Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday ...

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Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday ...

ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong>ong>heldong> on Wednesday, January 20 th , 2010, 10:00 hrs.at Amarin Boardroom, JW Marriott Hotel BangkokPresent:Mr. Luzi A. MatzigMr. Kusa PanyarachunMr. Bert Van WalbeekMr. Danai WansomMr. Bob JamesMr. James ReedMr. Blair SpeersMs. Chanida MumanachitMs. Ben MontgomeryMrs. Joan SarasinAbsent:M.L. Hathaijanok KritakaraMr. Nino E. JotikasthiraMr. Vincent TabuteauMr. Ken ScottMr. Danny McCaffertyMr. Ashley MonteiroMr. Pichai ChunganuwadMr. Jamlong RatanapanMs. Ornuma TisapramotekulMs. Paveena NiemwongseMs. Rochana MaiyarojMs. Patsupa LelanapaparnMr. Chalongchai HiranyalekhaMs. Supaporn ChinpasnanMr. Apichai SakulsureeyadejChairman, ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> & Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>Vice Chairman & Hon. TreasurerCo-Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong>Chairman, Industry Development ong>Committeeong>Co-Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>Representative Khun Jamlong RatanaphanDirector, PATA Chapters, PATA HQSecretariatHon. Secretary & Chairman, Programme ong>Committeeong>Chairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>Chairman, Green Projects ong>Committeeong>Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>ong>Committeeong>Associate Director – Membership Services, PATA HQManager – Communications, PATA HQManager – Membership Service, PATA HQAssistant Director – The Americas Market Division, TATDirector, Sales Management, THAIConvention/Incentive Sales Promotion, THAIAdvisor, TTCLuzi Matzig, Chairman, ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> & Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>, opened ong>theong> meeting at 1020hrs.1. ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong> ong>heldong> on December 8 th , 2009The following amendment was made to ong>theong> ong>Minutesong> –Additional Database for Members –Ben informed ong>theong> meeting she will now send all our mailings to ong>theong> PATA database.

22. ong>Committeeong> ReportsMembership ong>Committeeong>In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Nino Jotikasthira, Chairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>, Joan reported on ong>theong> followingmemberships –Cancelled Members1. Aprime Hotels & Resorts2. Pacific Leisure Ltd. – ong>theong> meeting requested Joan to contact Alwin Zecha, ong>theong> owner, to inquire on ong>theong>reason for this cancellation.New Members1. Silk Road Design – approved2. Fair House Villas & Spa – approvedNew Category ong>ofong> Membership on ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> –The ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> proposed that ong>theong> Incoming ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> should add a new position on ong>theong>ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> for Acadamics & Tourism Students. The meeting had proposed that we issue an invitation toProng>ofong>. Suttichai Jitapunkul ong>ofong> Chulalongkorn University. There was also a suggestion that this category ong>ofong>membership will have ong>theong>ir registration fee ong>ofong> Baht 1,000 waived.The meeting requested ong>theong> PATA Secretariat to check ong>theong> list ong>ofong> Thailand Chapter members who are members ong>ofong>PATA HQ. Bert proposed that we should work towards ensuring that every PATA member will in ong>theong> future alsobe a Thailand Chapter member.Marketing ong>Committeeong>Annual General ong>Meetingong> & Elections Luncheon ong>Meetingong>, January 20 th , 2010Luzi Matzig, Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>, reported that Mr. Alexander Rayner has been invited to be ourguest speaker for ong>theong> AGM & Elections Luncheon ong>Meetingong> and his presentation will be on “Creating CompetitiveAdvantage with etourism”.Luzi reported that ong>theong> arrangements for ong>theong> AGM & Election are well in hand. Joan was appointed to be ong>theong>Elections Chairman and she will request for candidates to be proposed from ong>theong> floor. However, ong>theong>y must bepresent to run for ong>ofong>fice.The meeting proposed Duncan Jamieson, Oasis Inn Bangkok Hotel, as ong>theong> 4 th candidate for ong>theong> Hotel category. TheOasis Inn Bangkok Hotel is not a member ong>ofong> PATA but Duncan Jamieson has been an active member for manyyears as well as serving many terms ong>ofong> ong>ofong>fice on ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong>.Asian PATA ChaptersBen proposed to ong>theong> Incoming Marketing ong>Committeeong> to work with ong>theong> Asian Chapters – India, Singapore,Malaysia, Korea and Japan.

