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Administrative PrinciplesThere are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit;There are different forms of service but the same Lord;There are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. I Corinthians 12:4-71. Contemplative Outreach is an evolving communitywith an expanding vision and deepening practice,serving the changing needs of Christian contemplatives.2. As members of this evolving community we areresponsible to foster and transmit the Vision ofContemplative Outreach.3. We fulfill our Vision through attraction to theCentering Prayer practice not by proselytizing.4. The gift of contemplative practice enables us tobring an attitude of humility, listening and service toour daily activities.5. We reach decisions through prayerful discernmentand consensus.6. We serve in leadership, ordinarily in a voluntarycapacity.7. All who provide Contemplative Outreach services doso in consideration of, and in balance with theirpersonal, family, and professional responsibilities.8. We avoid indebtedness and owning real estate inorder to remain free to devote our resources to sharingthe gift of Centering Prayer.9. We employ staff and contractors as our growth mayrequire.10. We cooperate with church authorities in the areaswhere we work, but do not seek to become a religiousor lay institute.11. We wish to remain accessible to every one. Forthis reason, we do not endorse particular causes or takepart in public controversies, whether religious, politicalor social. As private individuals, we act according toour conscience.July 19, 2008INTO SILENCEI dare my soul to mark the solemn hourfor healing of the world’s disquietude,glean harvests of eternityin fading tapestries of time,engage that higher realm where loveabounds.I dare my soul to free the wordless prayer,outpace swift odyssey of mindunto thoughts aglow on the border ofinfinityin silent steadfast journeyinto the boundless glory of its home.Ruth Hoppinpublished in the Winter,2005 issue of Priscilla PapersC.O. News December 20087

Shared Wisdom and Beauty at Snowmass.3RD ADVANCED STUDY PROGRAMby Ron BarnettIn May 2008, at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass,Colorado, Fr. Thomas Keating led 25 individuals in atwo-week advanced study program. The program washeld for those who for many years have servedContemplative Outreach and had a Centering Prayerpractice. In 2007, the first such program was held forothers in Snowmass and the second program was held inNew York. The individuals in this third program camefrom throughout North America and the Philippines.What did we do? A typical day included two hours ofscheduled Centering Prayer, a one-hour formal talk byFr. Thomas followed by a one-hour period of questionsand answers, small group discussions, services at themonastery as desired, two “retreat days” and all mealseaten in silence. In contrast to a typical ContemplativeOutreach retreat experience, there was no “grandsilence” but there was a deep, expressed respect forsilence and an openness to presence.In the morning talks Fr. Thomas reviewed foundationaltopics, including the emotional programs for happiness,the false self in action, levels of identity and the actionof Centering Prayer. His talks on the self-giving (emptying)nature of the Trinity, unity consciousness (no-self),and growth of the supernatural organism were especiallyrich in theological insights and practical significance, andchallenged everyone to “stretch” conceptually.To a person we were all toucheddeeply as Fr. Thomas described therelationship of he and his father andhow it was graced through the yearsas he read the delightful Jumping Mouse(, a Native American storyabout divine transformation; and at the closing session,when he spoke of his life-long desire to share contemplationwith others and his heartfelt gratitude to Godthat people have been receptive.Our afternoon discussion groups were unexpectedly richin both silence and depth of sharing. Fr. Thomas provideda question each day for the groups to consider,and we were free to discuss it or not, and/or use it as astepping-stone to other topics. Although not called assuch, these groups were “wisdom circles.” Here areexamples of the questions:“Have you observed a development in your Christian vision-consciousnessthat has accompanied your practice of CenteringPrayer?”“How do we transform the parts of ourselves that are complicit inthe pain in the world in order to be an effective instrument ofpeace?”“How do we live with longing for boundless happiness and theincreasing awareness of our powerlessness to attain human integrationand divine union?”In all, the program was a special time to renew spiritualfriendships and form new ones, receiveFr. Thomas’s wisdom teaching in thebeauty of Snowmass, and better appreciateour journey to God.Photos by Ron BarnettC.O. News December 200811

Forgiveness Is Not Just A One Time EventTRANSFORMATION THROUGHFORGIVENESSIs forgiveness a one-time event? Having always believedthis, it is what I expected on November 2 as I drove to theForgiveness Retreat sponsored by Oregon ContemplativeOutreach and presented by Sister Shirley Krueger, SNJM. Allmy life, I have been in a competitive relationship with a closerelative. I was looking for a one-time forgiveness event thatwould result in never being hurt by her again.The process of the Forgiveness Retreat is to feel our hurts, andin prayer forgive the one who hurt us and ask them to forgiveus. Rather than intellectual comprehension of the psychologyor theology of forgiveness, it is emotional engagement withour pain that is caused by the need to forgive and be forgiven.There are at least four opportunities to pray the ForgivenessPrayer using the visualization prayer narrated by Father CarlArico.After our first period of silence and solitude to pray theForgiveness Prayer, I experienced forgiving and forgiveness ata deep level. I realized that just as God has already forgivenme, I have already forgiven my relative. However, somethingnew keeps coming up requiring me to forgive and be forgivenagain. During the last prayer time of the retreat, I becameaware that forgiveness is not just a one-time event. My forgivenessof my relative is an on-going process. I have forgivenher. I am forgiving her. I will forgive her.Entering a safe and sacred place, being nurtured by the HolySpirit, and being honest about my feelings with the people whojoin me in the presence of the Spirit is incredibly powerful.Regrets for what I have done to others and resentments forwhat others have done to me have plagued me for as long as Ican remember. The Forgiveness Prayer is a tool I now have topray about those things and resolve them. Emotional unloadingcontinues to come up on a regular basis. Praying theForgiveness Prayer daily is giving me a freedom in Christ forwhich I have been searching for the past 40 years!Our final assignment was a creative writing exercise comparingour spiritual journey to the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.The poem I wrote expresses my gratitude for the Gift ofForgiveness:TransformationOnce shy, scared and alone;I felt empty, exposed and vulnerable.Now gloriously and mysteriously transformed;I am released at last to soar!Thank you, Contemplative Outreach, for this Gift.Carole HusteadOregon Contemplative Outreach, Beaverton, OregonA Letter ofThanksto theNetworkOneness asContemplativeOutreach,Greetings from prison. May the lightshine ever brighter through you,revealing the simple truth of God’sglorious presence. I have receivedthe donation you sent. Thank youfor Fr. Keating’s book, Open Mind,Open Heart. This generosity is muchappreciated.After reading it once through, Ipassed along your donation to thesmall muti-media library maintainedby this unit by the “inclusive”Centering Meditation Program. Thebook was immediately signed out andwill be read repeatedly over the comingmonths. Contemplative Outreachis making a difference where there isignorance in this world. As a smalltoken of appreciation the enclosedcard was signed by the participantswho attended last evening’s prisonmeditation session.In conclusion, thank you again foryour donation as well as your serviceto the collective awakening ofhumanity. It’s an honor to share thisjourney back Home with all of youat Contemplative Outreach. Keep upthe good work knowing that ya’ll aremuch appreciated here on “theinside”.In eternal gratitude and love,Robert EllinwoodEllis Unit Prison, TexasC.O. News December 200813

