The medical transporthelicopter - called Trauma Star - provides trauma flightsfrom the scenes of accidents and incidents in MonroeCounty; it takes severely injured victims to major traumacenters in Miami because there is no such facility withinMonroe County; it is also available for inter-facilitytransports between hospitals, as needed. The programinvolves a cooperative agreement between the Sheriff’sOffice, Monroe County Fire/Rescue, county commissioners,the county administrator, and our three localhospitals.Training DivisionCaptain Penny PhelpsTRAININGDIVISIONThe Sheriff’s OfficeTraining Unit worksclosely with FloridaKeys CommunityCollege to provideinstructors for ongoinglaw enforcement relatedacademies. Instructorsfrom the Sheriff’s Officeteach advanced coursessuch as Line Supervision, Field Training Officer,Intoxilyzer Operator, Radar Operator, MiddleManagement, and Instructor Techniques workshops.In-service courses are presented to personnel in order toMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201038

Divisions and DepartmentsTraining for Power DMS software.Annual retraining for law enforcement.maintain officer’s certification requirements. Many ofthese requirements are set by the state of Florida andother regulatory bodies. These courses include instructionin firearms training, blood borne pathogens, hazardousmaterials, defensive tactics, chemical weapons, useof force, legal updates, impact weapons, emergency vehicleoperation, verbal judo (tactical communications),first responder to medical emergencies, domestic violence,juvenile and sex crimes, suicide prevention, anddrug and alcohol recognition. Support courses providedto all personnel in the Sheriff’s Office include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), personal safety/selfawareness, and computer courses. The Training Divisionis a Community Training Center for the American HeartAssociation and frequently provides training in CPR tocommunity service groups. The records portion of thedivision maintains all employee training records as wellThe Training Divisionas salary incentive and tuition information to providerequired documentation for the Florida Department ofLaw Enforcement for their annual audits. In 2010,Deputy Sheila Seago joined Sgt. Michael DiGiovanni asa permanent member of the Training Division. In addition,the division implemented the use of Power DMS, atraining software which allows the agency to conductmost required, annual retraining such as airborne/bloodbornepathogens, harassment issues, etc., via web-basedsoftware. Designing courses and making them availableon-line saved hundreds of man hours. For example, inprevious years, law enforcement deputies spent 16 hoursin the classroom and corrections deputies spent 12 hoursin the classroom participating in required annual retrainingmodules. In addition to classroom time, deputiessometimes had a lengthy drive to training facilities wherethese courses were offered.In 2010, the number of hours spent in the classroomwas reduced to 4 hours for both law enforcement andcorrections deputies. The remaining hours of requiredannual retraining were spent on-line through the PowerDMS software. In the bureau of Corrections alone, thissaved approximately $20,000 in overtime costs.Conducting most of the required, redundant annualretraining on-line allowed the agency to shift focus awayfrom a classroom setting to a more interactive, scenariobasedsetting. For example, almost 140 deputies participatedin 19 active shooter classes. Simulations were usedin these courses as deputies were required to engage in“shoot, don’t shoot” scenarios.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201039

