From the inner world to the outer world
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From the inner world to the outer world

From the innerworld to the outerworldSocial competence and Psychomotricity

Teachers• Paula Melo Lebre, PE, PHD.o Teacher at FMHoResearcher at Health PromotionCenter CMDT• Hans Knegtering, MD, MSc.oFormer teacher WindesheimoWorking in private practice

• MondayoooProgramGeneral introduction (all group) (30 min)Workshop 1 (2h.30min) / Workshop 2 (2h.30min)Workshop 2 (2h.30min) / Workshop1 (2h.30min)• TuesdayoCase Studies 1 psychosomatics (1h.30min) / Case studies 2 psychosis(1h.30min)o Case Studies 2 (1h.30min) / Case studies 1 (1h.30min) (ooGeneral remarks (all group) (45 min)• What have you learned?• Methodological considerations• Theoretical considerationsStudent’s Project Preparation (2h)


A brain to connect

Compare O. Glas• Impression vs expression• Sensory vs motoric• Self vs other

• Awareness• Selfconsciousness• MeaningInnerworld

Theoretical FrameworkIntegrative Movement Therapy• Founder: Hilarion Petzold, Germany• Roots:o French fenomenology, (Merleau-Ponty)o Gestalttherapy (Perls)o Psychodrama (Moreno)o Psychoanalyses (Ferenczi)o Behaviour therapy• Brancheso Austria, Swiss, former Yougaslavia, Norway, Netherlands

Core concepts of IBT• Correspondenceo Human evolution and ecologyo Systemtheory: regulation and selforganisation• Consciousnesso Several levels between principally not-consciousand very clear consiousness• Anthropologyo Body-soul-mindo Informed bodyo Lifespan developmental approachHans KnegteringWindesheim9

Correspondence• Correspondence is a synergetic proces of directand total treatment and dialogue betweensubjects on the level of body, feeling and thoughtabout objects of theme‘s in connection to theactual context and continuum.o “Ko-respondenz is ein synergetischer Prozes direkter undganzheitlicher Begegnung und Auseinandersetzung zwischenSubjekten auf der Leib, Gefühls und Vernunftsebene überSachverhalte oder Themen unter einbeziehung der jeweiligenKontext/KontinuumIn therapy correspondence is found as intersubjectivityHans KnegteringWindesheim10

Attention, awareness, consciousnessHans KnegteringWindesheimBack11

The brain senses:Brain Sensory Areas

You need a brain to beattentive

The inner world bottomup• Impulse to act• Emotion• Affect• Fysical feeling

Attention to differentiate

Vital body-subjectBody- subject (Leib-subject)• the body I am versus the body I have; (Leib/Körper)• social body, intentional body (man is ‘ab ovo’ asocial being, needing interaction to developidentity)Aspects:• perceptive• expressive• memorative, “informed body"

Man as body-soul-mindbeing in context andcontinuumHumanity

Workshop 1Exploring the innerworld

Social competence

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