Visit our websitewww.contemplativeoutreach.orgfor a complete listing of resources offered byContemplative OutreachFax order form to 570-822-8226Phone 800-608-0096 to place an orderOnline order from the webstore where you cansee a list of all the resources and order from theonline bookstore, www.contemplativeoutreach.orgMail your order to:Contemplative Outreach Orders375 Stewart Rd., P.O. Box 1211Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-1211T h eH e a r to ft h eW o r l dResourcesNewBy Fr. Thomas KeatingNew EditionB-26 $14.9514ContemplativeVisionîThomas Keating &Richard RohrDVD #KDVD-41 $65.00CD Set #KCD-241 $35.00îFor a complete listing of theresources translated intoSpanish, contact Ilse at407-767-7567or by email atireissner@juno.comîThe Mail-In Order Formfor all resources is on Page 15.The page is perforated foryour convenience.ÔÔÔComplete Enrichment WeekendCDs packaged as a set:Saturday morningindividual presentationsby Thomas Keating&Laurence FreemanTheContemplativeDimensionof the12 StepsT h e2008AnnualConferenceSaturday afternoon presentationby Thomas Keating & Laurence Freeman togetherSunday morning panel discussion with both,moderated by Gail Fitzpatrick-HoplerCDs: KCD-300 - $35.00ORDER NOW – AVAILABLE MID-DECEMBERBy Fr. Thomas KeatingNow Available inDVD and CD4 DVD setKDVD-09 $70.007 CD setKCD-09 - $45.00Unity:OnenessinContemplationon CDsC.O. News December 2008

LectioDivinaCLPYOLC $20.00The Contemplative Life Program:Study and Practice in CommunityIs it possible to experience the Living God in theordinary routines of a busy modern life? How doaspiring contemplatives live a life of practice—everin relationship with the Indwelling Presence– in themidst of family, work and a societal context?The Contemplative Life Program (CLP) exploreshow to be a practicing contemplative, abiding in thepresence of God in the midst of ordinary life. ThePhoto by W. T. BryantCLP provides the tools, the Christian contemplativeteachings and the community support necessary to live and embody the contemplativedimension of the Gospel.Lectio Divina: a 76-page booklet organized in a 20-day cycle to be repeatedtwice for a 40-day practice. Includes scripture passages recommended inThe Pilgrim Continues His Way to use each day for Lectio Divina practice, as wellas other readings and teachings on each movement of the Lectio Divinaprocess. Suggested readings and videos are included in the back.Visit for more informationon the Contemplative Life ProgramMAIL-IN ORDER FORM FOR ALL RESOURCESFirst Name:____________________________________ Last Name:________________________________________Address:_________________________________ City, State, Zip:________________________________Phone:_______________________________Email:_________________________________See page 14to order Online, Fax, Phoneor Mail in Your Order FormPayment Information: Check #________ Quantity Item# Name of Item Price Totalor MasterCard/Visa (Circle One)———— - ———— - ———— - ————Signature: _______________________________ Expiration Date: ___/___Standard Shipping and HandlingIf order totals Add If order totals AddUp to $15 $5.50 200.01 to 400 13.5015.01 to 50 7.50 400.01 to 600 16.5050.01 to 100 8.50 600 + 22.50100.01 to 200 11.50for Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska add $10 to Standard Shipping Fee aboveInternational Shipments:Air: (4-10 days) add $20 to Standard Shipping aboveSurface: (6-8 Weeks) Add $10 to Standard ShippingSub TotalStandard Shipping $International ShippingAdditional Air/Surface Shipping Charge $Grand Total $$__________*Prices subject to change. Check the website for updatesC.O. News December 2008This page is perforated for your convenience.15

AKRegional UpdatesUpper NorthThe purpose of a Region is to provideresources, supportive services andcommunicate with Chapter Coordinatorsand leadership to offer personal contactthrough email, telephone and on-site visits.Pacific Coast/WestMidwestEasternHISouthwestSouthernEastern Region includes ME, NH,VT, MA,CT,RI, NY, NJ, PA, OH, WV, VA, KY,DE, MD, DCRegional Chapter Service Representative, Roseanne Havird @ 610 344-7184, roseanne353@comcast.netCO of Central Kentucky - We are focusing on nurturing the new groups created in different cities in Kentucky lastyear. In our efforts to grow and to let all of Kentucky know about Centering Prayer, we have many newcomers without a built-inresource for help. We are also giving attention to our leadership groups, increasing their formation opportunities and the number ofpeople on the teams. Attention to our young people, youth and elementary, is another area that we have begun to minister. The yougpeople seem to love the silence and the peace that comes with their prayer! A significant number of our prayer groups are readingand discussing Fr. Keating’s OPEN MIND, OPEN HEART. This action will help the participants to be more deeply knowledgeableof the method and practice of Centering Prayer and open to experience its fruits. We have a monthly Centering Prayer Day as wellas weekend and 8-day retreats for the Chapter.Mary Otho Ballard, OP@ 502 331-9074, maryothoop@centralky.comCO of New Jersey – In May, we gathered for our second annual Intensive/Post Intensive Retreat at the Jersey Shorewhere we pray on the bay side and sleep on the beach side at peaceful Long Beach Island. The retreat will be held again May 10-17,2009. In August, Roseanne Havird shared the Basic Skills for Facilitators workshop with our group members and facilitators. It wasa day filled with prayer, learning, listening, community and Spirit. We continue the sixth year of monthly ContemplativeEnrichments Days on the first Saturday of every month in Elizabeth, NJ. Topics include: Forgiveness Prayer, Art and Prayer, LectioDivina, and St. John of the Cross. On December 13, Fr. Carl Arico leads our Advent Day of Prayer. In the shore region, Anne andJim Byrne have offered several Introductions to Centering Prayer that helped form four new centering prayer groups. These groupsmeet together quarterly for an evening of prayer, enrichment and community. They also gather for Enrichment Days twice a year,with Therese Saulnier presenting the Divine Therapy in September. Another enrichment day is planned for April 2009. Informationabout all our activities is posted on the Contemplative Outreach Website.Therese Saulnier, Coordinator @201 436-8256, lectio844@hotmail.comCO of Orange County, NY - Our August Ten Day Post Intensive with Bill Sheehan and 6 Day Intensive/PostIntensive Retreats held at the Franciscan Center in Ringwood, NJ (air-conditioned rooms and an Olympic size swimming pool) werewell-attended. The Contemplative Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault was an incredible experience, and we are alreadyreceiving registrations for 2009-2010. Our first 10 Day Christophany Retreat with Fr. Thomas and Cynthia Bourgeault, June 20-30,2009 is full with a waiting list. We scheduled another Christophany Retreat October 30-November 8, 2009 at the same retreat centerin Latham, NY. We are still offering Introductory Workshops (low attendance), Days of Prayer, Holy Week Triduum with Fr. CarlArico and our Nine Month Course: The Practice and Deepening of Contemplative Living. We are so grateful for all the faithfulmembers of Centering Prayer groups. The 10 Day Inner Room Retreat with Fr. Thomas was a huge success and a tremendous blessingto all who attended. We invite you to visit our website - We are more and more grateful to the GodWho has provided and continues to provide so loving and supportive a community on this contemplative journey.Cathy McCarthy, Coordinator @ 845 534-5180, - website - www.centeringprayernys.org16C.O. News December 2008

