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FIELDMicroenterprise Fund For Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning andDisseminationPainting (aMicroenterprise Story)by Numbers: A Look atClient DataMay 2008© The Aspen Institute1

Programs contributing data…2

Setting the StageOver 12 Thousand ClientsAlmost 3 Thousand Loans©The Aspen Institute 3

Setting the StageIn PovertyWorking Poor(150% HHS)23%41%60% women70% persons of color, ethnic or otherminorities©The Aspen Institute 4

56%Program Characteristics44%RuralUrbanMetro Urban/RuralStatewide11% 11%33%Credit-LedTraining-Led45%5

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in theright direction.”Pre and Post DataSnapshot Data©The Aspen Institute 6

140001200010000800012683Survey Process6000400020000Clients Served in20053484Clients in Sample1758Clients Interviewed©The Aspen Institute 7

ScorecardBusiness Status-- SurvivabilityBusiness RevenueFT/PT Employment for othersOwner’s DrawPoverty Status8

Business CreationSurveyIntake9

Business Revenue½ of businessrevenue at surveyrepresented growthin revenues forexisting businesses10

Employment Growth11

Aggregate wages valued at$22 million12

Business Status at IntakeUnknownTime10%Part-Time11%Full-Time24%Pre-Business55%13

What were clients looking to achieve?Clients’ highest priority for assistancewas…Early-stage business assistanceStabilizing and improving an existing businessSignificantly growing an existing businessImmediate or threatening problemOtherN=167346%32%10%5%7%14

How many aspiring entrepreneurs startedbusinesses?57% of prebusinessclientsstartedbusinessesNot in Business43%Part-TimeBusiness25%Full-TimeBusiness32%15

Revenues of New Businesses: Full andPart-time50454035302520151050$0 - $1.9K $2.0K - $5.9K $6.0K -$11.9K$12K -$20.9K$21.0K -$31.9K$32.0K -$49.9K$50.0K -$75.4K$75.5K -$125.4K$125.5K -$271.9K$272K +Part- TimeFull- Time16

What happens to those that did not start businesses?17

What are clients with Part-Time Businesses atIntake Achieving?• 11% of clients served• 46% are first year businessesParttime• 69% are working in addition to theirbusiness, usually full-time18

Change in Business StatusFull-timebusiness32%Out ofbusiness14%Part-timebusiness54%19

$45,000Change in Median Revenues, Part-Time atIntake$40,000$35,000$30,000$25,000$20,000$15,000$10,000$5,000$-Part-timeFull-time20

Change in Contribution to Household Income– Part-time Businesses Only• Owners Draw– Median = $0– Mean = $3,800• 67% working wage jobs in addition tobusiness– Median wage $16/hour ($32,000 annualized)21

What happens to those working Full-time attheir business at intake?• 22% incidence ofwage work inaddition tobusiness at intake• 45% contributionof draw to HHincome at intakeFulltime22

Status of Full-time Business at SurveyOut of business11%Full-timebusiness72%Part-timebusiness17%23

How did their business revenue change?MeanMedianMinimumMaximumN$101,403$11,668($241,764)$4,121,975202IncreaseDecreaseNo change67%33%0%13566124

Money back to Business OwnersBusiness Owners- Draw$0 inDraw,31% DrawGreaterthan $0,69%Average$23,274Median$18,00025

Moving out of PovertyNet reduction of 35%26

In Summary• Businesses ↑--for every onebefore, there are 1.5 now• Employment ↑--for every onebefore, there are 2.7 now• Revenues ↑+234% - existing andnew businesses• Owners’ Draw—+191% - existingand new businesses↑• Poverty ↓-35%27

More Findings Available On:• outcomes by sector• outcomes by business age• variation in program performance– ranges– top performance– differences based on mission and services• savings and insurance28

FIELDMicroenterprise Fund ForInnovation, Effectiveness, Learningand DisseminationFIELDThe Aspen InstituteOne Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 700Washington, D.C. 20036(202) 736-1071E-mail: fieldus@aspeninst.org

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