Rain Barrel Powerpoint - Belleview Elementary School

Rain Barrel Powerpoint - Belleview Elementary School

Rain Barrel Powerpoint - Belleview Elementary School

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Belleview Elementary School’s 5 th GradeRain Barrel Project

Water• Water is a natural resources that needs protecting.• Water gives life to everything.• If we don’t keep our water clean and plentiful we willlose it.• Conserving water helps the environment.

Stormwater Runoff• During a Storm, rainfall is either absorbed into the ground or it flowsacross the ground.• Rainfall that flows across surfaces to a downstream point isStormwater Runoff.• Runoff flows across and picks up pollutants like sediment, debris, andchemicals.• If left untreated, Stormwater Runoff can impact water quality, harmingor killing fish and other wildlife, and may even flood downstreamareas.

ErosionGarbage, recyclables, plantmaterialFlooding,wasted waterTrash, oil, gasoline

We Choose Rain BarrelsBelleview’s EcoPolice and all of the 5th grade have been working on aproject to help the environment. Stormwater run off is a big problemfor many reasons and a rain barrel is one way to help.• Rain Barrels is a way we can teach others to conserve water.• Saves money by using less city water.• Conserves a natural resource.• Reduces erosion, poisons and sediments from entering lakes andstreams.• Recharges ground water.• Keeps our gardens growing.• People have been using rain barrels for over 3000 years.

How rain barrelswork• Position downspout to flow into the rainbarrel.• Raise the barrel up off the ground to allowfor a watering can to fit underneath.• Make sure the top of the barrel is coveredwith screen to keep out mosquitoes.• Connect a hose to the over flow connection.• Connect spigot at the bottom of the rainbarrel.• Wait for rain.

Donated DrumsOur 5 th grade classes prepared, designed and paintedtwelve 55 gallon drums. The reason we’re painting thebarrels is to get ya’ll excited about being eco friendly.Step 1:Sanding

Creative IdeasResearch designs.Step 2:DesignTransfer designs to the barrel.

The Painting BeginsCooperation works great.Teaching painting techniques.Step 3:Color

Finishing TouchesStep 4:Details

Soon The Water Saving Will Begin

We will spread the word on protecting our planet’s water by:•Encouraging other schools to make rain barrels.•Teach everyone in the school the importance of clean water.and how we can make a big difference through smallbeginnings.•Use our website to show the community that they can helpmake a difference.

Shavonda, Destani, Kendell, Deep, Peyton, Mikey, Alec, Robbie,Majestic, Dayvant

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