Divisions and DepartmentsAirport Security DivisionCaptain Don HillerAIRPORTSECURITYDIVISIONThe Airport SecurityDivision assigned tothe Key WestInternational Airport isresponsible forpatrolling over 250acres of property 24hours a day. CaptainDon Hiller oversees theoperation while Lieutenant Mitch Snider directs two lawenforcement sergeants, six deputies and 19 AirportSecurity Technicians (AST). Duties and responsibilitiesof the division consist of maintaining security in andaround the airport, checking vehicles and personnel insecure areas, maintaining smooth and consistent pedestrianand vehicular traffic, and processing new employeesfor commercial carriers and airport businesses throughfingerprint and background checks.The division assists the Transportation SafetyAdministration (TSA) with investigating weapons offensesor any crime occurring on the airport property. Themembers are pro active in their efforts to identify andaddress any security issue they may come across.Passenger loads continue to increase and are now overhalf a million people a year through the Key WestInternational Airport. To handle the increased volumethe airlines decided this year to bring in the larger 737Airport Security DivisionBoeing aircraft, the first time these massive planes haveever landed here. As the airport has grown, with theincreased number of related employees and businessesand with greater passenger numbers, the securitydemands have increased in complexity. A full time securityspecialist was designated this year just to process thefingerprinting, security screenings, issued badges andcomputerized access controls. The entire security area ofthe airport transitioned in 2010 to a totally keyless systemthat can only be accessed by using these securitybadges. The Airport Security Plan (ASP) was completelyrewritten to reflect all of the changes needed to accommodatethe new terminal building and security upgrades.The amount of security cameras throughout the airportand the monitors in the control room have both tripledover the last year. A new alarm and monitoring backupsystem in a separate new guard post on the commercialramp was also installed.SOUTHFLORIDA HIGHINTENSITYDRUGTRAFFICKINGAREASThe Monroe CountySheriff’s Office is amajor participant inthe South FloridaLt. Colonel Tim Wagner High Intensity DrugTrafficking Area program(SFLHIDTA), which comprises operations andintelligence efforts in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward,and Palm Beach Counties. HIDTA disrupts the marketfor illegal drugs in the United States by assisting federal,state, and local law enforcement entities in their effortsto investigate drug trafficking organizations, with particularemphasis on drug trafficking regions that haveharmful effects on other parts of the United States.The Sheriff’s Office received one of the first HIDTAMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201040

Divisions and DepartmentsDirector Bill Martin, NationalHIDTA Assistance CenterChief Joel WidellCaptain Joe Mendezgrants in 1991 andused those funds tocreate the MonroeTask Force, whichinvestigates narcoticsrelated money launderingorganizationson an internationalscale. The unit is stillin existence, havingseized over $65 milliondollars in illicitnarcotics-derivedfinancial proceeds. Itbrought in over $25million in asset sharingto the Sheriff’sOffice in just one caseand has since broughtin millions more tobenefit the citizens ofMonroe County.In 1994, the Sheriffelected to furtherassist in the HIDTAeffort by serving as afiscal agent (fiduciary)in the SouthFlorida HIDTA andthe Puerto Rico-Virgin IslandsHIDTA. TheSheriff’s Office handlesover $20 millionin grant funds forthose two projects,and for the National HIDTA Assistance Center, alsolocated in Miami.Over the last three years, the SFL-HIDTA has seized an average of $713 million worth ofillicit drugs per year from regional and internationaldrug trafficking organizations. Drugs seized includecocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamineand all types of diverted pharmaceutical medications.BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATIONAdministrative BureauChief Mike RiceThe Sheriff’s OfficeBureau ofAdministration isresponsible for allsupport services withinthe Sheriff’sOffice.The bureauincludes the FinanceDivision, JudicialServices / CentralRecords / Warrants,The InformationSystems Division, the Property and Evidence Division,the Human Resources Division, Professional Standards,the Emergency Communications Division, RiskManagement, and Grants Administration.FINANCEThe function of theFinance Division isto account for andmanage the fiscalresources of theagency.The staff reconcilesand balances allaccounts, prepares aExecutive Director Amy Heavilin,CPAcomplete set offinancial statements for all funds, prepares the annualbudget and ensures the money received from grants andfederal agencies are spent in accordance with their specificrequirements. The division is responsible formaintaining records for one General Operating Fundand 18 Special Revenue Funds. Other functions includeMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201041

Divisions and DepartmentsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201042

