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CONTROL LOCATIONS17158 10 6161221GR92004x45WattsD-DN154 14720191132181391Power On/Off2Volume Control3Select4Loudness5Mute6Clock/Time Selector7Mode Switch8LOC/DX Selector9Stereo/Mono10Band Selector12Eject13Auto Music Search14Scan15Release Button16LCD Display17CD Slot18Auxiliary Input19USB Input20Preset memory Keys and CD/MP3 functions.21SD Card Input11Tuning/Selecting TracksPAGE 4 instruction manual GR9200 series

INSTALLATIONPRECAUTIONSIf you are connecting your GR9200 for the first time or havejust reconnected your boat battery and you are experiencingproblems with the unit’s operation, we suggest you tryresetting the unit. The reset button is located under theremovable face panel (see below for instructions). Gentlypress the reset button with a paper clip or similar object.You can then refit the face panel.Reset ButtonTo refit the face panel1. Slide the right hand end of the face panel into positionto engage the locking tabs.2. Press the left hand side into place until it clicks.Handling Compact Discs• Handle the CD by it’s edge, avoid touching thedisc surface.• Store your CDs away from direct sunlight or heat sources.Keeping the CD in it’s original case will help to keepit flat.• Clean the CD with a soft cloth from the centre to theouter edge, (see diagram) rather than in a circularmotion. Do not use solvents.The preset station memories and clock time are retainedonly while the yellow ‘Memory’ lead is connected to acontinuous + 12 V DC supply (see Electrical Wiring section).If the battery is disconnected or switched off at the masterswitch, or the unit is removed from the vessel, the stationmemories will be lost and the clock will need to be reset.REMOVING & REFITTING THE FACE PANELBefore removing the face panel, turn the unit OFF bypressing the Power button.1. Press the 15 release button to release theleft hand end of the face panel.2. Lift the face panel out towards you.3. After removing the face panel, place it inside thesupplied case to protect it from damage.Moisture CondensationYour GR9200 uses optical laser technology. Occasionallydamp or humid conditions may cause condensation toappear on the lenses inside the unit. Should this occur, theunit might not operate correctly. Simply eject the CD andleave the unit turned on for a while until themoisture evaporates.LocationThe GR9200 is available in a range of mountingconfigurations to enable it to be installed in the mostconvenient position. GME recommends that the unit shouldbe mounted in a position that is free from direct sunlightand excessive vibration.Note. The GR9200 should not be mounted at anglesgreater than 30° above or below the horizontal.GR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 5

Flush Mounting - GR9220The GR9220 can be neatly flush mounted into a panel orbulkhead so that just the controls and the protective coverare visible.Using the template provided, select a suitable location on apanel or bulkhead. Examine behind the panel to determinethe best method of support. If the thickness of the panel isnot sufficient to support the unit, it will be necessary to usethe strap supplied (see following diagrams).GR9220 Flush MountedFlush MountSupport StrapRear centre Screw with SpacersScrewRubber gasketScrewStrapScrewScrewGR9240 On-Dash Mounted* Use the rubber mounting gasket supplied. Place the gasketbetween the plastic housing and the mounting surface. This willimprove the contact between the mounting surface andstereo housing.GR9240 Overhead Mounted30 o30 obracket Mounting - GR92401. Attach the GR9240 to the mounting bracket using thetwo gimbal knobs.2. Temporarily position the GR9240 in the desired locationand roughly mark the location of the bracket edges.Now, remove the unit from the bracket and repositionthe bracket at the desired location to mark the mountinghole positions.3. Screw or bolt the bracket into position. The mountingmethod will depend on the material to which the bracketis being attached.4. Refit the GR9240 into the bracket and adjust to thedesired angle before tightening the gimbal knobs.5. Complete the antenna lead and electrical wiringas described later.PAGE 6 instruction manual GR9200 series

