CHURCH of SAINT MARY - St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
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CHURCH of SAINT MARY - St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Masses and Special IntentionsPlease Pray for the IllBilly FischerMichael HallquestCarol FrickeStanislaus MoranAnnette BonvinoSebastian CalopingNames will remain on the list for three months. Please notify the Bulletin Editorif you would like to continue with the listing.In MemoriamPlease pray for our loved ones who have gone before us.Richard McSherry Dr. Joseph D’Ambrosio Michael VillaniPlease Remember Those Serving in the Military3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division125th Brigade Support Battalion23rd Marine Regiment25th Marine RegimentAbbott, Kyle C., Cpl, USMCAmerson, Jason, CPT, USAAnderson, Michael, 1LT, USAArnold, James, LCpl USMCAvasthi, David, 1st Lt, USAFBaber, Joseph, Maj, USAFBooth, Paige, SPC, USABroderick, Evan, SGT, USABroderick, Steven, SN, USNBrown, Jason, SGT, USAConroy, Craig, PFC, USADelaney, Matthew, LCDR, USNDiStefano, Matthew, Capt, USAFFontanetta, Joseph, 1stLt, USMCHernandez, Steven, SSgt, USAFHiggins, James, GySgt, USMCHilton, Justin, SGT, USAHilton, Nathaniel, SGT, USAHodder, Ian R., PFC, USMCHorner, Brian G., 2ndLt, USMCHoward, Edward, PV2, USAHussey, James M., GySgt, USMCJones, Scott B., LTJG, USNJones, Katherine L., ENS, USNKeating, Thomas, Col, USMCLanza, Anthony E., LtCol, USMCMadden, Michael E., 1stLt, USAFMiller, Ryan, 1stLt, USMCMorris, Jr., Brian J., MASN, USNO’Leary, Jason, SSgt, USAFPetracca, Evan L., LTJG, USNPolowczyk, John P., CAPT, USNRodi, Caroline G., LCDR, USNSchaub, John E., LCpl, USMCSharkey, John J., LtCol, USMCSpivak III, Edmund, Capt, USAFUllrich, Kenneth C., HN, USNUnger, Matthew J., SPC, USAIf you have a service member that you would like to add to this list please contactFr. Chris at Please include name, rank and branch of service.Mass ScheduleOctober 12th and October 13th. Subject to change without notice.Saturday, October 12th5:00 PM Fr. Vincent RitchieSunday, October 13th7:30 AM Fr. Vincent Ritchie9:00 AM Fr. Christopher Costigan10:30 AM Msgr. John J. McCann12:00 Noon Fr. Christopher Costigan5:00 PM Fr. Raphael SoadwahMasses for the WeekMonday, October 7thOur Lady of the RosaryJon 1:1-2:2, 11, Lk 10:25-377:00 AM | Paul Zing9:00 AM | Evelyn M. BernieriTuesday, October 8thJon 3:1-10, Lk 10:38-427:00 AM | Walter Fischer9:00 AM | Doris M. DaileyWednesday, October 9thSt. Denis and CompanionsSt. John LeonardiJon 4:1-11, Lk 11:1-47:00 AM | Edward Peyser9:00 AM | Joan RyanThursday, October 10thMal 3:13-20b, Lk 11:5-137:00 AM | John Hyland9:00 AM | Peg, Dorris, & Bill BenderFriday, October 11thJl 1:13-15, 2:1-2, Lk 11:15-267:00 AM | Eleanor Boland9:00 AM | Robert & Helen GrossSaturday, October 12thJl 4:12-21, Lk 11:27-288:00 AM | Nora Cioppa5:00 PM | Sr. Helaine O’DeaJames RiceJoseph A. LocastroWalter FranceAllen L. ConklingSunday, October 13thThe Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary TimeInclusion Sunday2 Kgs 5:14-17, 2 Tm 2:8-13, Lk 17:11-197:30 AM | Robert Thornton9:00 AM | Peter Foley10:30 AM | For the People of the Parish12:00 Noon | Sara & Jerry PonsiglioneGary OberheimJames RiceLeslie Anne KempaStephen Greenslade5:00 PM | Michael HowardThe Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time | October 6, 2013

