TROJAN UPDATE - Tucson Unified School District
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TROJAN UPDATE - Tucson Unified School District

More than 50 students fromMs. Gould’s English for the 21stCentury Workplace classesmeet with real Tucson employersduring mock job interviews.Full story on page 3.TROJAN UPDATEMarch, 2012 Volume II No. 3 SubediJoseph LeonidasMarina CervantesKhagendra SubediIn This IssueMeet the English Dept.HOSA Visits Cadaver LabAuditorium/Little Theater GrandRe-OpeningSkillsUSA CompetitionSeniors Accepted into CollegesWhy Does Mr. Berry LookWorried?Catalina Magnet High School 3645 E. Pima Tucson, AZ 232-8400 Fax 232-8401

Dear Catalina Families and Community:Pasted below is an excerpt from the message I email to our staff at the beginning of every week:For students who are failing any class, what do you consider to be the chief reason(s) for their poor performance?What do you know about each of those students and why they struggle in that class?What might help each of those students to be more successful?Have you been in contact with their parents?Are all students taking advantage of their ability to retake summative assessments(major assignments where students demonstrate mastery of standards) they fail thefirst time they take them? If not, why aren’t they?Principal Rex ScottIf any failing student has an IEP or 504 plan, are all required accommodations beingused? Have you been in touch with the IEP case manager to seek assistance and support, including help withmodifying assignments?If any failing student is an ELL (or reclassified ELL), have you spoken with personnel in that department to seektheir assistance and support?My point in sharing this information is to provide some indication of how we are trying to take into account theindividual needs and concerns of each of our students. We know as educators that a “one size fits all” approachto teaching and learning will always fail to assist certain students. As we consider our two overarching goals atCatalina (to reduce student failures and to improve the quality of instruction in every classroom), we know thatwe must treat each student as a unique and precious individual.There are similar questions that parents can ask themselves as they fulfill their role in their child’s education:Are you ensuring that your child is in school every day, knowing that students with the worst attendance recordsalways have the lowest grades?Are you talking to your child frequently about what is going on in each of their classes?Do you require your child to read, and/or to work on class assignments every night?Do you check your student’s grades on TUSD Stats on a regular basis?Are you contacting teachers when you have questions, or concerns?Working together, we will reach the day when we see our children realize all their dreams and goals.Quality schooling is the result of a partnership between the school and home. We ask ourselves everyday how we can do our jobs as educators with more skill and care, but we also rely on parents to do theirparts so that each Catalina student can have the best possible experience during their high school years.Sincerely,Rex ScottPrincipalTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 2

LEARN Center Holds Mock Job InterviewsThe LEARN Center held its annual Mock Job Interviews on February 10th in our school library. Morethan fifty seniors and juniors in Marge Gould’s English for the 21 st Century Workplace classes preparedfor the interviews by compiling Employability Skills Portfolios with letters of introduction, resumes, 21stcentury skills profiles, samples of their writing, letters of recommendation, certificates and awards, andother documents. Mr. Mark Hanna and Mr Jim Harvey, who interviewed thousands of applicants duringtheir careers presented lessons for our students on how to answer questions, appropriate interviewattire, and body language during an interviewMs. Gould also invited ten students from the Aviation program atCatalina to participate in the interviews since three of the participatingemployers had connections to aviation. Seniors interviewed with twoemployers; juniors interviewed with one.Over 40 interviewers from the following employers participated in theinterviews: IBM, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, the law firm of Mesch,Clark, & Rothschild, Jim Click Automotive, Texas Instruments, NationalWright Realty, Tucson Federal Credit Union, U.S. Forest Service, aforest fire-fighter from Coronado National Forest, Vantage West CreditUnion, T.U.S.D., the University of Arizona’s Credit-Wise Cats, a photojournalistfrom the Arizona Daily Star, Law Enforcement officers, aprobation officer, Holly Dominguez, Dr. Robert Hawke (dentist), aretired C.E.O. of three large companies who is also a geologist, ourschool nurse, Cynthia Wood, our social worker, Kathy Lortie, one of ourteachers, Renee Donovan, and our Principal, Rex Scott.Marge Gould,English for the 21st CenturyWorkplace TeacherThe boys, in their suits, shirts and ties, and slacks and the girls in their skirts or slacks with business-liketops, all carrying their portfolios, looked like young professionals. They received evaluation forms withscores for five criteria and with feedback from the interviewers. All but a handful of students receivedexcellent or very good scores, and it was a great learning experience for all.Several interviewers offered to answer any questions students have about in the upcoming monthsabout the careers they plan to pursue. Future registered nurses Angela Valdez, Esmeralda Rodriguez, andKrishna Subedi are very appreciative of our school nurse, Cynthia Wood for this offer. Future dentistsAldo Ortega and Sumitra Timsina and are looking forward to visiting Dr. Robert Hawke’s dental office.Zeljka Klipic, future geologist, is waiting to hear from one of her interviewers who was so impressed byher that he is investigating the possibility of getting her a summer internship at the College of Engineeringat the University of Arizona.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 3

