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contentsWelcome to the second issue of equip magazine from VWRFrom air monitoring to water testing, stability testing orrecycling of electrical items to meet the WEEE directive thisissue has something for every industry or application.There are features on high end investment products such asspectrophotometers, centrifuges and balances. As well as thetime saving rotary evaporators and the safetyand security of a good fume hood.We're also pleased to announce theformation of the VWR BioSciencesgroup to support Life Scientists withcutting edge instrumentation.Finally ..... Do you Sudoku?Try our brainteasing competitionon the back page and you couldwin one of our great prizes.Editor:VWR International Europe bvbaHaasrode Researchpark Zone 3Geldenaaksebaan 4643001 Leuven, BelgiumContents:VWR Lab Books and Special Application Log BooksBinder KBF Climatic Chamber with improved ICH IlluminationHeidolph LABOROTA control variotesto 735 – Highly Precise Temperature MeasurementThe New Sartorius Extend Balance SeriesWaldner Fume Hood TechnologyCopywriting: VWRLayout and typesetting:Marketing Services VWRPrinting: Stork Druckerei GmbH,Bruchsal, GermanyRun: 180.000 copiesMerck Microbial Air Monitoring SystemsBeckman Coulter DU ® Series 700 UV/Vis SpectrophotometersBeckman Coulter Allegra CentrifugesVWR Biosciences – A New Initiative for Life ScientistsA New Benchmark in Flash ChromatographySingle Parameter Testing with Particular Regard to WaterRetsch – Solutions for Tackling RoHS and WEEE DirectivesPublication date: May 2006Due to the high sales volumeof promoted articles someitems may be temporarilyout of stock – VWR Terms andConditions of Sale apply.030405060708091011121314 1516The first thing any budding scientist is taught is that the key togood science is painstaking recording of all methodology andresults. The VWR collection range of lab books and log booksmake that task easy and they’re great value too. If these don’tmeet your requirements we are able to offer custom madesolutions with very short minimum runs.Size/Description No.of pages Format Language Cat. No.72 GRID ENG 818-006872 GRID ENG/FR 818-007672 GRID ENG/DE 818-008472 GRID ENG/SP 818-009272 RULED ENG 818-007272 RULED ENG/DE 818-008872 RULED ENG/SP 818-0096120 GRID ENG 818-0069120 GRID ENG/FR 818-0077120 GRID ENG/DE 818-0085120 GRID ENG/SP 818-0093A4 LOG BOOKS120 RULED ENG 818-0073120 RULED ENG/FR 818-0081120 RULED ENG/DE 818-0089120 RULED ENG/SP 818-0097216 GRID ENG 818-0070216 GRID ENG/FR 818-0078216 GRID ENG/DE 818-0086216 GRID ENG/SP 818-0094216 RULED ENG 818-0074216 RULED ENG/FR 818-0082216 RULED ENG/DE 818-0090216 RULED ENG/SP 818-009896 GRID ENG 818-007196 GRID ENG/FR 818-007996 GRID ENG/DE 818-0087A5 LOG BOOKS96 GRID ENG/SP 818-009596 RULED ENG 818-007596 RULED ENG/FR 818-008396 RULED ENG/DE 818-009196 RULED ENG/SP 818-0099A5 MINI FLEXA6 MINI FLEX9696GRIDGRIDENGENG818-0100818-01019696RULEDRULEDENGENG818-0110818-0111ANIM MAINTENANCE 168 BK ENG 818-0103BALANCE CALIBRATION 168 GR ENG 818-0104EQUIP MINI, A5 POCKET 96 FLEX ENG 818-0108EQUIP MINI, A6 POCKET 96 FLEX ENG 818-0109LAB EQUIPMENT 96 RED ENG 818-0102REAGENT 168 BURG ENG 818-0105SAMPLE RECEIPT 168 RED ENG 818-0106TEMPERATURE 168 WHITE ENG 818-0107contentsKinematica – Multiple Homogeniser System PT 3100 QuattroSchott Instruments – pH, Conductivity and DO MetersThe Correct Reagent is CriticalReaders Competition and Reader Enquiry Faxback0217181920* For a fully customised book from us, the minimum quantity is 50 units.Logo and sequential book numbers placed on one of the VWR normalbooks – Minimum quantity of 25 (NB pages inside will remain the same).Lower cost option custom books with paperback or books with wirebinding are also available.

VWR CollectionFor more information on theseVWR products complete the faxbackenquiry form on the back cover ore-Mail info@se.vwr.comTel 08-621 3400Protect your intellectual property –VWR Lab Books and Special Application Log BooksA4 Lab books –ideal for protecting intellectual property• Smart imitation leather covers, section sewn binding and acid-free archivalsafe paper to protect lab work and prevent tampering• The pages are all numbered with signature blocks for witnesses to sign‘Disclosed to’ and ‘Understood by’ statements on your research• The books are created in accordance with the documentation requirements ofthe Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and the U.S. and European Patent OfficesMini Laboratory Notebooks –Scientific GRID and RULED Formats• A6 or A5 size, “FLEX” covers with coating for durability in lab environment• Witness signature blocks• Laboratory notebook guidelines page, table of contents (TOC)and user data page• All books made in accordance with GLP, GMP, and GCP guidelines• Acid free, archival safe paper (90 gsm)Special Purpose Log Books –great for GLP/GMP and GCP data recording• All log documentation pages have specific columnheadings for easy data entry• Waterproof imitation leather covers in various colourswith durable coating for lab environments• Section sewn pages with round binding so book lays flat• All books made in accordance with GLP, GMP, and GCP guidelinesfor:Laboratory equipmentTemperatureBalance calibrationReagentAnimal maintenanceSample receiptMini Equipment Log Books• A6 or A5 Size, “FLEX” covers with coating for durability in lab environments• Equipment log documentation pages• All books made in accordance with GLP, GMP, and GCP guidelines• Acid free, archival safe paper (90 gsm)!Smallminimumorders!*Customised Lab and Log BooksDo you need individual features such as:• Sequential book numbers on cover and inside pages• Insertion of custom guidelines documentation• Custom page layouts or custom cover or page materials• Corporate logo on cover and inside pages• Different languages or colour variations• Specific project titles or headings or any other custom specifications...Then email your requirements and quantities required for a quotation.*03VWR collection