CO of Northeast Ohio - The Northeast Chapter of Contemplative Outreach has grown in community over the pastyear. In June, over 50 participants gained a new perspective of Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” in relation to Centering Prayer andthe contemplative lifestyle. We thank Susan Komis, our presenter, for a powerful and enriching weekend and look forward to herreturn in the near future. CONEO is pleased to announce that the Living Flame I course will be offered here starting in the Fall of2009. Andrea Kneier, Coordinator @ 440-248-2244, conortheastohio@yahoo.comSouthern Region includes TN, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, ARRegional Chapter Service Representative, John Kelsey @ 919 467-0045, srcoutreach@bellsouth.netCO of Atlanta, GA - We are planning our Prayer and Discernment Brunch August 16 at Our Lady of Assumption,Atlanta and will be having our Annual 5 Day Intensive/Post Intensive at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Sept. 25-29.We will also be hosting a One -day Silent Retreat for Centering Prayer Group Facilitators at Camp Glisson in Dalonega, Ga, onNovember 1, 2008. We are excited about our upcoming plans for 2008, and even more so for 2009.Cathy Hightower at chighatl@aol.comCO of Tennessee (Middle) - It has been a rich several months for us in Middle Tennessee. On August 16th we heldour second Annual Meeting with over 100 present. Sister Mary McGehee from Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, Alabama taughtthe Welcoming Prayer. We saw the DVD of last year’s national Annual Meeting with Father Thomas and Father Richard Rohr. Andseveral congregations issued invitations for basic workshops. There are now over 20 support groups in our Chapter, varying in sizeand composition. Our relation with St. Mary’s Sewanee Center for Spiritual Development was solidified with programs offered byGail Fitzpatrick-Hopler and Father Carl Arico, and we are looking forward to a Lectio Workshop with Sister Maria Tasto this fall.Participants have come to us from all parts of the network, and we are most grateful. And we are planning to offer the same retreatsin 2009: the Welcoming Prayer (Gail), the Forgiveness Workshop (Father Carl), and a Lectio Workshop, as well as a retreat for clergy(Father Carl and Tom Ward). This is in addition to our regular offering of Introductory Workshops and Intensive and Post-Intensive Retreats of varying lengths. As usual, we participated in the World Day of Prayer. We invite you to come pray with us inTennessee! Tom WardCarol Wray @ 615 373-0613, or Tom Ward @931 598-9063 or visit our new websiteat www.centeringprayermidtn.comCO of Tennessee (West) - Our monthly First Saturdays at Church of the Holy Communion, featuring three 20-minuteperiods of Centering Prayer, a contemplative walk, and an optional labyrinth, continues to be a popular entry point and supportivegathering for many people in our area, with average attendance of about twenty-five people. Eileen Olewinski coordinates this event.It is led by a team of volunteer prayer leaders who rotate each month. We will be offering an Introduction to Centering PrayerWorkshop on September 20th at Church of the Holy Communion, followed by six bi-monthly sessions of the first six tapes of TheSpiritual Journey Series. We plan to offer continuing sessions of The Spiritual Journey Series after January 1st. Two of our leadershipteam are trained as Facilitator Trainers/Coaches and they are planning a workshop this Fall for our prayer group facilitators.Mike Potter, Coordinator, 901-274-3488,, or visit our new website at - Mike Potter, Coordinator @ 901-274-3488, mikep7@comcast.netMidwest Region includes WI, MI, IN, IL, IA, MO, NE, KS, OKRegional Chapter Service Representative, Susan Komis @ phone-fax 636 327-0637;susankomis@charter.netContemplative Outreach of Indianapolis has had a busy second year of life. Four members of our leadership teamattended the Prayer Group Facilitator Training and Formation this past summer in St. Louis and plan to hold information sessions forthe leaders of the eight prayer groups that meet in the Central Indiana area. CO of Indianapolis held two Silent Saturdays at localprayer group sites this year; the focus of one was Lectio Divina, the other group provided a portable labyrinth for use after CenteringPrayer. Cherry Haisten of the Contemplative Outreach Resource Faculty presented a one-day workshop on the Welcoming Prayer inFebruary 2008. Susan Komis presented “Our Human Condition and Divine Therapy” at a weekend retreat at the Bendict Inn inIndianapolis in October. We look forward to beginning the Living Flame Series next year as well as sponsoring a day-long LectioDivina workshop with Sr. Maria Tasto in April.Marilyn Webb, Coordinator marilynfwebb@sbcglobal.netC.O. News December 200817