D-DN4x45WattsFor overhead mounting, the GME logos on the side ofeach bracket can be rotated as shown right.Your GR9240 can now be flush mounted. Replacementscrew caps have been provided to cover the exposedscrew heads.Press frombackTurnFlush mounting - gr9240Although the GR9240 is a bracket mounted unit, it can beflush mounted by following the disassemblyinstructions below.* Note rubber mounting gasket not supplied withGR9240 unit.Removing the Clear CoverIf your GR9200 will be mounted in a dry protected locationaway from the possibility of water ingress, the front clearcover can be permanently removed.1. Remove the 4 screws from each cable clamppanel at rear.2. Remove the screw from the centre of the heatdissipater and remove.1. Remove the 4 screws from the top and bottom insideedge of the mount frame as shown above. Removetop latch assembly and clear cover.ScrewCapsFill StripsGR92003. Remove the 4 screw caps and 4 screws from the frontcase and slide the unit out completely.2. Fit replacement fill strips as supplied into top andbottom frame edges.3. Mount your unit into the bulkhead. Use the screw capssupplied to cover screw heads.GR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 7

Ignition Switch orexternal AUX SwitchMemoryOptionalMasterSwitchYellowRed0.5 AMPElectrical WiringDC ConnectionsCaution: The GR9200 is designed for vessels with a 12 Voltnegative ground electrical system only!Referring to the wiring diagram on this page:1. Connect the YELLOW wire directly to the positiveterminal of the vessel’s battery, or to a point that has+12 Volts available at all times. This lead maintains thememories within the GR9200 and is the main powersource for the unit.2. Connect the Red wire to the vessels +12 V supply viaan appropriate isolating switch or circuit breaker. Thislead enables the radio to be switched ON and OFF.Alternatively, this wire can be connected directly to thebattery’s positive terminal and the GR9200 switched ONand OFF using it’s own controls.3. Connect the Black wire to the battery’s negative terminalor to the common negative bus in the electrical system.Important: Your GR9200 is able to maintain it’s memorieswhen it is switched off by drawing power directly fromyour battery via the Yellow ‘Memory’ lead. Althoughthe memory backup current is very small (about 10 mA)it may eventually discharge your battery if left connectedindefinitely. The time taken to completely discharge yourbattery could vary depending on its Amp-hour rating andbattery condition.If you do not run your boat’s motor regularly or your batteryis not kept charged between outings (e.g. Solar or windcharger), we recommend you disconnect the Yellow leadeach time you secure or trail your boat. This is easily doneby connecting the Yellow ‘Memory ’ lead via a Masterswitch, which can be switched off after each outing. Thiswill mean you will loose all your preset station memoriesand clock settings.The blue wire on the wiring loom supplies 12 Volts whenthe GR9200 is switched on and can be used to turn on anexternal device, like the GME GA9800 marine amplifier, orenable the back light on the GME RCU9200 wired remote.PAGE 8 instruction manual GR9200 series

REAR LEFT – GREEN/BLACKREAR LEFT + GREENFRONT LEFT – WHITE/BLACKFRONT LEFT + WHITEFRONT RIGHT + GREYFRONT RIGHT – GREY/BLACKREAR RIGHT + PURPLEREAR RIGHT – PURPLE/BLACKSpeaker ConnectionsWhen connecting the speakers, observe the correct polarity asshown in the diagram above right. Incorrect polarity will result in areduction of Bass response and stereo effect. The use of speakerswith an impedance of less that 4 Ohms is not recommended, asthey will cause excessive loading of the GR9200’s output circuitand may result in the radio overheating.Caution: The GR9200 is a four-speaker system thatrequires 2 separate wires for each speaker.A range of GME speakers is available from your localGME retailer.Connect all four speakers as shown in the diagram above.Adjust the Fader control for the required front/rear balance.If you wish to connect only two speakers, connect these tothe Rear speaker wires. The remaining speaker wires shouldbe insulated to ensure they cannot short circuit together orto the vessel’s 12 Volt or negative electrical Bus. If using onlytwo speakers, adjust the Fader control to the rear speakers.Antenna ConnectionsConnect an AM/FM marine antenna to the antenna socketextending from the rear of the GR9200. For information ona suitable antenna, contact your nearest GME branch ormarine retailer.Wired Remote ControlThe GR9200 has 2 additional fly leads at the rear enablingup to 2 GME wired remotes (RCU9200) to be connected.One or more additional 5 meter leads (LEO24) can also beinserted if required up to a maximum of 15 meters.iPod® ConnectivityThe GR9200 has a 3rd fly lead which, when connected withan LEO23 (optional 1.1 meter lead), enables an iPod® tobe connected directly to the stereo. Limited functions of theiPod® can be accessed via the GR9200, including theselection of albums and songs. Access to displaying theiPod® library on the GR9200 is not available however theiPod library and all functions can be viewed on the iPod.Reset ButtonWhen the installation is complete, remove the front paneland press the Reset button using a paper clip or similarGR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 9