Divisions and DepartmentsSheriff 's Finance Division.The Finance Divisionholds yearly auctions ofsurplus vehiclesand equipment.Middle and Upper Keys; Hardware Technicians LeeJohnston and Joey Finch in the Lower Keys; SeniorNetwork Administrator Michael Grattan, SeniorTechnical Administrator Sandra Bartlett,Programmer/Analyst Ralph “Steve” Heitman andDirector Jim Painter. All maintain offices in the KeyWest headquarters building. In 2010, Mike Grattanheaded up the new Panasonic Arbitrator InCar cameraproject – installing the main server and working withDrew and Reserve Captain Ted Migala. They haveinstalled approximately 100 in-car cameras and associatedsoftware. These new state of the art units recordevents and automatically upload the videos to the mainserver whenever the in-car laptop detects a wireless accesspoint, making the videos immediately available to all.They have installed wireless access points in mostMCSO locations including three in the general area ofthe headquarters/jail buildings. They have also deployedfour new term servers for use in dispatch, the jails andfor administrative use. In an effort to provide customcalculating and disbursing checks to employees for payroll,as well as disbursing checks to vendors for suppliesand services. All expenditures are reviewed monthly forcompliance with the appropriate budget.INFORMATIONSYSTEMSInformation Systems ischarged with takingcare of the computerand information technologyneeds of theSheriff’s Office, includingoffice computers, incar computers, systemprinters and all systemrelated software. Thestaff in Information Systems consists of ComputerSystems Specialist Drew Moyer who operates in theInformation SystemsDirector Jim PainterInformation Systems Division.management information to users, they have developedover 400 reports using Crystal Reports – an ad hockreport generator. Steve Heitman was kept busy withmultiple programming assignments, some of whichincluded a new roll call system, a financial package tohelp the Special Operations Division track their undercoverbuy-money and a mapping project in conjunctionMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201043

Divisions and Departmentswith emergency communications.Supervisor Sandy Bartlett, Joey Finch and Lee Johnstonmaintained the day to day business of serving in-housecustomers with technology advice, computer and phonesupport.The division continues to work with the primarysoftware vendor, CTS/Smartcop, as beta testers tohelp insure the product grows with the agency’s needs.The latest endeavor was to bring the new SmartMobileforms project online for electronic citations, warnings,DUI’s and traffic crash reporting using the in-car computers.Deputies can write and transmit citations in afraction of the time allowing them to get back on patrolmuch sooner.Judicial Services, Central Recordsand Warrants DirectorSharon HarroldJUDICIALSERVICES /CENTRALRECORDS /WARRANTSThis division providesinformation to the publicthrough its CentralRecords Unit; theWarrants Division makessure warrants are properlyentered into law enforcementdatabases and are updated as law enforcement orcourt action is taken.Central RecordsUnder the direction of Supervisor Tiffany O’Connell,Central Records is responsible for ensuring all offensereports have been completed and the associated paperworkscanned. They process sealed and expungedrecords, handle Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) andhelp the public with public records requests. CentralRecords continues to work on becoming paperless; currently,only an estimated 20% of records remain in paperform. In addition, they provide documents tothe public in digital format whenever possible, savingpaper, postage and time.WarrantsThe Warrants Unit, headed up by Supervisor TatyanaGordiyenko, is responsible for entering all warrants andCentral Records, Warrantsand Jail RecordsUnits.injunctions in Sheriff’s computer system. The warrantsare then scanned into a centralized database, allowing thewarrants be served anywhere in the county. Each warrantsclerk is responsible for a specific task, includingentering warrants, entering injunctions, handling extraditions,and conducting the FDLE audit.In addition, the unit works on locating people with outstandingwarrants whether they are in the county, out ofthe county or even out of the state. In 2010, using a specialdatabase software program, the unit was able torecall 330 warrants that were no longer active becausethe wanted person was deceased. Also, the WarrantsOffice completed two warrant audits to make sure allwarrants were correct, active and entered in NCIC.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201044