CO of Southeast Wisconsin (COSEW) - Within the recent months five types of activities have kept our chaptergrowing and deepening. 1. Our last local newsletter made a call for service-team members to broaden the reach in the many areas ofservice headed by our leadership team. There was limited response but we remain hopeful. 2. Our trio of enrichment opportunitiesincluded an 8-day retreat with leaders Fr. Carl Arico, Sr. Kathryn Ann Kobelinski, and Debbie Harmon. For the 25 participants thistruly was an occasion of joy and depth! Matthew Flattley, former Coordinator of St. Louis, will have presented a day of renewal"Taking a Deeper Look at Centering Prayer”, and Fr. Bill Sheehan will have lead a weekend retreat “Riches of the Inner Room”. 3.Geraldine Busch, with great effort and great strides, has visited several of our chapter’s 35 prayer groups. She reported “Each grouphas its own spirit and dynamics”. 4. Introductory workshops continue to dot the calendar. 11th Step workshops are especially in thespotlight through the sponsorship of both new and seasoned presenters from the Madison, WI, area. 5. A new “FacilitatorsNewsPage” (one two-sided 8 ½” x 11” sheet) will keep facilitators abreast of news and enrichment and will provide a forum for sharingwhat has worked well for on-going prayer group formation. Each facilitator is so important to each prayer group!!! This communicationvehicle is scheduled to appear bi-annually in the seasons opposite the local COSEW newsletter.Judee Weber, Coordinator @ 262 662-4445, jweberhaus@peoplepc.comSouthwest Region includes WY, UT, CO, NM, TXRegional Chapter Service Representative, Susan Komis @ phone-fax 636 327-0637;susankomis@charter.netCO of Boulder County, CO - We are sad to announce the retirement of Rosalie Gansecki as co-coordinator of ourchapter, but after 20 years of devoted service she would like more time to spend with her grandchildren in Hawaii. She will continueto be active in our retreat work and contemplative activities at St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish. We heartily welcome Rev. PatLaudisio, retired deacon of St. John’s Episcopal Church, as our new co-coordinator. She is very enthusiastic and has many wonderfulideas for greater ecumenical growth for our chapter. In the fall we had an Introductory Workshop with the follow up sessions as wellas a Lectio Divina retreat with Sr. Scholastica England, OSB at the Abbey of St. Walburga in Viginia Dale Co. An Advent retreatwith Sr. Genevieve Glen, OSB will prepare us for the Christmas season. Two more retreats are planned for this spring. On PalmSunday weekend Fr. Dave Denny will help us enter more fully into Holy Week. In June is our annual 7 Day Post Intensive Retreat.Fr. Terry Ryan CSP is back with us for his wonderful presentations on the mystics. With our prayer groups, workshops, days ofprayer, mini-retreats and retreats our leadership team looks forward to another year of service to our prayer community. BarbaraHayden, co-coordinator @303 494-2845, mg329hayden@aol.comCO of Colorado Springs, CO - The Contemplative Vision Program of Benet Hill Center at Benet Hill Monasterygranted certificates of completion of the entire twenty-eight series of Spiritual Journey classes to 25 participants. Classes were heldat Benet Hill Center, St. Paul’s Parish, Trinity Methodist Church. Workshops on The Welcoming Prayer and The Forgiveness Prayerwere offered. Jim Graven, Carrie Kelley and Gary Hassig have designed a website for contemplative companioning. There are currentlyeight weekly prayer groups meeting in the area and the First Saturday Prayer Days have about 15 at each gathering.Sr. Therese O’Grady, OSB @719 633-0655, stogosb@hotmail.comCO of Denver, CO - January through June is a vibrant time for our Center for Contemplative Living. We begin our secondtrimester of Spiritual Journey classes with an Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop in January, 2009. We continue to presentnew programs such as our Thursday night spirituality seminars and David Frenette’s Deepening Centering Prayer to supportprayer practitioners no matter what their level. Our retreat offerings this year will include a May retreat at the Sacred Heart JesuitRetreat House in Sedalia, CO. The Lenten Staff Retreat at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, CO is a long-standing tradition.Our Annual Conference on March 21, 2009 welcomes Fr. Thomas Keating and Bob Mischke. People from across Colorado and thecountry come to experience our spiritual teachers and to reconnect with the greater community of Contemplative Outreach.Throughout the winter and spring, classes, special events, and programs such as our Half Days of Prayer and Immersion Experiencesreflect the attentiveness of our servant-leadership teams and volunteer staff to the needs and desires of those who seek to live thecontemplative dimension of the Gospel.Sr. Bernadette Teasdale, 303-698-7729,, www.contemplativeoutreach-co.orgCO of Corpus Christi, TX - celebrated its fifth birthday this year by reaching objective milestones that include: (1) Aweekend gathering with Timothy Koock presenting the Refined Essentials of Centering Prayer and an Introduction to CenteringPrayer Workshop. (2) The commissioning of two additional presenters. (3) A Chapter Visioning Day in August conducted by SusanKomis and Anita Donnan. (4) The Welcoming Prayer Weekend Retreat led by Timothy Koock at Camp Zephyr in December. (5) Aset of Spiritual Journey tapes were donated to the chapter by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word. Plans for 2009 include chapter widescheduled viewing dates. (6) Commissioned presenters, Fr. Don Downey, Rev. Ralph Willis and Olivia Kelly will attend a LectioDivina workshop next February at the San Antonio chapter for commissioning as Lectio Divina Presenters.Olivia Kelly, Coordinator @ 361 949-9773,,18C.O. News December 2008

Upper Northern Region includes MN, ND, SD, MT, ID, OR, WA, AKRegional Chapter Service Representative, Susan Komis @ phone-fax 636 327-0637;susankomis@charter.netPacific Coast/West Region includes HI, CA, NV, AZRegional Chapter Service Representative, Marie Howard @ phone-fax 310 823-5863,mrhfamlife@aol.comCO of Central California -We have been blessed by the continued growth of Centering Prayer during the past year inFresno, CA and the surrounding areas. Before Jan. '07 there were no Centering Prayer groups of which we were aware. We nowhave two groups in Fresno and also people practicing Centering Prayer in Hanford and Prather. Following our Introduction toCentering Prayer Workshop in January 2008 and the six week follow up sessions, a group continues to meet at St. Anthony of PaduaChurch facilitated by Kevin Crary using the Spiritual Journey series. Another group meets afternoons at the Garcia home. Groupevents included the United in Prayer Day on March 15th. On May 3rd, we were blessed with a Visioning Day led by MarieHoward, our Contemplative Outreach Regional Representative. We formally became a chapter and Everardo Pedraza & BeverlyGarcia were approved as Co-Coordinators. Everardo participated in an interspiritual panel entitled "Transforming Consciousness",on our Catholic Channel 49 with a Zen Buddhist Priest, and a Sr. from the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center. An InterspiritualPeace Meditation at Woodward Park was held on July 19th. with presentations from all three traditions. It was well attended andthe another event is planned for Sept 13th. Beverly also participated in a panel on Channel 49. The focus was on the gifts thatContemplative Prayer brings to our lives and how we share those gifts. On August 16th. we gathered for a Centering Prayer retreatday and welcomed both experienced and beginning Centering Prayer practitioners. For more information, please contact Co-Coordinators:Everardo Pedraza (559) 230-9736 / or Beverly Garcia (559) 251-4013 or 246-1037prayersongs@yahoo.comCO of North San Diego, CA - During the last half of 2008 CONSD continued to offer spiritually enriching opportunitiesfor our membership. In August seventy contemplatives from our Chapter gathered for a silent Half Day Retreat entitled“Sacred Darkness.” During the Retreat we had periods of centering prayer interspersed with meditative walking, sacred chant andinterpretative dance. Forty two participants will begin the seven month Living flame Program in September and our quarterly PrayerGroup Facilitator meeting will also be held in the early fall. In October an Introductory Program will be held. Susan Komis returnsto North San Diego to present an Event about the illumination and great light of the Advent season. In January 2009 we are lookingforward to a Friday evening and Saturday with Cynthia Bourgeault who will amplify on her book “Centering Prayer and InnerAwakening.” The entire Region is gearing up for an Event with Fr. Keating in May! Check our website for pictures,links, the latest news and more!Sue and Chris Hagen, CoCoordinators @ (760)745-8860, Step OutreachThe 12 Step Outreach Program of Contemplative Outreach in collaboration with local Chapters is now offering11th Step Intensive and Post Intensive retreats. Many people who are in 12 step recovery have a well established practice ofCentering Prayer and although these retreats are open to everyone with an established practice, they will offer particular support tothose in recovery. The support includes one or more staff persons who are in 12 step recovery and available for those who areaccustomed to checking in regularly with a sponsor. Optional 12 step meetings, open to all, will also be scheduled during theretreat. Those in 12 step programs can remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise. For more information or to offer a 12 StepIntensive or Post-Intensive retreat, please contact Jenny Adamson @ 319 266-8225, adamsonje@cfu.netC.O. News December 200819

