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iv. We need to keep expenses down as much as possible, as the combined conference leavesmany thing unknown1. Tina Bull – We appreciate people looking at the Treasurers report, as it keeps theorganization open and honest.c. Past-President, Christopher Silvai. Looking for candidates for Elementary Chair and 2 nd VP. The 2 nd VP would be responsiblefor running a conference in their second year.d. Executive Directors, Jane and Jim Howelli. If you stayed in the Holiday Inn, let the Howells know for paymentii. The registration process has been much improved this yeariii. The acceptance notification process was a little complicated, as the mass emails went intoseveral districts spam accountsiv. 786 registered students. 56 registered after the deadline.1. Membership needs to know that they must assist students all the way until theregistration is completedv. Choir part recordings are now in mp3 under password protection on the website1. Aubrey Peterson – I anticipate more problems as more students start to access thefiles. There was at least one additional errorvi. Journal – Frank Diaz and Jay Silvera have agreed to help edit the journal, springing off theirproposal at the Fall board meeting.1. Advertisers – A major university missed a paperwork deadline and was miffed.2. There is now a large color ad in the centerfold of the journal. There will be pricestructure for this new feature developed in the near futurevii. Conflict of interest forms need to be signed and turned in1. Sean Williams – Can you give clarification of what a conflict of interest might be?a. Jim – Hiring yourselfb. Andrea Brock- Is hiring a spouse to judge at festival an issue?c. Jane Howell - If there is a way that you could financially benefit from theorganization, then it is a potential conflict. If you announce your intentions tothe board and they don’t find an issue, then you are potentially fine.viii. All-State conference program is being put together.e. Second Vice-President/Conference chair 2013, Gene Burtoni. Things are going well, in their final stages of preparation.ii. Basically only in charge of the All-State ensembles, less opportunities for creativity.iii. The choir recordings were successful, and it would be great to continue them. There was aslight budgeting issue but hopefully this will work itself in the future.iv. A11-Sta+3 is the correct password to access All-State choir recordings.v. Some opportunities to earn additional funds:1. “Backstage” and “Bucket Brigade”. We were looking for a way to create ascholarship fund for All-State participantsa. Backstage – parents invited backstage, lunch with conductors, meet-andgreet,admission to All-State dress rehearsals, chance to pick their seatsearly. $35b. Bucket Brigade – People soliciting donations during the concert. Nospeaking, just holding a bucket to collect donations.i. Looking for board members to hold buckets during the All-Stateconcerts.ii. Washington will be bucket brigading at the All-NW concerts.3

v. Does District 9 need to be part of another district? Travel is prohibitivevi. Can District 6 accommodate the three schools from District 9?vii. Solo and Ensemble may conflict with 3A basketball playoffs.1. Is there a way to videotape?2. OSAA will not allow that3. Jane Howell – Should OMEA help to supplement these smaller schools?viii. Are there judges certified for both band and choir?1. Dave Becker – Not sure if there are people who are certified for both, but there areseveral people who are qualifiedj. District 10 – Not in attendancek. District 11 – Aubrey Petersoni. Meeting this weekii. Dates are on the report – many are welcome at the High School choral festival on March 13 thiii. Self-adjudicated sight reading rotationl. District 12 – Gabe Dickinsoni. New UO professor has been very involved in local schoolsm. District 13 – David Kaysi. Anecdotally low moral – less communication among teachers.ii. Schedule changes were reversed, but there is now a 6 week gap for all 8 th graders.iii. Gladstone is reporting a 700k to 1.2mil gap in the future.n. District 14 – Laura Arthuri. Lack of elementary participationii. Upcoming honor bando. District 15 – Kevin Sooni. Dates are upii. Beaverton is still reeling from cuts5. Area Chair Reportsa. Band chair, Tom Mulleri. Not much to reporta. Choir chair, Emily Mercadoi. “Choral Cabernet” – Different choral directors bring a piece to read and a wine to pair with itii. ACDA Sacred Music Workshop – January 25 thb. Orchestra chair, Sean Williamsi. Orchestra adjudicator certification workshop, April 4 th and 5 th . Can attend either day (only a oneday event). $20, or free to OBDA members.ii. Dave Becker- trying to host the event where the people will be, “Critical Mass”.1. This will be conjunction with a festivalc. Elementary music chair, Melinda Jordani. Situations vary across the stateii. Feeling optimistic in the face of teachers stretched thiniii. Core teachers and administrators are starting to realize that music encompasses all the“buzzwords” – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, etc.iv. Amazing professional growth opportunities in the future with POSA and SWOKE, as well as atthe conference1. POSA – Portland Orff-Schuelwerk Association2. SWOKE – Southern Washington and Oregon Kodaly Educatorsd. Small schools chair, Sarah Butleri. Tri-County Festival – 41 st year!5

