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Latest Spotlights & NewsOlivo Contain Dry Ice PelletsOlivo portable insulated containers havebeen manufactured for over fifty years andare the market leaders in the distributionof temperature-sensitive food products.Softsols Expands Operational ExperienceWith New Team MembersSoftSols Group, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire hasseen a buoyant start to 2013.Their market leading maintenance and facilities software, Agility iscurrently being implemented by major new clients including Farrowand Ball and Hanson Building Products, and Agility version 5 hasjust been launched in April. The success of Agility has meant thatthe UK Operations Team has been expanded to support the strongpipeline of customer implementation and development projects.The UK Operations Team is headed by newly appointed, George Apostolakis. George hassignificant operational and IT experience gained from Airedale. The team also sees 3 new members,Simon Mauborgne, Lee Crowley and Steve Pickup extending SoftSols’ experience in training,customer service and the facilities management sector. The company has also created a newMarketing role which has been filled by Kate Pullen and Justine Carter has joined the ProductDevelopment team.David Hipkin, SoftSols Group Managing Director says, “This year we are celebrating 30 years ofexperience in our field, which is outstanding for any technology company; we are proud to saythat we are the same age as Microsoft and 3 years older than Apple, so we have a great deal ofexperience and expertise we are able to share. Increasingly organisations across the board areseeing tighter controls on spending, we and our Agility product are able to help our customersimplement efficient and cost-effective maintenance and asset management programs.Our recent expansion is a sign of our healthy pipeline and our commitment to innovation andcustomer service. Our new Operations Team give us real strength to deliver what our customersnow expect from Agility and SoftSols. We are well on our way to achieving our sales budgetfor 2013, which sees 38% growth on 2012, which was in turn 43% up on 2011 and our newlyexpanded team are key to driving us forward in our next phase of growth.”SoftSols (EMEA) Ltd | | Tel: 01924 200344In the dry ice sector, Olivo containers are used by many leading names- AirLiquide, Messer, Linde, BOC, Praxair, Coljet, Yara, etc. The combination of highquality insulation and robust plastic construction with steel fittings ensures thatthe containers have a very long life. The ease of movement on casters or feetmakes the containers very easy to handle so that the dry ice pellets for blastcleaning can be taken direct to the point of use and still at exactly the righttemperature.Densoclad 70 Protects 1Km of Pipeworkin Brinefields Gas AreaCofely Fabricom GDF SUEZ are near completion of a contractto install 1 km of protected multi technical underground gassystems for gas storage in the Cheshire brine fields.Image - Left:Winn & Coales Densoclad 70being applied to a pipelinesection in the CheshirebrinefieldsThe coating selected was Winn & Coales Densoclad 70, this having beenapplied to ‘in situ’ field joint locations by the Cofely Fabricom GDF SUEZorganisation on erected pipework sections ranging from 2” to 30” Diameter.Contact:Sales - Bill Gilmour - 01952 408070Email: bg@olivo.euWebsite: www.olivo.frWinn & Coales Densoclad 70 medium to heavy-duty tape is designed foranti-corrosion protection of medium and large diameter pipes, welded joints,bends and fittings, and is applied over Denso primer. The extremely tough PVCbacking combined with polymer bitumen adhesive ensures complete protectionand exceptional resistance to damage by impact, poor backfill or aggressiveground conditions.Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd, Chapel Road, London SE27 OTRTel: 020 8670 7511. Fax: 020 8761 2456e-mail: web: www.denso.net4 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Maintenance Best PracticeMaintenance Management - Defining, Clarifying“Reliability” by Torbjörn IdhammarThe purpose of this column is to raise questions andchallenge plant leadership on strategy, vision andexecution of reliability and maintenance management.Reliability is often used by plants to define futureimprovement efforts and set expectations foremployees and managers. In several recentlywritten mission statements, I’ve seen expressionssuch as “to increase profitability through increasedreliability.” But when companies are asked to definewhat the words mean, what reliability is and howit’s measured, it’s unusual to get a comprehensiveanswer.The manufacturing and process industry may nothave defined the meaning of the word reliability, butyou would think the service sector would have doneso by now. It has not. Consultants start the trendsand use these words in order to sell the industry anew concept. We sometimes, however, fail to definethe meaning of the terms we invent.The goal for any plant is to increase overallproduction reliability, meaning the maximization ofoutput with current resources by reducing waste inequipment reliability and process reliability (the latteris often used in process industry; it may be called“manufacturing reliability” in discrete manufacturing).Equipment and process reliability jointly createreliable production.This can be measured using overall productionreliability (OPR). Traditionally, this measurement iscalled overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). OEEand OPR refer to the same measurement, but I usethe name OPR since it better describes what isactually measured. It should be called OPR becauseit includes all possible production-related waste, notonly equipment-related waste.OPR is calculated as:OPR = Quality (%) x Speed (%) x TimeAvailability (%)Speed, Time Availability and Quality describeall losses in a production or process line. OPRis, therefore, an excellent measurement to usewhen setting reliability goals jointly for operations,maintenance and engineering.Operations’ primary responsibility is processreliability, where the process, or manufacturing, isoperating with as little waste as possible. Examplesof process waste are quality and production lossesdue to operating parameters such as setting ofpressures, machine speeds, cutting tool selection orconcentration of chemicals.Maintenance’s primary responsibility is equipmentreliability. Lack of equipment reliability creates wastedue to failing components, quality losses for thereason of equipment problems, or speed lossesbecause of component wear or breakdowns.Engineering should focus on supporting equipmentand process reliability through life cycle cost(LCC) design. LCC is used to consider the cost ofbuying and owning equipment. It’s common thatengineering departments only focus on makingsure a new installation is on time and underbudget. Reliability and maintainability aspects ofthe equipment design are forgotten. For example,why would someone buy a motor or gearboxwithout jacking bolts (pushbolts used when aligningequipment) installed?We know world-class shaft alignment is virtuallyimpossible to do with a sledgehammer, so why don’twe specify jacking bolts as part of the design?In conclusion, most companies need to betterspecify the term reliability. It will help employeesunderstand what the goal is when we refer to, forexample, “production reliability.”In maintenance management, we primarily focuson equipment reliability. In my next column, we’lldiscuss how plant maintenance management canset goals by clarifying “equipment reliability” for theirco-workers.Torbjörn (Tor) IdhammarIs partner and vice president of reliabilityand maintenance managementconsultants for IDCON Inc. His primaryresponsibilities include training andimplementation support for preventivemaintenance/essential care and conditionmonitoring, planning and scheduling,spare parts management, and root causeproblem elimination. He is the authorof “Condition Monitoring Standards”(volumes 1 through 3). He earned a BS inindustrial engineering from North CarolinaState University and an MS in mechanicalengineering from Lund University(Sweden).Contact TorOn 800-849-2041or e-mail Magazine | June 20135

Latest Spotlights & NewsFugro EMU Laboratories microbiology teamare specialists in water quality managementWith 20 years’ experience providing analysis andsampling services.We offer a personal and flexible service forwater and sediment analysis including:• Legionella testing• Potable waters• Hot and cold water systems• Swimming pools• Effluents• Surface waters• Sediments – including chemicalanalysisFugro EMU’s labs are UKAS accreditedand evaluated through external proficiencyschemes including LEAP and HPA. We offer a range of analysis solutionsincluding sampling and postal/courier options.Contact details:Dr Samuel Stanton, Fugro EMU Limited, Victory House, TrafalgarWharf, Hamilton Road, Portchester, Portsmouth, PO6 4PXPhone: +44 (0) 23 9220 5500,Email: micro@fugroemu.comFree Chlorine Sensors for Water Treatment and DisinfectionReal-time free chlorine measurement FCL500 seriessensors from SensorexGarden Grove, California (16 May 2013) –Sensorex’s FCL500 series free chlorine sensorsuse advanced amperometric measurementtechnology to provide highly accurate monitoringof free chlorine in process applications. Withthree models covering the 0-2ppm, 0-5ppm and0-10ppm ranges, FCL500 sensors can be usedin new installations or as a field replacement for existing sensors in drinking waterdisinfection and distribution applications, food and beverage production, coolingwater, and other industrial water treatment systems.The new device has an upgraded temperature correction curve for improvedperformance. Its new membrane design features a mesh reinforcement clampfor increased stability and added durability. The 4-20mA isolated signal output isenhanced to eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise, and block high voltagetransient surges.For real-time free chlorine monitoring, the FCL500 series sensors interface with PLC,SCADA and other process control systems via the 4-20mA output. A large electrolytereservoir with an easily replaced membrane cap and solution reduce maintenanceintervals and maximize sensor life.To learn more about FCL500 sensors, as well as the company’s fullrange of sensing products, visit www.sensorex.comemail, or call +1 714-895-4344.Alternative Filter Elements Save On Time, Energy & MoneyHi-line Industries Ltd have considerable experience in the supplyof alternative filter elements which are ‘copy exact’ replacements fororiginal equipment fitments.Filter elements are consumable wear parts that areessential in providing the maximum protection todownstream equipment and production processes.However these products can also fall in the ‘fit andforget’ category, with damage caused to capitalequipment or production output if they become blockedwith particulate or otherwise operate at high differentialpressures.With over 147,000 different filter elements to crossreference from utilising their own electronic software,the supply of appropriate alternative filter elements fromHi-line has never been simpler. Their aim is to provide a‘one-stop’ filtration service for industry, whereby they canundertake to supply both original filtration equipment aswell as optional, highly-economic alternative cartridgeswherever applicable. Their range of filter elements fit intoexisting filter housings without modification, and will beof equal performance as the original branded products,or in many cases will outperform them.The Hi-line elements are all manufactured to ISO8573-1:2010 with a pleated media construction whichprovides more than four times the filtration area thanconventional wrapped or rolled media filters. In additionthey ensure less oil carry-over, with longer servicelife and lower differential pressure. The larger crosssection filtration areas require a much lower energysource during operation, and the Hi-line alternative filterelements can also be less expensive than original partreplacements.Replacement filter elements can be supplied for a widerange of fluid applications including compressed air(coalescing, air drying and vacuum), hydraulics, water,grease, gas (using microfibre technology) and chemicals(absolute and semi-absolute). Special purpose filterscan be supplied for compressors (filters, separatorsand intake) autoclave (venting), panel filters (reloadablefilter frames), bag filters and filter baskets. The varyingspecialised filtration functions cover self-cleaning andbackflushing, stainless steel filters and strainers aswell as Duplex and Simplex strainers. Specialisedmedia available includes activated carbon and HEPAfilters, together with spun bond polypropylene andwound cartridges. Process filtration can be suppliedfor breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical and generalmanufacturing, together with sterile filters for medical,laboratory and dental applications.Further information is available from: Hi-lineIndustries Ltd,5 Crown Industrial Estate, Oxford Street,Burton on Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3PGTelephone: 01283 533377Fax: 01283 533367e-mail: enquiries@hilineindustries.comwww.hilineindustries.com6 EMS Magazine | June 2013

