There is nothing quite like a Volvo

There is nothing quite like a Volvo

There is nothing quite like a Volvo

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find that the traditional "Volvovirtues" are retained andenhanced. But you will also find anelegant new exterior, a completelyredesigned dashboard, a spoiler onGL, GLE & GLT models, and newimproved bumpers, plus manyother refinements which indicatethat this year's models representanother significant step forward.In this brochure, we will describethe 1981 Volvos. But the only wayto really appreciate them is to takea test drive. So why not try thenew generation Volvos foryourself? You will find yourDealer's address and telephonenumber in Yellow Pages or bytelephoning Volvo CustomerServices on High Wycombe(0494) 33444. (UK only).

The new Volvo features for 1981:1. New front end andheadlights2. New integral wrap aroundsafety bumpers3. New grille4. Distinctive new windowsurround5. New, redesigned dashboard6. The new B23E engine (136hp)-244 GLT

The choice is YoursThe new 1981 model Volvo 244saloons come in 4 differentvariants-the 244DL, 244GL,244GLE and the powerful244GLT. All are exceptionallywell equipped as standard, withthe GL, GLE and GLT offeringparticularly refined performance.A guide to the variousspecifications appears at the backof this brochure to assist you inchoosing the combination mostappropriate to your requirements.The 244GL has tinted glass, metallicpaint, sunroof, ribbed plush upholstery,and overdrive as standard. It's powered bythe 2.1 litre carburettor engine. The GLEhas an economical, but more powerful, fuelinjection engine, electrically operated frontwindows and a choice of leather or plushupholstery according to exterior colour.Both models have distinctive chromium trimabove the bumper and an aerodynamicspoiler to reduce wind resistance.1. The 244DL uses the 107 hp 2.1 litrecarburettor engine. It has an unrivalledstandard specification which includesheadlamp wipers/washers, electricallyheated driving seat, rev counter, interioradjustable door mirror, and a high degreeo f colour coordination including pilecarpeting and cloth upholstery.2. The new 244GLT is powered by the newlydevelopedB23E fuel injection engine(136hp) which gives acceleration of 0-60mph in 10 seconds. Technically the chassishas been developed to complement theextra power-special stabilisers, gas filledrear shock absorbers, ventilated discbrakes at the front, power assisted steering,overdrive and mag/alloy wheels withspecial low pro file tyres.

Make Yourselfreally comfortableThere's more to comfort than justsinking into deep soft cushions.Seats should be soft, but they mustalso be firm enough to provideadequate support, especially fordrivers who do extremely highmileage each year.The widely acclaimed Volvodriver's seat is the result ofextensive research andcooperation between Volvodesigners and orthopaedicspecialists. It features the worldfamous Volvo lumbar supportand the seat cushion andbackrest are electrically heatedwith the element switching onautomatically at temperaturesbelow 14 ° C.The Volvo driver's seat can alsobe raised or lowered by levers tohelp you find your ideal position.Your rear seat passengers ride incomfort as well because the seatsare well shaped, have a centrearmrest and seat belts as standardand rear leg room is exceptionallygood.The 1981 model Volvo feelslight, precise and easy tohandle. All controls are withineasy reach. Overall visibility isexcellent. Once behind the wheel,you'll feel everything is rightwhere it should be. And there is thenew Volvo instrumentation. Allthis will help you feel fresh andalert even after hours of driving!1. The famous Volvo seats have integrated,see-through head restraints. The uniqueVolvo lumbar support is easily adjusted bymeans of a large knob at the side.2. Front seat backrests are infinitelyadjustable down to a fully reclinedposition.3. Small turning diameter of only 32' 2"makes for easy manoeuvring in tight spots.4. The well tested Volvo heating andventilation system cools your face while itchanges the air. You'll find it extremelyefficient-14 vents let you direct the air tothe exact spot where you want it!5. You'll appreciate the many small,thoughtful details like the illuminated,lockable glove box with its fold-down trayand vanity mirror.6. The GLE offers the option o f genuineleather upholstery as standard dependenton exterior colour (DL & GLT have clothupholstery, GL has ribbed plush asstandard).7. An opening in the rear seat when neededlets you stow long and narrow fragileobjects well protected inside the car.

