Phase 2
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Phase 2

El Paso County Public Services DepartmentWednesday, February 20, 2013André P. Brackin P.E., County Engineer

• Black Forest Rd/Burgess Rd Intersection• Scope: add turn lanes; upgrade traffic signal;improve vertical alignment; improve drainage• Schedule: Early April to end of June 2013 (60working day contract)• Cost: $1.5M (Road & Bridge and PPRTAMaintenance)Upcoming Construction• Constitution Ave/Peterson Rd Intersection• Phase 1: Completed Fall 2012• Phase 2: (Feb. 19 – Mar. 01)• Erect new signal poles, signals, and controller• Remove existing span wire installation• Cost: $339,900 (PPRTA maintenance)Constitution/Peterson: Phase 1 Complete• South Academy Blvd Bicycle & Pedestrian Trail• 3260 lf 10’ concrete multimodal trail• Construction bid $197,972 (80% federal / 20%local)• Anticipate award – early March (award pendingCDOT approval of funding letter)• Construction: mid March to mid May (45 workingday contract)South Academy Pedestrian & Bicycle Project

County Line Road Project• Scope: Safety Improvements• Adding shoulders and turn lanes• Drainage improvements• Revisions to vertical & horizontal alignment• 10’ Lowering road west of Furrow• Realign & widen Furrow Rd intersection• Soften horizontal curve near Ray Drive• Budget Status• Estimated Project Cost = $7,000,000• Current PPRTA budget = $5,223,849• Schedule• Design complete/IFB being finalized• RFP for Construction Management being finalized• Property Acquisition commencing• 14 properties – 7 in EPC, 7 in Douglas County• Anticipate NOI letters will start going out this monthCounty Line at Furrow Rd

• Schedule Status (continued)County Line Road Project• Final utility coordination underway (MVEA, Black Hills, Century Link, WoodmoorWater & Sanitation)• Roadway lowering in vicinity of Furrow has significant impact on utilitiesRoadway Lowering• Target Schedule:• Property Acquisition – Feb thru June (5 critical properties to get started)• RFP for CM Services – advertise in March• IFB – advertise in April• Construction – June thru November (work needs to be coordinated with utilityrelocation & may impact ability to complete all improvements in 2012)

Hodgen Road Project – Phase 2• Scope: provide safety improvements from Bar X Road to East Goshawk Road & atthe Meridian Road / Hodgen Road intersection:• Correct sight distance deficiencies & reduce conflict points• Improve slopes adjacent to roadway & add auxiliary turn lanes• Provide adequate shoulders & improve drainage facilities•Schedule:• Winter 2013 – complete property acquisition• February/March 2013 – clearing & grading for utility relocation• May to October 2013 – asphalt removal, grading, base, asphalt paving• Project completed – November / December 2013• Phase 2 construction cost: $5M• Estimated overall cost: $7.8M

Marksheffel (South) Road Project• PPRTA Board approved $3.5 million line ItemTransfer to Hodgen Rd Project• Recommended improvements, based on modelingand safety/operational analysis of corridor• Provide 4 lane capacity between US 24 andPeterson AFB east gate• Provide a continuous turn lane (3 lane section)between Fontaine & future Mesa Ridgeconnection• Two lane capacity for balance of corridor• Provide shoulders & auxiliary turn lanes atintersections• Provide permanent mast arm signal atFontaine• Revise horizontal alignment in several areas• North side of Drennan Rd intersection• Sharp curve north of Peaceful RidgeDrive (between Fontaine and Drennan)• Sharp curve between Peaceful Valley Rdand Link Rd• Estimated cost = $20.4 million

Marksheffel (South) Road Project•Estimated Cost of Improvements by Segment(Millions)• US 24 to SH 94 $3.378• SH 94 to (North leg) Space Village Ave $1.092• South Leg Space Village to PAFB Gate $2.863(New East Gate)• PAFB Gate to Drennan $6.835• Drennan thru ex. 4 lane section ($0.200)(Maintenance Overlay)• Ex 4 lane section to Fontaine $2.660• Fontaine Blvd to Future Mesa Ridge $3.242• Future Mesa Ridge to Link $0.743• Total for Corridor $20.813Board used at Peaceful Valley HOA Mtg. – 2/9/2013• Project estimated as one project $20.512(due to better earthwork balanceopportunities)• Probable cost estimated = $20 Million

PPRTA Capital Program (2004-2014)PPRTA Capital Program - El Paso County Status/Budget Update - February 2013Ongoing and Remaining ProjectsProjectStatusConstructionStartCurrent ProjectBudgetProjected ProjectCostDelta Surplus/(Deficit)**Marksheffel - SouthCorridorplanning/preliminarydesign 2014 31,759,762 20,000,000 11,759,762Baptist Rd - West Preliminary design 2013 4,166,456 7,500,000 (3,333,544)County Line Rd Final design 2013 5,223,849 7,000,000 (1,776,151)Meridian (Ph 1 complete - Ph 2 underway) Under construction 2012 8,113,409 7,765,000 348,409**Hodgen (Ph 1 complete - Ph 2 underway) Final design 2013 16,665,180 20,155,000 (3,489,820)Meridian Rd - South - Falcon to US 24 Preliminary design 2014 544,729 544,729 0Stapleton - US 24 to Curtis Preliminary design 2014 1,724,215 5,200,000 (3,475,785)Marksheffel - North Completed 2010 19,195,959 19,131,959 64,000Net surplus/deficit 96,871**February 2013: PPRTA approved $3.5 million line item transfer from Marksheffel (South) to Hodgen Rd project• Similar Line Item transfers may be required for other unfunded projects

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