Steering Committee for International OutreachA Steering Committee is a group who are responsible for providing guidance on an overall strategicdirection. It does not take the place of a Service Team, but makes the larger portion of the organizationaware of the general direction that needs to be followed as well as the information that has been gathered.This Steering Committee is made up of the following Contemplative Outreach members who havehad some experience bringing Centering Prayer to other countries, and will act as Liaisons:Timothy KoockGail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, Susan KomisFr. Thomas KeatingPatrick Uhm, Madeline SooFr. Bill FickelBonnie J. ShimizuPatricia JohnsonVirgin Islands, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, BangladeshSouth AfricaBrazil, UKSouth & North Korea, Malaysia, VietnamTaiwan, ChinaTrinidad & Tobago, Philippines, CanadaIrelandInternational UpdatesExtension Contemplativa Internacional - We have concluded the reorganization of Extension ContemplativaInternacional and are now called Consejo Asesor (Advisory Council). We have started a new project in conjunction with RayMueller - Sub-Titles in Spanish for the Series “Heartfulness”. In Cuba they had their first Intensive Retreat and plan another one in2009. Our plans for next year include our first 10 Day Intensive Retreat in Spanish, in Costa Rico, February 8th to the 18th, and aFormation for Presenters workshop in Nicaragua from July 21st to 27th ( If interested, contact Ilse Reissner), and a 5 day IntensiveRetreat in Puerto Rico in 2009 led by Fr. Jaime Corujo. Contact Marilu Ason if interested - Mexico continuesgrowing at a fast pace with three coordinators, one in Monterrey (North), one in Mexico City (Central) and one in Yucatan (South).They inaugurated a House of Prayer in Mexico City in August with Fr. Keating being present for the event.Ilse Reissner @407 767-8271, ireissner@juno.comCO of Philippines - After eighteen years Contemplative Outreach Phil. (COP) finally has a home! It’s at the Don BoscoParish in Makati City, Metro Manila. The Secretariat and center had a simple but very meaningful blessing on the evening of July15, 2008 officiated by Fr. Manny Domingo, parish priest. In her introductory remarks before the blessing and opening of the center,Lita Salinas, COP Director, reminisced about the humble beginnings of COP in 1990 when it started with just a handful of parishionersat Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati. From there the “mustard seed” grew to the present 21 weekly supportgroups all over Metro Manila and one in the province in southern Philippines. COP is deeply grateful to Don Bosco Parish for givingus a nicely-appointed room on the second floor of the parish building. Fondly called the “Upper Room”, the center functions as theSecretariat as well as a bookstore where cp materials (books & audio cassette tapes) are sold. It’s also a place where members can goand rest awhile in silence, listen to meditative music, bond with other kindred souls. The new COP Center manned by a full timesecretary and some member volunteers is now re-energized to carry out its ministry of sharing centering prayer and Fr. Keating’sSpiritual Journey Program not only with the host parish, but also with the rest of the Philippines. For all of us have been profoundlytouched and changed by our “pearl of great price” and it is our responsibility as well as deepest joy to share centering prayer withothers.Tess Colayco (CO contact person)- Secretariat landline @ 632 7500-231, cop.secretariat@gmail.comCO United Kingdom - Contemplative Outreach UK will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in June 2009. We will be markingthis with a special Contemplative Outreach UK Annual Conference open to all at the Marriott Hotel, Preston , England from 12thJune to 14th June 2009. To keep informed of any other special events through out the year please watch our websiteElizabeth Smith, Coordinator @ 44-177-262-0746, - News December 2008

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - January - June 2009Introduction to Lectio Divina Retreats/Workshops - conferences and practice introducing the most traditional way ofcultivating a friendship with Christ..Date City/State Contact Person Telephone # Email Address CommentsApr 3-5 Melbourne, KY Sr. Micki Martin 859 441-0700 x346 violamickimartin@hotmail.comMay 14-17 Mexico Patricia Sandoval 722 2122661 pat_0761@hotmail.comFive Day Welcoming Prayer Immersion Retreat - an in-depth introduction, review and immersion into the WelcomingPrayer practice to establish it as a part of our daily lives and to deepen our relationship with God. Prior Centering Prayer experiencerequired.Date City/State Contact Person Telephone # Email Address CommentsApr 26-30 Sewanee, TN Carol Wray 615 373-0613 carolwray@aol.comMay 20-24 Highland, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 cmccarthy001@hvc.rr.comIntroduction to Centering Prayer Weekends - a contemporary presentation of the discipline of Centering Prayer as silentcommunion with God beyond concepts, words and images.Date City/State Contact Person Telephone # Email Address CommentsJan 16-18 Cullman, AL Sr. Therese Haydel 256 734-8302 retreats@shmon.orgJan 30-Feb 1 Paoli, PA Linda Christopher 610 647-0219 Fr. CarlFeb 2-6 Santo Domingo Vicky Acra 809 543-5802 vicky.acra@gmail.comFeb 12-15 Manresa, SD Vicky Acra 809 543-5802 vicky.acra@gmail.comFeb 20-22 Puebla, Puebla Olga Maria Ordaz 222 2256384 diazodelaf@hotmail.comFeb 27-Mar 1 Kalihi, HI Carol Alevizos 808 536-6090 cohi@lava.netMar 27-29 Padierna, Mexico Hilda Pastelin 55 56450400 30-Apr 3 Santo Domingo Vicky Acra 809 543-5802 vicky.acra@gmail.comMay 4-7May 8-10Canton, NC Linda HammarMonteSacro, Barahona Vicky Acra828 645-0096809 543-5802linda@lakelogan.orgvicky.acra@gmail.comMay22-24 Morelia Michoacan Margarita Ortiz 443 3140518 29-31 Tlacopac, Mexico Alejandro Berrocali 55 56633348 12-14 Acambaro,Guanajuato Maria Rangel 417 1721856 caricar1@hotmail.comJun 26-28 Celaya,Guanajuato Manuel Yela 413 1582785 Prayer Weekend Retreats - includes conferences reviewing the method of Centering Prayer, and a moderateamount of Centering Prayer in common.Date City/State Contact Person Telephone # Email Address CommentsJan 9-11 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 bethanyadult@pennswoods.netJan 16-18 Chicago, IL Ingrid Fosberg 773 583-5285 ingridf23@hotmail.comFeb 6-8 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 bethanyadult@pennswoods.netFeb 6-8 Trinidad & Tobago Sr. Paul D’Ornellas 868 624-8267 12-15 Nerinx, KY Sr. Jean Johnson 270 865-5811 jumpforjoyjean@yahoo.comFeb 22-24Feb 27-Mar 1Sewanee, TNKalihi, HICarol WrayCarol Alevizos615 373-0613808 536-6090carolwray@aol.comcohi@lava.netFeb 27-Mar 1 Encino, CA Sr. Linda Snow 818 784-4515 srlinda.snow@gmail.comFeb 27-Mar 1 St. Louis, MO Team Leader 314 918-8288 pat.simon@att.netMar 6-8 St. Joseph, MN Rita Budig, osb 320 363-7115 rbudig@csbsju.eduMar 27-29 Cullman, AL Sr. Therese Haydel 256 734-8302 retreats@shmon.orgMar 13-15 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 bethanyadult@pennswoods.netMar 27-29 Middletown, NJ Therese Saulnier 201 436-8256 lectio844@hotmail.comMar 27-29Apr 3-5Sewanee, TNFrenchville, PACarol WrayNicole Fedder615 373-0613814 263-4855carolwray@aol.combethanyadult@pennswoods.netForgivenessApr 3-5 Colorado Spg, CO Sr. Therese O’Grady 719 633-0655 Men’sApr 17-19 Hot Springs, NC Director 828 622-7112 southerndharma@earthlink.netMay 8-10 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 bethanyadult@pennswoods.netMay 22-24 Winnipeg, Canada Sr. Catherine 204 339-1705 catherineosb@yahoo.comC.O. News December 200821