Put yourself in thedriver's seatDriving today, whether at highmotorway speeds or in congestedtraffic, demands continuousconcentration. You have to bealert and capable of absorbing acontinuous stream of informationand reacting in a split second to anever-changing environment.This means the driver's areamust be designed to provide youwith the maximum of comfort,visibility and control.Look around you ! From yourdriver's seat you will experienceextraordinarily good all-roundvisibility (a full 91%). Washers/wipers, effective demisters anddefrosters, electrically heated rearwindow, a large, antidazzleinterior mirror and a door mirroradjustable from inside make surethat you keep that visibility at alltimes and in all weatherconditions. Look down! The newexciting dashboard contains animpressive array of instruments.From the moment you sit down, the"Fasten seat belt" light startsflashing the first message. Duringdriving, all functions aresupervised and signals are givenshould anything require attention.And, even as you leave the car thesystem is still working : the Volvowarning buzzer will remind youthat you have left the key in theignition or your headlights on.Another feature of your Volvo isthat the instruments only light upwhen needed. During normaldriving, you see a few, like thespeedometer, the rev counter andfuel and coolant temperaturegauges. Others, like the brakefailure warning, or the unique bulbintegrity sensor do not light upuntil you need to be reminded. Inpractice, this means you are notdistracted by a series of lightswhen driving under normalconditions-you are left in peaceto concentrate on the road.Now look at the controls.Ergonomically designed andrefined over the years they areready to respond to your everyneed. They are right there at yourfingertips. The controls forwindscreen wiper/washer,headlamp wiper/washer, main/dipped beam, and turn indicatorsare all on stalks on the steering

column. All the other controls tooare easily accessible, as theillustration below demonstrates.The new dashboard has acompartment on the left whereextra instruments can be fitted,and also features two new shelvesfor sunglasses, sweets etc., oneright over the glove box, the otheron top of the centre console,which has been moved 35 mmcloser to the driver to makecontrols easier to reach.1. The anti-dazzle exterior rear view mirroris adjustable from inside the car.2. The new overdrive button automaticallydisengages when changing down, so thatyou do not inadvertently go right back intooverdrive when engaging 4th gear again.3. The DL, GL and GLE can be obtainedwith fully automatic transmission.

The 244 GLT-Thefirst performancecar that's as safe asa VolvoThis special high performancevariant is widely used by the policeso its speed and handling have gotto be good. Fitted with the 136 hpB23E engine, it accelerates from0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds!That is faster, according to MotorMagazine, than the BMW 525. Butthe engine is only half the story.The chassis has been especiallydeveloped to complement the extrapower, with gas-filled rear shockabsorbers, special stabilizers,and light alloy wheels withspecial low profile tyres. Thefour-speed manual gearbox hasoverdrive fitted on top gear andthe GLT is the only 240 seriescar to be equipped with powersteering as standard.The GLT also boasts anexclusive exterior, with its allblackbumpers, front spoiler, wideblack side trim moulding withrubber insert, distinctive silverGLT emblem front and rear andthe unmistakable rear black areabetween the extra large tail lampclusters.The GLT also has a sunroof andtinted windows as standard and isavailable in two distinctivemetallic colours, wine red andsilver.For a complete list of standardand optional equipment, pleaseconsult the check list at the backof this brochure.1. The newly-developed B23E engine hasan output of 136 hp.2. Light alloy 5 spoke rims with 195/60 HRtyres are standard on the GLT.3. The distinctive black window and sidetrims distinguish the GLT.4. The GLT is equipped with extra largetail lamps, and the area between theseis black.

Volvo's extra safety marginOver the years Volvo engineershave ensured that our cars havebeen refined and developed toprovide you with real drivingpleasure. So you don't have todrive very fast or face a dangeroussituation to know that your 1981Volvo has light and responsivesteering and braking, goodacceleration for overtaking, surefootedstability and roadholdingand minimal roll when cornering.If you have not driven a Volvofor some time, or you have neverdriven one and believe thatVolvos are heavy to drive you'rein for a big surprise when youget behind the wheel of thenew 1981 models.Power when you really need itIn today's inflationaryenvironment very few people willadmire you for getting away at agreen light with a screech ofburning rubber. But this does notmean that power and accelerationare not important. Rather it meansthat you should have power whenyou need it-when overtaking.That is why Volvo engines havebeen designed to give their utmostin power in that critical 45-70mph range.Dual circuit reliabilityVolvos have a triangle-split dualcircuit braking system, includinga stepped-bore master cylinder.This means that if one circuitshould fail, both front brakes andone rear will still operate,retaining about 80% braking effectwith maximum directionalstability. The brake pedal feelsand works almost as normal, andso does not cause the driver topanic. In fact the only thing youwould probably notice is thewarning light on the dashboard.Steering that you controlThe 1981 Volvo rack and pinionsteering gives a light and precisesteering response with a carefullybalanced time-lag between steeringwheel movement and wheelmovement. The car responds inexactly the way the averagemotorist expects : it's stable andpredictable.Constant wheel angle and track-good road holdingThe Volvo 244 has spring strutfront suspension and a live rearaxle. The movement of the rearaxle is controlled by two supportarms, two torque rods whichprevent wind-up duringacceleration and braking, and atrack rod which holds the axlelaterally. Coil springs, a stabilizerand shock absorbers complete thepicture. The benefit of thisarrangement is that it fullyconveys the feel of the road to thedriver. This adds to drivercomfort and increases your controlof the car.1. Triangle-split dual braking systemretains a full 80% o f power even with onecircuit out of operation.2. Volvo engines give maximum powerwhen needed-e.g. when overtaking-inthe 45-70 mph speed range.3. Among other things, the near-idealweight distribution and advancedsuspension contribute to Volvo's superiorroad-holding qualities.