y providing users an excellent opportunity to learn moreabout the latest products, best practise and technology forindustrial process calibration.Training FeatureBeamex Open Day Seeks To Further EnhanceThe Beamex Experienceincluding representatives from the Power & Energy,Oil & gas, Pulp & Paper, Aerospace and theCalibration Service industries. Lunchtime provideda fantastic opportunity for some intra and interindustrypeer to peer networking amongst theBeamex strives to continuously enhance the“Beamex Experience” for their customers by usingkey principles such as the training cycle to betterdefine student needs helps us: Better determinelearning requirements, set out clearly defined andagreed learning objectives, design appropriate“Beamex Experience” learning material that can bedelivered and sustainably supported, and improvedwith continual assessment and evaluation.Of course the formal training session is stillrequested by some customers but Beamex believesthis path is best augmented by additional “BeamexExperiences”. A recent Open Day event was ashowcase for this customer experience.The Beamex open day was held at a central venue,at the end of May, and was a well attended and wellreceived event. The concept of the day was thatas a user or potential user of Beamex equipmentthe relationship with Beamex doesn’t stop once thegoods are delivered and paid for. Beamex strives tohelp with continuous improvement and offer servicesupport and training and advice to allow the enduser to get the best out of our equipment. To addto the customer focus of the event a guest speakerwas invited to present from a customer point ofview. The event was open to both long term existingcustomers, new and potential customers. Theagenda was set to be educational and informative.The day began with a series of presentations whichincluded the guest presentation by Andy Roberts &Mark Donnelly of Roxspur Measurement and ControlLtd on the importance of calibration accreditationand SAE AMS2750 pyrometry standards. TheBeamex factory Product manager, Heikki Laurila,then outlined the Beamex product roadmaphighlighting new products and upgrades.The presentations continued with information sharedfrom the Beamex Professional Services team MarcusTeague and Michael Frackowiak by introducing theBusiness Bridge - a standardized, but configurablesoftware solution for connecting Beamex CMXcalibration management system to an ERP/CMMSsystem. A summary of the flexible on and off site andcustomer support services and training packageswas also provided.Delegates from a wide range of industries attendedattendees and exchange of best practice ideasThe afternoon took on a more informal atmospherewith hardware and software workshops in whichthe delegates were encouraged to participate indemonstrations and a chance to get ”hands on”with Beamex calibrators and software, to chat toour team and find ways of getting the best return ontheir investment.The Beamex Experience is all about deliveringto our customers an internal environment thatpromotes teamwork, collaboration and the sharedgoal to be the most desired partner in calibration. Inhosting this kind of open event we are showing ourcommitment to our customers to reach and maintainthis position.Beamex will be holding further open eventsaround the UK this autumn please checkthe seminars and webinars section of ourwebsite for details orcontact to registeryour interest.EMS Magazine | June 20137

Latest Spotlights & NewsSwitchgear Weather Cover moves to RotationalMoulding Rotationally Moulded CoverGenerates SavingsAcknowledging that the fibre reinforced plastic switchgear covercurrently in use was susceptible to damage, SSE was keen tosource an alternative, recyclable solution and contacted LeafieldSolutions, a division of Leafield Environmental.Leafield Solutions proposed a new type of cover, rotationally moulded in highlydurable MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). Designs were proposed and reviewedwith the SSE procurement and policy teams, the overriding considerations beingoperational safety and functionality. It was critical that the design was sufficiently deepto provide optimum weather and tamper protection for their switchgear.The Proven Value of WirelessUtility MonitoringWireless utility monitoring products from HWM’s Radio-Techbrand have been used by Verco Advisory Services to reduce amajor UK food producer’s water consumption by almost 10%and gas consumption by over 5% in 5 months, with projectionsshowing savings of around £1m in only 2 years.The requirement was for a lift-on, lift-off cover with frontal access and a minimal buteffective method for securing it in place. Being a lift-off itemit had to fall within manual handling, safe liftingguidelines. Several fixing types were trialled by SSEbefore design was finalised and orderquantities were jointly agreed to ensure optimumuse of transport.The finished cover, complete with handles andfixings proved to be less expensive than its GRPcounterpart and is expected to have a longer useful life, proving that Rotationalmoulding can be a superior and economical alternative to GRP.Further information from Stuart ForresterTel: +44 (0) 1225 816500Email: Stuart.Forrester@leafield-environmental.comDenso Overbanding Tape for Hope Station PlatformGary Fletcher (Surfacing) Ltd of Dronfield, Derbyshire,has recently completed a refurbishment contract at therural Hope Railway Station.Following trenching work on theraised platforms it included repairsto tarmac surfacing.Following application of DensoPrimer, 250 metres of Winn &Coales (Denso) Ltd’s DensoOverbanding Tape was applied inorder to bond new asphalt areasto old. The Overbanding Tape wasalso applied where new asphaltareas meet the concrete platformedge sections.Above: Hope Railway Station withinsert showing application of DensoOverbanding TapeDenso Overbanding Tape is a cold applied polymer modified bituminoustape for surface sealing of open seams or cracks up to 5mm width in roadpavements.When implementing sustainability improvements, companies need reliable, traceabledata to target their efforts effectively and efficiently. It can, however, be difficult torationalise the expenditure and disruption of installing such a system against resultsthat may seem too speculative or distant. The speed of return on investment fromwireless monitoring is substantially quicker than for hardwired systems, and the costscan be easily identified up front to ease and simplify the specification process: thereare no potential wiring or access problems when the battery-powered devices cansimply be fixed into place, meaning the most appropriate equipment within budgetcan be identified and used from the very beginning.Verco, the energy management consultancy, has been working with its client forseveral years, focussing in 2012 on improving the company-wide sub-metering ofresource consumption across its 15 UK sites. To do this, Verco has used Ecochirptransmitters and Wi5 data concentrators from HWM’s Radio-Tech range, whichhave been installed to enable rapid, centralised data collection from all areas of thebusiness. The wireless devices were chosen largely because of their modular nature,integrating easily with the Carbon Desktop energy management system and requiringminimal ongoing maintenance and management. Easy to specify, install and expand,they have proven to be effective at providing a visible return on investment in thefastest possible timeframe.Radio-Tech is one of the UK’s leading names in remote energy monitoring andsmart metering products. The company’s small, battery-powered transmitters arecoupled with their ‘Wi5 data concentrator’, which collects local readings wirelesslybefore sending all the information back via GPRS to the user’s choice of computeror server. For Verco, this approach has provided a quick return for evidence of realsavings: a tangible reduction in consumption through targeted measures, significantlyreduced spend on utilities and a more thorough and detailed picture of the company’sresource usage throughout its business operations and locations.Winn & Coales (Denso) LtdChapel Road, London SE27 OTRTel: 020 8670 7511. Fax: 020 8761 2456e-mail: web: www.denso.netHWM-Water Ltd.Ty Coch House, Llantarnam Park Way, Cwmbran, NP44 3AWTel: +44 (0)1633 489 479 | Fax: +44 (0)1633 877 857E-mail: | Website: www.hwm-water.com8 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Latest Spotlights & NewsFull marks to Sonatest Ltd, together with LADesign, as the Prisma wins the “red dot award2013” for product design.The innovative skills and expertise of Sonatest Ltd, inpartnership with LA Design, impressed the 37 strong juryof industry experts who judge the “red dot award: productdesign awards in 2013” with the new Prisma, leading tothe winning announcement.Those who succeed in winning theirclass group are able to associatethemselves with the red dotbranding and positioning within aninternationally recognised field ofproduct design appreciation andexpertise. This year the red dotcompetition received 4,662 entriesin 19 different categories. Onlythe best designs are able to winthe enthusiasm of the jury, and this is exactly why the Prisma received the red dotrecognition for its successful design creation.Previous winners in 2012 of the Red Dot design awards from the Industry andCrafts competition include: Atlas Copco, Faro Scanner Production, Bosch, Karcher,Samsung, Hilti Corporation and Flir Systems amongst others; so Sonatest are proudto be recognised with the Prisma’s Product Design at this level. Other industryleading companies who are also recent Red Dot Design winners are Apple Inc, Ozaki,Electrolux Italia, Sony, AEG, Lenovo, Volkswagen and Hewlet Packard to name a few.Designed for non-invasive material testing (NDT) in the most extreme environments;the Prisma incorporates advanced real-time imaging and 3D scanning, making flawinterpretation much easier, therefore reducing technician time on site. Recognizeddesign features include the advanced heat dissipation design, shock absorbingover-moulding, anti-vibration mounts, high-end waterproofing, outstanding userergonomics and a highly engineered skeleton for enhanced robustness. Theseintegral design features combined with advanced software and unique multipleinspection modes, enable the Prisma to step up to all testing applications in a varietyof challenging environments; from oil, pipelines to high-end aerospace components.With integral data recording and automatic PDF report generation, the Prismahas wireless and ethernet connectivity allowing the unit to be easily upgraded ordiagnosed remotely.Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot, has pointed out that strongdesign competence and economic success nowadays go hand in hand: “Thewinners of the ‘red dot award: product design 2013’ are the protagonists of a highlydeveloped design culture and design industry. These days it is becoming more andmore difficult to distinguish between well-designed products. It is often only in thedetails that the special qualities become apparent. However, those product creationsthat pass the test before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury will not fadeinto the crowd and will be able to fend off global competition.”Winners of the red dot recognition also benefit from their products being displayedin the red dot design museum. With around 2,000 products spread over an area ofmore than 4,000 sqm, the museum houses the largest exhibition of contemporarydesign worldwide.Sonatest Ltd are very proud to acknowledge that this is the second award that thePrisma has won this year for outstanding product design and would also like toacknowledge and thank all those in the Sonatest and LA Design teams that haveworked on this product development project.For further information please contact:Corinna Cuciureanu, Marketing Communications ManagerSonatest Ltd. Tel: 01908 525904, Email: corinna@sonatest.comEMS Magazine | June 20139

