OneNation Under God - First Christian Reformed Church
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OneNation Under God - First Christian Reformed Church

07/03/11One NationUnderGodWelcome toFirst Christian Reformed Church20 Bly StreetWaupun, WI 53963920-324-2898firstcrcwaupunwi@juno.comwww.waupuncrc.comCCLI License 1865451Pastor Craig Van Hillpastorvanhill@gmail.comHome: 920-324-2249Cell: 920-319-1156Pastor Norman Haanrevh@centurytel.netHome: 920-928-6488Cell: 920-296-9935Office Secretary Hours: Tue. & Thu. 10:00 AM – 3:00 PMBulletin Announcement Deadline: Thu. 12:00 PM

*PreludeCall to Worship9:30 AM Worship(*Please stand if you are able)Songs of Praise led by Praise Team 2*God’s Greeting*We Greet Each OtherGod’s Will: Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 92,G903God’s Assures Us of Forgiveness:Heidelberg Catechism Q&A1, G861(responsively)Q. What is your only comfortin life and in death?A. That I am not my own, butbelong—body and soul, in lifeand in death—to my faithfulSavior Jesus Christ.He has fully paid for all my sinswith his precious blood, and hasset me free from the tyranny ofthe devil.He also watches over me in sucha way that not a hair can fallfrom my head without the will ofmy Father in heaven: in fact, allthings must work together formy salvation.Because I belong to him, Christ,by his Holy Spirit, assures me ofeternal life and makes mewholeheartedly willing and readyfrom now on to live for him.Preparing for the Lord’s Supper: G978AccompanistBrenda HofmanChildren & WorshipTeacher: Nancy Vande BergHelpers: Den Vande BergDylan Vander BergFellowship CoffeePete & Tabbie Vander WerffGreetersDave, Lori, Thomas & AdamVenhuizenLibraryAngela BuwaldaMarcia ButeynFaith MiedemaNurseryMichelle MulderDorothy SchoutenBecca SmitsSound SystemSeth AylesworthTransportationLouie Wierenga (324-3683)Percy De Vries (324-4678)UshersJordan De JagerSeth HuizengaDave RensThomas VenhuizenVideo ProjectionRandall GreenfieldMissionary LettersGrace K. to Daryl PfantzNicole K. to Brother Bob +Randy K. to Chaplain PeterSong of Preparation: “Stand Up, Stand Upfor Jesus” R730 vs. 1+ Please pray especially for thismissionary family this week.(Children ages 3 years through 4 thgrade may come forward for the Children’s Message during the song.)Children’s Message by Laura Venhuizen(Afterwards, children ages 3-6 may leave for Children’s Worship in theupstairs Youth Room.)

Song: “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” R730 vs. 2-3Congregational Prayer*Scripture: Matthew 11:20-30We Study God’s Word: “Rest through Labor”1. Coming to Jesus2. Sharing the BurdenPrayer*Response in Song: “Near to the Heart of God” R617Offertory PrayerOffering for the Building Fund*Benediction*Parting Song: “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” R630*Postlude7:00 PM Worship(*Please stand if you are able)PreludeCall to Worship*God’s GreetingSongs of Praise led by Toni HofmanPrayers of the People led by Ken HomanOffering for the Education FundWe Study God’s WordScripture: 2 Timothy 1:7; Galatians 5:25Sermon: “In Step with the Spirit” (Part 2)*Song of Response: “Spirit of the Living God”G424 vs. 1-2*Affirmation of Our Faith: “Apostles’ Creed”G183*Benediction*Doxology: “Praise the Savior Now and Ever”G400 vs. 1 and 4*PostludeAccompanistBrenda HofmanGreetersSam & Sylvia VanderGalienNurseryBrenda HofmanJenna MulderThomas VenhuizenSound SystemSeth AylesworthTransportationLouie W. (324-3683)Percy D.V. (324-4678)UshersJordan De JagerSeth HuizengaDave RensThomas VenhuizenVideo ProjectionRandall Greenfield

