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Volume 40 Issue 3 Congratulations ! 40 Years !- 1 -

Upcoming MeetsChairlady’s MessagePage 2Page 3June 9, 2012 MeetMCRD Command MuseumTechnical Topics - Betsy’s Saga - Part 4RROC National Board CommentsPage 4Page 7Page 8Upcoming MeetsJuly 15August 12September 11October 7Annual Mascot Competition andLeo Carillo Ranch TourBalboa Island Yacht Club & Harbor CruiseNorth County Drive & PicnicBritish Car Day -- Liberty Station, Point LomaCover Photo:Photographer:Ted Struck’s 2006 Bentley Arnage, Blue Train Edition, LC6-11185Ted Struck- 2 - Congratulations ! 40 Years !May - June, 2012

Dear friends,Rob and Ivonne Webbchairlady’smessageIvonne and Rob are travelling in Europe. We look forward to their return.Our May meet was scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend. We cancelled thatmeet because it seemed that many of us had commitments elsewhere. OurJune meet, at the MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depot) Command Museumwas an inspirational, moving and impressive event.We will hold our Annual Mascot Competition during our July meet. This year’s theme is“Early California.” Steve and Al Tarkington are our meet hosts. We will travel along ElCamino Real, the ”King’s Highway,” to the Leo Carrillo Ranch, where we will have a no-hostpicnic and also a tour of the Ranch. In August, Virginia Foster and Arthur Hammons will hosta brunch and yacht tour based out of the Newport Beach Yacht Club.Looking forward to seeing you !!Al Whitley, Vice-Chair, forIvonne Webb, ChairladyboardChair - Ivonne Webb619.435.8738iow.rroc@gmail.comVice Chair - Al Whitley619.758-9888al@cadteacher.comTreasurer - Terry Luallin619.222.6558merylluallin@cox.netSecretary - Harry Clarkharry@classic.bz951.901.5088Activities - Klaus Reichardt760.644.7443klausreichardt@sbcglobal.netCo-Chair - Frank HamadAwards - Tom Scheil949.380.8568tomscheil@hotmail.comCo-Chair - Marilyn MulloyHistorian - Brad Zemcikrollsnut@yahoo.com949.770.7832Judging - Dan Pattee760.471.2257dan_pattee@navyfederal.orgMembership - Larry Davis619.303.3350larrydavis@cox.netPhotographer - Lou Suter619.224-5300lousuter@cox.netPre War - Greg Millard619.561.9093gstmillard@aol.comPublic Relations - Tom Wright858.488.4462twright3@san.rr.comTechnical - Tyrone Flower760.434.2485tyronefl ower@sbcglobal.netSCN Editor - Ted Struck619.226.1000scneditor@gmail.comPast Chair - Valerie Suter619.224.0523valeriesuter@cox.netVolume 40 Issue 3 Congratulations ! 40 Years !- 3 -

junemeetstory by vivian bielyOur June 9th meet began at 1000 hours with atour of the Command Museum at Marine CorpsRecruit Depot. The museum has an extensivecollection of art, artifacts, uniforms, weapons andequipment. More than 300,000 people visit themuseum each year.united states marine corps command museumBill Westmoreland was our very excellent docent.Bill retired as a First Sergeant after 20 years ofservice, and with his passion and powerful voice,it was no surprise he was a Drill Instructor (D.I.).Jerry Strayve, Jr., was the only Marine in our group,serving from 1975 to 1985.The California campaign (1864) during theMexican-American War was our fi rst Gallery.Featured battles were Klamath Falls, Monterey,Santa Clara, San Gabriel, Mule Hill (now RanchoBernardo) and San Pasqual (SD Safari Park).Famous names included Gillespie and Kearny.Those of us who had social studies in Californiaschools had our memories refreshed. The warin California ended in early 1847; the Treaty ofGuadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848, whichwas very fortuitous. Not only did the USA gain500,000 square miles (Manifest Destiny, from seato shining sea, etc.) but gold was discovered atSutter’s Fort that same year. No surprise thatCalifornia was the 31st state admitted to theUnion in 1850. And the rest is history …WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraqi Freedomalso had galleries, with galleries for Iraq andAfghanistan in progress. Among the interestinginformation we gleaned:Grunts do the heavy lifting and Leathernecks aretough.Al WhitleyVivian Biely- 4 - Congratulations ! 40 Years !May - June, 2012