object (see PRECAUTIONS on page 5). This will ensurethe GR9200 is ready to operate for the first time. If at anytime the controls do not seem to work (after replacing thevessel’s battery for example), press the Reset button to resetthe microcomputer inside the GR9200.Fuse ReplacementIf any of the fuses blow, replace them with a standard30 mm 3 AG type of the same rating. If the fuse blows asecond time contact your retailer.The following fuse ratings are used:- Yellow ‘Memory ’ lead: 15 Amp.- Red ‘Ignition Switch ACC’ lead: 0.5 Amp.OPERATIONGENERAL FUNCTIONS1 Power ON/OFFTo turn the GR9200 on, press the Power Button. The unitwill resume the mode and settings that were selected whenlast turned off.To turn the GR9200 OFF, press the Power button again.Note that when the GR9200 is turned OFF the clock isdisplayed without the backlight.BacklightingBriefly press the Power button to change the brightness ofthe back lighting. There are three levels of backlighting available.2 3 Audio ControlsThe Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader controls areselected electronically. The default setting is theVolume Control.To select an alternative control, press the SEL 3 buttonuntil the desired function is displayed on the LCD. Eachpress cycles to the next function in sequence. Adjustthe selected control function using the volume knob 2 .4LoudnessPressing the LOU button will provide a low frequency (basslift) boost to the audio output. To indicate the selection‘LOUD’ will be illuminated on the LCD. Pressing the LOUbutton again will de-select the loudness function.5MutePressing the MUT button will temporarily silence the audiooutput. ‘MUTE ON’ is displayed on the LCD to indicate theGR9200 has been muted. Pressing the MUT button againwill restore the previously selected audio level.6ClockTo display the current time, press the button, After 2seconds the display will return to it’s original status.The time is shown in the 24 hour format.To set the clock, press and hold the button until thetime display begins to flash. The time can then be adjustedby rotating the Volume knob. To adjust hours, rotate theknob clockwise, to adjust the minutes, rotate ant-clockwise.7ModePressing the MOD button will select the GR9200 operatingmode. TUNER, CD or AUX modes are sequentially selectedas MOD is pressed. If a USB memory stick or SD Card isinserted, ‘USB’ or ‘CARD’ will also appear in the mode list.When the GR9200 is switched on it will automaticallyreturn to the mode it was in when switched off.8Local/Distance ControlPressing the LOC button selects an internal attenuatorwhich will help to reduce the interference and distortionoften associated with very strong local radio transmissions.The LOC flag on the LCD is illuminated when the GR9200 isin the local mode.9Stereo/Mono SelectorPressing the ST button selects either mono or stereoreception while in FM mode. The unit will momentarilydisplay ‘MONO’ or ‘STEREO’ when toggling the ST switch.The ST flag is displayed when the GR9200 is in thestereo mode.Selecting mono improves reception when FM signals areweak or noisy by disabling stereo detection.Select STEREO for normal listening on FM radio bands, asymbol is displayed when stereo signals arebeing received.Radio operationCountry SelectionWhen power is first applied, the GR9200 will default to theEuropean frequency bands. To toggle between Europeanand USA band sets:1. Press and hold the memory ‘3’ key AND press thepower key.2. The radio will display ‘Goodbye’ and switch off.3. Switch the radio ON again using the power key. USAor Europe will be momentarily displayed to indicate theselected band.PAGE 10 instruction manual GR9200 series

