DAS GAMES JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum

DAS GAMES JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum

DAS GAMES JOURNAL - Österreichisches Spiele Museum

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OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DAGMAR DE CASSAN REPORTS:THE ESSEN GAMES 2012Assisted by Kurt Schellenbauer and Bernhard CzermakAnd once again another year, another Spiel,this time a special one - it was the 30 th Spiel!- and once again lots and lots of new games,lots of new publishers and exhibitors, somenew locations for familiar booths – all familiar,and yet all new.As in the last few years again there was anincredible number of new releases, and alsothe trend towards co-productions or to thesimultaneous publication of one game bydifferent publishers in different languages. Ihave listed games with the with all partnersin the co-production. Brand names of companiesare listed under that brand name, soalea games are listed under alea and notunder Ravensburger.Another fast and furious trend iare Crowdfundingprojects, mostly with Kickstarter,games that are produced only when thenecessary financing is guaranteed due toprepaid preorders!As regards to topics, SciFi/Space is booming,as regards to mechanism dice games arestill popular and cooperative games havereturned with a vengeance -and several excellentrepresentatives of that genre.For those many publishers that are representedin the German language market bycompanies like Pegasus or UGG I have tried– without any guarantee for completeness– to mention announcements, new releasesetc and have listed the companies accordinglyunder „present at Essen”. Publisherswithout new releases are only mentionedwhen there is other noteworthy news.Der international, cosmopolitan flair ofSPIEL is ever increasing, in addition to companiesfrom Japan, Korea and Taiwan thereare now participating increasing numbersof exhibitors from China, Russia, the Balticcountries as well as from Greece or Bulgaria.The tendency to shared/joint stands is alsovisible, this year there were such stands forKorea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Finland and theCzech Republic.Our own booth once again was well frequented;our games handbook attractsmore and more interest.Finally, to the new games - let’s take a look atwhat we have seen, have been given, havefound elsewhere or are hoping to receivelater. Again, at the end of the report you findsome games that were announced for autumnrelease, but were not shown at Essen.2D6.EED6 is an Estonian company, Making Profit:The Boardgame by Aigar Alaveer for2-6 players, ages 8+, puts players into thedouble roles of production plant managerand investor and you must decide ifyou only want to make profit from yourcompany or also want to invest and as aninvestor you choose the companies youwant to invest in.2F-SpieleThe third game in Friedemann Friese’sFriday Project is called Fremde Federn;2-4 players, ages 12+, want to be electedPresident and us a given set-up and amixture of Deck Building and WorkerPlacement to place canvassers; the nameof the game results from Friedemann Friesehaving borrowed different mechanismsfrom several other games. The Englishlanguage edition is announced as Copy Catfrom Rio Grande Games.Fundstücke is a new edition of a gamepublished in 2002 in a limited small printrun - an auction and acquisition game byFriedemann Friese; 3-6 players, ages 10+, gobargain hunting on the bulky waste dump.You secretly bid a number and may visit thegarbage dump according to your bid; if youbid 0, you are the thief and steal from others.Funkenschlag (Power Grid) is expandedwith two new titles, both by FriedemannFriese and intended for 2-6 players, ages12+:Funkenschlag: Nordeuropa/UnitedKingdom & Irland offers 12 new powerplants exclusive to Northern Europe - thereare different energy sources in NorthernEurope and there are different power plants2 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 / 40 LINES FOR MEEPLES tOUR REPORTfor different regions. In the United Kingdom& Irland game you can operate two differentpower grids which cannot be connected.Funkenschlag: Québec & Baden-Württemberg was published alreadyearlier in the year. Funkenschlag Orakeland Funkenschlag Industriespionagewere available as promotional items.Monuments; you use it to score shields,helmets and scrolls depicted on the cards ofyour biggest monument.The Zooloretto Goodie-Box holds threeexpansions for Zooloretto and one forAbacusspieleThe new autumn release is called Hanabiand is the German edition of the successfulFrench game by Antoine Bauza.2-5 players,ages 8+, set up fireworks with cardsAquaretto, all by Michael Schacht for2-5 players, ages 8+: Aquaretto DieErlebnisbahn: When you take a deliverytruck holding a train tile must place thistile instantly, you can own several tracks.40 Lines for MeeplesDagmar de Cassan, Editor-in-Chiefnumbered One to Five in ascending order,but you only know the cards of otherplayers!This was supplemented by a lot of Goodiesand expansions for Abacus games:Airlines Europe Präsidenten by AlanR. Moon expands Airlines Europe; eachplayer is randomly assigned two Presidentsmarkers; when an airline is scored you canreveal its President Marker and activate itto decide ties for the rest of the game for itsowner.Monuments Ewiger Ruhm by StefanRisthaus is the fourth expansion forAquaretto Drei Mitarbeitertafeln - theseemployee boards stay with you to the endof the game if you take them, there areForschungsstation, Trainingsbereich andTechnischer Bereich.Zooloretto Der Eingewöhnungsbereich -one such area per player has room for oneanimal tile and does neither count for astable or an enclosure and tiles there do notHad we gone once around the world, we surelywould not have found much more games thanwe saw at SPIEL in Essen. To put in in a nutshell:Among 1060 new games by 665 designers from333 publisher there should be something foreverybody’s taste, be it as fancy as may be.We gamers can be happy that we are so importantthat a complete economy of publishersand designers, now also supported by crowdfunding, tries to shower us with games - whoare those 1060 games intended for?Our editorial Team of WIN The Games Journalhas taken up the challenge to compile an overviewwhich cannot be found elsewhere; notan easy task at all, as we tried to present eachgame with a picture. And a list of designers andtheir game enables you find your favorite designerquickly!And why do we do this? Well, when those newgames will not be bought, the range offeredwill - just like in the swine cycle - get smalleragain and might reduce itself to those massmarket games which we do not like at all!So vote for lots of those games simply by acquiringand playing them!Recommend this issue of WIN to all your friendsand acquaintances to make this unique compilationof games known to all.We can be proud of the 2012 vintage of games- but a bid less proud of our backlog, which haspiled up in the meantime; the missing issuesof WIN will be provided during the Christmasholiday, that’s a promise!Enjoy 124 pages of WIN (a new record!) andhave fun with the games presented in it!http://www.gamesjournal.atEditions in German, English, eBook, Kindlewww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 3t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012score. Das Sparbuch represents the „Payinto a saving account“ action, you placea coin on it and move it per turn, whenon position 4 you take it back and receiveStahl, featuring the topic of the AmericanRevolution, in this game the NativeAdlung Spieleone additional coin for interest from thebank. Zooloretto Streichelzoo is an extraenclosure which can only hold offspringtiles and can only be filled when offspringThis time Karsten Adlung did bring fourof his tiny boxes of playing cards, andonce again the range holds something foreverybody, from children’s game to expertgame.Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg isAmericans can now fight with either of theparties in the conflict. Still in a developmentstage is Freedom - The UndergroundRailroad by Brian Mayer, a cooperativegame for 2-4 players featuring financialsupport for the slave transport from theoccurs; tiles in this area earn you coins.The Zooloretto Chamäleon expansioncan only be played in connection withZooloretto Exotic; when the Chameleon isput into the zoo you can - when you draw avisitor - swap a visitor from your own zoo forgiven its first expansion with Die dunkleProphezeiung by Michael Palm and LukasZach; a mysterious stranger enters thecoach and influences events from outsidefor 3-10 players, ages 12+.Hunt dragons or hunt for treasures, that isthe decision in Drachenschatten by Jochenone of another color from stock.American South to freedom in Canada. Inan even earlier stage of development thereConflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal, by UweEickert and Dean Halley, now announcedfor March 2013, and Conflict of Heroes:First Men in, announced for June 2013 anddesigned by Uwe Eickert and Peter Panzeri.Academy GamesConflict of Heroes: The Awakening of theBear is re-published in a second edition;the game by Uwe Eickert for 1-4 players,ages 10+, has been given new graphics,additional units and more conflicts. Birthof America 1775 Rebellion currently is aKickstarter projects, it is the second gameof the Birth of America series, for 2-4 playersand designed by Beau Beckett and JephSchwinghammer for 2-4 players, ages 8+; adragon’s shadow appears on the edge of themagic mountains and all start looking for itslair. But to find it you need items from thevillage against creatures from the dungeonswhere you can find magical items and theDragon Hoard.Höchste Eisenbahn is a new game byKarsten Adlung himself; he makes 2-6players, ages 5 (3)+ join wagons togetheras fast as possible while taking kind ofwagon, color and number of wheels into4 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORThad new games to show.Ares GamesAztlán by Leo Colovini for 3-4 players, ages13+, tells the story of four tribes and theirthe Balrog of Moria, plus alternate versionsof Gandalf, the Witches King and SauronsMouth as well as special action dice andindividual figurines for Aragorn and Gandalfthe White.Wings of Glory WWI Rules & AccessoriesPack by Andrea Angiolino and Pier GiorgioPaglia extends the Wings of Glory gamesystem on air combat in WWI and WWII -this pack offers rules and other accessories,the airplane miniatures are available inseparate Airplane Packs or in the completeStarter Set.Sails of Glory by Andrea Angiolino andkind of games, made to order. Their bestknowntitle, Avalam, was presented againand, new at Essen, Calculhit by VincentSelenne, an educational math game for 2-6players, which can be played on a PC usingthe CD that is included; it was presenteddevelopment; they must coexist peacefullyon one hand to prosper, but to prosper theyneed the help of their gods and for thisthey must fight and offer sacrifices. GermanEdition at Heidelberger SpieleverlagAndrea Mainini is announced, it features - inanalogy to Wings of Glory - the naval battlesin the prime time of Sailing Ships 1650-1815; it uses miniatures and maneuvercards for the ships; further details are notyet available.Argentum VerlagThe new Argentum release 2012 is calledDesperados and was designed by Florianalready at Cannes 2011. Tactic Elastic byBenoit Demy is a game for 2-4 players, ages5+ featuring columns and elastic bands;the wheels determine color and size of theelastic band and also the column to whichyou must extend the band from the startingcolumn of the same color.Artipia Games2011 the company, at Essen for the first time,showed Drum Roll. This year the programFor War of the Ring by Roberto di Meglio,Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitellothere is a new expansion, Lords of MiddleEarth. This expansion introduces separatefigurines and rules for characters previouslyonly featured on cards, for instance Elrond,Elrond, Galadriel, Sméagol, Gothmog andRacky; 3-6 players, ages 12+, are gangbosses and want in a nearly cooperativeway collect enough booty for a secure andsafe old age, but unfortunately one of themmust be the Marshal and ensure law andorder, despite the fact that all move in aninvisible way.Art of GamesFor the first time since 2009 the companywas exhibiting again at Essen - Art of Gamesis a design and production studio for allfeatured on of the insider tips of the show,Among the Stars , a kind of deck buildinggame by Vangelis Bagiartakis for 2-4 players,ages 12+; players are representatives of onerace each in an alliance and builds spacestations throughout the galaxy, of coursewanting to build the best one; the cards fordoing so are chosen by drafting.Among the Starts Ambassadorial Shuttleis a set of two promotional cards, offered aswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 9t

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTages 4+, the pen makes the memo-tile bark,moo, hiss and roar.Asylum GamesPolis: Fight for the Hegemony by Fran Diazhas already been announced in 2011 andwas available this year: 2 players, ages 14+,bridge is equal to the difference of the controldiceConflict of Heroes: Awakening of the Bearby Uwe Eickert is published in its secondedition also in French, Le Réveil de l’Ours,featuring new graphics, new units and newconflicts.Aurum Inc.Pen is the third version of those interactivelistening and communications devices, alsowith the possibility do download additionalmaterial for further games and uses. Threegames currently use this technology:The Korean company did not show anew game, but announces a prototypenamed Forest, for 2-4 players, ages 7+,who are forestry specialists and are taskedTing Learning English offers basicknowledge in English for 1 or moreplayers, ages 7+, especially for vocabulary,understanding and pronunciation. The penoffers 45 tasks in combination with the quizfan, in several levels of difficulty and withcorresponding illustrations.Ting Mein Kleiner Brockhaus Die Farbensimulate the conflict between Athens andSparta in the era of the ancient Greek CityStates. Players alternate turns in 8 roundsuntil both pass and always choose two outof twelve possible actions. If you lose yourcapital or all your prestige the other playerwins automatically, otherwise population,prestige and posterior prestige are scored.AsyncronGamesLe Venice du Nord is a design by SebastiénDujardin for 2-4 players on the topic of theBridges of Bruges. Bridges are marked onwith revitalizing a devastated area, wheresometimes hunters and loiterers appearin order to hinder work. In order to winyou must have assembled three trees forStadium 3 as well as fruits and animals.Axel-MalinaThe newcomer from Poland comes from thesoftware side and presented a board gamebased on a computer game: Might&MagicHeroes by Marcin Tomczyk, intended for2-4 players, ages 12+, and with duration ofmore than 3 hours, aim of the game is toIn this edition of the card fan for 1 player,ages 2+, lots of rhymes, information, songsand little puzzles and riddles are hidden,all on the topic of colors. Ting Quak & Cooffers an audio memo game as a memo foranimal sounds, again for 1 or more players,the city hexes and you have two dice, onefor movement and one to activate the Hexesto give you resources. To build a bridgeyou must control both hexes, the price for aconquer and rule the realm of Ashan. Eachplayer starts with a hero, a small army anda city.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 11t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012AZA QlubAt the Swan Panasia booth this year AzaChen showed the first expansion to histravel game Hello! Taiwan, called Hello!Taiwan Expansion 1: Indigeous People ofTaiwan. 3-5 players, ages 8+, travel aroundfor 2-4 players, ages 8+; the patterns can becompleted in any order.BarfussM. + T.In a self-published version Mr. Barfusspresents an abstract placement game for2 players, called Eye, which comes in threesizes. Eye needs only the board and can behand rival for personal fame and influenceon their owners. Flames of War: Open Firehas been announced, a new edition for theWWII tabletop for 2players, ages 14+, with easier access to thegame with the help of the third edition ofthe rules.BeleducDoggie Bones by Jim Harman is a spottingand Memo game for 2-4 players, ages 3+;all dogs have dug their bones into thethe island and play cards in ascending ordescending direction to achieve the lowestpossible costs for the journey; you canplay this as a stand-alone game or as anexpansion for Hello! Taiwan.BackspindleGamesThe company offers a new edition of theDisk World Game Guards! Guards byLeonard Boyd and David Brashaw, thatplayed with any kind of colored markers,even with Jelly Beans; you alternate to placea marker in a hex; if a marker is completelysurrounded by other markers it is removed.BattlefrontMiniatures LtdBattlefront Miniatures, famous forthe Flames of War WWII Miniaturesgame, is a New Zealand company andoffers Spartacus: A Game of Blood &garden and need help from players to findthem again. Each player hides the bones foranother player.Find Monty by Karin Hetling is a memohas previously been published by Z-Man.-6 players, ages 11+, are members of thecity watch and must find five spells inorder to return the eight great Spells tothe Unseen Library. To achieve this theyneed the assistance of one of the guilds.The new game 2012 is called Codinca, ashunting game by Leonard Boyd and DavidTreachery by Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski andSean Sweigart. 3-4 players, ages 17+, areheads of a family in times of ancient Romeand try for influence and favor in Rome. Youcombine political maneuvers and gloriousfights in the arena. Gladiators on the otherand description game for 2-4 players, ages4+: Monty the cat is hiding and has thrownpillows and blanket off the bed. Picturecards show the hiding places, which youshould reconstruct or describe as exactly aspossible.Move & Twist by Kerstin Wallner and KlausMiltenberger is an action game for 2-6players, ages 5+; the little lady bugs mustcrawl up the flower stems to the flower ontop. Players must assist them with exercises12 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTin crawling and flying and use completedtasks to lay out a flower from stem tiles andflower itself.BeWitched-SpieleFrigiti by Andrea Meyer for 4-6 players,ages 13+, the game on artificial words andexplanations for them, has had its diceSuburbia by Ted Alspach for 1-4 players,ages 8+, is a game on the topic of urbandevelopment, from small town tometropolis. You place tiles and implementtheir effects on reputation, population,income and special abilities; at the end youscore public goals on the Real Estate marketand secret goals of the players. Germanedition at Lookout SpieleEnter the Passage by Ted Alspach isintended for 6-15 players, ages 8+, and is aparty game based on the trilogy by JustinBlack BoxDesignSpooky Hotel by Leo Akira Deng and JohnDenko Deng for 3-5 players, ages 10+,features the topic o transforming an oldmanor into a luxury hotel; unfortunatelychanged to printed letter dice. The firstexpansion for Frigiti is called Funstir andplayed with the same rules, but you nowtry to invent brand names and marketingslogans.BézierGamesMutant Meeples by Ted Alspach for 2-6players, ages 8+, is a game of logic in theCronen; players take on the roles of humans,virals or Amy; human try to find out who is aviral; Virals want to infect humans and Amyhelps humans.Ted Alspach’s game Beer & Pretzels, whichhe published in 2009, is now re-publishedfrom Le Joueur as Aperitivo for 2-5 players,ages 6+; still you throw coasters to collectevil spirits in the house want to collect thesouls of visitors.BlackrockEditionsThe “big” new game for Essen is calledBlackrock City and was designed by AlainOllier; 2-6 players, ages 10+, want to getthe maximum loot from banks and stagecoaches; but only if your bid is the highestyou can move the boss of the gang andtradition of Ricochet Robot; you should findthe shortest possible way for your robot,according to exact rules, super powers allowyou exceptions from those rules. If you findthe shortest path, you take the meeple forwhich you found it, out of play into yourteam; if you have six meeples in your team,you win. German edition at Pegasus Gamesas many glasses and pretzels as possible,which must be completely visible.Big FunIdea CoAlso announced in the Greater ChinaPavilion: Desire by Alex Zeng for players ofages 18; the name of the game and the agenotations are the only hints on the topic ofthe game.grab gold; the second-highest bid getsyou silver from the stage coach. When thesheriff meets the gang boss, the boss losesone gang member. For The Boss by AlainOllier an expansion is available, the 5-6Spieler Erweiterung expands the game for5 and 6 players and includes the new city St.Louis and the necessary cards.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 13t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Blast CityGamesMayan Sun, Aztec Destiny: 500 BC to AD2012 and Beyond is the name of the latestgame by Nate Hayden, 2-4 players, agesGentlemen Cambrioleurs by CharlesChevallier, Catherine Dumas and PascalPelemans is homage to Arsène Lupin for2-5 players, ages 8+: You enter alliances,then you place equipment or movecertain type of aircraft. Due to your specialassignment you sometimes need to bluff.Central Market by Edgars Zakis is a strategic12+, are astronomers who advice farmerson optimum times for planting and forharvest rituals and who try at the end todetermine the ultimate destiny and thebest time for it.Blue OrangesGamesTwo games were named in the new releaseslists, Flash and Nada, both are announcedfor 2013: Nada for 2-6 players, ages 7+, is amarkers; when a location holds five kindsof equipment it is burgled and the markersare distributed as loot to members of thealliance.Boukenbidding game for 3-5 players, ages 8+, inwhich you must lower your bid instead ofraising; for each of your own products youset a price for selling. Construction Zone byOliver Sihiver 2-4 players, ages 8+, wantBouken is the brand name of the Japanesecompany Adventure Planning Service fromJapan for games – this year they showed agame on chance and dexterity; you searchfor corresponding symbols on white andorange dice. Flash is also intended for 2-6players, ages 7+, and is also a dice game;this one demands completion of dicecombinations in a given order.to set up new buildings; basic buildingmaterial is obtained from stock and can beswapped for better material; later you canswap material for buildings, but there areonly three types of buildings available atany time. Food Chain by Meelis Looveer for2-4 players, ages 7+, features a topic of foodBombyxThe French company, which originates fromthe former Hazgaard Éditions had two newgames to show:Noah by Bruno Cathala and LudovicMaublanc for 2-5 players, ages 7+, is a cardgame on the topic of Noah’s arch, whichmust be loaded over three rounds. Thegame comprises eight boats and 47 animalsand you must take gender and weight intoconsideration and the limit that a boat canonly hold either male or female or pairs.demo version of Yaneneko - Small Battleon the Roof by Takamasa Suzuki andKoushi Kondou: Two clans of cats fight ona rooftop. The company is looking for aEuropean publisher.Brain GamesThe Latvian company was showing fourgames: Air King by Oliver Sihiver turns 2-4players, ages 8+, into air traffic controllers,who should be first to direct and land achains; you use your cards to hunt, eat andvie with others for the best possible dishes.14 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTBurley GamesPeter Burley did not present a new gamethis year, but had again his prototype Zambezito show and has been announcing Alchemistsof Venice and Space Hockey asgames in development.CapstoneFor this company, part of the presentation inthe Greater China Pavilion, all in all four titleswere named in the lists of new releases;according to the website Capstone also isa distributor. The site gives information onAnimals – The game for 2-7 players, ages5+, offers three different versions; you savegame for 2-4 players, ages 8+, set before ahistoric background of the Three Kingdoms;there are cards for the monarch, generalsand strategists in four regions to simulatethe historic conflicts.Be Ugly was also named as a new orpending release, but I could not find anyinformation on it, not even at the booth.Car TanTechnology TeamDespite being named as a companyin several lists of new releases, Car TanTechnology Team is not a publisher, buta team of designers; the games are listedunder Swan Panasia: Liver War andDarkminded MerchantsCardboardIsland GamesThe Dutch Newcomer presents the firstboard game that is based on the principleof Geocaching: Treasure Hunt by Renévan den Berg for 2-4 players, ages 8+. Youdirect the explorer marker through landscapes,along paths, hopefully with a cleverstrategy, to the next coordinates, where youmay find a clue for the next coordinates orthe treasure. The other players can causeyou problems along the way, for instanceby destroyed bridges.ChaosPublishingMedieval Mastery by Miles Ratcliffe is agame on tactical conquests, for 2-6 players,ages 10+, set in a medieval feudal system;players are provincial princes in France andwant to conquer the surrounding lands in awar of succession in order to win the throne.animals from a forest fire; win an athleticcompetition or rival with others on yourfavorite pet.Godzilla Boom is simply a party game for2 or more players, ages 8+, on the ratherspecial topic of Cantonese Language inDash was on show at Essen last year as aprototype, and this year the game by JinshaunAng for 3-5 players, ages 8+was producedand available: it is a race game withcards, in which you can play cards solo, as apair or as a trio and you can stop during therace to enjoy the sights of Singapore, butpriority should be to reach the finish first.Clever MojoGamesLast year Alien Frontiers by Tory Niemannfor 2-4 players, ages 13+, was presented; itoffers a mixture of resources management,Catch me GamesHong Kong.Wars of the Three Kingdoms is a cardworker placement and area control, all inthe far reaches of space. This year severalexpansions are available: Alien FrontiersFactions expands the game to 2-5 playerswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 15t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012and introduces factions, agendas and newAlien Tech cards. Furthermore, there is AlienFrontiers Faction Pack #1 by BrandonFreels and Tony Niemann as well as Aliento offer, limited to 250 copies and packedinto a wooden cassette; 2-4 players, ages10+, reconstruct a derelict gold rush town.Cocktail Gamesintended for adults only, but can be playedwith fun and without alcohol, too!Hutter Trade is providing the Germanlanguage edition of Ugga Buuga by DanielQuodbach and Bony for 3-8 players, agesFrontiers Upgrade Pack. Sunrise City byIsaias Vallejo is a placement game for 2-4players, ages 10+, yet another game on thetopic of city development; you place areas,7+; in this stone-age party game everybodyplays against everybody else, you repeatwords and actions on cards.The company’s website names new releasesfor the second half of 2012; three of themhave been published, two more have beenannounced. The published games are:Illico by Julian Sentis for 2-8 players, ages14+, is a word and definition game, youTweegles by Jèrèmie Caplanne and PascalJumel, a spotting game for 2-5 players, ages6+; in a display of action cards in you mustfind the card corresponding card to theTweegle monster; e.g. the two-part Tweeglefor the scissors. On the other games thatwere announced no details are availableyet.Coffee HouseGamesOn display in the booth was one, that is,the last, copy of the first edition of Colonial:Europe’s Empires Overseas, originallypublished by Stratagem, and now plannedbid for them and then place buildings anduse role cards for special abilities.Clicker SpieleStephan Riedel did not present a new gamethis year, but hat a new edition of Old Townchoose a number and are told two termsfrom a card according to this number; youmust find a term that can be used for bothof those term, for instance air movementand keeping a clock going with fun andwithout alcohol!for a second edition as a Kickstarter project.In Colonial: Europe’s Empires Overseas,by Christophe Pont for 3-6 players, ages 13+,you rule a European Colonial power andcolonize, send missionaries and dominateoverseas regions.Cranio Creations1969 by Aureliano Buonfino, Andrea Crespi,Happy Hour is a drinking game for 3-10players, ages 18+: You complete tasks andmust drink a glass in case of a mistake –16 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTLorenzo Silva and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentinoturns 2-5 players, ages 13+ into controllersof a country’s space program with the goalto put a man on the moon before the endof the year 1969. To complete this taskyou plan research, employ scientists, starttraining missions and win prestige.Like - The Social Game by Marco Alminiand Michele Pierangeli is a game on socialCwaliCorné van Moorsel also has two new gamesto offer:In Tricky Wildlife 2-4 players, ages 10+, takeon the role of game wardens that manageThe Scapegoat, for 3-5 players, ages 15+,and introduces a Chief of Security, Penaltycards and the Flatterer, who cannotcomplete a task but cannot turn Scapegoateither.networks - 3-8 players, ages 12+ use thenetwork for status and challenge other usersas a troll by tagging them in embarrassingpostings, you use your reputation to getyour profile liked and win most friends.Sheepland by Simone Luciani andDaniele Tascini turns 2-4 players, ages 8+,into shepherds who want to secure thebest pastures for their flocks and catchCubikoTwo games are announced as new releases:Foundation by Rafi Arkin is a placementgame for 1-2 players, ages 5+; you placedifferent kinds of animals in their park andmust at the same time keep up the foodchain for predators and protect endangeredspecies.In Tweeeet 2-6 players, ages 7+, embodybirds, either Robins or Blue throats whichthe valuable black sheep, too, by buyinglandscape tiles, placing fences and movingsheep and shepherd marker.Steam Park by Aureliano Buonfino,Lorenzo Silva, Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino,for 2-6 players, ages 10+, is announced for2013, in a Steam Punk setting you will havepieces in a grid and score for contacts withpieces already placed, independent ofcolor! Pieces in corner positions and in themiddle spot score double.Steeplechase for 2-10 players, ages 8+, isa design by Gavin Birnbaum in which youmust reach their nesting grounds whileeating berries and beetles indifferentlandscape to collect the energy that is takenup by flying.CzechBoard GamesThe Czech company is offering two newgames, too: Welcome to the Czech Pub, isa satirical card game by Josef Koštíř whichasks 2-6 players to drink as much as possible,to develop the best possible Fun Fair.Alcatraz: Massimo Sicurezza by RafałCywicki, Krzysztof Cywicki, and KrzysztofHanusz is the first expansion for Alcatraz:want to win a steeplechase by bluff andoutwitting the other players; you choose anumber disk for your movement and canthen use the disc or swap discs with anotherplayer – when you end up on a hurdle youcannot move at all.take away drinks from other players or tellwarm stories; the worst that can happen iswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 17t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012that you are thrown out of the pub.In Journalist by František Čermák for 2-5players you are a newspaper man whowrites last-minute articles and must deliveravailable, Dungeon Lords: FestivalSeason, again by Vlaada Chvátil andintended for 2-4 players, ages 12+; thereare now five seasons and fights span fiverounds; each year comprises two specialdifferent games, High Tower and ColorMatch,them to the editor; you play in your owncity, make up words from letters and placethem on the board for points.CzechGames EditionThe double booth in Hall 4 probably wasone of the most besieged ones at thefair, due to one game alone: Tzolk‘in:The Mayan Calendar by Simone Lucianiand Daniele Tascini for 2-4 players, ages12+, was creating a big stir with its cogevents and two paladins.Galaxy Trucker: Noch eine großeErweiterung is the second expansion forGalaxy Trucker by Vlaada Chvátil for 2-5players, ages 10+, again in co-productionwith Heidelberger Spieleverlag. TheDays of WonderTHE new release from Days of Wonder in2012 is Shadows over Camelot The CardGame by Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget,wheels on the board. Those wheels regulateaccess to resources and also the passing oftime between scorings; grain is food andcurrency; actions are production, resources,buildings or technologies and – sometimes– influence on the gods.Goblins Inc. by Filip Neduk lets 2-4 players,ages 12+, rival for building the best robot;in two turns the two players of a teamalternate in the roles of designer and builderand then in the combat phase in the roles ofpilot and tactician.For Dungeon Lord an expansion wasexpansion features new cards, classes ofships and hiring of new support teams andaliens can now enter the ship and eat crewmembers.To celebrate the Five Year Anniversaryfor Galaxy Trucker the Galaxy TruckerAnniversary Edition has been published,together with Rio Grande Games, includingthe core game, all expansion and additionmaterial.DalaDala is short for Dramatic Arts & LifeAlliance, the company comes from Koreashowed ColorCube 81 by Julian Park. Usingits 81 colored wooden cubes you can playthe card version of the cooperative boardgame. Rumors worry the realm; sons anddaughters of the Knights of the RoundTable are tasked with contradicting rumorsand driving off shadows, hopefully withouttraitor?!Memoir 44: Equipment Pack by RichardBorg expands the conflict simulation for2 players, ages 8+, with a very substantialedition of miniatures for units from fourWWII nations, other new units and scenarios– 11 standard ones, two breakthrough andfour Overlord ones.Small World Realms by Philippe Keyaertsfor 2-6 players, ages 8+, is an expansion forSmall World or Small World Underground,featuring 26 double-sided landscapemodules plus tunnels, mountains, peaks,canyons and Black Mountains, which youcan discover above and below ground in18 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORT2012, too, did not bring a published newgame, but again the announcement for anew edition of Uruk, Uruk II, by Hanno andWilfried Kuhn for 2-4 players, ages 12+, onthe topic of civilization development in theLand between Euphrates and Tigris.players, ages 7+, is another Race game, thistime using cards and dice. Dice determinedirection and strength of the wind, cardsthe athletes or events. Only “slim” athletesDeinkotwelve different new scenarios.Zug um Zug Deutschland is offers thelatest country edition of Ticket to Ride byAlan R. Moon, again for 2-5 players, ages 8+.The Korean publisher had his own boothand presented quite a few new releases:Action R.P.S by Dong-Hwa Kim for 3-5players, ages 7+, is a race game; the racecan start and must take care not to beblown off track by the wind.Diablos PolacosIn this edition some destination cards leadyou into neighboring countries, but youcannot connect two cities using a shortcutthrough another country. Tunnels, stationsand passengers are not featured in thisversion.Zug um Zug: Im Herzen Afrikas / Ticket totrack shows stone-paper-scissors symbolson the spots; you snip your disc andcompare symbols on track and disc, whenthe disc ends up on a symbol spot. InRainbow 7 by Pascal Park 3-5 players, ages7+ are on the search for the first rainbow!You must find hints for the seven colors andThe sister/follow up company of PhalanxGame Polska had brought a finished game,the prototype had been announced underthe label of Phalanx Games Polska: CLASH:Jihad vs. McWorld by Jaro Andruszkiewicz,Waldek Gumienny and Michał Ozon for 2players, ages 12+, is a adaptation of RRRRide The Heart of Africa, offering the thirdcollection of maps for the track placementgame by Alan R. Moon for 2-5 players, ages8+, has been announced.DDD Verlagthe rainbow before the rain stops.Spice Merchant by Gun-Hee Kim for3-4 players, ages 10+, is a card gameon resources, the cards are shares forcommodity values and sold commodities atthe same time; you set aside cards for futurewhich was published in 2011; this time thetopic is a conflict of cultures with sevencards for each side; you alternate in placingthem and each tile effect is implementedimmediately.DiachronGamesThe Greek publisher was presentingscorings and either play a card for yourselfor up to four identical ones into the market.Wind Runner by Min-Ho Seok, for 3-5www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 19t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Autokrator by Lefteris Iroglidis, a gameon the topic of medieval conflicts betweenChristians and Muslims. 4 players, ages12+, control one of the empires and try toprotect and expand their territory. Afterfive rounds you win with most points frombattles won and controlled territories.Dice Hate MePrincess Paula needs to be freed – stonesare thrown against the wall with a catapultand collect points for freeing the princess.dlp gamesAs a version of the board game Siberia,published in 2011 Siberia - Das Kartenspielby Reiner Stockhausen was published.2-4 players, ages 9+, mine resources inA tin showing the topic of the game yousee on Viva Java: The Coffee Game by T. C.Petty III. 3-8 players, ages 13+, try to find theperfect mixture of coffee beans to createthe best-selling coffee for the entire world.You can search on your own or enter intoa temporary alliance with an opponent tocreate the super mixture.Take the Bait by Cherilyn Joy Lee KirkmanSiberia; actions can be used for characteror resources actions, you always needtwo cards with corresponding symbols;Investor cards modify demand, workers theresources actions and vendors the value ofresources.Doris & FrankAfter a long waiting time one can enjoysomething new from Doris & Frank’sgaming table: Arche Extra Mix II +, a newand Christopher Kirkman was announced,but not yet available. 2-4 players, ages12+, try to acquire the biggest catch in thisplacement game.Die SpiegelburgThe new releases for the Capt’n Sharkygames family, packed in a tin, were allalready presented at Nuremberg and nowshown again as new releases:Capt’n Sharky Knobel-Piraten – Rollingdice is simple, isn’t it? It might not be simpleif you need to make a good selection at theright time!Capt’n Sharky Turm der Schätze - Capt’nSharky and his crew want to take thetreasures on board, but the boat is rockingin the wind and you must be deft with yourhands to store the treasures.Capt’n Sharky Volle Kanone – A fleet indoldrums and Capt’n Sharky and his friendsare whiling away the time playing withcannon balls which must be stored.Prinzessin Lillifee Ich packe meinenKoffer by Kai Haferkamp is a spotting gamefor 2-6 players, ages 5+. Lillifee wants topack many things for her journey and hasmade up notes.Ritter Vincelot Angriff auf die Burg isan action game for 2-4 players, ages 4+.expansion for Arche Opti Mix by DorisMatthäus and Frank Nestel, again there arenew animals that must be accommodatedon the arch before the waters rise – pricklyamoeba or long-eared hedgehog?Dragon DawnProductionsThe Phantom League by Timo Multamäkifor 2-6 players, ages 12+, is expandedwith the second extension: The PhantomLeague: Pilot Academy comprises threemodules - Extended Battle System, Surface20 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTMission und Galactic Balance. All thosemodules can be played in any combinationand also together with the first expansionMostly Harmless.Drei Hasen in derAbendsonneThe Three Magicians - Drei Magier havechanged themselves into Three Hares atSundown - Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne:Kathi Kappler and Hannes Rüttinger havereturned with a new publishing companythat started published books and nowOne character featured in books from DreiHasen in der Abendsonne is a Raven, RabeSchnabelgrün, and Klatsch-Memo is „his“game; it shows images from volume 1 „DasSchwein im Fass“ and is a game of reactionfor 2-6 players, ages 3+; in turn a tile isthe result penalty cards are given out andnew cards are placed.Dust GamesSky Traders for 2-5 players, ages 14+, byGiocchino Prestigiacomo is a co-productionpublishes games, too: for 2012 four titleswere presented:Bimm-Bamm is a card-turning game for2-5 players, ages 6+, by Michael Palm andLukas Zach; the double-sided tiles areturned over; when five of a kind appear in arevealed, when two identical one appearyou touch both and get them.Sonne und Mond by Jacques Zeimet is aso-called Quarrel Patience: 2-4 players, ages8+, let sun and moon rise and must usedarkness cards in order to win.Drei MagierDer verzauberte Turm by Inka and MarkusBrand for 2-4 players, ages 5+, is a roll &move game with magnetic effects; bothRobin and the dark magician look for a keyto free the princess; if you hear a „clack“ on aspot you have found a key and try one out –if it works the princess is free.Kakerlakenpoker Royal by JacquesZeimet for 2-6 players, ages 8+, uses thegame mechanics from Kakerlakenpoker forwith Fantasy Flight Games. You commandyour own space ship and mean to becomeLeading Trader, avoid the Wind Pirates andgain influence with the Guild of the Skys.You direct your ship and also action andthen attend a session of the Guild Councilwith negotiations.dV GiochiFor 10 years now Outlaws duel the Sheriff,and on occasion of this AnniversaryBang! 