WelcomeWe welcome our visitors and hope that you enjoyworshiping with us. If you are presently seeking a churchhome, we welcome you to join our fellowship. If you wouldlike further information about our church, check out ourwebsite at or contact Pastor Craig(324-2249) or the church office (324-2898).The songs and responsive readings will be displayedon the video screens, but feel free to use the hymnals if youwish. The Celebration Hymnals (R) are located under thepew in front of you.Large-print bulletins and children's bulletins are available in the backsanctuary rack. Please feel free to check one of the “Visitor” mail slots inthe narthex for additional materials.Worship NotesWe welcome Pastor Don Boss (AM) and Pastor Kevin Edlefson (PM).Thank you for leading us in worship today.Today is Preparatory for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper nextSunday morning.This morning’s offering is for the Building Fund—to pay for repairs andpurchases for the parsonage, church building, and church equipment,including maintenance of the buildings and grounds and any neededadditions to accommodate the growing church.This evening’s offering is for the Education Fund—to pay for ChristianEducation at CWCS for the children of the congregation.Our FamilyWe rejoice that Wiebe Buwalda was released from the hospital onMonday. Please continue to pray for him and the family as he struggles withweakness.Neen Kocmoud has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Please pray thatthe medical treatment she will be receiving will be effective.We rejoice with the following who will celebrate an anniversary orbirthday this week:Anniversary: JulyScott & Jen Ritzema 8Birthday: July Birthday: JulyHelene Navis 3 Sadie Navis 7Kristi Zonnefeld 4 Lucas Vander Berg 7Isaac Hofman 5 Harold Greenfield 8Carol Navis 7 Michelle Root 9

Church NewsThe Healing Path. Look for the Safe Church flyer in your mailslot today.There are various forms of abuse that affect all age groups. This month’shandout helps create awareness on Justice-Making between a victim andthe offender. Please take the time to read it and learn how justice andmercy, together, can create a path of healing.Church Women United of Waupun Area will be holding theirannual School Supplies Drive for area needy families duringthe month of July. Please place your donated supplies on thenarthex table anytime from next Sunday through Sunday, July24. If you prefer to give a monetary contribution, mark it "SchoolSupplies" and place it in any offering by July 24.Church Picture Directory Coming Soon! Olan Mills will becoming to our church this summer to take family/individual photos for ournew pictorial directory. The scheduled dates to choose from are Wednesday, July 13, 2:00 PM – 9:20 PM Thursday, July 14, 2:00 PM – 9:20 PM Friday, August 19, 2:00 PM – 9:20 PM Saturday, August 20, 9:30 AM – 5:10 PMEveryone is encouraged to participate. Sign-up sheets are in the narthex.Please sign up early to get the day and time you prefer! If you have anyquestions, please contact Cara Aylesworth or Kim Greenfield.Are you missing a jacket? If so, please check the coatrack. Three have been left there for quite a while now and will bedonated to Bargains Galore if not claimed by July 10.The GEMS Girls' Clubs Annual Counselors' LeadershipConference will take place this weekend in Fort Collins, Colorado on thecampus of Colorado State University! We invite you to join us in prayer forthis event, for the safety of those attending, and for all involved in theConference. Over 480 women will attend and will learn about the new themeGet Wisdom: Go Beyond the Gold! Ray Vander Laan and Lisa Harper will beour keynote speakers, please pray for them and each of the workshopspeakers who will challenge attendees. We pray that God's Spirit will bepresent and moving in the hearts of the women that attend and that they willbe equipped and prepared for another GEMS seasonCommunity HappeningsKelli Heeringa, a senior at the Waupun Area High School, is organizing ablood drive for the American Red Cross to be held this Thursday, 10:00AM – 4:00 PM, at the Waupun Area High School. The goal is to save 90lives through 30 donations. As Kelli points out, “A blood drive may not begiving money or a fancy community service project, but it is a huge help tocommunities in the area. It takes usually about 15 minutes or less to actually