climatic chamberFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Let there be light!A complete high-performance for photo-stability testsBINDER KBF climaticchamber with improvedICH illuminationChallenges for pharmaceuticalcompaniesNew options at BINDER forlight testsValid for allinternational standardsOverall, the sun is a blessingfor humanity, but it can bevery damaging to the shelflife of medications orpharmaceutical products.The ICH guideline forphoto-stability testing toensure products maintaintheir characteristics overtheir period of use has beenobligatory since 1996.BINDER has optimised theKBF climatic chamber withICH-compliant illuminationto help pharmaceuticalcompanies meet thismandate.Compulsory documentation ofthese tests must be provided to theauthorities without exception, addingan extra burden to pharmaceuticalcompany test laboratories. For thenew photo-stability tests, samplesmust be exposed to a light amountof 1.2 million Lux* hours, as well asUV radiation of 200 Watt*hours/m 2in climatic chambers with ICHillumination. But how can theselight values be proven safely andobjectively?The fundamental prerequisite forreliable recording is met with the newoption of light integration and displayof the light values on the controller.This includes the automatic lampshutoff (VIS and UV separately) whenthe freely selectable dosage valuesare reached.Reliable recording of the lightvalues is ensured by the two sphericallight sensors developed exclusivelyfor BINDER, which with their directionindependent characteristics, functionmore precisely than planar sensors.Another important point for theAll of this makes the KBF with ICHillumination a high-performancecomplete system solution for stabilityand photo-stability tests inaccordance with all internationalstandards and ICH guidelines,whether by Q1A or Q1B, as wellas conforming to the requirementsof the FDA or GLP/GMP.BINDER enables users to documentthe test conditions in every phase,not simply selling the chamber, buta complete solution consisting of thechamber, software, documentation,calibration/validation, and service.testing authorities is the APT-COM ®DataControlSystem software ofBINDER chambers, enabling light!NEWvalues to be saved and documentedin a GLP/GMP compliant format.spherical light sensors for reliablerecording of the light valuesclimatic chamber04BINDER climatic chamber KBF 720with new ICH-compliant illumination

temperature measurementFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.!NEWMeasurement Technologyfor TemperatureHighly precise temperature measurement with an accuracy of up to 0.05 °CA highly precise temperature measuring system is required as a working standard, especiallyin the areas of quality assurance, calibration services and laboratories. The testo 735, viathe Pt100 probe input, achieves an accuracy of up to 0.05 °C in a measurement range from-40...+300 °C (resolution of the probe of 0.001 °C) and is the ideal solution. An optionalISO/DKD certificate, using a precise 5-point calibration over the entire measurement range isavailable as supporting documentation.In addition to the highly precise immersion-penetration Pt100 probe, two further thermocoupleprobes (Type K/T) can be plugged into the instrument from a wide range of immersion, airor surface probes for many different applications. Wireless measurement up to a distance of20 m is possible from a further three probes increasing convenience and avoiding damage toconnecting wires that may jeopardise accurate results. The optional radio module for the testo735 can be retrofitted at any time, as it is simply plugged into the battery compartment in theback of the instrument. The testo 735 documents the measurement results either on site usingthe handy testo report printer or on a PC with the convenient PC software. Two models areavailable:testo 735-1Uses a “cyclic printing” function to printmeasurement data at a rate from 1 minuteto 24 hours on the testo report printerby infra-red interface.As well as measurement readings, the dateand time are documented on the printout.testo 735-2Supplied with PC software as standardfor the presentation of data. Singlemeasurements or measurement series upto 10,000 readings can be stored and thenpresented either in graphic or tabularformat on a PC. The readings can betransferred to the PC software onlineor printed.temperature measurement06Covering a temperature range from -200...+1350 °C (depending on choice of probe), the testo735 has logical easy-to-follow menus guiding users through functions such as timed andmulti-point mean calculation, differential temperature measurement and max/min value display.A robust instrument housing takes the usual knocks and jars of a busy environment, and hasa large illuminated display positioned slightly set back in the housing for extra protection.A carrying strap enables easy and safe transportation whilst magnets on the back ensuresecure attachment at the measuring location.The testo 735 is also IP54 rated.Assurance through precision