10th Anniversary by EmilianoSciarra for 3-7 players, ages 8+, has beenpublished in a beautiful tin.variety you hold, you call Bimm-Bamm andwin the card.Der isses! by Alex Randolph demandsbluff and tactic from 2 players, ages 10+, towin silver coins; in each round you choosea figure and win a silver coin when youcan place your marker on it, or make youropponent jump on it when you and he havechosen the same color or if you guess theopposing figure with „der isses“ – “he’s theone“.a bluff game with cards; you name an insector Royal, which is an insect with a crown andpass the card; the receiver can turn it up orpass it on, and can – if he wants to turn up –announce believe or doubt. Depending onSamurai Sword by Emiliano Sciarra, 3-7players, ages 8+, is an adaptation of theBang game mechanisms form SpaghettiWestern into feudal Japan, featuring Ninja,Ronin and Samurai; the three secret teamswant to score fame points or be the last inwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 21t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Eagle GamesUnder this brand of Fred Distributioncomes Empires: The Age of Discoveryplay.Another item on show at the booth wasKalesia by Chan Kong, the game onis a simple movement game for 1-5 players,ages 4+, again by Sánchez y Piñán; you tryoccasion of Lucca Comic & Games 2012and the winning game of the contest „Bestunpublished game 2011“. The winner ofthis contest is published every year in acoproduction of dV Giochi and Carta Mundi.Sirens and Centaurs fight for dominance ina forest; if you can claim three parts of thewood in a row you win together with allyour allies.E.ConzeptBuilder Expansion for 3-6 players, ages13+, by Glen Drover, featuring the Builderas new specialist, 20 new buildings and allcomponents for a sixth player.EdigraficaGamesThe Spanish publisher and newcomer toEssen as been showing four new games:BlekoTeco by José Antonio Abascal Aceboto be fastest to reach the cave, based on themechanics in „Snakes and Ladders“ withoutthe snakes.EditionSiebenschläferThe new game of 2012 also featuresanimals; after giraffes and dogs nowpenguins march across the Antarctic iceWith Blänk Lars Beckmann and SaschaAckermann present a game of words andis a game on associations and words forgiven letters according to topics from cardsyou draw. Duelo Game is a card game within Ping, Pang, Pong! by Anja Wrede andClaudia Hartmann in a get and dice gamefor 2-4 players, ages 5+.associations for 4 or more players, ages 16+.On 100 black cards one term is replacedby [Blänk]; players should fill the gap witha term from one of the 400 term cards inorder to receive most applause from fellowplayers.a Wild West topic, by Piñán y Sánchez for 2-4players, ages 8+, in the tradition of Bang andsimilar games; you need to be the fastestand defeat your opponent. Guar Fantasy,this time by Sánchez y Piñán for 2-8 players,ages 8+, is a game on dominance in afantasy word, with a basic mechanism ofcollecting numbers or colors. Guka Croka!Schnuffi, wuff!, the first game publishedby Edition Siebenschläfer, was adapted22 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTand re-published as a game collection for2-6 players, ages 3+, with actions and newideas.EditorialFloripaTwo games, both designed by MartinEggertspieleFrom the start of 2012 all eggertspiele arepublished as a coproduction with PegasusSpiele:Express 01 was the first Crowdfundingtraveling across the realm, acclaimed orhissed at. You support jesters, earn moneywith successful performances and win atthe end with most money.Yedo yet again takes us into Feudal Japan,Williams for 2 players, ages 12+,, wereannounced as new releases: El Sagarioisa game that decides the ruler over twokingdoms, if you win it, at least accordingto the background story for this abstractplacement game with special movementrules – „the Logic of Ságaze”. Futbolmate isa soccer simulation with movements takenfrom chess pieces; the goal keepers moveproject by Spiele-Offensive, on a card gameby Jörg von Rüden for 2-4 players, ages10+; later in the project Pegasus joined.Topic of the game is railroad constructionin Germany, you lay track and build stations,which you can expand and then assign toother companies.Milestones is another game with a workerplacement topic, by Stefan Dorra and Ralfzur Linde. 2-4 players, ages 10+, build roads,market places and houses using resources,money and grain while optimizing thecircuit of acquisition, trade and settlement.In Qin by Reiner Knizia 2-4 players representthis time in a worker placement game byThomas Vende Ginste for 2-5 players, ages12+; In Yedo Hidetada Tokugawa inheritsthe post as Shogun from his father; you arehead of a clan competing g for his favor andcollecting prestige by completing missioncards and tasks from bonus cards andactivating minions in town.Space Time has been announced, it will bean adapted new edition of Space Dealer byTobias Stapelfeldt, no further information isavailable at the moment.ElfinWerksOut of Gears, by Andrea Nani and intendedfor 2-8 players, ages 8+, is a game on alike Queens, all other pieces diagonally, butonly one square.Published and available was a book calledSágaze, a book featuring riddles, which arethe basis for the movement rules „Logic ofSágaze”.princes in China, 2000 years ago; you havesettled your land, founded provinces andtaken over villages, marked by setting uppagodas. But all your lands can be takenfrom you by other players.In Spectaculum by Reiner Knizia 2-4players, ages 8+, represent four jester troopsdesolate earth where a few forgotten robotskeep on working in order to remain usefuland must fight other robots for urgentlyneeded replacement parts. Coproductionwith Red Gloves.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 23t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Envie de JouerThe French publisher presented two gamesthat were already shown at Cannes:Qamoki by Laurence Alsac for 2-8 players,ages 8+, is a game on words; you must layF-Hein SpieleIn Year One after Dr. Ferdinand Heinstepped down as CEO of the company hestill puts in work for the company – thistime as illustrator of Yamunda. In thisFairplay, Issue #100: 2 or more players, ages10+, should play a game within any othergame: for each player there is a „forbidden“card and a task card; everybody is giventaboo words; all other players do not knowyour words, but must not use them.Fantasy FlightGamesAndroid Netrunner is the latest LivingCard Game by FFG, it has been designed byRichard Garfield and is based on the Tradingout words with syllables corresponding insound or with corresponding associations;association accordance can be refuted bya majority of players. - Khitan by LudovicChabry is intended for 2 players, ages 8+.Hexes with colored edges are moved bytilting them over one of those edges, whenthen colors of a kind face each other, maybeeven in different directions, the piece yougame by Reiner Knizia for 2-5 players, ages5+, players are members of an expeditionhunting for unusual creatures.FableSmithA new company from the Netherlandspresents its first game: Oh no...Card game of the same name for 2 players,ages 13+; one player controls a runner,that is, a hacker who acts outside thelaw. The other player embodies a mightyconglomerate ruthlessly implementing itstargets. As a first expansion the GenesisCycle has been announced.Blood Bowl Team Manager - SuddenDeath by Jason Little is an expansion forBlood Bowl Team Manager for 2-4 players,moved defeats those others with the samecolor.Europäische SpieleSammler GildeAs all previous editions with the exceptionof 2010 the Member’s Gift 2012 of ESG wasrestricted to actual members, this year itwas a mini edition of Bausack by KlausZoch.Invasion!!! by Joost Das. 3-5 players,ages 12+, must fend off an Alien invasiontogether and for this purpose expand thespace station and collect weapons for thefight against the swarm monster.FairplayFairplay By Spiel by Michael Schacht wasa special insert in the Jubilee Edition ofages 14+; with three new teams, newcontract profile, magic balls and more; youcan upgrade teams and use new strategies.Descent Second Edition: Journey in theDark Lair of the Wyrm is an expansion for24 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTthe second edition basic game, by Bradyand Adam Sadler, the adventure continuesfor 2-5 players, ages 14+, with new heroes,classes, monsters, quests and more, youcan discover secret rooms, follow up onrumors and the Overlord is acquiring a newpowerful lieutenant, Valyndra, Queen ofWyrm.Fortress America by Michael Gray is a newedition of the game first published in 1986;2-4 players, ages 14+, take on the rolesof either the USA or one of three invasionforces trying to invade the USA. The gamewas published earlier in the year.Game of Thrones HBO Edition is hasbeen announced for 2013, it is intendedfor 2 players, ages 14+ and designed byEric M. Lang, Christian T. Petersen and NateFrench based on the HBO Series, featuringstreamlined and somewhat simpler rulesfrom the Game of Thrones LCGInfiltration by Donald X. Vaccarino is a cardgame for 2-6 players, ages 14+, controllingLegends of Andor is the English editionof Die Legenden von Andor by MichaelMenzel, a cooperative adventure game;2-4 players, ages 10+, must cooperate infive different legends in order to defendthe King’s Castle and the realm and tocomplete legend-specific tasks. Movementof a narrator introduces new cards in eachlegend; those cards tell the story, introducecreatures and helpful items and namelegend tasks and additional rules.Mansions of Madness House of Fearsby Tracy Hickman is a print-on-demandexpansion for Mansions of Madness – thevenue is a film from the Twenties, fromwhich players must escape before its tragicending.Merchant of Venus, a new edition of thesuccessful game first published in the Eightiesand designed by Richard Hamblen, willnow be definitely published by Fantasyprotect the Antian Sector from the evil comingfrom beyond the warp rift.Sky Traders for 2-5 players, ages 14+, byGiocchino Prestigiacomo is a co-productionwith Fantasy Flight Games. You commandyour own space ship and mean to becomeLeading Trader, avoid the Wind Pirates andgain influence with the Guild of the Skys.You direct your ship and also action andthen attend a session of the Guild Councilwith negotiations.Star Wars: Edge of Empire Role-play BeginnerGame is announced for the endof the year and is an introductory versionof the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplayinggame, featuring a ready-madeadventure for immediate start of play, fourprefabricated characters, an introductionon character creation and 14 dice.so called operatives, which are thieveswho want to steal digital data from a highsecurity tract of a company and mustescape before security forces appear on thescene.Flight Games; 2-4 players, ages 14+, set upand operate trading routes between planetsin order to be the richest merchant inthe end.Relic by John Goodenough is a SciFi-Spielfor 2-4 players, ages 14+, who take on therole of a hero from the Warhammer universeand take upon themselves the task towww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 25t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Star Wars: The Card Game is the fifth livingcard game at Fantasy Flight, a cooperativegame by Nate French and Corey Konieczka,in which players take on the role of heroesfrom Star Wars and face an Imperial Deck,somewhere in between “New Hope” and“Return of the Jedi”.Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game is asimulation of the space battles from StarWars, a miniatures game for 2 players, ages4+, and designed by Jason Little; you planyour maneuvers on the maneuver wheelWarhammer Fantasy Faith of Sigmar, Printon-DemandWarhammer Fantasy Faith of Shallya, Printon-DemandWarhammer Fantasy Dreadfleet CaptainsWarhammer Fantasy Bright Order MagicWarhammer Invasion Bloodquest Vessel ofthe WindsWarhammer Invasion Bloodquest Shield ofthe GodWarhammer Invasion Bloodquest Vessel ofthe WindsWarhammer Invasion Bloodquest Shield ofthe GodWarhammer Invasion Bloodquest Portentof DoomCooperations of FFG – among others – with:ArclightDust GamesEdge EntertainmentHeidelbergerStratelibriFertiThe French producer and distributorshowed numerous novelties and newreleases:Copyright by Julien Sentis for 2-6 players,ages 8+, is a game on pattern recognitionand then implement them; you win whenthe opponent’s ships are destroyed or whenthe mission target is completed.Ugg-Tect by Walter Obert is announced,it is the English edition of Aargh-Tectfrom Heidelberger – a stone-age buildingand architecture game using stone agelanguage, for 4-8 players, ages 8+.Warhammer 40.000 Only War CoreRulebook – a new independent roleplaying game in the Warhammer 40.000universe, designed by Corey Konieczka for2-6 players, ages 12+, who are soldiers inthe army of the God-Imperator and protectthe Empire from total destruction.Expansions and print-on-demandexpansions for Living Card Games and RolePlaying Systems:Arkham Horror WürfelsetArkham Horror Cursed WürfelsetWarhammer 40.000 Black Crusade Hand ofCorruptionWarhammer 40.000 Dark Heresy: The LatheWorldsWarhammer 40.000 Deathwatch - DeluxeSetWarhammer 40.000 Only War GM KitWarhammer 40.000 RogueTrader: The NavisPrimerWarhammer Fantasy Gathering Storm,Kampagnenbandand pattern repetition, you use transparentpicture sheets which are turned, tilted andstacked; for each correctly reproducedsquare you score one point.DTC by Reiner Knizia is a card game for 2-6players – you make your neighbor an offerof cards, you can bluff and lie about it; your26 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTneighbor can accept the offer and make ahigher one or demand proof.Pizza Party is the French edition of PizzaIncube and Sognae, good and bad dreams,for the good of the town. Coproductionwith Z-Man.Terra Mystica by Jens Drögemüller andHelge Ostertag is a complex developmentother such dice games.Theory, published by Gryphon games, byGreg and Brian Powers for 3 players, ages6+: You place one ingredient per round onthe board, but cannot put it next to one ofyour own ingredients already on the board.Then you decide on a number from 1 to 6and divide the pizza accordingly into pieces;if you have a majority in a part you replaceopponent’s ingredients with your own.Taluva is a new edition of a title originallypublished by Hans im Glück, created byMarcel-André Casasola Merkle for 2-4players, ages 10+, who create an islandwith volcano terraces and hills and try toestablish their own people there.Tu préfères? is an assessment and partygame for for 3-8 players, ages 16+, byJulien Sentis; each player secretly ranks fourembarrassing situations and tries to guessFeuerlandSpieleThe booth of this Essen newcomer wasthe origin of one of the Fair hypes: TerraMystica by Jens Drögemüller and HelgeOstertag is a complex development gamefor 2-5 players, ages 12+; the peoples ofTerra Mystica are bound to a certain type oflandscape, and can only build in the correcttype and win power when direct neighborsbuild or upgrade houses. Aim of the game isa good balance between closeness and freeareas for development.FilosofiaThe Canadian publisher this year wasfocusing on French editions of gamespreviously published elsewhere.Urbion by Shadi Torbey has already beenpublished under the name of Equilibrion,but due to problems with the name it wasrenamed and will be republished: 1 or 2players must - as King of the Town - balancegame for 2-5 players, ages 12+; the peoplesof Terra Mystica are bound to a certain typeof landscape, and can only build in thecorrect type and win power when directneighbors build or upgrade houses. Aimof the game is a good balance betweencloseness and free areas for development.For Summoner Wars by Colby Dauch for2-4 players, ages 9+, two new factiondecks are announced in SummonerWars: Nains de la Guilde vs Gobelinsdes Cave; in Summoner Wars players arepowerful summoners in the fight for Itharia,Summoners are general and arch magicianof their army and use magic powers andtactic.FlatlinedGamesAfter Rumble in House there now is Rumblein the Dungeon, again designed by KenRush for 3-6 players, ages 8+; you now try tostay in the dungeon with your character asthe other rankings as exactly as possible.Yam Master Travel by Jacques Gardeiland Fréderic Sahut for 2 players, ages 8+, isthe travel edition of a placement and dicegame called Yam Master; you try to conquerthe best spots on the board by forming dicecombinations familiar from Yahtzee andwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 27t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012long as possible or leave the dungeon withtreasures.Twin Tin Bots by Philippe Keyaerts for2-6 players, ages 10+, was not generallyavailable, it is announced as a Crowdfundingproject. Each player programs two robots toharvest crystals from the board and bringthem into your base; but robots repeattheir programs and changes of programsbetween moves are limited.FreakwaveAt his booth Markus Geiger showedattractive and showy games in differentstages of development; Endzeit is a Fantasygame with economics elements for 2-6Fragor GamesExactly as the years before one was hard putto even get a look at the gamedue to the queues of people picking uptheir pre-ordered games and crowds ofadmiring visitors blocking a view of theplayers, who are engaged as an angel ora demon in the eternal battle betweenGood and Evil on a board that is lit up frombehind. The twisting of world levels on theboard massively influences the flow of thegame.FredDistributionGames from this producer and distributorare published under the brand names ofEagle Games and Gryphon Games.Eagle Games: Empires: Builder Expansiongame. Spellbound is the name of thegame by Gordon and Fraser Lamont, itis a cooperative deck building game for1-4 players, ages 10+ with marvelouscomponents; you must free yourself fromthe curse of Baba Yaga whose path youcrossed and meet many a monster, butremember, you don’t look too good eitherdue to Baba’s curse.FranjosSpieleverlagKipp X by Torsten Marold expands themechanics of Kippit for 2-4 players, ages5+; you must place your cubes as quickly asyou can to be first to be rid of all of them;you must place one cube and may placeadditional until the seesaw topples or youVampirknutscher is an example forthe Genre of event role-playing games,intended for 4 or more players, ages 12+;you must find out who already is a Vampirebefore you are bitten yourself. Other titlesin this range are Nicht Menschlich andInternational Terrorism, and all thosegames can be downloaded for a lump sum.Gryphon Games: Blockers- The Card Game,Cheeky Monkey, Cowtown, Fleet, Kohle,Kies & Knete - Das Kartenspiel, I‘m The BossThe Card Game, Monad, Pastiche, PirateDice: Voyage on the Rolling Seas, PizzaTheory, Sleuth, Venture, Zong Shi,FreebooterMiniaturesThe Skirmish Tabletop Freebooter’s Fate byWerner Klocke there is a set of 42 Equipmentstop voluntarily.Memovaders, on the other hand, is a cardgame, again intended for up to six players,ages 8+, who want to outmaneuver eachother with dexterity and memory. In Jetlagfor 2-4 players, ages 8+, you found an airline,buy aircraft and use strikes and bad weatheragainst the other players.cards in German and English with extensiverules on how to use them.28 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTFriedrich VerlagPart of the product range of Friedrich Verlagis the series of Kallmeyer Lernspiele, examplesfor the extensive program are given underKallmeyer Lernspiele.FryxgamesBrawling Barons is the new game for 2012,it was designed by Jonathan and BenjaminFryxelius and is intended for 2-3 players,ages 10+, who must prove their value to theaffordable version. In this adventure gamefor 2-8 players, ages 13+, by Daniel andThomas Fryxelius players search for a pathout of the wilderness and must take intoaccount the parameters of thirst, hungerand strength.FunForgeFor me, one of the visually most attractivegames of SPIEL was Tokaido by AntoineBauza; 2-5 players, ages 8+, travel on thesets are necessary to play. The ExpansionProxy Wars: Oath Bound Expansionsupplements the basic sets.GameHeadsking by erecting new buildings or givingmilitary support. Farmers can be turnedinto buildings and noblemen into militaryunits who then collect victory points at thefront line.Space Station was shown already in 2011,old Tokaido road from Kyoto to Edo inFeudal Japan, enjoy the landscape andculinary specialties as well as memorableencounters.GameEngineersProxy Wars by Roland Weiniger for 2 players,ages 13+, is an expandable card game in afictive setting in our times; players representDas kleine Bankett, produced incooperation with Heidelberger is a designby Michael Nietzer and Oliver Wolf. 8-20players, ages 6+, embody children fromdifferent countries, more exactly, siblingswho are accompanied by a pet, and wantto resolve riddles, tasks and missionswhile meeting each other and playingtogether. Some scenarios are cooperative,some competitive and all are planned forrepeated play.A mini promo expansion was available forDas Letzte Bankett, a new character in theit is a card game by Jakob Fryxelius; 2-6players, ages 12+, rival to build the biggest,best and most beautiful space station ofall times; supplements of crew and moneydepends on the shape of the station youbuild.Wilderness in its handmade luxury editionwas one of the eye-catchers of SPIEL 2011,this year the game was available in anone of the factions and use their agentsin a fight for control over a board that isgame of intrigues centered on the king: DasLetzte Bankett Contessa.Gary GamesFor the range of deck building gamesindividually constructed for each game.Available sets are Proxy Wars: MegaCorpand Proxy Wars: GreenEngage, bothwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 29t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Ascension a new expansion is available,Ascension: Immortal Heroes by RobertDougherty, John Fiorillo, Justin Gary andBrian M. Kibler; this set can be used as astand-alone game for 2 players, ages 8+, aswell as an expansion for Ascension: Stormof Souls; it takes the events from Storm ofSouls to their conclusion.GembloOnce again this year the new range ofGemblo games was exclusively provided bygame designer Justin Oh:A-Mart for 2-10 players, ages 6+, is a gameIf you are asked for a card and you hold it,you must hand it over, if not, it is your turnto ask for a card.Gemenot17 to a somewhat more tactical versionfor ambitious players who now can decideon shopping in which the goal is not to buyas much as one can but to remember whatyou bought.The games listed in some new releases listsin connection with Denys Lonshakov allname Sergey Golubkin as leading designer;Chinese Box, King of Bistro, Klondike:Goldrush as well as Times and Epochs:Troubles are projects by Sergey Golubkin,sometimes together with other designersand intended for publication under thelabel Gemenot, already used previously.Klondike: Goldrush not surprisinglyfeatures the topic of mining gold from aSmall Mine at the time of the gold rush.Times und Epochs: Troubles, designedthemselves on the level of difficulty.The date of release for Seven Swordsby Óscar Arévalo for 2 players, ages 14+,Bling Bling Gemstone for 2 - 7 players is aversion of Toc Toc Woodman, this time youknock gems out of a column.In Confusing Sun for 2-10 players, agestogether with Anatoly Okhapkin for 2-4players, ages 12+, uses the time of theRussian-Lithuanian conflicts for its topic.King of Bistro, with Maxim Istomin, is aduel of restaurants based on bidding andfinance management. I did not manage tofind any information on Chinese Box .announced for Essen, has been delayed; itis a game where one player controls sevenSamurai, and the other bandits who want toloot a village.Gerhards Spielund DesignThe new autumn release So läuft derHase was designed by Goran Veljkovic:Gen X Games6+, players try to spot combinations of suneruptions and Ufos near to the sun beforeanother player manages to do it.In World in Four 2-4 players, ages 7+, try tocollect set of country cards; you take themfrom a general display or from other players.Northwest Passage Adventure by A.Víctor Rojo Arias, Diego Martín de lasPueblas Encinas and Jaime Vega Romerasends 2-4 players, ages 10+, to discover thefamous passage with the help of their shipsand their skills and to collect the treasuresfound on the ways.After Stalag 17 from 2011 comes Stalag18 by Óscar Arévalo for 2-6 players, ages12+, as expansion or adaptation of Stalag2-4 players, ages 8(6)+, are hares and movein knight’s moves across the board whichholds orange, green and yellow marbles30 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTrepresenting carrots, salad and dandelion;you can only move to occupied squaresand take the marble. If you cannot jumpyou must quit the game.The new spring releases shown atNuremberg were presented to the publicat Essen:Mixtour by Dieter Stein is a tower buildinggame for 2 players, ages 10+; you constructArthur. Components from the expansionscan also be used with the basic game.Swordfish, designed together with DavideRizzi and intended for 2-6 players, ages14+, is a game on the topic of catchingof 2-5 players, ages 8+, a considerable advantage.Stratopolis by Annick Lobet for 2 players,ages 8+, is a game on areas of your owntowers, the color of the top piece determinesthe owner, but pieces on the board can onlymove to the top of a tower and the heightof the target tower determines the range ofmovement.Puzzle of Oz by David Parlett for 1-2 players,sword fish and trading the catch; you mustmanage boats, acquire craw and fuel andcleverly sail and fish.Wild Oltrenatura takes 2-4 players, ages 8+,to nearly untouched regions of our Earth;explorers land by parachute and must findcolor, you can either expand the area or goto the next level.In a kind of packaging new to Gigamic, thatis, a pretty tin, comes a range of three newgames:Panic Lab by Dominique Ehrhard is not anthe best paths on foot or swimming in orderto see and collect animals and to survive.ages 8+, demand to draw pieces from a bagblindly and place them on the board in away that pieces of the same color are notadjacent to each other either orthogonallyor diagonally.Ghenos GamesThe Italian company was presenting threenew titles, all designed by Pierluigi Frumusa:Lupin the Third: Back to Cagliostro &Stonehenge’s Blade is the first expansionfor Lupin the Third, for 2-5 players, ages 14+,featuring two new adventures: Gold Coinsof Caesar and Excalibur, the Sword of KingGigamicColor Pop by Lionel Borg for 1-5 players,ages 8+, is a game on color markers; youwant to be first to make your own color(s)abstract game, but a spotting game withdice for 2-10 players, ages 8+: the dice determinewhich amoeba has escaped fromwhere; if you find it first you score a point,but those beasties can undergo mutation!Home Sweet Home by Annick Lobet for 2-4disappear; you press one colored markerto make it disappear and the others in thatcolumn move!Next by Gil Druckman and Danny Hershkovitsis a dice game on combinations ofsymbols; you should achieve a combinationwith three dice or have given the next oneplayers, ages 8+, is a card game on creaturesof the sea, kraken and crabs do not want tocohabitate.Tea Time by Emanuelle Ornella for 2-4 play-www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 31t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012bets on horse racing, but it is not importantwhich horse wins but how much moneyyou can earn based on the race cards youhold.In Jungle Brunch by Luca Bellini and LucaBorsa 2-5 players, ages 6+, must find fodderGiochix.itThe game that attracted most attentionfrom the range of this company was CO 2by Vital Lacerda for 1-5 players, ages 12+;ers, ages 8+: All is set up for afternoon tea,,but are you still at home or did you passthrough the mirror? A game of logic on thecorrect guest, pairs of mirror images canceleach other out.GigantoskopThis year the company from Swedenbrought Big Badaboom by Daniel Ahlm,Christoffer Krämer and Johan Salomonssonfor 3-5 players, ages 10+, shaped like a bigfor the animals but take care not to be eatenthemselves. You place one card open andone card face-down; then you turn up cardsand execute them in order to determinewho eats and who is eaten.In cooperation with 0one Games GiochiUniti again presents Dungeon Ventureby Mario Barbati for 2-5 players, ages 10+.you are managers of Energy Companies,who must comply with the demands ofgovernments for new „green“ power plantsand stop pollution. One of the mechanicsin the game are CEPs, Carbon EmissionPermits, which you can buy, sell and use upfor energy infrastructure.Gladiatori by Michele Quondam sends 1-4players, ages 12+, into the arena, choice ofbomb; the game is a gigantic new editionof Badaboom. Goblins still try to escapefrom the Necromancer before perishing inthe explosion of a test bomb – assisted by anew kind of card, Resurrection cards!GiochiUnitiThe Italian producer and distributor hat twonew games on show:Bookmaker by Giuseppe De Carolis for3-9 players, ages 12+, features the topic ofDungeon Venture is an adaptation of Venture,a fantasy table top that you receive inthe guise of a PDF file which you must printand then assemble yourself.The Mystery of the Templars a game bySilvio Negri-Clementi for 2-4 players, agesactions move the characters, combat cardsgive strength and score points; characterscan be optimized and you must chooseyour deck and the abilities of a characterand participate in auctions for items.The Doge Ship by Marco Canetta andStefania Niccolini lets 2-5 players, ages 12+,take up the roles of Venetian ship builderswho are asked by the Doge to cooperate in14+, was again announced: Players areleaders of the order Knights Templar, whouse their knights as escort for pilgrimssearching for lost artifacts. But at the endpersecution starts and you win if youmanage the resources of the order best atits peak and at the end have preserved mostof them.the construction of his new ship. Adaptingto changing prices you must work on theship, build gondolas for money and set upbarriers to protect city and shipyard.32 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTGlobal GamesDistributionThis company was representing JapanimeGames, Coffee House Games and Player’sChoice at SPIEL.reign of Elisabeth I. of England and PhilippII. of Spain; it is the sequel game to Here IStand.Announced are:Space Empires: Close Encounters by JimGmeiner VerlagAgain, this year, there is a new game oncrime from Gmeiner, the new title is calledAuf der Flucht and was designed bySonja Klein for 2 players, ages 14+. Bothplayers investigate cases simultaneouslyCrown of Roses by Stephen A. Cuyler for2-4 players, ages 14+, simulates the Warof Roses in 15th century England; youKrohn for 1-4 players, ages 12+ featuresAlien encounters in entering maneuversand planet invasions, strengths andweaknesses are determined by ca. 20unique race abilities, plus more technology.Thunder Alley for 2-7 players, ages 10+,and alternate to be investigator andarrested thief. From location and escapevehicle cards you construct a case for youropponent and ask three questions on theescape.GMT GamesFrom the plentitude of new releases I havepicked those that are not featuring simulationsof WWII: 1989 Dawn of Freedom byJason Matthews and Ted Torgerson simulatesthe end of the Cold War and the endrepresent either Lancaster or York; in a gameof four players Stafford and Richard Nevillewith Richard of Warwick are added. Startingconstellations vary, the „unit blocks“ yieldlittle information on strength and set-up ofthe enemy.Dominant Species: The Card Game byChad Jensen is intended for 2-6 players,ages 13+, who represent one of six animalclasses at the start of an Ice Age – Mammals,reptiles, birds, amphibians, spiders orinsects. You use cards in order to dominateas many Biomes as possible.by Jeff and Carla Horger is ein Stock CarRacing game with card-driven race racemechanisms, each player controls 3-6 cards.Golden EggGamesFallen City of Karez by Elad Goldsteen wasa Kickstarter project, exactly nine copiesof the game made it to Essen. 2-5 players,ages 12+, are heads of one of the guildswho want to take over the City of Karezof the Soviet Empire in Europe for 2 players,ages 12+, including political, social and economicaspects.Andean Abyss by Volko Ruhnke is asimulation of the fight between guerillasand police for control of Columbia; for1-4 players, ages 12+, complete withkidnapping, drug wars, military actions andterror.Virgin Queen for 2-6 players, ages 14+, byEd Beach is based on the military, politicaland religious conflicts in Europe during thein the course of its rebuilding and mustmaintain the balance between rebuildingand defending the city.Also available is the Fallen City of KarezGolden Dragon Expansion with a deck ofnew alliance cards; if you draw the dragonwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 33t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012you must now plan to destroy Karez.No new releases for Autumn 2012.GoldsieberStille Post Extreme is a communicationsgame for 2-8 players, ages 8+; a word isGorilla GamesBattlestations: How Much for Your Planetis a design by Jeff Siadek and intendedGoliath ToysA widely varied range of new games forchildren and families was shown:Gitterrätsel Junior! adapts the gamemechanics of Gitterrätsel for 2-4 players,determined by dice roll, you draw the wordwith that number from your card and handon the block; the next one guesses at thedrawing, the then next draws what wasguessed, and so on.for 2-8 players, ages 12+; it is the fourthexpansion for Battlestations, basicallya playing aid presenting more than 50planets, eight new species as well as newspecial abilities and a campaign system forFree Traders.ages 4+; you are given picture/picture,picture/word or word/word tasks andsearch for a sequence of pictures, picture +word or a word only.Kackel Dackel Reisespiel for 2-4 players,Time no Time Junior is the junior editionof Time no Time, 2-8 players, ages 4+,complete tasks using the colored woodenGrannaFor a number of years the Polish companyhas been an exhibitor at Nuremberg, twoyears ago I spotted Granna games at thebooth of Red Gloves in Modena and nowthe company has arrived at SPIEL withages 4+, simplifies the mechanism of theoriginal game, Kackel Dackel need not befed, you only concentrate on his digestionproblems and – ecology-consciously –collect his droppings.Mr. Creepy’s Geisterschloss is agruesomely beautiful spooky castle, inwhich 2-4 players, ages 7+, must chasethe ghost back into its coffin and avoid thespooky traps of axe or rolling skull.cubes – build shapes, place cubes, balancecubes etc.Twisted Eyes is yet another drawing gamefor 2-4 players, ages 7+; but the active playeris wearing distorting glasses.Tayü, the placement game on canals andestuaries by Niek Neuwahl for 2-4 players,ages 7+, comes back in a new edition.German editions of Granna games.Flag ship of the series is Super Farmer,a game invented by Karol Borsuk morethan 60 years ago and enjoying incrediblepopularity in Poland; you own a farm andmust collect different animals, breed andswap them; dogs can chase away fox andwolf; the increase of animal numbers isdetermined by dice and animals already34 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTthere.The game has been revised and republishedas Rancho, Michał Stajszczak hasyou take blocks from a central display andplace it in your own display for specialpatterns and scores in a maximum of threelevels.The German titles are distributed byHeidelberger Spieleverlag.edition, first published in 1955.greater/than/gamesprovided some new rules details: You mustnow also acquire pasture areas in order tohouse the animals you collect.Hooop! by Adam Kałuża for 2-4 players,ages 7+, was presented at Nuremberg inFirst published in 2011, Sentinels of theMultiverse by Christopher Badell, PaulBender and Adam Rebottaro is re-publishedas Sentinels of the Multiverse EnhancedGry Leonardo/GraalMagnum Sal, the game on salt mining forthe king, is expanded by Magnum Sal:Muria by Marcin Krupiński and Filip Miłuńskifor now 2-5 players, ages 10+; in addition tothe fifth player there is now brine availablefor mining in addition to salt itself.Letnisko by Karol Madaj for 2-4 players,Edition. 2-5 players, ages 13+, are one of 10heroes in this cooperative card game with2009: Players try to bring their own frogs tothe starting leaves of opponents; the leavesare connected by planks and after each turnone plank is removed.Kraby, also designed by Adam Kałużafixed decks, facing one of four bad guys inone of 22 dynamic settings; the Expansionsages 8+, was on show as a prototype: Topicof the game is the development of summerresorts along the train track from Warsaw toObwock in the 1930ties.Also announced was Nehemiah by ŁukaszWoźniak for 2-4 players, ages 10+: After theand intended for 2-4 players, ages 7+, wasshown in 2010: Players are crab fisher andsearch bigger fishing grounds in tropicalwaters.Qubix originates in 2011, designed also byAdam Kałuża, and intended for 2-5 players;Rook City and Infernal Relics are available.Grosso Modofall of the Jerusalem wall, tribe and townare not safe anymore; Nehemiah directs therebuilding, players are leaders of Israelitetribes and use a new worker placementmechanism.War in the Mediterranean – in Rome &Carthage by Jean-René Vernes for 2-4players, ages 10+, you want to conquertwo capital cities of your opponents orcompletely destroy opposing armies. Newwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 35t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Gryphon GamesBlockers - The Card Game by Kory Heathadapts the mechanism of Blockers withcards for 2-4 players, ages 8+. You play acard for a row, column or 2x2 square for avictory point card from that area.A new edition of Cheeky Monkeys by ReinerKnizia comes in an enchanting package; aor of three cards „head-to-tail“ results inspecial actions.Fleet by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddlefor 2-4 players, ages 10+, picks up the topicof developing a formerly inaccessible andnewly discovered region for fishing andtrade.Kohle, Kies & Knete - Das Kartenspiel isis an adaptation of the board game bythe same name; it is based on the originalversion of the game in which 3-6 players,ages 9+, negotiate to own more moneythan all others at the end of the game.Also available as I‘m The Boss The CardGame.Pastiche, the color mixing game for 2-4per round on the board, but cannot put itnext to one of your own ingredients alreadyon the board. Then you decide on a numberfrom 1 to 6 and divide the pizza accordinglyinto pieces; if you have a majority in a partyou replace opponent’s ingredients withyour own.Three other classic games by Sid Sacksonare re-published in a series and are alsoplush monkey holds all the components;the game was already published in 2007 atPiatnik and then at Face2Face.In Cowtown by Richard Borg 3-6 players,ages 7+, place cards in stacks, either inplayers, ages 10+, by Sean D. MacDonald,has already seen several differenteditions and is now published again in aninternational edition.Pirate Dice: Voyage on the Rolling Seasavailable together in a Collectors Box:Monad is a game of swapping andcollecting; 2-4 players, ages 10+, swapcombinations of „warm“ and „cold“ colorsfor cards of higher levels Two to Five; for 2Fives you receive one Monad card and winwith the given number of Monadsseries of numbers or with the same number;playing of cards of other colors or of a „10“Sleuth is a deduction game with cards;3-7 players, ages 10+, search for one of 36gem cards, which is taken out of the gameby Sean Brown and Clint Herron for 2-54players, ages 12+, is a dice game; players arecaptains sailing a race against other piratesacross the Caribbean, you block, ram andshoot during this race.Pizza Theory, published by Ferti in French,comes from Greg and Brian Powers for 3players, ages 6+: You place one ingredient36 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTsecretly. The remaining cards are dealt toall players, who use cards from the searchdeck to ask other players about ownershipof certain cards.Venture is also a card game; 2-6 players,ages 13+, use card sets of different valuesto buy companies; sets with correspondingsymbols are worth more than the nominalvalue of the set.Zong Shi is a design by Kevin G. Nunn. 3-5players, ages 13+, want to become Masterthe game is Film Noir for 3-5 players, ages16+, a mixture of card game and storytelling;you score for protecting of your owninnocent and revealing of the culprit; if youreceive most accusations you are the culprit.HabaRegular as clockwork, each year Habapresents an enormous number of newreleases for all ages from toddler to schoolage,the games are sorted by series andtopics.The series Meine ersten Spiele is extendedwith two titles:Kleine Baumeister by Christiane Hüpperintended for 2-4 players, ages 4-6:3 Gnus und 7 Kakadus – fun with animalsin the Number Zoo, animal caretaker Fredhas a lot of work; he must count the animalsand put them into the right enclosureswithout losing one.Ab durch den Dschungel trains mobility,treasure hunters move through the jungleArtisan in a Medieval Chinese town; toachieve this you use a mix of resources,worker placement, action cards andfinished products.and must make the moves according to thedifferent obstacles.Monsterquatsch cleans up what the chaosmonster has left behind; in five versionsof the game language, vocabulary andGung Ho GamesDie Piraten von Nassau, announced andpresented as a prototype in 2011 and nowand Markus Nikisch offers a cooperativecollecting game for 1-3 players, ages 2+;there is a lot to do on the construction siteand players assist builder Tim.listening are used and trained.Was ist da los? features emotions; catFridolin watches people on the playgroundavailable, is a resources management gameby Richard Glazer for 3-5 players, ages 10+.From your base in Nassau you set sail forlooting trips as a pirate, collecting victorypoints for the title “most ruthless pirate”, forthe most unruly crew, for the best ship orthe biggest treasure.Shown in 2011, too, Vicious City by TomMerrigan is not yet available: The topic ofZählspaß by Imke Krämer and MarkusNikisch for 2-4 players, ages 2+; playersneed to feed the young animals with clovertogether with Farmer Tim, players assistwith counting and feeding animals.A new series in the program is called Fit fürden Einschulungstest and is intended tobe a preparation aid for this test; all gameswere designed by Kai Haferkamp and areand at the market, players explain behavior,emotions and situations.Die FEX Fit fürs Lernen series of educationalwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 