D-DNCD/MP3 OperationNOTE: If all power is disconnected from the GR9200,the unit defaults to European frequency bandswhen reconnected.NOTE: The differences between bands is listed in thespecifications at the rear of the manual.10Band SelectorTo select the required radio band (AM1, AM2 FM1 FM2 orFM3), sequentially press the BND button until the requiredband is selected.11Tuning/Selecting TracksManual TuningTo tune the radio manually, momentarily press thebutton to select the desired frequency. Pressup or to tune down.Automatic Tuning (Seek)orto tunePress and hold either the or buttons for 1 second.The GR9200 will stop seeking when a strong, clear stationis detected.Storing of Stations in MemoryOnce the desired station has been selected, press and holdone of the six preset station memory buttons on the frontpanel for 1 second. The corresponding button number willappear on the LCD indicating that the selected station isnow programmed into the GR9200 memory.13Auto Programming of Radio Stations (AMS)Select the required bandPress and hold the AMS button for 1 second. The GR9200will commence searching the band for radio stations. Aseach station is located it is automatically stored in the nextavailable preset memory location. The new stations willreplace any stations previously stored in that band.14ScanIn the TUNER mode, press and hold the SCAN button for1 second. The GR9200 will scan the selected radio bandfor all available stations, pausing briefly at each to let youdecide whether you wish to listen to this particular station.To exit the Scan mode, press the Scan button again.Manually Selecting the Preset Station MemoriesBriefly press the desired station memory 1- 6. The GR9200will jump immediately to that station and the memorynumber will appear on the LCD.Warning: Do not insert CDs containing anything otherthan standard audio or MP3 files into the disc slot. TheCD mechanism contains precision laser components whichcould easily be damaged by inserting foreign objects.Important: Because of the wide dynamic range offeredby CD systems, the difference in volume level between verysoft sounds and very loud sounds can be quite high. For thisreason we recommend that you avoid turning the volumelevel up too loud when listening to very soft music or trackswith no audio level otherwise a sudden change to very loudmusic could damage your speakers.Inserting the CDRemove the CD from it’s case and insert the disc label-upinto the front panel aperture. The CD mechanism willautomatically draw the disc into the player and startplaying track 1.label side upGR9200A disc symbol is displayed on the LCD wheneverthere is a CD in the player. The symbol will simulaterotation whenever the disc is playing.12Ejecting a CDPress the EJECT button to stop the CD playing andautomatically eject the disc.11Fast Forward/ReverseTo advance through the present track at high speed, pressand hold the button. The elapsed playing time will bedisplayed and will advance rapidly. Release the button tocontinue playing at the normal speed.To reverse through the present track at high speed, pressand hold the button. The elapsed time on the displaywill decrease rapidly. Release the button to continue playingthe present track at the normal speed.4x45WattsGR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 11

11Step to the Next TrackTo step immediately to the next track, press the buttononce. The next selected track will begin playing, press thebutton to advance to the start of successive tracks.To step immediately to the start of the track currently beingplayed, press the button once. The current track willimmediately restart. Press the button repeatedly tolocate the start of previous tracks.11PauseTo pause the CD, press the button once. The discsymbol on the LCD will stop rotating when the pausefunction has been selected.Press the button again to resume playing the CD.Intro-ScanThe intro-scan feature plays the first 10 seconds of eachtrack allowing you to identify the songs on the CD.To select intro-scan press the INT button, the LCD willdisplay INT, track number and elapsed time.Press the INT button again to return to the normal mode.Repeat PlayTo continually repeat the current track, press the RPTbutton. A ‘RPT’ flag will be illuminated on the LCD when inthe repeat mode.Press the RPT button again to return to the normal mode.Random PlayTo play tracks on the CD in a random order, press the RDMbutton. A ‘RDM’ flag will be illuminated on the LCD whenin the random mode.recorder you are using to write your CDs for thefinalisation process.To ensure a more reliable playback,• Write CD-Rs and CD-RWs at speeds slower than theirmaximum rating.• Avoid using CD-RWs that have been written more than5 times.Note: If a disc contains audio CD data and MP3 files, theGR9200 will only play which ever is first on the disc. If thefirst track on the disc is an MP3 file, the unit will only playthe MP3 files from the disc, and will ignore all other filesand vice versa.Precautions for MP3sThe format of the disc must be ISO9660 level 1 or 2, orJoliet or Romeo in the expansion format.When naming an MP3 file, ensure the file extension is ‘.MP3’The GR9200 will not recognise a non MP3 file even if thename extension is ‘.MP3’Configuration MenuPress and hold the SEL key to enter the configuration menuthen briefly press the SEL key to cycle through the availableconfiguration options. Rotate the Volume knob to changethe selected option. Press BND to exit the menu or simplywait a few seconds for it to time-out.Press the RDM button again to return to the normal mode.MP3 FunctionsMP3 (MPEG-1 Layer 3) is a format for the compression ofaudio files to approximately 8% of their original size. Thispermits a large number of files to be stored on a CD-R,CD-RW, SD Card or USB memory stick.MP3 Music Search - To search for a particular MP3music track, press the AMS button once, the LCD willdisplay ‘TRK . The left hand digit will be flashing.Rotate the volume control to select the value of the firstdigit then press AMS to advance to the next digit. Repeatuntil the required track number is displayed. Press SEL tojump to that track.Precautions for CD-R and CD-RW DiscsThe GR9200 will not play a CD that has not been finalised.Please refer to the instruction manual of the software or thePAGE 12 instruction manual GR9200 series