ii. New directors in small schools – Arlington (1 st year), Boardman (1 st year), Hepner, Hermiston (1 styear)iii. So many young band directors of Eastern Oregon, we’ve formed a club (YBDEO) where we gettogether and work/chat1. Dave Becker - Emphasis on the importance of the reading session.e. SMTE chairs, Frank Diazi. Take That Texas!1. Sponsoring a research poster session at NWNAfME. There are 36 posters (more thanTexas!). There are students, public school teachers and academics presenting2. David Hedgecoth from Florida is a new faculty member at UO, is committed to outreacharound the state.f. State solo contest chair, Tom Mulleri. OSAA has a new IT guy and info is slightly delayedii. Letters outlining rules and regulations will be sent sooniii. There are unmasked results available from 2012iv. MAKE SURE schools have paid OSAA their “Solo Festival Fee”v. Solo chairs NEED to check eligibility of directors1. Go to OSAA website and do a “member search” for director names2. If teachers are not registered, do not schedule their students3. There is an eligibility box to check for studentsvi. Cutoff dates:1. February 11 th – registration opens on OSAA websitea. As soon as you have results, upload them to the site2. March 18 th – registration deadline. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.3. April 22d – Add/Drop cut-off. If you have a qualifying student who cannot participate,this is the final day to let Tom know. If they do not show up, the school will be fined byOSAA.4. May 1 st – no further schedule changes or accompanist changes will be accepted.6. Special Board/Liaison Reportsa. Advocacy chair, Frank Petriki. Passing of the Art Tax will be great for Portland schoolsii. Core Standards/Proficiency standards, specifically teacher evaluations1. Lauren Compello [sic] sent an email to the board looking to knowiii. Union rep (Terrell Smith) at Sherwood High School has offered to come into speak with theOMEA board in regards to teacher evaluations. He is certified by OEA. Each district has anopportunity to form their own procedures with evaluations and arts teachers NEED to be involvedwith those decisions.iv. WMEA – There are sessions about creating and running music coalitions at the NW conference.v. Working to get Advocacy reps in all districts.b. Historian, Dave Beckeri. No reportc. OSAA Band/orchestra contest chair, Chuck Boltoni. State Band, Orchestra and Choir are all on the same day this year. There are many sportsconflicts (tennis, track, etc).ii. OSAA is looking for ways to eliminate hybrid leagues and perhaps go back to 5 districts.d. CNAfME Student representative, Erica Westendorfi. Getting the ball rolling to gather volunteers for the conference.6

7. New Businessa. Beaverton Friends of Music Proposali. Michael Schlabach – Anecdotes about music cuts in Beaverton and cultural differences betweenOregon and the rest of the countryii. Proposal to hire a professional organizeriii. Engage retired music educatorsiv. Creating networks both locally and statewidev. There are limitations with the OMEA classification as a 501c3vi. Jim Howell – We are primarily a contest and in-service organization, and our group has not beensuccessful with political advocacy in the past.vii. Jennifer Mohr – strategies implemented alreadyviii. Frank Diaz – a disparity between cultural identity of Oregon and the support level for musiceducation across the state. There are states that have been successful in keeping programsusing many of the strategies presented by Friends of Musicix. Carolyn Talarr – in the crisis situation that we are in, “What do you know that is more proven as areturn on investment as music?”x. Jim Howell – wanting to be a partner with the Department of Education, not an enemyxi. Jennifer Mohr – part of the organization’s work is trying to educate people how to influencechange – being well informed, knowing the civil process, etc.xii. Tom Colett – As teachers and OMEA, we are too scattered – we need to reach consensus acrossdistricts to influence change on the larger (state) level. We need a professional to help usorganize this effort.xiii. Tina Bull – is there is a proposal that the board can vote on now?1. Tom Colett – Use the advocacy committee to hire a professional to organize advocacyon the state level. $4500 is the beginning level of financial support2. Jennifer Mohr $4500 is the highest amount able to be spent by OMEA as a 501c3 (5%)Break for lunchSarah Butler: Motion to table to discussion about spending $4500 to hire a professional until after theconferenceSecond - Frank Diaz• Carl Sorensen– When is the next opportunity to discuss?o Tina Bull – May meeting• Mary Ann Vidourek– How does that impact Beaverton Friends of Music?o Jennifer Mohr - It doesn’t really affect us personally, but it does skew the timeline presented inour proposal.• Tom Colett – Don’t wait too long, as you need momentum following cuts• Tina Bull – Sensing a feeling that people on the board are hesitant to spend money that we don’t know wehave• Dave Becker – We are trying to be fiscally responsibleAmended: Motion to table the decision on investing $4500 to hire a professional until the full boardmeeting in May after our conference is over.Tom Muller – Call to questionMotion Carries (as amended)Sarah Butler: Motion to have each OMEA district create a district advocacy chair and fill that position.Frank Diaz secondDiscussion:7

• Carl Sorensen – What is the person supposed to do?o Frank Petrik – Being a liason between the state advocacy committee and districts around thestate• Tom Colett- Create a packet that is clear and succinct• Tina Bull – Do we think that the committee can come up with a job description?o Frank Petrik– YesAmended: Motion to have Frank Petrik and the advocacy committee create a job description and resourcepacket to aid in the creation of district advocacy chairs with assistance of Frank, Jay and Tina.Motion Carries (as amended)xiv. Sean Williams – Don’t we all have at least one angry parent we can tap as a resource?xv. Tina Bull – Frank, can you compile that data?1. Frank Petrik – No. I’ll send you a database for everyone to fill out.8. Old Businessa. Policies and procedures, continued- Moved to spring meeting9. Meeting adjourned at 1:01 p.m.8

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