37t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012games is expanded with two new titles, too;in both game as in all others the Fex effectoffers intensifying or expanding versions ofthe basic game.Ertappt und geschnappt! by Heinz Meistertrains fast reactions for 2-4 players, ages 6+,to identify the right suspect and to arresthim with the mission card.Wilde Meuterei by Markus Hagenaueroffers memory training for 2-5 players, ages7+; pirates split the loot; when a mistakehappens Parrot Koko sounds the alarm andmutiny follows.An educational game without serialplayers, ages 8+, travel through 51 countriesin Europe and guess, based on clues, wherethey currently are – the earlier you answercorrectly the more points you score.Biofino is a series of products by Hababy a crazy magician in the Magic Wood. Tochange them back to their normal self thecorrect items must be grabbed quickly.The series Mitbringspiele mini is expandedcomprising accessories for shop counters,doll’s kitchen and other role playingtoys; new are two sets - Grüner MarktMöhrenglück and Pizzeria Allegro:for both sets the package turns into thelocation, market stall or pizza oven, andaffiliation is Geheimcode 13+4 byJürgen P. K. Grunau for 2-4 players, ages8+, who intrude as secret agents into themuseum and crack the code of the securityinstallations in order to steal the Mask ofAmun Re.New in the series Terra Kids are two games:Entdeckerquiz Deutschland by KaiHaferkamp and Markus Nikisch is aknowledge quiz for 2-4 players, ages 8+,with an unusual checking mechanismfor correct solutions: you place chips forwith each set you can play rule-basedgames with the components.The series Mitbringspiele M also featurestwo new titles:Auf die Weide, fertig los! by Kirsten Hieseis intended for 2-4 players, ages 3+, animalsin the stable are hungry, the farmer is ill andplayers assist in feeding.In Burg Klettermax by Gunter Baars 2-4players, ages 4+, band together againstby Tierisch Rabatz! by Thilo Hutzler, againanimals have escaped, but Farmer Thilo canfind the animals with the help of playersand the noises of the animals.. Another newgame in the series is Hoppa Galoppa, wasdesigned by Heinz Meister; 2-4 players letjump their ponies over a pre-set track ofobstacles with the help of dice rolls.Hampelino expands the series Supermini,in the movement game by Kirsten Hiese2-5 players, ages 3+, must join togetherbody parts as demanded by task tiles, foranswers and in the window the correctsolution appears when you turn the disc.In Länder Europas by Markus Nikisch 2-4the greed of their king and want to takeback their treasures; in order to get overthe castle walls players build a tower out ofknights.New in the Mitbringspiele S series comesFieser Zauber by Fréderic Moyersoen; 2-4players, ages 5+, help travelers who look forthe Philosopher’s Stone and are bewitchedinstance touch an elbow with a foot. Thesecond supermini is Ich sehe was by Inka38 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTand Markus Brand, the Puzzle Bear hasdiscovered something and 2-5 players,und Wörter, Erstes Englisch, Sicher imStraßenverkehr and Zählen und Rechnen.The range of Familienspiele is extended bytwo new games.Eiskalt erwischt! by Heinz Meister sends2-4 players, ages 5+, into the Arctic Ice; Paulfinale is offered by Nacht der magischenSchatten by Kai Haferkamp, which is afamily game for 2-4 players, ages 4+, inwhich you must recognize and rememberthe shadow silhouettes of guests at theparty of the inmates of the magic wood.If you can say which magic being did notages 3+, need luck in their dice rolls for thecorrect questions.Wilde Wikinger Schatzjagd by WolfgangDirscherl is new in this series, too, 2-4players, ages 5+, go treasure hunting withthe help of dice. Yet another supermini isdance you may move forward your personalsmall magic being.Hall GamesSesam puzzle Dich by Joyce Johnson andKaren Hanke, 2-4 players, ages 5+, must putthe treasure map together and conquerThe new release for 2012 is called IlVecchio and was designed by Rüdiger Dorn;2-4 players, ages 10+, want to break up thedominance of the Medici in Florence; fortreasures in a cave.The well-known series Ratz-Fatz isexpanded within the Superminis series withfour new games called mini Ratz Fatz, alldesigned by Hajo Bücken and intended for1-4 players, ages 5+, they are BuchstabenPenguin wants to prevail in the Ice Oceanrodeo, players snip floes against the icebergto make fishes fall into the sea – PaulPenguin must not fall off!Highlight of the program and a fittingactions you need members of your familyon the spot, family members can travel. IlVecchio fights back via actins on Medicishields, which you must pick up during thecourse of the game. Coproduction withPegasus Spiele.Luna by Stefan Feld for 1-4 players, ages12+ a game on the topic of successionfor the Moon Priestess at the head ofwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 39t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Moon Goddess cult is re-published in acoproduction with Pegasus.Rialto by Stefan Feld for 2-5 players, ages10+, was also planned for a coproductionwith Pegasus Games, but was moved to2013. You earn victory points in Venice forbuilding bridges and placing of gondolasto connect quarters and for the erecting ofadvantageous buildings.unusual objects, the king judges theadvance in building and hands out coins orvictory points.A new edition is coming for Bruno Faidutti’ssuccessful game of Ohne Furcht und Adel,2-7 players, ages 10+, take on a secret roleHans im GlückCarcassonne Winter-Edition by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede introduces 2-4 players, ages8+, to Carcassonnne in winter; the landscapeis covered with snow, but all do their usualin each round and use the ability of the roleto secure valuable buildings for themselves,paying for them with gold. The new editionintroduces 15 new action cards, e.g. Seer orAcrobat, to support the roles.In the seventh expansion for Dominion,called Dominion Dark Ages, by DonaldX. Vaccarino for 2-4 players, ages 8+, badtimes have hit the kingdom, you dwell inyou are the one who must implement thespell.Sticky Stickz is a collecting and dexteritygame for 2-5 players, ages 8+, in which youmust collect monsters according to the rollof dice; published in Europe by Libellud.HasbroAt SPIEL games were presented again thatwere already shown at Nuremberg:Bop it! Smash – Yet another new memberfor the Bop it! range, for 1 or more players,jobs; a familiar game in a new setting andwith 12 additional tiles. CarcassonneWinter Edition Der Lebkuchenmann is asmall expansion for the Winter edition, heis moved when a tile carrying his symbol isplaced and leaves gifts for the knights in thecity he just vacated.Die Paläste von Carrara is a joint design byWolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, 2-4shelters, wish ruins upon other players andtry your hand at begging. Central topics ofthe expansion are garbage and upgrading.Happy BaobabThe cheerful tree hat brought two newreleases from Korea: Spooky Spells by DaveChoi for 3-10 players, ages 8+, is a party andcommunication game: You invent a spell fora player which this player must implement,then you play cards to fend off the magicstones, because if you own most of themages 8+, in this version only with light! Atthe start of the game you smash, that is,press the ends of the device together; it offersthree versions: Solo, Pass on and Party.Elektronisches Battleship – Based onthe recent film in this electronic version 12players, ages 8+, play Alien armies vs. USMarine. An operator explains, gives ordersplayers, ages 12+, are tasked as an Italiannoble family with erecting magnificentbuildings and decorating them withand guides through three ways to play.Monopoly Millionär for 2-4 players, ages8+, introduces a new version with a newgoal: you want to be the first to own onemillion cast. The basic rules of Monopolyapply, new is the upgrading of playingpieces; Income on start and the result of40 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTor you can attach your own MP3 player anddance to your private music.Trivial Pursuit Familien Edition for 2-6players, ages 8+, is a new complete editionwith movers and board, new questions andnew components; the joker symbol on thedie allows you to jump to the next cornerthe inquisition; you try to catch the Elder ofan opposing clan.Der Heidelbär Wald und WiesenEdition and Der Heidelbär WildeWasser are expansions for the associationsome millionaire cards is influenced by thestage of the figure.Monopoly Zapped for 2-4 players, ages8+, combines the classic game with an iPadApp which works together with the touchcards as a band, allows you actions evenwhen you are in prison, offers mini gamessquare.HCM Kinzelgame by Frank Stark; 3-6 players, ages 10+,must find and describe terms which containthe terms Reh, Kuh or Wal.Dingensbummens by Andreas Pelikanfor 1-8 players, ages 10+, has beenannounced, but is not in the final stages ofdevelopment; the same goes for Zippersas effect of event or community spot andadministrates the complete game.Spiel des Lebens Zapped for 2-6 players,ages 8+, is another adaptation of a boardgame for a combination with an iPad App,which here replaces the Wheel of Life andyou receive instructions from the App onspots that are marked accordingly.Twister Dance Britney Spears for 1-2players, ages 8+, holds four discs in fourcolors for each player, you place themaccording to the prerequisites for the song,As a distributor the company offers a widerange of games, puzzles, children gamesand also toys, spearheaded by the range ofThinkfun products.HeidelbergerSpieleverlagBy far the most varied range and the biggestcontribution to this report are offered byHeidelberger Spieleverlag. Therefore againthis year this section has been divided intoHeidelberger in-house products, then allGerman edition of Fantasy Flight gamesand coproductions with Fantasy Flight andothers. Some of those games were alreadyannounced in Nuremberg, and as is to beexpected with such a huge range somedelays and changes in the program did andwill happen:Heidelberger titles:Bloodbound is announced in the newreleases list of Spiel as a deduction gameby Kalle Kenzer, in which 6-13 playersrepresent a clan member or a member ofby Klaus Altenburger, which is a game oninterlocking but separate parts of termdescriptions.Erwischt Vermischt by Michael Palm andLukas Zach for 4-60 players, ages 10+: In thisversion of Erwischt you must implement awww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 41t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012quirk, for instance clap when a conditionis met, for instance when someone laughs.You try to make your quirk appear normaland find out the quirks of other players.Oh Sultan by Alex Weldon is a derivate ofthe werewolf game family, it is a deductiongame for 5-15 players, ages 12; players faceeach other as sultan or assassin, you scorefor completed assignments and play fiverounds.Titten Ärsche Sonnenschein by WalterSchranz is a placement game for 2-5players, ages 8+, competing for deck chairs,sunscreens and other tourist attractions.German-language editions of FantasyFlight Games:Android Netrunner is the latest Living CardGame from FFG for 2 players, ages 13+,designed by Richard Garfield and basedon the former Trading Card game of thesame name; the German edition has beenannounced for 2013.Das Ältere Zeichen is the German edition ofElder Sign, a cooperative Fantasy adventuregame set in the Cthulhu universe, designedfor 1-8 players, ages 13+, by Richard Launiusand Kevin Wilson; it was published in July.Der Eiserne Thron Ein Tanz mit Drachenis an expansion for the board game DerEiserne Thron Zweite Edition, by Eric M.Lang, Nate French and Christian T. Petersen;it features 42 house cards and a scenario forexactly six players, set in Zeit der Krähen, DerSohn des Greifen and Ein Tanz mit Drachen.Der Herr Der Ringe Der Kleine HobbitÜber den Berg und Unter den Berg Sagaby Nate French for 1-2 players, ages 13+, isthe first so called Saga expansion for theLiving Card Game, the three scenarios of theSaga tell the story of the first half of BilbosJourney to the Lonely Mountain.Descent Zweite Edition Reise ins Dunkelis a new edition of the epic fantasyadventure, intended for 2-4 players, ages14+, by Corey Konieczka, Daniel Clark andAdam Sadler; the game has been revised,the rules were intensified, and at the sametime the combat and character system hasbeen adapted for newcomers to the game;heroes are even more a part of the story.If you would like to adapt your Descent FirstEdition you can do so by using DescentZweite Edition: Die Reise ins DunkelUpgrade Kit, which takes heroes andmonsters into the 2 nd edition.Game of Thrones HBO Edition has beenannounced for 2013; it is meant for 2players, ages 14+, and designed by Eric M.Lang, Christian T. Petersen and Nate French,based on the HBO series using simplifiedand condensed rules taken from the Gameof Thrones LCG.Gears of War Missionspack 1 is the firstexpansion for Gears of War, for 1-4 players,ages 12+, and designed by Corey Konieczka,it features two new missions, six newenemies and series of new KI cards.Hey, danke für den Fisch! is the Germanedition of Hey, that’s my Fish and also anew edition of Pingvinas / Packeis am Pol /Pinguin deluxe by Günter Cornett and AlvydasJakeliunas, a placement and collectinggame on catching fish by moving over iceflows that get more and more scarce.Kingdoms by Reiner Knizia is alsopublished afresh, in the placement gamefor 2-4 players, ages 9+, you place castles in42 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTthe best possible way to avoid dragons andother negative effects.Rune Age: Schwur und Amboss for 2-4your maneuvers on the maneuver wheeland then implement them; you win whenthe opponent’s ships are destroyed or whenthe mission target is completed.Talisman: Die magische Suche 4. Edition,the basic game by Robert Harris in theTwilight Imperium: Rex is is a resourcesmanagement game for 3-6 players,ages 14+, by Corey Konieczka, JohnGoodenough, Bill Kittredge, Peter Olotkaand Jack Eberle; you take on one of the greatraces, with unique advantages for economy,military, strategy or treason for control andvictory. If you control the necessary numberof outposts, either alone or in an alliance orif you comply with victory conditions after 8rounds you win the game.Talisman Saga is now finally appearing atHeidelberger, too! This is supplementedplayers, ages 14+, by Corey Konieczka,offers two new races, Orks der ZerklüftetenEbenen and Zwerge von Dunwarr, plus twonew units for each of the other races, for usein two new scenarios.Runewars Banners of War is announcedby the expansion Talisman Die Drachen,by John Goodenough for 2-6 players, ages9+, there is a new double-sided Innerregion with a Dragon Tower; TalismanWarhammer 40.000 Schwarzer Kreuzzugis a stand-alone expansion for theWarhammer 40.000 role playing game for3-6 players, ages 12+; you can now playas Agent of Chaos, as Chaos Space Marineor human follower with new charactermotivations which question if Chaos isreally evil.Expansions and print-on-demandexpansions for Living Card Games andfor December, the expansion for 2-4 players,ages 13+, again by Corey Konieczka,introduces new types of units – two perfaction – and new development card foralready existing units.Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game is asimulation of the space battles from StarDer Blutmond is announced, again anexpansion by John Goodenough and, asusual, for 2-6 players, but this time for ages14+; it features new cards, spells, a timecard, alternative game end cards and a newcreature Werewolf.Role Playing Systems:Der Herr der Ringe LCG: Erben von NumenorDie Schlachten von Westeros: HausWars, a miniatures game for 2 players, ages4+, and designed by Jason Little; you planBaratheonGame of Thrones Der Eiserne Thron LCG: ImBanne des KrakenWarhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader: Edge ofthe Abbyswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 43t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Warhammer 40.000 Schattenjäger: Blut derMärtyrerWindeWarhammer Invasion Blutquest Schild derGötterWarhammer Invasion Blutquest Omen desUnheilsWarhammer Invasion Endloser Krieg DieWarhammer 40.000 Schattenjäger:DämonenjägerWarhammer Fantasy Dreadfleet KapitänTage des BlutesWarhammer Invasion Endloser Krieg DerRacheschwurGerman language editions of gamesfrom other publishers:Alcatraz: Verrat hinter Gittern offers aninteresting mechanism for a cooperativeacquisition game including a traitor. Inthe game by Rafał Cywicki, KrzysztofCywicki and Krzysztof Hanusz 3-4 players,ages 15+, want to escape from Alcatraztogether. In planning the escape theprisoners complete certain tasks as oneof the 6 parts of the plan. When all playerstogether hold all 6 elements, the playersinvolved escape and win. If you cannotcontribute something essential you remainWarhammer Fantasy Der FeuerordenWarhammer Fantasy Ein Sturm zieht auf,KampagnenbandWarhammer Fantasy Im Namen Sigmars,Print-on-DemandWarhammer Fantasy Im Namen Shallyas,Print-on-DemandCoproductions with other publishers:Castles by Harald Bilz turns 2-4 players, ages13+, into builders who should constructa marvelous and as complete as possiblepalace from materials that are at hand, butnot necessarily fitting. Necessary abilitiesare imagination, talent for improvisationand architectural mischievousness.Coproduction with Post ScriptumDas kleine Bankett, produced inbehind and lose. Alcatraz: The Scapegoat -Höchste Sicherheitsstufe by Rafał Cywicki,Krzysztof Cywicki and Krzysztof Hanuszis the first expansion for Alcatraz: Verrathinter Gittern for 3-5 players, ages 15+, andintroduces a Chief of Security, Penalty cardsand the Flatterer, who cannot complete aWarhammer Fantasy Werkzeuge desAbenteurersWarhammer Fantasy Kreaturen-ArsenalWarhammer Fantasy Spielleiter-HandbuchWarhammer Invasion Blutquest Gefäß dercooperation with Heidelberger is a designby Michael Nietzer and Oliver Wolf. 8-20players, ages 6+, embody children fromdifferent countries, more exactly, siblingswho are accompanied by a pet, and wantto resolve riddles, tasks and missionswhile meeting each other and playingtogether. Some scenarios are cooperative,some competitive and all are planned forrepeated play.task but cannot turn Scapegoat either. Bothgames are published by Kuźnia Gier.Aztlán Aufstieg der Azteken, publishedby Ares Games and by Leo Colovini for 3-4players, ages 13+, tells the story of fourtribes and their development; they mustcoexist peacefully on one hand to prosper,but to prosper they need the help of theirgods and for this they must fight and offer44 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTGinkgopolis by Xavier Georges comes fromPearl Games and is intended for 1-5 players,ages 10+. You are city planners and buildcities in harmony with nature and acquirevictory points for building and operatingsacrifices.For Der Ringkrieg 2. Edition by Robertodi Meglio, Marco Maggi and FrancescoNepitello there is a new expansion, DieHerren von Mittelerde. This expansionintroduces separate figurines and rulesfor characters previously only featured oncards, for instance Elrond, Elrond, Galadriel,Sméagol, Gothmog and the Balrog ofMoria, plus alternate versions of Gandalf,the Witches King and Saurons Mouth asguards and external activities.Flash Point Flammendes Inferno is theGerman edition of Flash Point, published byIndie Boards & Cards. 1-6 players, ages 10+,cooperate in this placement and dice gamebuildings.Goblins Inc. by Filip Neduk lets 2-4 players,ages 12+, rival for building the best robot;in two turns the two players of a teamalternate in the roles of designer and builderand then in the combat phase in the roles ofpilot and tactician.well as special action dice and individualfigurines for Aragorn and Gandalf theWhite. Published by Ares.Der Widerstand by Don Eskridge isthe German edition of The Resistance,published in 2010 by Indie Board &Cards. 5-10 players, ages 13+, want in thisdeduction game on secret identities eitherto unseat the government or to snuff outresistance; you win with three successful orby Kevin Lanzing to save victims from theburning building before its collapse.Galaxy Trucker: Noch eine großeErweiterung is the second expansion fromCGE for Galaxy Trucker, by Vlaada Chvátilfor 2-5 players, ages 10+. The expansionfeatures new cards, classes of ships andhiring of new support teams and aliens canInnovation by Carl Chudyk, published byAsmadi and Iello, turns 2-4 players, ages14+, into leaders of a civilization, which theymust guide from Stone Age to Digital Age;for this ingenious invention, epoch-makingideas, tactic and readiness to take risks.King of Tokyo by Richard Garfield for 2-6players, ages 8+, taking over Tokyo withtheir own monster, is expanded with Kingof Tokyo Power up!, featuring the newnow enter the ship and eat crew members.Geile Idee is the German edition of ABig Idea from FunForge and is a designby James Ernest; a party game on tellingstories for 3-6 players, a new edition of thegame originally published by Cheapass.three failed missions.For the first successful game of Pearl gamesthere is a first expansion, its German titleis Die Damen von Troyes, designed bySébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges andAlain Orban; the ladies introduce fivemodules ranging from character cards vianew action cards to even cards, but alsofeature heads of families and city wall withmonster Pandekai and individual evolutioncards for each monster, with eitherpermanent or temporary effects.Already presented in 2011, Mysterien derTempler is now scheduled for release in2013 in cooperation with Giochi Uniti; itis a resources management game for 2-4www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 45t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012players, ages 12+, by Silvio Negri-Clementi,on the history of the Knights Templar.Olympus by Andrea Chiarvesio and LucaIennaco takes 3-5 players into ancient citynew Investigators, Trauma, Mythos andCombat cards as well as three stories onthe Horrors of Science as well as new roomswith new clues and puzzles. Villen desWahnsinns Der Hexensabbat is a printon-demandexpansion and sends playerson a trip against time. Additional such printon-demandexpansions are Bis Dass derTod uns Scheidet and Die silberne Tafel.Wings of Glory WWI Regel und ZubehörPack by Andrea Angiolino and Pier GiorgioPaglia extends the Wings of Glory gamestates, where you attend to populationgrowth, cultural development as well aswar and erecting of buildings and temples,because only with the help of the gods willyou dominate at Peloponnesus.Spartacus: A Game of Blood &Treachery by Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski andSean Sweigart. 3-4 players, ages 17+, areheads of a family in times of ancient Romeand try for influence and favor in Rome. Youcombine political maneuvers and gloriousfights in the arena. Gladiators on the otherhand rival for personal fame and influenceon their owners. Original game publishesby Battlefront Miniatures.Titan by Jason B. MacAllister and David A.Trampler for 2-6 players, ages 12+, is alsoscheduled for a new edition; you controlgroups of monsters and must quit the gamewhen your own Titan is destroyed.Tzolk‘in: The Mayan Calendar by SimoneLuciani and Daniele Tascini for 2-4 players,ages 12+, was creating a big stir with its cogwheels on the board. Those wheels regulateaccess to resources and also the passing oftime between scorings; grain is food andcurrency; actions are production, resources,buildings or technologies and – sometimes– influence on the gods.Villen des Wahnsinns by Corey Konieczkais expanded with Verbotene Alchemie,again for 2-6 players, ages 13+, featuringsystem on air combat in WWI and WWII -this pack offers rules and other accessories,the airplane miniatures are available inseparate Airplane Packs or in the completeStarter Set. Mit Ares Games.Partners of Heidelberger for coproductionsand distribution:Albe PavoAleaArcane WondersAresArgentumCranio CreationsCwaliCzech GamesEdizione Lo ScrabeoEmma GamesFantasy Flight GamesFeder & SchwertFertiFlying FrogFunForgeGameHeadsGemKlubGhenosGiftTrapGrannaHall GamesIelloIgramoonIndie Boards & CardsKrokospielKuźnia GierLe Scorpion MasqueMesaboardgamesNürnberger Spielkarten VerlagPearl GamesPlacentia GamesPD VerlagPost ScriptumScribabs46 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTHELVETIA GamesThis newcomer from Switzerland uses itsname as declaration of intent and showstwo new games with Swiss-related topics;both games are set in a Fantasy worldwith strong resemblance to Switzerland.Helvetia Cup by Frank Crittin andGrégoire Largey is a soccer simulationfinance market; when a player is rated “Junk”in the rating phase the game ends and youwin with the lowest debt.Hobby WorldThe Russian publisher/distributor Hobbyworldwas offering Metro 2033 by SergeyGolubkin for 2-6 players, ages 12+. Thegame had already been announced in 2011and is based on a series of science fictionpunish them with earthquakes and othercalamities.Crusoe by Alberto Corral for 1-4 players,ages 12+, has been announced again, as in2011; it is also scheduled to be publishedby Lookout Spiele and is a new edition ofNaufragos, a semi-cooperative game onfour castaways on an island.HomosapiensLabIn Ant Nest by Chen Zhifan for 2 players,ages 8+, the Queen of the Hive wants tofeaturing dragons; 2 players, ages 6+, traintheir team and play single matches andchampionships.Shafausa by Christophe Borgeat for2-6 players, ages 8+, is a game on thenovels by Dmitry Glkhjovsky and is a gameof adventures and strategy set a post-apocalypticworld in the underground tunnels ofthe former Muscovite Subway, which turnsinto shelter and new economic base.HomoLudicusmove and tasks two ant engineers withconstructing the new nest; but those tworival for building the best one and hindereach other.Boom!! by Kuraki Mura for 2-10 players,ages 8+, is a card and dice game; you mustThe Spanish publisher was presentingKalua by Carlos Moreno Serrano for 3-5exploitation of resources, which werediscovered by the dwarves of Shafausa;each player represents one of the peoplesin Helvetia and try to enlarge the assets ofthe people.HeptagonVerlagThe second game of this company is calledTrust, is intended for 3-6 players, ages 12+,and designed by Thomas Müller; as a government,bank or or company you are involvedwith bonds and shares in the globalplayers, ages 10+: In this card game fivereligions rival for the position of the oneand only one; players are one of fivegods and reward their followers with richharvests, good weather and well-being, oreliminate other players but keep yourdistance so that they cannot fulfill theirtasks.Dice‘s Zoo is also a design of Kuraki Mura,2-4 players, ages 6+, try to be first to playall 12 dice. You must either play a biggeranimal or the same animal with a highernumber. When you play an animal you canuse its special ability.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 47t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012HUCH & friendsThe program offers a wide range of childengames to party games and logic puzzles:Babar und die Abenteuer von Badou -Das Kartenspiel, by Arno Steinwender andWilfried Lepuschitz is a card shedding gameplayers, ages 12+, based on „two minds, oneidea“; you try to guess at ideas, conceptionsand thoughts of your fellow players toachieve identical terms and correlations.QBQ is an abstract placement game for 2-4players, ages 8+, licensed from Mindtwister.You begin with four cubes of a color in thepossible.In the party game Scheibenkleister byKristian Amundsen Østby 3-12 players,ages 12+, must explain and guess words;one player explains, his neighbor is a „TrapPlacer“ whose can give additional hintswhen the word is not guessed at correctly.The logic puzzles in the Huch! & friendsrange are published under the Logikuslabel:Jozsef Bognar is the designer of Bognar’sBrainteasers, intended for 1 or more players,based on the adventures of Babar and hisfriends, intended for 2-6 players, ages 5+;You place your friends cards correspondingto the adventure card on the table.Babar und die Abenteuer von Badou -Das spannende Suchspiel by Karin Hetlingis a spotting game for 2-4 players, ages 4+,which includes all of the room; four palmtrees are hidden in the room, a friends cardis placed next to each tree, and then a colordie determines which card must be found.Jagdrevier is Kommissar Kluftingerssecond crime case. In the deductiongame by Sybille and Wolfgang Dirscherlcorner of the board opposite to the corner ofyour color. With those cubes and five cubesfrom stock you try to be first to construct atarget shape: four cubes in a square, eightcubes in a cube or nine cubes in a square.Voll ins Schwarze by Touko Tahkokalliofor 2-7 players, ages 8+, demands goodassessments as answers to questionsages 7+; Bognar’s Brainteaser, DragonTreasure demands figuring out a path tothe dragon’s treasure by arranging of thepath segments; in Smiles you must arrangefaces by turning, pressing and sliding sothat they all face the same direction.from a total of five categories; but you canonly answer the question with one of fivenumber cards between 1 and 80, which youdrew randomly at the start of the game; youtry to get as near to the correct answer as isFor Cobra Twist by Ariel Laden for 1or moreplayers, ages 7+, you must arrange cubesshowing parts of a snake’s body in a wayfor 2-5 players, ages 8+, investigatorplayers win when they identify the culpritafter 10 rounds and name five correctcharacteristics;, in your only attempt. Theculprit wins when not identified in time.Konsensus, on the other hand, is somethingdifferent - a game of associations for 3-648 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTthat the snake pictured on the task card isformed. Crazy Office by Inon Kohn for 1player, ages 7+, puts an office topic at thebase of the logic puzzle; you must tidy upan office by following up the clues on oneof 55 different task cards. Move it! tasks 1player, ages 6+, with relocating the piecesof the game until the arrangement givenon the task card has been achieved.Triovision Master is a sequel to Triovisionin cooperation with IQ Spiele, by SusanneGalonska and Wolfgang Dirscherl; 1-6players, ages 7+, may relocate one pieceto achieve the combination of color andshapes necessary for the taskng to the task.Other games under the aegis of Huch! &friends:Keyflower, R & D GamesHurrican GamesThe hurricane has this year blown onenew game to Essen: Lady Alice by LudovicGaillard for3-5 players, ages 8+: SherlockHolmes introduces the Baker Street Kids tothe nicer details of detective work and usesthe case „Henry Morton Stanley und dasSchiff Lady Alice“ for a teaching sample. Youmust find out who has abducted Stanleywhen and with the help of which tool.Hutter TradeThe distribution company of Huch! & friendsworks as distributor for different companiesand also publishes German editions ofgames from those companies:Cocktail Games / InterludeGmeinerIQ-SpieleMegableuOberschwäbische MagnetspieleR&D GamesSiriusThe Creativity HubWhat’s Your Game?ZvezdaIelloKing of Tokyo by Richard Garfield for 2-6players, ages 8+, taking over Tokyo withtheir own monster, is expanded with Kingof Tokyo Power up!, featuring the newmonster Pandekai and individual evolutioncards for each monster, with eitherpermanent or temporary effects.In Mythic Battles by Benôit Vogt 2-4players, ages 14+, engage each other inbattles taken from Greek mythology; youare a general of your army, activate unitsand use the characteristics and abilities ofthose units; activated units can move andattack.Uchronia by Carl Chudyk puts 2-5 players,ages 14+, into the role of heads of noblehouses which are competing with otherhouses in order to construct the best cityand to acquire most followers. Cards of thegame are used as resource, activity or order;finished buildings give you special abilitiesto use for the rest of the game.Whizz Bing Bang is a design of AntoineRiot; in the card game for 3-6 players, ages8+, you read the text of the top card andact accordingly - play in the same direction,change direction, same direction and leaveout next player or hit Boom and say Boom!A mistake loses you markers, when you loseyour boom marker you and the game. Thegame was announced, but not available.Editions of games from other companies:Convoi / Konvoi by Ignacy Trzewiczekfor 2 players, ages 8+, is published as acoproduction of Portal Publishing andIello in German, English, French and Polisheditions and is set in the Neuroshimauniverse: Machine Juggernauts are on themarch to New York and will destroy thetown when the soldiers of the OutpostArmy fail to stop their advance.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 49t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012IgramoonThe booth stands out with its decorationthat perfectly mirrors the theme of thegame, there was no new game, Expeditiongames; you choose your hero from aplenitude of possibilities and boast abouthim; but boasting has consequences in the50 encounters hat are included in the game.You will die, that is a given, but hopefullywith most gold!The Resistance: Avalon by Don EskridgeSumatra and its expansion/sequelExpedition Sumatra Dadu Dadu, by BrittaStöckmann and Jens Jahnke for 2-4 players,ages 8+, were shown.IgrologyAt the booth of Hobby World one could alsofind the Russian publisher Igrology showingassemble treasure maps and to discovergold coins. Cards are heaped on the tablefor “sand” and you take one that is freelyaccessible; when there is no “free” card youblow on the pile in order to re-distribute thesand. Panik by Alain Rivollet for 2-4 players,ages 7+, was announced and not yetavailable; ghosts have infiltrated the housesin town and players each direct a group ofghost hunters.Indie Board & CardsAs a sequel to the very successful gamefrom 2011, Flash Point Fire Rescue, thereis now an expansion called Flash Point:for 5-10 players, ages 13+, introduces anew topic for the game mechanics fromThe Resistance; in the guise of Arthur andhis Knights you must defend the future ofBritannia against Mordred and his minions;Merlin knows the traitors, but can only assistwith riddles.InnovativeGames CreationA publisher from Essen presented at EssenCosmic Empires by Alexander Gyulai for2-5 players, ages 12+: Cosmic Empires is agame set in space and played on a modularSeptikon by Konstantin Seleznev: 2 players,ages 10+, contest each other for the miningof uranium with the help of orbital combatand mining installations in an asteroid beltrich in uranium reserves.IlopeliAfter Antarktik, published in Spring, thereis now also an autumn release from theFrench publisher: Skeleton Island byFlorian Fay; 2-4 players, ages 5+, try toFire Rescue 2nd Story, designed by LutzPietschker for 2-6 players, ages 10+; thebasic game is expanded by 2 double sidedboards and markers for ladders, explosionsand more; each board is a level of a buildingand you have more square footage to lookafter and fight fires on.Flashpoint: Fire Rescue Urban Structuresby Kevin Lanzing is an expansion thatoriginates from 2011; it was available inlimited numbers and contains a board,a specialist card and rules specific to theadditional board.Gauntlet of Fools by Donald X. Vaccarinofor 2-6 players, ages 13+, is an adventureboard; five faction meet in a contested solarsystem and you try to meet your own secretmission before the other factions completetheirs.InstytutPamięci NarodowejFrom Poland comes „The Instituteof National Remembrance“ and hasKolejka by Karol Madaj to show, intendedfor 2-5 players, ages 12+. The game tellsthe story of daily life in Poland at the end ofthe Communist Era, each player sends outhis family members in order to queue upat shops and work through their shoppinglists.50 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTiPhonegamesEight is a game that can be played on alldevices from iPhone to Kindle and whichexists also as a non-electronic variant:You roll 8 dice and try to achieve the bestAverara did present his idea for dice:Irondie for 2 players, ages 13+: There arenine different kinds of dice, all are madefrom a special alloy and come in eightcolors to be used in all kinds of differentgames, but also as a stand-alone game witha personalized set.Irongamesfor another. This is supplemented withcomponents for a seventh player.JactaleaButton Up! by Bruno Cathala for 2 players,ages 8+, has already been presentedBernd Eisenstein had this year no newgame to offer, he concentrated instead onexpansions to his already published games.PAX: Nocturnus is an expansion for PAX forpossible score of points; if you achievecertain results you must reroll some dice.IQ-Spielein Spring at Cannes. Two players fight eachother in a War of Buttons, the playing piecesare stacked and redistributed around thecircle; when all buttons are assembled inAlready announced and available inNuremberg and presented again wasSchafköpfchen by Klaus Miltenberger andKerstin Wallner. 2-4 players, ages 8+, are1-4 players, ages 10+, and introduces threenew kinds of cards, which also add to theplaying time, as you play until all cards havebeen used.introduced to the principal mechanics oftrick taking card games in this simplifiedand version of Schafkopf which wasadapted for children.Triovision Master is published in acoproduction with Huch! & friends.IrondrakeAlready in 2010, then under a differentcompany name, that is, Blue Star, DavidePergamemnon: Antebellum for 2-7players, ages 12+, comprises two newnations for the deck building game:Germans and Macedonians; furthermore,the loser of a battle can now acquire a newability.Peloponnes: Ziegen Erweiterung for2-6 players, ages 10+, introduces a newresource, goats, and a trade expansion,with which the last player in playing orderin a round can swap one commodityone stack the game is scored.Docker by Ingo Althöfer, Hilko Drude andReinhold Wittig uses the game mechanicsof Omba for 2-4 players, ages 8+: you rolldice and move either a marker on the boardor introduce a marker to the board; markerswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 51t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012on occupied squares are caught by placinga marker on top of them; if you cannot moveyou are out of the game, your markers stayon the board.Okiya is a new edition of Kamon by BrunoCathala for 2 players, ages 7; the tilesfeaturing four kinds of plants and symbolsare laid out; in your turn you remove a tileand place a Geisha; the other player can nowremove a tile that shows the same plant orthe same symbol; you win if you place fourof your Geishas in a row or in a square of 2x2or if you hinder your opponent to move.JapanimeGamesThe American representative for ArclightGames and the deck building game TantoCuore showed Kanzume Goddess by Zhumowers are racing each other and you wantto be faster as your neighbor and ratherthrow something over the fence into hisgarden before he does the same to you.Jira‘s GamesJiri Mikolas this year was presentingAristoocrazy : 2-4 players, ages 12+,concern themselves with relationshipswithin noble family; each player starts witha couple and has a total of 10 individualcharacters at his disposal, five men and fivewomen, whose abilities are used controlareas, but offspring from persons tooclosely can cause problems.5+, is a game of actions and memory, inwhich you must remember positions andenact them.Chop Chop by Hyo-Jong You and Jong-Ho Kim is a dexterity training game for 2-4players, ages 5+, in which you use ChopSticks to collect different kinds of fruits andto place them on your plate.Jolly ThinkersJolly Thinkers is a Korean organization thatconcerns itself with Education and GamePlay, operates Game Cafés and GameClubs and also trades in games. In EssenRong, a deck building game for 2-6 players,ages 10+, and currently a KickstarterProject on the topic of Greek versus NordicMythology; each player represents one ofthe deities.Japon BrandThe Japanese distribution cooperationhad brought twelve games to the show,published by those companies: Arclight- Kadokawa Shoten - Kanai Factory -Nekomado Co. - Okazu Brand - Saikikaku -Show Enterprises and Tamakonnyaku.jhox SpieleA new small publisher presentedGiftzwerge for 2-6 players, ages 6+; lawnŽivot v Česku for 2-5 players, ages 8+, waspresented at Essen for testing purposes;it was to be checked for the possibility toadapt the game topic and mechanisms toother countries or cultural concepts; topic ofthe game is daily life in the Czech Republic.JoenThe Korean publisher was part of the KoreanPavilion and hat two new games to show:Cculele Champion for 2-10 players, agesthey showed Pick-a-Dog, a card game byTorsten Landvogt for 1-8 players, ages 8+;you grab cards from a pile which must beidentical to card you took in your previousmove or can only deviate from this card inone single characteristic. Pick-a-Pig is thesame game featuring images of piglets;if you think there is no correct card to befound anymore you end the round and,depending on if you are correct or not, youkeep or lose all collected cards.52 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTJumboThe top items in the range are still the iPawngames in which you place your playingpiece onto the iPad and the device recognizesthe pieces which then activate specialfeatures. Special attention was given toiPawn Pool Billiards and Stratego.Furthermore, other titles already shown in3+; you must find all five patterns for theirdance.The range of the well-known Party & Cogames is extended by the version of Party& Co Girls for 2 or more players, ages 8-14:Sarah will take this friend to Europe who isfirst to bring her four accessories by solvingtasks and reaches the airport with her passport.Party & Co Summer is yet anotheredition of Party & Co featuring 225 tasks.PimPamPet Revanche is a version of Stadt-Land-Fluss for 2-10 players, ages 8+; youPinguintanz auf dem Eis, 1 player, ages 6+,must find the correct form and position forfloes and penguins. Troja for 1 player, ages7+, is an adaptation of Muros; the walls mustbe arranged in a way that the hostile knightsname a word corresponding to the topicand remove its first letter by pressing itdown; this letter is not available any longerfor the next players.Greenrock Village Tatort: Schrebergartenis a game of logic and deduction for 1player, ages 12+, by Harry Habraken. Forare kept outside the enclosure. Trucky 3 for1 player, ages 3-8, demands the loading oftrucks with differently shaped goods parts.New in the range are magnetic travel gamesfeaturing logic puzzles, all intended for oneNuremberg were presented again:Achterbahn is a game on a 3D board for 2-4players, ages 6+, you want to get your markersto the finish area first.New in the range of Disney games is DisneyPrincess The Princess Ballet, a gameplayed on the floor for 2-4 players, ageseach case you place the tiles for scene ofthe crime, garden owner, suspect, item anddays of the week into the grid, according toyour deductions based on the clues on thecase card; when each tile is placed correctlythe case is solved.A lot of room within the Jumbo range ofgames is taken up by the German languageedition of the Belgian Smartgames, thereare six new titles in 2012:player, ages 7+: The first four titles are Tangoes,a version of Tangram featuring animals,Unterwasserwelt, Magischer Waldand Grosse Krabbelei.KadokawaShotenCirque du Monstre by Ryo Kawakami andHitoshi Yasuda is designed for 3-5 players,ages 12+; as a circus director you aretasked with making the inmates of world,inhabited by dragons, fairies and othercreatures, laugh - in a deck building game inwhich you acquire monsters for money andthen earn money with performances givenby those monsters.