During Vietnam, four cigarettes were included ineach C-ration.Saddam Hussein was enamored with “Star Wars”and had elite troops with black Darth Vaderhelmets. One captured during Iraqi Freedom wasdisplayed.Photos by: Lou Suter and Al WhitleyBoot Camp is now 12-13 weeks. On day 56 ofbasic training, recruits tour the Museum. Week11 is “The Crucible” at Camp Pendleton which is54 hours of teamwork and obstacles. Two squadsof 20 men each complete The Crucible together,varying their roles. The D.I. rotates the mission(fi re team, security team, etc.) and rotates thesquad leader. They must overcome both food andsleep deprivation, hiking more than 50 miles withrifl es and daypacks between these obstacles. Thelast “day” of these 54 hours, the recruits complete10 miles up “The Grim Reaper.” Enough said.Navajo Code Talkers served with the Marines inthe Pacifi c during WWII.Since 2003, 155,000 women have served in theMarines. Enlisted women have a separate bootcamp, but the female offi cers train together withthe men. In 2011, 13,677 women were serving,many of them on Afghanistan Engagement Teams,smoothing cultural differences.Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher is on the Board ofDirectors of the Museum.The Armory room displayed 350 US and foreignweapons. The Medals and Decorations room wascomplete, with dress uniforms as well. GeorgeWashington initiated the Purple Heart during theRevolutionary War. Purple represents royaltyand George Washington’s bust in white is on thepresent medal. The Congressional Medal of Honorwas created during the Civil War.Lastly, we saw a group of “poolies” out the windowin the courtyard. They have enlisted, yet have120 days to fi nish school and get their personalaffairs in order before reporting for basic training.They were getting a little early orientation. AsAl pointed out, they looked a lot straighter andsharper one hour after we fi rst noticed them!united states marine corps command museumVolume 40 Issue 3 Congratulations ! 40 Years !- 5 -

[Author’s note: My heartswells with pride that Americastill produces youth whowould make these toughchoices. They are not textingduring The Crucible! Pleasebe aware that Congress hasalready cut ½ trillion out ofthe 10-year budget, and ourmilitary is prepared to livewith that. However, Congressnow wants to cut another½ trillion. Is this a wisereduction of spending?united states marine corps command museumOur youth who are makingthe military choice deserveour support for their trainingand equipment. Our docentsaid that at the end of theVietnam (remember thedraft?) War, the training wentfrom 12 weeks down to eightweeks. Don’t know about theCasualty Rate. Any guesses?]The sun came out for ourlunch on the balcony of PointLoma Seafoods!An interesting and informativemeet, good lunch, goodcompany and a beautiful SanDiego day. Thanks to ourmeet host, Al Whitley.Region members and guests attending the meet included Ted Struck & Al Whitley, 2006 Bentley Arnage Blue Train Edition; TomWright, 1959 RR Silver Cloud I; Al & Steve Tarkington, 1960 RR Silver Cloud II; Will & Joyce Bartfi eld with guests Don & CarolMackay, 2000 Bentley Arnage; Lou & Valerie Suter, 1988 RR Silver Spur; Virginia Foster with guest Jerry Strayve, Jr., 2006 RR Phantom;Terry Luallin, 1979 RR Silver Shadow II; Lana Zabolotnaya, 2005 Bentley Continental GT; Vivian & Bill Bieley, 1988 RR Silver Spur.- 6 - Congratulations ! 40 Years !May - June, 2012