Flag Half Staff ProtocolThis article contains information regarding rationale when the flag is put at half staff.How long should the flag be at half staff?· 30 days after the death of a president or former president.· 10 days after the death of a vice president, chief justice or a retired chief justice, or speaker of theHouse of Representatives.· Until the burial of an associate justice of the Supreme Court, secretaryof a military department, a former vice president, or the governor of astate, territory, or possession.· On the day of and the day after the death of a member of Congress.· On Memorial Day. The flag is flown at half-staff until noon, and thenraised to full staff until sundown.When are other citizens honored by lowering the flag to half staff?· Only the President of the United States or the governor of the state mayorder the flag to be at half staff to honor the death of a national or statefigure.LtCol. (Ret.), USAF,Robert MaldonadoCatalina AFJROTC· The flag may be lowered to half staff to honor citizens who have diedsuch as government officials and prominent citizens. This group caninclude: local religious leaders, youth leaders, honored teachers, sports coaches, local politiciansor a local hero.· There need be no authorization from the government for the private sector (non-government) touse the Flag to honor any citizen.· The Flag Code is a code, not a law and is intended to provide guidance and is not obligatory. Itcarries no civil or criminal penalties for “misuse”. Only on government/public buildings is the flagcode required to be followed.ASL Students Use Tumblr.comDuring the last month, students have been using to create“ASL Share” pages with video of themselves signing stories inAmerican Sign Language. Students then practice evaluating eachothers’ stories using a rubric and giving constructive feedback viacomments on the tumblr pages. If you would like to see studentwork, I reblog their posts to my page at are working on getting other ASL programs and deaf students involved by inviting them to start ASLShare pages and posting their stories. We would like to see it culminate in a mini “Language Fair,” withcategories of poetry, drama and non-competitive entertainment to be judged according to rubrics and/orgiven constructive feedback and praise via students and teachers involved.I’ve been able to get this project going thanks to the generous grants for electronic equipment, includingcomputers and webcams, through the Catalina Foundation and the Educational Enrichment Foundation.- Natasha Escalada-Westland, ASL teacherTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 5

HOSA Students Visit Cadaver Labs in MesaStudents enrolled in Patient Care Technologyand Sports Medicine courses spent MondayMarch 6th at A.T. Still University in Mesa,immersed in human anatomy. In celebrationof National Athletic Training Month, graduateand doctoral students in athletic training,physical therapy and occupational therapyconducted a special seminar for TUSD highschool students.Students rotated amongst stations that coveredskeletal anatomy, muscular anatomy,the nervous system, organs and their specificfunctions. Students viewed human cadaversand had the opportunity to get hands-onwith their learning. Skeletons, plastinationmodels, and video were used as teaching tools as well. In addition, students learned about the variouscareers in health care from the A.T. Still students.The field trip provides a unique experience that most high school age students will never see. Eventhough students had to be in Mesa by 8 a.m., the trip was able to solidify careers in health care for manyCatalina attendees. “This can be a make or break experience for students interested in health care. Manystudents set out for a career as a doctor and find out in college that it might not be for them; they cannothandle human anatomy and cadaver work. This trip is a means of educating students and they either realizethey have a passion for hands-on health care or that maybe they should look at non-invasive healthcare professions,” said instructor Michelle Gonzalez.Senior Josh Pratt agrees. “It was great because we were able to view and touch the different muscles andstructures. It shows us visually what we have been learning in class.”- Michelle Gonzalez, HOSA sponsor and Sports Med. teacherTitle I RTI Classes Offer Extra Student SupportTitle I is in its second semester at Catalina. This year we were able to offer extra support to our studentsthrough a Response to Intervention math class and a reading class that were both funded by Title I. Inaddition, Catalina was able to hire tutors to work in the math and English classrooms with students whoneeded a little extra help. We recently decided, as a faculty, to expand our Title I program from being atargeted program that limits which students are eligible for services to becoming a school-wide programnext year. The advantage of doing this gives us more flexibility in how we use the Title I funds and allowsus to reach a lot more students. Catalina will hold a meeting for parents in late April or early May, if youwould like more information.- Cheryl Beran, Reading SpecialistTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 6

Kasper Honored by TUSDGoverning BoardCatalina is proud to announce that teacher and English Language Developmentco-chair Julie Kasper was recently honored by the TUSD Governing Board foran incredible achievement. After a grueling, year-long set of assessments, Ms.Kasper is now a National Board Certified Teacher, the only teacher at Catalinato reach this level of nationally-recognized level of expertise and one of only ahandful in the entire Tucson Unified School District.Julie Kasper“This distinction just reenforces what all of us at Catalina have known for a longtime,” said Assistant Principal David Berry. “Julie Kasper is the epitome of instructionalexcellence, and her passion for her students and her work is inspiring to all of us!” Congratulations,Ms. Kasper!Booster Club ScholarshipAll athletes are eligible to apply for a $500 college scholarship from the Booster Club. The scholarshipapplication is available in the Counseling Office. It is a simple application to fill out. In addition to theapplication, athletes need a letter of recommendation from a coach who can highlight the athlete’s extracurricularactivities in sports. They also need to attach a resume highlighting their goals for college andlife. They should tell how they chose their goals and give examples of academic choices, clubs, activities,volunteer work and or internships they have been involved in. The Booster Club chooses one female athleteand one male athlete. Apply by April 25, 2012.Catalina Clothing BankHere at Catalina we have a very busy, active clothing bank and everyone is welcome to visit for anyone intheir families. We get a good supply of donations and the Link Crew just did a clothes and shoe drive torefill the shelves and racks. It takes a lot of time and organizational skills to keep the clothing bank readyfor visitors and just in the nick of time we have had two new volunteers come to our aid. One of them isa professional organizer and the other is one of our wonderful parents!! We could not offer the serviceof a clothing bank without the help of volunteers that freely give of their time and talents. A big CatalinaTHANK YOU to Anne Salzbrenner and Kim Peterson.Everyday we have students that might need something from the clothing bank and it is not unusual tohave three or four families drop by in a day. Many of our refugee families have come for a visit and it is sonice to be able to offer them anything they would like for their families and homes. We might not speak allthe different languages but they can tell by the welcome and generosity of everyone involved that comingto Catalina is a good thing and they can come to us for support. If you have any donations in good shapeyou are always welcome to bring them to the my office. We are always looking for hygiene items, socks,blankets, shoes, and small household items.Thank you to everyone that has supported the clothing bank and especially the miracle of volunteers andprofessional organizers. Thank you to Connie Lawson and the Link Crew. They are another wonderfulgroup of students and leaders here at Catalina that are learning the life long concept of community service.- Susan Curtis, Dropout Prevention SpecialistTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 7