Latest Spotlights & NewsIndependent SGS Services for UTC Heat Exchangers atBrazilian REFAP RefinerySGS was awarded a contract to conduct on and offsiteinspection and testing on heat exchangers atthe Refap refinery in Brazil by UTC.In January 2012, UTC, a diversified companyproviding a broad range of high-tech productsand services to the global aerospace and buildingsystems industries, awarded SGS a contract toconduct on and off-site inspection and testing onheat exchangers at the Refap refinery in Brazil.Since then, an on-site SGS mechanical teamhas been opening, inspecting and testing heatexchangers. The agreement is scheduled to expire inDecember 2013.Heat exchangers or changers, which efficientlytransfer thermal energy from one medium toanother, are common and essential equipment inchemical and petrochemical plants. Constructiveand operational characteristics determine whichqualify as pressure vessels under the BrazilianNR-13 regulations and therefore require initial safetyinspections prior to operational use.Extensive experience and unrivaled competence inprojects of this kind made SGS the clear choice forUTC decision makers.Refap, UTC & PetrobrasNamed to honor Brazilian Senator Alberto Pasqualiniin 1968, the Refap refinery is located in Canoas,Rio Grande do Sul state and, as the fifth-largestrefinery in the Petrobras system in Brazil, has aninstalled capacity of 200,000 b/d of oil. In additionto petrochemical naphtha, propylene, liquifiedpetroleum gas, jet fuel, fuel oil and asphalt, dieseland gasoline make up most of the refinery’sproduction.Dated January 2011, the original contract betweenUTC , Refap and Petrobras Engineering set out toconstruct a new on and off-site diesel hydrotreatingunit (UHDT ll) to enable the production of a morepure diesel with sulfur content reduced from500 to 10 parts per million (ppm) and meet therequirements of the domestic and internationalmarkets.Since the beginning of the year, SGS engineershave been opening, inspecting and testing heatexchangers at the Brazilian location. This processincludes opening the equipment covers, removingthe tubular bundle, measuring the thickness andperforming a hydrostatic test and closing theequipment covers. Certain types of heat exchangersmay require up to three pressure tests on the hull,bundle and floating lid.Depending on the size and location of the heatexchanger, removing the bundle might only bepossible with the implementation of a bundle-puller,a load-bearing device for bundles weighing lessthan five tons with a length of up to five meters andinstalled higher than ground level. Bundle-pullersreduce risks associated with this activity, such asdanger to personnel and damage to equipment.In the Refap project, SGS will have twenty-one onsiteand two off-site exchangers requiring bundlepullers.Bundle-pullers are exclusively operated byhighly-trained professionals to provide a safe workenvironment and enable quality inspection andtesting.SGS Heat Exchanger Life Assessment System(HELAS)SGS HELAS has been developed to quicklyand efficiently inspect heat exchangers in whichcorrosion is expected only on inside tubing.Data collected is directly analyzed to produce acomplete life time assessment of the inspectedheat exchangers to include a wall thickness report.HELAS measures the ultrasonic immersion lengthconverted into corrosion depth on the inside ofcooling water and air fin tubes.Based on the highest value of corrosion measured,extreme value analysis is performed to estimate theremaining life-expectancy of the heat exchangerby evaluating the maximum possible corrosiondepth throughout the heat exchanger. SGS offersa comprehensive inspection and testing servicespackage in and around heat exchangers to providecomplete, easily accessible and ready to use data.In Brazil, SGS inspectors are conducting safetyinspections before heat exchangers are put intouse at the Refap refinery to ensure safe and reliableoperations.SGS is extremely pleased to have been chosen forthis project and looks forward to a successful projectcompletion.For further information, please contact:SGS Industrial ServicesMarcio FreitasIndustrial Services DirectorSGS - BrazilAv.: Andrômeda, 832 - 6º andarCEP 06473-000 - Alphaville - Baruerí/SPt: +55 11 3883 8878E-mail: EMS Magazine | June 2013

Latest Spotlights & NewsASME Is The Leading International Developer OfCodes And Standards Associated With The Art,Science, And Practice Of Mechanical Engineering.For over 100 years, ASME has also been providingindustry with a comprehensive collection of the besttechnical documents to conduct tests of power plantequipment and systems.ENHAS is a private Company that is in existencesince April 1996 in view to develop Quality GroundHandling at Entebbe International Airport.We have served with Excellence and pledge to even do betterin the future to all our clients, Emirates Airlines, EthiopianAirlines, South African Airways , Turkish Airlines, BritishAirways, Brussels Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch, Qatar Airlines,Martin Air , Sky Cargo and other special flights.For example, ASME’s PTC 39Performance Test Code helps youto specify and define the practiceof conducting tests of steam trapsfor determining: (a) steam loss; (b)condensate discharge capacity, forspecified conditions of saturatedand subcooled condensateand back pressure; (c) air andnoncondensible gas removalcapacity.Visit is a certified user of the AHM804 Quality Performance measurement fromIATA since 2002, and also ISAGO certified since more than 3 years. Besides being aGround Handler, we are an IATA Accredited Dangerous Goods Training School sinceFebruary 2004 and train in both English and French.Security and Safety are paramount in ENHAS. We work in close cooperation withauthorities like CAA, Police, Embassies, AVSEC.Entebbe Handling Services Limited - Entebbe International AirportPlot M.92,Ssebugwawo Drive- P.O.Box 560, Entebbe, UgandaTel: + 256 414321446/320869- Fax: + 256 414 321325Email: - Website: www.enhas.comEMS Magazine | June 201311

Latest Spotlights & NewsA Summer Of Discontent For CommercialAir Conditioning UsersEvery organisation involved in the use or provisionof air conditioning needs to be aware of the changingregulations and issues this summer.June 2013 saw the Met Office hold a workshop forthe UK’s pre-eminent meteorologists, to discuss theunpredictable British weather.Top of their agenda was to better understandthe drivers of our unusual weather patterns.However, despite some distinctly cool summers,UK business is becoming increasingly reliant onclimate control equipment to keep the workplacewithin the “Goldilocks Zone” - not too hot, not toocold - providing suitable conditions for temperaturedependentindustrial processes and a comfortableand productive environment for employees, visitorsand nomadic guest workers such as clients.In fact the Health & Safety Executive (H&SE)workplace regulations stipulate a duty of carefor employees which amounts to providing asufficient supply of dust free fresh or purified air ata reasonable temperature and ensuring workplaceequipment is in efficient and clean working order.Whether factory, office or larger public venue, everyorganisation involved in the the use or provisionof air conditioning needs to be aware of thechanging regulations and issues as this summer, acombination of factors has the potential to causeserious disruption.BS EN 15780 ductwork cleanlinesslegislationBritish Standard EN 15780 deals with cleanlinessof ventilation ductwork in commercial buildings andfocuses on providing proper assessment criteria forcleanliness and cleaning procedures. The legislationapplies to existing, new and recently modifiedsystems, the duty of care being to ensure that workis inspected and cleanliness mainless.Necessary cleanliness criteria depends on abuilding’s use and occupancy. Levels of acceptabledust accumulation are very specific - for example theductwork in treatment area in a hospital or laboratorywould need to comply with 0.3 g/m2, whereas aroom used for storage only may need to be clean toa level of 0.9 g/m2.What are the consequences of noncompliance?Dust mites, E. coli, salmonella and more are foundin dirty air ducts and pose a potential health risk toanyone in the building. However, many organisationsdo not realise that the responsibility for BS 15780lies with the end user - not the landlord, regardlessof who commissioned the building work or contractcleaning. This means that if any employee has amedical issue - such as allergies or asthma - relatedto improper cleaning of air ducts, it could be saidthat the employer will have failed in their duty ofcare. There is a risk that a case of negligence andnon compliance could be brought, leading to fines orlong and expensive court proceedings.R22 refrigerant legislationMany people are now aware that the new legislationaround R22 refrigerant comes into effect from 2015.Although R22 has long been an industry standardfor air conditioning, it is now being phased out dueto environmental concerns. New substances likeR410-A will be used instead, requiring specialist,qualified installation engineers to manage thechangeover. This is could be costly and disruptive,depending on the size of the system. This maythen leave facilities without air conditioning for asignificant length of time.General maintenance issuesAs with any area under close cost scrutiny, facilitiesmanagers can lose sight of the importance of airconditioning maintenance. However without routinemaintenance, once these systems come under loaddue to extended operation or a heat wave they canfail catastrophically.Why is all of this a concern now?There is a very real danger that many air conditioningsystems will soon not be fit for purpose this summer.However many organisations will not realise howprecious their supply of cool air is until it’s takenaway - either during essential works to meetcompliance or by way of a complete breakdown.When temperatures force air conditioning units towork at or beyond capacity, having a system that isill-equipped to cope can at best create unpleasantand unproductive working conditions, and atworst seriously disrupt business-critical processes.Also, as users and providers realise these issues,the HVAC industry is likely to experience acapacity crunch - so there are no guarantees thatexperienced engineers will be available to help in anemergency situation. Portable air conditioning is acost effective temporary solution to help minimisedisruption.Any organisation who pays little attention to theissues surrounding air conditioning this summerdoes so at their peril - it could lead to expensiveremedial work and potential legal action furtherdown the road.Author Bio:Article written by Stewart Owen atAndrews Sykes. The company is the UK’slargest specialist air conditioning hirecompany and has been supplying officesand other workplaces with temporary airconditioning for over 25 years.Visit: Magazine | June 201313

Latest Spotlights & NewsPumping Technical Slurries with Hydra-CellPositive displacement pumps play a major role inthe pumping of highly concentrated slurries athigh levels of efficiency but they have a poorreputation for pumping abrasive slurries.However, Hydra-CellR pumps, with their compact,multiple diaphragm, seal-less design, are said toexcel in such circumstances.Although Hydra-Cell pumps are generally regardedas very successful high pressure pumps they offer awhole range of benefits for low pressure applicationssuch as the controlled pumping of technical slurries.With no dynamic seals, cups or packing, Hydra-Cell pumps have a high resistance to wear byabrasive particles in suspension and require littlemaintenance. They have a repeatable and accurate,virtually pulse-less output that doesn’t deteriorateover time, as might be expected from other positivedisplacement pumps.A further benefit of the Hydra-Cell pump is its abilityto run-dry indefinitely. enabling feed tanks to becompletely emptied and guarding against operatorerror.Because of their multi-diaphragm, multi-valvedesign, Hydra-Cell pumps virtually eliminate productdamage during pumping. They have demonstratedsuccess in handling shear sensitive materials suchas latexes, polymer emulsions, and crystal slurriesand have a proven track record for pumping a widerange of abrasive slurries from lime and alumina toceramic clays, paints and pigments.Hydra-Cell pumps handle these tough applicationsby reducing pump wear, the need for maintenanceand replacement parts costs while increasing uptimeand, in the case of shear sensitive materials,product yield.Further information from:Nick Herrington, Wanner International.Tel +44 (0)1252 816847Email: NHerrington@wannerint.comwww.hydra-cell.eu14 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Latest Spotlights & NewsMETFLEX – DRIVING YOU FORWARDMetflex design and manufacture bespoke, precision rubber components that playa fundamental role in the construction of drive couplings – most notably withinthe mass transit, power generation, mining and marine industries.Bespoke compound physical qualitiesmanufactured to your specific needsProven track recordover 10 years as a trusted industry partnerLooking for the finest bespoke rubbercomponents? Need advice from anInnovative design features include:• Shock absorption• Noise reduction• Vibration/dampening• Fire resistance• Rubber to metal bondingWHY METFLEX?Responsivenessrapid turnaround from initial enquiry to final deliveryExperience/knowledgeexpert advice/consultation services from genuineauthority figures in the industryexperienced, authoritative voice in theindustry? Metflex is the partner you’vebeen looking for. To find out why, +44 (0) 1254 884171EMS Magazine | June 201315