alancesThe New Sartorius Extend SeriesThe difference is…the latest technologyFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.If you compare the specifications of many lab balances on paper, they all look the same –if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But in the real world, there is more to a labbalance than just its technical specifications.The new Sartorius Extend series has been specially designed for effective and reliable weighing in daily lab routines.This is where more powerful technology and application-orientated operation and features make all the difference.Reliable weighing results, all of the time – even under less than ideal ambient conditions, thanks to the Extend’shighly sophisticated digital compensation algorithms.Sartorius utilise 21st century technology, such as our unique robotically etched monolithic weigh cell, which ensureslong-term, high accuracy and minimizes the effects of temperature drift. It provides the legendary dependability thatusers the world over have come to appreciate in a genuine Sartorius lab balance. Also, the novel housing finish of theExtend series is made to withstand many aggressive solvents, such as acetone and ethanol.The Extend series features the latest powerful microprocessor technology, shortening the response times for fasterresults than most basic or standard level balances.A built-in, motorized calibration weight is standard in all precision balances with the CW suffix and in all analyticalbalances. This feature ensures maximum weighing accuracy and operating convenience.• Fast cleaning and ruggeddesign: The side doors, topsliding door and all stainlesssteel parts of the analyticaldraft shield chamber are easyto remove for convenient andthorough cleaning.• An optional adapter cableenables you to connect adevice, such as a computer, tothe USB interface port. Plus,an RS-232C port is standardon all Extend balances.• Whenever you need ISO/GLPcompliant printouts of rawdata and/or calibration andadjustment data, the SartoriusExtend balance will generatethem – at the touch of a keywhen connected to a dataprinter, the YDP03-0CE.• User-friendly operation:Short, plain-English textprompts and cursor keys fornavigation make it simple foryou to configure the balanceto meet your individualrequirements.• The level indicator ispositioned conveniently rightnext to the display so thatchecking whether the balanceis level becomes “secondnature” to the operator.What’s more, all keys featurepositive click action.http://se.vwr.com07balances

fume hoodsFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Waldner fume hood technology certifiedaccording to the new EN 14175Many years of design know-how and scientific findings go into the development of these fume cupboards. This meansthat with Waldner laboratory fume cupboards, whatever their design and version, you are guaranteed maximumsafety, operational comfort and ergonomics with outstanding economic efficiency.• Waldner fume cupboards fulfil the requirements of allrelevant standards and regulations• Safety via the patented intake airflow profile on the frontedge of the fume cupboard worktop (see figs)• Clear view of all processes inside the fume cupboard fromglazed panel in top of cupboard• Maximum utilisation of working width with patented sideposts only 25 mm in width• Integrated service condition display is positioned at eye level• Removable panels with perimeter extraction in the rear panelallow maximum grouping of services and economicalupgrading of sanitary and electric services as well as offeringthe widest possible scope for using the work area• Greater safety and economic efficiency due to toothed beltsash mounting with stainless steel-reinforced toothed belts.This greatly reduces the amount of maintenance required incomparison with steel cable systems• The balanced and free-moving sash mechanism can be easilyoperated with one hand including release for the patentedsash stop• Automatic closure of the sash, photo-electric barrierand motion detector is incorporated in the overall systemto optimum effectfig. 1Waldner Secuflowfume hood withintegrated supportiveflow technologyfig. 2Schematic of patentedsupportive flow technologywith inflow profiles on sidepanels and worktopfume hoodsfig. 3The air from the laboratory isconveyed by the supportive flowtechnology to optimum effectand drawn flat over the worktopto the rear08certifiedaccording tothe new EN14175Performance features of Waldner Airflow-Controller ACfor variable extraction air volumes:• User control of motorised damper• Settling time: 3 sec. settled 2 sec. 80% of setpoint• Injection-moulded from plastic• No contact between measuring equipment and contaminated exhaust air• Measuring accuracy ± 5% of actual value• Automatic self-monitoring• Automatic zero point adjustment• Volumetric flow measuring range:100 – 1500 m 3 /h with airflow damper Ø 250 mm• Volumetric flow measuring range:400 – 3000 m 3 /h with airflow damper 600 x 250 mm• System pressure: 100 to 600 Pa

microbial air samplersThe most complete and accurate line ofmicrobial air monitoring systems availableFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Earliest microbial air samplerstrapped particles by centrifugalforce on special media strips. Thismethodology had a tendency tooverestimate total counts. Todaythe most effective methods aresieve impaction systems based onthe Anderson impaction principle.Such systems achieve much higherflow rates enabling capture ofparticles as small as 1 micron indiameter and significantly reducethe sample collection time.The Merck MAS-100 ® MicrobialAir Monitoring Systems are themost accurate examples of thissample collection method. Air isaspirated through a perforated lidwith 400 holes, impacting growthmedia in a standard 90 mm petridish or 60 mm contact plate.A state-of-the-art mass flowsensor, in all models exceptMAS-100 Eco ® , assures aconstant air flow rate (real time)of 100 L/min duringsample collection and automaticallyadjusts for variations in media filllevels and individual perforatedlids as well as air density.ReferencesAnderson, A. A. (1958) “New Sampler forthe collection, sizing and enumeration ofviable airborne particles.“ Journal ofBacteriology, Vol 76, pp. 471-484.Meier, R., Zingre, H. (2000) “Qualificationof air sampler systems: The MAS-100 ® “Swiss Pharma 22, No. 1-2, pp. 15-21Feller, W., “An Introduction to ProbabilityTheory and its applications"John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York, 1950“Microbial Evaluation of CleanroomEnvironments“ U.S. Pharmocopiea 27,NF 23, General Chapters , 2004http://se.vwr.comFive different versions of MAS-100 ® microbial air samplers are availablefor different applications; each complies with the guidelines as specifiedin ISO14698-1.MAS-100 ® / MAS-100 Ex ®Both these portable air samplers were initially designed for use in cleanrooms and donot produce disturbance in a laminar flow environment. These compact devices are thepreferred choice for those demanding the highest quality in microbial air monitoringwith the highest airflow accuracy of ±2.5%.The MAS-100 Ex ® is approved for use in explosion risk areas, in accordance withSN-SEV (NIN) for zone 2.MAS-100 Eco ®This smaller, inexpensive lightweight unit is great for the cleanroom but also airmonitoring in production areas, e.g food and beverage. The unit has many of the samefeatures as the standard MAS-100 ® without the mass flow sensor. The handle doublesas a stand and an optional tripod adapter attaches to the handle for fixed applications.MAS-100 CG Ex ®The MAS-100 CG Ex ® system enables quick, easy and accurate testing of compressedgases for microbial contamination and is the only sampler approved for use in zone2 explosion hazard areas. Calibrated with compressed air, the unique mass flow sensortechnology means only a mathematical correction factor is required to sample othergases. (Pre-programmed for nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon gas).MAS-100 ISO ®Meets the most rigorous demands for efficient air monitoring of the microbiologicalcleanliness in isolators and cleanrooms. The system consists of a control unit, aspirationunit and a wall mounted sampling head that can be integrated into standard sterilisationprotocols thanks to an isolating double valve unit. Besides this sampling head no otherelectronic or mechanical components are installed in the critically controlled zone.Each control unit can run 4 sampling heads and in a BUS-system, up to 40 samplingheads at the same time.Your advantages:• Proven methodology• Perfect in design –Precise in it’s measurements• Unique –Built-in airflow compensation• Independent –Use of standard petri dishes... and so very easy to use09microbial air samplers

spectrophotometryFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.The Affordable SpectrophotometrySolution for Life Science, Research andAnalytical LabsDU Series 700 are state-of-the-art, affordablespectrophotometers that generate accurate andreproducible measurements. The small bandwidth of< 3 nm gives excellent resolution and with the system’sfocused-beam design handles even small samples –capabilities usually only found on more expensivesystems. The systems have a unique touch-screen witheasy-to-use but powerful software, including a widerange of applications that make the DU Series 700 theperfect solution.DU 720 ‘General Purpose’ andDU 730 ‘Life Science’ UV/Vis Spectrophotometers• Single and multiple wavelength analysis• Wavelength scanning with spectral manipulation• Time-based kinetic / rate determination• Single component analysis to determine sample concentrations• Password protection with individual access control (security list)• UV and Visible lamps can be turned off automatically andindependently conserving lamp life and saving cost• Cell Holders 1 cm cell holder and a built-in 16 mm test tubeholder are standardOptional extras includeDU 730 ‘Life Science’ UV/Vis Spectrophotometerspectrophotometry• Cell Holders• Carousel with 7 positions for 1 cm cuvettes,including semi-microcells• 50 µl Microcell Holder• Turbidity Cell Holder for 1 cm cuvettes• Multi-Cell Holder for 1, 2, and 5 cm rectangular cuvettes• Sipper Module includes tubing kit• Peltier Temperature Control Module(15°C to 50°C in 1cm quartz cuvette)10Includes all the above plus:• Protein Assay Analysis for common protein assaysBradford, Lowry, Biuret, UV280, Colloidal Gold, Bicinchoninate (BCA)• Nucleic Acid Analysis for DNA, RNA, and Oligonucleotide experiments260/280 ratio, Single ratio (with or without background correction),concentration for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA with path length correction,oligonucleotide quantitation for long and short oligos withnearest-neighbour algorithm, including determination of theoreticalthermal melting point for DNA samples• % Dye Incorporation for micro array preparationSuitable for any dye that has fluorescence wavelengths similar to Cy3(550 nm) or Cy5 (650 nm), single or dual colour methods• DNA/Protein Tools with calculations, conversions and lookup tables

centrifugationFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Allegra ® X-15R leading the Allegra ® familyUnparalleled high performance and high capacityAre you in need of a refrigerated general-purpose centrifuge...• That’s easy to use?• That’s reliable, efficient, and versatile for differentapplications?• That’s able to perform routine separations such asgradients and pelleting in a variety of tubes, bottles,microtitre plates, microtubes, and cell culture flasks?Disequilibrium correctionup to 50 gThe Allegra ® X-15R offers all this withunparalled performance and capacity:• 3 litres at 5,250 x g• 16 microtitre plates at 4,060 x g• Exclusive aerosol containment• Biocertified by Porton Down, UKPLUS the exclusive ARIES TM Smart Balance rotor allows an automaticcorrection of the disequilibrium up to 50 g. The brand new carriers spin upto 12 microplates with biosafety certified* lids, up to 4,060 g and arecompatible with ARIES TM technology.Allegra ® X-15R is the leading product of the Allegra ®family including:• Allegra ® X-15R: High performance and high capacity. Unparalleled• Allegra ® X-12 (constant temperature) and X-12R (refrigerated):High capacity. Innovative• Allegra ® X-22R: Medium capacity. Compact• Allegra ® 25R: Extreme performance. PowerfulAvailable only through VWR subsidiaries inBenelux, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland,Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.http://se.vwr.comAllegra ® X-15R essential characteristics:• Wide variety of tubes, bottles, blood bags and cell-culture flasks up to3 litres can be accommodated, including canted-neck cell culture flasksand microtitre plates with versatile modular adapters• Features a fixed angle rotor (1.5 ml to 100 ml) with 6 x 100 mlcapacity with biosafety certification*• 5,250 g with the horizontal rotor and up to 11,400 g in fixed angle rotor• Biosafety certified* aerosol containment canisters or bucket covers toprevent escape of biohazardous samples in case of tube/bottle leakage• Aerosol containment canisters that can be removed from the rotorfor opening under a hood without disabling the centrifuge, allowingothers to use the instrument• Optional swing-out rotor features automatic rotor imbalancecorrection for differences of up to 50 g for opposing buckets• Offers warranty and extended warranty coverage by VWR Internationalservice engineers who are trained at the factory by Beckman• Numeric keypad:· 99 hours, 59 minutes· Hold position for maximum spin time· Temperature range of -10 to +40 °C· Save and recall 10 user-defined programmes· Set rpm (speed) or rcf (g force)/toggle between modes· Automatic rotor identification· Set rotor id from control panel· Recall original run parameters during a run*Biosafety certification by an independent third party Health Protection Agency: Porton Down, UK.11centrifugation

ioinstrumentationFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Advanced Bioinstrumentation –a new business unit of VWRBioscience researchers are increasinglyusing automation for high throughputsample preparation and analysis as wellas high specification instrumentationtogether with sophisticated data analysistools.To support these developments VWR hascreated the Advanced Bioinstrumentationbusiness unit. This specialist team willbe able to provide customers with allaspects of purchase and after sales ofthese major investments. As part ofthe VWR team they’ll also be able tocoordinate reagents and consumables aspart of the service package.Working with such market leaders as Eppendorf, Beckman Coulter, Thermo,Sartorius and Visualsonics here is a selection of products already available:• Benchtop Bioreactor Systems for 1, 2 and 5 litres• Plate readers for measuring absorbance, fluorescence or luminescence• Multimode plate readers measuring absorbance, fluorescence &luminescence in one instrument• PCR Multiblock System with up to 30 blocks controlled by one PC• Real-time PCR Instruments with 2 and 4 detection channels• Small & medium sized robots for liquid handling applications & molecular extractions• In Vivo imaging systems (for small animal research)• Cell microinjection/micromanipulation systemsbioinstrumentation12More products are being added all the time – if you have a requirement not shown please contact us!

flash chromatographyFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Power Up Your ResultsGet Straight To The FractionA New Benchmark in Flash ChromatographyReally Fast!Rapid purification, rapid results, high sample throughput,high efficiency, time-saving – these are today`s needs insubstance purification, solved by LaFlash.Really Versatile!LaFlash is a system for all applications in flashchromatography that offers, through its multi-layeredfunctionality, a surprising range of opportunities.Really Convenient!The LaFlash System is especially designed for simpleand intuitive handling and control to enable a rapidchange between different users without the need forextensive training.Specs!· Up to 25 bar· Up to 200 ml/min· Different injection types – loop and direct· Broad range of columns· Superior number of fractionsThe Perfect System ForFlash ChromatographyAll LaFlash systems have a UVfilter detecter and are suppliedwith PC and suitable software.Four versions are available:http://se.vwr.comml/min Gradient Cat.No.100 binary 905-0202100 quaternary 905-0203200 binary 905-0204200 quaternary 905-020513flash chromatography

water testingFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Water testingAvailable exclusivelythrough VWR, the Merckrange of test systemsprovides a completesolution for drinkingwater and wastewateranalysis in the field orlaboratory. Theseinstrument and reagentpackages have a hostof other applications inmany other industriesincluding food andbeverage, chemical andpharmaceutical.Simply CompactSpectroquant ® Picco colorimetersare small, handheld, battery operatedinstruments ideal for performingsimple drinking water or waste wateranalysis – anywhere! When only oneor two parameters need to bedetermined the Picco colorimeter isthe compact solution. Different modelsdedicated to certain parametersincluding Cl 2 /pH/ O 3 , COD, NH 4 -N,NO 3 -N and deliver results in seconds.Simply State of the ArtSpectroquant ® PhotometersDifferent requirements demand different solutions. The Spectroquant ® NOVAphotometers are practically orientated – there is an instrument for everyapplication. One thing they all have in common is the high quality of themeasurement results, coupled with ease of use and start-to finish AQAfeatures – made possible by innovative instrument technology.The Spectroquant ® NOVA photometers are compact, in some cases mobile,and – depending on the model – already have various Spectroquant ® test kitspre-programmed. The devices automatically recognise the cell format beingused and deliver the measurement results in a matter of seconds. Newmethods are installed simply via the method-update software, which can bedownloaded from the Internet free of charge. Using the special cable and yourPC, the entire update-download procedure takes less than three minutes.Security in water testingwith the Spectroquant ®analysis systemThe Spectroquant ® systemcomprises an entire seriesof test kits, instruments andall the necessary accessories.Plus numerous products forsample pre-treatment andmore than 200 differentcustomer-orientedapplications.Comprehensive AnalyticalQuality Assurance (AQA),support guarantees GLPcompliantdocumentationof results.PiccoThe All-RounderSpectroquant ® Multy colorimetersare the ideal option for all users whoare looking for an inexpensive andall-round solution for photometricwater analysis. This easy-to-operateand robust instrument is particularlysuited for on-the-spot use.Pre-calibrated for over 90 Spectroquantreagent and cell tests, including allSpectroquant ® NOVA 30 A is theeasy-to-handle photometer for newusers. It’s compact, sturdy, and –thanks to the integrated power pack– mobile, too.Incorporating a bar-code scannersystem for complete AQA the NOVA30A can handle 50 different cell-testsincluding all important cell tests forwater analysis.Nova 30Spectroquant ® NOVA 60photometer is just as compact and,wherever needed, as mobile as theNOVA 30 A – it’s the easy-to-handleand flexible photometer for dailyroutine. In addition to the entirerange of cell tests, all reagent testsare also measurable at 12 differentwavelengths. That’s more than 130tests of ranges and practicalapplication. It is also possible to enterten of your own methods directly viathe keys and to store them for futureuse. This makes the Spectroquant ®NOVA 60 photometer a unit that iswell suited for customer-specificmethods, too.important parameters for wastewaterand drinking water such as COD, totalnitrogen, total phosphorous, chlorine,Nova 60ozone, nitrates, nitrites. Traces oftoxins such as arsenic, cadmium andcyanide etc. can also be measured.water testing14Multy

water testingFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.Spectroquant ® NOVA 400photometer is the model with thegreatest flexibility, for use inprofessional water analysis andindividual analytical assignments.More than 120 different test kits invarious measuring ranges make theNOVA 400 a photometer with auniversal range of applications. Yet theSpectroquant ® NOVA 400 can domore than just this, It is a powerfulspectrophotometer capable ofmeasuring at any desired wavelengthfrom 330 to 850 nm. So it can beused as a measurement unit forreference analysis (DIN / EN / ISO /EPA) and is also capable of recordingabsorption spectra, which – thanks tothe diode array – are immediatelyavailable. Kinetic measurements,colour measurements, turbiditymeasurements and has 99 freelyprogrammable storage slots for yourown methods are also at yourfingertips.Nova 400Spectroquant ® ThermoreactorsComplete sample digestion isabsolutely essential for gaining thecorrect measurement result forcertain parameters. Samplepretreatment is an integral part ofthe Spectroquant ® analysis system.Spectroquant ® thermoreactors containfive standard programmes for dailyroutine operations.Spectroquant ® ‚ Test KitsThermoreactorQuality comes as second nature to Merck, certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1992 and to DIN EN ISO 14001 since2001. Stringent controls on the raw materials, effective in-process controls, and documented final controls are thefactors that guarantee the consistently high performance of the test kits.Every batch of kits that comes off the production line is given a lot certificate, so you don’t need to performadditional quality-control checks before use. Characteristic data of the individual test procedures – determinedaccording to standardised processes – are included in the form of quality certificates. The lot certificates and qualitycertificates for each kit can be called up over the Internet ( ® ‚ Test Kits• 120 different tests• Validated analytical methods(many USEPA-approved)• Batch and quality certificatesfor each test• Comprehensive AQA• Extremely long shelf-life(up to three years)• Generally no refrigerationrequired• Compatible with other brandsof photometersSpectroquant ® ‚ Cell tests• High user-friendliness –virtually all you need in onephotometric cell• Error-free identification bymeans of barcode• Automatic selection of thecorrect method• Limit of detection down to theppb rangeSpectroquant ® ‚ Reagent tests• Ready-to-use reagent mixtures• Error-free identification bymeans of barcode• Automatic selection of thecorrect method• Limit of detection down to theppb rangeClick on to review all the parameters available to you or contactyour local VWR office.http://se.vwr.com15water testing

sample preparationFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an thecontext ofRoHSWEEEandSample Preparationwithout heavy metal contaminationPre-cuttingFine grindingof hard and abrasive materialsFine grindingof soft and elastic materialsThe objectives of the new directivesHeavy-Duty Cutting Mill SM 2000Vibratory Disc Mill RS 100Ultra-Centrifugal Mill ZM 200are the environmentally safe• Feed size up to 60 x 80 mm• Feed size up to 15 mm• Feed size up to 10 mmdisposal of electrical and electronic• Final fineness < 2 mm• Final fineness < 40 µm• Final fineness < 40 µmdevices (WEEE) and the restriction• Gentle grinding of large samples• Extremely short grinding times• Fast and gentle grinding in two steps,of the use of certain hazardousat room temperature• Loss-free dry and wet grindinggrinding with liquid nitrogen possiblesubstances in these devices (RoHS).• Powerful 1.5 kW motor with• Wide choice of grinding sets including• Distance sieves for grindingEvery manufacturer, seller, recyclertwo speed versionstungsten carbide sets for abrasivetemperature-sensitive materialsand disposer of such products is• Various hoppers and rotors for idealsample materials• New high-performance Powerdriveaffected by the new regulationsadjustment to material requirements• Sealed, noise-insulated grinding• Continuously adjustable,and is required to demonstrate by• Fold-back housing for easy cleaningchamber6,000 – 18,000 rpmanalytical determination that the• Central lock• Motor compartment and electronicsdirectives are being observed.protected against contamination• Graphics display andElectrical and electronic waste issingle button operationusually a heterogeneous mixture of• Patented cassette allows for simplemetal, ceramics, plastics andcleaningcomposites, so neutral to analysissample preparation can be a problem.Careful selection of effectivelaboratory mills is critical as only atruly homogeneous sample canguarantee accurate results.RETSCH Mills are ideal for grindingwithout heavy metal contamination.Application fieldPre-cutting Fine GrindingSM 2000 RS 100* ZM 200*sample preparationPower cords (flexible wire) < 5 mm – < 200 µmCable harness, separated todifferent colours (cadmiumand lead influence the colours)Blank circuit boards < 5 mm < 150 µm –Printed circuit board assembly(soldered joint, PBB’S)Contactor, electronic switchesand connectorsLCD Displays < 5 mm – < 150 µmSingle electronic componentslike condenser, electricresistors, solenoids,IC-Chips, batteriesand many more*for small sample volumes, RETSCH’s Mixer Mill MM 301 is also suitable16 Please contact us for any technical or applicationrelated information and ask for a FREE sample testing!Useful AncillariesSample Divider PT 100For representativedivision of 6 to 10samples fromthe bulkPellet Press PP 25For preparing pelletsfrom solid sample materialsfor subsequent XRF