2011-2012 Future BusinessLeaders of America (FBLA) andLink CrewFBLA and Link Crew have once again started the year off with a bang.We have been busy working on more of our community service projects.In February, we collected clothing and shoes through our Fill-a-Closet program. As always, our Catalina family came through in a hugeway. We collected over 25 bags of clothing to help fill up Catalina’s ownclothing bank. Ms. Curtis, who is in charge of our bank, said our clothingcloset is now very full.FBLA and Link Crew have also started helping Ms. Curtis divide up thebig bags of bread that she receives on Mondays, into smaller bags. Theythen help deliver to Catalina staff and students. Ms. Curtis said withoutthe students’ help, it would take her a half day to complete what nowcan be accomplished in one class period.Connie LawsonFBLA AdvisorLink Crew TeacherFBLA and Link Crew are continuing to deliver lessons in the freshmen Success classes. They will be presentingtheir last lesson in April, so it is going to be a bitter-sweet time for many of them, especially theseniors.Mr. Diffin’s Chemistry Classes Set Stuff on FireIn Mr. Diffin’s chemistryclass students are investigatingthe caloric contentof peanuts, cashews, andalmonds with calorimeters.As you can see in the photo,the energy of each nutis released into a can ofwater above. The studentsthen used the specific heatformula to calculate theamount of calories (storedin the food as potentialenergy) that were transferredinto the water.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 8

Fine Arts Dept. Celebrates Grand Re-Opening ofAuditorium and Little TheaterOn January 29, the much anticipated and eagerly-awaitedrenovated Auditorium and Little Theater showcased the extensivetalents of our performing arts students with an afternoon of wonderfulperformances. Our “Curtains Up!” celebration included performancesby our Trojan Pride Wind Ensemble, mariachis, guitarstudents, mixed chorus, and drama students. Catalina’s talentedalum joined our students on stage with a special presentation byalumni Dr. John Snavely and Dr. Joan Ashcraft, TUSD Director ofFine and Performing Arts. A slideshow featuring the history ofCatalina’s performing arts students was available for viewing inthe Little Theater after the main program.The “Imagination to Awesome” art show by our studentartists and artful alums was displayed in the lobby. The art showincluded two and three-dimensional artwork by our BeginningArt, Crafts, Ceramics and Clay, Advanced Art and Digital Photography/Printmakingstudents.Thank you to those who contributed to and participated inthe celebration, to our Catalina Fine and performing arts students,Catalina’s Foundation and to all in attendance.3 rd Quarter Class Notes:Ms. Bastin’s Beginning Art classes have learned color theory painting color wheels. The classes have justcompleted working with shapes and cut paper to create paper molas and patterns. The Clay classes haveworked with the coil method to create a pot, created their favorite place out of clay and are presently workingon decorative techniques using contrasting clay to make a tile.Mrs. Ketchum’s Crafts classes have been exploring Asian Art by designing, carving and printing Chinesechops as the centerpiece of their presentation books with batik fabric covers. They have designed Japanesecrests (mon) and fans. Advanced Art students took a close look at a familiar subject as they painted monochromaticself-portraits while Digital Photography/Printmaking students explored portraiture by makingflip books featuring morphed photographs of themselves.- Mary-Claire Ketchum, Fine Arts Dept. ChairHealth Office ReminderAt the beginning of the fourth quarter, freshman, sophomores, juniors and some seniors will be gettingan emergency card and health registration form to complete for the 2012-2013. We need these formscompleted and returned the school, (you may give to any teacher). This is one step of the registrationprocess you can get out of the way early!! Make your registration this summer easier by getting thistask done early. And please remember, if there are changes to emergency information or your healthstatus between this spring and August when school starts, please let us know.- Nurse Cindy WoodTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 9