Latest News & ProductsTarget Set on Record GrowthWhen Oswald Record showcased their extensive newrange of products at Plantworx last month, thanks tothree exclusive new dealerships, it signalled an ambitiousgrowth programme for the long-established supplier tothe UK construction industry.“Compact excavators are particularly popular withdevelopers and contractors who need the flexibilityto work in confined spaces and IHI technology hasled the field in that area,” said Frank. “IHIMER iswell known for quality and innovation across theconstruction and powered access industry and thebrand also has a very strong following with clients inThe leading distributor of pneumatic andhydraulic equipment has added IHIMER compactexcavators, Dingli scissor lifts and CompAir portablecompressors to its comprehensive product portfolioand it hasn’t stopped there.Oswald Record Commercial Director Frank Iszardcomments: “We’re now the sole importers of allIHIMER and Dingli product lines in the UK andIreland and the sole UK dealer of CompAir’sportable compressor range. The deals are part ofan extensive dealer expansion programme to meetcustomer demand across the UK and Ireland andwe’re looking for other exclusive partnerships wherewe see clear benefits for our clients.”Oswald Record’s construction customers can lookforward to a wider choice of compact excavators,skid steer loaders, tracked dumpers and trackedaerial platforms, through Italian-based manufacturerIHIMER, which also has exclusive rights forEuropean distribution of the full range of IHI compactexcavators from Japan.the landscaping and garden nursery sectors, wherewe are looking forward to further expanding ourcustomer base.”As sole UK and Ireland distributor for Dingli, theChina based aerial lift manufacturer, Oswald Recordis now able to supply the biggest and lightest scissorlift in its class.“The Dingli 1612DC was a show-stealer atPlantworx,” said Frank. “But the Dingli range hasmore than 80 models, so we’re able to meet awide range of needs across the constructionindustry, including road, rail, airport and shipbuildingcontracts as well as major bridge-building andpower station commissions.”Oswald Record are also now sole suppliers forDingli’s entire range of self-propelled telescopicbooms, articulating booms, scissor lifts, personallifts, mast-climbing work platforms and aerial orderpickets.Leading global manufacturer of high performanceand low operating cost compressors, CompAir, hasalso appointed Oswald Record as its sole UK dealer.“We’re delighted with the early success of ourpartnership with CompAir,” said Frank. “All five ofour UK depots have reported high demand for theirproducts, including the new C14 which is proving tobe a powerful alternative to electric tools.”CompAir’s C Series has over 30 models, fromthe smallest single axle model, powering a singlepneumatic tool, to innovative Turboscrew machines.Customers can tailor each compressor to theirspecific requirements using an extensive range ofaccessories.Oswald Record is a leading national distributorof pneumatic and hydraulic equipment supplyingmore than 350 product lines from a wide rangeof major international brands including IHIMER,Dingli, CompAir, Sullair, Padley & Venables, ChicagoPneumatic, TOKUGAWA, JCB, STIHL, Trelawny,Belle Group and Viking.Providing repair and maintenance support throughNational Service Repair Centres, the constructionand landscaping specialist operates from depots inChesterfield, Enfield, Manchester, Grangemouth andBirmingham.For further information contact Commercial DirectorFrank Iszard:e-mail EMS Magazine | June 2013

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Compressed Air FeatureJust Trays Keeps Energy Costs Watertight With CompAirLess than six months after installing a new L75RS regulatedspeed compressor with heat recovery from CompAir, JustTrays, the UK’s leading manufacturer of shower trays ison target to achieve annual energy savings in the region of£23,000, with a fast payback on return on investment.Comments Ricky Dumbleton, Senior ProductionManager at Just Trays, “We carried out a week-longair audit to help us develop a better understandingof our growing compressed air demands.Using heat exchangers, CompAir was able todevelop a system to recover the heat producedduring the compression process.Application DetailsBased in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Just Trays hasrecently undergone a period of investment, withthe aim of improving its equipment and processesto ensure the consistent production of high-qualityshower trays.Compressed air is used throughout themanufacturing process to help produce over800 models of shower tray in six ranges, fromengineered installation solutions through to handmadecontemporary designs.Inefficient airThe plant’s existing unit, which was around 20 yearsold, was no longer providing an efficient source ofair, so Just Trays opted to review its compressorsystem.“Based on the results of the audit, we asked anumber of compressed air suppliers to put forwardtheir recommendations.“CompAir identified that, by installing a new,lubricated screw L75RS regulated speedcompressor, as well as a heat recovery system, wecould benefit from considerable energy savings.“Our previous 110kW compressor was too big forour current air requirements, which led to costlyidling. Working 10 hours per day, 4 days per week,the regulated speed technology in the L75RSproduces the correct amount of air to matchour fluctuating requirements and peak demandof approximately 12.5 m3/min, meaning thecompressor is always running at optimum efficiency.This is set to provide cost savings in the region of£15,000 per annum.“In addition, the L75RS iscapable of operating at up to13.76 m3/min; meaning wehave the capacity to copewith further increases in ourair demands.”Heat recoveryTypically, almost all of the energy that is used topower a compressor is converted to heat and isthen wasted.This heat is transferred to Just Trays’ vacuumforming process, whereby a sheet of plastic isheated to a forming temperature, stretched onto asingle-surface mould and held against the mould byapplying vacuum between the mould surface andthe sheet.Prior to the CompAir installation, Just Trays’vacuum forming process required the use of four9kw heat exchangers to achieve the required watertemperature of up to 90°C.The heat recovery system installed by CompAirenables the water feed to be preheated, meaningonly one heat exchanger is required, providingadditional savings of over £7,000 per annum.Energy savingsRicky Dumbleton concludes, “Since installing thenew compressor and heat recovery system, we areon target to achieve annual energy savings in theregion of £23,000. With these energy savings, we’realso set to benefit from a fast payback on return oninvestment.”For more information, please contact:Web: sales@compair.comTelephone: +44 (0) 1527 83820018 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Compressed Air FeatureCOMPRESSED EFFICIENCY IN A SINGLE BOXCompressors are responsible for 10% of all thepower consumed in a mature industrial societylike the UK and Ireland.good base to start from.”With the BDL installed the factory engineer canmeasure 12 outputs of his own choice and canrecord, indicate and evaluate the data. This enableshim to be constantly aware of his running costsand assist in spotting situations that could beFrequently 10% or more of this air will be wastedbecause of leakage caused by poor maintenance,bad design of air lines, acidic condensateattacking seals and joints just to name a few of thepossibilities. Therefore it makes sense to do regularaudits on the power consumed, flow, pressure,dew point and leakage as a starting point. Is thiscommonly done?outputs for gas metering or PT100/PT1000 or KTYtemperature sensors and many others. The BDL hasthe capability of 12 inputs, but can also be offeredwith the option o 4 or 8 inputs. What is important isthat these inputs can be digital or analogue. Beforewith the older unit we only had the capability of 2digital and 2 analogues, so we were not able to offermultiple measuring points.troublesome without corrective action. For examplea rising dew point could be too much flow, but withthe measurement that can be quickly eliminated,it could have a dirty heat exchanger which can becleaned or it could be losing gas in which case aqualified refrigeration engineer would be required.The principle is clearly that this knowledge helps inthe management of the system.Matthew Harrison, Regional Sales Manager atBEKO TECHNOLOGIES says, “No this type ofextensive measurement is rare but smart companiesare realising that you can’t know too much aboutwhat is happening within your compressed airnetwork. You can avoid problems and be sure thatyou are operating to an efficiency that is acceptableif you regularly even better have a permanent outputof key parameters within the system. Now that theBEKO Data Logger is available it is very easy for meand BEKO TECHNOLGIES colleagues to monitor upto 12 outputs per BDL installed which is plenty forthe normal compressed air system.These outputs are not limited to the devicesthat we market but could for example use pulseThis makes it very easy for BEKO TECHNOLOGIESto give the client a complete picture of his systemtailored to the KPIs that are important to him.”Many clients are offered a free audit and in today’seconomic climate it makes sense to take up theseoffers doesn’t it? Harrison again “ Yes to a pointthe information is worth having but for example if asurvey consists of clamping the incoming phases ofthe compressors then converting that to flow withoutmeasuring actual flow then this could be misleadingand mask issues that need correcting. I wouldcertainly choose to have that data but then I wouldstill have 11 other options that can be measured. Iwould certainly want to know some key flows andpressure losses, leakage and dew point just as aThe data measured by the BDL is easily transferrableto a PC via a USB stick or GSM module or Ethernetconnection to suit the frequency of informationrequired by the client. Some compressor data needsto be inputted relating to the type, performance,variable or fixed speed motor. Then once this isdone a range of graphical outputs are available ata glance and at the touch of a button the client cansee (for example)• Energy cost• Compressed air cost• Leakage cost• Compressor load/unload times• Specific energy of the compressor• Cost of 1m³of compressed airA final word from Matt Harrison “This is a fantasticsystem for me and my clients. I see clients withthe knowledge that if I find solutions or savings forthem they will reciprocate by trusting me with theirbusiness. The BDL gives me another means ofdoing my job in this manner. Another really importantfact is that BEKO TECHNOLOGIES do not sellcompressors so we are never trying to sell that keypart of the system...all orders for dryers and drainsetc will of course be gratefully accepted!”BEKO Technologies Limited,Tel: 01527 575778.E-mail: EMS Magazine | June 2013