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 53t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Kallmeyer LernspieleKallmeyer Lernspiele is part of FriedrichVerlag and continuously publishes newideas for educational games for use inlessons or at home. The following gamesare listed as an example for new games:Perspectivo by Dirk Hanneforth for 2-4players, ages 8+, picks up the topic ofelevations and views; you set up a buildingcards at his disposal. One is laid out per turn;the stronger card wins the duel. Specialeffects can change card values. If you winfour duels you win the game.Love Letter, published by Alderac as partof the Tempest Series, is also published inanother edition at Kanai Factory; 2-4 players,ages 8+, try to reach the Princess with theirletters or get as near to her as possible, thatKorea BoardGamesThe new games were presented by thiscompany: Pharao Code is a mathematicalpuzzle for 2-5 players, ages 9+, by Jung-Hunfrom cubes and prisms according to amodel comprising a pair of cards showingdifferent points of view.In Volumen-Quartett for 2-4 players, ages7+, by Silke Ruwisch and Andrea Baulig youcollect four cards according to the basicis, to hold the highest card still in play out ofa total of 16 cards.KompassSpieleMafiaDollar by Heiko Weyen yet again takes2-6 players, ages 12+, into the setting ofgangsters and gangs in Chicago; aim of theLim. Dice provide numbers and you try tofind solutions for those numbers before thetimer has run out.Sword Girls is a trading card game basedHappy Family mechanism, in this case cardsof a color, but before handing a card over aquestion must be answered, for instance:Does a soup plate hold 5 liters of soup?Kanai FactorySeiji Kanai this year had one new game toshow - R for 2 players, ages 10+, which is acard placement game. Each player wantsto become successor of the king and has 8game is to earn as much money as possibleuntil the end of Prohibition, if necessary,by assaulting gangster colleagues; outpolice can turn up unexpectedly amongthe cards and interrupt best-laid plans.Also available were card games with a BoyScouts topic, Das Pfadfinderspiel „Wirwollten mal auf Großfahrt gehen“ andDas Pfadfinderspiel „Mit Kochgeschirrund Zelt“, both by Jens Karkosz.on a Korean Internet game, featuring Animeillustrations. The first set comprises 152cards for four different factions.KosmosEvery year and also this year one can lookforward at a varied and colorful program,which this year provides an interestingfocal point with three cooperative gamesfeaturing completely different mechanisms:Der Hobbit - Eine unerwartete Reise wasdesigned by Andreas Schmidt and is basedon the corresponding film. 2-4 players,ages 10+, accompany Bilbo Baggins withtwo dwarves each on his journey and mustjoin him at the end of the journey with one54 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTAll other new releases focus on licensetopics:Checker Can - Das Checker Quiz offers1200 curious questions and cool answersfor 2-4 players, ages 8+, on topics like “Whydo shoes smell”; a sophisticated systemprovides the correct solution and assistsplayers with Checker-Tips and Checker-Chat.dwarf each. You move the figures with cardsand must withstand dangers on the ways,assisted by Gandalf.Die Legenden von Andor by MichaelMenzel is a cooperative adventure game;government; besides roads and cities 3-4players, ages 10, must build landmarks ofthe country.Die Fürsten von Catan: Goldene Zeiten isthe second expansion for Fürsten of Catan2-4 players, ages 10+, must cooperate infive different legends in order to defendthe King’s Castle and the realm and tocomplete legend-specific tasks. Movementof a narrator introduces new cards in eachlegend; those cards tell the story, introducecreatures and helpful items and nameslegend tasks and additional rules.In the cooperative game of Star Wars- Angriff der Klonkrieger by Inka andMarkus Brand 2-4 players, ages 8+, decideby Klaus Teuber for 2 players, ages 10+. Itcomprises three new Theme sets: Zeit derEntdecker, Zeit der Weisen and Zeit desWohlstands, supplemented by the newcard types Straßenergänzung, Metropolenand Zählkarten.Madagascar Catan Junior by Klaus Teuberadapts the mechanisms from Catan juniorfor 2-4 players, ages 6+,featuring the heroesfrom Madagascar; you want to be first to setup your tents for the Travelling Show, theDer Herr der Ringe - Kartenspiel byAndreas Zimmermann picks up the topicof the fight of the Fellowship of the Ringagainst Mordor for 2-4 players, ages 8+; youassemble groups of Fellowship cards on thetable; to defeat enemy cards the symbolson the laid-out fellowship cards mustcorrespond to those on the enemy cards.Der Hobbit - Das Kartenspiel by MartinWallace is a trick-taking card game for 2-5players, ages 10+; each player takes on a roleand this role decides how the cards won in atrick are distributed among players.Gregs Tagebuch - Eiermatsch by JeffKinney for 2-6 players, ages 8+, is a versiontogether on the use of their individuallyrolled dice over five rounds; dice are placedshowing the result of the roll either on aThreat card or on your personal board tofend off threats or fight droids or produceForce, which you need to fight threats orchange dice values.This is supplemented by three newadditions for the range of Catan games:Baden-Württemberg Catan by KlausTeuber is now available from Kosmos, too;the game was published earlier in 2012on occasion of the 60 Years Anniversaryof Baden Württemberg by the country’srobber is called Animal Controller and thecosts for tents and wagons, that is, roads arelower than in the standard game.of Tick-Tack-Bumm, you must say a wordcorresponding to a topic and pass on theegg; if you hold it when it cracks you losethe round.Gregs Tagebuch - Mir stinkt’s! by Peterwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 55t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Krok Nik DouilKužnia GierNeugebauer is a fast card placement andreaction game for 2-4 players, ages 8+: youmust place cards on the card in the middle,a placed card must correspond to thesmall image on the top card of the stack;if you cannot place a card you can play“Stinkekäse” and swap cards with a player ofyour choice.Gregs Tagebuch - Von Idiotenumzingelt by Friedemann Friese for 3-6Due to manufacturing problems Massiliaby Alain Epron for 2-4 players, ages 12+,was not available on time for SPIEL. Massiliais a dice game, in which you use dice infour colors for four actions; you choose oneaction per turn to accumulate wealth in therole of a trader in the strategically importantMediterranean harbor.For Vanuata the expansion Vanuatu:La Montre des Eaux (Rising Waters) byThis year Kuźnia Gier was showing threegames; one of them was a new releaseand the other two were expansions oradaptations of games already previouslypublished.The novelty for 2012 is called 1984: AnimalFarm, designed by Rafał Cywicki, KrzysztofCywicki and Krzysztof Hanusz for 3-5players, ages 12+. Animals have come intopower in this game of negotiations andplayers are animal dictators who want towin, but must cooperate in some areasdespite an arms race.Alcatraz: The Scapegoat - MaximumSecurity by Rafał Cywicki, Krzysztof Cywickiplayers, ages 8+, as all games featuring theGreg topic, picks up the topic of hierarchyin a high school grade; in your turn youtake cards according to stringent rulesand change your position in the hierarchyaccordingly.KrimiTotalAs each year there was a new case this year,too, in the range of KRIMI total games - thistime featuring Das Geheimnis der BurgAlain Epron for 3-5 players, ages 12+, wasavailable; you can now construct canalsto protect the islands from rising waters,because water can flood islands and reducethe score for houses and even provokean early end of the game. The secondexpansion that had been announced,and Krzysztof Hanusz is the first expansionfor Alcatraz: The Scapegoat for 3-5 players,ages 15+, and introduces a Chief of Security,Penalty cards and the Flatterer, who cannotcomplete a task but cannot turn Scapegoateither.Top-A-Top Plus by Agnieszka Migdalska for3-6 players, ages 6+, is an adaptation of Top-Wolfsklamm by Andreas Bierlein; 8-9players, ages 16+, are asked to solve a caseset in the deepest Dark Ages.Vanuatu: Der Gouverneur, was also notavailable; it would allow the relocating ofaction markers.A-Top published in 2011: in this party gameyou react according to card currently turned56 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTup - you clap, say the title of the game, sayhello or act as if you were on the phone - allto get rid of your cards first.La MameGamesCoup by Rikki Tahta is a card game for 3-6players, ages 10+, with the topic of a corruptand weak court in an Italian city state, inwhich you fight your way to power by beingthe last player to still have influence, that is,still having face-down cards in the display- in each turn you either implement one ofthe character actions or one action of eitherIncome, Assistance from Outside or Coup.LautapelitRepresented by Asmodee as its distributor,the Finnish publisher presents an expansionfor Eclipse by the name of Eclipse: Rise ofglasses or pretzels as possible which arecompletely visible.LeroThe publisher was part of the Greater ChinaPavilion and hat three new games to offer,all those games are currently only availablein Chinese language.Bonkan for 2-4 players is a card game inwhich we plunder ruins and decide in eachround if we want to continue or leave theexpedition. The weight of treasures foundand taken adds up and you can get stuck inthe cave if you carry too heavy a load or arecaught in a trap.Giants and Dim Sum Chefs for 3-5 players,ages 10+, changes us into Dim Sum Chefs,LibelludAli by Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrattells the story of Ali Baba for 3-5 players,ages 8+, using a memory mechanism; ineach round the robbers must repeat a list ofitems Ali wants to steal; that list gets longerand longer and the player embodying Alimust decide when he wants to stop.Dixit Jinx by Joseph M. Allué is another additionto the Dixit family, already presentedthe Ancients by Touko Tahkokallio for 2-9players, ages 14+: The galactic conflict isescalating even further, all adversaries mustenter into alliances in order to meet newthreats - the expansion introduces warpportals, rare technologies, developments,alliances and home worlds of the Ancients.Le JoueurPublished in 2009 by Ted Alspach at BézierGames under the name of Beer & Pretzels,the game is now re-published by Le Joueuras Aperitivo for 2-5 players, ages 6+; youthrow coasters in order to achieve as manywho find themselves trapped in a cage andare asked by the giant who incarceratedthem to feed him - if you want to survive youmanage this without repeating yourself.Sword of Neurasthenia is a game ofmemory for 2-4 players, ages 8+ - you studythe martial arts, collect cards for points andfor the competition with others. When youforget the correct movements you mightmeet with accidents.at Nuremberg; 3-6 players, ages 8+, shouldnow come up with creative associationsto rather abstract symbols. Presented atNuremberg, too, was Dixit 3, which is, likeDixit 2, a set of 84 new cards for the basicgame by Jean-Louis Roubira.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 57t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Le Petit Poucet by Corentin Lebrat andGilles Lehmann is also a game of memory,but this time a cooperative one for 3-6the game which is to collect victory pointsfor crystals.Sticky Stickz is a game of acquisition anddexterity for 2-5 players, ages 8+, in whichyou collect monsters according to the rollof dice; the game is published in Korea byHappy Baobab.LocWorksLocWorks, new to Essen, is a Polishpublisher/distributor who produces PolishLight Gamesplayers, ages 7+, who must rememberlocations they already visited in order tofind a way out of the forest. Possible a titleexclusive to France.In Nautilus by Charles Chevallier CaptainNemo must appoint a 2 nd Officer andplayers must transport divers into areasZock im Zoo by Bono Light for 2-4 players,ages 3+, is one of those games whichwere mentioned as a prototype in someEssen previews; the designer has providededition of games and presented severalother publishers at his booth: Clever MojoGames, Irondrake, Rallyman and TastyMinstrel Games. Games published so far byLocWorks are Alien Frontiers, Rallymanand Chez Geek.of knowledge and, when there, play cardsnext to Nautilus ; these cards decide thewinning of knowledge areas.Seasons by Régis Bonnessée is a combinationof a card game and a dice game for 2-4additional information: The name of thegame is a tribute to Zoff im Zoo, from wherehe borrowed the animal illustrations for hisprototype; topic of the game is bluffingabout animals, but not only on theirnumber, but also on their size, and you canuse action cards.Lo ScarabeoFrom Italy comes Fairy Land by LucaIennaco; 2-4 players, ages 12+, are engagedin preparing the welcome party onoccasion of the king’s return; each playerLogisLogis is the brand name of the Lithuanianpublisher Savas Takas who has returned toEssen after some years of absence and hasbrought two new games:players, ages 12+; in its first phase you drawnine cards, which you separate into threesets of three cards; in the second phase youuse dice which provide action for the aim ofrepresents a family wanting to impress theking - with flowers and loyal animal friends;Goblins and Ogers should kindly removethemselves to elsewhere! The fairies of thefamily must explore the forest and collectingredients.Finde den Freund by Laima Kikutiené isintended for 2-6 players, ages 5+, playersshould recognize emotions and moods ofanimals; in addition to this the card gamealso trains colors and memory.Schatz, Schatz! by Laima Kikutiené andGediminas Akelaitis is a game of roll & movewith cards; you want to reach the treasure58 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTin the middle of the board, may only movea marker for which you hold a card ofcorresponding color and win, when themarker of your own secret color reaches thefinish first.Lookout SpieleAgricola is still one of the dominant topicsin the range of new releases from LookoutGames, that is, newly named LookoutSpiele, there have been several expansionsand variants for this family of games:Vieh, again designed by Uwe Rosenbergand of course for 2 players, ages 10+,featuring new components and specialbuildings for your farm.An expansion is also available forFeudalherren, Feudalherren: DunkleWolken, Bunte Blumen by Felix Girke; itcomprises 70 tiles including Bridge Trolls,expanded with 31 different buildings andyou enhance your stock in order to be therichest player. You build, use and movebuildings, even those of your opponent.This is supplemented by a deck of cards, LeHavre Spezialgebäude.The expansion for Ruhm für Rom, the citybuilding game with cards, is called MehrRuhm für Rom, it was designed by RobSeater and is intended for 2-5 players, agesAgricola: Belgien-Deck by Uwe Rosenbergis intended for 1-5 players, ages 12+; it takesus into the Belgian regions of Flandersand Wallonia, comprising 60 MinorImprovements and 60 Occupations, it canbe played alone or in combination withother decks.The Agricola: Pi-Deck comprises 24 cards,all designed by users of Play-Agricola.com,in cooperation with Chris Deotte and UweRosenberg, featuring the most unusualcards from a total of 139 cards.For the Two-Player-Version of Agricola,Agricola Die Bauern und das Liebe Vieh,which was published already in Summer,there is already an expansion, by the nameof Agricola: Mehr Ställe für das LiebeRainbow, Pink Dragons, Eremites, Bards andlots more.Goa, which was published already inSummer, is a new edition of the game byRüdiger Dorn for 2-4 players, ages 12+,which was originally published by Hans imGlück in 2004; you are travelling the routefrom Lisbon to the Molucca Islands andscore for developments in ship construction,harvest, tax, expeditions, colony foundingand colonies.Le Havre - Der Binnenhafen by UweRosenberg is the two-player-version ofLe Havre, for ages 10+; the Binnenhafen is12+. This expansion was included in theGlory to Rome edition, published by BlackBox; the roles of Handwerker/Architekthave been better balanced, and there arenew cards; Kran, Domus Aurea, ForumRomanum and Tribunal.Coproductions with other publishers:Snowdonia, together with Surprised StareGames, by Tony Boydell for 1-5 players, ages8+, features the topic of building a traintrack up to the top of Mount Snowdon. Youfree the track from rubble, produce and laytrack, construct viaducts and stations andfight the vagaries of Welsh weather.Suburbia by Ted Alspach for 1-4 players,ages 8+, is a game on the topic of urbandevelopment, from small town tometropolis. You place tiles and implementtheir effects on reputation, population,income and special abilities; at the end youwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 59t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012score public goals on the Real Estate marketand secret goals of the players. EnglishEdition at Bézier Games.For Suburbia there was also a Suburbiathe inmates, because otherwise rebellionhappens, but the areas must yield revenuesfor the colonial powers. Each player has adefined goal within the previously agreedplaying time.Ludocomtrance power.The other two new releases from Ludonauteare something quite different and unusual,they go by the name of game books; ineach book one or more short stories areconnected to a game: The first of thosegame books is Crimebox Investigationby Cymon Kraft for 2-8 players, ages 12+;Columba by Laurent Escoffier is aplacement game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, onthe topic of … doves - you construct doveEssen Spiel Erweiterung featuring tiles forbuildings, parks and other facilities in Essen.LudibayCard City, a design by Alban Viard for 1-4players, ages 12+, was published underthe label of Ludibay; it is part of the „SmallCity Trilogy“ - players are mayors of a citycots, breed doves, enhance the area and tryto avoid the opposing falcons. From dovesto grapes - in Vignobles by Fabrice Arcasand Guillaume Peccoz; the topic probablya murder case somewhere in the UnitedStates must be solved; you can either playthe murder investigation or the murder trial.Phantom by Xavier Lardy gives 2 players,ages 10+, control over one half of a houseand want to develop it in the best possibleways; for this they use six kinds of cards in10 rounds, each comprising five phases.LudicallyChristophe Boelinger bringsus a monumental game calledArchipelago designed for 2-5 players,is viniculture; more information is currentlynot available.LudonauteThree new releases were shown byLudonaute: For the company’s firstgame, Yggdrasil, there is an expansion:Yggdrasil: Asgard by Cédric Lefebvre andFabrice Rabellino for 1-6 players, ages 13+,enabling each god to fall into a trance; hethen cannot enter into combat or use hisstandard power; yet all gods are given aand each player must let specters, souls andother apparitions appear to frighten awaythe occupants before his opponent does so.You score victory points for occupants yousuccessfully frightened away.LuudooThis year, one of the eye catchers of Essenwas the booth of Ludofactur Luudoo,where personalized games were offered,for instance a game of Mensch ärgereDich nicht with heads of members ofages 14+, on the topic of colonization. Asenvoy of European nations one colonizesand husbands regions of the New World.This must happen in accordance withparliament as playing pieces. Photos canbe transformed into playing cards or alsoin playing pieces; the company also offers a60 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTdesigner competition which must be basedon the personalization principle.Also on display were personalized editionsof Backgammon, Cäsar & Cleopatra,Carcassonne, Dame, Finden Sie Minden,Halali, Junta, Memo Klassik, MemoQuerdenker, Mühle, Ohne Furcht und Adel,Quartett/Supertrumpf, Spielkarten andWerwölfe.Mage CompanyDesigner Tony Cimino presented WrongChemistry: 2-4 players, ages 8+, are cluelessscientists tinker with molecules - theyRein-Hagen for 3-5 players, ages 12+, waspresented but not yet available; it is a gameon discussions, diplomacy and signing oftreaties; players act as activists, lobbyists orparty leaders.MantikoreVerlagA detailed account of all the new releaseswould be way beyond the scope ofthis report in case of this company, too,therefore I only name a few highlights fromthe program:For the new edition of Einsamer WolfBücher volumes 11 and 12 are published,and from volume 13 on unpublishedmaterial, on the role playing gameEinsamer Wolf Bestiarium. New are alsostandard books in the program, plannedare new editions of successful authors orsuccessful novels.Within the role playing range there is aages 14+, in the guise of pirates try to seizebooty in this card management gameby Paolo Mori to be able to retire. In eachcampaign ships seized for six days and onthe seventh day the treasures are counted.In distribution cooperation with AsmodeeMarabunta publishes the German versionsof the deck building game Ascension, for2-4 players, ages 15+, by Justin Gary.Ascension Chroniken desGottbezwingers: Samael, the fallen god,returns from the void with a monster army,players are tasked with defending Vigil. Todo so they summon constructs and heroesto become the Godslayer in the battleadd discs to a molecule or remove them,both in order to imitate molecules picturedon cards in hand and to discard the cards.Biruda, a card game on the construction ofcities, for 2-4 players, by Michael Adresakisand Alexander Argyropoulos, was alreadyannounced in 2011 and is still in a status ofdevelopment.Make-BelieveGamesDemocracy: Majority Rules by Marknew micro module Der Banküberfall as arule system with adventure and completeplaying aids providing an introduction intorole playing. Announced for SPIEL 2013is the Game of Thrones Rollenspiel in aGerman edition.MarabuntaMarabunta a new Italian publisher, adistribution and cooperation partner ofAsmodee for distribution, presented severalnew releases:Libertalia is a retirement home for richpirates - in three campaigns 2-4 players,against the Fallen One.Ascension Rückkehr des Gefallenen:In this expansion Samuel the Fallen Onereturns! The expansion features 65 cardsand can be used as a stand-alone gamefor two players or expand the core gamefor up to six players; a new feature is themechanism „Schicksal“.Ascension Sturm der Seelen: In thisexpansion Samael is dead, but storms stillrave across Vigil while his monsters ravagethe realm, his minions scheme and soulswho should have moved on seize powerinstead. The expansion comprises 200 cardsincluding the new type „Ereignis“.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 61t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012MatagotAll new releases of Matagot are announcedeither for the end of 2012 or the first half of2013:Kemet is a new title in the range of XLgames, designed by Jacques Bariot andGuillaume Montiage; 2-5 players, ages13+, embody Egyptian deities and wantcooperative/competitive game with anidiosyncratic topic for 1-6 players, ages 13+:You find yourself in a jail in which each roomhas 4 doors, but the jail does not seem tohave an exit; you must find room 25 whichstated on the card.The mechanism of quiz game Bezzerwizzerappear in a new edition of the game,Bezzerwizzer deluxe: 2-4 players, ages 8+,draw in each round one of the four categoryto score points from glorious battles andby invading rich estates, if necessary withAncient Magic, Mystic Creatures and divinepowers.Northwest Passage by Yves Tourigny sends2-4 players, ages 13+, on the search forproof of the Franklin expedition, influencesby seasons, climate and extreme conditionsas well as by the necessity to cooperate inorder to find Franklin and to return safely toCanada.River Dragons / Les Dragons duMekong by Roberto Fraga is a new editionof Drachendelta for 2-6 players, ages 7+;a runway must be built across the river;is rumored to feature the exit from jail - butsome of the inmates can be guards whowait for the opportune moment to act.MattelA dominant feature in the range of Mattelhave been apptivities - which are playingpieces which - with the help of conductivebase - can set up a connection to an iPadand thus to a game that was previouslydownloaded to the iPad. The playing piecesare included in the box you buy, the appscan be downloaded for free.Available were apptivities Angry Bird,Batman, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja andHot Wheels .Angry Birds Knock on Wood is a boardgame based on the browser game ofthe same name, intended for 2-4 players,ages 5+; you try to knock over a castle bytiles for their own board, answer a questionfor each category and score. Symbolsdetermine who a question is put; two of thecategories use the xylophone - you mustidentify the missing sound or guess themelody correctly.Blokus junior is an introduction into thestrategic placement game for 2 players,ages 5+; it features bigger pieces and 10mini games with patterns for learning thegame: you must place as many of your ownpieces as possible and all your pieces mayonly touch each other at corners, neveralong an edge.Kalle Krokofalle is a dexterity game for 2actions regulate the placement of stonesand planks, movement of your marker orremovals of planks or stones; dragon cardscan stop actions of an opponent.Room 25 by François Rouzé is athrowing birds; the castle is built for you byanother player and you must use the birdsstated on the mission card in the order alsoplayers, ages 5+; you must transport fruitsacross a bridge with your own monkeys andparrots, but the crocodile wants to shove allanimals off the bridge.The latest version of UNO comes in theguise of UNO Würfel, packed into a tin likea soft drink can; 2 players, ages 7+, placedice according to colors and numbers. Inanalogy to Uno Würfel and in the same softdrink can package comesSkip-Bo Würfel for 2-4 players, ages 7+; you62 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTgame for 2-4 players, ages 8+, who want toearn a bit of pocket money with a lemonadebooth before 4 th of July is downing and oneshould have bought a bit of fireworks.double-sided parts; in all other aspects thestandard rules of Catan apply.Star Trek Catan by Klaus Teuber is theMayfair Gamesalso discard dice.MaydayGamesFor the game Eaten by Zombies!, publishedin 2011, there is an expansion in 2012,Eaten by Zombies!: In Cahoots by MaxMany of the games that were listed asnew Essen releases for Mayfair have beenpublished during the course of 2012, butwere on show for the first time in Europe atEssen, therefore I mention them all:A House Divided by Frank Chadwick andEnglish language edition of the game thatwas published by Kosmos after Nuremberg.Clash of Wills Shiloh 1862 is the secondgame in the series „American Civil War“, byHolliday, 2 players, ages 13+; this expansioncan also be played as a stand-alone gamefor two players or it expands the core gamefor six players; In Cahoots comprises fivezombies with the new ability “reveal”, 11new swag cards and two new starter decks.Alan Amrich is a new edition of the game bythe same name which was published firstin 1981; 2 players, ages 12+, simulate theAmerican Civil War, from the first battle atBull Run to Lee’s surrender at Appomattoxor Grant’s surrender at Harrisburg.Martin Wallace and Coleman Charlton; itis a conflict simulation for 2 players, ages10+, based on the mechanics of Test of Fire;new features in this game are veterans andcavalry and artillery attached to units.Empire Express by Larry Roznai and the EB-This is supplemented by the mini expansionEaten by Zombies! Weapons of MassDestruction which comprises five sets ofswag cards. Those cards, for a change, helpyou to eliminate zombies.Lemonade Stand by Trevor Cram is a familyAeroplanes by Martin Wallace portraitsthe start-up of the airline industry between1919 and 1939, for 3-5 players, ages 14+.In three epochs you expand your airline,each of those epochs comprises the phasesof income, actions, epoch scoring andcleanup.Catan Family Edition by Klaus Teuber is anew edition of Settlers of Catan featuringa board that is combined from six pre-set,Team is an introductory game for beginnersto the Empire Builder system, 2-4 players,ages 10+, start the game with pre-set tracksand three pre-determined order cards, butwithout start-up money. Then you fetch anddeliver commodities according to orderswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 63t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012and use the revenue to build new track untilthe victory condition is met.Five Points by Andreas Steding for 3-5players has been announced; you representmembers of powerful faction want togain influence in the upcoming electionand engage agitators for the purpose ofinfluencing opinions.In Giza: The Great Pyramid by DaveHeberer for 3-4 players, ages 12+, youare tasked with providing the biggestcontribution to the completion of thepyramid with your own builders teamover a construction period of 10 years.Completed levels are decorated with worksof arts acquired in auctions; but if you donot provide enough food you will loseworkers from your team.Simone Luciani; the topic of the game is thereshaping of a city; you employ specialistsfor this task, propose projects and renovatebuildings.Whitewater is a race game using dice andcards for 2-6 players, ages 8+, designed byFréderic Moyersoen. You control rafts whichmust overcome rapids in the river; eachplayer is represented in two rafts and eachraft is controlled by two players using actioncards and energy cards.Megableu were presented, which hadalready been shown in Nuremberg. Onegame has been renamed, Voll auf the Glockewas shown in Nuremberg as Zwinkern.Hatschi Iglu is an action game; the littlepolar bear is ill and sitting in his igloo; t 3-4players, ages 5+, finish it for him; in yourturn you may place a block or turn the igloo;if you must press the button and thebear sneezes in consequence, ice blocksmay tumble off the igloo and you must takethem back.In the card game Rocket Jockey by JamesSpurny 2-4 players, ages 10+, must supplyand connect colonies within the solarsystem in the role of rocket pilots; theywhile away the time with competitions fordeliveries and daring maneuvers.MedusaGamesThe Great Museum by Richard Denningand Andreas Resch is still in developmentWie von Geisterhand - the grizzly greenwalking hand is back after having featuredas Der Magische Finger in 2006 in the Piatnikrange of games. After an interval ofrandom length the hand stops walking andpoints at one of 2 or more players, ages 8+,who now must either answer a questionSteam: Map Expansion #2 expands therailway and economics game system ofSteam by Martin Wallace, for 2-4 players,ages 12+, with three new maps featuringGreat Britain, California 2090 and China.Urbania is a placement and developmentgame for 2-5 players, ages 10+, designed byand has been announced for 2013; 2-5players, ages 12+, embody owners ofmuseums and want to create the best evermuseum using their exhibits. Those exhibitsare sorted into regional exhibition hallsbased on the continent of their origin andyou are also tasked with assembling specialtopicexhibitions.MegableuAt the booth of Huch/Hutter games fromtruthfully or take a risk.Voll auf die Glocke is a card game for 4players, ages 6+; you should be the first tocollect four cards of the same color; youswap cards from hand with cards displayed;your partner is given a secret sign and mustpress the bell - when the opponents noticethe sign they are the winner of the round.64 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTMegalithGamesFrom England comes a new miniaturesgame called Godslayer, designed by AndréMindthe MoveItalian publisher has returned and showedone new game: La Loire by EmanueleOrnella is intended for 1-4 players, ages 10+;it features the topic of the Postal System inFrance that was installed by Louis XI; thisbetween cities.Moonster GamesSchillo and David Saunders,; the RulebookBox offers a book of rules and a book on thebackground of the role playing game.MESAboardgamesThe Portuguese company was presentingtwo new games:Kosmonauts by Yury Yamshchikov andNadezhda Penkrat is a game on space travelfor 2-4 players, ages 8+; you should visit allcelestial bodies in the solar system but one,return to Earth and master special tasks enroute. Movement of your ship is governedby fuel markers on direction indicators.In Ragami by Gil d’Orey 2-4 players, ages10+, are guardian angels who move acrosstown and try to resolve conflicts, assisted bysaints and obstructed by demons; you scorefor resolved conflicts.After some years of absence at Essen thesystem comprised not only post offices,ware houses and road networks, but alsowaterways like the Loire. The Loire Riverand the Loire Valley were the center ofthis system, in which players now shouldbecome the richest merchant or postman.MoaideasGame DesignThe company also goes by the name of MoaiBoardgame Workshop, the new releaseis called Pyramid Raiders and sends 2-5players, ages 8+, treasure hunting inside apyramid; you use special equipment, butthe Guardian could wake up and completehis special mission which is: throw allinvaders out of the pyramid and lay a curseon them.Mondainai StrategyGamesFrom his worldwide travels HaraldEnoksson has taken the theme for this year’sgame, a game on the most famous railwaytrack in the world: Trans-Siberian for 2-6players, ages 10+, concerns itself with theexploitation of the immense recourses ofSiberia, expansion of the railway for thetransport of those resources and with tradeThe company is under the aegis of Asmodeein Germany and had two now games toshow: The Trading Card Game Gosu issupplemented with Gosu 2: Tactics by KimSatô for 2-4 players, ages 10+, who want toset up a Goblin army from soldiers, heroes,magicians and other character classes anddeploy it against other players. The basicmechanics are similar to Gosu, but nowthere are ability icons, a new “link” ability,differently structured clans and cardswithout text and no activation markers.Ryo by Kim Satô for 2-5 players isannounced; each player represents one offive planets in a system and players aim tocollect material for their own space ship.Announced for 2013.MosesVerlagFor the best known product range of thecompany, Black Stories, there are some newwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 65t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012releases to name:black stories 8 by Holger Bösch offersyet again 50 raven-hued puzzles withouta special theme. The board game BlackStories Das Spiel for 3 or more players, ages12+, by Stefanie Rohner and Christian WolfDie Welt entdecken.In the game 5 Second Rule there is onlyone rule - talk and talk and talk to find threeanswers, while the marble rolls through thetimer in five seconds; answers to questionslike „Three things that you should never giveas a present“is supplemented with Black Stories DieErweiterung with a motto of „Das Spielmit den Tödlichen Worten“, that is, „Play ondeadly words“, when you guess at solutionsFor the party game Zündstoff by FranzLejeune there is a new edition, ZündstoffLiebe, with texts by Tobias Bungter; 2 ormore players, ages 16+, can answer or mayalso discuss such interesting topics like„What is the best soundtrack for ending arelationship?