etsy’s sagaStory by Liz Flower Part 4After much hard work and many long hours, Lady Betsy’s owners were very proud and“on the road again”. We were so happy. Then about 30 minutes later, the phone rang.”Hey guess what?” a familiar voice says, “I made it all the way to Palomar Airport and Ithink her gearbox just gave out.” My heart sunk as I shouted to the guys at the otherend of the shop, “Prepare Betsy’s lift!”Betsy’s “Hydramatic” was one of the original mass produced, fully automatic 4 speedgearboxes produced by General Motors. It was refi ned and launched in late 1939 andbecame known as the “Hydramatic drive”. This gearbox was amazingly cheap and whenRolls Royce was granted a license to build these gearboxes, modifi cations were madeto the tail housing and output shaft. These assemblies housed the ride control pumpand friction servo for the brakes. They also decided to tighten up existing tolerancesand improve the fi nish on the components, “for Gods sake, it’s a Rolls Royce”. Believeit or not, this “Hyrdramatic” gearbox was so sound that it would be more than 10years before a better version could be designed. Then you may ask, “What the hellhappened since many vehicles have covered over 200,000 miles before anything morethan routine maintenance was required?” Well, that’s the next $68,000 question.The tow truck arrived with Lady Betsy, in not so much glory. She was unloaded andbrought inside and placed back on her lift. We began to drain her gearbox fl uid andinstantly saw metal shavings. Yep, get the big guns guys, another major transformationwas about to take place. After her gearbox was taken out and dismantled, wefound that over the years of non-use and lack of maintenance, her driving torus andsurrounding veins were so full of dirt that her fl uid was unable to fl ow and lubricatemost of her major components. (I feel like that most days).The driving torus acts much like a human heart, pumping the gearbox fl uid throughthe system to keep all the working parts lubricated and functioning together. Oncethe fl uid could not longer work through the system, the front drum (which houses theforward planetary gears), the clutches and the intermediate shaft were all damaged.The intermediate shaft is essential because it drives all the gears, meaning both theforward and reverse motion of the vehicle. Yikes! In order to get her back on theroad, we cleaned, replaced and rebuilt the entire gearbox back to original factoryspecs. Betsy’s gearbox was re-installed and refi lled with new gearbox fl uid. We startedher up and let her engine purr for about 5 minutes before re-checking to see if wehad the proper fl uid level. We determined the fl uid level was correct so we turnedour attention to the adjustment of the friction servo for the brakes, as the gearbox isdirectly responsible for the pressure applied to the brake master cylinders in stoppingthe vehicle.It seems that we are fi nally coming to the end of our journey. It’s been a long roadof examinations, plastic surgeons, hot fl ashes and indulgence from all of you whohave been following the rebirth for this majestic lady. Somesurprises are still to come with one more article and a bitmore history. Yep, I guess you fi gured it out that even thoughTyrone has been writing this story, the biggest secret is (don’ttell him), I have been re-writing all of them before they goto print….shhhhhh! Bloody Marvelous! as Tyrone would say.Stay tuned…………Liz FlowerVolume 40 Issue 3 Congratulations ! 40 Years !- 7 -

For the Record: All trademarks are suject to the trademark rights of Rolls Royce PLC, Rolls Royce Motor Cards Ltd., an affi liate of BMW AG or Bentley Motors, Ltd., an affi liate of Volkswagen AG, including mark, model,names logos and emblems. All are used by the RROC and the Silver Coast News (SCN) under license.Legal: The Silver Coast News is published by and for the San Diego Region of the Rolls Royce Owners’ Club, Inc., a non-profi t corporation. All information furnished is provided by the membership of the Club for use bythe members only. Articles refl ect the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily refl ect the Region policies, nor do the editors or publishers, who assume no liability for any information contained, imply authenticationor approval. The San Diego Region and its editors seek to publish accurate materials, but neither assumes responsiblity in the event of a claim of loss or damage resulting from publication. Other regions may reproducematerial, provided that credit is given. The editor reserves the right to edit for length or quality.Private Party Advertising Policy: Advertisements for Rolls-Royce/Bentley vehicles, want ads, parts, lost and found, or information will be published for members at no charge, typically in a business card-sized format.For car sales include chassis number and asking price. Photos will be published free if supplied in digital JPG, GIF, TGA or Print Quality PDF formats. Film photos will be scanned and published at a nominal charge. Nonmemberadvertising will be accepted at published rates. Display advertising is accepted, at the discretion of the Editor, for business card, quarter-page, half-page, and full-page insertions in increments of one, three or sixinsertions. Please contact the SCN Editor for additional information.Submitting Infomation to the Editor: The Silver Coast News is published bi-monthly during the last half of the even-numbered months. Meet write-ups and meet photos should be submitted no more than one weekafter an event. Other articles and information should be submitted no later than the tenth of every month. Please check with the Editor for specifi c publication dates. Please submit photos and/or artwork at 300 dpi orhigher. Please identify any people shown in the photograph. and also the year, make, model and VIN number of any car(s) shown.- 8 - Congratulations ! 40 Years !May - June, 2012

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