Compressed Air FeatureDropout® Releases A New Range Of Large Flow RateProducts. “Changing The Game” In Compressed AirLiquid Water Removal.DROPOUT® are delighted to announce the latest releaseof their Titan® high flow rate liquid water removers.Following recent success of their “pointof use” product range and with patentregistration on a global basis Dropout®has now released a product that isdesigned to compete with demand forhigher flow rate applications up to 500cfm. Not only will their products remove99.999% of the liquid water but alsoremove solid contamination down to 0.5micron. Very low maintenance furthermakes this a very attractive alternative tocurrent industry standard products thatrequire frequent replacement of costlyconsumables.Customers are already experiencingamazing results in offshore, automotive,petrochemical and painting industries...and the applications are limitless!Andy Bird Dropout Europe says: “Weare so pleased with the feedback onour latest product offer having soldunits into industries where a refrigerantdryer appeared to be the only solution!Changing the way end users thinkabout water removal is our passion. Wefeel that we can finally offer a crediblealternative to traditional water removalequipment without the high investmentand maintenance cost. So if you arelooking to install one unit to remove theliquid water from your system at sourceor a polisher at “point of use” we havethe solution”.Available in a range of different flow rates to suit your individualapplicationFor more details contact:Dropout UKTel: 01572 338041Email: Magazine | June 201321

Compressed Air FeatureCompressed Air Filter Replacement:More Safety and EfficiencyThe right timing is what mattersof expectations. The pressure losses throughleakages are high and the compressed air pressurein the piping system is contaminated. When thecompressed air filters at the points of use are heavilycontaminated, the differential pressure rises faster.This problem significantly clarifies the complexinteractions of the components in compressed airsupply systems.Experienced engineers know that the conditionof a compressed air system can be seen on thefilters. They are the best indicators of compressedair quality without considering complex equipment.However, these monitoring functions can only bemet by coalescence filters with a differential pressureindicator (Fig 3).The potential savings are at severalthousands of EurosIt could all be so simple in compressed air filtration:The comparison of filter performance data is todaypossible with standard ISO 12500 and registeringoperating hours is as easy as reading the differentialpressure indicator. However, the energy conditionsof air filtration still receive very little attention inpractice (Fig 1).The reasons are as varied as the complexity ofcompressed air conditioning: The compressed airfilters are a part of the system and use ”only” indirectenergy based on the differential pressure, whichis applied by the compressor. The dimensioningof a compressed air system, and therefore thecapacity and number of filters used, is based on therequired compressed air quantity and quality, thelocation of the compressed air purification systemand the type and age of the compressors used.The contamination of the ambient intake air andthe humidity, which varies depending on weatherconditions, must also be considered, just as theimpurities that are introduced by the compressionprocess.Especially in existing compressed air systems,it is recommended to call in filtration experts tomeasure the contamination that may be causedby the compressors (Fig 2). The contaminationby the lubricating oil alone amount up to 40mg/m 3 depending on the type of oil-lubricatedAbove: Figure 1compressors; this may increase to more than100 mg/m 3 in older compressors. Even in oil-freecompressors, abrasion, moisture and contaminationby water injection and contamination through thelubricants of the gears and bearings can add to thisdepending on the model.In older compressed air systems with compressedair pipework that can be several kilometres longand disregarding leaks, can also be susceptibleto corrosion, the use of modern energy-efficientcompressed air systems frequently falls far shortThe Fraunhofer Institute for Systems Technology andInnovation Research (ISI) discovered the following ina study in the course of the German CompressedAir Campaign “Druckluft effizient” in 2003: “In thefield of compressed air treatment, it is primarilyimportant to achieve the compressed air qualityrequired for the application. It is best for energyand operating costs to meet the requirements ofthe applications. Exceeding or falling below the airqualityrequirements results in increased operatingand energy costs. The current potential savings percomponent part are thereby up to several thousandEuros (Fig 4). Regularly changing the filter elementswithin the recommended intervals achieve significantsavings and thereby minimize the operating costs.„This statement has not lost any of its topicalityagainst the backdrop of rising electricity prices. Thismeans for the practice of compressed air filtration:Compressed air filter elements must be replaced toimprove the energy balance:Below: Figure 222 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Compressed Air FeatureContamination of the compressed air can occurat any point of the compressed air purificationsystem. That is why it is so important that the filtershave reliable differential pressure gauges. TheEconomizers, which indicate when the differentialpressure reaches the limit value and an elementreplacement is advisable for reasons of operationalsafety and energy efficiency, so that the operatingcosts caused by the filter do not exceed its cost, areeasy (Fig 5).Is the differential pressure aloneimportant?Above: Figure 3• if they are not validated according to ISO12500 and an objective performancecomparison is impossible or• when the differential pressure of coalescencefilters for the separation of aerosols and liquidoil/water contents exceeds the limit or• if they have been used for more than twelvemonths or 8,000 operating hours.The specification of value “350 mbar” within thescope of the above-mentioned campaign “Drucklufteffizient” is a reference value, and reflects thedifferential pressure curve of compressed air filters.The differential pressure of a new filter elementinitially increases very slowly. With increasingoperating time, the differential pressure risesmore rapidly and then reaches the point at whichthe filter element replacement is necessary. Therecommendations for differential pressure limits varydepending on the filter manufacturer and may wellbe at 500 mbar.The Best Filter for each UseWhy is it necessary to monitor each compressedair filter in a compressed air supply system?Below: Figure 4Although long-term experience shows that anelement replacement in the coalescence filters isuseful when the differential pressure limit is reached,it is not the sole decision criterion. A sudden steepincrease in differential pressure, for example, isa warning sign for increased contamination byparticles. Therefore, one cannot solely rely on thedifferential pressure. Even quality filter elements withtheir great contamination retention capacity andthe high resistance of their filter media against theconstant exposure to corrosive substances shouldbe replaced at the latest after 8,000 operating hoursor twelve months.Below: Figure 5Basically, this replacement interval based onoperating hours applies also to activated carbonfilters that are used to separate oil vapours andodours. These filters are a standard for operationsin sensitive areas such as in the food andpharmaceutical industries and in the generation ofprocess air, in order to achieve a residual oil contentof air pressure of 0.01 mg/m 3 , as referred to in ISOStandard 8573-1 for compressed air quality class 1.Even the use of particularly high quality activatedcarbon adsorbents that are used as a bed oras an integrated component of filter media, loseeffect, despite their high adsorption capacity, whichis not reflected in the differential pressure. Therecommendation for the filter element replacementis at a maximum of 2,000 operating hours or threemonths. Depending on the prevailing oil vapourcontent and at inlet temperatures above 20 °C, areplacement is recommended at an earlier time.Above: Figure 6This is how damages can bepreventedIn compliance with the replacement intervals anddifferential pressure limits, the user can be sure thatthe productivity and efficiency of his systems, whichrely on compressed air, are maintained or increasedand the optimum protection of the workers isensured.A “worst case scenario” with a production lossor unusable products can result in unpredictableconsequences for the company. Good advice anda reliable service, the monitoring of functions inthe central control systems and ultimately a clearresponsibility for the compressed air supply andthe timely replacement of filter elements preventeconomic damages.Filter element replacement madeeasyReplacing a filter element is easier today thanever. In a cross reference table (,the user will find energy-saving filter elementsvalidated under ISO 12500 for most filter housings,the quick availability of which is guaranteed byDonaldson by the “European Distribution Center”(Fig 6). Orders received by 1 pm will usually beshipped the same day. This eliminates the necessityof own warehousing for compressed air users andcompressed air resellers. The filter replacement isalso offered by a nationwide service network by theDonaldson Service technicians.Author: Donaldson Filtration DeutschlandGmbH in 42781 HaanDonaldson Filtration (GB) LtdHumberstone Lane, Thurmaston,Leicester, LE4 8HPTel: +44 116 269 6161Email: CAP-uk@donaldson.comWeb: www.donaldson.comEMS Magazine | June 201323

Compressed Air FeatureImproving Manufacturing EfficiencyEvery manufacturing organisation strives to improveits operational efficiency, especially in terms of energyconsumption and environmental impact.Compressed air is a significant user of energy andoften the source of manufacturing problems so howcan manufacturing efficiency be improved?• increased compressed air for plant use,• lower energy costs• lower environmental impact.At the heart of any compressed air treatmentsolution is the dryer, its purpose is to remove watervapour, stop condensation, corrosion and in thecase of adsorption dryers, inhibit the growth ofmicro-organisms.Heatless adsorption dryers are the simplest type ofadsorption dryer available and have long been thedryer of choice for many industries and applicationsas they are reliable and cost effective. Modularheatless dryers such as the Parker domnick hunterPNEUDRI provide an even more reliable, smaller,more compact & lightweight dryer which can beinstalled in both the compressor room or at the pointof use.Benefits of Heatless Adsorption Dryers• Industry proven design• Suitable for all industries and applications• Low capital investment• Reduced complexity• Robust & reliable• Uses clean, dry compressed air forregeneration• Low maintenance costs• No heat / heaters / heat related issuesHeatless adsorption dryers use clean, dry processair for regeneration, but in real terms, this means thattheir running costs are not always the lowest and notall of the compressed air generated is available formanufacturing processes.INTRODUCING PNEUDRI MXLEADVANTAGE Low Energy HeatlessAdsorption DryersThe PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE has beenspecifically designed to provide all the benefits ofa standard PNEUDRI MX heatless dryer with theadditional benefits of:The Complete SolutionEach dryer comes supplied with the industry leadingOIL-X EVOLUTION pre & post filtration allowingthe complete package to supply compressed airin accordance with the purity levels found in allrevisions of ISO8573-1, the international standard forcompressed air quality.The dryer you can trustPNEUDRI MXLE is the first dryer available to befully 3rd party performance validated in accordancewith ISO7183, the international standard for dryertesting. Coupled with the already validated OIL-XEVOLUTION filters, Parker domnick hunter providesa complete clean dry air solution which includes anair quality guarantee.Energy Efficient & Environmentally FriendlyPNEUDRI MXLE dryers use low energy heatlesstechnology which provides 17% more air formanufacturing processes than a comparativeheatless dryer.This technology provides on average, 60% lowerenergy consumption than a comparative heatlessdryer and 39% lower energy consumption than acomparative heat regenerative dryer and includes anEnergy Management System fitted as standard foradditional savings.Suitable for all industrial applicationsPNEUDRI MXLE is suitable for all industrialapplications but is particularly suited for use inthe food, beverage and pharmaceutical industriesas each dryer only uses clean dry process air forregeneration (no contamination of adsorption bed)and has materials of construction which are FDATitle 21 compliant and EC1935-2004 exemptTogether, we can –Improve your manufacturingefficiency, by reducing yourcompressed air energyconsumption, improving yourcompressed air quality andproviding more compressedair to your manufacturingprocesses.The PNEUDRI MXLE ADVANTAGE dryerhas specifically been designed to provide allof the benefits of a standard PNEUDRI MXheatless dryer with the additional benefitsof increased compressed air available forplant use, lower energy cost and lowerenvironmental impact.As standard the PNEUDRI MXLEADVANTAGE has 3rd Party validation,materials of construction which are Title 21compliant and EC1935 exempt, which makesit an ideal dryer for Food, Beverage, andPharmaceutical industries.Contact: Glenn CrameParker HannifinParker Sales UKTachbrook Park DriveWarwickCV34 6TUTel - 00800 27 27 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Compressed Air FeatureMK: - 427 NoiseSensor – The Complete Solution For Monitoring NoiseCirrus Environmental, a leading specialist in the design andmanufacture of environmental noise monitoring solutions introducesthe MK: - 427 NoiseSensor: - an accurate, reliable and weather proofself-contained outdoor environmental noise monitor, that connectsdirectly to process measurement and control systems.The MK: - 427 is successfully used in largeindustrial sites – where live feed is required intoan existing system, examples include – powerstations, manufacturing sites, petrochemical sites,construction sites, and other urban noise monitoringenvironments. The MK: - 427 provide users with asimple way to monitor and display live noise level,along with other data vital for the operation of thesite.The MK: - 427 can be operated without any userintervention, as there is no need for any specialistequipment. All that needs to be done is to simplypower-up the Noisesensor and the noise level willbe continuously fed to the output. One of the manybenefits of the MK: - 427 is that it is very durable inthe harshest outdoor environments.The Noisesensor converts the noise level in decibelsinto an industry standard 4-20mA output, whichcan then be fed directly into a SCADA-type controlsystem. The noise levels received through the MK: -427 can be displayed and stored using a company’sown system software, eliminating the need to installthird party software, especially where the complexityof extra software systems or security could be anissue.With the ever increasing need to accuratelymonitor and control the environmental noise impactgenerated by industrial processes and sites, theClass 1 MK: - 427 NoiseSensor enables companiesto manage and control noise levels effectively. Italso meets the requirements of IEC 61672, thecurrent standard that specifies sound level meterfunctionality and performance, for a Class 1instrument.Cirrus Research Plc, Acoustic House,Bridlington Road, Hunmanby,North Yorkshire, YO14 0PHTelephone: 01723 891655E-mail: Magazine | June 201325