Volvo life insuranceVolvo is internationallyacknowledged as a pioneer withinthe field of crash safety among carmanufacturers. These efforts havewon Volvo many internationalawards, but they have also savedlives-ask any Volvo owner whohas ever been in a crash what"Volvo safety" really means.Modern safety belts owe much oftheir present proven effectivenessto extensive pioneering work byVolvo. Today, all Volvos havethree-point safety belts asstandard front and rear. Theinertia reel lets you move freelywhen there is no stress on thebelt-and a flashing light remindsyou to wear it-always!Volvo interior safety includescareful design and ample paddinginside the car-as well as crashresistantfront seats. The frontseats incorporate head restraintsand withstand many times the testloads stipulated by law.The high-impact, laminatedwindscreen is so strong and sosecurely fastened to the body thatit will withstand the weight of aperson who (as a result of notwearing a belt) is thrown againstit in a barrier crash at a speed of30 mph.1. Crumple zones front and rear. Theunusually long energy-absorbing frontmeans that, in a collision, a Volvo 200series will crumple and absorb much o f theimpact instead of transferring it direct todriver and passengers. Also, upon impactthe engine will slide down and underinsteadof into -the passenger compartment .2. The Volvo steering gear is designed tofold, crumple and telescope under extremepressure in order not to transfer the crashi mpact to the driver.3/4. The legendary Volvo "safety cage"around the passenger area is another Volvofirst. All body apertures are reinforced byexceptionally strong box type steel profiles.Another unique Volvo feature is the strongsteel tubes inside the doors for side impactprotection.5. The fuel tank is specifically located awayfrom the rear bumper, but outside thesafety cage. The top end of the fuel pipe isfastened to the outer body by means of arubber fitting. This means that in theevent of a collision, the screw cap stayssecurely in place even if the pipe isdisconnected from the body.6. The new 200 series Volvos have strongbumpers (the front mounted on telescopicshock absorbers.) They'll withstand minorcrashes (at speeds up to 2 mph) withoutany damage whatsoever to the body.

Volvo lifeexpectancyOfficial statistics* show Volvo tohave the longest life expectancyof all cars on the Swedish market-and its lead is increasing everyyear. Last year showed Volvo with17.9 years-which is a good 22years more than its closestcompetitor, Mercedes Benz, with15.2 years. Then come Volkswagenwith 14.3 years, BMW with 13.5,Ford with 12.9, Peugeot with11.6 ...Now we don't expect everybodyto keep their new Volvo for nearly18 years, but the figures (and anumber of other internationalindependent surveys which backthem up) do indicate Volvo'ssuperior overall quality. This longlife expectancy also contributes togood total economy and certainlyhelps you get a good second-handprice when you do decide toexchange your Volvo for a newmodel at some time in the future.Maybe this is one reason why 3out of 4 Volvo owners buyanother Volvo when changingcars.One reason why Volvos holdtheir price so well is theirdurability and reliability coupledwith exceptionally highspecifications. To protect thisinvestment most Volvo ownersensure that their car is properlyserviced by an authorised Volvodealer.Another reason why Volvos holdtheir value is the body protectiontreatment given to all Volvo carsin order to protect them from theSwedish winter. After a multistagepainting process,rustproofing agents are appliednot only to the underbody of thecar, but also inside all bodymembers and other cavities. Theseare the main stages:1. Degreasing2. All parts of inaccessible closedsections are coated with zincprimer before welding3. Phosphating4. Electrophoretic treatment5. Priming6. Sealing all body seams7. PVC underbody coating8. A protective coating of PVCon sills and side panels9. Finishing10. Before final assembly atransparent rustproofing agentis liberally sprayed inside thedoors and window openings.11. Full underbody and innercavity rust-proofing1. The brake pipes are made of highlycorrosion-resistant copper/nickel alloy2. Slipstream air effectively ventilatesinside of door sills.3. Double-sided hot zinc coated plate isgenerously used for vulnerablecomponents.4. Exposed parts of the exhaust system haverust-resisting aluminium finish.*Based on the findings of the SwedishMotor Vehicle Inspection Co.