Dance Students Attend Creative WorkshopBarbara Mettler was a American pioneer in creative dance movement. She directed Mettler Studios forover 60 years. Her book Materials of Dance as a Creative Art Activity is a classic in the field of dance education.In 1963 Mettler’s Tucson Creative Dance Center opened. Its stunning, architecturally-acclaimedround studio sits near Campbell and Ft. Lowell, here in the very heart of Tucson Arizona!It is in this very same studio that 40 of our Catalina dance students attended a creative dance workshopin January, hosted and taught by TUSD Performing Arts Specialist Carole Marlowe. This workshop wasfunded by the Barbara Mettler Trust. Our students were fortunate enough to attend with no out-of-pocketexpense to them. With the help of Ms. Marlowe, it was wonderful that this handful of students was able toexperience what it is to take simple and raw dance movements to another height.Based on Ms. Mettler’s methodology of searching for the most basic expression of movement, studentswere encouraged to express and understand what it’s like to improvise and be creative in their movements.By putting together a series of twists, turns and steps, students felt free to add feeling and expressioninto what turned out to be a simple and natural choreographed dance.This movement workshop incorporated Barbara Mettler’s belief that “art is a basic human need and thatdance, the art of body movement, is the primary, central art”. Our students did a great job of being openminded and trying a new dance style. They were able to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful setting of thisunique dance studio, and I’m proud of them for their participation.- Rosa Lara, Dance teacher and PE Dept. ChairTROJAN UPDATE March 2012 Page 10

ELD Dept. Continues to Innovate and InspireThe ELL Level I Listening and Speaking Students in Ms. Cassidy’s and Mr. Fomeche’s classes have beenworking in the computer lab on Rosetta Stone. They are learning English by listening, speaking, writing,and reading at a pace that meets their individual needs.“I love Rosetta Stone because I am learning a lot of things.For example, I learn speaking, writing and how to pronouncenew words. I also memorize new vocabulary, but my favoritepart is writing.” –Soraia Fazya“I think Rosetta Stone is a precious gift. It teaches me howto pronounce words, helps me with writing and how to dovocabulary.” – Som Gautam“Rosetta Stone is good for me because I learn more English.My favorite part is the writing.” – Marisol Gaitan“Rosetta Stone helps me with learning English. I enjoy it. Ihave learned many words I did not know before.” – Anas AliELD 3 & 4 classes have been fully immersed in Shakespeare this quarter. Our ELD 3 students are readingRomeo and Juliet, and the ELD 3/4 students are reading Julius Caesar. They’ve been writing essays andexploring characterization in relation to these texts. They are finishing these units with brief performancesusing Shakespeare’s language. It’s been a challenging journey for all, but the students were certainlyup for the challenge.Ms. Samorano’s Language Arts students have just finished reading The House on Mango Street. It’s a goodbook that foreign students can relate to. The Writing class has just finished learning about the techniquesused in persuasion and advertising. We have created our own advertising poster. All students are alsoworking an on online magazine that will be ready soon. You can see that publication in the next few daysat You can also visit our site for more information about ourclasses.The Language Arts and the writing classes are now both studying The Great Gatsby in preparation for theplay they will see soon. We are having fun learning about the 1920’s fashion, music, and the new idealsthat finally gave women the right to vote. The writing class will be writing its own play soon.- ELD teachers Mary Cassidy, Stephen Fomeche, Lisa Richardson, Ariela SamoranoEight Trojan Teachers to Attend AP TrainingContinuing their professional development during the summer, eight Catalina teachers will attend theAdvanced Placement Summer Institute at Tucson High School in June. Advanced Placement classes areamong the most academically intense offered at Catalina. Students nationwide can take AP exams in Mayto receive college credit before they are even enrolled in a four-year institution. Participants will be AliciaLara (AP Spanish), Heather Pohlmann-Reilly (AP English Lit), Joseph Morgan (AP European History), JamaDluehosh (AP English Language and Composition), Susan Bellamy (AP Calculus A/B), Stephen Murray (APBiology), Tammy Elliott (AP Biology), Sandra Outlaw (AP US Government), and Bernie Diffin (AP Chemistry).TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 11

Meet the English Department FacultyBelow, each English teacher shares some of his or her educational background,favorite units, and tips for how parents can help teens.Irma ChavezMs. Chavez1. This is my first year teaching at Catalina High School. I have been with TUSD for20 years. I have a bachelors from the University of Arizona in Fine Arts Educationwith minors in English and Spanish. I also have a Masters in Counseling from theUniversity of Phoenix.2. The four things that I would like parents to tell their kids in order to be successfulin my classes as follows: Don’t use your electronic equipment during class, haverespect for the teacher, be kind to your peers, and be good listeners.Jama Dluehosh1) Undergraduate Major: English; Minor(s): Physical Education, Religion; WestmontCollege; Post Graduate 36 units Secondary Education Certificate and StudentTeaching, (English and PE); USD; M.A. : English Literature and Composition;University of ArizonaMs. Dluehosh2) Currently teaching: Pima CC Writing 101/ Honors English dual Enrollment, APLiterature and Composition, Choir, Lead Teacher TFLC Honors Program3) Favorite book to teach. . .tough question, there are many. Right now probablyHamlet.4) Parents can help their students most by asking them about what they are readingand learning in class. If students have to articulate what they are “doing” in classit will help to cement learning and make it more authentic. (It may also serve toremind them to do their reading/ homework.)Dan ForsythMr. Forsyth1) I have Bachelor’s Degrees in Fine Arts (Communications) and Science (ExerciseScience). My English certification came from an English minor and additionalcoursework in the Teaching “methods” courses. All done through the University ofArizona’s Colleges of Fine Arts, Science and Education.2) Currently Teaching: Freshman English (Pegasus House) and Literature of Mythologyand Folklore3) Fave Unit(s): The Great Gatsby and Hamlet. Both feature over-the-top scenarios andlife lessons we can connect with.4) The key to parent involvement is holding the student accountable for keeping theirgrades up to a B or higher.Ms. FoxJoan Fox1) B.A., English, UC Berkeley (Cal); M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Montana- Continued next pageTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 12