CMMS FeatureTracking the Changing Nature of Asset ManagementThe role of the asset manager is changing. With continued pressureon capital budgets, growing numbers of organisations are exploringnot only new financing models but new ways of procuring andmaintaining assets – including the use of third parties.So where does this leave an asset managementdepartment that has delivered real benefits over the pastfew years in extending asset life without compromisingperformance or operational compliance?As Karen Conneely, Group Commercial Manager at RealAsset Management insists, it is those asset managersthat can leverage comprehensive asset intelligenceand proactively demonstrate quantifiable businessadvantage – from maximising asset value to facilitatingcost effective innovation - that will be best placedto manage the rapid change in asset procurementpractices over the next decade.Enduring AusterityWith the announcement that the era of austerity maybe extended to 2018*, organisations across boththe public and private sector are having to rethinkinvestment strategies. For the past five years, thosetasked with asset management have played a vital rolein extending the useful life of key assets – from IT tomanufacturing equipment. But with organisations facinganother six years of reduced capital investment, seniormanagement are set to rethink the way assets are notonly maintained to maximise value but also procured inthe first place.Growing numbers of organisations are exploringoperating and capital leases as an alternative to fullpurchase; many – especially within the public sector -are also being offered third party outsourced services,where a provider will retain ownership of an asset andsimply deliver and maintain it on site as and whenrequired. The challenge for asset managers will beto retain control within this new, complex businessenvironment.How, for example, can the asset management teamensure complete visibility over performance, history,maintenance and usage if assets are fragmented acrossan internally and externally owned model? How canan organisation ensure compliance with a raft of healthand safety requirements or demonstrate compliancein the event of an incident that may result in legalaction? Furthermore, how can it ensure critical businesscontinuity and minimise the risk of financial damage dueto equipment being out of use or in the wrong location?Asset InsightIt is time for asset managers to take a far more proactiverole and to demonstrate the value being delivered tothe business by effective, intelligent asset management.Asset teams have worked phenomenally hard over thepast few years to ensure items are not swapped outuntil they have delivered maximum value for moneyand to balance asset performance with risk, age andinnovation.Asset managers must increasingly be involved at everystage of the asset lifecycle – from the initial purchasingdecision through maintenance and disposal. Thisbusiness critical role has created a fundamentalrequirement for in-depth, accurate asset information.With a three to five year investment programme, assetbusiness intelligence is essential to provide answers tothe executive teams and boards to support investmentdecisions.Business ValueThere are two key steps that can make this process farmore business relevant. Firstly, standardise equipmentas far as possible. Consistency in purchasing hasa number of benefits – from negotiating betterprocurement contracts and ensuring maintenancepersonnel have the right parts and expertise to serviceand repair, to minimising staff training and improving theorganisation’s ability to move people and equipmentbetween departments.The second step is to reclassify assets. As RichardScott, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of theMedical Equipment Management Department atSherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,explains, upwards of 20% of the 20,000 assets undermanagement at the Sherwood Forest NHS FoundationTrust are standard across the organisation – from bedsto infusion pumps. “The decision making regarding thetiming of replacement and acquisition of these standardmedical devices can be led by medical engineering. Byreclassifying assets the Trust has enabled clinicians tofocus on the key areas of development and innovationthat really influence performance and affect patientoutcomes.”In addition, there is a requirement to become far moreAbove: Karen Conneely, Group Commercial Manager atReal Asset Managementflexible. With a clear shift towards a mixed procurementapproach and, indeed, the increasing use of thirdparties to provide and service specific equipment, assetmanagement departments need a new way of projectmanaging the asset base to impose control and ensurecompliance.A key requirement will be the need to evolve from thestatic, annual asset audit towards a model that deliversfar more frequent insight into asset location, status andusage. By replacing barcodes with the latest generationof affordable Radio Frequency (RFID) technology, thereis no longer a need for costly and time consumingannual audits. Instead, a quick and more frequentrolling programme can be adopted that delivers theinsight required to make faster decisions and respond toboard level proposals.Proactive AttitudeThe continued pressure on capital budgets is alreadyhaving a direct impact on the role of asset managerswith the potentially expensive possibility that outsourcingcould become an increasingly attractive option. It istime to stand up and be counted, to take advantage ofthe improvements in asset intelligence of recent yearsand to deliver robust, demonstrable arguments forasset replacement based on performance, maintenancehistory and, of course, expert insight into new ideas.Asset managers need to be able to exploit assetintelligence to extend asset life without compromisingsafety, performance or innovation and to deliver effectiveasset management based on an overview of the entireestate, so enabling the organisation to adopt radicalnew approaches to asset financing. It is by taking thisproactive approach that asset managers will be able todemonstrate quantifiable, long-term business value tothe organisation.Source: Institute of Fiscal Studies Asset Management Plc+44 (0)1689 892 100Email: EMS Magazine | June 2013

CMMS FeatureFree CMMS Download ForUnlimited Time Usage.Nobody wants to puttheir efforts in keyingdata into a trial CMMSthat will expire. Weoffer a free unrestrictedprofessional CMMSthat will give you a realchance to implement itand see results. We know you will love our CMMS solutionand may wish to upgrade to a higher version.Nevertheless, if you finally do not wish to upgrade,you may use our free version for life.Visit us Bigfoot CMMS ERP Integration ExpandsMaintenance Software Options for OrganizationsSmartware Group, Inc., provider of the cloud-based Bigfoot CMMS (ComputerizedMaintenance Management Software), introduces Bigfoot Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) integration, a customized solution that integrates asset maintenance data withERP systems to help customers eliminate double data entry, achieve greater processautomation, and reduce operating costs.This latest Bigfoot solution widens the maintenancesoftware options available to organizations tied to aparticular ERP system.“As we continue to expand Bigfoot CMMS’sreach into larger enterprises – while preservingour signature ease-of-use and superior customerservice – we’re now adding a customizable interfaceto synchronize CMMS work order and preventivemaintenance data with ERP business processes,”said Paul Lachance, president and CTO ofSmartware Group, Inc. “Now organizations no longerneed to compromise simplicity for data integration;customers can have it all with Bigfoot CMMS.”Typical points of integration include (but are notlimited to): spare parts inventory management,purchase orders/requisitions, and related costinformation. An example of Bigfoot ERP Integrationcan occur when a work order requires spare partsto be used. Those parts are noted in the BigfootCMMS work order, but also seamlessly adjustedwithin inventory and order management on the ERPside.“ERP systems are diverse and can be complex,”Lachance added. “Our flexible interfacing technologyallows us to match up these systems so ourcustomers can enjoy a best-of-breed CMMSsolution with their current ERP system.”Above: An example of Bigfoot ERP Integration can occurwhen a work order requires spare parts to be used.Those parts are noted in the Bigfoot CMMS work order,but also seamlessly adjusted within inventory and ordermanagement on the ERP side.Visit for acomprehensive needs analysis and additionalinformation about Bigfoot ERP Integration foryour organization.Email: sales@bigfootcmms.com28 EMS Magazine | June 2013

CMMS FeatureNew Maintenance Software From Shire- A Hit With Maintenance ManagersThe UK No 1 producer of maintenance software, ShireSystems, has released the latest version of Pirana CMMS.It’snow even easier to use with acleverinterface that’stransforming the user’s experience. Users are ableto get started straightaway and theon-going timesaving is impressive. The new release ispacked withand Aladdin’s cave of extra functionality and newproductivity aids.Compatible with major browsers including thelatest Chrome, Piranacan be presented in differentlanguages and terminology and offers a broadchoice of security setup including a read-only profile.There’s now a Quick Work Order Signoff and thepopular Dashboard and KPI Scoreboard are provingto be essential control tools.Powerful search&filterutilities have been added and reports can easilybe exported to Excel.Pirana is unbeatably affordable and is being adoptedby many major players in the food, manufacturingand services arena. Sold in modules, including thepopular Mobile Solutions, Pirana can revolutionisework order, stock, & purchasing operations.Whether installed on your own server (on-premise),or the stress-free fully hosted option, Pirana has asetup option for everyone. Shire support is secondto none.Over 10,000 organisations use Shire maintenancemanagement software, making Shire Systems theUK’s leading provider of maintenance solutions.Shire has a full schedule ofFREECMMS roadshows and also offers aFREE, no-obligation, fully functionaldemonstration system, so there areplenty of opportunities to try beforeyou buy.+44 (0)23 8022 4111sales@shiresystems.comwww.shiresystems.comEMS Magazine | June 201329