Music MinistryDo you like to sing? Would you like to participate more fully at Mass?* You are mostwelcome to join one of the Choirs of St. Mary’s:Youth Choir - rehearses Wednesdays at 7:00 PM; open to students in Grades 3 through 9.Adult Choir - rehearses Wednesdays at 8:00 PM; open to Grade 10 high schoolers throughadults.For more information, call the Music Ministry Office at 627-0385 ext. 1021 or e-mail* “He who sings, prays twice” (St. Augustine)Liturgical MinistriesAt this time, we also need additional Extraordinary Ministers to help distribute Holy Communionat our weekend Masses. If you think you might be able to serve our parish in this way, please have aconversation with one of the parish priests or call the Parish Office and leave your contact information.You will need to attend a training session given by the diocese. Part “A” training is required of all thosewho are beginning as Ministers. If you wish to also minister in hospitals, nursing homes and to thehomebound, you must also attend the Part “B” training. Part “A” training will be given on Saturdaymorning, October 19th, at Kellenberg High School in Uniondale. Part “B” training will be at the samelocation on Saturday afternoon, November 9th. Other locations and evening sessions are available; please call the ParishOffice (627-0385) for details.Parish Social Ministry is seeking additional Extraordinary Ministers to bring Holy Communion and conduct a prayerservice once a week at the Bristal Assisted Living Residence in North Hills. For more information, please contact Christineat 365-2705.Paper copies of the weekend Mass schedule for Extraordinary Ministers and contact list for the 4th quarter are available inthe sign-in binder in the sacristy and in the Parish Office reception area.Our parish is also looking to rejuvenate our Baptism Ministry so that we may assist our priestsat the communal Baptism celebrations held on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Weparticularly need individuals to “greet and seat” the baptism families, their relatives and friends beforethe ceremony begins. This would require a time commitment of about a half-hour. Please contactJane Clifford at or 365-5691 for more details about this and other ways you couldassist us at the Sunday Baptisms.Eucharistic AdorationThis Thursday3:00 to 7:15 PMin the Chapel off the south side of the ChurchPray for your family!Pray for vocations!Pray for religious freedom!Pray for a greater respect for human life!

Respect Life MinistryRespect Life Sunday — Open Your Hearts to Life!“What does it mean to open our hearts to life? It means to search our souls and acknowledgeour deepest longing for Christ’s love. Though we are capable of sins against human life suchas abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, we are not beyond Christ’s mercy. It is importantfor us to know and share with others that Christ’s forgiveness is offered even to those who havetaken another person’s life, if they are truly repentant of that act.“We must respond to Pope Francis’ call with great urgency. Opening our hearts to life in Christempowers us for loving, merciful action toward others. We must give witness to the Gospel of Life and evangelize throughour lives. We must personally engage others and share the truth about human life. We must continue to show love andmercy, especially with those who have been involved in abortion. All members of the Church can bring healing to theworld by upholding the beauty of human life and God’s unfailing mercy.” - Cardinal Seán O’Malley, USCCB Committeeon Pro-Life Activities, 2013 Respect Life Sunday Statement.There will be a Respect Life Holy Hour on Thursday, Ocotber 24th, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in the Church.More details will be in future bulletins.St. Mary’s Goes to WashingtonDiocesan Pilgrimageto the Basilicaof the National Shrineof theImmaculate ConceptionSaturday, September 28thFr. Raphael Soadwah led the St. Mary’scontingent on the pilgrimage to theBasilica of the National Shrine of theImmaculate Conception in Washington,D.C. last Saturday, September 28th.Parishes from all over Rockville Centerattended - 61 buses and over 3000people made the pilgrimage. Membersof our group included parishioners fromSt. Mary’s, the Knights of Columbus, theSquires, and parishioners from Our Ladyof Fatima in Manorhaven and St Aloysiusin Great Neck.It was a beautiful program led by Bishop Murphy and included the Angelus, a Youth Prayer Experience, theRosary in Word and Song, and ended with the celebration of the Eucharist that was standing room only.Truly a memorable experience! - Lisa Chieco