“Wortissimo by Georg Schuhmacher is arather a toy: in a standard puzzle mechanismone assembles big and small wooden partsinto models of dinosaurs or a mammoth;the special effect is that those 3D puzzlesmove and also make noises and react toeach other, for instance the mammoth onthe roar of T-Rex.Mücke SpieleAstroNuts is a design by Angelo Porazziand is a betting and dice game with tradeelements for 2-4 players, ages 8+; you flyyou must not use certain words. The Juniorversion Black Stories junior Das Spiel,already published in Spring, is a design byAndrea Köhrsen for 3-12 players, ages 8+,and was shown again.word game for 1-6 players, ages 12+; inWortissimo Level 2 there are 100 newcards with words in which you must look forhidden words; the die determines for eachplayer which words he may jot down, forinstance words with two letters or names orwords read backwards.through space, land on planets meet aliens,find nuts for resources and found colonies;when all planets are explored and all nutsfound you win with most colonies.Dahschur: Die Rote Pyramide by PauliHaimerl turns 2-4 players, ages 10+, intoprinces who are tasked by the Pharao to setup a boulevard in front of the Red PyramidThe series of BrainBox Games was expandedby a children’s‘ version: Meine ersteBrainBox challenges 1 or more players,age 4+, with „what can you memorize in 10seconds, presenting the topics of ABC andAnd at long last the publisher picks up sometopics that also have been used by Huch! &friends for games - the series Genießer-Quiz by Dietmar Pokoyski offers gameson Wein, Schokolade and Kaffee withinformation and insights on three delicioustopics.Finally, I would like to mention Tectorsdespite them not really being a game butand to fill the burial chamber with preciousthins; you use influence cards to buy jewelsfor boulevard and chamber and use gifts ofneighboring cities; your choices depend onthe influence of others.Dahschur: Die Rote Pyramide - Der Felukenhändleris an expansion for Dahschurby Pauli Haimerl, it offers a seventh marketstall at the end of the market, a trader at this66 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTstall can swap gems and earn points.Dahschur: Die Rote Pyramide Die Privilegiendes Pharao was a free goodie duringthe Fair. Dreck Weg by Stefan Siebert wasalready available in 2011, it is a contract jobon the topic of removing garbage; you rolldice and move to roads, playgrounds andplayers.Taschkent by Peer Sylvester is part ofEdition Läufer and sends 2-4 players, ages8+, on a journey along the old silk roadto trade commodities for gold and othervaluables; in the action phase you can setup huts for storage space or acquire money,commodities, cards or goods to trade fromthe caravan.NarrattivaBacchanalia by Paul Czege and MicheleGelli is a narrative game for 3-6 players,ages 18+: Each player creates a fictitiouscharacter that is accused of a crime againstthe realm and is on the run with his or herlover. But, unfortunately, deities arrive onthe scene and protagonists have to escapefor 2 players, ages 4+, topic of the game isformation of rows of value 10. Pincers is alsoa placement game, for 2 players, ages 4ü,you move your crabs in order to surroundcrabs of your opponent and turn them over;if turning over a crab reveals the pearl youwin; if you reveal the starfish, you lose.NorisSpieleThe four new children games and twofamily games, new releases at SPIEL, areall published under the Noris label, thechildren games are all part of the new series„made in Germany mit hochwertigemHolzmaterial“:parks to remove as much garbage as possible.Global Warming, also presented alreadyin 2011, is a design by S. Deniz Bucak; acard game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, withan environment topic and the fourthgame in Edition Bohrtürme: you scorehappiness points via commodities for thenot only their pursuers, but also from thedeities.NekomadoUnder the aegis of Japon Brand, thiscompany produces and markets the gamesdesign by Shogi Master Madoka Kitao: 10Stars is a placement and revelation gameBeeren klaun’ by Jacques Zeimet, for 2-4players, ages 4+, is a collecting game inwhich you collect and discard berries tosave the magic raven Schnabelgrün.public; production of those commoditiesinfluences the environment; when thoseinfluences top certain levels the havenegative effects on the environment andBlumen finden by Thomas Liesching, for2-5 players, ages 3+, is a game of spottingand memory on colors, you must findflowers according to a dice result.Drehwürmchen by Dirk Hanneforth andHajo Bücken, for 2-6 players, ages 5+, is a fastdice game on worms; one player uncoversworms, another player rolls the die; a set ofwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 67t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012three identical worms earn you a raspberrybut only if no raspberry was rolled.Pingi Pongo by Peter Neugebauer, for 2-4players, ages 5+, is a game of move & rollSchipper Malen nach ZahlenZoch zum SpielenNSKN LegendaryGamesIn 201 the newcomer from Bulgaria createda lot of nose with Warriors & Traders. Afirst expansion for this game, Warriorsnsv NürnbergerSpielkartenThe company is changing image andprogram, there is a new logo and quite afew novelties in the program:In a new series under the aegis of ReinhardStaupe, Modern Classics Kartenspiele, thefirst two new games have been published,both are re-editions of previously publishedas a race of penguins to the South Pole, inwhich you must beware crumbling ice floesand the Orca.The family game caro by Annedore Krebs,& Traders Italia by Andrei Novac for 2-6players, ages 13+, was announced, a firstedition in Italian is sold out, a second one inEnglish was limited to 50 copies.games: Land unter by Stefan Dorra - 3-5players, ages 10+, choose weather cardsand reveal them - depending on the valuemust take water cards or discard safetybelts; after scoring, you hand your cards toyour left neighbor for the next round.Sticheln by Klaus Palesch is a trick-takinggame for 3-8 players, ages 10+; in eachround you choose an „aggravation“ colorand try to avoid this color in your tricks offor 2-4 players, ages 8+, contains woodencomponents too; you place woodensquares for scoring combinations, butcertain combinations of colors are notExodus: Proxima Centauri by AgnieszkaKopera and Andrei Novac makes 2-6 players,ages 14+, seek shelter in the Centaurisystem as one of six faction of mankind, butin the new home the old conflicts start allover again.Wild Fun West by Andrei Novac and Vlaadathe round.Qwixx by Steffen Benndorf is a dice gamefor 2-5 players, ages 8+; you mark numbersin color rows, gaps are allowed, but cannotbe filled later - the numbers result fromadding the pips on white dice after rollingallowed.Yay! by Heinz Meister, for 2-4 players, ages8+, is a game on sums of dice pips whichyou mark on one of the squares touched byone of those dice; but you cannot enter ahigher sum next to lower one.Brands in the Noris portfolio:Goldsieber SpieleCaldarium is the second new release, for4-8 players, ages 8+; you build a town inWild West, taking into account your owninterests - you want to be first to finish fourof six buildings marked on your target card;to do so you need money which you earnby employing specialists.all dice.Sei Stark. Sag Nein! by Andreas Büdekerfor 1 or more players, ages 5+, is a game on68 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTpreventing violence against children anddanger for children; it aims at sensitizingchildren for handling contact with strangers.Numbskull GamesAnother new game from Numbskull in2012: Divided Republic by Alex Bagosy.2-4 players, ages 16+, represent oneof four parties in the run-up to the USHills War, First Emperor, Camelot und Kyoto.With the exception of Camelot and Kyotoall games are in P500 status, that means thegame is printed when a minimum of 500copies has been pre-ordered and paid for.Camelot has previously been published byNumbskull and Kyoto will be an adaptationof First Emperor.OberschwäbischeMagnetspieleIn cooperation with Huch! & friends RallyFally by Michael Schackert is published, it isthe winner of Deutscher Lernspielpreises inopposing fire.Chipleader for 2-4 players, ages 12+, isalso a card game, in which you visit famouscasinos, collect chips and use them toprotect yourself against opponents‘ attacks.Rule the Roost turns 2-4 players, ages 8+,into cockerels who in this card game wantto collect as many hens as possible and tryto keep them, but the fox eats hens and thefarmer relocates cockerels.presidential elections of 1860 and haveactions for campaigning and events,speeches, regional elections and personalappearances. Regional elections scorestates you control; with 152 presidentialelectors you are elected president; shouldNorth Caroline decide to secede all playerslose the game together.For Blockade Runner / Blockadebrecher anthe category „aged 3+“: 2-4 players, ages 5+,go on a heavenly treasure hunt using flyingcarpets; you must direct your carpet in theorder depicted on your treasure card usingflight cards, the board holding the treasuresis tilted and partly magnetic.Odynaut GameCompanySteffan Ros is the designer behind thegames of Odynaut Games, he had threeOkazu BrandIn 2011 the company created quite a stirwith String Railways, the game was takenon by Asmodee for their own range. In 2012,too, railways are the dominant topic of thetwo new games, both have been designedby Hisashi Hayashi:expansion Blockade Runner Add On wasavailable, comprising Advanced ActionCards with a new scenario for the start ofthe game, designed by Dietmar Gottschick.For autumn 2012 Numbskull Gamesannounces the start of a new series,Numbskull Wargames, at the moment anew games to show: Cavemen PlayingWith Fire - 2 players, ages 12+, invadeeach other’s caves and try to extinguish theTrains by 2-4 players, ages 12+, is a kind ofdeck building game on trains, personneland installations; you set up railroads andbuildings and expand towns.,total of seven titles is named for the series,all designed by Patrick Stewart: KhalkhinGol, Frozen Death, Patton in Tunisia, BlackTrick of the Rails for 3-5 players, ages 10+, is,as indicated by the tile, a trick-taking gameon railway companies. You win tricks withcompanies you lead and then implementevent cards for the company, either takinga share or place a locomotive or city next towww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 69t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012the company.OmniGamesAlready from 2010 dates Rising King byNikolaj Wendt, which was shown for theand scrolls on the cards of the biggestmonument of its kind. Level XI is anexpansion for Level X from SchmidtSpiele, it was available at the booth ofÖsterreichisches Spiele Museum.Speicherstadt Magistrat expandsSpeicherstadt Hamburg and was availableat the booth of Mücke Spiele. And for thein which you bluff your way to the finish;you play against one or all or „blind“ withstatements like holding the highest card orthat the opponent really did roll two sixes.You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Busis a mixture of luck and tactic to keep yourgranny in the bus despite attacks on herfirst time this year - 2-5 players, ages 12+,look for an heir to the kingdom in this cardgame. The prototypes announced for Essenon the homepage, Trial of the Elementsand Ages of the World, were not shown atEssen.ÖsterreichischesSpiele MuseumFor Level X in the Series Easy Play bySchmidt an expansion was available underthe Label Ostia Spiele, Level XI by StefanWürfelaugen-Speicher as a supplementfor (nearly) every dice game you had tomeet Stefan Risthaus himself.Ovec B.V.The Dutch company shows - as alreadydone in Nuremberg - Frustr8tor by Albertwith handbags or umbrellas.Liar Liar for 2-6 players, ages 12+, has asimilar mechanics to Bluffoons, you mustbluff, lie and invent answers. Eurobäbbleis a game on Europe, on languages, habits,accents and other lovable characteristics ofRisthaus for 2-4 players; the additionalboard shows numbers 11 to 24 and you canuse a group of dice to cover such a number;you can take back chips and when one kindof chips is used up each player must takeone marker out of play.Also available was Spiel für Spiel 2013,the yearly games handbook, and also in itsEnglish edition Game by Game.OSTIA SpieleEckhardt for 1 player, ages 8+, which offersa version of the 8-Queens-Problem fromchess on a small board with sliders; you usethose sliders to place colored dots on thefront in a way that no dot forms a horizontal,vertical or diagonal line with another dot.Pants on FireNew at in Essen, the company showed arange of game already successful in theBritish market: Bluffoons is a game of bluff,our European fellow citizens.The Victorian Gamer for 2-6 players, ages8+, is a game on horse racing and bettingStefan Risthaus has named his publishingcompany after his game Ostia and offeredsome expansions for games designed byhim:Monuments Ewiger Ruhm by StefanRisthaus is the fourth expansion forMonuments and scores shields, helmetsand The Know it Game is yet anotherversion of a Trivia Game with bluff elements,it comes in different editions, each one70 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTPearl GamesFor the first big success of the company,Troyes, there is a first expansion: Les Damesde Troyes, designed by Sébastien Dujardin,again; different methods to do so are stated.To train your brain there are puzzles byPerplexus - this device must be turned andtilted to move the marble into the targetzone along the numbered path - threeversions of the game are available, all forone player: Perplexus Rookie is intendedfor ages 4+, Perplexus Original for ages 6+featuring two topics.PD-VerlagAntike Duellum by Mac Gerdts is anadaptation of Antike for 2 players, ages12+; the game comprises the scenariosXavier Georges and Alain Orban; the ladiesintroduce five modules ranging fromcharacter cards via new action cards to evencards, but also feature heads of families andcity wall with guards and external activities.Ginkgopolis by Xavier Georges is intendedand Perplexus Epic for ages 8+.Fit and trained we now take a look on thegames:The original edition of Belfort by JayCormier and Sen-Foong Lim for 2-5 players,ages 12+, was published by Tasty MinstrelGames; in the worker placement game aPunic War and Persian Wars, in each youmust be first to acquire nine personalitiesfrom those ancient times. Contrary to theprototype presented in 2011, Casus Belli,Antike Duellum does not require additionalcomponents taken from Antike.Oppida: Cities of the Roman Empire isalso a design by Mac Gerdts; the prototypeis intended for 2-5 players, ages 123+, andtakes us back into ancient Rome where wetake over one of the five big noble housesof these times - Fabius, Claudius, Valerius,Cornelius or Aemilius.for 1-5 players, ages 10+. You are cityplanners and build cities in harmonywith nature and acquire victory points forbuilding and operating buildings.Pegasus SpieleIn order to be fit and trained for all the lovelygames awaiting us in the range of autumnreleases we start the report on the Pegasusnovelties with some training units:Sport Stacking Kit is a set of plastic cupswhich you must stack into a pyramid as fastteam of elves and dwarves must procuremoney and resources to erect buildings infive city districts of Belfort.Chez Geek 1+2 by Steve Jackson isannounces, it combines satirical card gameson flat-sharing communities, for 5-6 players,ages 12+, into one edition.The Polish edition of City Tycoon waspublished in 2011 by City Tycoon; theGerman edition of the urban planninggame by Hubert Bartos and Łukasz S. Kowalfor 2-5 players, ages 12+, is announced forearly 2013; you are a business man andinvest money into city development andimprovements of living qualities.as you can and then dismantle the pyramidwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 71t

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTschummelnMunchkin 8: Echsenmenschen &Zentaurenfor 2-5 players, ages 12+, by Mike Elliotcontinues its success also in its Germanlanguage edition, there is a mini expansionThunderstone Avatare with five examplesfor five new cards - Cleric, Fighter, Ranger,Thief and Magician.A new version of Thunderstone is offeredwith Thunderstone Advance, for 2-5themselves with exploring the graveyardand try to find out if there isn’t a possibilityafter all to stop the zombie supplies.And because they are so nicely horrible,Zombies Würfel 2 are planned.players, ages 12+, again designed byMike Elliot and fully compatible withThunderstone; players have beencatapulted through a portal into anotherworld in the Thunderstone expansion Herzder Verdammnis and must now no longerfind the Thunderstones, but fight thebearers of the Thunderstones. The first gameof the series is Thunderstone Advance DieTürme des Verderbens and introducesa new village and a new dungeon as wellas new rules. Thunderstone Advance:Ursprung alles Bösen and ThunderstoneMunchkin ApokalypseMunchkin Axe CopMunchkin beisst! 1+2Munchkin Booster :Die GildeMunchkin Booster: MonsterverstärkerMunchkin Booster: MunchkinomiconMunchkin Booster: ReloadedMunchkin Booster: SkullkickersMunchkin Booster: Zum Töten freigegebenMunchkin ConanThe role playing system Shadowrun issupplemented with Reiseführer in dieDeutschen Schatten by Tobias HamelmannAdvance: Verfluchte Höhlen are theupcoming next expansions for the newseries.Munchkins are something special, thecute-nasty tots don’t need an introduction;this year they flood us with new editions, alldesigned by Steve Jackson and intendedfor 3-6 players, ages 12+:Munchkin 7: Mit beiden HändenMunchkin Cthulhu 1+2Munchkin Freibeuter 1+2Munchkin SammlerkofferMunchkin WürfelMunchkin Zombies 1+2Star Munchkin 1+2Now we reach the next big group of gameson which nothing much needs to be said;Zombies are, like Munchkins, one of theevergreens in the program:Zombie Fluxx by Andrew Looney for 2-6players, ages 8+, regulates the revolt of theZombies with ever new rules. In Zombies!!!9 Asche zu Asche by Todd and KerryBreitenstein 2-6 players, ages 13+, amuseand his Team; announced is the Germanedition of Shadow Run Hazard Pay, withnew extreme conditions for environmentsright all across the Sixth Worlds, becauseShadowrunners go everywhere if necessary.Cthulhu Ägypten is a source book forthe 3 rd edition of the role playing game inluxurious décor and with revised contentincluding a map and an information bookleton Egypt. Announced for early 2013 is thewww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 73t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012course of the game. With Hall Games.Luna by Stefan Feld for 1-4 players, ages12+ a game on the topic of successionfor the Moon Priestess at the head ofMoon Goddess cult is re-published in acoproduction with Hall Games.Milestones is another game with a workerplacement topic, by Stefan Dorra and Ralfzur Linde. 2-4 players, ages 10+, build roads,market places and houses using resources,10+, was also planned for a coproductionwith Hall Games, but was moved to 2013.You earn victory points in Venice forbuilding bridges and placing of gondolasto connect quarters and for the erecting ofadvantageous buildings.The English version of Smash-up has beenpublished by Alderac. In the deck-mixinggame created by Paul Peterson 2-4 players,ages 12+, shuffle card decks together andsource book Cthulhu Janus Gesellschaftby Heiko Gill, players at long last can nowbecome members of a secret society.Coproductions with other companies:Express 01 was the first crowd fundingproject by Spiele-Offensive, on a card gameby Jörg von Rüden for 2-4 players, ages10+; later in the project Pegasus joined.money and grain while optimizing thecircuit of acquisition, trade and settlement.Mutant Meeples by Ted Alspach for 2-6players, ages 8+, is a game of logic in thetradition of Ricochet Robot; you should findthe shortest possible way for your robot,according to exact rules, super powers allowthen try to destroy more bases than theiropponents; to achieve this you use thespecial abilities of one of the factions in thedecks.In Spectaculum by Reiner Knizia 2-4players, ages 8+, represent four jester troopstraveling across the realm, acclaimed orhissed at. You support jesters, earn moneyTopic of the game is railroad constructionin Germany, you lay track and build stations,which you can expand and then assign toother companies.The new release for 2012 is called IlVecchio and was designed by Rüdiger Dorn;2-4 players, ages 10+, want to break up thedominance of the Medici in Florence; foractions you need members of your familyon the spot, family members can travel. IlVecchio fights back via actins on Medicishields, which you must pick up during theyou exceptions from those rules. If you findthe shortest path, you take the meeple forwhich you found it, out of play into yourteam; if you have six meeples in your team,you win. English Edition at Bézier GamesGerman edition at Pegasus Games.In Qin by Reiner Knizia 2-4 players representprinces in China, 2000 years ago; you havesettled your land, founded provinces andtaken over villages, marked by setting upwith successful performances and win atthe end with most money.Mit eggertspiele.Yedo yet again takes us into Feudal Japan,this time in a worker placement game byThomas Vende Ginste for 2-5 players, agespagodas. But all your lands can be takenfrom you by other players. With eggertspieleRialto by Stefan Feld for 2-5 players, ages12+; In Yedo Hidetada Tokugawa inheritsthe post as Shogun from his father; you arehead of a clan competing g for his favorand collecting prestige by completingmission cards and tasks from bonus cardsand activating minions in town. With74 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTeggertspielePhalanx GamesPolskaTeutons at the moment is still in theprototype stage; the conflict simulation for2 players, ages 12+, by Jaro Andruszkiewicz,Technologie. Also available are adventuresfor download, for instance the Wedding ofthe Emperor, which you can include in yourPlayfordGamesAt the Chessex booth one could find MoralConflict by David Stennet, a so-calledReality Change Game, which offers realisticsimulation, but also the option to learn andto develop personal abilities like teamwork,campaign. Other available source books areFinsterland and Finsterland Almanachder Zauberkunst.Waldek Gumienny and Michał Ozonportraits the conflicts between Poland,Lithuania and Novgorod and the Knightsof the Teutonic Order, featuring four historicbattles, variants and scenarios.PhilosAlready published in spring was Der ganznormale Wahnsinn by Markus Götz for1 player; all four of the irregular woodenshapes can be fit into each the two framesincluded with the game.PiatnikPlacentia GamesWith Ark & Noah Stefano Groppi presentshis second game; 2-4 players, ages 8+, buildand load Noah’s Arch by producing tarpitch, collecting animals or food, swappinganimals or cage walls, felling wood, workingat the arch or loading finished cages withfood or animals.PlatypusLoungeA new company from Poland presentedCrown of Underworld by Adam Jastrzebskiand Michal Mulicki; a game for 2-6 players,ages 18+, who act as Mafia bosses fightingdiplomacy or negotiation. The game isavailable in the versions Moral Conflict1939, 1040 and 1941.PlayThisOneFrom the Netherlands comes Bloqs for 2-4players, ages 8+, which is an adaptation ofthe game that was published a few yearsago at Joen, Korea, designed by Hyo-JongYou and Patrick Zuidhof. You want to buildblocks of dimensions 3x3x3 from the singlepieces or, if this is not possible, to build thehighest construct. Also on display was apreview to Kobbalaa, which is a collectinggame with dice for 2 players, ages 8+.New new autumn releases 2012Pils GeorgAt the booth of the Austrian designer youcould find Finsterland, a Pen & Paper roleplaying system by Georg Pils and GregorEisenwort, set in world similar to ours in the10 th century, but featuring magic, machinesand monsters; the latest supplement forthis system is Finsterland Handbuch derfor dominance in a town full of drugs, crimeand meat balls; in 10 rounds you fight, bribe,cash money and play events on others.Portal PublishingRobinson Crusoe: Adventure on theCursed Island, a co-production withZ-Man and designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek,transports 1-5 players, ages 10+, to a lonelyisland, in analogy to the adventures ofRobinson Crusoe. Players cooperativelydevelop their new home and decide howthe game itself develops and if they discoverthe secret of the island.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 75t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Convoy / Konvoi by Ignacy Trzewiczekfor 2 players, ages 8+, is published as acoproduction of Portal Publishing andIello in German, English, French and Polisheditions and is set in the Neuroshimauniverse: Machine Juggernauts are on theQuantuumMagicExistenz: Ruins of Chaos (that was X610ZRuins of Chaos) by Patrick Ruedisueli isa stand-alone board game version ofPost Scriptummarch to New York and will destroy thetown when the soldiers of the OutpostArmy fail to stop their advance.Winter by Ignacy Trzewiczek for 2-6 players,ages 10+, ist also part of the Neuroshimafamily of games and expands 51 st as well asThe New Era: Winter has arrived and thereCastles by Harald Bilz turns 2-4 players, ages13+, into builders who should constructa marvelous and as complete as possiblepalace from materials that are at hand, butnot necessarily fitting. Necessary abilitiesare imagination, talent for improvisationand architectural mischievousness.Coproduction with Heidelbergerthe collectible card game Existenz, witha selection of cards from Act I-III, set ina post-apocalyptic Fantasy Steampunkbackground - it combines creature callsbased on collectible card game mechanismswith movements of units on the board. Thecard game and a prototype of the boardgame were shown already in 2011.Farmeroo is a children game for 2-4 players,ages 4+, the farmer has left open the gatesis a short armistice, factions - among themthe new faction Texas - prepare for the nextstage of the war and for this purpose usethe resources that were found in Frost City.For Neuroshima Hex itself there were twosmall expansions available:Neuroshima Hex! Steel Police by MichałOracz for 2-4 players, ages 10+, is an ArmyPack, Steel Police introduces a new abilityinto the game - Reflexion, which protects allunits, a the side marked accordingly, fromattacks and reflects back the attack.Neuroshima Hex! The Dancer by RustanHåkansson, for 2-4 players, ages 10+, isalso an Army Pack; the army has threeheadquarter tiles and now units, but onlyaction tiles.PrestelVerlagAfter a few years absence the company withthe beautiful games on art topics is back!On show was Das Prestel Kunstspiel for2-5 players, ages 8+, which is an adaptationof Das Prestel Kinder Kunstspiel - you mustdraw terms, enact them or describe themor remember a picture exactly and answerquestions on it; for correctly mastered taskyou receive a part of a puzzle.and animals have escaped; but the farmergot lost, too, when looking for the animalsand players must assist the farmer’s wifeto get them all home; a demo version wasshown.Hubbly Bubbly Brew for 2-4 players, ages6+, is also a design by Patrick Ruedisueli;we are pupils in Madam Pompadour‘sSchool for Magic Mixtures and must collectingredients, complete potions and be firstto pass our final exams.Two Crowns is a card game set in medievaltimes; 2 players, ages 8+ besiege the76 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTNomads introduce for now 2-5 players,ages 8+, new location abilities and four newlandscapes.Maharani by Wolfgang Panning lets2-4 players, ages 8+, take on the roles ofGames announced and in development:Escape: Illusions by Kristian AmundsenØstby is the first expansion for Escape, for1-6 players, ages 8+, featuring componentsfor a 6 th player and new modules - Chambersof Illusions and Special Chambers, to beopposing castle using strategy and bluff.Queen GamesEscape: The Curse of the Temple byKristian Amundsen Østby is a game in realtime about escaping a temple; 2-5 players,ages 8+, try to cooperate and to reach thearchitects who have to complete the TajMahal using mosaics.Locomotive Werks is the second title inthe Iron Horse Collection series, is a designof Dieter Danziger for 3-5 players, agesplayed in any combination with the basicgame.Lancaster Heinrich V by Matthias Cramerand Wolfgang Panning expands the gamefor 2-5 players, ages 12+, with two moduleswhich can be both or each on its owncombined with the basic game. At theKing’s Court introduces new offices, TheKing‘s Resentment loss of honor for lostbattles and both expansions together allow12+, and uses pioneers of railways and thedevelopment of modern machines for atopic.exit. All roll dice and act simultaneously;you need symbols to enter a room andalso roll to be able to add the next room.Fitting dice earn you magical jewels; whena countdown is started you must be back ina safe room or lose one die. When the exithas been placed, all must escape from thetemple in order to win together.Kingdom Builder Nomads, again byDonald X. Vaccarino, is the first expansionto the 2011 Spiel des Jahres Kingdom; theUrbanization by Johnny Ebsen for2-4 players, ages 12+, is a game on thedevelopment of building terrain from theIndustrial Revolution to Modern Times.for eight new laws.Announced for 2013 and planned as aKickstarter Project is Lost Legends by MikeElliot, a Fantasy card game for 3-5 players,ages 10+; players try as heroes to assemblethe best possible equipment for their fightagainst monsters.Already presented at Nuremberg wasJenseits von Theben Das Kartenspiel –Die Grabräuber for 2-4 players, ages 10+,by Peter Prinz, an adaptation of the boardgame into a card game.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 77t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Quined GamesThe Dutch company has returned to Essenwith two new games: For Carson Citythere is an expansion Carson City: Gold& Guns by Xavier Georges; 2-5 players,ages 12+, can utilize improved buildingsand houses, new houses, double sidedcharacters and another, separate expansioncalled Outlaw.Homesteaders by Alex Rockwell for 2-4players, ages 12+, has been re-publishedfeaturing symbols instead of card textsand partially changed game components;or tile and you choose a ship according toa bid made and you also bid with workersfor tiles to use in your village; workers earnyou resources, abilities, workers and victorypoints.R & R GamesFrank di Lorenzo had brought a fewinteresting titles to Essen:For 1st & Goal by Stephen Glenn, aSimulation of American Football for2-4 players, ages 13+, the single teamexpansion 1st & Goal: Essen Eagles wasannounced; you could also acquire thebasic game together with six expansions,but only if you pre-ordered.case.Froggy! by Anthony Rubbo for 2-4 playersis a racing game on frogs; you must bringthe correct frogs into their correspondingstack in order to implement your own cards.The more correlations you achieve thefurther you jump!HomeStretch by Frank DiLorenzo is ahorse-racing game for 2-6 players, featuringAttrAction is a game based on theattraction characteristics of magnets;contrary to Jishako where you should avoida total of 20 different race track cards!Pass-Ack Words by David Arnott and AaronWeissblum is intended for 4 players; topicin each round you bid in this auction andresources management game for thechance to erect buildings and then spendresources to build the buildings.R & D GamesKeyflower by Sebastian Bleasdale andRichard Breese for 2-6 players, ages 12+,continues the „Key“ series of game from R&Dgames: In the seventh game of the seriesthis attraction, attraction is demanded inthis game for 2-5 players, ages 14+.Double Take by Jack Degnan is a creativeguessing game for 3-8 players; two playerstogether enact two parts of a proverb;of the game are words and hints for wordswhich you should not understand correctly!And, finally, there was Pluckin’ Pairs byStephen Glenn; 3-8 players, each by himself,forms pairs from cards on display and writesdown those pairs; when only some playersand and not all of them have jotted downthe same pair, you score points equal to thewe settle new horizons in this resourcesmanagement game; ships bring workersthe category is known and the presentersonly score if both parts of the proverb arecorrectly guess; whoever guesses correctly,if only part of the proverb, scores in any78 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTnumber of players who noted it.and suppression.Racky SpieleRavensburgerWithin the booth of Greater China PavilionFlorian Racky presented Circus Grandioso,a card game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, who10 Tage durch Deutschland by AlanR. Moon and Aaron M. Weissblum is theadaptation of Europatour for Germany; 2-4players, ages 8+, try to be first to achieve atogether create a pyramid of circus animals.If you play the current top card you aregiven the marker and if you hold thismarker at the end of the game you win thegame. Pets for 2-6 players, ages 8+, wasalready announced in 2011 and has beenannounced again this year.supplement boxes where available thisyear: Rallyman 1.144 featuring 51 differenttin models of cards which you can paintyourself and also game boards on a scaleof 1:144, from both Rallyman and theexpansion Rallyman Dirt. Rallyman MRC1.220 features 4 tin models for paint-ityourselffun. The core game Rallyman waspresented in its fourth edition in a new box,and included new track conditions likebends, bumps and snow.RatherDashing GamnesA dashing pirate in the style of Jonny Deppmade us curious about X-Marks the Spotby Mike Richie, which is an abstract strategygame for 2-5 players, ages 10+ - it wascorrect connection of 10 regions and meansof transport.Dragi Drache by Anja Wrede and ChristophCantzler is a puffing game for 2-4 players,ages 4+; you must puff fire balls into volcanosquares and are awarded dragon fruits.RallymanFor Rallyman, the car racing game fromFrance, designed by Jean-ChristopheBouvier for 1-4 players, ages 9+, twopublished already in 2011, but new at Essen;you are one of four pirates in the game andtry to place your flag into an X on the boardbefore other players can do so.RavenDistributionWinter Tales is a co-production with AlbePavo, designed by the same team as Beer& Vikings, designer Matteo Santo andIllustrator Jocularis, for 3-7 players, ages10+. The game tells a story, players musttell about the conflict between good andevil, represented by Fairy Tale charactersstanding for Goodness, Hope and Freedom,and by Soldiers of Winter standing for EvilElfer Raus - Brettspiel is the board gameversion of the classic card game; designedby Reiner Knizia for 2-4 players, ages 8+; youwant to discard your tiles by placing theminto the four number sequences of differentcolors on the board.Make ‘n’ Break, the stacking and balancinghit by Andrew and Jack Lawson for 2-4players, ages 8+, is published again in a newedition.Make ‘n’ Break Party by Arno Steinwenderand Wilfried Lepuschitz for 3-9 players, ages10+, introduces building modes dependingon the location of a marker - accordingwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 79t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012version.The Amazing Spider-Man Labyrinth byMax J. Kobbert for 2-4 players, ages 7+,implements Das verrückte Labyrinth for ato description, to description with taboowords, building blindfold or building a term!Schlag den Raab - Das Quiz delivers,designed by Max Kirps for 23-5 players, ages12+, now only the quiz games for all fans ofthe TV show, including a total of 2000 newSpider-Man topic; players embody Lizard orSpiderman and find their way to the symbolof their current personal task card.The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- Das Kartenspiel by Reiner Knizia is aplacement game for 2-4 players, ages 8+;you place cards at locations for gems; on anby Heinrich Glumpler and Marco Teubnerfor 1-3 players, ages 7+, is an adventureaudio game on the topic of searching forquestions.singstar - Das Brettspiel is a party game byAndrea Meyer for 2-12 players, ages 10+; inthis adaptation of Hossa you sing alone ortreasures, this time in the Mexican jungle;you must solve puzzles and task with brainand dexterity.tiptoi Wettstreit im Hexenwald by UlrichBlum sends 2-4 players, ages 7+, into theMagic Forest on the search for ingredients;in teams songs according to demands; thesong must fit either a category or a cue.Star Wars Labyrinth by Max J. Kobbert for2-4 players, ages 7+, uses the mechanismof Das verrückte Labyrinth; you make yourway from your space ship to the Star Warscharacter currently featured on your owntask card; the game includes a Darth Vaderempty spot or on cards already placed; notevery card can be put on every card; whenall spots around a location are taken, youscore gems for the most and second mostvisible characters at this locations.Autumn releases in the tiptoi range are:tiptoi Das versunkene Logik-Land byUlrich Blum takes 1-4 players, ages 5-9, intoa mysterious under water city; to be allowedto enter you must master 10 tasks accordingto your personally, pre-chosen individuallevel of difficulty.tiptoi Die turbulente Zeitreise by UlrichBlum turns 1-4 players, ages 7-10, into testpilots in a time machine; you travel backinto past times and trace connections andcorrelations.tiptoi Tom & Tina Das Tal der Tempelimps are helpful and you score trainingpoints and bonuses for deliveries to to thewitches, but if you deliver to the Evil Witchyou score negative points.RBG RussianBorad GamesUnder this name and also under the labeland Name Rightgames one finds, since theprevious year, a number of board gameswith the claim „Invented in Russia, producedin Germany, sold worldwide”. Some gamesare published separately under bothnames, for instance Evolution: Time ToFly by Dmitry Knorre and Sergey Machin,which expands Evolution: Origin of Speciesfor 2-6 players, ages 8+, and introduces newcharacteristics like shell, intellect, angler fish80 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTrebel.plRebel.pl was sharing a booth with PortalPublishing and was offering four newreleases: In Amber by Tomasz Lewandowiczor Trematode, flying, ambush and ink cloud.The Jam by Sergey Machin is a game on themaking of jam for 2-4 players, ages 5+; youpick berries, make jam, swap recipes andbake cakes.planning what you will take into the cavefor equipment.Red GloveReal WallachianGamesA game box as huge as the title of the game- I Am Vlad: Prince of Wallachia by CosminAnghel for 2-4 players, ages 13+, presents2-6 players, ages 8+, are barons who set uptrade routes in order to connect their castleswith the villages where amber is collected,and to other castles in order to trade withamber.Mercurius by Łukasz Woźniak for 3-5Lumacorsa was already presented inNuremberg and shown again at Essen.Topic of the game by Andrea Nani for 2-8itself impressively and - correspondingto the topic - accordingly bleak and epic,featuring habits, myths and facts onWallachia and Transylvania and the real lifeof Vlad the Impaler!Let’s Pumpkin, by Eugen Anghel, is incontrast to the previous game nearlyplayers, ages 10+, is a card game on thetopic of the East India Company and the firstauction market in Amsterdam for operationthis company. Rich burghers invest into thecompany and want to profit from trade.players, ages 8+, are racing snails; you placebets on the snails and the speed of the snailscan be changed with cards you play fromyour hand. Out of Gears, also by AndreaNani and intended for 2-8 players, ageschildishly jolly - 2-6 players, ages 8+, tryto save their pumpkins in order to replantthem. The game was only visible as a democopy and not yet available. The gamesannounced in new releases lists, Naufragesand Unfrozen, are mentioned on thecompany’s website as „in progress“ and werenot on show at the booth, and the websitedoesn’t have additional information either.Slavika by Marcin Wełnicki is a Fantasygame for 2-5 players, ages 10+; they arenoble families and must continue to protectthe realm from the Evil creeping out of thewoods until the daughter of the regent canbond with the amulet and thus protect therealm.In The Cave by Adam Kałuża 2-5 players,ages 10+, are cave explorers in a newlydiscovered cave and set up the gameboard cave as a result of their explorations.Most important element of the game is8+, is a game on a desolate earth where afew forgotten robots keep on working inorder to remain useful and must fight otherrobots for urgently needed replacementparts. Coproduction with Elfin Werks.ReposProduction7 Wonders: Cities is the second expansionfor 7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza, now for 2-8players, ages 10+, featuring optional rulesfor playing in teams, new Black Cards forCity Ruins, two new wonders (Byzanz andPetra), new leaders and especially Debts,www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 81t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Revision GamesAlready announced in 2011, is Iron Sky:The Board Game by Juha Salmijärvi for 2-6players, ages 12+, now available; it is basedon both sides of the cards. Kumbu DoubleSided Memo is a memo game featuringAfrican design in which you do not turn tilesback over when they do not correspond butleave them in the display showing the newimage. With Kumbu Double Sided CardGame you can play different card games,for instance a variant of Perudo.which you must take and cannot pay back,they score negative at the end.Zombies simply are indestructible; in Cityof Horror by Nicolas Normandon for 3-6players, ages 13+, a Zombie horde hasinvaded the town and you must survive theattack; unfortunately it might sometimesbe necessary to sacrifice a fellow player todo so.Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk: La marcheBarbare by Antoine Bauza and LudovicMaublanc expands the basic game for 3-6players, ages 10+, with the choice also toon a SciFi film comedy, topic is an alternatetime line in which 1945 rockets on themoon set up a secret base of the Third Reichand where in 2018 an invasion begins.In the Arctic Union brochure two games stillin stages of development are announced:Pandemonium in New Arkadia is intendedfor 2-5 players, ages 12+; supernaturalbeings are still around despite the IndustrialRevolution and start a campaign in order toremind mankind of their existence.Wall of the Dead once again picks up thetopic of zombies; 2 players, ages 8+, want todirect the zombie horde to the opponent’swall.RielekstFrom the Netherlands comes this newcompany with two jolly colorful cardgames, both for 2-8 players, ages 4 or 5+;both designed by Kees Meis and DennisMerkx. The games are both carrying imagesRightgamesIn the second year of its presence at Essenthe company has again brought lots of newreleases, many of them are expansions togame published earlier.Evolution: Time To Fly by Dmitry Knorreand Sergey Machin, expands Evolution:Origin of Species for 2-6 players, ages 8+,and introduces new characteristics likeshell, intellect, angler fish or Trematode,flying, ambush and ink cloud.The following games in the program are alldesigns by Sergey Machin, some of themexpansions to games presented in 2011:Potion-making. Practice: Guildplay Barbarians, to explore new regions andto encounter new monsters and treasures.Rampage by Antoine Bauza and LudovicMaublanc for 2-4 players, ages 10+, isannounced for 2013; you play hugemonsters which attack a city and eat thecity inmates, represented by playing pieces,and score for it.of Alchemists for2-6 players, ages10+, expands the basic game with newelements, artifacts and additional spell as82 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTwell as a few new rules.In Potion-making. Practice: UniversityCourse for 2-6 players, ages 10+, you mustnot only brew potions but also produce thePhilosopher’s Stone.The Kingdom of Crusaders:Ordonnance for 2-4 players, ages 12+,expands The Kingdom of Crusaders bynew cards of different kinds: Unit cardswith stronger armies, with correspondingsymbols in two rows and kingdom cardswhich equalize one unit at a location aswell as ordinance cards which you can useto draw cards, exchange units or destroyopposing units.Confetti is a game of pattern recognitionfor 1-7 players, ages 9+; half of the cards isspread out and then you take cards fromthis display for combinations and points;you may only use your right hand and useyour left hand to protect cards that youhave already taken.Japanese Castle is simply a card game toplayers, ages 12+, set in 16 th century Japan;players are secret agents of the powerfulclans and must support their own clan inachieving military dominance.Zombie! Run for Your Lives! for 3-7 players,ages 10+, yet again picks up the Zombietopic - one of the players will survive; to doso you draw a card and play a card, either azombie on another player or an item to helpyourself.Rio GrandeGamesThe American publisher offers the usualinteresting mixture of English editionfrom games originally published by othercompanies and in-house Rio Grandeproducts:Cavemen: The Quest for Fire by DanCassar is an auction and card drafting gametimes have hit the kingdom; you dwell inshelters, wish ruins upon other players andtry your hand at begging. Central topics ofthe expansion are garbage and upgrading.Monster Factory is a placement game byDonald X. Vaccarino and Nina Paley for 2-6players, ages 5+; players draw and placetiles next to their own or next to opposingmonsters, at the end the biggest monsterwins.Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts byThomas Lehmann for 2-5 players, ages13+, the fourth expansion, is intendedexclusively for use with the basic game andincludes the Alien Orb Scenario.Roll to the South Pole by Emil Amundsen,Eilif Svensson and Kristian Amundsen Østbybuild card houses with, for 1-4 players, ages10+, similar to Card Castle by Kidult.The designer of the last two games inthe program of new releases is DanilaGoryunov:Shinobi: War of Clans is a card game for 3-5in which 2-5 players, ages 13+, are clanchiefs who hunt dinosaurs with the help ofresources food and teeth, recruit new tribemembers and discover new technologies tobe first in inventing Fire!In the seventh expansion for Dominion,called Dominion Dark Ages, by DonaldX. Vaccarino for 2-4 players, ages 8+, badis a dice game on the race to the South Pole;www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 83t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012you must choose the optimum route andcleverly allocate your resources.In Spin Monkeys by Mark Sellmeyer 2-8players, ages 13+, are monkeys in the jungledifferent mechanisms from several othergames..Unexpected Treasures is the English titlefor Fundstücke, a new edition of a gameRosklideFestivalThe world-famous Danish festival presenteditself at Essen with two games on the topic:In Camp Roskilde by Morten Jaeger,Morten Greis Petersen, Bo Thomasen andand encounter a Fair Ground; they collectfruits with a bumper car and can movemore spots as the game advances; touchingthe border of the board costs you cards andslows the car down.Cooperations and English edition ofgames from other companies:Together with CGE:Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition byVlaada Chvátil for 2-5 players, ages 10+, itfeatures the core game, all expansions andadditional material.Tzolk‘in: The Mayan Calendar by SimoneLuciani and Daniele Tascini for 2-4 players,ages 12+, was creating a big stir with its cogwheels on the board. Those wheels regulateaccess to resources and also the passing oftime between scorings; grain is food andcurrency; actions are production, resources,buildings or technologies and – sometimes– influence on the gods.Goblins Inc. by Filip Neduk lets 2-4 players,ages 12+, rival for building the best robot;in two turns the two players of a teamalternate in the roles of designer and builderand then in the combat phase in the roles ofpilot and tactician.In Zusammenarbeit mit 2F-Spieleerscheinen:Copy Cat is the English edition of thethird game in Friedemann Friese’s FridayProject Fremde Federn, 2-4 players, ages12+, want to be elected President andus a given set-up and a mixture of DeckBuilding and Worker Placement to placecanvassers; the name of the game resultsfrom Friedemann Friese having borrowedpublished in 2002 in a limited small printrun - an auction and acquisition game byFriedemann Friese; 3-6 players, ages 10+,go bargain hunting on the bulky wastedump. You secretly bid a number and mayvisit the garbage dump according to yourbid; if you bid 0, you are the thief and stealfrom others.Funkenschlag (Power Grid) is expandedwith two new titles, both by FriedemannFriese and intended for 2-6 players, ages12+:Funkenschlag: Nordeuropa/UnitedKingdom & Irland offers 12 new powerplants exclusive to Northern Europe - thereare different energy sources in NorthernEurope and there are different power plantsfor different regions. In the United Kingdom& Irland game you can operate two differentpower grids which cannot be connected.With Ystari:Myrmes by Yoann Levet features a ratherunusual topic; 2-4 players, ages 10+, arequeens of an ant hill and send out soldiersand workers to explore the kingdom; thoseworkers replenish stores, hunt insects andconquer areas using pheromones.With Giochix:The Doge Ship by Marco Canetta andStefania Niccolini lets 2-5 players, ages 12+,take up the roles of Venetian ship builderswho are asked by the Doge to cooperate inthe construction of his new ship. Adaptingto changing prices you must work on theship, build gondolas for money and set upbarriers to protect city and shipyard.With PD-Verlag:Antike Duellum for 2 players, ages 12+;the game features the scenarios Punic Warsand Persian Wars; in both you must be firstto acquire nine personalities of those times.Announced is Maria for 2-3 players, ages14+, by Richard Sivél, a simulation of theAustrian Succession Wars 1740-1748.Andreas Lieberoth Wadum each of 2-6players, ages 12+, tries to set up the bestcamp with this special feeling - will it beBlack Metal or Blue Elegance? You sendvisitors and equipment in your own campor that of another player and implementthe effects. In the Roskilde Festival DiceGame you find five regular and one specialfestival die, for which you should make upyour own rules; for assistance the websitefeatures more than 100 rules provided byvisitors of the festival.RunadrakeThe publisher and distributor from Portugalhad a mixed program to offer:Block had already been presented last yearas a prototype; it is an abstract placementgame for 2 players, ages 8+, designed by84 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTNelson Ferreira; you place and move blocksaccording to their height, a maximum offour steps, and swallow other towers thatare lower. You must change direction aftereach step in the move; if you cannot moveyou lose.Turned by Rodrigo Paiva, Inácio Lima,cooperative development game.Xoo Pest by Rodrigo Paiva and Inácio Lima,which was named in some new releaseslists, is planned for 2013; according toPhilipp Moringer of Runadrake furtherinformation will come along in January.Saikikaku8+ in two fast variants: Simple Shogi isplayed on a 3x5 board with four piecesand only pieces in the outer row can beupgraded; Rocket Shogi is played accordingto standard Shogi rules with eight pieces ona 5x7 board.Saladin GamesAnd yet another new publisher in theconglomerate of Japon Brand, and startingoff with three new games, all designed byShown in 2011 as a prototype, SignumMortis by Hajo Peters for 3-6 players, ages17+, and with a prognosis of a playing timeMartin Norris, Marcelo de Almeida Nunesand Luiz Carlos Vieira for 2-6 players, ages10+, is one more game in the series ofzombie-topic games; this time humansare stuck in the attic of the manor and canspend 4 action points in each turn whilethe zombies can only spend one. If youcomplete an escape plan card as a human,you win; when all humans have beeneffected all zombies but the one who wasYoshihisa Itsubaki:Even Steven is a guessing game for 3-10players, ages 8+; a question is answered byall either with yes, no or „even“ if you believethat there will be an equal number of “yes”and “no”; the question itself is unimportantand is never answered, all that counts arethe numbers of “yes” and “no” and youscore in relation to those numbers and toyour own answer. As a supplement theof 5 hours or more is now available; in thisspecial case this means that one could takehome a box and part of the components,the rest will follow when available. In thishistoric simulation the theme are criminalgangs from the Aventin, who acted aspolice in Rome for one party at the timesof Sulla. You win with most money or withmost influence with the right party.Sandtimerinfected last win together.Why First? by Simon Havard is a gameof pondering for 2-6 players, ages 8+; butreason alone does not count, becauseyou want to score points, but only such anamount that you come in in second place;the arrival at the finish of a race is notedfor points, after five races you win with thesecond highest score.Mehinaku by Luis Francisco, FlavioJandorno and Antonio Marcelo for 2-6players, ages 12+, has been announcedexpansion Adam and Even comes withquestions for adults.Ninja Chess is a chess variant for 2 players,ages 8+, played on a 6x6 board; when apawn reaches the opposing base line itchanges to Castle or Queen, even whenthose pieces are still on the board.Simple Shogi is played by 2 players, agesAfter years of experiments Sandtimer hasturned - more fitting to the company’sname - to clocks. In Clocks by Tim De Ryckeand Sander Vernyns 1-4 players, ages 10+,fill the squares in a clock face with dice andscore for perfectly placed dice, groups ofdice and dice groups of the same color; dicethat you use are drawn and auctioned.again - players are Chief, Shaman, Workeror Hunter and develop their tribe in thiswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 85t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Schmidt SpieleBumm Bumm Ballon! by FrankRookmaaker is an action game for 2 or moreplayers, ages 8+; a balloon is inflated andSeraphimPublishingThe Pioneer Card Game: ChapterResources by Jen Zhe Zhang takes 2-4placed in the frame; then you put sticks intothe holes of the frame and shoved furtherinto the frame by the number of notchesindicated by the roll of a die. When theballoon bursts, the player causing it has lost,all others win together.In the memo game Der Kleine Prinz:Planetenwanderer by Kai Haferkamp2-4 players, ages 6+, help the Little Princeto find the dark planets which have beendarkened by the snake and her helpers andto break the power of the snake.Dog Royal by Johannes Schmidauer-Königexpands the card game Dog for 2-6 players,intended for 2-4 players, ages 6+. 90 cubeseach show six different symbols; at the startof your turn you can re-roll any number ofyour cubes before placing them as usual ina row, either for the same symbols or thesame color.Rondo by Reiner Knizia for 2-4 players, ages8+, is a placement game; you place markersof the same color on colored numbers onthe board for victory points equal to thenumber value; you can place more than onepiece on a number, can place any numberof pieces in a row in a turn and changedirection once per turn; if you do not placea piece you draw two pieces instead of one.SenetGamesThe Belgian specialist for replicas of antiqueboard games this year again presented thecomplete range of games including theplayers, ages 8+, as pioneers in so farunexplored new territories; you explore,develop and change the climate; the orderin which the cards are placed, is set up andthen the card effects are implemented inorder, one after the other.ShowEnterpriseChicago very often is a synonym for gamesor in games for gang delinquency; thisis also the case in this game by GinichiroSuzuki for 4 players, ages 12+. You areallowed one move per turn, the poorestplayer then turns informer; after twelverounds the richest player is arrested andloses half of his wealth; then the now richestplayer wins.Sierra Madre Gamesages 8+, with new rules; you start with fivecards and the markers are played markedside up; the markers rank in the order ofKing, Knight, Burgher and Jester and mayonly overtake figures of lower or equal rankand have special abilities.Spiel des Jahres 2011, Qwirkle, was givena sequel by the name of Qwirkle Cubes,again designed by Susan McKinley Ross andadaptation of Senet for blind and visuallyhandicapped persons.86 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTPax Porfiriana by Phil and Matt Eklund is acard game based on the game of Lords ofthe Sierra Madre, designed for 2-5 players,ages 14+: Topic of the game is the reignof dictator Porfirio Diaz over Mexico. As arich merchant before the revolution youtry to set up an economics empire and tooverturn Diaz with the help of sufficientloyalty, wrath of the people, command orrevolution points or - if that does not work- at least to own most gold.Sir ChesterCobblepotDespite its typically English name thisis a new Italian company that had onenew game to show: Collapsible D for 3-6players, ages 12+, by Gianluco Santopietroisa a portrait of the last minutes on theTitanic; each player controls one passengerin each class plus one crew member andmust take those people to safety in the liferafts, starting from different locations onthe ship.SiriusThis is the label under which the Russianpublisher Zvezda, represented by HutterTrade, offers a range of family games. Aimof the game in Maya for 2-4 players, ages8+, by Andrea Mainini and Alberto BranciariSit DownThe new release for 2012 from the Belgianpublisher with the inviting name is calledKarnag and is a design by Pascal Cadot. 2-5players, ages 12+, must fend off an invasionfrom the depths and must catch monstersin the woods and set up magical barriersaround the portal of Ker Ys; mana earns youvictory points and is renewed by potions.For the parallel universe of Wiraqochathere is an expansion, Wiraqocha: TheWay of the Feathered Serpent by HenriKermarrec, featuring new tiles, cards,markers and new possibilities for the basicgame: You discover and use new locationsin the valley and can add new units to theexpeditions and can also enter into a pactwith the Feathered Serpent, the protectivespirit of the valley.Smiling MonsterGamesWithin the Greater China Pavilion boothStefan Zlatintsits presented, as in 2011,Jagdfieber for 3-5 players, ages 8+. Youplay cards in order to acquire prey, but takecare, the other hunters try to steal prey!Hunters chase wolves, remaining wolveshunt rabbits, remaining rabbits are in theend chasing carrots.SodPopMiniaturesRelic Knights Darkspace Calamity is afast strategy game by John Cadice andKevin Clark, initiated on Kickstarter byCoolMiniOrNot and already fully funded; 2or more players pit their strength againsteach other fighting for their own survivaland also that of the galaxy.SphinxSpieleverlagAfter bones and skeletons in 2011 this yearwe roll dice for bathing guests and sharks inthe dice game Shark Attacks by HenningPoehl for 2-6 players, ages 10+: In the beachhotel shark attacks have massive influenceon the number of visitors; Shark dice eatbathing guests, guests that manage toescape the shark are scored.Spielboxis to set up monochromatic Maya pyramids.You swap one level of two adjacent towersincluding all levels above the exchangedone. The monolith blocks adjacent towersand the raven blocks the level at the samelevel with his wings on all towers.Carcassonne Die Häuser for developingCarcassonne, again designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede for 2-5 players, ages 8+, areavailable as a supplement for Spielbox issue5/2012. Houses, towers and barns can beplaced instead of a follower on a tile justplaced this instant; in scorings includingthis tile the building on the tile scores oneextra points.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 87t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012the expansion Ruhrschifffahrt Kaufmannund Kohlenhandlung featuring two newprogress tiles on a white background, wasavailable.Elisabeth I. is the German edition of VirginZooloretto-News were included as asupplement in the spielbox issue MesseSpecial.ages 10+, on the topic of restricted roomin the restroom, and it can get crowded inthere, what a shame! If you do not manageSpielworxx1989 by Jason Matthews and Ted Torgersonsimulates for 2 players, ages 12+, the Endof the Cold War and the End of the SovietQueen, GMT, for 2-6 players, ages 14+, by EdBeach, and is based on the military, politicaland religious conflicts in Europe during thereign of Elisabeth I. of England and PhilippII. of Spain; it is the sequel game to Here IStand.Splotter SpellenThe break and the long waiting time areover at long last, there is a new game fromSplotter, already introduced as a prototypein 2011: The Great Zimbabwe by Jeroento find a free spot, you are given a roll oftoilet paper and walk off into the woods.In the series Die Tollen Kleinen three Staupegames are re-published: Merlin for 2-4Empire in Europe with political, social andeconomic aspects - German edition of theGMT game.Ruhrschifffahrt 1769-1890 by ThomasSpitzer for 2-4 players, ages 12+, simulatesthe development of Ruhr River for transportof coal in the 2 nd half of the 18 th centuryresulting in a total of 14 locks. As an additionDoumen and Joris Wiersinga makes 2-5players, ages 14+, develop civilizations inAfrica, based on trade structures and withthe ultimate goal to set up an impressivemonument for the deity of their choice.Staupe SpieleSince the start of 2012 Reinhard Staupehas taken up the position of editor withNurnberger Spielkarten and is developing adesigner’s card game series there and alsothe range of Modern Classics card games.Some of his own game are produced byNürnberger Spielkarten with a reference onStaupe Spiele.The new games for 2012 from thiscooperation are:Lokus, a placement game for 3-5 players,players, ages 4+, is a game of concentration;Merlin looks different on all the cards, youlook for opposites. Ohren auf! is an acousticmemo game for 2-6 players, ages 4+, andPicus is a game for training concentration,you must silently in your head workthrough the sequence and then touch thecard showing the correct solution.88 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTSteffen-SpieleIn the range of the elegant, mostly red-andblackboxes there were three new releasesthis year:Kulami XL by Andreas Kuhnekath is a bigStepPuzzleFrom Russia comes a publisher thatspecializes in puzzles and presents a gamebased on the principle of puzzles: Cat &Mice is a movement game with the topic ofMunchkin Conan by Steve Jackson, 3-6players, ages 13+;Munchkin Naughty and Nice Booster,version of Kulami for 2 players, ages 9+; theplacement of one piece determines wherethe next one can be placed.Pescado by Steffen Benndorf is a dice gamefor 2-4 players, ages 8+; colorful fish mustbe caught with the help of dice; when youroll connected colors you can catch a trio offish.Soluna by Bruno Faidutti is a logic game formice fleeing from the cat in the cheese; the3D board is put together like a puzzle. Youwant to reach the top of the board first andown the most valuable cheese; sufficientchips within the cheese earn you an extramove. A prototype of a 3D game calledSpiderman by Ilya Anakin was displayed ina showcase.Steve JacksonGamesMunchkin does not need an introduction,the naughty-cute characters have proventhemselves in all circumstances and are funin each surrounding. New in the MunchkinMunchkiverse are:Munchkin 8: Half Horse, Will Travel byAndrew Hackard, 2-6 players, ages 13+;Munchkin Penny Arcade Booster by SteveJackson, 3-6 players, ages 13+, MunchkinSkullkickers Booster by Steve Jackson,3-6 players, ages 13+, Munchkin The GuildBooster by Steve Jackson, 3-6 players, ages13+, Munchkin Zombies 3 by AndrewHackard, 3-6 players, ages 13+, as well as2 players, ages 7+: Double sided discs showa different symbol on each of their sides -stars, moon, sun or comet; you place singlepieces or stacks on top of each other whenthey are of the same height or show thesame symbol on top. If you cannot moveyou lose.Munchkin Apocalypse by Steve Jackson,3-6 players, ages 13+;The Good, The Bad, and the Munchkin 2– Beating a Dead Horse by Steve Jackson,3-6 players, ages 13+, do you think SergioLeone would play?Zombies are the second huge topic in thecompany, new are:Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature by SteveJackson for 2-10 players, ages 13+, the packwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 89t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012holds three new dice and two expansions,The Hunk and the Hottie und Santa Clausmeets the Zombie.Outside the Munchkin universe there isa double-sided combat counter and twoexclusive cards for the respective game.+6 Bag o’Munchkin Level Counters SetFernandez and Steve Jackson, the duckfeatures a storage bag with zip and holdstwo exclusive cards: Curse! Duck of Gloomand a card for Gloom by Atlas Games. Thetentacles on the other hand are simply forcuddling or, with some creative thinking,a somewhat voluminous tie for specialoccasions.A glimpse into 2013 is offered by Castellan,which is an area enclosure game for 2players, ages 8+, designed by Beau Beckett;Trophy Buck by Steve Jackson,; in the dicegame for 3-8 players, ages 13+, you roll 12dice to hunt as much deer as possible, butyou must take care not to over-roll and tosee only tracks in the end.#2 as a playing aid are designed by JohnKovalic, Greg Hyland and Ethan Nicolle,ages 13+. For Cthulhu there are new diceeach player has a set of cards for walls anda set of cards for towers; you play whatthe card tells you and if you can form anenclosed area you put a marker there.Ogre isn’t a monster game either, but a SciFisimulation of tank battles for 2-3 players bySteve Jackson; the game was publishedfirst in 1977 and is re-published in an OgreDesigner‘s Edition.For completeness‘ sake playing aids andsets, Cthulhu Dice Metäl and ChtulhuDice, as well as for Munchkin as +6 Bag’oRadioactive Munchkin d6 with new cards.Duck of Gloom and Plush Tentacleare plush figurines, designed by AlexStragoo GamesStragoo Games is the brand name forsophisticated games from the Czechpublisher Bonaparte; the new release 2012 iscalled Mafia City, designed by Petr Belik formerchandise are listed, too:Munchkin Zombies Meat Lockers andMunchkin Cthulhu Kill-O-Meter bothare playing aids for Munchkin, by SteveJackson, ages 13+; each version contains3-5 players, ages 12+. Beneath the beautifulsurface there is unrest in the city which is inthe relentless grip of the syndicates whichfight each other for dominance and includeall city quarters in their plans while pullingtheir strings attending events in High90 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTSociety.StratamaxThe new release 2012 from the Americanpublisher is called Sheepdogs ofPendleton Hill and has been designed byowner Max Michael himself: 3-5 players,ages 10+, take on the guise of sheep dogsand should take sheep up to the shepherdshigh up on the hill. The higher you canmove them the more points you can score;sheep, shepherd and wolf are moved withcards.Stronghold GamesArticle 27: The UN Security CouncilGame by Dan Baden is a game ofnegotiations for 3-6 players, ages 10+;players are members of the UN SecurityCouncil, present resolutions and voteon those resolutions; one player alwaystakes on the role of UN General Secretaryand proposes a resolution; a round ofnegotiations is limited to five minutes.Core Worlds: Galactic Orders by AndrewParks for 2-5 players, ages 10+, expandsSpace Cadets by Brian, Geoff and SydneyEngelstein is a hectic cooperative gamefor 3-6 players, ages 8+, who are bridgeofficers on a space ship and must competetheir tasks successfully by either placingdominoes for fuel or completing puzzles toload torpedoes or form poker combinationsfor shields or scan enemy targets by tactilesenses or as captain keep all at their tasks.On occasion of the 30 Year anniversary ofthe game there is a new edition of Survive:Escape from Atlantis by Julian Courtland-Smith.StratelibriFor the Stratelibri label two games areannounced for 203: Venetia by MarcoMaggi and Francesco Nepitello; 2-4 playersare tasked with guiding a Venetian familythrough the centuries; at the booth thegame was presented only on a poster. Forthe deck building game of Core worlds;players can now inter into alliances with thesix Galactic Orders, which are independentorganizations within the realm, representedby a card; you can leave markers there forpoints at the end or can remove thosemarkers to use the abilities of the Order.Crude by James J. St. Laurent, the simulationof the crude oil business! 2-4 players, agesEditions in English of games from othercompanies:CO 2by Vital Lacerda for 1-5 players,ages 12+; you are managers of EnergyCompanies, who must comply with theProvincia Romana only title and cover areknown.10+, are CEOs of oil companies and acquireoil rigs, oil wells, refineries and gas stationswhich they us to pump oil refine oil and sellit, later in the game you trade crude oil andpetrol in the market phase.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 91t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012demands of governments for new „green“power plants and stop pollution. One of themechanics in the game are CEPs, CarbonEmission Permits, which you can buy, selland use up for energy infrastructure.With Giochix.Milestones is another game with a workerplacement topic, by Stefan Dorra and Ralfzur Linde. 2-4 players, ages 10+, build roads,market places and houses using resources,money and grain while optimizing thecircuit of acquisition, trade and settlement.With Pegasus.Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom by MichaelSchacht is a card discarding game for 2-4players, ages 7+, who try to get rid of cardsin hand, because cards remaining on handscore penalty points. With White GoblinLittle Devils is a card game by MichaelFeldkötter for 3-6 players, ages 8+, with veryRevolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso isagain a card game for 2 players, ages 12+,by Leigh Caple and Mark Chaplin, this timeon the duel between General Mapache andthe village population and guardians ofMalpaso. With White GoblinRevolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail byMark Chaplin for 2 players, ages 12+, on theother hand, is an expansion for Revolver,with more strategic options for ColonelMcReady and two new bandits for JackColty. With White GoblinRevolver: Hunt the Man Down by MarkChaplin for 2 players, ages 12+, is the secondexpansion with new victory conditions forMcReady and a new building, the jail, forJack Colty. With White GoblinSunrise TornadoGames StudioTa-Te Wu was showing his new games ata joint booth with Blast City Games andMondainai games. Di Renjie for 2-6 players,ages 10+, is a card game on deduction; youmust find out the victim, the weapon andthe scene of crime for a murder before theof the game.Mines of the Sacred Dragon, on theother hand, was produced and available;in this placement game by Ta-Te Wu for 1-5players, ages 10+, you place tiles in order tosimple rules: you must neither follow trumpnor suit and can play higher or lower andthe second card played determines the goalof the trick. With White GoblinRevolver by Mark Chaplin is a noncollectiblecard game for 2 players, ages12+, in which each player is given his owndeck; the Colonel must eliminate all gangmembers before they escape to Mexico,and the player of the Colty Gang musteliminate the representative of the Law.With White Goblin.crime actually happens.Glory of the Three Kingdoms: GuanduCore Set by Jerry Gu, Monica Liang and Ta-Te Wu, an expansion for the deck buildinggame for 2 players, ages 12+, was availablefor testing as a prototype as where the othertwo games: Sudoku Taisen: Ice Age byTa-Te Wu for 1-4 players, ages 10+, a dicegame based on the Sudoko mechanism ofcompleted rows, in this case 1-5, and TheBattle of Red Cliffs by E. R. Burgess andTa-Te Wu for 1-9 players, which is a newadaptation of Tien Zi Que, the Mahjonggcard game; you collect sets and one cardfrom those sets for a master set at the endbuild mines or to expand already existingmines; you score for single mines and alsofor connected mines. Also available werethree expansion sets with 10 tiles each.Already announced as a preview for 2013was uSpy by Eric R. Burgess and Ta-Te Wu,which is an auction game for 2-5 players,ages 10+, on the topic of espionage in WWII.Surprised Stare GamesAfter a long time there was this year a new“big” game from Surprised Stare Games:Snowdonia, by Tony Boydell for 1-5 players,ages 8+, features the topic of building a92 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTGotta Go! by Zhulan Gao is a party gamewith cards, 3-10 players, ages 8+, try toeat well and not to be the last to leave therestaurant, because if you are last you mustpay the bill for all guests.Liver War by the Car Tan Technology Teamis a competitive game for 3-5 players, ages10+, for the best position in a company;train track up to the top of Mount Snowdon.You free the track from rubble, produce andlay track, construct viaducts and stationsand fight the vagaries of Welsh weather.Coproduction with Lookout Spiele anduplay.it edizioniSwan PanasiaOnce again, as in previous years, theTaiwanese distributor serves as a promoterfor a number of publishers. The informationon the games is not complete, as there is aproblem of names and of course language,most titles are only available in Chinese,very rarely there are English and Germanrules for the games and also very fewcatalogues or brochures.Games from Swan Panasia’s own range:In Darkminded Merchants by Car TanTechnology Team 2-4 players, ages 8+,fight each other in intense and recklesscompetition for dominance in the industryall players start as newly hired employeesand want to fight their ways to the top;to achieve this you need the help of yourcolleagues and your own abilities.On the prototype Mushrooms for 2-6players, ages 6+, which was also listed, Idid not find any information, it was notdisplayed in the booth, either.TacticNelostuoteThe Finnish company had brought, besidesthe games based on the Angry Bird License,iKnow, an elegantly designed trivia gameyou have too many zombies on displaywithout action, you are dead; if you canescape the town or is last in play you win.Tasty MinstrelGamesBesides the US editions of Belfort, EminentDomain and Homesteaders the companypresented Ground Floor by David Short.2-6 players, ages 12+, start a company, mustdecide upon priorities and must, taken allin all, balance time, money and employeeswell to be successful.Templumand of course most profit, using very roughmeans and ways.Demon Busters by Kuraki Mura for 3-5players, ages 8+, is a card game on demonsand war; players embody one of five Sacredcreatures and ban ghosts and goblinsunderground.for 3-6 players, ages 12+, which offersquestions in four categories: There arealways three clues in three levels of difficultyfor a questions and you must use tacticsdeciding if you want to answer first let tryothers first and you also bet who will knowthe answer. Currently there is a Finnish andan international edition.TamakonnyakuLabelCard of the Dead by Motohiro Nakamurais a card game on the fight against zombiesfor 2-5 players, ages 10+; you draw cards- action cards in hand, zombies into thedisplay; event card are implemented. WhenThe Czech publisher this year showed hislongtime standard range and also newgames, all designed by Přemysl Chmelař,and all games offer the possibility to yusethe components for standard classicgames. Valdstein Konversi for 2 players,ages 9+, is a placement game in thetradition of Reversi. In Via Romanorum 2-4players, ages 10+, are Roman senators orcommanders of legions and must set up aroad network which you then use with yourwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 93t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012mining units.TheCreativity HubRory O’Connors Story Cubes are given hugesiblings, Story Cubes MAX, using the samegame mechanism for 1 or more players,„Smart & Fun“ for 1-5 players, ages 7+; youalternate to place tiles marked in colors andscore for colored region you expand; in theadvanced version you multiply the areascore with the point values of the tiles.The Green BoardGame Co.legions to return to Rome and win powerwith influence in Rome.Witco Dominiono is a strategic placementgame and is based on an historic event.Witco de Perchyc did pass his coat of armsto his sons in different colors, besidesThe British company showed an excerptfrom its program; some titles are publishedin German by moses. Verlag; for instance theages 6+; you roll all dice and tell a storyusing the resulting symbols.placing the pieces you need negotiationsand empathy.TF VerlagTF Verlag is the publishing company ofTrollFactory, an internet platform forcasting, founding and forming, andpresented the revised new edition TF22 byRainer Habekost for 2-4 players, ages 14+. InThe Game MasterHans van Tol had two new games tooffer, one already produced, one still indevelopment.Countdown: Special Ops, designedtogether with Gertjan Oomis, is intendedBrainbox series or, new , the Tectors series,which is called robotic T-Rex in Britain.ThinkfunThe logic puzzle games and educationalgames from this company were presentedat the HCM Kinzel booth and range fromgames for toddlers to logical puzzles forfamilies.Mathe Würfel for 1 player, ages 8+, by SamRitchie turns mathematics into a game onthe 22 nd century, out on Planet GH-328, youpilot a mining ship belonging to Trollfactory,scout for the best possible landing site andmine as much of the white ore as you can,because the aim of the game is to leave theplanet with most ore. TF22 Load by DennisKirps for 2 players, ages 14+, is the startinggame for TF22; as captain you optimizethe loading of the space ships with RobotCombat units for later protection of the oreto be a modular game on secret agents for3-6 players, ages 12+; you are a member ofa specialist team on dangerous missionsand should find and defuse bombs. Youlook for them in public places like airportsor railway station or search for terror groupsin ghettos, shopping malls or in the harbor.Match Point, to the contrary, is aneducational logic game in the new seriescalculation operations; first you roll dicefor the result and then for three numberswhich you use to make up the result.94 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTIn the version Mathe Würfel jr. for 2 or moreplayers, ages 6+, by Sam Ritchie, you mustsolve addition and subtraction tasks to befirst to cross the finish line on the board. Fivedice are rolled for the numbers which youmust use to make up the solution.Roll & Play by Bill Ritchie for toddlers ofages 18months and more: A big cube madeof cloth shows a different color on eachThornhengeLyssan by Sam Brown for 2-4 players, ages12+, is a game of strategy set in medievalside - in each color there are task cards inthe categories of expressing emotions,determine body parts, imitate animalsounds, count, recognize colors or executemovements and gestures.Swish is an abstract stacking game withcards, designed by Gali Shimoni and Zvitimes and picking up the topics of war,politics and secret agents. Each player tries- in the role of the one and only true ruler ofLyssan - to keep other players in check anddefeat them in the end.ToopsFor SPIEL Monsuno was announced; a newcollectible card game for 2 players, ages 6+,based on the TV series at Nickelodeon; thesnake made up from pyramids, in analogyto the Himmel & Hölle shapes which afolded from paper as a child, but withinteresting rules.TreefrogThis year Martin Wallace had brought agame to Essen with a topic quite unusual forhim: P.I for 3-4 players, ages 10+. P.I. standsfor Private Investigator and this is also theShalem; you turn, tilt and stack transparentcards showing dots and circles to achieveplacement of the dots within rings of thesame color.Turnstile by Steve Hayton is a logic puzzlefor 1 player, ages 8+; the corners of a 3x3board are marked in colors and in each ofthe 40 puzzles you must move the coloredpawns through a labyrinth of turnstile intothe corner of their color.first series contains more than 150 cards,including Strike cards and Monsuno cardsin boosters; the starter pack contains allmaterial needed for 2 players including twoready-made decks, all in all 79 cards + onerare foil card.TopyspieleVerlagUnder the sign of the clover leaf smiley thisyear an enchanting puzzle for 2-6 players,ages 3+, was presented, called 7 Elefanten,which are assembled according to colordice results; furthermore, depending on theresult, you can discard a ring or must take aring off the big elephant.The second new game is called Schnick-Schnack-Schnuck and is a game featuringthe stone-scissors-paper mechanism for 2-6players, ages 5+, adapted to a expandabletopic of the game; players in the guise ofdetectives solve crime cases in order tobecome the best private eye in town, butyou always solve the case of your rightneighbor!A new edition of his game MoonghaInvaders: Mad Scientists and AtomicMonsters Attack the Earth for 3-4 players,www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 95t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012ages 10+, is announced for 2013; eachplayer controls monsters, creates new onesand tries to to destroy other monsters withthe help of his hero and of military units.Available at the Treefrog booth was MartinWallace’s card game Doctor Who: The CardGame, which was published by Cubicle 7Entertainment.Treflto try to escape, cards can be used for theireffect or as a location.Two GeeksFrom Ukraine comes Denys Lonshakov andbrings his game Ruthenia for 2-4 players,ages 12+; you play simultaneously on twolevels; on the one hand you are Head ofThe Polish publisher was showing a few newreleases in the range of children games, allin Polish language, among them one gameachieve the number of the currently activebeast card.In Go, Goblin Go by Jon David Faeth for 2-6players, ages 13+, goblin bosses hold a raceto the fire pits for their minions and placebids on the result.There are also news on the Zombies front,all designed by Todd and Kerry Breitenstein- Zombies 11: Death Inc, Zombie Survivaldesigned by Austrian authors - Daj Gryza!is a variant of the fishing game mechanismby Ronald Hofstätter & Arno Steinwender.But first and foremost Trefl presented itselfoffering game production services.TrivitriaTrivitria Up by Tero Holappa offers amixture of trivia and tactics for 2-4 players,ages 12+; you must use your own buildingblocks using knowledge, clever dice rolls orwrong answers by your fellow players. The2: There Goes the Neighborhood and forthe Humans series there is new Humans!!!State on a political level and on the otherhand Commander of your own army on amilitary level and are tasked to create thestrongest possible state.U.S.Games SystemThe big American publisher of card gamespresented a cooperative card game:Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game, with amilitary topic, designed by Mike Fitzgerald.1-4 players, ages 10+, embody Navy Seals3: ZombieCon - Zombies are lookingfor their victims on a games conventionusing a new type of card, personality,which decides who you meet and howmuch resistance this person has to offer.and must complete missions, based on realmission of the special unit; all players winor lose together. Time is a factor, it costs orgame is announced, but not yet available.Twilight CreationsAt the home of the Zombies!!! Games,published in German by Pegasus, there alsowere a few new games:The Current Number of the Beast by Toddand Kerry Breitenstein for 2-6 players, ages13+, is a dice game; you must use dice toZombies!!! The Card Game for 2-6 players,ages 13+, simulates the coming of Zombieswith cards; each player uses his own deckyields health. For an Essen special there wasthe first expansion, Hooyah: Navy SealsCard Game: Mission Hostage Rescue.96 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTUBO CnCLectio by Thomas H. Jung, for 3-5 players,ages 8+, is a new edition of Lexio, originallypublished by Dagoy; it was not yet available.You play a piece of higher value than theprevious player; if you are first to play allyour pieces you win.Uei-HsiangAlice in Wonderland by Alex Zeng, 2-6players, ages 6+, is yet another one of thosegames that were announced, on which Icould find little or nothing on the web andwhich I could not verify either at the boothof Swan Panasia.UGG UdoGrebe GamedesignGames already announced in 2011 are stillin P500 status:Medieval Conspiracy or ,in German, Ränkeder Fürsten by Stephan Rensing andDietrich Potthoff for 2-6 players, ages 14+;players embody princes in the Holy RomanEmpire of German nations and want to beelected Emperor. The second title is FortressSevastopol as #8 in the Command &Strategy Magazine Series from UGG.Also mentioned on the website is TheHellGame Extra Evil, an expansion for TheHellGame by Anders Fager for 3-6 players,ages 14+; featuring new Arcana cards.Among others, UGG is distributor forAustralian Design GroupAvalanche PressClash of ArmsCollins Epic WargamesColumbia GamesCompass GamesCSPPDan VerssenDecision GamesFiery Dragon ProductionsGMTLock ‘n LoadThree Crowns Game ProductionVictory Points GamesUhrwerkVerlagFor the German edition of the card gameSummoner Wars by Colby Dauch for2-4 players, ages 9+, there are two newfaction decks; in Summoner Wars playersare powerful Summoners in the fight forItharia; Summoners are General and ArchMagician of their army and use magicalpowers and tactic. New are SummonerWars Die Wächter and Summoner WarsDas gefallene Königreich.Also new is Gammaslayers, a role playingsystem in an apocalyptic setting inwhich you must persist against radiationcontaminated zombies and mutants.Ulisses SpieleSince 2011 the publisher has withdrawnfrom producing board games per se,the program offers role playing systemslike Das Schwarze Auge or Pathfinder,and also tabletops like Battletech orInfinity. As an example I name PathfinderAbenteuerpfad Unter Piraten 3 Im Antlitzdes Sturms, part three of six adventuresin which players are given the chance toensure their place among the Free Captains.A more detailed listing would be waybeyond the scope of this report; thereforeI restrict it to the titles of new releasessince October 2012, sorted by systems,without distinguishing between adventuremodules, source books or novels.Atlan - Polychora Band 3: Versprengte derUnendlichkeitBattletech - BattleTech Total Warfare; Blut-Avatar; Datenbögen 3039; Datenbögen3050; Hardware-Handbuch 3050Das Schwarze Auge - AventurischerBote 155 und 156; Dämmerstunden; DieRose der Unsterblichkeit 1: SchwarzePerle; Die Türme on Taladur 5 - Türme ausKristall; Elementare Gewalten; Gareth-Box; Klingentänzer - SchwertschulenAventuriens; Mit wehenden Bannern; PortoVelvenya - Grüne Hölle 1; Stätten OkkulterGeheimnisse; Sturmgeboren;Kaphonia - Die Insel der Piranha-MenschenPathfinder - Almanach des Fesselarchipels;Freibeuters Los - Unter Piraten 2/6; Handbuch:Piraten der Inneren See; Im Antlitz desSturms; Meuterei auf der Wehrmuth - UnterPiraten 1/ 6; Weltenband der Inneren See;Schicksalspfade - Alanfanischer Gladiator;Alanfanischer Meuchler; AlbernischerSchwertgeselle; Almadaner Söldnerschütze;Amazonenkriegerin; Bannmagier ausFasar; Borongeweihte; Garether Entdecker;Geistmagier aus Fasar; Hauptmann derReichsarmee; Kapermagierien aus Olport;Leibmagierin Universität Al’Anfa; NostrischeSöldnerin; Praiosgeweihte; Schwertgesellenach Adersin; Rabengardistin; Swafnirgeweihter;Thorwalsche Hailanzerin; SchicksalspfadeKartenset; Schicksalspfade Regelwerk;Thorwalsche Thinskari; Thorwalscherwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 97t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Walwütiger; Tulamidischer Gaukler; TulamidischerPhexgeweihter; Tulamidische Sharisad;Weidener Ritter;Ulisses is acting as distributor for:Cubicle 7 Entertainment - Dr. Who The CardGameUnited SquareThe publisher offers an abstract placementgame of the same name; United Square byJulien Selz for 2-4 players, ages 8+, is playedranging from the Invasion in the Summer of1941 to the end in Berlin 1945.WBSGamesFrom Italy comes a new publisher with twogames featuring the legendary car raceacross Italy that was run from 1927 to 1955:Legend: History of 1000 Miglia by CarloAmaddeo for 1-6 players, ages 14+, is thefirst game of the series, using standardmechanisms for preparing the car andfor characteristics of the track includingweather, time of the day or night, etc. AsWednesdayGamesMagpie is the company succeeding toVisionary, a Korean company that hadpresented games again and again at Essen.Within the new company now WednesdayGames was established as a brand name,currently for a series of Pocket Games,three titles were shown in Essen:Black Swan turns players into Princeon a board made up from squares, squaresplaced on the board are divided into trianglesof different colors. You put trianglesof the same color next to each other so thatsquares are formed.an expansion Legend Alfa Romeo 1750Casogeno was offered.The second game of the series is Legend:The 1000 Miglia Action Game, an a waythe younger brother, as a family game forSiegfried on a mission to save the Princessand the noblemen who were transformedinto swans, but you must beware theattacks of the Black Swan.Present is a game on gifts, you five andCuBe² offers another package for the gameand a different design of the tiles as well asa new name for the game.VentoNuovoGamesBlocks in the East by Emanuele Santandreais a simulation of the Battles on the EasternFront, intended for 1-4 players, ages 14,2-6 players, ages 8+, with rules that canbe adapted according to players‘ gamingexperience.bring them, but you cannot always trustthose gifts. The third game of the series iscalled MacGuffin, and is rumored to bebased on an North American Dare game, inwhich you hand around bombs filled withgunpowder. The company was representedby its own booth.98 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTWerralandWerkstättenA workshop for sheltered employmentrun by Diakonisches Werk was offeringGold & Pech, a game on black and whiteWhat‘s YourGame?After the highly acclaimed Vinhos from 2010the Italian publisher brought two games toEssen this year and has already announcedtwo new releases for 2013:Asgard by Pierluca Zizzi is a workerplacement game for 2-4 players, ages 12+;each player commands a few men and abit of land and want to get rich; first wheat,then sugar and finally wine are the mostimportant commodities.KanBan by Vital Lacerda for 2-4 players,ages 13+, has a rather unusual topic -markers which one must collect, and alsoDer Spielspaß Märchensammler for2-4 players, ages 8+; with a topic of sevenfairytales by the Brothers Grimm.WeykickThe end of the World is coming, Odin,Greyja, Loki, Hel, Thor, Baldur and Tyr maketheir plans and promise rewards for help.You build temples and try to win warriorsand giants over to the side of the gods andinfluence who will fight against whom inRagnarök.Somewhat more worldly is the topic ofOddville by Carlo Lavezzi, 2-4 players, agesinstruction plates at assembly lines that tellworkers what the need, where it is neededand when. Goal of the game is a seat on thecompany board of directors.White Goblin GamesBy now one is used to the flood of newreleases which White Goblin brings to Essen,a colorful and diverse mix of expansions forgames already published and new releases.Expedition: Congo River 1884 byJose Antonio Rivero sails a ship fromLeopoldville/Kinshasa to Kindu, 2-4 players,The program of fantastic, simple and wellworking sport simulations is expanded witha series of Miniaturspiele, a new game inthis range is Minigolf for 1-5 players, ages6+; five holes are mounted on a woodenbasis, balls and clubs are made fromstainless steel.12+, have been hired by the four guilds ofthe town in order to develop the town; youcan get help from members of the guild,but they are apt to disappear at the worstpossible moment. All actions are driven byplaying one of four cards.Announced for 2013 are:Madeira: Pearl of the Atlantic, aages 10+, control a group of travelers andrival for control of the colonial facilitiesvisited during the journey.Nieuw Amsterdam by Jeffrey D. Allerssimulates the development of NewAmsterdam, later New York; 2-5 players,ages 10+, bid for land, work the land for foodand building materials, stand for electionssettlement game for 2-4 players, ages 12+,by Nuno Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade;www.gamesjournal.atISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 t99