GRAD NIGHT 2012Graduation is coming fast. What will your kids do afterthe ceremony? Would you like them to have a blastin a totally safe environment? If the answer is yes,then sign them up for Grad Night 2012. It’s our thirdyear providing this fun, safe event for the kids. All thesurveys filled out by previous attendees said they hadthe greatest time and this year will be no different. Weget bigger and better every year. Our theme this year isa Circus Theme. You will not believe the entertainmentwe have lined up – the acts are going to be amazing. Thekids will also be treated to a sit-down dinner and there will be tons of snacks and drinks all night long.Where else can they get all night entertainment, food and drinks for just $50? Have your graduate see Ms.Herlein in the Finance Office for the paperwork. We promise they will not be disappointed! As you canimagine, an event of this kind takes a lot of volunteers. Please consider coming to help that evening. If youwould like to come to a meeting and find out everything we are doing, the next meeting is Weds., April 11at 6 p.m. in the lobby of Hines Gym. For more info, contact Cindy Dunn at 869-6401.ELD Co-Chair Studies in, Blogs fromGhanaIn September I was accepted to Teachers for Global Classrooms,a program under the U.S. State Department. The first part of theprogram was an online course designed to help secondary teachersglobalize their classrooms. I will be traveling to Ghana with10 other teachers from around the United State from March 3-17.During my time in Ghana, I will be meeting with officials from thecultural and educational ministries and spending six days in a highschool in Tema, Ghana.Meg Riley,ELD Teacher andDept. Co-ChairMy Catalina students have many questions that I will try to answer in my travel blog, arequirement of the program. They also wanted to create something to share with theirGhanaian counterparts. After completing the AIMS Reading and Writing tests, students relaxedby making friendship bracelets and keychains. Sukay Slea and Cintia Ayon donatedbeads to supplement Susan Curtis’s donation of supplies and Devota Ntahuga shared herexpertise in lanyard weaving. Check out my blog, and share inthis global learning experience.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 14

Catalina Hosts SkillsUSA Region 6 ConstructionTrades CompetitionOn February 3rd and 4th of this year Catalina hosted the Region 6 Construction Trades Competitionfor SkillsUSA. For the first time ever Catalina has a chartered SkillsUSA chapter and hosted this hugeevent. Fifteen Catalina students competed along with nine other Southern Arizona high schools andpost-secondary trades programs to compete in events that included:Two Person-Carpentry, Advanced Solo Carpentry, Solo Electrical,Solo Plumbing, Solo Masonry, and TeamWorks (Carpentry, Electrical,Plumbing and Masonry). Over one hundred and ten students filled thenorth side of the campus to compete in the two days of events.Gustavo Saldate, from Catalina, finished in second place in the AdvancedSolo Carpentry. That event required participants to build a doghousefrom plans. Gustavo did an amazing job and we congratulate him for hisfinish and wish him well when he competes at the state SkillsUSA conteston March 27th in Phoenix.Jack Draper,Construction TradesTeacherThe entire school went out of its way to make all the participants feel welcome. Our culinary programeven fed the one hundred and fifty participants, advisors, volunteers and judges. We expect Catalina tohost this event annually for the foreseeable future.From the Math DepartmentWe would like to remind you of the importance of homework and good study habits.Michael McGlynn,Math Dept. ChairHomework is a very important part of mastering math skills. Math is avery complex subject, and it is important that the skills learned in class arereinforced as soon as possible. It is usually helpful to do your homeworkin a quiet, well lit place with minimal distraction. It is also helpful to set upa routine of doing your homework at a certain time each day. If you keepup with your math homework, the class will be easier and your grade willbenefit.You can make tutoring arrangements with your regular math teacher forhelp before or after school. Help is always just a question away. Don’t beshy.If you are planning to go to the U of A or Pima College, you will need to takea placement test for your math classes. This is a comprehensive test soit is important that you study before the exam. There will be material on the test that you may not haveworked with for quite awhile. See a math teacher if you need help. All you have to do is ask.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 15

Catalina SWAT Team Hosts Family Fitness NightMark your calendars folks! April3rd, 2012 your Catalina SWATteam along with the CatalinaPE department will be hostingits first Family Fitness Night!SWAT stands for Student WellnessAdvocacy Team, and whilewe are small, we are mighty! Weare working hard to achieve ourteam’s mission of improving thenutrition and physical activityof the students we serve. We asa team have acquired throughgrants from both Pima Countyand the University of Arizonamaterials and equipment forboth our team and the CatalinaPE department. We are currentlyhosting Xbox Kinect activitiestwo days a week after school, have led a school wide taste testing in conjunction with the Arizona NutritionNetwork, and held a smoothie party. We are looking forward to seeing ALL of you at the Family FitnessNight for a night filled with fitness, fun, family, food AND giveaways to boot!What: Family Fitness NightWhere: Mary Hines Gym, CHMSWhen: April 3, 2012Time: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.- Erica Addison, SWAT Team SponsorSocial Studies Dept. Welcomes New TeacherSocial Studies welcomes Mrs. Sandra Outlaw to Catalina asshe replaces the retired Mr. Raul Berellez. An Arizonan, Ms. Outlawhas taught in Page and St. Johns, Arizona along with a number ofyears in the Chicago area. Here at Catalina she is teaching WorldHistory and American History with Multiple Perspectives. She hasextensive expertise in Advanced Placement and honors courses.Welcome to Catalina, Ms. Outlaw!Sandra OutlawTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 16

