K2 ridici vybor prezentace - Å koda Auto

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K2 ridici vybor prezentace - Å koda Auto

ŠKODA K2 CMS price tableK2 project teamApril 12th, 2012

IntroductionPrices for ŠKODA CMS solution for each importer are part of SLA contract (Service LevelAgreement) between ŠKODA and the importer.The price for the importer is an yearly fee and is based on car sales from previous yearFor the new K2 CMS the price table was redefined, because the number of countriesraised and the internet traffic over cloud has to be covered2 ŠKODA CMS price table, January 16th

Basis price tableI. II. III. IV. V. VI.Cars sold 50.000Basis price (€) 1.000 1.000 1.510 4.070 10.520 20.120Each car over (€) 0 0,85 0,64 0,43 0,32 0,21PriceNotice: Additional 6,5% asoverhead fee will be addedSold cars3 ŠKODA CMS price table, January 16th

Prices for sample countries (incl. 6,5%)Country Cars sold in 2011 CMS price„old“ SLANew priceAlbania 310 2.130 1.065Bulgaria 1.630 4.260 2.038Portugal 2.615 4.260 2.709Switzerland 16.298 7.668 9.508Poland 38.116 NA 17.378Germany 128.011 NA 38.875Explanation of the price calculation. Switzerland sold in 2011 16.298 cars. For this volume we usethe price column IV from the previous page with the basis price 4.070 EUR for 5.000 cars. Thedifference in sold cars (16.298-5.000) 11.298 we multiply with the coefficient 0,43 from the samecolumn. This gives additional 4.858 EUR. Finally, we shall add to this sum (4.070+4.858=8.928 EUR)an overhead fee of 6,5% to get the final price 9.508 EUR.4 ŠKODA CMS price table, January 16th

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