Untitled - Yardbird Suite

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Untitled - Yardbird Suite

II|MMY BAIII(Suf|IH sPIctAl GUISI B0B MC00liltrllIn oler forrl years as a prctu$iorat nusician,nron of it epent in Toronto, Robl'lcconnettt main vehict€ forjaz exprcssion hasb€en the rcnouned Bo$ BE$ . Rob does it atta vatve trcnborist, composer and anarg€r hehas b€en a teader and rirember ol groupt of attsizes from big bands down ta duets afd trjosviih ld Bickerl, N€it Swainsoi and DonFar thity lears th€ Bo$ BG$ has ptayedaoo$ Canadand the 1.1.5. at rumerous festivab,dlbs and .oice't hatts. Ihey have be€nheadtjf*s d yeLtas shar€d ihe stage with suchgreats as Met ]ofme, Joe Vr'itiams, the fi hotaid oscar Pet€6on. Cla$ic Rob McConneltrecordinqs iidude two wiih l4et Torme, and iheBos BG$ wiih PhitWoads.Rob l,lcconnett has rcceiv€d an "NonoraryDoctoEte from Sl. Frances Xavier lniverciq,,was voted Eest Atrangs by the NationatAssociation of Jazz Educato6- Rob lras had fifteen Cnmmy' iominatiom afd won threeawards, eiqht Juno nominations and won tuurawards, the Jaz repot Award eteven times asBest Big Band, Bst Aranger B€st Trcmboiist,aird the tist goes on aid or. In January of 1999he received o.e ofCanadat high$t honoE wh€nne was apporiLean'Officer ol Lhe Order ofA recent cor.eftreviewnat€d, !lcConnettqives a feetiiq of purcjoyin perfomance, conrptetetyfrce bec6e ofhism tery of tlre irnr!m€nt, ann do€s whatevercanes lo hirn, Rob atsobdnqs ta his perfornanc€a totaL infonnatihr andHosbrg Robl,4cConn€tl witl be tlreTommy Bank Trio fealuFinq Edmonion's i4r.I"llsic Tommy Bank onpiano. As a conductorandpjanist ]om had accomRob I'4cConnell - trombonepanied such jazz leqends as Aretha Fraiktin andI1€l Torm€. Tom brings litatij]/ and a sefse ofshonmaishjp to each perforaance.lts not everyper{ormer ,rho Gn ptay on a strc€iamed afterRaundi.q out tlre tno are Vaicouver bssislTorben 0xbot and New York/Ednrontof drummsOwen Hoviad. Torben is oie ofVancouve/s firstcatt bassists ,!ho frequertty p€rfoms with the'Ne,,!orleans Connection. Toben ptayed oi PJ.Pervs ntsiatbun.ln 1989,Owen Noward woi aCanada Couicit CGit io study drums at the Newschootir New York wherc he siudied with AdanlNassbaum. Because oftlre d€mand for his tatent,owen stitt resjdes ii rh€ New York dea. Geiyourticketr ea{y, this wittb€ a settout.Canadian Publication Mail ProductSales Agreement # l516698Advan.ed ticket saLer avaitable throuqhIicletmaiter for setected shoyu. Lool for theTi.letmaster toqo b! the rhos, de5cnptioi.Ticketmaster setoi.e charqes witt appty.Edmonton Jazz Societv Menber dis.ounts aieavaitabte at Ticketmaster outlets wilh valid mem'be*hip.ard. Ticketn*te. G unabte to honor membe6 discountr on phone or inlenet ordeE.To ensure a spDi ptease pick up your ti.kets itradvance throuqh Ticletmaster patronr withTi.ketmaster ti.leti lN HAND wiLlbe !5heEd to thelfyou arc a GoLD or 5ILVER card nember, youdo not need to purchase a ti.ket for any ol ourshows. Youi CoLD oi SILVER .ard is yolr rnkerEven iJ the sho! is ioLd out, we atwavs hare a.No chans MLt be re*ded, com€ earLy lor