Trojans Accepted into Four-Year Colleges!$eniors, $ee Mr. Hanna NOW for $cholar$ship$!I cannot tell you how proud I am that over 45 of our seniors have already been admitted to a fouryear college (35 to the University of Arizona) for the 2012-2013 school year! We have been busy completing“Next Steps” and dorm reservations to make sure everyone is all set to begin college in the fall.Now the big question – “I’m in, how in the world am I going topay for it?” Well the really good news is that many of our future Wildcatsqualify for the Arizona Assurance, a program that provides funds for allof the student’s unmet financial needs including their room and board.Other students are applying for lots of scholarships and anxiously awaitingthe results. Three of our students, Jennica Schopenhorst, Jose Pulido,and Jackie Pulliam have moved on to the 2nd round for the prestigiousDorrance Family Scholarship program that not only provides a full ridebut takes students on trips around the world as well! Senior JosephLeonidas is a finalist for the KFC Scholars National Scholarship!There are still plenty of scholarships out there including the awesomePima Stars program for all students attending Pima CommunityMark Hanna,College and Career ReadinessCoordinatorCollege and Scholarship Universe for UofA students. Local organizations such as the Tucson Chamber ofCommerce, the Tucson Hispanic Chamber, the Educational Enrichment Fund, and the Community Foundationof Southern Arizona are offering scholarships to Tucson seniors only, making your odds of receivingone much better than the national scholarships. Lots of folks want to help parents and students withcollege expenses. I will help that happen but it takes effort on the student’s part. The money does not justshow up in your mailbox!Make sure you are on my College and Scholarship Information Newsletter email list! If you are not,just email me at Check the Catalina website often for my updated ScholarshipsAvailable listing and by all means come see me, call me, email me, text me, Facebook me, send a smokesignal, whatever!Lifeskills Class Learns from Exciting Field TripsOur class has had some great opportunities throughout the community these last couple of months. Weare continuing with a LifeSkills curriculum approach that blends academic, daily living, personal/social,and occupational skills into integrated lessons designed to help students learn to function independentlyin society.We started this semester going to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. where students got to see fascinatingwildlife and natural history that also included on grounds exploration, live animal encounters, anda picnic in the park. In February, we went to the Tucson Rodeo which featured all kinds of professionalrodeo events. We got to see tie-down roping and team roping and we explored the Tucson Rodeo ParadeMuseum.One of the highlights we have had was when we participated in the 2012 Tucson Conquistadores 4-HoleTournament & Putting Clinic for Special Olympics Arizona. This was an amazing experience for our studentswho some have never golfed before and we also found out that some of our students had somenatural abilities! All our students received lunch, a golf ball and a lunch bag.- Jackie Fortier, Lifeskills teacherTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 17

Something Tells Me It’s All Happening at the…Catalina Magnet High School Library!Left to right, library aides Dacie Matsuda, Carine Kosseke Kalanga,Dominique Casteel, Aaron Wendling, Amber Hall, DougHarris, Sara Lee, Colin Fayaunt, Librarian Kate Gallion, SierraGoodine, Diego Sauceda MejoradaWhile many may think the librarian isthe only one taking care of the library,there really are a whole cadre of studentaides who work really hard tomake the library the beautiful placethat it is. People often ask “What does alibrary aide do?” When asked to describethe experience of being a libraryaide, these were some of the responsesthe Catalina library aides gave:Aide Sarah: “A library aide is the bloodof the library. They keep the libraryclean and in order to provide an enjoyableexperience for the studentsand staff who use it. We learn howto ‘sell’ books and keep people interestedin checking out the plethora ofbooks available. It’s also fun as youget to meet new people and make newfriends. You also get to meet the oneand only Ms. Gallion who pushes you tostrive to be a better person in general.”Diego thinks the position of library aide is a wonderful job because it “ me new experiences andteaches me new things. I am strengthening my alphabetizing skills.” He thinks his boss and the otherlibrary aides are fun to work with and he feels he is lucky to have this experience.Amber is a well-organized person so she is perfect for the job of an aide because she knows organizationis key in the library to its overall function. She thinks it needs a person who takes pride in the appearanceand atmosphere of the library and that organization allows for quick delivery of materials. “Almost like abeehive, every bee has a specific function and they all strive to create a more efficient hive.”Carine has enjoyed getting to know the Dewey Decimal system better. She knows it also helps her in mathclass with decimal problems. She has learned how to use the library catalog which is used in many othertypes of libraries and will help her to find books by herself.Dacie likes knowing how to find books in the library so she can help the patrons who come in, as assistingstaff and students in the library is big part of the library aide position.The library is always getting new materials so please come in and visit us! The librarian and the libraryaides can help you find interesting and useful books to read and use for your class assignments.- Librarian Kate GallionTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 18