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012and trade with Native Americans and theOld World. Due to transport problems thegame was not available at Essen.In Pyramidion by Yannick Gervais 2-4players, ages 10+, are Egyptian foremenand responsible for supplies for theconstruction of the Cheops Pyramid. Youraces - who will be the winner?Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso isagain a card game for 2 players, ages 12+,expansion Revolver: By the Gun TheyDied by Mark Chaplin und Andrew Davis,which enables you to individually composeactivate contacts in order to fill boats andstart them on their way to Giza.Rattus Cartus by Åse and Henrik Berg is acard game based on Rattus, for 2-5 players,ages 10+; it features 12 buildings and youcan use some of them or all in a game inby Leigh Caple and Mark Chaplin, this timeon the duel between General Mapache andthe village population and guardians ofboth decks from Revolver.Already published in spring and summer:Call to Glory by Michael Schacht is as arevised new edition of Crazy Chicken, nowplayable for 2-4 players, and including twoorder to receive support from the inmatesof the buildings.Saqqara by Shem Phillips takes 3-5 players,ages 10+, back into ancient Egypt, into thetime of chaos and revolutions, where youtry to influence government and economyMalpaso. With Stronghold GamesRevolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail byMark Chaplin for 2 players, ages 12+, on theother hand, is an expansion for Revolver,more variants for the game.Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom by MichaelSchacht is a card discarding game for 2-4players, ages 7+, who try to get rid of cardsin hand, because cards remaining on handof the country.Vampire Empire by Filip Miłuński is a gameof bluff and deduction 2 players, ages 10+.An investigator tries to find out the threepersons out of nine who have turned intovampires, the chief vampire must bluff hisway out of being revealed-Völuspá by Scott Caputo takes its namefrom the oldest Nordic myth; 2-5 players,ages 10+, interfere in the conflicts of mightydeities, dangerous creatures and forgottenwith more strategic options for ColonelMcReady and two new bandits for JackColty. With Stronghold GamesRevolver: Hunt the Man Down by MarkChaplin for 2 players, ages 12+, is the secondexpansion with new victory conditions forMcReady and a new building, the jail, forJack Colty. With Stronghold GamesOn top of these there was a promoscore penalty points. With StrongholdGamesCrooks by Neil Crowley is a card game for2-4 players, ages 10+, featuring a Mafiatopic; you want to hire the best thieves inorder to earn more yourself or to hinder100 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTothers in doing so.Face 2 Face is a children game with amemory mechanism; half of the cards showwheel.Whymea card game for 3-6 players, ages 14+, inwhich the aim of the game is to have mostmoney at the; you draw one of three openA new company from France presentsWestern Town by Olivier Warnier for 2-4players, ages 12+; you are a marshal in oneanimal faces, the other half a gab showingthe contours of the faces. Variants for thegame are listed.Little Devils is a card game by Michaelcards and then buy shares, take a free train,set up a station or pay out dividends.Age of Steam: Hungary by JohnBohrer expands Age of Steam.Colorado Midland: Mayors by David V. H.of the towns and five orders according tothe activities of building inmates; you mustkeep an eye on other marshals and on thecourse of events in Washington, developyour own town and defend it againstFeldkötter for 3-6 players, ages 8+, with verysimple rules: you must neither follow trumpnor suit and can play higher or lower andthe second card played determines the goalof the trick. With Stronghold GamesRichelieu by Olivier Lamontagne for 2-4Peters for 3-5 players expands the game ofColorado Midlands by share owners.Indians. Available as an Essen Special wasWestern Town Expansion featuring threenew buildings - telegraph station, schooland Big Apartment buildingplayers, ages 10+, picks up the topic of theconflict between followers of Richelieu andfollowers of the Queen. In The Witches ofBlackmore by Leo Colovini 2-6 players,ages 8+ try to get control of the witches’Winsome Games1000 Island Railways by Ferdinand Kötheris intended for 3-5 players, ages 10+, youplace tracks in Gananoque, Ontario, pay theprice for them and try to generate incomefrom connections and stations along theline.1830 Cardgame by Dieter Danziger isSNCF: The Netherlands by David V.H. Peters for 3-6 players expands theSNCF System with the Netherlands andintroduces bankruptcy and receivership /liquidator to the game.West Riding Revisited: Hull & Barnsley byHan Heidema for 3-6 players expands WestRiding with a new interesting line.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 101t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012West Riding Revisited: Free Mergers byHan Heidema is simply a sheet of rulesis Batman!The Lord of the Rings Dice BuildingGame by Mike Elliott, Eric M. Lang, BrettMyers and Jeph Stahl for 2-4 players, ages14+, uses the mechanism from Quarriorsand players must cooperate in order to saveMiddle Earth and defeat Sauron.Expansions are announced for three games:Mage Knight Board Game: The LostLegion by Vlaada Chvátil for 1-5 players,ages 14+, - the legends around GeneralVolkare and his Lost Legion seem to hold aWondercraftAfter is presentation in Nuremberg theRussian company was 2012 also an exhibitorat Essen - presented were memo games,eye-catching due to nostalgic imagesand „antique“ design. On show where thetitles Memory game and UnderwaterSchool, a game on letter recognition andwhich somewhat loosen up the strict,compact system.Wizkidsgrain of truth and the scattered forces mustdecide on one of the sides.Quarriors! Quest of the Qladiator by MikeElliott and Eric M. Lang for 2-4 players, ages14+, is an expansion for Quarriors; playerscompeting in the Qladatorial Games - whoAs in 2011, the company again providedvery interesting new games and this yearalso expansions for the hits from 2011, allonly available as demo copies for test-play:The selection is headed by Batman:Gotham City Strategy Game by Paoloto train reading abilities, for 2-4 players,ages 4-8. Furthermore, there is a DominoMori; 2-4 players, ages 14+, embody one ofeach of the criminals of Gotham City anduse their henchmen in order to becomeKing of Crime in town - but, after all, therewill prevail in the contest of Qladiators?The third expansion announced is intendedfor Star Trek Fleet Captains: Star Trek: FleetCaptains – Romulan Empire by MikeElliott, Bryan Kinsella and Ethan Pasternackfor 2-4 players, ages 14+, enhances thefor 2-4 players, ages 4-8, featuring images ofsweets. All games are presented includingGerman rules.YemaiaRomulan Presence and with a new gamemechanism, espionage, you can completenew missions, but there also might be asaboteur hiding in the crew; furthermore,there are rules or a game of three players.102 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTThis publisher presented one of the gamesmost named during SPIEL - Al Rashid, byGiorgio De Michele and Pierluca Zizzi. 2-5players, ages 13+, are heads of families inthe reign of Harun al Rashid and make useof members of their family to travel, to tradeand to gain influence at the court of theKhalif.YstariGamesThe French publisher had two new gamesto offer, one of them is a revised new edition:Serenissima by Dominique Ehrhard andDuccio Vitale was originally published byEurogames; 2-4 players, ages 12+, representAtlantis Rising by Galen Ciscell, is acooperative game on the topic of thedestruction of Atlantis. 2-6 players, ages13+, work together and construct a CosmicPortal to take the rest of the island tosafety. Island parts bring resources andadvantages, when they do not sink; thoseresources are necessary for the Portal.Battle Beyond Space by Frank Branham isa space battle plain and simple, intended for2-4 player, raging over nine rounds and in antrade, conquer, fight Barbarians, look afterdemocracy and spirituality and cope withevents and the occasional miracle.The Walking Dead: The Board Gameby Brian David-Marshall, Keith Tralins andMatthew Wang is based on the comic seriesof the same name; 1-6 players embody Rick,Shane, Andrea or other characters and fightzombies.Urbion by Shadi Torbey has already beenpublished under the name of Equilibrion,but due to problems with the name it wasrenamed and will be republished: 1 or twoplayers must - as King of the Town - balanceIncube and Sognae, good and bad dreams,for the good of the town. Coproductionwith Filosofia.English editions of games from othercompanies that are announced:Agricola: Belgium-Deck by UweRosenberg is intended for 1-5 players, ages12+; it takes us into the Belgian regions ofFlanders and Wallonia, comprising 60 MinorImprovements and 60 Occupations, it canbe played alone or in combination withother decks.Agricola: More Buildings Big andmerchant families in Renaissance times andyou use your fleet for trade, attack and alsodefense in confrontations with fleets ofopposing merchants.The new release Myrmes by Yoann Levetfeatures a rather unusual topic; 2-4 players,ages 10+, are queens of an ant hill and sendout soldiers and workers to explore thekingdom; those workers replenish stores,hunt insects and conquer areas usingpheromones.asteroid belt; the combat system functionswithout dice. You choose a squadron, moveit and fire weapons and then you move oneof the space ships; the special feature aresecret super weapons.Clash of Cultures by Christian Marcussenis a development game on the topic ofcivilizations, destined for 2-4 players, ages12+. You found cities, develop culture,Small was again designed by UweRosenberg and of course for 2 players, ages10+, featuring new components and specialbuildings for your farm.Dungeon Lords: Festival Season, again byVlaada Chvátil and intended for 2-4 players,ages 12+; there are now five seasons andfights span five rounds; each year comprisestwo special events and two paladins.Le Havre - Inland Port by Uwe RosenbergZ-Man GamesOnce again, Z-Man attracts attention withits interesting range of games, the numberof coproduced games and of Englisheditions of games from other publishershas grown. Let’s take a look at the in-houseproductions first:is the Two-Player-Version of Le Havre, forages 10+; the Inland Port is expanded with31 different buildings and you enhanceyour stock in order to be the richest player.You build, use and move buildings, evenwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 103t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012those of your opponent.Ginkgopolis by Xavier Georges comes fromPearl Games and is intended for 1-5 players,march to New York and will destroy thetown when the soldiers of the OutpostArmy fail to stop their advance.The Ladies of Troy designed by SébastienDujardin, Xavier Georges and Alain Orban;ages 10+. You are city planners and buildcities in harmony with nature and acquirevictory points for building and operatingbuildings.Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on theCursed Island, a co-production withPortal Publishing and designed by IgnacyTrzewiczek, transports 1-5 players, ages10+, to a lonely island, in analogy to theadventures of Robinson Crusoe. Playerscooperatively develop their new home anddecide how the game itself develops and ifthey discover the secret of the island.Terra Mystica by Jens Drögemüller andHelge Ostertag is a complex developmentgame for 2-5 players, ages 12+; the peoplesof Terra Mystica are bound to a certain typeof landscape, and can only build in thecorrect type and win power when directneighbors build or upgrade houses. Aimof the game is a good balance betweencloseness and free areas for development.Convoi / Konvoi by Ignacy Trzewiczekthe ladies introduce five modules rangingfrom character cards via new action cardsto even cards, but also feature heads offamilies and city wall with guards andexternal activities.The Palaces of Carrara is a joint design byWolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, 2-4players, ages 12+, are tasked as an Italiannoble family with erecting magnificentbuildings and decorating them withunusual objects, the king judges theadvance in building and hands out coins orvictory points.ZochIn Banana Matcho by Thilo Hutzler 2-6players, ages 6+, roll dice, fruit dice versusmatcho die; whoever is faster to roll a fruitto match the card values of pack cards withyour dice, at the end the paws on the packcards count towards your score.The placement and dice game Karolinchenby Carmen Kleinert for 2-6 players, ages6+, expands the game family of „Da ist derWurm drin“; you assign corresponding diceto your own fruits and then you turn overfruit parts that are filled with dice over totheir worm side.Kroko Togo by Valéry Fourcade and Jean-Philippe Mars is a game of spotting andreactions, for 2-6 players, ages 8+: you mustfind animals corresponding to spottingorders and must put your own explorer onthem; depending on the order you mightbe looking for the biggest number present,the rarest kind of animal, cross-bred animalsor not-cross-bred animals.Mimikri by Brigitte Pokornik for 2-4 players,for 2 players, ages 8+, is published as acoproduction of Portal Publishing andIello in German, English, French and Polisheditions and is set in the Neuroshimauniverse: Machine Juggernauts are on thecombination or three Banana Matchos hitsthe Banana and moves his monkey up thepalm tree.Jackal & High by Andreas Schmidt for 2-5players, ages 8+, is also a dice game; you try104 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTages 6+, introduces the topic of mirrorimages; you mirror image cards and thisresults in a butterfly image appearingwhich then must be found in the face-downdisplay of cards.For the movement game Crossboule C³ byMark Caliman for 1 or more players, ages6+, there are now single sets available,Crossboule stripes, in three designs,dance, shake and slide.After being already presented at Nurembergand published during summer, Riff Raff, agame on balance and dexterity on the topicof pirate treasures high up in the wants of aship, for 2-4 players, ages 8+, by ChristophCantzler, was presented again.ZvezdaThe Russian company was previouslyknown for its brand name Sirius and familygames published under this label. Now itfocuses on his conflict simulation games,published under the Zvezda label, twonew games in the Art of Tactic series werepresented:Samurai Battles for 2 or more players, ages10+, designed by Konstantin Krivenko, canbe played with the rules of Art of Tacticfor the battles in Feudal Japan at the timeof Samurais and Daimyos, but also usingthe rules of Richard Borg’s Command &Conquer.WWII Blitzkrieg 1940 by KonstantinKrivenko for 2 players, ages 12+, is a standalonegame or can be combined with othergames in the WWII series; it introducesBritish ground troups and aircraft. The rulesintroduce you to the game in four steps, firstmovement and combat, then morale andhonor, in Step 3 follows terrain and in Step4 exhaustion.Not present at Essen with a booth:Due to the vast amount of projectspresented under Crowd financing andbeing in different states of planning oralready fully financed, the following reportis necessarily incomplete:ArcaneWondersMage War, an epic battle of Mages inan arena: How does an illusionist fightagainst a Druid, or a priestess against aWizard. 2 players, ages 12+, can find outin this card/miniature/tabletop game byBryan and Benjamin Pope. Represented byHeidelberger Spieleverlag.ConquistadorGamesThe American publisher announces twonew games:Road to Enlightenment by Dirk Knemeyerturns 2-7 players, ages 12+, into monarchs in17 th century and early 18 th century Europe,ruler of one of the seven great powers ofthose times who wanted to be famous forsponsoring art, culture, science, expansionof their religion and military expansion.The New Science by Dirk Knemeyer picksup the topic of Road to Enlightenment for2-5 players, ages 12+, from the point ofview of scientists, who want to win mostfame and prestige in the disciplines ofastronomy, mathematics, physics, biologyand chemistry.Cubicle 7EntertainmentIn Doctor Who: The Card Game for 3-4players, ages 13+, by Martin Wallace playersembody the doctor and his companions,defend special locations and send outenemies of the doctor to conquer locationsprotected by fellow players.The company itself was not present, it isrepresented in Germany by Ulisses, thegame was available also at the Treefrogbooth of designer Martin Wallace.DuMontSchaubergWort & Fort by Michael Schacht for 2-8www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 105t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012players, ages 8+, is an exclusive edition ofthe editorial staff of the Magazine part ofKölner Stadtanzeiger, published by VerlagM. duMont Schauberg; it is a new edition ofPapperlapapp; you play for pairs of wordsmade up from a card in hand and a card onthe table; the pairs must be agreed to by theother players.EditionEssentiaFor Essence, published in 2011, there is thefirst expansion, Essence: Archetypen &Emotionen by Claas Fischer for 2-7 players,ages 12+; it introduces 70 emotion cards,Pirate and the sinking island and return tothe ship.LegoFrom the titles announces for autumn, StarWars Battle of Hoth has been published;Werewolves:For Terra Evolution an expansion wasannounced, Terra Evolution: Tree of Life,7 archetype cards and 38 path cards with4 new questions for new insights intoemotions and archetypes they are basedon.A second expansion, Essence: Hindernisseund Hilfen is being developed, you find2-4 players, ages 7+, embody either Empireor Rebels, the Empire begins the game.Each side has two actions per turn, attack ormovement, two identical actions must beimplemented with different units.Also published was Heroica Ilrion, anotherit was also not yet available at Essen. Aswe learned at the booth of Arctic Union,of which Mindwarrior Games is part,Mindwarrior Games was prevented bycompany-intern reasons from attendingEssen.MinionGamesTahiti by David E. Whitcher turns 2-4players, ages 10+, into members of a tribeliving on a peaceful South Sea Island, wherefood is getting scarce; therefore you mustout which inner attitudes hinder or helpyou. Essence: Labyrinth des Lebens willintroduce a board and playing pieces fortransformation into a board game; theboard replaces the path cards.Jolly RogersGamesPirates vs. Dinosaurs by Richard Launiusgives 2-5 players, ages 11+, in the guiseof pirates information to treasures on anisland; but leaves them in the dark aboutthe dinosaurs which have found their lasthaven there; at the start you equip yourselfaccordingly and then search for parts of themap in a section of the island, later in thegame you must prevail against the Ghostgame as part of the Heroica series; thistime 2-3 players, ages 8+, must fight themalignant bats, defeat the Lord of theVampires, free the King and return with theTooth of Wrath.MindwarriorGamesThe limited edition of Bad Moon by EsaWiik for 3-6 players, ages 10+, can beordered via Kickstarter, the ordinary editionwas not yet available at Essen. Bad Moonis a card drafting strategy game on thetopic of the conflict between Vampires andfish around the neighboring islands andalso harvest to keep the village going. Youadd to the archipelago and plant the islandsto gain control over the harvest; later in thegame harvesting becomes more difficultand fishing easier.NevermoreGamesChicken Caesar by Bryan Fischer is available;3-6 players, ages 12+, are members of106 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTKronberger Spiele - 3-4 players, ages 10+,explore a valley and find gold there, buildcanals and mines and buy material forfurther development.PetitJoueurSpieltriebOrkhorde by Michael Janßen and OliverNothers for 2-6 players, ages 10+, is aCrowdfunding project on the 5 Yearchicken families in ancient Rome andwant to make a name for themselves; youacquire and receive influence as a result ofnegotiations and voting.Jack Bananas by Cédric Herkel and PascalNotredame is a race with dice from islandMars needs Mechanics by Ben Rosset isannounced as a Kickstarter project for early2013; 2-4 players are engineers and rival fora seat on the first rocket to Mars.to island over a total of six islands. 2-6players, ages 9+, fly with speed resultingfrom secretly rolled dice; if speed is too lowyou cannot reach the next island, excessivespeed can result in a crash.SimplyFunBeary’s Unravel Game by Michael Schachtfor 2-6 players is a dice game, you must beAnniversary of Roachware Blog; playerslead an orc horde and make plans for tribemembers and their actions in order tocollect trophies and win prestige within thetribe.UniversityGamesGregs Tagebuch Das Brettspiel portraitsfor 2-6 players, ages 8+, the daily events atJunior High, based on mechanics of MenschAnimocity by Bryan Fischer is a game onrivalry in urban development for 2-4 players,ages 10+; and announced for 2014(!)PandasaurusGamesPlanned as a Kickstarter project is LostValley, a new edition of the placementgame by Tobias, Roland and JohannesGoslar, which was originally published byfirst to find out who holds the balloon thatis indicated by the die.Qualities by Claas Fischer for 2-7 players,ages 12+, is an English language edition ofärgere Dich nicht; Greg wants to enhancehis reputation, because Rupert suddenly isbecoming popular.Gregs Tagebuch Das Kartenspiel VonEssence, the assessment game to qualities,sources of strength etc.Idioten umzingelt features the sametopic for 1 or more players, ages 8+, using aspotting mechanism and cards.www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 107t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012uplay.itedizioniA webshop and publisher from Italy,distributing games from other companiesin Italy:Ginkgopolis, Pearl GamesSnowdonia, Surprised Stare / LookoutSpieleThe Cave, rebel.plVegaForlagThe Norwegian publishers offers withKampen om Norge by Yngve Bækholt andEivind Vetlesen a conflict simulation on theInvasion of Norway 1940 for 2-3 players,ages 12+; the starting set up confirms tohistorical events.WackyWorksThe Dutch company names Crash’em asa new release, still in the prototype status;it is a party game by Michel Baudoin, inwhich 3-6 players, ages 8+, crash into eachother’s cars in order to score points; for eachround you take a card, look at it and have12 seconds to plan your actions; then youmove your car accordingly and crashes areevaluated.WinningMoves (D)The publisher is currently concentrating onhis top seller in the program and introducesnew editions of Top Trumps, for instanceTop Trumps Monster der Tiefsee or TopTrumps Phineas und Ferb. New in theprogram are the Top Trumps Tins, which areball-shaped containers featuring sounds:Top Trumps Star Wars Todesstern or DerHerr der Ringe Saurons Auge, all for 2 ormore players, ages 8+.WisemenGamesThe company has no website of its own,the links lead to the Aurum products.The company seems to take licensesfrom Gemblo and finance the games viaKickstarter.This ends our look at new game at andaround Essen and so we say goodbye onceagain, with a big “thank you” to exhibitorsand host for a wonderful, successful,interesting event and start to cope withthe mountain of new releases by playing,playing, playing and playing them … seeyou at Essen next year!108 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTDATE FOR 2013: 24. bis 27. 10. 2013www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 109t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Game Designers and their games at SPIEL `12Acebo Abascal José AntonioBlekoTeco, EdigraficaAckermann SaschaBlänk, e-conzeptAdlung KarstenHöchste Eisenbahn, Adlung SpieleAdresakis MichaelBiruda, Mage CompanyAhlm DanielBig Badaboom, GigantoskopAkelaitis GediminasSchatz, Schatz!, LogisAlaveer AigarMaking Profit, 2D6Allers Jeffrey D.Nieuw Amsterdam, White GoblinGamesAllué Joseph M.Dixit Jinx, LibelludAlmini MarcoLike - The Social Game, CranioCreationsAlspach TedMutant Meeples, Bézier GamesSuburbia, Bézier GamesEnter the Passage, Bézier GamesAperitivo, Bézier Games / Le JoueurAlsac LaurenceQamoci, Envie de JouerAltenburger KlausZippers, HeidelbergerAlthöfer IngoDocker, JactaleaAmaddeo CarloLegend 1000 Miglia History, wbsLegend 1000 Miglia History AlfaRomeo, wbsLegend 1000 Miglia Action, wbsAmrich AlanA House Divided, Mayfair GamesAmundsen EmilRoll to the South Pole, Rio GrandeAnakin Ilya3D Spiderman, Step PuzzleAndersen Martin NedergaardGeoflag, AmigoAndersen MortenColonies, Among MeeplesAndruszkiewicz JaroClash; Jihad vs McWorld, DiablosPolacosTeutons, Diablos PolacosAng JinshaunDash, Cardboard Island GamesAnghel CosminI Am Vlad: Prince of Wallachia, RealWallachian GamesLet’s Pumpkin, Real WallachianGamesAnghel EugenI Am Vlad: Prince of Wallachia, RealWallachian GamesLet’s Pumpkin, Real WallachianGamesAngiolino AndreaWings of Glory WWI Rules &Accessories Pack, Ares GamesWings of Glory WWI Regeln &Zubehör Pack, HeidelbergerSails of Glory, Ares GamesArcas FabriceVignobles, LudocomArévalo ÓscarSeven Swords, Gen XStalag 18, Gen XArgyropoulos AlexanderBiruda, Mage CompanyArias Rojo Victor A.Northwest Passage Adventure,Gen XArkin RafiFoundation, CubikoArnott DavidPass-Ack Words, r&r GamesAusloos DavidPanic Station, Pegasus SpieleAverara DavideIrondie, IrondrakeBaars GunterBurg Klettermax, HabaBadell ChristopherSentinels of the Multiverse, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse InfernalRelics, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse RookCity, greater/than/gamesBaden DanArticle 27, Stronghold GamesBaekholt YngveKampen om Norge, Vega ForlagBagiatarkis VangelisAmong the Stars, Artipia GamesAmong the Stars AmbassadorialShuttle, Artipia GamesBagosy AlexDivided Republic, Numbskull GamesBarbati MarioDungeon Venture, Giochi UnitiBarfuss M.Eye, Eigenverlag BarfussBariot JacquesKemet, MatagotBartos HubertCity Tycoon, Pegasus SpieleBaudoin MichelCrash’em, Wacky WorksBaulig AndreaVolumen-Quartett, KallmeyerBauza AntoineAli, Libellud7 Wonders Cities, ReposHanabi, AbacusspieleLe Donjon de Naheulbeuk: LesBarbares, ReposRampage, ReposTokaido, FunForgeBeach EdVirgin Queen, GMTElisabeth I., SpielworxxBeckett BeauBirth of America: 1775 Rebellion,Academy GamesCastellan, Steve Jackson GamesBeckmann LarsBänk, e-ConzeptBelik PetrMafia City, Stragoo GamesBellini LucaJungle Brunch, Giochi UnitiBender PaulSentinels of the Multiverse, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse InfernalRelics, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse RookCity, greater/than/gamesBenndorf SteffenPescado, Steffen-SpieleQwixx, nsvBerg ÅseRattus Cartus, White GoblinBerg HenrikRattus Cartus, White GoblinBierlein AndreasDas Geheimnis von BurgWolfsklamm, Krimi totalBilz HaraldCastles, Heidelberger / PostScriptumBirnbaum GavinSteeplechase, CubikoBleasdale SebastianKeyflower, R & D Games / Huch &friendsWe will wok you, Pegasus SpieleBlum Ulrichtiptoi Das versunkene Logik-Land,Ravensburgertiptoi Die turbulente Zeitreise,Ravensburgertiptoi Wettstreit im Hexenwald,RavensburgerBoelinger ChrisArchipelago, LudicallyBognar JozsefBognar’s Brainteaser Dragon Treasure,Huch! & friendsBognar’s Brainteaser Smile, Huch!& friendsBohrer JohnAge of Steam: Hungary, WinsomeGamesBolme EdwardThunderstone Advance: Root of110 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTCorruption, AEGBonnessée RégisSeasons, LibelludBonyUgga Buuga, Cocktail GamesBorg LionelColo Pop, GigamicBorg RichardCowton, Gryphon GamesMemoir 44: Equipment Pack, Daysof WonderSamurai Battles, ZvezdaBorsa LucaJungle Brunch, Giochi UnitiBorsuk KarolSuper Farmer, GrannaRancho, GrannaBösch Holgerblack stories 8, mosesBorgeat ChristopheShafausa, Helvetia GamesBouvier Jean-ChristopheRallyman 1.144, RallymanRallyman MRC 1.120, RallymanRallyman 4. Auflage, RallymanBoyd LeonardCodinca, BackspindleGuards, Guards, BackspindleBoydell TonySnowdonia, Surprised Stare /Lookout GamesBranciari AlbertoMaya, SiriusBrand InkaDer verzauberte Turm, Drei MagierSpieleIch sehe was ... , HabaSaint Malo, aleaStar Wars Angriff der Klonkrieger,KosmosBrand MarkusDer verzauberte Turm, Drei MagierSpieleIch sehe was ... , HabaSaint Malo, aleaStar Wars Angriff der Klonkrieger,KosmosBranham FrankBattle Beyond Space, Z-ManBrashaw DavidCodinca, BackspindleGuards, Guards, BackspindleBreese RichardKeyflower, R & D Games / Huch &friendsBreitenstein KerryHumans!!! 3: ZombieCon, TwilightCreationsThe Current Number of the Beast,Twilight CreationsZombies!!! 9 Asche zu Asche,Pegasus SpieleZombies 11: Death Inc, TwilightCreationsZombie Survival 2: There Goes theNeighborhood, Twilight CreationsZombies!!! The Card GameBreitenstein ToddHumans!!! 3: ZombieCon, TwilightCreationsThe Current Number of the Beast,Twilight CreationsZombies!!! 9 Asche zu Asche,Pegasus SpieleZombies 11: Death Inc, TwilightCreationsZombie Survival 2: There Goes theNeighborhood, Twilight CreationsZombies!!! The Card GameBrown SeanPirate Dice, Gryphon GamesBrowne SamLyssan, ThornhengeBucak S. DenizGlobal Warming, Mücke SpieleBücken HajoDrehwürmchen, NorisMini-Ratz Fatz Buchstaben undWörter, HabaMini-Ratz Fatz Erstes Englisch, HabaMini-Ratz Fatz Sicher imStraßenverkehr, HabaMini-Ratz Fatz Zählen und Rechnen,HabaBüdeker AndreasSei stark, sag nein!, nsvBungter TobiasZündstoff Liebe, mosesBurgess Eric. R.The Battle of Red Cliffs, SunriseTornado Game StudiouSpy, Sunrise Tornado Game StudioBurley PeterZambesi, Burley GamesBuonfino Aureliano1969, Cranio CreationsSteam Park, Cranio CreationsCadet PascalKarnag, Sit Down!Cadice JohnRelic Knights Darkspace Calamity,SodaPopMiniaturesCaliman MarkCrossboule c³ stripesCathala BrunoButton Up, JactaleaNoah, BombyxOkiya, JactaleaSchatten über Camelot Das Kartenspiel,Days of WonderCanetta MarcoThe Doge Ship, giochix / Rio GrandeCantzler ChristophDragi Drache, RavensburgerRiff Raff, ZochCaplanne JérémieTweegles, Cocktail GamesCaple LeighRevolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso,White Goblin / StrongholdCaputo ScottVöluspá, White Goblin GamesCasasola Merkle Marcel-AndréTaluva, FertiCassar DanCavemen The Quest for Fire, RioGrandeČermák FrantišekJournalist, CBGChabry LudovicKhitan, Envie de JouerChadwick FrankA House Divided, Mayfair GamesChaplin MarkRevolver, Stronghold GamesRevolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail,White Goblin / StrongholdRevolver: Hunt the Man Down,White Goblin / StrongholdRevolver: By the Gun The Died,White Goblin / StrongholdCharlton ColemanClash of Wills Shiloh 1862, MayfairGamesChen AzaHello! Taiwan Erweiterung, Aza QlubChevallier CharlesGentlemen Cambrioleurs, BombyxNautilus, LibelludChiarvesio AndreaOlympus, HeidelbergerChmelař PřemyslValdstein Konversi, TemplumVia Romana, TemplumWitco Dominiono, TemplumChoi DaveSpooky Spells, Happy BaobabChristensen TinaColonies, Among MeeplesChudyk CarlInnovation, HeidelbergerUchronia, ielloChvátil VlaadaDungeon Lords: Festival Season,CGE / Z-Man / IelloGalaxy Trucker: Noch eine großeErweiterung, CGEGalaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition,CGEMage Knight Board Game: The LostLegion, WizkidsMage Knight Erweiterung, PegasusSpieleCimino TonyWrong Chemistry, Mage CompanyCiscell GalenAtlantis Rising, Z-ManClark DanielDescent Zweite Edition: Die Reiseins Dunkel, HeidelbergerClark KevinRelic Knights Darkspace Calamity,SodaPopMiniaturesColovini LeoAztlán, Ares GamesAztlán-Aufstieg der Azteken,HeidelbergerThe Witches of Blackmore, WhiteGoblin GamesCormier JayBelfort, Pegasus Spielewww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 111t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Cornett GünterHey, danke für den Fisch!,HeidelbergerCorral AlbertoCrusoe, HomoludicusCourtland-Smith JulianSurvive: Escape from Atlantis,Stronghold GamesCramer MatthiasLancaster Heinrich V., Queen GamesCrespi Andrea1969, Cranio CreationsSteam Park, Cranio CreationsCrittin FrankHelvetia Cup, Helvetia GamesCrowley NeilCrooks, White Goblin GamesCuyler Stephan A.Crown of Roses, GMTCywicki Krzysztof1984: Animal Farm, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Maximale Sicherheit /Massima Sicurezza, Heidelberger/Cranio CreationsAlcatraz: The Scapegoat - MaximumSecurity, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Verrat hinter Gittern,HeidelbergerTop-A-Top Plus, Kuźnia GierCywicki Rafał1984: Animal Farm, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Maximale Sicherheit /Massima Sicurezza, Heidelberger/Cranio CreationsAlcatraz: The Scapegoat - MaximumSecurity, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Verrat hinter Gittern,HeidelbergerCzege PaulBacchanalia, NarrattivaD’Orey GilRagami, MesaboardgamesDanziger Dieter1830 Card Game, Winsome GamesLocomotive Werks, Queen GamesDarbro JohnChez Geek 1+2, Pegasus SpieleDas JoostOh no … Invasion!, FableSmithDauch ColbySummoner Wars Die Wächter,Uhrwerk VerlagSummoner Wars Das gefalleneKönigreich, Uhrwerk VerlagSummoner Wars: Nains de la Guildevs Gobelins des Cave, FilosofiaDavis AndrewRevolver: By the Gun The Died,White Goblin GamesDe Almeida Nunes MarceloTurned, RunadrakeDe Carolis GuiseppeBookmaker, Giochi Unitide las Pueblas Encinas DiegoMartinNorthwest Passage Adventure,Gen XDe Michele GiorgioAl Rashid, YemaiaDe Rycke TimClocks, SandtimerDegnan JackDouble Take, r&r GamesDemy BenôitTactic Elastic, Art of GamesDeng John DenkoSpooky Hotel, Black Box DesignDeng Leo AkiraSpooky Hotel, Black Box DesignDenning RichardThe Great Museum, Medusa GamesDeotte ChristAgricola: Pi-Deck, Lookout GamesDi Lorenzo FrankHomestretch, r&r GamesDi Meglio RobertoWar of the Rings: Lords of MiddleEarth, Ares GamesDer Ringkrieg 2. Edition: Herren vonMittelerde, HeidelbergerDiaz FranPolis, Asylum GamesDill AaronSpartacus: A Game of Blood &Treachery, Battlefront MiniaturesDi Lorenzo FrankHomestretch, r&r GamesDirscherl SybilleJagdrevier, Huch! & friendsDirscherl WolfgangJagdrevier, Huch! & friendsTriovision Master, IQ-Spiele / Huch!& friendsWilde Wikinger - Schatzjagd, HabaDomberger JörgLike Dice, Adlung SpieleDorn RüdigerGoa, Lookout GamesIl Vecchio, Hall Games / PegasusSpieleLas Vegas, aleaDotor AlexanderQuest: Zeit der Helden Trollfutter,Pegasus SpieleDougherty RobertAscension: Immortal Heroes, GaryGamesDorra StefanLand unter, nsvMilestones, eggertspiele / PegasusSpiele / StrongholdDoumen JeroenThe Great Zimbabwe, SplotterSpellenDrakopoulos DimitrisDrum Roll Mini Expansion, ArtipiaGamesDrum Roll Dragon Dancer, ArtipiaGamesDrum Roll Strong Man, ArtipiaGamesDrögemüller JensTerra Mystica, Feuerland SpieleDrover GlenEmpires: The Age of DiscoveryBuilder Expansion, Eagle GamesDruckman GilNext, GigamicDrude HilkoDocker, JactaleaduBarry PhilipTempest Courtier, AEGDujardin SébastienDie Damen von Troyes, HeidelbergerLes Dames de Troyes, Pearl GamesThe Ladies of Troy, Z-ManLa Venise du Nord, Asyncron GamesDumas CatherineGentlemen Cambrioleurs, BombyxEberle JackTwilight Imperium : Rex,HeidelbergerEbsen JohnnyUrbanization, Queen GamesEckhardt Albert H.Frustr8tor, OvecEhrhard DominiqueSerenissima, YstariPanic Lab, GigamicEickert UweConflict of Heroes Le Reveil del’Ours, AsyncronConflict of Heroes The Awakeningof the Bear, Academy GamesConflict of Heroes: First Men in,Academy GamesConflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal,Academy GamesEisenmann BrititteQuest: Zeit der Helden Trollfutter,Pegasus SpieleEisenstein BerndPax: Nocturnus, IrongamesPergamemnon: Antebellum ,IrongamesPeloponnes: Ziegen Erweiterung,IrongamesEisenwort GregorFinsterland, EigenverlagFinsterland Handbuch derTechnologie, EigenverlagFinsterland Almanach derZauberkunst, EigenverlagEklund MattPax Porfiriana, Sierra Madre GamesEklund PhilPax Porfiriana, Sierra Madre GamesElliot MikeThunderstone Advance: Root ofCorruption, AEGThunderstone Advance Die Türmedes Verderbens, Pegasus SpieleThunderstone Advance Ursprungalles Bösen, Pegasus SpieleThunderstone Advance VerfluchteHöhlen, Pegasus SpieleThunderstone Avatare, PegasusSpieleThe Lord of the Rings Dice BuildingGame, WizkidsQuarriors! Quest of the Qladiator,112 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTWizkidsStar Trek: Fleet Captains – RomulanEmpire, WizkidsEngelstein BrianSpace Cadets, Stronghold GamesEngelstein GeoffSpace Cadets, Stronghold GamesEngelstein SydneySpace Cadets, Stronghold GamesEnoksson HaraldTrans-Siberian, MondainaiEpron AlainMassilia, Krok Nik DouilVanuatu La Montre des Eaux, KrokNik DouilVanuatu Der Gouverneur, Krok NikDouilErnest JamesGeile Idee, HeidelbergerEscoffier LaurentColumba, LudocomEskridge DonDer Widerstand, HeidelbergerThe Resistance: Avalon, Indie Board& CardsFaeth Jon DavidGo, Goblin Go, Twilight CreationsFager AndersThe HellGame Extra Evil, UGGFaidutti BrunoOhne Furcht und Adel, Hans imGlückSoluna, Steffen-SpieleFay FlorianSkeleton Island, IlopeliFeld StefanBora Bora, aleaLuna, Hall Games / Pegasus SpieleRialto, Hall Games / Pegasus SpieleFeldkötter MichaelAuf die Nüsse, AmigoLittle Devils, White Goblin /StrongholdFernandes AlexDuck of Gloom, Steve JacksonGamesPlush Tentacle, Steve JacksonGamesFerreira NelsonBlock, RunadrakeFiorillo JohnAscension: Immortal Heroes, GaryGamesFischer BryanAnimocity, Nevermore GamesChicken Caesar, Nevermore GamesMars Needs Mechanics, NevermoreGamesFischer Claas,Essence: Archetypen & Emotionen,Edition EssentiaEssence: Hindernisse & Hilfen,Edition EssentiaEssence: Labyrinth des Lebens,Edition EssentiaQualities, SimplyFunFitzgerald MikeHooyah: Navy Seals Card Game, U.S.Games SystemsHooyah: Navy Seals Card GameMission Hostage Rescue, U.S. GamesSystemsFourcade ValéryKroko Togo, ZochFrancisco LuisMehinaku, RunadrakeFraga RobertoRiver Dragons, MatagotShrimp, AsmodeeFreels BrandonAlien Frontiers Faction Pack #1,Clever MojoFrench NateDer Eiserne Thron: Ein Tanz mitDrachen, HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition,HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition, FFGStar Wars: The Card Game, FFGFriese FriedemannCopy Cat, Rio GrandeFremde Federn, 2F-SpieleFundstücke, 2F-SpieleFunkenschlag - Nordeuropa/UnitedKingdom & Irland, 2F-SpieleFunkenschlag - Quebec / Baden-Württemberg, 2F-SpieleFunkenschlag Orakel &IndustriespionageGregs Tagebuch - Von Idioten umzingelt,KosmosPower Grid: United Kingdom &Northern Europe, Rio Grand GamesUnexpected Treasures, Rio GrandeFrumusa PierluigiLupin the 3rd Expansion #1, GhenosGamesSwordfish, Ghenos GamesWild Oltrenatura, Ghenos GamesFryxelius BenjaminBrawling Barons, FryxgamesFryxelius DanielWilderness, FryxgamesFryxelius JakobSpace Station, FryxgamesFryxelius JonathanBrawling Barons, FryxgamesFryxelius ThomasWilderness, FryxgamesGalonska SusanneTriovision Master, IQ-Spiele / HuchGaillard LudovicLady Alice, HurricanGao ZhulanGotta Go, Swan PanasiaGardeil JacquesYam Master Travel, FertiGarfield RichardKing of Tokyo Power up!, IelloKing of Tokyo Power up!,HeidelbergerAndroid Netrunner, FFGAndroid Netrunner, HeidelbergerGary JustinAscension Chroniken desGottbezwingers, MarabuntaAscension: Immortal Heroes, GaryGamesAscension Rückkehr des Gefallenen,MarabuntaAscension Sturm der Seelen,MarabuntaGeiger MarkusEndzeit, FreakwaveInternational Terrorism, FreakwaveJetlag, FreakwaveMemovaders, FreakwaveNicht Menschlich, FreakwaveVampirknutscher, FreakwaveGelli MicheleBacchanalia, NarrattivaGeorges XavierCarson City: Gold & Guns, QuinedCarson City: Outlaw, QuinedDie Damen von Troyes,HeidelbergerGinkgopolis, HeidelbergerGinkgopolis, Pearl GamesGinkgopolis, Z-ManLes Dames de Troyes, Pearl GamesThe Ladies of Troy, Z-ManGerdts MacAntike Duellum, PD-Verlag / RioGrandeOppida: Cities of the Roman Empire,PD-VerlagGervais YannickPyramidion, White Goblin GamesGill HeikoCthulhu Janus Gesellschaft, PegasusSpieleGinste Thomas VendeYedo, eggertspiele / Pegasus SpieleGirke FelikFeudalherren: Dunkle Wolken,Bunte Blumen, Lookout GamesGlazer RichardPirates of Nassau, Gung Ho GamesGlenn Stephen1 st & Goal Essen Eagles, r&r GamesPluckin’ Pairs, r&r GamesGlumpler Heinrichtiptoi Tom und Tina - Das Tal derTempel, RavensburgerGoldsteen EladFallen City of Karez, Golden EggGamesFallen City of Karez, Golden DragonExpansion, Golden Egg GamesGolubkin SergeyMetro 2033, Hobby WorldChinese Box, GemenotKing of Bistro, GemenotKlondike: Goldrush, GemenotTimes and Epochs: Troubles,GemenotGoodenough JohnTwilight Imperium: Rex,HeidelbergerTalisman Der Blutmond,HeidelbergerTalisman Die Drachen, HeidelbergerGoryunov DanilaShinobi: War of Clans, RightgamesZombie! Run for Your Lives!,Rightgameswww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 113t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Goslar JohannesLost Valley, Pandasaurus GamesGoslar RolandLost Valley, Pandasaurus GamesGoslar TobiasLost Valley, Pandasaurus GamesGottschick DietmarBlockade Runner Add-On,Numbskull GamesGötz MarkusDer ganz normale Wahnsinn, PhilosGray MichaelFortress America, FFGGroppi StefanoArk & Noah, Placentia GamesGrunau Jürgen P. K.Geheimcode 13+4, HabaGu JerryGlory of the Three Kingdoms:Guandu Core Set, Sunrise TornadoGame StudioGumienny WaldekClash; Jihad vs McWorld, DiablosPolacosTeutons, Diablos PolacosGyulai AlexanderCosmic Empires, InGCHabekost RainerTF22, TF-VerlagHabraken HarryGreenrock Village: TatortSchrebergarten, JumboHackard AndreaMunchkin 8: Half Horse, Will Travel,Steve Jackson GamesMunchkin Zombies 3, Steve JacksonGamesHaferkamp KaiDer Kleine Prinz Planetenwanderer,Schmidt SpieleFit für den Einschulungstest - Abdurch den Dschungel, HabaFit für den Einschulungstest - 3 Gnusund 7 Kakadus, HabaFit für den Einschulungstest -Monsterquatsch, HabaFit für den Einschulungstest - Was istda los? , HabaNacht der magischen Schatten,HabaPrinzessin Lillifee - Ich packe meinenKoffer, Die SpiegelburgTerra Kids - EntdeckerquizDeutschland, HabaHagenauer MarkusFEX - Wilde Meuterei Hagenauer,HabaHaimerl PauliDahschur, Mücke SpieleDahschur Der Felukenhändler,Mücke SpieleDahschur Privilegien der Pyramide,Mücke SpieleHåkansson RustanNeuroshima Hex! The Dancer, PortalPublishingHalley DeanConflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal,Academy GamesHamblen RichardMerchant of Venus, FFGHamelmann TobiasShadowrun Reiseführer in dieDeutschen Schatten, Pegasus SpieleHanke KarenSesam puzzle Dich, HabaHanneforth DirkDrehwürmchen, NorisPerspectivo, KallmeyerHanusz Krzysztof1984: Animal Farm, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Maximale Sicherheit /Massima Sicurezza, Heidelberger/Cranio CreationsAlcatraz: The Scapegoat - MaximumSecurity, Kuźnia GierAlcatraz: Verrat hinter Gittern,HeidelbergerHarman JimDoggie Bones, BeleducHartmann ClaudiaSchnuffi Wuff!, Edition SiebenschläferPing, Pang, Pong, Edition SiebenschläferHarris RobertTalisman 4. Edition das Grundspiel,HeidelbergerHavard SimonWhy First, RunadrakeHayashi HisashiTrains, Okazu BrandTrick of the Rails, Okazu BrandString Railways, AsmodeeHayden NateMayan Sun, Aztec Destiny, Blast CityGamesHayton SteveTurnstile, ThinkFunHeberer DaveGiza: The Great Pyramid, MayfairGamesHeidema HanWest Riding Revisited: Hull &Barnsley, Winsome GamesWest Riding Revisited: Free Mergers,Winsome GamesHeath KoryBlockers The Card Game, GryphonGamesHerkel CédricJack Bananas, Petit JouerHerron ClingPirate Dice, Gryphon GamesHershkovits DannyNext, GigamicHetling KarinBabar und die Abenteuer von Badou- Das Suchspiel Huch! & friendsFind Monty, BeleducHickman TracyMansions of Madness House ofFears, FFGHiese KirstenAuf die Weide, fertig, los!, HabaHampelino, HabaHofstätter RonaldDaj Gryza, TreflHolappa TeroTrivitria Up, TrivitriaHolliday MaxEaten by Zombies: In Cahoots,Mayday GamesEaten by Zombies! Weapons of MassDestruction, Mayday GamesLemonade Stand, Mayday GamesHorger CarlaThunder Alley, GMTHorger JeffThunder Alley, GMTHüpper ChristianeMeine ersten Spiele - KleineBaumeister, HabaHutzler ThiloBanana Matcho, ZochTierisch Rabatz, HabaHwang Hope S.Guildhall, AEGHwang SomangMacGuffin, Wednesday GamesHyland Greg+6 Bag o’Munchkin Level CountersSet 2, Steve Jackson GamesIennaco LucaFairy Land, Lo ScarabeoOlympus, HeidelbergerIroglidis LefterisAutokrator, Diachron GamesIstomin MaximKing of Bistro, GemenotItsubaki YoshihisaEven Steven, SaikikakuNinja Chess, SaikikakuSimple Shogi, SaikikakuJackson SteveChez Geek 1+2, Pegasus SpieleDuck of Gloom. Steve JacksonGames, Steve Jackson GamesIlluminati 2.ed, Pegasus SpieleMunchkin +6 Bag’o RadioactiveMunchkin d6Munchkin 7: Mit beiden Händenschummeln, Pegasus SpieleMunchkin 8: Echsenmenschen &Zentauren, , Pegasus SpieleMunchkin Apocalypse, SteveJackson GamesMunchkin Apokalypse, PegasusSpieleMunchkin Axe Cop, Pegasus SpieleMunchkin beisst! 