3PATA Vietnam Chapter Fam Trip to Thailand, June 1 st -6 th , 2010 before ong>theong> Thailand Travel Mart (TTM)The meeting requested Luzi to inform ong>theong> Vietnam Chapter that TAT already ong>ofong>fers complimentary Pre/Post Toursfor all Buyers attending TTM so ong>theong>ir request for a Fam Trip at this time would only compete with ong>theong> TATprogramme. However, ong>theong> meeting proposed as in ong>theong> past that ong>theong> Incoming Marketing ong>Committeeong> could organisea luncheon meeting with a prominent guest speaker and to invite all TTM participants at ong>theong> TTM venue and ong>theong>Vietnam Chapter will be our guests.Khun Chanida Mumanachit, TAT, requested that a request should be submitted by ong>theong> Thailand Chapter for thisluncheon meeting to be included in ong>theong> ong>ofong>ficial programme ong>ofong> TTM.PATA WebsiteBert requested that ong>theong> PATA Website should be updated and all old programmes, minutes, newsletters andinformation should be removed.Blair informed that meeting that his company is working on improving ong>theong> PATA Website. However, he requestedthat we should finalise ong>theong> protocol for ong>theong> management ong>ofong> ong>theong> website in order to provide his company withdirections. This will be discussed at ong>theong> 1 st ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> Incoming ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong>.Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that ong>theong> banners and buttons in ong>theong> website will expire in March so ong>theong> PATA Secretariatwill send out a renewal form.Education ong>Committeeong>SOTA International Conference, February 17 th , 2010Bert reported to ong>theong> meeting on ong>theong> SOTA International Conference which was planned for February 17 th , 2010.However, now that ATTA has withdrawn as one ong>ofong> ong>theong> organisers for this conference but has ong>ofong>fered that ong>theong>organisers, CAT & ACE, make a presentation to ong>theong> ATTA members at ong>theong>ir luncheon meeting on February 25 th ,Bert recommended that it will no longer be ong>ofong> interest for ong>theong> Thailand Chapter to organise this event.Bert proposed ong>theong> Incoming Education ong>Committeeong> should plan to work with ong>theong> educational institutions in line withong>theong> Membership ong>Committeeong> which will propose a new membership category – Academics & Tourism Students.These programmes are ong>theong> following –1. An Internship Programme2. Job FairIndustry Development ong>Committeeong>Danai Wansom, Chairman, Industry Development ong>Committeeong>, proposed we organise a courtesy visit to ong>theong> newTAT Governor, Suraphon Svetasreni. The PATA secretariat will get some dates from TAT for this ong>ofong>ficialmeeting.

4The PATA Secretariat will get an ong>ofong>ficial response to our invitation to ong>theong> TAT Governor to serve as ong>theong> HonoraryAdvisor ong>ofong> ong>theong> Thailand Chapter.Danai proposed to PATA that ong>theong> smaller local hotels are all potential members but it will be important for ong>theong>registration fee to be reduced for ong>theong>se local hotels.The meeting noted that many ong>ofong> ong>theong> chain hotels are no longer members ong>ofong> ong>theong> Thailand Chapter. Jim ong>ofong>fered todiscuss this at a meeting he will attend with Starwood to check why ong>theong>ir hotel properties are not members ong>ofong> bothong>theong> Thailand Chapter and PATA HQ.Financial ReportIn ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Khun Kusa Panyarachun who joined ong>theong> meeting later on, Luzi reviewed ong>theong> Financial Report for2009.The meeting requested ong>theong> PATA Secretariat to amend this report and to show ong>theong> accrued income and expenditureso that we report ong>theong> correct deficit ong>ofong> Baht 190,510.75 for 2009.Khun Kusa informed ong>theong> meeting upon joining ong>theong> meeting that ong>theong>re was a deficit in 2009 so in order to ensure thatong>theong> Thailand Chapter has funds to operate in ong>theong> future we will have to be careful with our funds as well asensuring that programmes to be organized in 2010 earn some income.Green Projects ong>Committeeong>The meeting noted that Vincent is not available to attend ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong>s so ong>theong> Incoming ong>Executiveong>ong>Committeeong> will find a replacement Chairman.Ben proposed Khun Promvit Klampaiboon from Hostelling International who is very active in Ecotourism.P.R. ong>Committeeong>In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Ken Scott, Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>, Joan reported that ong>theong> 1 st e-Newsletter will be issued inFebruary.The meeting decided that ong>theong> Incoming ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> will meet at World Travel Service on February 17 th ,2010, in order to elect ong>theong> members ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong>. At that time, ong>theong> Action Plans for eachong>Committeeong> will be discussed.The meeting adjourned at 1215 hrs.

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