The FEAST Department has Been Busy!We had three competitors go to the CCAP competition on a recent Saturday, Emery Van Gilder, FisherGunion and Nichelle Cutlip. They trained for two weeks, practicing during class, in free periods and afterschool. They worked great as a team, teaching,prodding and encouraging each other. Emery willadvance to the Final Competition on March 17thin Phoenix. She is training to win a scholarshipto Johnson and Wales Culinary College in Denver.Good luck, Emery!!!We also had a Valentine’s Day Bake Off Sale. Theadvanced students came up with the idea to sellbrownie cupcakes that looked like the famousubiquitous heart candy. FEAST produced LOTS ofbrownies, but cooler was learning that marshmallowscan actually be made! Thank you to all whobought and supported the FEAST department’ssale.Lastly, The 2nd year students are gearing up totake the state’s first ever Practical Assessment Test on March 6th.They will be making a vegetable andherb salad with chicken. They will show off their knife skills, sauce making, cooking technique and platepresentation. Wish them well and watch them shine!Come and ask one of the Culinary students what they have loved about being part of FEAST!- Becky Yim, Culinary Arts teacherLink Crew Leads Freshman Diversity WalkThe Catalina Link Crew conducts the Diversity Walk with our freshmen, much like the questions asked inthe movie “Freedom Writers” when Erin Gruwell asks her class to step up to the tape on the floor. The exercisehelps students recognize the diversity in our student population and the problems they face everyday.- Lysa Nabours-Childree, Freshman House CTE teacherTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 19

Two Alumni Join Foundation BoardAfter graduation, Barbara Callaway Pollack, Class of 1958, matriculated to Trinity University in San Antonio,TX, and spent a summer in Nigeria after her sophomore year. From Trinity she moved to Boston whereshe earned her M.A. in African Studies, and a Ph.D. in Government at Harvard. She spent a year at UCLAstudying the Nigerian language, Igbo.Barbara began her academic career teaching at California State-LA, UCLA, and finally Rutgers, the StateUniversity of New Jersey, where she was a Professor of Political Science. She had a long career in academicadministration as Dean of the Graduate School, Acting Dean of the College of Nursing, Associate Provost,and Vice President for Academic Affairs. As a Fulbright Professor, Barbara spent two years in Nigeria andone year in Ghana conducting research.She retired to Tucson recently with her husband, Irv. He is a sculptor, and she takes senior tennis veryseriously. She continues to mentor graduate students and to supervise dissertations at Rutgers, as wellas contribute articles to academic journals and books. Barbara has graciously accepted the position ofrecording secretary for the Foundation board.Ken Newman, Class of 1966, has brought his artistic talents to the Foundation board. Ken’s lifelong interestin gems and metal work became a passion when he was exposed to Navajo sandcasting while studyinganthropology. He juried into the Tucson Craft Guild and Arizona Designer Craftsman in 1973, and he is agraduate gemologist. Ken is currently experimenting with mokume gane, lost wax casting, sand casting, aswell as forged and constructed work. His passion is jewelry design, so he and his wife Barbara can be seenat local art shows displaying their one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.Ken participated in the Foundation’s “Art of the Alum and Friends” last year. He recently cooperated withMary-Claire Ketchum to seek student designs for the new Foundation logo. Ken serves as a Director for theFoundation.- Margaret-Ann Fangmeier, Class of 1958, CHSF Board MemberCatalina High School Alumna Writes Award-Winning Book About Arizona HistoryHave you ever wanted to write a book? Well, Lisa Schnebly Heidinger ’74 has writtenseveral books. As a third generation Arizona native, Lisa wanted to write aboutArizona, especially about its 100th anniversary of statehood (1912-2012). Arizona:100 Years Grand highlights Arizona’s geographical wonders, cultural traditions, andhistorical developments. She shares stories about people and events which makethe Grand Canyon State so unique. She profiles our state’s founders, leaders andpersonalities, and records the vistas and scenery through stunning photographs.Lisa is intimately linked to Sedona, Arizona. The red rock pioneer town of Sedonais named for her great grandmother, Sedona Schnebly. Lisa was born and raised inTucson and graduated from Catalina High School in 1974.Lisa SchneblyHeidinger ’74- Continued next pageTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 20

