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Analyzing the SM environmentBy Shinta P

Research methods:a. opinion leader surveysb. Media content analysisc. Public opinion surveysd. analysis of legislative trends


a. Choose a campaign focusb. Identify campaign purposec. Conduct SWOT analysisd. Reviewing past and similar efforts

Choose a campaign focus

steps:I. Identify potential approaches, criteria:a.Behavior change potentialIs there clear behavior that can be promoted toaddress the issue?Offering enhanced counselling services forpregnant teens doesn’t have the same potentialthat “safe sex” or “abstinence” focus would have

. Market demandHow many people would benefit frombehavior change campaign with this focus?The number of youth that would potentiallybenefit from mentoring campaign thatfocuses on volunteers for youth t risk is notas great as one focusing on encouragingall parents to identify and support other caring adult relationship in their children’s life

Market supplyIs this issue already being addressed by otherorganisations and campaigns?Orgasanitional matchIs it good match for the sponsoring organisations?Is it consistent with its mission and culture?

Funding sourcesWhat approach has the greatest fundingpotential?

Identifying potential approaches for campaignfocus----(group discussion)Social issuespotential approaches for focus

Identifying potential approaches for campaignfocusSocial issuespotential approaches for focusUnintended pregnancies • birth control• talking to your child about sex• abstinence• sexual assault prevention• abortion counselling

Identifying potential approaches for campaignfocusSocial issuespotential approaches for focusDrinking and driving• underage drinking and driving• designated drivers• promoting new tougher laws(80% vs 20% alcohol limit)• military personnel

Identifying potential approaches for campaignfocusSocial issuespotential approaches for focusair pollution• carpooling• mass transit• walking to work• gas lawn mowers• not topping off gas tanks

Identify campaign purpose

• aN objective in a SM campaign is what we wantour target audience “to do”-- the ultimateimpact (benefit) of adopting the behavior totarget audience• Is important for motivating project participants, aswell as appealing to potential funders. The purposeof the campaign is broad statement describing theultimate impact of succesfull

Campaign purpose and objective(group discussion)Social issuesCampaign purpose(potential impact)Campaignobjective (desiredbehavior)

Campaign purpose and objectiveSocial issuesUnintendedpregnanciesDrinking and drivingair pollutionCampaign purpose(potential impact)Reduced teenpregnanciesReduced injured fromunderage drinkingand drivingReduced volatileorganic compound inthe athmospherecaused by gasspilageCampaignobjective (desiredbehavior)ChooseabstinenceTeens: don’t haveeven one drinkand driveUsing masstransportation fordaily activity

SWOT analysis

Explore the internal and externalenvironment to identify factors thatrepresent Strength to maximize,Weaknesses to minimize,Opportunities to capture, Threat toprepare for in our plan

Some key questions:• what trends, changes, or overlooked need inprograms SM environment offer change for theprogram to attain its objectives more effectively?• what situations, barriers appear to be potentiallydamaging or problematic to the program attainmentof its objectives?

• what resources or capabilities of the SMprogram can take advantage of identifiedopportunities in the environment or can beused effectively to achieve the SMobjectives?•What aspect of marketing program ororganization’s weaknesses or limitationsmake it particularly vulnerable to theidentified environment threats or keep itfrom achieving the SM objectives?

Reviewing past and similar efforts

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