Tailor your carto yourindividual needsVolvo Accessories-for theIndividualistThe Volvo 244 is built to thehighest specification standards.But every Volvo owner is anindividual with his own particularmotoring needs which cannotalways be fulfilled even by theexceptionally comprehensivestandard equipment of a Volvo.For example, the family manneeds child safety equipment, thecaravanner needs specialisttowing accessories.This section of our brochureillustrates some of the extensiverange of Volvo accessories whichenable you to tailor your car toyour individual motoring needs.Accessories for Every NeedAll Volvo accessories are manufacturedto the same high qualitystandards as the car. They aredesigned to complement the styleof the car to avoid the `add-on'look projected by many non-Volvo accessories. And becausethey are developed by Volvo,fitting has been made as quickand easy as possible.Ask your Volvo dealer fordetails of the full range ofaccessories.1981 models have special provision foradditional instruments to be fitted.Instruments available include the oilpressure gauge, ambient temperaturegauge and voltmeter illustrated here.Volvo SoundIn conjunction with one of the world'sleading radio manufacturers, Volvo hasdeveloped a comprehensive range of highquality in-car audio equipment. The threebandstereo radio/cassette player, highpower 20 watt speakers and poweramplifier shown here are just part of theVolvo Sound range.Child SafetyCars are designed primarily for adults,but at Volvo we believe that youngchildren too have the right to travel incomfort and safety. The tests shown here,part of a continuous and detailed Volvochild safety research programme,illustrate all too clearly what happens toan unrestrained child in a crash. In ahead-on collision at 31 mph a childweighing 44 lbs will be thrown forwardwith a force of nearly 2 tons.From the results of the research programmeVolvo has developed a range ofchild safety equipment unrivalled by anyother car manufacturer. The equipmentincludes a carrycot restraint system and aunique child safety cushion whichenables the 6-12 year old to use thestandard adult seat belt.

Volvo's space-saving fuel can fits snugly inside the spare wheel. Its capacityis 5 litres.Volvo's range of Senator seat covers arefaced with high quality, foam-backed plushmaterial with nylon velour side and rearpanels for easy fitting. Supplied incomplete sets for front and rear seats in achoice of colours to complement theinterior trim. Matching head restraintcushions are also available in pairs forfront and rear.The raised edges of thermoplastic matsprevent dirt and water getting underthem and the tailored fit and seined baseeffectively anchor the mats in place.Supplied in complete sets for frontand rear.Alloy wheels reduce your car's unsprungweight and increase brake cooling. This25 spoke `sunburst' design polishedaluminium alloy wheel is available witheither a small (as illustrated) or largehub cap.Quick and easy to fit to either wingwithout drilling the bodywork, the Volvocaravan mirror affords an excellent rearview.A recent addition to the accessory rangeare these powerful auxiliary lamps. Two186mm fog or spot lamps are supplied incomplete kits including Halogen bulbs,wiring, switch and fitting brackets.

When towing or carrying a heavy load, alevelling system will maintain the car'snormal level, comfort and stability,preventing the headlights from dazzlingon-coming drivers and the car from'bottoming' on rough roads. Choosebetween a manual system using a garageair line or a 'finger-tip' system using adash-mounted control panel whichoperates a built-in compressor to inflateor deflate the special rear shock absorbers.To prevent pilferage or contamination ofvaluable fuel, fit this strong lockable tankcap. The cap is specially designed so that itwill not be dislodged in the event of a crash.The sturdy tubular steel tow bar will pulla load of 3,300 lbs (1500 kg) as will thealternative 'swing away' version.Specially designed for the 1981 model, thisnew roof rack is made from plastic-coatedsteel tubing and is fitted with quick-releasecatches. The load area is a practical 40" x38" and the rack will carry up to 220 lbs.Self adhesive bumper stripes reflect lightat night. Complete set for front (white)and rear (red).

Instrumentation and ControlsPadded dashboard. Rheostat-controlledinstrument lighting. Six-figuremileometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge andcoolant temperature gauge. Warninglamps for alternator charging, oil pressure,choke, main beam, hand brake and brakefailure. Tachometer. Bulb integrity sensor.Audible and optical signs for turnindicators. Glove box light. Combinedsteering wheel lock and ignition switch.Centre console houses controls forelectrically heated rear window,headlamp wiper/washers and 4-wayhazard warning flashers; seat beltreminder; controls for heating andventilation; cigar lighter; ashtray;space for radio.The 244 DL, GL and GLE are suitable forconversion to run on Liquefied PetroleumGas (LPG) which can offer fuel costsaving benefits as well as thereassurance of a secondary fuel system.Warranty12-month unlimited mileage warranty.The factory reserves the right to makechanges at any time, without notice, to prices,colours, materials, equipment, specificationsand models and also to discontinue models.

All models can be obtained with automatic transmission.Power assisted steering is available on special order for all DL, GL and GLE models.

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