Divisions and DepartmentsThe total number of warrants served, recalled or purgedfor the year 2010 is 2,139. The total number of warrantscurrently active is 7,600.Jail RecordsJail Records, headed up by Supervisor Jamie Denton isresponsible for all inmate records, including records oninmates from other agencies, that are housed in MonroeCounty facilities, including U.S. Marshals Service,Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customsand Border Patrol. Records clerks’ scan all inmate recordsand files at the time of the arrest or hold. This methodmakes the records available county wide for agencyneeds. Along with scanning inmate records and files, JailRecords scans sexual offender and convicted felonrecords and registrations, to help other agencies betteridentify offenders.Court ServicesThe Court Services Unit, supervised by Sgt. GeraldFisher, provides security for judges in all areas of theKeys, including court houses located in Plantation Key,Marathon and in Key West. They work closely withcourt staff and with the Corrections Bureau to ensuresafety for everyone participating in the criminal justicesystem.Property and EvidenceDirector Diane O’DellPROPERTYAND EVIDENCEThe Property andEvidence Division iswhere all the propertyand evidence collectedin Monroe County isprocessed and storeduntil the final case dispositionis receivedfrom the judicial system.Thedivisionreceives property and evidence from different agenciesthroughout the Keys including the Florida HighwayPatrol, Florida Fish and Wildlife ConservationCommission, State Attorney’s Office, and Florida Dept.of Law Enforcement. In 2010, the division completed47,169 property and evidence transactions.The transactions included:Items checked in..................................................15,206Items checked out..................................................2,960Items destroyed....................................................10,261Items returned.......................................................1,644The division holds a total of 40,000 items in the mainKey West facility; in Marathon, 5,000 items are stored,and in Plantation Key, 10,000 items are stored.In addition to the normal course of business, the divisionrevised all of its policies and procedures in preparationfor the national accreditation inspection, which theypassed with flying colors.Marathon CourtSecurity, Plantation KeyCourt Security and Key WestCourt Security.Explorers tour the Property and Evidence room in Key West.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201045

Divisions and DepartmentsHuman Resources Executive DirectorDonna Allen MooreHUMANRESOURCESThe goal of the HumanResources Division(HRD) is to attract themost qualified applicantswithout regard torace, color, sex, age, religion,disabilities, or ethnicorigin. In addition,the division is responsiblefor ensuring theSheriff’s Office is incompliance with all Federal and State employmentrelated laws, including Equal Employment Opportunity,the Americans with Disabilities Act of1990, the Family Medical Leave Act of1993, the Equal Pay Act of 1963, thePregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978,the Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act of 1996 and manyother applicable laws. The MonroeCounty Sheriff’s Office is an equalopportunity/affirmative action employer.In addition, HRD is responsible forcoordinating the agency’s promotionalprocess, managing the agency’s randomdrug testing, annual physicals, FloridaDepartment Law Enforcement (FDLE)registrations and resignations, personneland payroll changes, and administeringall optional/supplemental benefits programsto all employees. The divisionalso communicates all HRD policies toall employees; provides employees witha formal process for grievance resolution;works with commanders, directorsand supervisors to create a high performingand diverse workforce; anddevelops staff excellence through train-Human Resources Division.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201046

Divisions and Departmentsing and consultation with employees, to encouragegrowth and opportunity and promote an overall positivework environment for all employees.The MCSOemploys a total of 546 employees, including:Deputy Sheriffs .................................................................187Detention Deputies ...........................................................136Support Staff .....................................................................159High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (H.I.D.T.A.)...........64In 2010 the Human Resources Division received andprocessed:Pre-Applications ............................................................1,696Full Applications (sent)..................................................... 266Full Applications (received) ...............................................29New Hires .........................................................................44In 2010, the division implemented a Physical AbilitiesTest (PAT) for all sworn job applicants in both lawenforcement and corrections. The division also beganrevising all forms into an electronic format that willenable MCSO employees to easily update and/or changetheir personal information or change other personnelbusiness. In addition, the division partnered with KeyWest High School Video Production class to produce arecruitment video for the Sheriff’s Office.Professional Standards DivisionLt. Cindy PeryamPROFESSIONALSTANDARDSUnder the direction ofLt. Cindy Peryam, theoffice of ProfessionalStandards is in charge ofmanaging state (CFA)and national (CALEA)accreditation processesfor law enforcement.The office ensures allagency policies and proceduresare in compliancewith accreditation standards and the agency is followingestablished policy. The Monroe County Sheriff’sOffice recently achieved reaccreditation in both processes.The agency was awarded CFA re-accreditation inOctober for 2009 – 2012. National Accreditation(CALEA) was awarded in March for 2011 - 2014.Professional Standards Division.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201047