In February Lisa was voted the OneBookAZ award at the Tucson Festival of Books, and she will speak asone of the OneBook authors.Lisa and her sister, Laurie Schnebly Campbell ’73, will participate on a panel about siblings who write indifferent genres. Laurie writes romance novels, and frequently speaks at international writing workshops.For students desiring to become an author, Lisa advises, “Never let anyone tell you there is only one way todo something. Ever! If you hear someone say ‘no’ and you want ‘yes,’ keep asking someone else.”Lisa has been a journalist for 25 years and has reported on television (KOLD), radio, newspapers, andmagazines. As an author, Lisa has published six non-fiction books which all focus on the Grand CanyonState: Calling Arizona Home, Sedona, Tucson: The Old Pueblo, Chief Yellowhorse Lives On, and a children’spicture book – The Three Sedonas. Her books can be purchased at most Barnes and Noble, The West giftshop, the Arizona Inn, and on the website: will entertain Catalina alumni at a social event in March celebrating Arizona’s Centennial.- Margaret-Ann Fangmeier, Class of 1958, CHSF Board MemberPVNA Continues Strong Advocacy for CMHSNeighborhood -- and Our AFJROTC HelpsPalo Verde Neighborhood Leaders, in conjunction with Watershed Management Group, beautified andfortified the southwest corner of the cooperative school/Parks & Recreation property by the CMHS tenniscourts. In October they replaced concrete with planted basins on Catalina High School grounds, stoppingwater from eroding away at sidewalks and flooding a major intersection. Now those earthworks catch theattention of passersby on a busy bicycle and pedestrianthoroughfare. The largest basin—dubbed the “WhiteWhale” —filled with rainwater that would’ve flooded thestreet. People noticed that it worked, and that is why weare moving onto a second beautification project withinthe neighborhood.Many neighbors and a small cadre of AFJROTC studentsfrom Catalina, dug basins, moved rock, mulch and gravel,and planted trees, shrubs and native flowers for thebeautification project. The project would not have beencompleted within the timeframe without the eager students and their ‘young backs’ doing a yeoman’s job!The neighborhood welcomes our CMHS students to our upcoming project on Saturday, April 21. (See flyerin this issue.) This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a special skill that can be instituted on your ownhome front, or helping others green our community.- Ronni Kotwica, President, Palo Verde Neighborhood AssociationTROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 21

From Mary Morse, Our Learning SupportCoordinatorIt is always a pleasure to report the wonderful things happening at Catalina. During secondsemester, we continue to see current programs promote progress. Additionally, severalfantastic new initiatives have captured the attention of our school community, andthrough these efforts, we expect to see continuing improvements in an array of areas.As always, Freshman House teams continue to work diligently and provide the essentialsupport to promote success for all of Catalina’s 9 th graders. Student conferences to developplans for improvement have been an important component to aid students toward theirgraduation goal. Although the freshman house structure is a more formal program, pleaseremember that regardless of your student’s grade level, Catalina staff is always able to providefeedback on your student or meet with you regarding concerns for your child.At the beginning of February, a new committee of volunteers wascreated to provide an additional opportunity for student voicesto be heard and action plans to be made based on common concerns.The committee, Trojan Advisory Group, is comprised ofnearly 50 freshmen, sophomores and juniors. In only two meetings,students have collaborated to focus on three areas for schoolimprovement: Lunch Activities, Campus Clean-Up and CommunityVolunteering. Steps for implementation in each area arealready being developed.Mary Morse,Learning SupportCoordinatorAt the end of March, Ben’s Bells will be presenting at Catalina tokick off the Be Kind, Step-Up program, which is being overseenby site representatives from the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee. Catalinastudents will help to create a kindness mural on campus and kindness bracelets to demonstratetheir commitment to a compassionate and unified school community. Kindnessweek, April 23-27, will bring many activities and recognitions for students to further promoteand sustain a caring campus culture.The goals of Catalina’s Learning Support Coordinator are to assist students in removingbarriers to their learning, promote a celebrated school culture and ensure open lines ofcommunication between the school and home. Please feel free to contact Mary Morse ifyou have concerns for your student related to any of these areas.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 22

Freshman Integrated Science ClassesStudy the Periodic TableFreshmen in Ms. Roxana Colon’sIntegrated Science classes preparedposters exhibiting facts about themajor elements in the periodictable of elements. Students respondedto a concise rubric providedby the teacher and, as thephoto shows, Ms. Colon (center)was delighted with the care and attentionthese scientists put into theproject!Why Does Mr. Berry Look So Worried?The Arizona State Department of Education requires that at least 95% of alleligible students come to school and take the four AIMS exams, in Writing,Reading, Math, and Science. For the last couple of years Catalina has missedthat 95% figure -- by just a hair.Pondering this problem deeply during an administrative team meeting andlooking for a powerful incentive to compel all students to come to school andtest -- and do well -- Principal Rex Scott’s gaze stopped at Assistant PrincipalDavid Berry’s silvery locks. “I’ve got it!” Mr. Scott cried. Mr. Berry began toweep.AP David BerryPonders His Fateand His PateAnd thus was born the Catalina AIMS Challenge. If more than 95% of our eligiblestudents take all four of the AIMS exams this spring, Mr. Berry will havehis head shaved during our last spirit assembly of the year.The results thus far: 97.5% of our students took AIMS Writing. And a WHOP-PING 99.1% took AIMS Reading!What’s next? AIMS Math is Tuesday, April 10th, the day we return from Spring Break, and AIMSScience is Wednesday, April 11th. If students exceed the 95% goal on those two days, Mr. Berrybecomes Mr. Baldy.“I’m shopping for a hat,” says Mr. Berry.TROJAN UPDATE March, 2012 Page 23

TROJAN UPDATE Vol. II No. 3 March, 2012The Trojan Update is a quarterly publication of Catalina Magnet High School. Allrights reserved. View this quarter’s newsletter in living color at our website, Produced on a Mac, of course, using Adobe PhotoShop, In-Design, and Starbucks Blonde Roast. Special thanks to our editorial assistant, Camille.Photos on front cover courtesy of ace photographer Jes Ruvalcaba, TUSD Digital Media Team.

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