Centering Prayer as the 11th Step Retreats - “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our concious contactwith God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.”Step 11 of the 12 Step Programs. Every retreat will include a member of the Program on staff, and 12 Step Meetings.Feb 26-Mar 3 Snowmass, CO Beth Berkeley 970 927-3471 6 Day IntensiveMay 1-May 3 Jerome, ID Br. Selby Coffman, OSB 970 927-3471 IntroductoryMay 29-31 Frenchville, PA Nancy Cord-Baran 814 237-1002 ncb612@aol.comJune 14-20 Cedar Falls, IA Jenny Adamson 319 266-8225 7 Day IntensiveJune 19-21 Boerne, TX Myrna Toohey 830 981-4151 mjt@satx.rr.comCentering Prayer Intensive Retreats - 4 to 10 days - An in-depth retreat for those with experience in Centering Prayer,in an atmosphere of silence, solitude and community. Videotapes of the Spiritual Journey series with Fr. Thomas Keating are shown.The 10 Day features Parts I, II & III of the Spiritual Journey series.Jan 4-11 Sewanee, TN Carol Wray 615 373-0613 8 DayJan 7-11 Santa Barbara, CA Sr. Suzanne Dunn 805 684-3012 5 DayJan 13-22 Snowmass, CO Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 10 DayJan 28-Feb 1 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 5 DayFeb 17-22 Highland, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 6 DayMar 3-12Mar 13-21Austin, TXFrenchville, PALisa GenungNicole Fedder512 347-9673814 263-4855officemgr@consciousharmony.orgbethanyadult@pennswoods.net10 Day9 DayApr 24-30 Orange, CA Marie Howard 310 823-5863 7 DayMay 10-17 LBI, NJ Therese Saulnier 201 436-8256 8 DayMay 12-21 Snowmass, CO Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 10 DayMay 29-Jun 1 Trinidad & Tobago Sr. Paul D’Ornellas 868 624-8267 4 DayMay 31-Jun 6 Nanaimo, BC Anne Larochelle 604 944-2742 7 DayMay 31-Jun 9 Sewanee, TN Carol Wray 615 373-0613 10 DayJun 1-8 St. Louis, MO Team Leader 314 918-8288 8 DayJune 2-6 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 5 DayJune 2-11 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 10 DayJune 6-11 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 6 DayJun 8-17 NW Palm Beach, FL Basha Perez 407 869-0781 10 DayJun 9-18 Snowmass, CO Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 10 DayJune 13-20 Melbourne, KY Sr. Micki Martin 859 441-0700 x346 8 DayJun 14-19Jun 18-21Stoneville, NCFrenchville, PAPaul SupinaNicole Fedder828 265-5335814 263-4855psupina@gmail.combethanyadult@pennswoods.net6 Day4 DayJun 18-25 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 8 DayJun 21-25 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 5 DayJune 22-29 Cullman, AL Diana Tschache 205 991-6964 8 DayJun 28-Jul 5 Encino, CA Sr. Linda Snow 818 784-4515 8 DayPost Intensive Centering Prayer Retreats - 4-8 Days - Provides an opportunity for intensive Centering Prayer, LectioDivina, solitude and silence in community. Prior Centering Prayer Retreat experience requiredJan 4-11 Sewanee, TN Carol Wray 615 373-0613 8 DayFeb 17-22 Highland, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 6 DayMar 5-8 Ava, MO Dave Fromme 417 823-8359 4 DayMar 27-30 Trinidad & Tobago Sr. Paul D’Ornellas 868 624-8267 4 DayMay 10-17 LBI, NJ Therese Saulnier 201 436-8256 8 DayJun 1-8 St. Louis, MO Team Leader 314 918-8288 8 DayJun 8-14 Virginia Dale, CO Barbara Hayden 303 494-2845 7 DayJun 11-14June 13-20Trinidad & Tobago Sr. Paul D’OrnellasMelbourne, KY Sr. Micki Martin868 624-8267 4 Day859 441-0700 x346 8 DayJune 22-29 Cullman, AL Diana Tschache 205 991-6964 8 Day10 Day Post Intensive RetreatsMar 3-12 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 10 DayMar 9-18 Amarillo, TX Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 coc@sopris.netApr 14-23 Snowmass, CO Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 coc@sopris.netMay 31-Jun 9 Sewanee, TN Carol Wray 615 373-0613 carolwray@aol.comJune 2-11 Austin, TX Lisa Genung 512 347-9673 10 DayJun 8-17 NW Palm Beach, FL Basha Perez 407 869-0781 cocf@cfl.rr.com22C.O. News December 2008

