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Teukolsky master equations (TME):FromAnd the stability conditionson linearized perturbations equations we find:The angular equation:The radial equation:Spin:S=-2,-1,0,1,2.andare twoindependentparameters

Two independent exact solutions of the radialTeukolsky equation in outer domain are:

The solutions of the angular equation:The solutions of the angular equation above describe polar JETS.

Nature vs. Our Model

Zeros of the equation: s=-1, 2M=1, a/M=0.99 checked with Muler'salgorithmeRe(omega) Im(omega)0.867 -0.127-0.867 -0.127The real part of the result coincides with the criticalfrequency of superradiance. The imaginary part iscomparable to the real one, which shows it'simpossible to create gravitational bomb, because theradiated waves decay quickly.

Thank you for your attention!For more information please check:P.P. Fiziev, Exact Solutions of Regge-Weeler and Teukolsky equations,1)Talk at the seminar of the Gravity and astrophysics Group,Jagelonsky University, Cracow 23.050.20072) Talk at The Advanced Workshop on Gravity, Astrophysics andStrings, GAS@BS07,10-16.06.2007,Primorsko, Bulgaria,to appear in theProceedings of the WorkshopP.P. Fiziev, D. R. Staicova Novel Models of Central Engine of GammaRay Burst, Talk at the Advanced Workshop on Gravity, Astrophysicsand Strings, GAS@BS07, 10-16.06.2007, Primorsko, Bulgaria, to appearin the Proceedings of the WorkshopP.P. Fiziev, 2006, Class. Quant. Grav. 23, 2447-2468P.P. Fiziev, 2007, Jour. Phys. Conf. Ser. 66, 01290126

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