homogenisersKINEMATICA –Finest Swiss Made HomogenisersFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.When it comes to homogenising you can rely on 60 years of experience to be sure to get the expertsolution. KINEMATICA works closely together with its world wide partners and customers to constantlyimprove and speed up the sample preparation work.An example of an advanced samplepreparation unitWhen the quantity of samples to be processed isincreasing and the time to do the preparation isdecreasing, but the quality and reproducibility of thesamples must be guaranteed you need an homogeniseryou can rely on. The multiple homogeniser systemPOLYTRON ® PT 3100 Quattro in combination with thefamous “W” shredder design is such an indispensabletool.Application exampleThe samples used for pesticide and herbicide residueanalysis vary immensely from all types of plant materialsuch as cereal grains, beans and straw to animal tissue,such as meat or fat, etc. This material, which issometimes deep-frozen, must be dispersed in water,acetone or methanol before analysis; according to GLPstandardised methods complying with legal guidelines.The preparation of hard and brittle, sometimes toughand fibrous samples is often difficult and time-consumingwork. Deep-frozen cereal grain, or, for example, broadbeans are extremely hard and abrasive; the connectivetissue from meat on the other hand is very fibrous andtough. One disadvantage of standard dispersinginstruments is that hard particles get caught in the teethof the stator, and long-fibrous, vegetable and animaltissue catch on to the teeth of the rotor. This stopsprocessing and consumes the sample whilst leaving thetool virtually impossible to clean.http://se.vwr.comThe “W” design of the POLYTRON PT3100 Quattrogenerator has no surfaces with parallel faces; the teethget thinner towards the end. Coarser particles are,therefore, not jammed in the stator teeth but thrownoutwards by the turbulence of the rotor and thusreprocessed. In order to minimise abrasion caused byhard particles, the rotor and stator of the dispersingtool are coated and hard metal plain bearings areused in the generator. These modifications increasethe life span considerably.A large amount of mechanical force is required forefficient preparation of the sample. The PT3100 andPT6100 have powerful drives for higher rotationalspeeds that reduce processing time. Best of all thehomogeniser can be cleaned quickly and simplyunder the tap without the scrubbingand scraping out required by othermodels. The final result – goodquality samples – fast!POLYTRON ® PT 3100 QuattroSpecial features: four samplescan be processed simultaneously.The special geometry of thedispersing aggregate preventsjamming of the stator.The bearing system is designedto be very durable, the coatingof the rotor and stator increasesthe life time three fold versusstandard 316L. The Easy Cleandesign allows a fast cleaning.KINEMATICAoffers a wide rangeof other homogenisersto meet yourapplication needsand budgets.POLYTRON ® PT 2100(budget version)17homogenisers

pH, conductivity and DO metersFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.New High-End Benchtop Meters fromSCHOTT InstrumentspH, conductivity and DO metersProLab 1000 andProLab 2000Sensational designThese instruments will attracteverybody’s attention – atfirst glance it is clear that theyare premier league players.The timeless, high-value designof the ProLab instrumentsreflect their quality. TheProLab weight guarantees afirm standing with the largedisplay housed in a massivemetal body and covered witha one-piece glass slide.The S4D stand can be attachedto either side of the instrumentwithout additional tools toensure that it stays on yourbench.Innovative technologyAutomatic ElectrodeRecognition. The qualitycontroller’s dream:A measuring instrumentautomatically recognising theelectrode! The latest microtechnology stores thecalibration data in the sensorthat is transmitted along withthe sensor ID (type and serialno.), ensuring that only thatspecific sensor’s characteristicsare used to calculate results.18Up-to-date: The latest measuringtechnology with exceptional featuresConcise: The design of the ProLab familyis optimised for the requirements ofhygiene sensitive sectors of thechemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.The combination of glass and membrane keypad caneasily be disinfected.Brilliant: The backlit high-resolution display is easy to read;the keypad is clearly structured and the operation logical.Modern: Direct data transmission via RS232 or USB withoutadapter. All GLP calibration protocols and all data sets withtime and ID out of 1500 storage spaces can be recalled.The memory is structured in hierarchical levels with useridentification according to CFR 21 part 11.ProLab 1000 –The professional’s instrumentExact measuring with reproducible results:With a measuring range from -2.000 to +20.000 pH andan accuracy of 0.003 pH the ProLab 1000 is especially suitedfor demanding measurements in research and processcontrol. The automatic calibration at up to 5 points and theautomatic buffer recognition from more than 16 selectablebuffer sets guarantees results you can trust.Advanced: Special features, e.g. the dead stop functionbroaden the field of application for manual titrationapplications (wine industry, food industry).Distinctive:An electronic identity card transmits theuser’s name and identification numberby wireless transmission when drawnclose to the instrument. A reliable,distinctive and effortless procedure.ProLab 2000ProLab 2000 –The AllrounderVersatile: In the ProLab 2000 pH, ISE, conductivity and DOmeasuring is integrated in one single instrument. Up to 4parameters can be measured simultaneously and displayedin the graphic display. The parameters are selected via menu.Innovative: Sensors are recognized automatically.The latest microtechnology enables the storage ofcalibration data in the individual sensor. Upon connection,the sensor logs in with its ID (type and serial no.) and bytransmitting its specific data assures a correct measurement.Professional: With a measuring range from -2.000 to+20.000 pH and an accuracy of 0.003 pH, the ProLab 2000is especially suited for demanding applications in researchand development. The automatic pH and ISE calibration atup to 3 points guarantees absolute reliability. A galvanic DOsensor and SCHOTT Instruments multi-pole conductivitymeasuring cells widen the measuring functions for mostapplications.ProLab 1000