Parish Social MinistryThe food pantry at St. Mary’s Parish Social Ministry serves families and individuals from the parish and communityand is need of the following items:Cake MixInstant PotatoesMacaroni & CheeseJell-OPancake Mix/SyrupSugar/FlourCanned VegetablesInstant CoffeeUpcoming F.O.C.U.S. EventsTomato SaucePastaSnacksJuiceDonations may be left in the food baskets located in the north and south lobbies of the Church or brought to theParish Social Ministry office located on the ground floor level of the convent.Thank you for your support!Thursdays, October 24th & November 27th - Monthly Bridge Game. 12:00 Noon in the Marian Room.Cost is $5.00 For information, please contact Celia Minieriat 627-7197. Please note: there will not be a Bridge gamein December.Friday, December 6th – SAVE THE DATE!11:00 AM Mass in the chapel, followed by Christmas luncheonin the Marian Room.Parish Social Ministry’s Card Ministry extends warm wishes to parishioners who are sick, homebound, confined to orliving in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. If you are aware of someone who could use a little cheering up or whowould like to maintain a connection with the parish community, please contact the Parish Social Ministry office at 365-2705.Need to reach us? Telephone: 365-2705 E-mail: socialmin@stmary.wsChurch of Saint Mary | 10

On November 5, New Yorkers willhave the opportunity to decidean important matter affecting ourcommunities. A statewide referendumof the people will be the final say onwhether or not to amend the state’sConstitution to authorize casinogambling. As pastors and as citizens,we call on all voters to very carefullyconsider this measure and all of itspotential implications.In recent years, New York State hasdramatically increased access tolegalized gambling in an effort toraise revenue, with the state joiningin multi-state lotteries and addingvideo slot machines and video poker atharness racing tracks across the state.With these initiatives, along with fiveIndian-run casinos, Off-Track Betting,and ever-increasing variations ofscratch-off lotteries, gambling alreadyis big business for the state. Nowin a continued quest for additionalrevenue, the governor and legislatureare seeking an amendment to allow forup to seven non-Indian casinos, thefirst four of which would be sited inthree upstate regions.Even if the state does realizeeconomic benefits envisioned by ourelected officials, we voters must alsoconsider the potential for negativeconsequences. The Catholic Churchteaches that gambling is a morallyneutral act and that games of chance“are not in themselves contrary tojustice” (Catechism of the CatholicChurch, 2413). However, theCatechism also warns that “the passionfor gambling risks becoming anenslavement” and becomes morallyNew York StateCatholic ConferenceThe Official Voice of the Catholic Church in the Empire StateA Statement on Casino GamblingBy the Catholic Bishops of New York Stateunacceptable when it deprives anindividual of what is necessary toprovide for his/her needs and those ofothers.When gambling as a revenue streambecomes overly prevalent in a society,the risks associated with problemgambling multiply. With theirflashing lights, free-flowing alcoholicdrinks, all-night hours and generallyintoxicating atmosphere, casinosare more likely than other gamblingoptions to lead to bad decisionsand catastrophic losses for patrons,particularly those prone to problemor compulsive gambling. Interestingly,a study by the National OpinionResearch Center at the University ofChicago showed the availability of acasino within 50 miles is associatedwith double the prevalence of problemor pathological gamblers.A 2009 study commissioned by theConnecticut Division of SpecialRevenue on the economic and socialimpact of Indian casinos in the state,found that while the casinos did boostemployment and revenues, they alsoresulted in serious numerous negativeconsequences in the areas near thecasinos and for individuals. Theseincluded a 400 percent increase inembezzlement arrests, a doublingof DWI arrests, and an increase insubstandard and illegal housing forundocumented workers. Of theproblem gamblers studied in thereport, 62 percent gambled untiltheir last dollar was gone. Personalbankruptcies in areas where the state’stwo Indian casinos are located weremore than 10 percent higher thanthe national norm in seven of the 10years after the casinos were built. Wemust ask, will the presence of casinosforever change the character of areaslike Saratoga Springs, the CatskillMountains and the Southern Tier?Furthermore, it does seem apparentthat with all of the gambling optionsalready available here, there is only somuch revenue to be gained. Indeed,casinos in our neighboring states havebeen struggling for their very survivaldue to an oversaturated market, so it isdifficult to see how New York’s casinooperators will reverse that trend. Andwhile some will argue the casinoswill bring employment, the jobs thatcasinos create tend to be of the lowpayingservice variety, rather thangood-paying, upwardly mobile careersthat are so desperately needed upstate.When looking at potential sources fornew revenue, it is the responsibilityof government and the voting publicto consider all of the consequences,both positive and negative. Whilethe language on the ballot cites thehoped-for economic benefits, we feelobligated to ask for a more definitivestatement as to how and where themoney generated by these casinoswill be spent. We pray for the goodjudgment of New Yorkers in weighingall factors before deciding how theywill vote on the widespread expansionof casino gambling across our belovedEmpire State.