Divisions and DepartmentsMembers of the office of Professional Standards areInspector Henry Hamilton - Staff Inspections, RachelleGates – Accreditation Specialist, and Tondra Davis –Accreditation Specialist.MCSO and KWPD Communications and vendors foraccuracy. Many more detailed duties are carried out bythe highly skilled staff as they go to everyday and emergencysituations. Focusing on safety, they strive forexcellence.BUREAU OF CORRECTIONSAccreditation inspectors visit and go over detailsof the Sheriff 's Office operation.EmergencyCommunicationsDirector Laura WhiteEMERGENCYCOMMUNICATIONSEmergency Communicationsis centrally located inMarathon at the MonroeCounty Public Works yard.The EmergencyCommunications Divisionprovides professional andhigh quality communicationsvia the MCSO 800MHz Smartzone radio systemto approximately 32 agencies and 1600 users. Thisallows for interagency cooperation and communicationson the system throughout the county. UHF paging servicesfor fire/rescue is provided and maintained, as well asdigital paging and cellular services for county staff.Traffic radar for most county and state law enforcementagencies in Monroe and South Dade Counties are calibratedand certified through the department on a biannualbasis. The 911 answering equipment is also purchasedand maintained through the EmergencyCommunications Division. The 911 address database iskept up to date, and caller information verified withDetention BureauChief Tommy TaylorThe Bureau ofCorrections has threejail facilities, the KeyWest detention center,housing up to 596inmates; the Marathondetention center, housingup to 52 inmates,and the Plantation Keydetention center, housingup to 47 inmates.The total daily averageinmate population in 2010 was 488 inmates. The overallmission of the Corrections Bureau is to provide for custody,control, care, and treatment of incarcerated inmates.The bureau also offers a variety of programs to inmateswho wish to make a positive change in their lives, includingeducational, work related and rehabilitative programsaimed at changing behaviors so when an inmate isreleased, he or she has a chance at becoming a productive,contributing member of society. The Corrections Bureauprovides processing and detention services for all lawenforcement agencies in Monroe County. In 2010, 5,798arrestees were booked through the three jail facilities.Processing an inmate involves intake, medical screening,fingerprinting, photographing and classification of theindividual. Technology plays a key role, particularlythrough video-imaging and electronic or inkless fingerprinting.The automated fingerprint identification system, called“Live Scan”, offers real time positive identification on allarrestees. It is not a free ride however; all arrestees areMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201048

Divisions and Departmentsassessed an initial processingfee of $20.Arrestees who can’t paythe $20 fee at the timeof arrest carry an outstandingdebt untilpaid. In 2010, the facilitycollected$43,304 in processingfees. Monroe CountyDetention facilities utilizethe direct supervisionmodel. This style of management uses correctionsdeputies who work directly within inmate living areas.These units and dorms house from 54 to 95 inmates each.The absence of barriers such as bars, steel doors and catwalks typically found in an “old style” jail allows ourdeputies to control all the areas in the jail including passage-waysand secure rooms. In this way, inmate’s activitiesand behavior are in direct control of the correctionsdeputies. In a continuing effort to save the taxpayers’Detention Captain Tim Agemoney, the Sheriff’s Office leases unused bed space in themain detention facility to federal agencies such as the U.S.Marshals Service at a cost of $90 per day per inmate andto Immigration and Naturalization Service and U.S.Border Patrol at a cost of $82 per day per inmate. Themoney received from these contracted beds goes into theMonroe County General Fund to offset operating thethree detention facilities. The agency collected $1,188,804.00 from contract beds during the 2009 / 2010fiscal year. Incarceration should never be a “free ride” andthe Sheriff’s Office is always looking for ways to offset thecost to taxpayers of operating its detention facilities. Totaljail related fees collected from inmates for 2010 were$257,311.00. Fees charged in our facilities include: $20Booking fees, which generated $43,304 in 2010. InmateCommissary, which sells “extra” day to day necessities toinmates, generated $77,425 in 2010. Inmate subsistencefees of $1 per day per inmate brought in $26,011 in 2010.Other “extras” charged for in the jails include indigentpacks, mattress rentals, large white towels, check writingfees, reading glasses, legal services and some medicalMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201049