CMMS FeatureSoftSols Double Milestone – 25th AgilityRoadshow in 30th Year“This year we are celebrating 30 years of experience in ourfield, which is outstanding for any technology company” saysDavid Hipkin, SoftSols Group Managing Director, “we areproud to say that we are the same age as Microsoft and 3 yearsolder than Apple, so we have a great deal of experience andexpertise we are able to share.the new features as we are keen to show how Agilityis advancing, but we don’t go into a huge amount ofdetail as everyone’s circumstances and requirementsare slightly different. We are currently showingAgility’s new Asset Maps and Training Recordfeatures, as maps can now to be incorporatedand connect to existing Agility functions. As a newextension of the labour records function, employees’training records and certificates can now bemanaged and maintained; plus a new notificationhas been added to help prevent unqualified anduncertified employees being allocated to taskswhich is a real help towards Health and Safetycompliance”.David states, “Agility’s standard functionality straight‘out of the box’ is incredibly powerful, however wetypically find that customers have internal systems,reporting requirements or information challengesthat we can help with and that is where ourImplementation Team come in. Having membersof the team at these events really helps to giveconfidence that we are able to use Agility to deliverexactly what each customer needs; our people arehighly technical but very easy to work with.”Despite being at the forefront of technology, we findthere is no better way understand our market andcustomers than meeting face-to-face. A key part ofour annual calendar is our Agility Roadshow events,which we hold to bring together existing, new andpotential customers in an open forum to discusstheir experiences, their use of Agility and how theywork with SoftSols. It’s an indication of the strengthand confidence we have in our products, thecustomer service we provide and the calibre of ourpeople that we don’t shy away from bringing existingand potential customers together and encouragingthem to talk”.SoftSols have been running roadshows since2010 and know a great deal about how to hold aproductive event. “We know from the feedback wereceive from attendees that they really appreciate theevents as they are a very time efficient way of findingout more about SoftSols, Agility and current trendsand themes affecting manufacturing and facilitiesmanagers”, says Tim Tunnard, Commercial Director.“Some attendees are long standing Agility users,some are using competitor software, and others arenot using any software but Excel spreadsheets andwhite boards to manage the maintenance function.People can be from a maintenance, facilities,manufacturing, IT or general management roleas we find that managing assets and being moreefficient is now a priority across every departmentand every level within organisations, so it is notunusual for us to have a few delegates at an eventfrom the same organisation. We explain everythingin straightforward language and keep sessions shortso we don’t overload people.SoftSols’ key people are available at theseRoadshow events, on hand to discuss any currentor future projects and are able to give detailed oneon-onesessions after lunch to give a real insight intoAgility. Peter Smith, SoftSols Product ManagementDirector comments, “We have just launched Agilityversion 5, with versions 6 and 7 progressing well.We use the roadshows to give people an overview of“Our Roadshow events are about us giving food forthought and not the hard sell. At each event we havea guest speaker to share information on new ways ofthinking about and approaching asset managementand maintenance. Recent speakers have beenAndrew Fraser from Reliable Manufacturing andGarry Tyne from ARMS Reliability, who both bringsome real hands on experience and learnings. Wereceive great feedback from these events, as peoplefind they learn a great deal in a short space of time,and whilst everyone finds it hard to get away fromthe office, time in a different environment really helpspeople to focus. I would like to encourage anyoneinterested in maintenance or facilities managementto come along to our next event and join us”.Feedback from recent delegates can befound on the SoftSols along with detailsof the next roadshow events. To reserveyour place please call 01924 200344 oremail info@softsolsgroup.com30 EMS Magazine | June 2013

CMMS FeatureSuccessfully Implementing CMMS Software to AchieveEffective Plant & Building MaintenanceThe current economic climate has forced organisations toscrutinise their maintenance strategy in order to improveplant performance, lower maintenance costs and increaseoperational efficiencies.And with an ongoing requirement to maintain serviceand safety standards, whilst ensuring effectivereactive and planned maintenance planning, CMMS(Computerised Maintenance Management Software)continues to be an essential facet of any effectivemaintenance programme. But what is the bestbusiness approach to successfully implementing aCMMS system?Initial AssessmentThe first stage is to identify areas and setcriteria against which decisions can be madebefore selecting a suitable system. This enablesorganisations to minimise purchasing risks, justifyexpenditure and align the system with centralbusiness objectives. Areas to consider include:• Will the system be self-containedor does it need to link to otherapplications (e.g. finance)?• Will users need access viamobile devices such as tablets orsmartphones?• Will Cloud hosting be a viable option?• Will a detailed review of currentmaintenance management methods orworkflow patterns be required?Developing an Implementation PlanThe project plan is the basis for any structuredand well managed CMMS implementation, and ifexecuted correctly, should provide organisationswith a plan that results in the success of the project.A strong implementation plan will also ensure thatconstraints, including timescale, resource availabilityand the scope of requirements are minimised.There a number of other pertinent factorsassociated with the development of a successfulimplementation plan, which include:• Defining the key objectives andpriorities for the new CMMS system?(e.g. Improving customer service,tighter financial control, increasedefficiency).• Planning how the objectives can beidentified, broken down and convertedinto identifiable project tasks?• Deciding which current businessprocesses need to be retained andwhich can be replaced?• Considering what the roles andresponsibilities each project memberwill be within the group?Data Review, System, Design and Set-upThere are a number of areas to review whenplanning the installation of the CMMS system. Froma data perspective, are current data sources goingto be used? Does existing data need to be migratedacross to the new system? Should it be updated orvalidated?Prior to ‘go live’; it is imperative to completeinstallation checks on hardware, operating systemsand third party software. Will existing hardwaresupport the new CMMS system? Are thereadequate IT back-up procedures? Is there a needfor compatibility testing?Going LiveThe ‘switch’ to live operation should be carefullyplanned. Will the whole system go live at once, oris it going to be phased? Is a parallel running periodplanned? Will there be a trial run?It is also useful to identify the post-sales support andtraining offered from the software provider. Whatlevel of technical support is required? Is thereprovision for future running costs of the system? Isthere adequate system training available?ConclusionThe major benefit of having a clearly definedimplementation plan is that from the outset allparties understand the responsibilities, scope anddeliverables of the project.With all the efforts and objectives co-ordinated,there are time saving benefits for everyone involved,resulting in reduced costs and implementationtimescales.This article is based on the white paper‘Best Practice for Successful CMMSImplementation’ from Service Works Group.To obtain a complimentary copy, pleaseemail or contact ServiceWorks on 020 8877 4080.EMS Magazine | June 201331

Lubrication FeaturePrecise And Environment-Friendly LubricationBy Nordson EFD MicrocoatThe Nordson EFD MicroCoat system applieslubricant in a fine, even film. Just the amount youspecify. No more, no less.The MC800 series system operates up to eightvalves. Precision flow controls permit the amountof lubricant applied by each valve to be adjustedindependently. Valves can be mounted above orbelow the stock.About Nordson EFDNordson EFD is the world’s leadingdesigner and manufacturer of precisiondispensing systems that apply accurate,consistent amounts of the adhesives,sealants, lubricants and other assemblyfluids used in virtually every manufacturingprocess.When companies are able to put the sameamount of fluid in the same place everytime, they gain a competitive advantagethrough higher productivity, improvedquality, and lower production costs.With instant flow adjustment – no wait time forpads or rollers to become wet or dry out.This unique, fully integrated system uses LowVolume Low Pressure (LVLP) technology toprovide steady,consistent lubrication without the overspray ormist of airless spray systems.The benefits are significant.Exact lubrication control increases profitopportunities throughout the manufacturingprocess. Tools lastlonger and presses run faster. Your processbecomes environmentally friendly, while problemsfrom drippads, rollers and airless spray systems disappear.Uniform lubrication provides:• Even, uniform coverage, top and bottom• 60% to 90% oil savings• No overspray or mist• Clean working environment• On-the-fly adjustment of oil coating• Expandable, modular system for wide stock• Flexible oil feed from tanks, pumps orcentral system• Single or multiple oil use• Simple, reliable, and low-maintenanceoperation• Easy “plug & play” setupSince 1963, Nordson EFD has helpedthousands of companies achieve thesebenefits with benchtop dispensers formanual assembly processes, dispensevalves for automated production lines, XYZdispensing robots, and the highest qualitydispensing tips, syringe barrels and otherdisposable components in the industry.EFD products also include high-qualitysolder pastes for improving productivityin surface mount and electromechanicalmanufacturing processes, and the uniqueMicroCoat® system, which is changingthe way lubricants are applied in the metalstamping industry.ContactEFD International, Dunstable, U.K.Phone +44 1582 666334Email: europe@nordsonefd.com32 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Lubrication FeatureSololube – Precise ElectromechanicalSingle-Point LubricationSololube is a reliable, easy-to-operate Lubricator with anelectromechanical drive.Its precise delivery system makes Sololube equallysuitable for the automatic lubrication of roller andfriction bearings, gear racks, open transmissions orchains.Sololube has a robust, very precise drive motor,supplied with voltage by a high-capacity 6V Libattery. The lubricant cartridge - optionally with150 cm3 or 250cm3 content - is simply screwedto the drive unit. With a delivery pressure of7.5 bars, the Sololube works automatically,independently of temperature, for up to ayear. The performance of the Sololubeis monitored with a clearly visible LED.The filling level of the lubricant cartridgeis moreover clearly visible at all times through the transparent housing.Gruetzner GmbHKohlenhofstr. 60, D – 90443 | info@sololube.comLubricus – Modern Lubrication TechnologyThe “Lubricus” is a compact lubrication unit foroils and greases.The lubrication system operates either autonomously witha battery pack or via an external powersupply (24VDC). Lubricus is available with1-4 outlets, to ensure the right medium isavailable to choose from for every application.The lubrication unit is therefore very flexibleand is not only suitable for applications withone lubricating point, but also for multiplelubricating points. Thanks to its compactdimensions the lubricating system canalso be very easily retrofitted. Lubricusoperates reliably within a temperaturerange from -20 °C to +70 °C and pumpsthe lubricant with a pressure of up to 70 bars.With a capacity of 400cm3, sufficient lubricant is available to reliably supplyseveral lubricating points, even for lengthy periods.Gruetzner GmbHKohlenhofstr. 60, D – 90443 | info@lubricus.comEMS Magazine | June 201333

