Silko Serie 900
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Silko Serie 900

900ENS e r i e

900S e r i e sThe Essence in the kitchenThe Essence line is the result of Silko experience and it states theCompany’s core business with the main target of high ideas andsolutions to obtain the elevate technological result.Silko wishes to be near the catering operators and to assist carefullytheir needs for a huge activity from restaurant to hotels and to thecommunity. The performance is our objective and the aim is thecustomer satisfaction.POWERFitted with new wet seal burners the 900 series assures the overall efficiencyand lower consumption in addition to various options on burners arrangement.DURABILITYThe clear and solid shaped structure, the perfect formed flat tops, the qualità ofmaterial and components assure full reliability and safety, lasting in the time.VERSATILITYThe Essence line responds to any kind of demand and allow you to optimizeyour space in the kitchen.We have many years experience in Stainless SteelIt is from this fact that our focus and developments of each project arise.Every project we engage with, has at its core the principle of energy saving through selectingenvironmentally friendly components with the highest quality steel. Incorporating high performanceburners for low consumption, environmentally friendly foaming agents based on water and ensuringpackaging is reduced and easily recyclable.HYGIENEDESIGNHigher quality in the kitchen. All details are studied and realised in order tosimplify all cleaning operations.The continuos innovation research and accuracy of all the details allows Silko topropose unique cooking range and the final result is the excellence.2 3

900S e r i e sCantilever solutionA perfect cooking island for our Chefs, a solid and dynamic solution.Valuable power. The Essence, thanks to the levelled top, reduces theefforts in moving pots, pans, etc. and the safety of cookers operationsis assured, too. The top cooking elements are fixed on a stainless steeltubular structure and finally the same can be covered with suitablestainless steel panels in order to give the best aesthetic aspect.The top elements of theEssence are hold from ast/steel structure or byst/steel panels.knobDistinctive design and ease to use.Levelled top surfaceThe standard thickness in 20/10 stainless steel, dropped and levelled is theperfect unique strong surface in orderto to move around the cooking pans, kettles.www.silko.it8 9

900S e r i e sAs a whole kitchenWith the huge range of products and models,the Essence may count on the solid ‘stainlesssteel staff’, answering to any demand andapplication and able to give the added valuein the catering sector.fryersgas and electricwww.silko.itgas solid topsfry-topgas and electricgridsbratt pansgas and electricgas rangesglassceramic andinduction cookerspasta cookersgas and electricbain-marieelementneutralelementselectric solid topsboiling pansgas and electricgas and electric rangesreduceddrawers peculiaritybrattpans12 1314

Here after the main reason why tochoose the Essence in the kitchen.The Essence has been awarded from your choice: a kitchenstudied to give to the hand user a complete range of productswith a height reliability.Open one's eyes,to enter in a working place equipped with Essence, gives you acomplete satisfaction, particularly during your working hours.900S e r i e sCooking range made to measureJust to be nearer to the Chef increasing demands, Silko offers itstested experience for projects when it is needed proposals as cookingcentral island with hygienic top and more.Silko strongly wishes to satisfy You and gain Your’s confidence withthe main objective to carry out Your Unique Kitchen.First of allthe Essence resumes all what is requested from a real Chef in akitchen because the whole line improves the performances andgive a real effort to the best results.Then,because The Essence is the real careful and solid choice, reliableand safe and it is beyond comparison.Supporting the advantagesa professional staff, to grant delivery time flexibility, prompt andefficient aftersale assistance, just to offer the added value to ourproducts.Finallythe Essence is the real ingredient in a unique kitchen cause tothe several quality factors that may appoint a professional chefas the cooker’s great starts15 16

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