Divisions and Departmentsservices. Inmates also provide free labor to the countyand other public service agencies. In 2010, inmate laborcontributed $619,092.00 in services (trusty hours figuredat minimum wage). The Corrections Bureau is alsocharged with transporting inmates into and out of thecounty, to and from court and for other required activities.The Jail Transportation Unit transported 8,091inmates to court and to and from the Marathon andPlantation Key jails for fiscal year 2009 – 2010. Officersand deputies participated in numerous communityevents throughout the year such as providing care packagesto the homeless, assisting MARC House with theirannual Christmas tree sale, bell ringing for the SalvationArmy, attending SHAL (Southernmost HomelessAssistance League) meetings and joining in theChildren’s Day and National Night Out festivitiesthroughout the Keys.Director Keena AllenINMATEPROGRAMSDIVISIONThe Inmate Programs andServices Division handlesthe daily needs of inmatesincluding mail, laundry,accounting, commissary,religious and educationalissues. Multiple volunteerprograms have donatedover 1,673 hours in 2010to assist in this division.Jail Drug Intervention ProgramIn 2010, this program enrolled 90 male inmates.Of those, only 17 (or about 18%) were re-arrested withinone year of completing the program. Twenty-fivefemale inmates were enrolled. Twelve (or 48%) wererearrested within a year of completing the program.Inmate Work Release ProgramThe Work Release Program allows selected, low riskoffenders to work, while completing the terms of theirsentence. The program gives the offender a marketabletrade or skill, which reduces recidivism and the offenderhas the opportunity to pay restitution for their crimes,support their families while incarcerated and provides apositive transition back to the community.Bureau of Corrections Command Staff.Trusty Work ProgramThe Trusty Work Program saves taxpayers significantmoney by assigning inmates to work details with CountyPublic Works and other public service agencies inMonroe County. The Trusty Work Program saved taxpayersan estimated $619,092 in labor costs, with hoursfigured at minimum wage. Trusties clean Sheriff’s Officebuildings; they work in the main Detention Centerkitchen preparing inmate meals; they maintain allSheriff’s Office landscaping; and they perform manysimilar duties for Monroe County government buildings,public parks and roadways.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201050

Divisions and DepartmentsThe Classification UnitThis unit determines the custody and housing assignmentfor all inmates. It also processes court informationand release documentation. Inmate workers inside andoutside the facility are screened closely for suitability andtheir particular talents are taken under consideration forparticular work assignments. Special attention is requiredfor high-profile inmates in need of special housing andother special treatment. The computerized Smart CopJail Management System helps with this function. Thissystem helps identify violent felons, escape risks, sexualpredators and inmates who are required, for various reasons,to submit DNA samples to the state of Florida.Jail Health ServicesArmor Correctional Health Services handles inmatemedical care under the direction of a medical healthadministrator. Services include medical, dental, and psychiatricservices. Inmates are charged a fee for servicesbut no inmate can be denied medical care due to theinability to pay.Jail Food ServicesThis contract provider, Aramark Correctional Services,provides three meals a day to inmates, serving over618,000 meals in 2010.The commissary department had a TouchPay kioskinstalled in the Key West jail lobby for self-release/bailpayments and deposits to be made into an inmate’s commissaryaccount. TouchPay, via Aramark, is a more efficientand convenient system for families and friends as itreduces the need to handle funds by accepting cash,credit card or debit card payments in person, by internetor over the phone.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201051

