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lab report format

CHEM 211-2007Experiment 3How is theBoiling Point of a50:50 Mixture of2 Liquids Relatedto the Boiling Points of thePure Liquids?Laboratory Report: (See Lab Manual Part III. pp. 23-24)Title Page: (See Lab Manual Part III. p. 23)The Questions of the Day for Week 1 & Week 2: (See Lab Manual Part III. p. 23)Summary of Results: (See Lab Manual Part III. p. 24)Data only: Tables, diagrams and/or plots, with no text.Include your group’s plots of vapor temperature vs. volume of distillate collected and a tableof the group’s results on the composition of distillation fractions (GC and n D ). (See Figure 1:Model Data table.) Plots and tables should be designated Figure 1, Table 1, etc. and havedescriptive titles. Your data presentation should be designed to be conveniently cited andorganized to support the arguments in your Discussion and Conclusions section.StudentTom TsuFractionNumberAve.BP˚C1 82.12 117.53 155.1ComponentCompounds% compGC% compn D2-butanone 93.2 95.51-hexanol 6.8 4.52-butanone 42.61-hexanol 57.42-butanone 4.7 5.21-hexanol 95.3 94.8BPdifference˚C76.9Sue OhanianEtc.1 37.42 117.53 129.1Pentane 95.3 94.71-Bromopentane 4.7 5.3Pentane 44.71-Bromopentane 55.3Pentane 3.2 5.11-Bromopentane 96.8 94.993.9

CHEM 211 Experiment 3 2 Boiling Points of MixturesDiscussion and Conclusions: (See Lab Manual Part III. p. 24)Use your results to develop answers to the Questions of the Day. You should focus yourarguments on:• QOD Week 1: The effect of pure component boiling point differences on the shape of thevapor temperature vs. distillate volume curve for the distillation of the mixture.• QOD Week 2: The boiling point as an indication of the composition of a distillationfraction.Also consider the quality of the data your confidence in your conclusions:• The agreement of GC and n D analyses of the composition of liquid mixtures.Support your conclusions with specific citations of the data presented in your Summary ofResults section.Appendix: (See Lab Manual Part III. p. 24)Include all items in the Experiment 3 section of your Data Binder.Laboratory Report Due Date:Your lab report for Expt. 3 is due in your lab period during the week of October 2 - 5. (See LabManual Part I p. 4.)

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