Lubrication FeatureATS Electro-Lube (UK) Ltd Have Added Another Product To TheirWell Proven Range Of Self Contained Automatic Lubricators.The new Jack-Luber is a fully self-contained batterypowered lubricator available with either a 125cc or250cc replaceable grease cartridge.Grease cartridges can be supplied filled with thespecific brand & type of grease type required for theapplication & can be changed in seconds by theuser.As the Jack-Luber is a motor-driven lubricator, it cangenerate up to 250psi operating pressure, meaningthat it can be used withlong feed lines or incases where there ishigh back pressure atthe bearing.Jack-Luber Model125 & ReplacementCartridgeThe innovative new Jack-Luber incorporates aJackscrew mechanism which reduces wear &therefore prolongs the operational life of the unit.Once activated, the Jack-Luber runs intermittentlyto supply grease on the optimum “Little and Often”principle. Integral switches allow users to set therequired feed rate, allowing up to 2 years operationbetween cartridge/battery change.The Jack-Luber is suitable for indoor or outdoor useand is not affected by changes in temperature. Inaddition, the Jack-Luber is certified intrinsically safefor use in hazardous areas.This new addition fills the gap in the ATS Electro-Lube product range, fitting between the lowpressure (50 psi) Electro-Luber Gas Series and thehigher pressure (900 psi) Ultimate-Luber Motor DriveSeries.Detailed information, includingdemonstration videos for the entire ATSElectro-Lube product range can be foundat their new EMS Magazine | June 2013

Lubrication FeatureEMS Magazine | June 201335

Pumps & Valves FeatureLiquid Applied Elastomers, An AlternativeTo Replacement Of Rubber ComponentsMaintenance costs are becoming an increasingly greaterconcern, and as a result, the ability to repair equipmentrather than replace is becoming the preferred option formany engineering and maintenance professionals.Rubber components such as seals, gaskets anddrive couplings are susceptible to damage throughabrasive wear and can be very difficult to repair.In addition, wear and erosion of bespoke rubbercomponents often suffer from similar problems.Due to costly spare parts and limited availability,replacement of the entire equipment is often theonly option, resulting in high costs. Even if parts areavailable, delivery times can be a problem.Belzona manufacture a range of fluid gradeElastomeric solutions that can be used to castand repair components without involving hot work.Fluid Elastomers can be easily applied reducing theneed for specialist tools and will adhere to almostany surface, and are cold applied and cold curing.Utilising a pourable durable Elastomer will allowcomplex shapes to be simply replicated providingfuture protection against abrasion, erosion and wear.Belzona Elastomeric products have been used innumerours repair situations including: the creationof flexible moulds and rubber components, rebuildof gaskets and seals and horizontal expansionjoints. Adhesion can be created by using surfaceconditioners, alternatively components can be ‘castand released’ by use of a Releasing Agent.Above:Recast bearing with Belzona 2131 (D&A FluidElastomer)By way of example, these rubber lobe pumps areused in harsh environments such as for processingsewage effluent within the water industry. Wear onthe rubber rotor leads to less efficiency necessitatingreplacement. Belzona 2100 Series Elastomers canbe effectively used to re-cast and remold these wornrotors.Above:Custom seals on non-return flap valves withBelzona 2131 (D&A Fluid Elastomer)Cutlass bearings are another typical application forBelzona Elastomers; these bearings can deteriorateand become worn. In this example a Belzona FluidElastomer was used to recast water lubricatedcutlass bearings from sea water lift pumps. Highsand content in the water had resulted in thebearings wearing out rapidly. A suitable mouldand former was manufactured and released usingBelzona 9411 (Release Agent).Belzona 2131 (D&A Fluid Elastomer) was thenpoured in until the material filled the mould. Oncecured, the former was removed.To date, the success of the Belzona solution hasresulted in over 300 bearings being cast for theclient. Reclaiming the original sleeve allows newbearings to be produced at a fraction the cost ofnew ones.Other applications of Belzona liquid appliedElastomers include the creation of custom sealsand repair of both horizontal and vertical expansionjoints.Belzona’s cold curing; liquid applied Elastomerscan offer huge cost savings in challenging industrialsituations and demonstrate long term, excellentresistance to abrasion, wear and erosion. For furtherinformation on how Belzona can help reduce yourmaintenance costs, please visit Elastomer being poured into a mouldAbove:Accurate mould created to form the bearingsBelzona Polymerics LimitedTelephone: +44 1423 567641http://www.belzona.com36 EMS Magazine | June 2013

Pumps & Valves FeatureBifold, Official Partner Of The Marussia F1 TM TeamHave Developed Sophisticated Configurators ToMake Valve Selection EffortlessUnique Valve and Manifold Configurators:With Bifold, you can use our unique online drag anddrop Modular Manifold Configurator to design highlybespoke manifold systems and products, create and print bespokedata sheets and view configured systems andproducts to scale in augmented reality. Availableto take away from the show, will be an exclusivepack of augmented reality tracking images to workalongside your app.The Bifold Group of Companies providestechnical and engineering supporttogether with a global network of agentsand distributors. Bifold Group is a worldclass supplier of the widest range ofswitching instrument and piping valvesand pumps for use in the oil and gasupstream and downstream sectors. Ourinnovative and reliable range of high-techThe manifold can be designed from the circuitsequence down to the orientation of individualmodules to your exact specification. Once designedan interactive 3D rendered model is immediatelyviewable online and an installation drawing, bill ofmaterials and 3D CAD model are automaticallyemailed upon design verification from Bifold.Effortless Selection Process:1. Configure your product2. View interactive 3D model online3. Print bespoke data sheet or save to your system4. Receive 3D CAD model by email5. Contact sales department with your orderproducts and accessories, specificallydesigned with the customer in mind, havegained worldwide approvals and credibilityfor the onerous conditions as found inhazardous (classified) locations, hostile,corrosive and subsea environments.You can use our Valve Model Configurator to createthe valve you require and download a bespokeconfigured datasheet with a single click. The 3DCAD model is then automatically emailed. Thedatasheet contains a tracking image which enablesyou to view the rendered image in real time, inaugmented reality and to scale using the BifoldModel Viewer, available on the App Store for iPadand iPhone; and Google Play for android devicesDownload the free Bifold Model Viewer from the AppStore or Google Play and view our products at theshow. Go to for more details.Visit us at Offshore Europe 3rd - 6th September2013, stand number 3B60, where there will be anaugmented reality wall featuring a window to theBifold product range viewed live and interactively.You will be able to configure bespoke manifoldMore InformationGill Bancroft, Tel. +44 (0) 161 345 4777Fax. +44 (0) 161 345 4780Email: Fluidpower Ltd, Greenside Way,Middleton, Manchester, M24 1SW, UK.EMS Magazine | June 201337

Pumps & Valves FeatureVacuum Pumps Help To Save Water And EnergyAt The University Of ReadingThe University of Reading is starting to achieve waterand energy savings at its Bio Food Hall in the Food& Nutritional Sciences Department following theinstallation of two Busch RA oil lubricated rotary vanepumps for the vacuum circuit.The replacement Busch oil lubricated pumps donot require water cooling, thereby eliminating anyneed for water. A further attraction of this pumptype is that it is more energy efficient. “We offeredthe University two options, a liquid ring vacuumpump with partial seal water recirculation and theoil lubricated rotary vane pump,” continues AndyWoods. “Although the second option will requireregular servicing, the efficiency savings meant thatthis option was selected and we went ahead andremoved the old pumps and installed the new onesin March.”In terms of water saved, Dan Fernbank reports thatthis will account for the equivalent of 3% to 4% ofthe university’s total annual water consumption. “Infinancial terms, this equates to between £12,000and £18,000 annually and being a more efficientpump, it is also saving around £1,000 in electricity,”comments Dan. “It is therefore a major step in ourdrive to cut our water consumption by 10% andcarbon emissions by 35%.”According to the University’s Energy Manager DanFernbank, since the two pumps were installed byAxFlow earlier this year, water savings of between20 and 30m³ per day are being attained, this beingthe equivalent of between 7,000m³ and 11,000m³annually.The University’s Food & Nutritional SciencesDepartment is the only UK university facility with afully equipped food processing hall and has accessto many specialist analytical research tools. Thevacuum circuit is a fundamental requirement for allthe laboratories and the piped system runs aroundthe building enabling the various labs to pull offmoisture at specific points.“The two Busch pumps which we supplied replacedtwo vacuum pumps which had been operating sincethe building was opened in 1985,” reports AndyWoods, Sales Engineer, AxFlow. “The original pumpshad water running through them at a rate of 12 litresper minute for the purpose of cooling, but because itcould not be re-circulated, the water was allowed todrain away. By calculating the volume of water beingwasted and its cost to the University, a decision wastaken to remedy the situation. It was shortly afterthis that AxFlow Windsor was called in to make arecommendation on replacement pumps.”AxFlow offers a comprehensive range of engineeringresources to facilities management, environmentaland process industries. The Windsor ServiceCentre operates teams of mobile service engineersfor on-site maintenance across the southern halfof England, supported by workshop personneland design engineering resources. “Our Windsoroperation is very much geared up to providingsupport in the building services sector and we offera wide range of capabilities,” says Bob Jervis, SalesManager. For instance the repair and servicing ofair-handling equipment can involve the replacementof bearings, motors, pulleys and belts, as well as there-balancing of the fan impeller assembly. We canalso carry out the repair or replacement of coolingand heating coils within the AHU’s.In addition there are extensive sales, repair, serviceand systems engineering operations for all types offluids handling equipment in Ealing, Huddersfield,Durham and Aberdeen.For further product details, contact:AxFlow Ltd, Orion Park, Northfield AvenueEaling, London, W13 9SJTel: 020 8579 2111Email: EMS Magazine | June 2013

Pumps & Valves FeatureJDN Hoists Make Light Work Of Loads Whatever TheWorking ConditionsInjuries within workplace environments can occurwhen personnel are lifting or moving inappropriatelyheavy loads.The use of mechanical lifting equipment helps, butcan also be time consuming, particularly where ropeor chain wheel manual operations are associatedwith raising loads to above head height. Air poweredlifting has been proved to be safe, effective,economical and time saving, particularly wherethere is an existing compressed-air power sourceavailable.The J D Neuhaus company have a world renownedreputation for the supply of high performance airoperated handling equipment, to operate in thetoughest environments for individual loads up to100 tonnes. However, they are also able to supplyair hoists designed for operating in light to mediumengineering and general workshop applications.These products ensure workshop health and safetycompliance for load capacities up to 2 tonnes, withhoists that have been manufactured to the samehigh standards as their heavier duty equipment.Two ranges of these general lower duty hoists areavailable, including the JDN Mini series which arealuminium bodied units with models available forpayload ratings of 125, 250, 500 and 980kg. Wheremore rugged, steel-bodied hoists are required, theJDN Profi TI series incorporates four models in alower-load range rated at 250, 500 and 1000kg plusa 2 tonne lift capacity unit.J D Neuhaus, Unit 6 Kirkton Avenue,Pitmedden Road Industrial Estate, Dyce,Aberdeen, AB21 0BFTel: 01224 722751Fax: 01224 729895e-mail: Magazine | June 201339

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