Employee Awards“The people chosen to be Employees of the Year aretruly the best of the best – they have proven themselvesto be outstanding employees, as well as outstanding contributorsto the community they serve,” said SheriffRobert P. Peryam.The Employees of the Year are chosenfrom all of those who received one of the Sheriff’sEmployee of the Quarter awards throughout thepast year. The yearly award winners received a specialplaque from the Sheriff in recognition of their exemplarywork, and a badge to wear on their uniforms with thedesignation “Officer (or Employee) of the Year”. In addition,they each receive a check for $500.00 donated bygenerous members of the local community ,and$1,000.00 from the Sheriff’s Office. The Cadet of theYear receives $100.00 from community donations, witha matching amount from the Sheriff’s Office. This year’scommunity donations came from Mike Forster fromMangrove Mike's Café; David Ritz from the Ocean ReefCommunity Association; Michael Reckwerdt fromRobbie's Marina; and Brian Schmitt for Coldwell BankerSchmitt Real Estate.The Cormier Memorial Award, given to the Sheriff’sOffice Sworn Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, isnamed for Deputy David Cormier, a Sheriff’s ReserveOfficer killed in the line of duty in a traffic accident inNovember of 1989. Members of the Cormier familyattend the ceremony each year in memory of their lovedone who gave his life in service to the community.This year's Employees of the Year: Corrections Sgt. Mark Lindback, Detective Sgt. Dave Carey, ExplorerAlex Rojas, Reserve Deputy Rose Crum, Support Employee Tamara Snider and Sheriff Bob Peryam.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201054

Employee AwardsEmployees of the First Quarter: Left to right, Explorer Eugene Rihl,Detective Sgt.Dave Carey, Detention Sgt. Mark Lindback, Sheriff 'sAide Val Marinello, Reserve Rose Crum, Colonel Rick Ramsay.Employees of the Second Quarter: Left to right, DetentionDeputy Jason Kroening,Deputy Andrew Leird, Tamara Snider andSheriff Bob Peryam. Inset lower left is Explorer of theQuarter Alex Rojas.Employees of the Third Quarter: Left to right, Deputy NelsonSanchez, Fleet Manager Johnny Yongue, Detention Deputy ElysiaReis with Sheriff Bob Peryam. Not pictured: Reserve Officer DanZieg and Explorer Alex Rojas.Employees of the Fourth Quarter:Left to right, Detective FranciscoGaete, Reserve Deputy James Aurelio, Cadet Sean Wilson, VictimAdvocate Debbie Shepherd and CorrectionsDeputy Brittany Linares.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201055

Years of ServiceSHERIFF'S MEDAL AWARDS 2010:Todd SilversShantel PettryDonnie ElominaRetirementsMario VidalVincent CatalaJonathan EllsworthSalvador FarinaMartha FitchJennie ParkerJames PrioloCilia VidalJohn VidalJohn FowleyCarol CainSamuel CasselMark HaynesPatricia DallyKenneth TaylorAlice CervantesMary Frances ScaramuzziAlicia BluestoneRoger Bluestone5 Years of Service:Suzanne AlexanderJose AlvarezIan BarnettLisa BauerCaridad BellonThomas CareagaDaniel ChuRyan CowartPatrick CrozierRose CrumDavid CruzTondra DavisKatie DiazDarnell DurhamKenneth FrickeFrancisco GaeteYunier GalvezRalph HeitmanDeSjeun HillJames JenkinsKimberly KamradtJohn LeopoldBrittany LinaresBrandy MulliganJuan NeyraVaughn O'KeefeLeanna PichardoAlix PierreAlvarez RiceYeny RodriguezGeorge RosemeyerMyron SchwartzJo SochaJacek SzymanskiKim TrullenderJohnny UnderwoodDanny ValdezRalph Williams10 Years of Service:Sandra BartlettHarold Boyden Jr.Larry CareyKarol CottonRosa DiGiovanniJohn GabayNester GonzalezWilfredo GuerraMichael HeavilandLisa LawsonDenise MartinezAdelaide MasciulliDarren MillsSonya MorganMartha PadronBonnie PowellTheresa RobertsJoel SloughJason Vidal15 Years of Service:Donald DaltonCornelies JonesEric MixonJuan MoralesAndrew PaskiewiczDerek ShineTodd SilversSharee Williams20 Years of Service:Leonard AlonzoSteven BarneyAlice CervantesMark ColemanDavid DrennanTamela JensenOvilda LakeFernando LopezDonna MooreTiffany O'ConnellJames PainterMark Willis25 Years of Service:Patricia DallyDonato ElominaRick MartinDiana O'DellChad ScibiliaRobert SniderTamara SniderMichael Wilkinson30 Years of Service:Roy BogueCynthia PeryamRonald RobertsMonroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201056