donate.” Food and beverages will be offered after donating, along with freecustard from Culvers and chances to win numerous prizes.Around the WorldThe July issue of the Prayer Guide for the ministries of the ChristianReformed Church is now available to read or download Let Marla know if you do not have internet access andwould like a printed copy.Volunteer with the CRC and be impacted for life! Some of the currentopportunities include a Theological Educator in Nigeria and a Service &Learning Team Assistant for the Dominican Republic - both with CRWM.Additionally CRWRC is looking for an English Language Facilitator inCambodia as well as Medical Volunteers in Tanzania. For these and othervolunteer opportunities, please contact ServiceLink at volunteer@crcna.orgor visit 8:45 AM First Fellowship9:30 AM Morning Worship7:00 PM Evening WorshipNext Sun: 8:45 AM First FellowshipNext WeekAccompanistLois MulderChildren’s MessageDominique Van HillChildren & WorshipTeacher: Dominique Van HillHelpers: Jason De JagerCody ZonnefeldFellowship CoffeeKevin & Andrea BuwaldaGreetersAM – Pete, Tabbie, Zach, Jake & OliviaVander WerffPM – Al & Renae VenhuizenLibraryArlene De JagerDorothy SchoutenLori KitchnerMusical PraiseBen HomanNurseryAM – Dan & Gladys MontsmaBreanna SmitsPM – Katie De JagerLori VenhuizenHollie Ten PassOfferingAM – Benevolence FundPM – Faith PromisePastoral PrayerBrian O’DonovanSound SystemDan ScheuersTransportationLouie Wierenga (324-3683)Percy De Vries (324-4678)UshersJordan De JagerSeth HuizengaDave RensThomas VenhuizenVideo ProjectionKatie De Jager

Shut-InsPrayer ListGerald Bossenbroek Bea HeidemanJunice Kamphuis Eugene Kikkert Millie KuiperJosie Looman Wilma Navis Minnie TobakHealthJoe Aalsma as he struggles with his health and loneliness.Allegra Bossenbroek’s nephew – that his femur will heal correctlyAndrea Buwalda and their unborn child as Andrea is restricted to bed rest.Wiebe Buwalda and family as he continues to struggle with weakness.Gene Hofman and family as he recovers from a stroke.Elaine Homan’s friend, Jill, who has cancer.Comfort and relief from pain for Harry Homan.Grant Kamphuis as he recovers from a motorcycle accident.Brother Bob, Neen, and Angel as Brother Bob’s health declines.Neen Kocmoud as she doctors for Lymphoma.Ken and Gardie Ten Pas’ unborn grandchild who has severe Hypoplastic Left HeartSyndrome (a severe congenital heart defect in which the left side of the heart isunderdeveloped). Pray for protection for the baby, wisdom for the specialistsKyle and Gina are consulting with, and strength and comfort for the family.Ivan & Barb Van Essen as they recover from a serious car accidentLiz Van Zanen as she struggles with back pain.Gregg & Kristi’s friend, Janna, who was diagnosed with cancer.Those who are undergoing medical tests and procedures.MilitaryLarry & Trix Daane’s grandson, Jeff Daane (Navy aircraft carrier)Jack & Marla De Jager’s nephew, Jonathan Sturing (Afghanistan)Chaplain Peter Hofman (Fort Bragg, NC)Marge Vande Streek’s grandson, Brian Vande Streek (Germany)Louie & Nancy Wierenga’s grandson, Devin Terry (Guam)PraiseThanks that bed rest has been going well for Lois Mulder’s sister-in-law, Dawn.Continue to pray for the Lord’s hand on their unborn child and the entire familyas Dawn’s bed rest will continue for several more weeks.RequestsCharlene Miller’s daughter, Julie, who was diagnosed with a brain disease andJulie’s son, Kyle, who has an eye disease that could cause blindness.Those whose lives have been affected by tornadoes and/or flooding and thosewho are volunteering in the relief efforts.Restoration of broken relationships

America the BeautifulBy Katharine Lee BatesO beautiful for spacious skies,For amber waves of grain,For purple mountain majestiesAbove the fruited plain!America! America!God shed his grace on theeAnd crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea!O beautiful for pilgrim feetWhose stern impassioned stressA thoroughfare of freedom beatAcross the wilderness!America! America!God mend thine every flaw,Confirm thy soul in self-control,Thy liberty in law!O beautiful for heroes provedIn liberating strife.Who more than self their country lovedAnd mercy more than life!America! America!May God thy gold refineTill all success be noblenessAnd every gain divine!O beautiful for patriot dreamThat sees beyond the yearsThine alabaster cities gleamUndimmed by human tears!America! America!God shed his grace on theeAnd crown thy good with brotherhoodFrom sea to shining sea!

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