Advanced Centering Prayer Retreats - Provides an opportunity to deepen the practice of Centering Prayer in an atmosphereof silence and community support. The Advanced Intensive usually features Part IV of the Spiritual Journey Videotape seriesby Fr. Thomas Keating. Prior Centering Prayer retreat experience required.Feb 10-19 Snowmass, CO Carol DiMarcello 970 927-9376 10 Day21 Day Centering Prayer Immersion Retreat - unique opportunity for those already established in Centering Prayer todeepen the experience of living the commitment to the contemplative dimension of the Gospel in daily life. Each week has a newpresenter and theme.Jun 7-28 Frenchville, PA Nicole Fedder 814 263-4855 21 DayChristophany Retreat - In this groundbreaking teaching retreat, Fr. Thomas Keating and Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault will teamup to explore a challenging but crucially important book Christophany by the contemporary Christian mystic and scholar RaimonPanikkar. The retreat will feature a balanced rhythm of Centering Prayer, individual silence, teaching, discussion and personal reflection.June 20-30 Latham, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 10 DayHoly Week Triduum - A celebration of the contemplative dimension of the Easter Triduum. Includes liturgies celebrated byFr. Carl Arico, silence,silent meditation periods, Lectio Divina and sharing.Apr 8-12 White Plains,NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 cmccarthy001@hvc.rr.comNine Month Course: The Practice and Deepening of Contemplative Living - An ongoing process of formationenabling participants to create their own unique contemplative lifestyle in the contemporary world. Commitment is for one weekenda month for nine months, September through May. Prayer, contemplative living and the integration of contemplation and activity arecultivated; the process is aided by the development of relational prayer through contemplative prayer practices. For informationcontact:Cornwall, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 cmccarthy001@hvc.rr.comDenver, CO Rose Meyler 303 863-0932 rcmeyler@gmail.comFormation for Contemplative Outreach Service -Training and practice in communicating the essential elements of anIntroductory Workshop on Centering Prayer, and an opportunity to look at our own Centering Prayer practice in light of theEssentials. Prerequisite: prior attendance at a 10 day Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat and daily practice of Centering Prayer.Includes periods of Centering Prayer and presentations by staff and participants.Feb 9-14 Mexico Guadalupe Marquez 55 52909842 6 DayMar 16-21Apr 17-24MexicoFrenchville, PAPatricia SandovalNicole Fedder722 2122661814 263-4855pat_0771@hotmail.combethanyadult@pennswoods.net6 Day8 DayJune 15-21 Highland, NY Cathy McCarthy 845 534-5180 7 DayFacilitator Training and Formation - An in-depth training prepared especially for Facilitators of small Centering Prayergroups and those who want to train and nurture Facilitators as part of a Leadership Service Team. The workshop is open to all whoare interested in serving their chapter and prayer groups. This includes Coordinators, Contact Persons, Current and future facilitatorsand Presenters, as well as those who wish to enrich their experience as a member of a Centering Prayer Group.June 8-14 Jerome ID Ken Eklund 208-343-0413 7 DayJuly 10-17 St. Louis, MO Susan Komis 636 327-0637 8 DayC.O. News December 200823

Parish Missions/Retreats by Fr. Carl AricoContact: C.O. Resource Center, 973 838-3384Jan 10-14 Melbourne, FL Parish Mission, AscensionJan 16-18 Boerne, TX Weekend Retreat - ForgivenessJan 19-20 Austin, TX Evenings at CCH - ForgivenessJan 24 West Islip, NY CO of Long Island/Queens - ForgivenessJan 30-Feb 1 Daylesford Abbey, PA Forgiveness & Centering PrayerFeb 21-24 Harrison City, PA Parish Mission, St. BarbaraFeb 27-28 Naples, FL Days of Prayer - CO chapterFeb 28-Mar 4 Naples, FL Parish Mission, St. JohnMar 7-11 Parsippany, NJ Parish Mission, St. Ann’sMar 14-18 Miami Beach, FL Parish Mission, St. PatrickMar 21-24 Union, KY Parish Mission, St. TimothyMar 27-29 Sewanee, TN Weekend Retreat - ForgivenessApr 4 Long Beach Island, NJ Day of Prayer, Maris StellaApr 8-12 White Plains, NY Holy Week Triduum, Divine Compassion` Apr 18-22 PA Parish Mission, Pike County DeaneryApr 24-30 Orange County, CA 7 Day Intensive Retreat, Cntr for SpiritualityMay 10-17 Long Beach Island, NJ 8 Day Intensive/Post - Maris StellaJun 6-15 United Kingdom 20th Anniversary - TBCJun 6-14 Easton, MD Parish Celebration - Sts. Peter & PaulJun 20-30 Albany, NY Christophany RetreatThe Resource Faculty is composed of Service Teams for the various programs and outreachesthat support the Centering Prayer practice and spiritual growth of theContemplative Outreach network.At the July 2008 annual meeting of the Resource Faculty in Denver, Bonnie Shimizu, a memberof the Resource Faculty since 1993, replaced Sr. BernadetteTeasdale as Chairperson. The Facultyexpressed its gratitude to Sr. Bernadette for hercommitment, leadership and support of theService Teams.Bonnie, who was not at the meeting, accepted thechair position, saying “I look forward to workingwith the Resource Faculty in fulfilling our missionas a consultative and advisory body to the Circleof Service, and in supporting the service teams asthey develop their on-going programs in serviceto the Contemplative Outreach community.”Resource Faculty Chairperson Bonnie Shimizu -bjs@rof.netCentering Prayer 12 Step Outreach Program Jenny Adamson - adamsonje@cfu.netCoordinators, CRCS Susan Komis - susankomis@charter.netContemplative Outreach Retreats Pat Johnson - pjconout@rof.netExtended Programs/Retreats - 9 Month Course, 21 Day CP Immersion Retreat, CLC CommunitiesCathy McCarthy - cmccarthy001@hvc.rr.comFormation for Contemplative Outreach Service Anne Mazza - acmazza@optonline.netHispanic Outreach Ricardo Lopez - ricardol@camilo.comLectio Divina Introductory Program Mike Potter - mikep7@comcast.netLiving Flame Program Marge Rafftery - mraffter@tampabay.rr.comPrison Outreach Service Team Sam Mungo - smungo1959@aol.comWelcoming Prayer Program Cherry Haisten - chaisten@comcast.netYouth Program Service Team24Peggy peggy.austermann@mercy.netC.O. News December 2008