Knights of ColumbusTHE FATHER WILLIAM A. DALYCOLUMBIETTESWe need 25 womento get our chapter started.All Catholic women in the parishover 17 years of age,are invited to become members.Knights of ColumbusFather William A. Daly S. J. Council #2122Serving St. Mary's Parish in Manhasset& St. Aloysius Parish in Great Neckwww.kofc2122.orgServe Your ChurchServe Your CommunityTo join or find out more about the Knights, see thewebsite, or contact Grand Knight Tom Mayerhauser at516-852-0812 or further information, please contact:Jeanne Mucci at 679-5442 or jmucci@fcrc.comorGrand Knight Tom Mayerhauser at516-852-0812 or tjm514@verizon.netOur Columbian Squires programwelcomes young men ages 10 through 18For more information,please visit our website, of BlessedsJohn Paul II and John XXIIIApril 21-28, 2014Rome, ItalyThe Catholic Tour LLC is a thirty-three year old Catholic Travel Apostolate and has been able to secure 99 air seatsand hotel beds for the canonization of Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII and a pilgrimage is set for April 21-28,2014 departing from five different airports across the United States. The pilgrimage pricing will start at approximately$3,300.00, which includes your transatlantic airfare, hotel, most meals, tour escort, deluxe motor coach, and all airlinefees and taxes. Come and see our new Holy Father Pope Francis on this historic event in Rome, Italy.Please call or visit The Catholic Tour toll-free at 1-877-627-4268 or e-mail Martha Crowley at for further information, reservation forms, etc.Church of Saint Mary | 12

2013 PTO Parent ReceptionThe Saint Mary’s Elementary School ParentTeacher Organization (PTO) hosted theirannual Parent Reception on September 18that Plandome Country Club. Each year, theevent serves as the kick-off to the new schoolyear for parents giving the opportunity for oldand new friends to meet and celebrate beingpart of the St. Mary’s Elementary Schoolfamily.For more information on the PTO, pleasecontact Mrs. Amy Murphy, president,

Welcome New ParishionersBaptismsWe welcome those who registered in our parish during September, 2013.Mr. & Mrs. John Bachor and FamilyMr. & Mrs. John Bernic and FamilyMr. & Mrs. John ClerkinMr. & Mrs. Guillerme Flores and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Matthew Gilroy and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Peter Gordon and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Michael Hastava and FamilyPurgatorial SocietyWe welcome those who were baptized during the month of September, 2013.Lauren Kennedy OstermannNikhil Dylan MalhotraFrank Joseph TagliaviaAnthony Ryan GrigoliBrendan Liam DorstZoe Alexandra GerbaMr. & Mrs. Juan Herrara and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Christopher Hogan and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Jeff Huter and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Andeas Kapouralos and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Michael Leadbetter and FamilyMr. & Mrs. Luis Nunez and FamilyMs. Shabana Yacoob and FamilyMark Paul MaganGrayson Alexander BeschelChiara Marie DeSantisEstella Marie TorresFrancesca Tina CapognaThe following names have been enrolled in our Purgatorial Society beginning October 1, 2013.Eileen SullivanIrene DenihanTimothy HudsonRosemary GillinghamVivian ReillyMaria GarciaJohn had been gainfully employed for more than 7 years at a leading chain when he began to feel ill. Soon hismedical issues made it impossible for him to keep working and he was forced to go out on disability. He wouldsometimes go 2 weeks out of the month without eating a full meal. At first he really couldn’t believe it—he washungry—really hungry. It was difficult for him to call for help, but with nowhere else to turn, he did. CatholicCharities directed him to a specialist who assessed his needs and directed him to appropriate resources in hiscommunity.He went to his local Parish outreach center where he was given food supplies that allowed him to make it through themonth. John was given the assistance that he so desperately needed. Today, John is back to work and doing well.“I am so thankful that I know there is somewhere I can turn, where there are people that care, people I can talk to, if I amever in such a situation again,” shared John.Every gift counts and makes a difference in the lives of others!!If you haven’t made a gift in 2013, please consider doing so today. Appeal envelopes are available in the Church,Parish Office or visit to make an online donation.

