Webinar Slides - Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

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Webinar Slides - Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

EmergingMed Provides a Pathway to Clinical TrialsCancer PatientEmergingMed ClinicalTrial NavigatorsIRB-ApprovedClinical Trial SitesWhere to findinformation?1. Educate2. Match patients to trials3. Broker solutions toaddressable barriers4. Provide phone-basedsupport» Informed Consent» Patient Screeningand SelectionCONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

BCAN Homepage – Clinical Trial Matching ServiceCONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

BCAN Clinical Trial Matching Page – Getting StartedProfiles can becreated by phoneor onlineFree andconfidential serviceAfter completing abrief questionnaireand treatmenthistory, Navigatorscan narrow andpersonalize yourmatch results.CONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials: OverviewCurrently there are over 600 trials thatwould accept a bladder cancer patient –only 49 of these trials are specificallydesigned for bladder cancer.All Bladder Cancer Trials93% of treatment trials are enrollingpatients with locally advanced ormetastatic disease (46)7% of treatment trials are specificallylooking for patients with early stage orsuperficial bladder cancer (3)Your personalized matchesCONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

When to Consider a Clinical TrialBefore a biopsy (to study tissue from a tumor)Before the first surgery or radiation treatment (neoadjuvantstudies)After surgery or radiation treatment (adjuvant studies)When cancer has recurred or spread (metastasized)When cancer is spreading despite current treatment(refractory)Each time you and your doctor are making a newtreatment decision, it is appropriate to considerclinical trials.

Clinical Trials Navigators: RoleClinical Trials Navigatorsare there to:Keep your profile up to dateHelp you understand what to expect from clinical trialsProvide detailed contact information for trial sitesOffer additional resourcesTrouble-shoot on your behalf to make sure you have theinformation and connections your need to explore clinicaltrial optionsCONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

Why It’s Important for Patients to Learn About Clinical Trials85% of patients unaware of clinical trials (Harris Interactive 2001)• 75% of those patients said they would have participated in trialsClinical trials are a natural part of the continuum of care for cancer• When standard of care is proven it is recommended• When there is uncertainty about treatment, clinical trials may be offeredPatients have the right to make informed decisions• Understand how treatment decisions are made• Correct misperceptions: treatment trials rarely use placebos• Understanding questions to ask; risks and benefitsPatient have the right to know all options when making decisions• Narrow window of eligibility / dependant on prior treatments• We never want to hear “I wish I would have known about that”CONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

Bladder Cancer Advocacy NetworkCreate a profile online:Bladder Cancer Advocacy Networkhttp://www.bcan.org/Or call:1-800-504-7442CONFIDENTIAL | © EmergingMed 2012

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