1+2, PegasusSpieleMunchkin Conan, Pegasus SpieleMunchkin Conan, Steve JacksonGamesMunchkin Cthulhu 1+2, PegasusSpieleMunchkin Cthulhu Kill-O-Meter,Steve Jackson GamesMunchkin Die Gilde Booster,Pegasus SpieleMunchkin Freibeuter 1+2, PegasusSpieleMunchkin Naughty and Nice, SteveJackson GamesMunchkin Penny Arcade Booster,114 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTSteve Jackson GamesMunchkin Sammlerkoffer , PegasusSpieleMunchkin Skullkickers Booster,Pegasus SpieleMunchkin Skullkickers Booster,Steve Jackson GamesMunchkin The Guild Booster, SteveJackson GamesMunchkin Würfel, Pegasus SpieleMunchkin Zombies 1+2, PegasusSpieleMunchkin Zombies Meat Lockers,Steve Jackson GamesOgre Designer’s Edition, SteveJackson GamesPlush Dentackles, Steve JacksonGamesStar Munchkin 1+2, Pegasus SpieleThe Good, The Bad, and theMunchkin 2, Steve Jackson GamesTrophy Buck, Steve Jackson GamesZombie Dice 2 Double Feature,Steve Jackson GamesZombie-Würfel 2, Pegasus SpieleJaeger MortenCamp Roskilde, Roskilde FestivalJaffe SethEminent Domain, Pegasus SpieleJahnke JensExpedition Sumatra, IgramoonExpedition Sumatra, Dadu Dadu,IgramoonJakeliunas AlvydasHey, danke für den Fisch!,HeidelbergerJandorno FlavioMehinaku, RunadrakeJanßen MichaelOrkhorde, Spieltrieb/RoachwareJastrzebski AdamCrown of Underworld, PlatypusLoungeJensen ChadDominant Specias Card Game, GMTJensen Robert BondeColonies, Among MeeplesJohnson JoyceSesam puzzle Dich, HabaJumel PascalTweegles, Cocktail GamesJung Thomas H.Lectio, UBO CnCKałuża AdamThe Cave, rebel.plHooop!, GrannaKrabben, GrannaQubix, GrannaKanai SeijiLove Letter, AEG + Kanai FactoryTempest Love Letter, AEGR, Kanai FactoryKarkosz JensDas Pfadfinderspiel Wir wollten malauf Großfahrt gehenDas Pfadfinderspiel MitKochgeschirr und ZeltKawakami RyoCirque du Monstre, KadokawaKenzer KalleBloodbound, HeidelbergerKermarrec HenriWiraqocha The Feathered Serpent,Sit Down!Keyaerts PhilippeSmall World Realms, Days of WonderTwin Tin Bots, Flatlined GamesKibler Brian M.Ascension: Immortal Heroes, GaryGamesKiesling MichaelDie Paläste von Carrara, Hans imGlückThe Palaces of Carrara, Z-ManKikutiené LaimaFinde den Freund, LogisSchatz, Schatz!, LogisKim Gun-heeBlack Swan, Wednesday GamesPresent, Wednesday GamesSpice Merchant, DeinkoKim Dong-HwaAction R.P.S., DeinkoKim Jong-HoChop Chop, JoenKinney JeffGregs Tagebuch - Eiermatsch,KosmosKinsella BryanStar Trek: Fleet Captains – RomulanEmpire, WizkidsKirkman Cherilyn Joy LeeTake the Bait, Dice Hate MeKirkman ChristopherTake the Bait, Dice Hate MeKirps DennisTF22Load, TF-VerlagKirps MaxSchlag den Raab - Das Quiz, RavensburgerKitao Madoka10 Stars, NekomadoPincers, NekomadoKittredge BillTwilight Imperium: Rex,HeidelbergerKlein SonjaAuf der Flucht, Gmeiner VerlagKleinert CarmenKarolinchen, ZochKlocke WernerFreebooter’s FateAusrüstungskarten, FreebooterMiniaturesKnemeyer DirkRoad to Enlightenment,Conquistador GamesThe New Science, ConquistadorGamesKnizia ReinerCheeky Monkey, Gryphon GamesDTC, FertiDuckomenta Art, Pegasus SpieleElfer raus - Brettspiel, RavensburgerKingdoms, HeidelbergerQin, eggertspiele / Pegasus SpieleRondo, Schmidt SpieleSpectaculum, eggertspiele /Pegasus SpieleThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- Das Kartenspiel, RavensburgerYamunda, F-Hein SpieleKnorre DimitryEvolution Time to Fly, RBGEvolution Time to Fly, RightgamesKobbert Max J.Star Wars Labyrinth, RavensburgerThe Amazing Spider-Man Labyrinth,RavensburgerKohn InonCrazy Office, Huch! & friendsKöhrsen Andreablack stories junior Das SpielKokkinis KonstantinosDrum Roll Mini ExpansionDrum Roll Dragon DancerDrum Roll Strong ManKong ChanKalesia, dV GiochiKondou KoushiYaneneko - Small Battle on the Roof,BoukenKopera AgnieszkaExodus : Centauri Prime, NSKNKoštíř JosefWelcome to the Czech Pub, CBGKöther Ferdinand1000 Islands Railway, WinsomeGamesKovaleski JohnSpartacus: A Game of Blood &Treachery, Battlefront MiniaturesKonieczka CoreyDescent Zweite Edition: Reise insDunkel, HeidelbergerGears of War Missionspack 1,HeidelbergerRune Age: Schwur und Amboss,Heidelberger, HeidelbergerStar Wars: The Card Game, FFGTwilight Imperium: Rex,HeidelbergerVillen des Wahnsinns: Bis dass derTod uns scheidet, HeidelbergerVillen des Wahnsinns: Die silberneTafel, HeidelbergerVillen des Wahnsinns: Hexensabbat,HeidelbergerVillen des Wahnsinns: VerboteneAlchemie, HeidelbergerKovalic John+6 Bag o’Munchkin Level CountersSet 2, Steve Jackson GamesKowal Łukasz S.City Tycoon, Pegasus SpieleKraft CymonCrimebox Investigation, LudonauteKramer WolfgangDie Paläste von Carrara, Hans imGlückThe Palaces of Carrara, Z-ManKrämer ChristofferBig Badaboom, GigantoskopKrämer Imkewww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 115t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Meine ersten Spiele - Zählspaß,HabaKrebs AnnedoreCaro, NorisKrivenko KonstantinWWII Blitzkrieg, ZvezdaSamurai Battles, ZvezdaKrohn JimSpace Empires Close Encounters,GMTKrupiński MarcinMagnum Sal: Muria, GryLeonardoKudo MasayukiMotto Tanto Cuore, ArclightKuhn HannoUruk II, DDD-VerlagKuhn WilfriedUruk II, DDD-VerlagKuhnekath AndreasKulami XL, Steffen-SpieleLacerda VitalCO 2, giochix / StrongholdKanban, What’s Your Game?Laden ArielCobra Twist, Huch! & friendsLaget SergeSchatten über Camelot Das Kartenspiel,Days of WonderFlashpoint Flammendes Inferno,HeidelbergerFlashpoint: Fire Rescue UrbanStructures, Indie Board & CardsLardy XavierPhantom, LudonauteLargey GrégoireHelvetia Cup, Helvetia GamesLarsen Lone GramColonies, Among MeeplesLaunius RichardDas Ältere Zeichen, HeidelbergerPirates vs. Dinosaurs, Jolly RogerGamesLavezzi CarloOddville, What’s Your Game?Lawson AndrewMake’n Break, RavensburgerLawson JackMake’n Break, RavensburgerLebrat CorentinAli, LibelludDiavolo, AsmodeeLe Petit Poucet, LibelludLefebvre CédricYggdrasil: AsgardLehmann GillesDiavolo, AsmodeeLe Petit Poucet, LibelludBlumen finden, NorisLight BonoZock im Zoo, Light GamesLam Jung-HunPharao Code, Korea Board GamesLim Sen-FoongBelfort, Pegasus SpieleLima InácioTurned, RunadrakeXoo Pest, RonadrakeLittle JasonBlood Bowl Team Manager - SuddenDeath, FFGStar Wars X Wing Miniatures Game,FFGStar Wars X-Wing Miniaturen Spiel,HeidelbergerLobet AnnickHome, Sweet Home, GigamicStratopolis, GigamicLonshakov DenysRuthenia, Two GeeksLöpmann ThorstenSchotten Rennen, AmigoLooney AndrewDragons!, AmigoZombie Fluxx, Pegasus SpieleLooveer MeelisFood Chain, Brain GamesMadaj KarolLetnisko. GryLeonardoKolejka, Instytut Pamięci NarodowejMaggi MarcoVenetia, StratelibriWar of the Rings: Lords of MiddleEarth, Ares GamesDer Ringkrieg 2. Edition: Herren vonMittelerde, HeidelbergerMainini AndreaMaya, SiriusSails of Glory, Ares GamesMarcelo AntonioMehinaku, RunadrakeMarcussen ChristianClash of Cultures, Z-ManMarold TorstenKipp-X, franjosMars Jean-PhilippeKroko Togo, ZochMatthews Jason1989 Dawn of Freedom, GMT1989, SpielworxxMatthäus DorisArche Extra Mix II, Doris & FrankMaublanc LudovicLe Donjon de Naheulbeuk: LesBarbares, ReposNoah, BombyxRampage, ReposLamont FraserSpellbound, Fragor GamesLamont GordonSpellbound, Fragor GamesLamontagne OlivierRichelieu, White Goblin GamesLandsvogt TorstenPick-a-Dog, Jolly ThinkersPick-a-Pig, Jolly ThinkersLang Eric M.Der Eiserne Thron: Ein Tanz mitDrachen, HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition,HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition, FFGThe Lord of the Rings Dice BuildingGame, WizkidsQuarriors! Quest of the Qladiator,WizkidsLanzing KevinLehmann TomRace for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts,Rio GrandeLejeune FranzZündstoff Liebe, mosesLepuschitz WilfriedBabar und die Abenteuer vonBadou - Das Kartenspiel, Huch! &friendsMake’n Break Party, RavensburgerLevet YoannMyrmes, Ystari / Rio GrandeLewandowicz TomaszAmber, rebel.plLiang MonicaGlory of the Three Kingdoms:Guandu Core Set, Sunrise TornadoGame StudioLiesching ThomasLuciani SimoneTzolk’in The Mayan Calendar, CGE /Heidelberger / Rio GrandeSheepland, Cranio CreationsUrbania, Mayfair GamesMacDonald Sean D.Pastiche, Gyphon GamesMachin SergeyEvolution Time to Fly, RBGEvolution Time to Fly, RightgamesThe Jam, RBGPotion-making. Practice: Guild ofAlchemists, RightgamesPotion-making. Practice: UniversityCourse, RightgamesThe Kingdom of Crusaders:Ordonnance, RightgamesConfetti, RightgamesJapanese Castle, RightgamesMacAllister Jason B.Titan, HeidelbergerMayer BrianFreedom: The Underground RailwayMeis KeesKumbu Doublesided Memo,RielekstKumbu Doublesided Karten,RielekstMeister HeinzEiskalt erwischt! , HabaFEX - Ertappt und geschnappt, HabaHoppa Galoppa, HabaYay!, NorisMenzel MichaelLegends of Andor, FFGDie Legenden von Andor Menzel,KosmosMerrigan TomVicious City, Gung Ho GamesMerkx DennisKumbu Doublesided Memo,116 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTRielekstKumbu Doublesided Karten,RielekstMeyer AndreaFrigit, Bewitched SpieleFunstir, Bewitched SpieleSingstar, RavensburgerMichael MaxSheepdogs of Pendleton Hill,StrataMaxMigdalska AgnieszkaTop-a-Top plus, Kuźnia GierMikolas JiriAristoocrazy, Jira’s GamesMiltenberger KlausMove & Twist, BeleducSchafköpfchen, IQ-SpieleMiłuński FilipMagnum Sal: Muria, GryLeonardoVampire Empire, White GoblinGamesMontiage GuillaumeKemet, MatagotMoon Alan R.10 Tage durch Deutschland,RavensburgerAirlines Europe Präsidenten,AbacusspieleZug um Zug Deutschland, Days ofWonderTicket to Ride The Heart of Africa,Days of WonderMori PaoloBatman: Gotham City, WizkidsLibertalia, MarabuntaMoyersoen FrédericFieser Zauber, HabaWhitewater, Mayfair GamesMulicki MichalCrown of Underworld, PlatypusLoungeMüller ThomasTrust, HeptagonMultamäki TimoThe Phantom League PilotAcademy, Dragon DawnMura KurakiDemon Busters, Swan PanasiaBoom, Homosapiens LabDice’s Zoo, Homosapiens LabMyers BrettThe Lord of the Rings Dice BuildingGame, WizkidsNakamura MotohiroCard of the Dead, TamakonnyakuNani AndreaLumacorsa, Red GloveOut of Gears, Red GloveNeduk FilipGoblins Inc., CGE / Heidelberger /Rio GrandeNegri-Clementi SilvioThe Mystery of the Templars, GiochiUnitiMysterien der Templer, HeidelbergerNepitello FrancescoVenetia, StratelibriWar of the Rings: Lords of MiddleEarth, Ares GamesDer Ringkrieg 2. Edition: Herren vonMittelerde, HeidelbergerNestel FrankArche Extra Mix II, Doris & FrankNeugebauer PeterPingi Pongo, NorisGregs Tagebuch - Mir stinkts!, KosmosNeuwahl NiekTayü, GoliathNicolle Ethan+6 Bag o’Munchkin Level CountersSet 2, Steve Jackson GamesNiccolini StefaniaThe Doge Ship, giochix / Rio GrandeNiemann ToryAlien Frontiers Factions, Clever MojoAlien Frontiers Faction Pack #1,Clever MojoAlien Frontiers Upgrade Pack, CleverMojoNietzer MichaelDas kleine Bankett, Heidelberger /GameHeadsDas letzte Bankett Contessa,Heidelberger / GameHeadsNikisch MarkusMeine ersten Spiele - KleineBaumeister, HabaMeine ersten Spiele - Zählspaß,HabaTerra Kids - EntdeckerquizDeutschland, HabaTerra Kids - Länder Europas, HabaNothers OliverOrkhorde, Spieltrieb/RoachwareNormandon NicolasCity of Horrors, ReposNorris MartinTurned, RunadrakeNotredame PascalJack Bananas, Petit JouerNovac AndreiWarriors & Traders Italia, NSKNExodus: Centauri Prime, NSKNWild Fun West, NSKNNunn Kevin G.Zong Shi, Gryphon GamesO’Connor RoryRory’s Story Cubes Max, TheCreativity HubObert WalterUgg-Text, FFGOh JustinA-Mart, GembloBling-Bling Gemstone, GembloConfusing Sun, GembloWorld in Four, GembloOkhapkin AnatolyTimes and Epochs: Troubles,GemenotOllier AlainBlackrock City, Blackrock EditionsThe Boss 5-6 Spieler Erweiterung,Blackrock EditionsOlotka PeterTwilight Imperium: Rex,HeidelbergerOracz MichaelNeuroshima Hex! Steel Police, PortalPublishingOrban AlainDie Damen von Troyes, HeidelbergerLes Dames de Troyes, Pearl GamesThe Ladies of Troy, Z-ManOrnella EmanueleTea Time, GigamicLa Loire, Mind the MoveØstby Kristian AmundsenEscape Der Fluch des Tempels,Queen GamesEscape Illusions, Queen GamesRoll to the South Pole, Rio GrandeScheibenkleister, Huch! & friendsOstertag HelgeTerra Mystica, Feuerland SpieleOzon MichałClash; Jihad vs McWorld, DiablosPolacosTeutons, Diablos PolacosPaglia Pier GiorgioWings of Glory WWI Rules &Accessories Pack, Ares GamesWings of Glory WWI Regeln &Zubehör Pack, HeidelbergerPaiva RodrigoTurned, RunadrakeXoo Pest, RunadrakePalesch KlausSticheln, nsvPalm MichaelBimBamm!, Drei Hasen in derAbendsonneDie Kutschfahrt zur TeufelsburgDie Dunkle Prophezeiung, AdlungSpieleDie Zwerge, Pegasus SpieleDie Zwerge Limited Edition,Pegasus SpieleDie Zwerge Albae Erweiterung,Pegasus SpieleErwischt Vermischt, HeidelbergerPanning WolfgangLancaster Heinrich V., Queen GamesMaharani, Queen GamesPanzeri PeterConflict of Heroes: First Men in,Academy GamesPark JulianColorCube81, DalaPark PascalRainbow 7, DeinkoParks AndrewCore Worlds: Galactic OrdersParlett DavidPuzzle of Oz, Gerhards Spiel &DesignPasternak EthanStar Trek: Fleet Captains – RomulanEmpire, WizkidsPeccoz GuillaumeVignobles, LudocomPelemans Pascalwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 117t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Gentlemen Cambrioleurs, BombyxPelikan AndreasDingensbummens, HeidelbergerMeins, AmigoPenkrat NadezhdaKosmonauts, MesaboardgamesPeters David H.Colorado Midland: Mayors,Winsome GamesSNCF: The Netherlands, WinsomeGamesPeters HajoSignum Mortis, Saladin GamesPetersen Christian T.Der Eiserne Thron: Ein Tanz mitDrachen, HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition,HeidelbergerGame of Thrones HBO Edition, FFGPetersen Morten GreisCamp Roskilde, Roskilde FestivalPeterson PaulSmash-Up, AEGSmash-Up, Pegasus SpielePetty T.C.Viva Java, Dice Hate MePfister AlexanderMeins!, AmigoPhillips ShemSaqqara, White Goblin GamesPierangeli MicheleLike - The Social Game, CranioCreationsPietschker LutzFlash Point 2 nd Story, Indi Boards &CardsPils GeorgFinsterland, EigenverlagFinsterland Handbuch derTechnologie, EigenverlagFinsterland Almanach derZauberkunst, EigenverlagPiñán y SánchezDuelo Game, EdigraficaGuar Fantasy, EdigraficaGuka Croka!, EdigraficaPinchback BenFleet, Gryphon GamesPinto JimTempest Dominare, AEGPoehl HenningShark Attacks!Pokornik BrigitteMimikri, ZochPokoyski DietmarGenießer-Quiz Kaffee, mosesGenießer-Quiz Schokolade, mosesGenießer-Quiz Wein, mosesPont ChristophColonial, Coffee Haus Games /StratagemPope BenjaminMage Wars, Arcane WondersPope BryanMage Wars, Arcane WondersPorazzi AngeloAstroNuts, Mücke SpielePotthoff DietrichMedieval Conspiracy, GMTRänke der Fürsten, UGGPowers BrianPizza Party, FertiPizza Theory, Gryphon GamesPowers GregPizza Party, FertiPizza Theory, Gryphon GamesPrestigiacomo GioacchinoSky Traders, FFGPrinz PeterJenseits von Theben Das KartenspielDie Grabräuber, Queen GamesQuick JeffThunderstone Advance: Root ofCorruption, AEGQuodbach DanielUgga Buuga, Cocktail GamesQuondam MicheleGlatiatori, giochixRabellino FabriceYggdrasil: Asgard, LudonauteRacky FlorianDesperados, Argentum VerlagCircus Grandioso, Racky SpieleRatcliffe MilesMedieval Mastery, Chaos PublishingRandolph AlexDer iss‘ es, Drei Hasen in derAbendsonneRebottaro AdamSentinels of the Multiverse, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse InfernalRelics, greater/than/gamesSentinels of the Multiverse RookCity, greater/than/gamesRensing StephanMedieval Conspiracy, GMTRänke der Fürsten, UGGResch AndreasThe Great Museum, Medusa GamesRein-Hagen MarkDemocracy, Make-Believe GamesRichie MikeX-Marks the Spot, Rather DashingGamesRiddle MattFleet, Gryphon GamesRiedel StephanOld Town, Clicker SpieleRiot AntoineWhizz Bing Bang, ielloRisthaus StefanLevel XI, Österreichisches SpieleMuseumMonuments Ewiger Ruhm,AbacusspieleSpeicherstadt Magistrat, Ostia SpieleWürfelaugen-Speicher, Ostia SpieleRitchie BillRoll & Play, ThinkFunRitchie SamMathe Würfel, ThinkFunMathe Würfel jr., ThinkFunRivero Jose AntonioExpedition: Congo River 1884Rivollet AlainPanik, ilopeliRizzi DavideSwordfish, Ghenos GamesRockwell AlexHomesteaders, QuinedRohner Stefanieblack stories Die Erweiterung, mosesRomero Jaime VegaNorthwest Passage Adventure,Gen XRookmaker FrankBumm Bumm Ballon, SchmidtSpieleRos SteffanCavemen playing with Fire, OdynautGamesChipleader, Odynaut GamesRule the Roost, Odynaut GamesRosenberg UweAgricola Belgien Deck, LookoutGames / Z-ManAgricola Pi-Deck, Lookout GamesAgricola: Mehr Ställe für das liebeVieh, Lookout Games / Z-ManBohn to be wild!, AmigoLe Havre der Binnenhafen, LookoutGames / Z-ManRoss Susan McKinleyQwirkle Cubes, Schmidt SpieleRoznai LarryEmpire Express, Mayfair GamesRoubira Jean-LouisDixit 3, LibelludRouzè FrancoisRoom 25, MatagotRubbo AnthonyHey, Froggy, r&r GamesRuedisueli PatrickExistenz: On the Ruins of Chaos,QuantuumHubbly Bubbly BrewRuhnke VolkoAndean Abbys, GMTRush KenRumble in the Dungeon, FlatlinedGamesRuwisch SilkeVolumen-Quartett, KallmeyerSackson SidKohle, Kies & Knete, GryphonGamesI’m the Boss, Gryphon GamesMonad, Gryphon GamesSleuth, Gryphon GamesVenture, Gryphon GamesSadler AdamDescent Zweite Edition: Die Reiseins Dunkel, Heidelberger118 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTDescent Second Edition: Journey inthe Dark Lair of the Wyrm, FFGSadler BradyDescent Second Edition: Journey inthe Dark Lair of the Wyrm, FFGSahut FrédericYam Master Travel, FertiSakaloglou NikolasBriefcase, Artipia GamesBriefcase Board Game Factory,Artipia GamesSalmijärvi JuhaIron Sky, Revision GamesSalomonsson JohanBig Badaboom, GigantoskopSantandrea EmanueleBlocks in the East, VenteNuovoGamesSantopietro GianlucaCollapsible D, Sir Chester CobblepotSantus MatteoBeer & Vikings, Albe PavoWinter Tales, Albe Pavo / RavenDistributionSatô KimGosu2: Tactics, Moonster GamesRyo, Moonster GamesSaunders DavidGodslayer Rulebook Box, MegalithGamesSchacht MichaelAquaretto Die ErlebnisbahnAquaretto Drei MitarbeitertafelnBeary’s Unravel Game, SimplyFunCall to Glory, White Goblin GamesCrazy Creatures of Dr. Doom, WhiteGoblin / StrongholdFairplay by Spiel, FairplayWort & Fort, duMont SchaubergZooloretto Chamäleon,AbacusspieleZooloretto DerEingewöhnungsbereich,AbacusspieleZooloretto Das Sparbuch,AbacusspieleZooloretto Streichelzoo,AbacusspieleZooloretto Goodies Box,AbacusspieleSchackert MichaelRally Fally, OberschwäbischeMagnetspieleSchillo AndréGodslayer Rulebook Box, MegalithGamesSchmidauer-König JohannesDog Royal, Schmidt SpieleSchmidt AndreasJackal & High, ZochDer Hobbit - Eine unerwartete Reise,KosmosScholles FranzPaartie Paare, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagPaartie Partner, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagPaartie Partnerinnen, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagTaboos, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagScholles UrsulaPaartie Paare, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagPaartie Partner, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagPaartie Partnerinnen, Aktuell Spiele-VerlagSchranz WalterTitten, Ärsche, Sonnenschein,HeidelbergerSchuhmacher GeorgWortissimo Level 2Schütt Claes William HartColonies, Among MeeplesSchwinghammer JochenDrachenschatten, Adlung SpieleSciarra EmilianoBang! 10 th Anniversary Edition, dVGiochiSamurai Sword, dV GiochiSeater RobMehr Ruhm für Rom, LookoutGamesSelenne VincentCalculhit, Art of GamesSeleznev KonstantinSeptikon, IgrologySellmeyer MarkSpin Monkeys, Rio GrandeSelz JulienUnited Square, United SquareCuBe², United SquareSentieiro NunoMadeira, What’s Your Game?Sentis JulienCopyright, FertiIllico, Cocktail GamesTu préfères?, FertiSeok Min-HoWind Runner, DeinkoSerrano Carlos MorenoKalua, HomoludicusShafir HaimDer Kleine Rabe Socke Halli GalliJunior!, AmigoShalem ZviSwish, ThinkfunShimoni GaliSwish, ThinkfunShort DavidGround Floor, Tasty Minstrel GamesSiadek JeffBattlestations: How Much for YourPlanet, Gorilla GamesSiebert StefanDreck weg, Mücke SpieleSihiver OliverAir King, Brain GamesConstruction Zone, Brain GamesSilva Lorenzo1969, Cranio CreationsSteam Park, Cranio CreationsSivél RichardMaria, Rio GrandeSladariu VladWild Fun West, NSKNSoledade PauloMadeira, What’s Your Game?Sorrentino Lorenzo Tucci1969, Cranio CreationsSteam Park, Cranio CreationsSpitzer ThomasRuhrschifffahrt, SpielworxxRuhrschifffahrt Kaufmann undKohlenhandlung, SpielworxxSpurny JamesRocket Jockey, Mayfair GamesSt. Laurent JamesMcMulti, Pegasus SpieleCrude, Stronghold GamesStahl JeffThe Lord of the Rings Dice BuildingGame, WizkidsBirth of America: 1775 Rebellion,Academy GamesStajszczak MichałRancho, GrannaStapelfeldt TobiasSpace Time, eggertspieleStark FrankDer HeidelBÄR: Wald und WiesenEdition, HeidelbergerDer HeidelBÄR - Wilde WasserEdition Stark, HeidelbergerStaupe ReinhardLokus, Staupe SpieleMerlin, Staupe SpieleOhren auf, Staupe SpielePicus, Staupe SpieleSteding AndreasFive Points, Mayfair GamesStein DieterMixtour, Gerhards Spiel & DesignSteinwender ArnoDaj Gryza, TreflMake‘n Break Party, RavensburgerBabar und die Abenteuer vonBadou - Das Kartenspiel, Huch! &friendsStennet DavidMoral Conflict, Playford GamesStewart PatrickKhalkhin Gol, Numbskull GamesFrozen Death, Numbskull GamesPatton in Tunisia, Numbskull GamesBlack Hills War, Numbskull GamesFirst Emperor, Numbskull GamesCamelot, Numbskull GamesKyoto, Numbskull GamesStockhausen ReinerSiberia Das Kartenspiel, dlpStöckmann BrittaExpedition Sumatra, IgramoonExpedition Sumatra, Dadu Dadu,IgramoonSullivan DwightNoblemen, Pegasus SpieleSuzuki GinichiroChicago, Show EnterpriseSuzuki TakamasaYaneneko - Small Battle on The Roof,Boukenwww.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 119t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012Svenson EilifRoll to the South Pole, Rio GrandeSweigart SeanSpartacus: A Game of Blood &Treachery, Battlefront MiniaturesSylvester PeerTaschkent, Mücke SpieleTahkokallio ToukoEclipse: Raise of the Ancients,LautapelitVoll ins Schwarze, Huch! & friendsTahta RikkiCoup, La Mame GamesTascini DanieleTzolk’in The Mayan Calendar, CGE /Heidelberger / Rio GrandeSheepland, Cranio CreationsTeuber KlausBaden-Württemberg Catan,KosmosCatan Family Edition, Mayfair GamesDie Fürsten von Catan - GoldeneZeiten, KosmosMadagascar Catan Junior, KosmosStar Trek Catan, Mayfair GamesTeubner Marcotiptoi Tom und Tina - Das Tal derTempel, RavensburgerThomasen BoCamp Roskilde, Roskilde FestivalTidball JeffTempest Mercante, AEGTomczyk MarcinMight&Magic Heroes, AxelTorbey ShadiUrbion, Z-Man / FilosofiaTorgerson Ted1989 Dawn of Freedom, GMT1989 SpielworxxTourigny YvesNorthwest Passage, MatagotTrampler David A.Titan, HeidelbergerTrzewiczek IgnacyNeuroshima Hex! Steel, PortalPublishingNeuroshima Hex! The Dancer, PortalPublishingRobinson Crusoe, Portal Publishing/ Z-ManThe Convoy / Konvoi, PortalPublishing / Iello / Z-ManWinter, Portal PublishingTsantilas SotoriosBriefcaseBriefcase Board Game FactoryVaccarino Donald X.Dominion Dark Ages, Hans im GlückInfiltration, FFGGauntlet of Fools, Indie Boards &CardsKingdom Builder Nomaden, QueenGamesMonster Factory, Rio GrandeVallejo IsaacSunrise City, Clever MojoVan den Berg RenéTreasure Hunt, Catch me Gamesvan Moorsel CornéTricky Wildlife, CwaliTweeeet, Cwalivan Tol HansCount Down Special Ops, The GameMasterMatch Point, The Game MasterVastrup TroelsColonies, Among MeeplesVeljkovic GoranSo läuft der Hase, Gerhards Spiel &DesignVernes Jean-RenéRome & Carthage, Grosso ModoÉditionsVernyns SanderClocks, SandtimerVetlesen EivinKampen om Norge, Vega ForlagViard AlbanAge of Steam: Korea/Las, Aos TeamAge of Steam: Tibet/AoS TeamCard City, LudibayParis Connection: Moon/Mars, AosTeamTown Center, AoS TeamVitale DuccioSerenissima, YstariVogt BenôitMythic Battles, ielloVon Rüden JörgExpress 01, eggertspiele / PegasusSpieleWadum Andreas LieberothCamp Roskilde, Roskilde FestivalWallace MartinAeroplanes, Mayfair GamesClash of Wills Shiloh 1862, MayfairGamesDer Hobbit - Das Kartenspiel, KosmosDoctor Who The Card Game, Cubicle7Moongha Invaders, TreefrogP.I., TreefrogSteam Map Expansion #2, MayfairGamesWallner KerstinMove & Twist, BeleducSchafköpfchen, IQ-SpieleWarnier OlivierWestern Town, WhymeWeiniger RolandProxy Wars MegaCorps, GameEngineersProxy Wars GreenEngage, GameEngineersProxy Wars Oath Bound, GameEngineersWeissblum Aaron10 Tage durch Deutschland,RavensburgerPass-Ack Words, r&r GamesWeldon AlexOh Sultan, HeidelbergerWelnicki MarcinSlavika, rebel,plWendt NikolajRising King, Omni GamesWeyen HeikoMafiaDollarWhitcher David E.Tahiti, Minion GamesWiersing JorisThe Great Zimbabwe, SplotterSpellenWiik EsaBad Moon, Mindwarrior GamesTerra Evolution: Tree of Life,Mindwarrior GamesWilliams MartinEl Sagario, Editorial FloripaFutbolmate, Editorial FloripaWilson KevinDas Ältere Zeichen, HeidelbergerWittig ReinholdDocker, JactaleaWolf Christianblack stories Die Erweiterung,mosesWolf OliverDas kleine Bankett, Heidelberger /GameHeadsDas letzte Bankett Contessa,Heidelberger / GameHeadsWotton MarkThunderstone Advance: Root ofCorruption, AEGWoźniak ŁukaszNehemiah, GryLeonardoMercurius, rebel.plWrede AnjaDragi Drache, RavensburgerSchnuffi Wuff!, Edition SiebenschläferPing, Pang, Pong, Edition SiebenschläferWrede Klaus-JürgenCarcassonne Winter-Edition, Hansim GlückCarcassonne Winter-Edition DerLebkuchenmann, Hans im GlückCarcassonne Die Häuser, spielboxWu Ta-TeDi Renjie, Sunrise Tornado GameStudioGlory of the Three Kingdoms:Guandu Core Set, Sunrise TornadoGame StudioMines of the Sacred Dragon, SunriseTornado Game StudioSudoku Taisen; Ice Age, SunriseTornado Game StudioThe Battle of Red Cliffs, SunriseTornado Game StudiouSpy, Sunrise Tornado Game StudioYamshchikov YuryKosmonauts, MesaboardgamesYasuda HitoshiCirque du Monstre, KadokawaYou Hyo-JongBloqs, PlaythisoneCculele Champion, JoenZach LukasBimBamm!, Drei Hasen in derAbendsonne120 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012 tOUR REPORTDie Kutschfahrt zur TeufelsburgDie Dunkle Prophezeiung, AdlungSpieleDie Zwerge, Pegasus SpieleDie Zwerge Limited Edition, PegasusSpieleDie Zwerge Albae Erweiterung,Pegasus SpieleErwischt Vermischt, Heidelbergerwww.gamescompanion.atZakis EdgarsCentral Market, , Brain GamesZeimet JacquesBeeren klaun‘ , NorisKakerlakenpoker Royal, Drei MagierSpieleSonne und Mond, Drei Hasen in derAbendsonneZeng AlexDesire, Big Fun IdeaAlice in Wonderland, Uei HsiangZhang Chen ZheThe Pioneer Card Game: ChapterResources, SeraphimZhifan ChenAnt Nest, Homosapiens LabZhu RongKanzume Goddess, JapanimeGamesZimmermann PeterDer Herr der Ringe - Das Kartenspiel,KosmosZizzi PierluigiAl Rashid, YemaiaAsgard, What’s Your Game?Zlatinsits StefanJagdfieber, Smiling Monster GamesZoch KlausESG 2012 Bausack, ESGZudhof PatrickBloqs, Playthisonezur Linde RalfMilestones, eggertspiele / PegasusSpiele / StrongholdDeutscher Spieler Preis - A family wins it all - Parents Inka and Markus Brand win with Village, Pegasus; their childrenEmely and Lukas Brand win with Mogel-Motte, Drei Magier Spiele. Most cordial felicitations on the double success!www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 121t

OUR REPORT u IMPRESSIONS OF ESSEN 2012www.happymeeple.comHAPPY MEEPLECASUAL GAMES FOR TWO PLAYERSHappy Meeples is a games platform on theInternet which offers several online games.All those games are two-player games only,which provide a good mix of tactic andchance in order to attract as large a numberof potential players as possible. Closeattention is also paid to loading times, theare kept as short as possible so that the siteworks without a hitch and animations runsmoothly.Currently you can access the followinggames: Lost Cities, Finito!, Level X, KeltisCard und Keltis Ór. At the beginning yourpossibilities are limited, it takes some timeuntil some new elements are activated oruntil you can activate them.On Happy Meeple there are three differentmodes of play: Tutorial, Training sessionand online-play. In the training session youhave a choice of 12 different Bots, four ofthem can be accessed from the beginning.In time or due to better ranking or if you buythem you can unlock more powerful Bots.You also can achieve medals by acquiringMeeples, defeating certain bots or winningseveral games in a row.In the online-play mode a Human opponentis looked for with a pre-set time frame.When no Human opponent can be found,a Bot is provided instead. The big problemwith such game platforms very often is thatyou start a game and must wait for a longtime until another player turns up. Due tothis Bot system the online games can beaccessed anytime, as there is always an opponentavailable.You need nourishment to be able tomake use of those online games. Nourishmentis produced in regular intervalsand is part of the so-called Meta game,that is, a level in the game on top of theonline games. Depending on the gameand the mode of the game, for instancea Training Session, you must spend a certainamount of nourishment in order tobe able to play. Its takes some time untilthe reserves are replenished again andnourishment is produced again. Wheneveryou receive a new Meeple you alsoreceive resources, and also whenever youhave won a series of games or have defeateda certain number of bots. Meeplesare rewards which you can earn by playingor by winning games.There are different locations that you canvisit on the Meta level; for instance the Market,which you can use for swapping resources.You can exchange resources for Coinswhich you then can use for acquiring nourishmentor for unlocking new Bots or additionalgames. On this Meta level you alsoown your own world. In this world you havethe opportunity to set up buildings. Thesebuildings help to produce more nourishment.You, the player, decide which buildingwill be the most useful to you. From time totime you must attend to maintenance workon the buildings.The games on the platform are scored usingthe ELO system, which is also frequentlyused in sports, for instance in Chess, andis also used on other internet sites. Thissystem represents the current strength ofa player. This strength develops accordingto the individual results of games. WhenPlayer A with a higher ELO number winsa game against Player B with a lower ELOnumber he scores fewer points and PlayerB, accordingly, loses fewer points. ShouldPlayer B win in this situation Player B scoresmany points and Player A would lose a lotof points.In Happy Meeples each player decides forhimself with goals he want to achieve. If youonly want to collect coins to unlock additionalgames or if you want to defeat all Botsin a game, if you develop and design yourworld or simply play to have fun, HappyMeeples offers all those different ways foruse.Astrid Willim122 u ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 www.gamesjournal.at

HIGHLIGHTS AMONG GAMES tFROM THE MUSEUMHUGO KASTNER RECOMMENDSOLD TOWNRECONSTRUCTION OF A GHOST TOWNDear Reader! Surprises in the world of gamesseem to get rare! The more pleasing it is thatthe nearly unknown designer Stephan Riedelhasmanaged to get notice at the start ofthe last decade in the German games marketand community with his game of logic andcombination. After achieving second place inthe Italian Games Award “Premio Archimede”in 2002 this little jewel was made availablefor German players,, too, albeit only in avery small and limited print run in the smallpublishing company of Clicker Spiele. As StephanRiedel mentions on his homepage, thefirst inspiration for the game came in 1996during a holiday in New Zealand, where hevisited sites showing remnants of an old cemetery.What is now the topic of this then newcomer?Very simply, you need to reconstruct aderelict ghost town that did reach the end ofits tether sometimes at the end of the 18thcentury. Together but still competing againsteach other, two to four players try to determinethe exact location of sixteen formerlyflourishing buildings. Those reconstructionsare based on an old site map which is clearlystructured by a typically American orthogonalgrid of roads, one railroad track anddifferent landscape elements. For each informationthat more clearly specifies the site fora building or even determines it for good,,you score points, and the final results decideswhich player achieved the best archaeologicalperformance. Lots of questions are piledhigh for each dog on the archeological sent,once they have found their way to the AustrianGames Museum at Leopoldsdorf.Website: www.spielen.atOur usual lamp at the start lights up adreary, derelict old Western Town, whicheach player tries to reconstruct with thehelp of a total of eighteen building tiles.The core mechanism of the game is directedby three different kinds of informationcards. The most simple type of cards showsfour possible sites for buildings. When oneof those cards is placed, e.g. “the school isadjacent to the buffalo pasture”, the correspondingmarker is placed on the sitesmentioned. There and only there the correspondingbuildings could have been locatedin the prime time of the town. Markersthat were not used earn victory points forthe player immediately. The second type ofcards is a bit more complicated to handle:Those cards name relations between twobuildings – presented with texts like “TheHotel was located on Main Street oppositemy building”. The sites for the Hotel onMain Street are clearly recognizable, but“my building” means one of the two buildingslaid out in front of each player. Andthis can be chosen entirely to your liking.The last kind of cards, too, uses the ratherindefinite term of “my building” and showseight potential sites for a building, e.g. “mybuilding was situated at the northern orsouthern edge of town”. Those cards comeinto play a bit later, at a time when thenumber of free sites has been already narroweddown a bit. And that was all thereis, at least in theory.To keep the game going and also to coverany imaginable constellation for „OldTown“ a number of special rules come intoplay. It is important to know that cardswhich do not chance the current situationon the board or which are contradictionbuildings or markers already placed aredead information only. Other special ruleseach “Old Town” connoisseur must workout personally in detail for himself, thiscannot be avoided! The game ends with amarvelous view of the reconstructed WesternTown. If you contributed most to thereconstruction you may proudly call yourselfMaster of Building Archeology.Comments to: Hugo.Kastner@spielen.atHomepage: www.hugo-kastner.atTIP #84Designer: Stephan RiedelArtist: Stephan RiedelPrice: ca. 20 EuroYear ca. 1999Publisher: Clicker Spielewww.clicker-spiele.dePLAYER:1-4AGE:10+TIME:10+•••••••••Tactic Info+ ChanceThe permanent re-considering which tacticalopportunities are offered by the town layoutis intensely alluring, albeit with a small restriction:In the end phase of the game sometimesforced moves cannot be avoided, so that thechance element upsets balance a bit toomuch. But then again, high praise for the soloversion: Eight scenarios for solo play in threedifferent levels of difficulty are provided in therules book, using rules that are slightly differentto those of the basic game. Tough to crack,especially in the higher levels of difficulty.Hugos EXPERTENTIPPTake care! „Old Town“ offers paltry rules. Readingthem for the first time leaves even experiencedplayers with a problem to play the firstgame correctly. Stephan Riedel has realized thisand presents “New Rules” on his homepage, because,naturally, “Old Town” should be played asthe designer intended it to be played. As soonas the mechanism is clear, one should use theprofessional rules presented on the homepage,too: Choose zero to two cards!Hugos FLASHLIGHTOne to four experts are sitting with barelysuppressed excitement around the foundationsof a derelict ghost town. And with thesame excitement winners and loosers leavethe site of their work. The important thing isthe finished Western Town, with its land markbuildings, Saloon, Church, Bank, Drugstore,Stage Coach Station or Barber. And happilycongratulations are offered for the newlyachieved archeological master piece followingpatterns familiar from „Logic Trainer” and othersuch games. Cheers!VORANKÜNDIGUNG:RAJAPalace building in IndiaIMPRESSUMOffenlegung nach dem Mediengesetz: Medieninhaber, Eigentümer, Verleger und Hersteller: Verein „Österreichisches Spiele Museum“, vertretendurch Obfrau Dipl.Ing. Dagmar de Cassan, Raasdorferstrasse 28, 2285 Leopoldsdorf im Marchfelde, Telefon 02216-7000, Fax 02216-7000-3,mail-to: office@spielen.at, Internet: www.spielejournal.at - www.gamesjournal.at - Chefredakteur: Dipl.Ing. Dagmar de CassanBlattlinie: Die Blattlinie ist die Meinung aller Redakteure, freien Mitarbeitern und Gastautoren. Die Spiele zur Erstellung der Rezensionen stelltdas Österr. Spiele Museum für die Dauer der Arbeit kostenlos zur Verfügung. Niemand erhält Sach-,Service-, Geldleistungen von den Verlagen.(Alle nicht namentlich gekennzeichneten Rezensionen/Artikel zu den Spielen sind von Dagmar de Cassan) English Edition Version 1.0Copyright (c) 2012 by Spielen in Österreich - Die Spiele Collection, Spiele Kreis Wien, Österreichisches Spielefest,Spielefest, Wiener Spiele Akademie, Spiel der Spiele und zwei Spiele-Symbole sind eingetragene Warenzeichen.Ihre Email-Adresse: Wir versenden oft an unsere Mitglieder, Abonnenten und Interessenten eine Erinnerung fürTermine und sonstige Infos. Wenn Sie noch nie eine Email von uns erhalten haben, fehlt uns Ihre Email!www.gamesjournal.at ISSUE 443 / OKTOBER 2012 123t

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