First TimeRobert O’Connor and Morgan MolinariSt. Mary’s,ManhassetSecond TimeRyan Melvin and Courtney CelebreSt. Mary’s,ManhassetThird TimeChristopher Mucciolo and Oriana ProtoSt. Mary’s, Transfiguration Parish,Manhasset Olean, NYBread & Wineare offered this weekin memory ofJoseph and Harriet BrensicSCHEDULEOctober 12th - October 13thSaturday, October 12th5:00 PM I. Andre, B. Bosse, E. RiveraSunday, October 13th9:00 AM K. Keating, C. O’Sullivan. K. O’Sullivan10:30 AM B. Ackert, K. Doyle, P. Doyle12:00 Noon L. Bernic, C. Fenton, R. Fenton5:00 PM R. Donnell, L. Parisi, E. TrottaPlease be sure to arrange for a replacementif you cannot make your assignment.Please PatronizeOur AdvertisersPray for a miraclefor a sufferingperson through the intercession of theVenerableANTHONY VINCENT GALLO S.C.J.Diocesan PriestOblate of the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred HeartMonteforte Irpino (AV) | January 11, 1899Rome May 2, 1934Please visit

The Parish Gift ShopMarried Couples!Would you attend a seminar to enhance your jobor to increase your salary?Why not give your marriage the same attention?Enhance your good marriage by attendinga Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend!Weekends are scheduled throughout theMetro New York area.The next weekend on Long Island is scheduled forNovember 1-3at The Montfort Spiritual Centerin Bay Shore.Space is limited.For more information about the weekends or toapply, call 1-877-697-9963 orvisit our web site at AM - 1:30 PMTuesday and Thursday9:30 AM - 12:30 PMThe Gift Shop is located in the Parish Centernext to the John Paul II Room.All proceeds benefitSt. Mary’s Parish Social Ministry.What Are They Doing NowDr. Alexis Chesney is a graduateof St. Mary’s Elementary School(class of ‘93) and the daughterof parishioners Robert & DonnaChesney. The following is takenfrom an article in last week’sManhasset Press.Native Doc to Educate ColleaguesBorn and raised in Manhasset, Dr.Alexis Chesney will be returning toNew York this Sunday to educatehealth care colleagues on thetopic of Lyme disease at the NewYork Association of NaturopathicPhysicians Conference. New York hasmore cases of Lyme disease than anyother U.S. state.Passionate about public and medicaleducation regarding Lyme diseaseand co-infections in the Northeast,Chesney trained with Dr. RichardHorowitz of Hyde Park. Shespeicializes in pharmaceutical andherbal treatment of tick-borne illness.Chesney attended St. Mary’sElementary School, Sacred HeartAcademy and graduated with a BS inreligious studies with a pre-medicalconcentration from Holy CrossCollege in Worcester, MA. Shejoined the Jesuit Volunteer Corpsand served in Oakland, CA for oneChurch of Saint Mary | 16year after college. After working atSt. Francis Hospital and CommonGround Community in Manhattan,Chesney realized her passion forholistic medicine. She earned aMaster’s in science in acupuncturefrom the University of BridgeportAcupuncture Institute and a doctoratein naturopathic medicine from theUniversity of Bridgeport College ofNaturopathic Medicine. With fiveof her colleagues from across thenation, she founded the NaturopathicMedical Student Association. Herresidency brought her to Vermont,where she has continued to work witha team of integrative practitioners.She is a member of the InternationalLyme and Associated Diseases Society.

Activities for Children

What should I do if I suspect a child is being abused?If you or someone you know has experienced an incident of sexual abuse by clergy,employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, please contact law enforcementand the Office for the Protection of Children and Young People.The office maintains a special phone for these situations:516-594-9063.“Do not be afraid to aim for holiness and turn yourselves over to the love of God.Holiness does not mean performing extraordinary things but carrying out dailythings in an extraordinary way – that is, with love, joy and faith.” - Pope Francis atthe weekly General Audience on October 2, 2013.

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