For Information About Contemplative Outreach in the United StatesAK Anchorage Kess Frey 907-338-2894 Miami Ricardo Lopez 305 223-7329 mariamlop@bellsouth.netEagle River Rev. Steven Lambert 907-696-0204 Miami Beach (Spanish)Isabel Castellanos 305 673 6206 castellanosisabel@yahoo.comJuneau Fr. Thomas Weise 907-209-7307 Naples Vincent Cinque 239-566-2937 ocinqetc@msn.comAL Birmingham Aloysius Golden 205-592-3930 Orlando Ilse Reissner 407-767-8271 ireissner@juno.comPelham Diana Tschache 205-991-6964 Riviera Beach Ellen McCormack 561-840-7700 ellenkmc@msn.comAZ Phoenix Kathy Kramer-Howe 602 955-6057 Santa Rosa Beach Judi Rutland 850-231-4760 judi@rutlandco.comPrescott Robert Johnson 928 717-2441 Sarasota Edward Savoy 941-923-5706Sedona Margaret Swavely 928-282-2080 Satellite Beach Rosemary Van Pelt 321-777-3389 rosmarvp@bellsouth.netTempe Mary Leonard 480 966-7558 Tampa Jeffrey Carr 813-251-2025 jeffcarr@tampabay.rr.comCA Carpinteria Annette Colbert 805-684-6344 Vero Beach Sally Byrnes 772-231-1068 sjbyrnes@bellsouth.netCarpinteria Sr. Suzanne Dunn 805-684-3012 GA Decatur Roberta Oster 404-299-2670 robertaoster@bellsouth.netEncino Sr. Linda Snow 818-784-4515x317 Hiawassee Vernon & Mary Joyce Dixon 706-896-8275 vandmjdixon@alltel.netEureka Rev. Ken Meece 707 269-4245 Marietta Cathy Hightower 770-973-6243 chighatl@aol.comFairfield Deni Harding 707-425-8138 HI Honolulu Carol Alevizos 808-536-6090 cohi@lava.netFresno Beverly Garcia 559 251-4013 IA Cedar Falls Jenny Adamson 319-266-8225 adamsonje@cfu.netFresno Everado Pedraza 559 230-9736 Clarksville Rev. David & Lucille Walters 319 278-4224 paddws@butler-bremer.comLa Canada Sr. Catherine Bazar, OP 626-685-8559 Coralville Cathy Chenard 319-354-2414 frognow@avalon.netSan Diego Karen Downs 858 488-1014 Des Moines Kathy Reardon 515-280-3861 kathyreardon@juno.comLa Quinta Evie Connell 760-564-1899 Des Moines Paul Witmer 515-279-3658 paulwitmer@msn.comLong Beach Pat Metzger 562 243-8460 Fairfield Rev. 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Terry Ryan 415 288-3841 Ferdinand Sr. Maria Tasto, OSB 812 367-1411 x2656 mariat@thedome.orgSan Francisco Mary Wyman 415-431-8590 Fishers Gwen Goss 317 842-6778 ggoss@sldmfishers.orgSan Gabriel Valley Brian O’Neil 626 240-0115 Indianapolis Laurel Simon 317 876-0147 laureljsimon@comcast.netSan Rafael Richard Flout 415-499-1420 West Lafayette Rebecca Dick 765 497-2283 beckyandbrien@comcast.netShasta George Wilkins 530-246-4277 KS Chanute Greg Merrill 620 212-4299Studio City Mary Shear 818-763-1662 Lenexa Rev. Rob Carr 913 438-5821 CRC9@earthlink.netWoodland Hills Michele Harnett, SSL 909 720-6159 Topeka Robert DuBois 785 267-3111 rbois@sbcglobal.netCO Boulder Barbara Hayden 303-494-2859 Wichita Charissa Jochems 316 685-4850 jochems@southwind.netBoulder Patricia Laudisio 303 939-8851 KY Bardstown Sr. Mary Otho Ballard, OP 502-331-9074 maryothoop@att.netBreckenridge Jim Bernlohr 970-453-6003 Lexington Janis Carter 859-335-8391 jcart4@uky.eduCarbondale Pat Johnson 970-963-1258 Louisville Millie Clements McElroy 502 244-0878 i.mcelroy@insightbb.comCentennial Bernard Jacques Melbourne Sr. Micki Martin, CDP 859-441-0700x349 violamickimartin@hotmail.comColorado Sprgs David Salamon 719 475-7011 LA Baton Rouge Monica Freeman 225-924-3812 freemonica2003@yahoo.comColorado Sprgs Sr. Therese O’Grady 719-633-0655 Lake Charles Charlotte Hine 337 855-9123 chachehine@camtel.netDenver John Congdon 303-355-1731 New Orleans Vivien & Ed Michals 504-944-4000 vived2@cox.netDenverSr. Bernadette Teasdale 303-698-7729 Shreveport Alan Prater 318-797-8721 ajprater@bellsouth.netEnglewood Julie Saad 303 781-1453 MA Lowell Fr. William Sheehan, OMI 978-458-9912x35 sheomi@aol.comEstes Park Mary Ann Kundtz 970-586-1779 Rockport Robert Hope 978-546-6044 gelbhope@verizon.netFort Collins Rosemary Kisling 970-225-6359 Taunton Ethel Fraga 508-822-2410 ethel.fraga@verizon.cnetLongmont Alice Anne & Will Pilkington 303-772-7804 Westford Kathleen Long 978 263-1319 klong@saintfrancis.netSnowmass Carol DiMarcello 970-927-9376 MD Annapolis Carol Leach 410-263-1752 carollleach@aol.comCT Greenwich Pat Castellano 203-531-6528 Potomac Guy & Dana Semmes 301-983-1857 thesemmes@verizon.netDC Washington Suzanne Kindervatter 202-686-681 ME Old Orchard Beach Adele Millette 207-937-2313amillette@maine.rr.comFL Aventura Pier Vincenzo Luporini 305-931-3719 MI Detroit Lisa Lyon 248 855-1371 lblyon@umich.eduBradenton Robert Fasulo 794-0783 Grand Rapids Rev. 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Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.Resource Center10 Park Place2nd Floor, Suite BButler, New Jersey 07405NON PROFITU.S. POSTAGEPAIDPERMIT #155MILFORD, CT 06460Centering Prayer as taught by Contemplative Outreach can serve as a spiritual resource for anystructure including a corporate model, but is not itself a structure. It infuses into all activity the motive ofdivine love and personal commitment to transformation in Christ. It provides interior resources for manylifestyles without having an independent existence of its own. Hence, it competes with no otherorganization, work of mercy, or spiritual discipline. It is the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, notthe gospel itself. It can be lived and practiced in any state of life that supports or manifests the values ofthe Gospel without being identified with any particular state of life. It fosters the divine way of beinghuman in every situation. It is not exclusive to any one religion but nourishes the heart of every religion.Thus it can enhance the practice of every religion by sustaining as its primary responsibility the process ofhuman transformation in Christ, as the eternal Word of God made flesh." Excerpted from Thomas Keating’spresentation at the 2006 Contemplative Outreach Annual Conference.Networking, resources, & workshop presenters are available at the Contemplative Outreach Resource Center. For moreinformation contact: Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.Tel: 973-838-3384 Fax: 973-492-5795 Email: Website: www.contemplativeoutreach.orgCo-Editors & Layout Design: Susan Supak and Cathy McCarthy.Photography by Susan Supak, unless otherwise noted.

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