Bllilrt0liltlR TRI0By the tim€ N€w York-based guitarjst Ben amonqst otherc jn his ptayifg.Monder afiv€s in Ednronton, his second CD on Atthouqhis compositions can be hauntjnqthe Arabesque tabet "Excavation shoutd be and use odd metres, extended forms and darjngpoMonaL harmonies that push the boundanest4onder is now startjng to be recoqirized asone ofthe fisins sta6 of the jazz guihr - he jsof the guita/s capabiLjties, his Yardbird Suiteone of the qujtarists Listed jn appeannce wiLt see him in a morc mairstreamthe 1999 context tackting mostLy standard tenitory.Downbeat Crjtjcs PolL as laient DeseMng Wider Havjng reen Monderin a mainstream conte* atRecogrjtjon, a su€ sign that influentiaL critics the R€x in loronto in Novembetare payjng attention to hjs muricaL oftunnss. 1999, with l(irk McDonatd, Neil8en has spert the past 15 yeals as a frcetancemusician in New York. 0n€ of his eartier wnter can aitest to the hctSwainson and Andre White, thisgigs was perfoming afd tourirg wjth oqanist Ben's onginaL approach to theBrother Jack lr4cDuff. He was also an ofiginat sta'rdafd epertone L requiEdmember of bassist l'4arc Johnsor! Right Bnin tistenirq for atl tuns of thejazPatrot tio. l4ore recentty, he has beer a main gurtar,stay ofthe l4ana SchneiderJazz orchesta, oie Accompanying Ben lloiderof th€ most hiqhty reqarded bjg bands on the wiLl be rcnowned Toronto ba$isiscene today. otner pefomirq credits inctude Kieran 0v€r5 and Edmontor'svocalist Theo Bleckmann (with whom he €cordeda disc entitLedown great drummer Sandro'No Boat" on Songtjnes), Tim Domineti. We arc aLL wett awa€Berne Lee Konjtz and Paul i4otian.of Sandrc's great skilL and it wjtlBesides appeanng of moE than 50 record, be a special treat to have aings as a sjdeman and besides hjs upconins CD bassist of such inportant"Etcavation", l4onder has reteased two other stature as Kieran ovels on thediscsasa leader,'Rux" on the vancouver-basedlabet Songtines in 1995 and 'DLrst' oi Bef llonder is appeadng atthe Yardbird Suite with theNjs deepty peBonat musicat vjsjon, completewith staggering technique and *lthmic the Banff Cente.assisiance of l4usic & Sound atflsdbjli! attow him to nanoeuver in tenitorywherc nrost guitarists fear to t€ad. Reviewe6heaf the influence ofJim HaLL Bi[ FnseLt, l4ickGooddck, Pat Metheny and Johf AbercronbjeilTSUffPNESTffiS.THTU||IGE . IHOTIIAS AIBIA]IIIERWMIffGilNfflu$ilNOIhomas ALqander js a seasoned protussjoraL with The Ptatterc. He had also starcd in the roteand a wetl estabLished actorvocatist songwriter of Judas in "Jesus Chrjst 5upe6tar, jnand pefrcnner. Over the past yearc Thomas has "!1o'Magic' with IGne Cana of "Ftashdaice,"trav€led th€ gtobe aid has recejved numerous wettas jn the worLd prcmjer of Bui! Bachaach'sawards, induding the 1992 Music West Award. "Something to Remind iqe.'His swtes range frcrn jazz, pop, R&B to rcs Accompanying Thomas wiLL be the Chartiegae, gospel and betting out kitle' battads; they Austin Tno. Chanie has tausht keyboards andjust come natuBLty to Thomas. If you attended jaztheoryatGrant McEwan for 26yean, buthisthe BjtL Emes memoriaL at the Sujte, yoLr expenencedhis flawLess voice and unique phnsjng. i'rspjnng onginaL workmain lov€ is pefornarc€, much of which js hisTlromas' sonqs have often sraced Gnada'stop twenw. one of llroma( tatest rcteases i5caLLed Cotdies" and hir newestcD Playsround,'n to be rcteased jnt€riationaLty. His musicatexpedeices indude openjng tor such adistJ asJam€s Bmwn, The Temptations and tead vocalsSr"" BaNrr CrNrnrBen Monder - guit rSandro Donin€tti - drums

ALL SHOWS BEGINAT 9PM UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED4MOl'IENTUM:ir$:f"f$- -;IETiIIJEDMONTON JAZ SOCtErymembershiPYour Edmonton Jaa society MenbeEhip supports a variety ofactivities a.d ensuEs that the b.st of live jaz witt continueto haee , hone in our city w.lt iDto the nett centliy.I G.ldGd t silrc'dr 900 d4r!r&F4dd,!!nl .-+ddis0 t'0Pfr tE bbr otu Jer. . . . . . . . . . U37.25JOE BEARDPurchase D*Expiry Dn€Anount paid for nembeBhip $B VI5A O MASTERCARD d CHEQUE$$Make cheques payabte and maitto: tdmonton Jazz Socjetyll lommy Banks Way Edmonton AB T6E 2M2 iBringlng the bestin live iazz to Edmonton since 1973 iYARDBIRD SUITE IS A CONCERT VENUE.During the shoq please tum offyour cell phones and pagers,lf you need to talk - r€member that other oatrons cameto LISTEN to the Derformance.

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