the right toolThe right tool for the jobFor more information complete thefaxback enquiry form on the back cover,visit or contact customerservice or send us an e-mail.An important part of what can sometimes be very lengthy and complexanalytical procedures is the trust you place in your high purity analyticalgrade chemicals and reagents. The key consideration must be that theresults obtained from different batches will be consistent and accurate.Such confidence comes in part from the large number of tests performedon every batch of material so you know that the purity of each productconforms to the data specified on the label. However, when consideringwhether the different brands of analytical reagents available havespecifications suitable to your application it’s important to compare thenumber of parameters tested by the manufacturer, the ways themeasurements are performed and whether they represent maximumpermitted levels of impurities or merely typical analyses.An increasing number of chemicals are now available which meet therequirements of specific techniques and processes. Production of thesechemicals may involve additional purification and packaging steps, such asdistillation and filling under nitrogen, to ensure that the reagents meet andretain their guaranteed high purity specifications. In many cases the choiceof container used is critical too; you would not normally store a reagentwith a guaranteed low level of sodium in a glass bottle where the metal islikely to leach from the container walls. Some packaging is specialised, forexample, solvents stored in special HDPE (high density polyethylene) reducethe risk of extractable plasticisers and give the advantage of being lightweightand user-friendly.At VWR, we believe in the philosophy of “the right product for the rightapplication”. The re-assurance that a reagent will be suitable for aparticular application comes from the analytical tests performed on theproduct. For example, anhydrous solvents such as Merck’s Seccosolv haveexceptionally low levels of water for synthesis and analysis of moisturesensitive substances. High purity HPLC solvents, Merck LiChrosolv andhttp://se.vwr.comPrepsolv have specifications characterised by the high transmittances inthe UV spectrum and low levels of nonvolatile impurities. Ion pair reagentsshould also be chosen on the basis of high UV transmittance and the absenceof insoluble impurities and redox traces. The use of GC (gas chromatography)for residue and environmental analysis has its own particular reagentrequirements. Products such as Merck’s UniSolv and SupraSolv solvents aretested to ensure absence of interfering signals when measuring with flameionisation (FID), electron capture (ECD) and MS- detectors.For trace analytical procedures where contaminates are measured down inthe parts per billion (ppb) range it’s essential to use highly pure reagentssuch as Merck’s Suprapur in sample digestion process to ensure acceptableblank values. After all, there’s little point looking for trace amounts of anelement in a sample if the reagents used in the process have unacceptablelevels of that parameter as a contaminant. For ultra-trace analysis, in theparts per trillion (ppt) range it’s necessary to use mineral acids from Merck’sUltrapur range. These acids, produced by sub-boiling distillation, aresupplied in bottles made from the inert fluoropolymer PFA and areguaranteed to have less than 100 ppt contaminates.Moving forward in today’s scientific world is a must; having confidencein your analytical results by choosing “the right product for the rightapplication” reduces the requirement to repeat analyses and preventsneedless delays. Whether the material is a general purpose chemical oran ultra pure trace analysis grade mineral acid it’s important that youhave complete confidence in the stated purity. At VWR we take thattrust very seriously and are proud to be exclusive distributors of theworld’s number one laboratory chemical brand – Merck.For further information on Merck chemicals and reagents pleasecontact your local sales organisation.19the right tool

Reader Competition and Enquiry FormReader Competition and Enquiry FormDo you Soduku?Try your hand at our competition and youcould win one of these great prizes:- Stylish Clock radio/CD player- Funky Wall Clocks- Fabulous Coffee MakerWe have two of each of these prizes to give away.The rules are easy – complete the grid using the numbers 1 – 9.Each number can only be used in each row, column or smallersubgrid (marked in bold) once. Completing the grid will revealthe number shaded. Once you have it fax it email your answer withyour name and address details to and you willenter our draw for the prizes to be made on 31st July 2006.*Want to know more?9 2 61 81 3 86 2 4 5 31 3 45 4 78 69 7 1 5 43 7 1 6 2* Terms and conditions: winners will be the first entries drawn on 31st July. No cash alternative.Please tick off the articles that are of interest to you and fax to VWR on 08 621 34 66 or email with the title ‘Equip information required’Page No. Article Tick for more information Tick for a call to organisea demonstration or quotation3 VWR Lab Books and Special Application Log Books4 Binder KBF Climatic Chamber with improved ICH Illumination5 Heidolph LABOROTA control vario6 testo 735 – Highly Precise Temperature Measurement7 The New Sartorius Extend Balance Series8 Waldner Fume Hood Technology9 Merck Microbial Air Monitoring Systems10 Beckman Coulter DU ® Series 700 UV/Vis Spectrophotometers11 Beckman Coulter Allegra Centrifuges12 VWR Biosciences – A New Initiative for Life Scientists13 La Flash14 | 15 Merck Spectroquant ® Systems16 Retsch – Solutions for Tackling RoHS and WEEE Directives17 Kinematica – Multiple Homogeniser System PT 3100 Quattro18 Schott Instruments – High-end pH, Conductivity and DO Meters19 Merck Chemicals and ReagentsTick here if you would like to register for our monthly email newsletter packed full of offers and events.Please complete in block capitalsName:Company/Institute:Department:Address:County:Postcode:E-mail:Telephone number:Fax number:VWR International ABFagerstagatan 18aSE - 163 94 StockholmTel.: 08 621 34 00Fax: 08 621 34 66e-Mail info@se.vwr.comFax 08 621 34 66No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied without prior permissionby writing of VWR International Europe.VWR International AB · Fagerstagatan 18a · SE - 163 94 Stockholm · Tel.: 08 621 34 00 · Fax: 08 621 34 66 · e-Mail

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