MCSO helps Kids learn and growThe Sheriff 's Office took part in the annualSpecial Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run tokick off Statewide Special Olympics games.Sheriff 's Office Explorers love learningabout various aspects of lawenforcement. Here, they are visitingthe Crime Lab to learn about CrimeScene Investigation.Sheriff 's Office Explorers and Cadets learn aboutDefensive Tactics.Many Explorers continue on tobecome law enforcement officers as adults.Sheriff 'sExplorers havethe opportunityto attend eventsand competitionsaround the statewhere they learnteam buildingskills, and meetExplorers fromother agencies.Employees from many areas of the Sheriff 'sOffice attend career days at area schoolsduring the course of the school year.Bicycle safety is an importanttopic to teach kids. Here is adeputy talking about bike safetyprior to holding abicycle rodeo..Christmas is a time for kids here at theSheriff 's Office. Sheriff Bob Peryamspends many hours in his Santa suitdistributing Toyz for Keyz Kidz gifts, andvisiting schools.Kids love checking out lawenforcement equipment and members of ourSheriff 's Office Special Teams enjoy showing offat kid's events all over the county.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201057

MCSO Letter from helps the Kids Sheriff learn and growMany members of the Sheriff 's Office ‐ includingthe Sheriff himself ‐visit area schools to speak aboutCrime Prevention, including stranger danger, gunsafety and many other topics.The Explorer Honor Guard isasked to appear at manycommunity events.The annual Big Pine Kid's Fishing Tournamentdraws a crowd every year. Sponsored in part bythe Sheriff 's Office, kids win prizes and have agreat time learning to fish.Children's Day in Key West attracts hundredsof kids and is a fun way to introducethem to their local lawenforcement officers.The Sheriff 's Office Children's Animal Farm withits 250 different animals draws thousands duringthe course of the year. Kids in the Keys who don'tnormally experience animals get to hold and touchmany of them, from tropical exotic animals tothe ordinary farm variety.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 201058

Important NumbersIN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911To report a non-emergency call Sheriff’s Office Communications:(305)296-2424 (305)745-3184 (305)289-2430 (305)664-6480 (305)853-3211Sheriff’s Administrative Headquarters .................................(305) 296-2424Central Records Division ....................................................(305) 292-7050Community Relations Division . ........................................(305) 292-7116Human Resources Division..................................................(305) 292-7044Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. ...................................1-800-346-TIPSPATROL DIVISIONS:Freeman Substation, Cudjoe Key ........................................(305) 745-3184Marathon Substation ...........................................................(305) 289-2430Islamorada Substation..........................................................(305) 664-6480The Roth Building, Plantation Key ....................................(305) 853-3211Special Operations................................................................(305) 289-2410DETENTION CENTERS:Main Detention Facility, Stock Island .................................(305) 293-7300Marathon Detention Center ...............................................(305) 289-2420Plantation Key Detention Center ........................................(305) 853-3266Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report - 2010

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