CONfiguration menu tableFunction Options DescriptionBeep On I Off Enables/disables confirmation beeps onkey pressesAudio Response User Set I Flat I Classic I Rock I Pop Selects preset audio responses for variousmusic styles. Select ‘User Set’ if you preferto manually adjust the audio responseusing the Bass/Treble controls.Volume Last I Default Set the volume level used when the radiois turned on. Select ‘ Last ’ to restore thevolume to the last used setting.Select Default to restore the volume to apresent default setting.AVOL Min | 01-46 | Max Sets the preset volume setting for the‘Default’ option above.iPod Baud Rate(BPS)38400 | 9600 Sets the Baud Rate for communicating withiPod devices. The default is 38400 bps.If your older iPod doesn’t work with theGR9200 try selecting 9600 bps.Clock On | Off Enables/disables the clock on the displaywhen the GR9200 is switched off.Clock format 24 | 12 Selects 12 hour or 24 hour clock display.GR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 13

AUXILIARY INPUTS & OUTPUTSTo maximise the owner’s listening flexibility and pleasurethe GR9200 series have several auxiliary inputsand outputs.Front Panel InputsThere are standard USB and SD Card inputs located on thefront panel.USBThe USB Input accepts USB flash memory drives loadedwith MP3 files. When using the USB input we recommendusing the USB adapter AD003 supplied as a standardaccessory with your GR9200. This allows the transparentfront cover to be fully closed to avoid any possibility ofwater ingress.When the USB input is in use, ‘USB’ is added to the optionson the MOD button.Note: The USB input is not designed to be connectedto the USB port of a external MP3 player. External MP3players should be connected to the AUX input via an audiointerface cable.SD CardThe SD card slot accepts SD and SDHC memory cards up to4 GB in size containing up to 5000 songs.When the SD card slot is in use, ‘CARD’ is added to theoptions on the MOD button.Aux InputThe GR9200 has a 2.5 mm stereo jack low level (1 Voltpeak to peak) audio input. Owners may use this input forexternal audio sources that they wish to play through thevessel’s stereo system.GME offers an interface cable (LE68) for connectingMP3 portable devices. When using this connection, it isnecessary to use the portable device functions tocontrol play.To use the AUX input, press the MOD button until ‘ AUX’is displayed.CONNECTING AN iPod*The GR9200 can be connected directly to an iPod via theoptional LE023 iPod interface lead. The interface leadconnects to the iPod fly lead at the rear of the GR9200 andprovides a direct connection to the interface socket on theiPod. The cable is compatible with the current iPod Nano,Classic, Touch and iPhone models.When an iPod is connected the GR9200 displays IPOD.Album and song selections can be made from the GR9200or directly from the iPod itself. Any selections will bedisplayed on the iPod screen.To make individual selections from the GR9200 controlspress the AMS button. ‘Menu’ is displayed on the GR9200.During this time, press the AMS button to step backthrough the iPod screen menus, rotate the Volume controlto highlight items on the iPod screen and press BNDto make a selection. To exit the GR9200’s iPod ‘Menu’function press SEL or wait a few seconds and the menu willtime-out. Normal AMS, Volume and BND functionswill resume.To select another song press or to step forward orback through the song list.To select another Album press D-UP or D-DN to stepforward or back through the Album list.The iPod battery will be charged while it is connected tothe GR9200.REAR OUTPUTThe GR9200 series has front and rear, right and leftchannel, low level audio output lines. Owners mayuse these outputs to drive external booster amplifiersshould they have a particularly large vessel or requiresupplementary audio output power.When a suitable external amplifier is connected the volume,tone and balance settings may still be controlled at the GR9200.Warning: Extreme care should be taken when connectingany external device to your GR9200 rear inputs or outputs.GME strongly recommends that all such installations shouldbe carried out by a suitably qualified technician.PAGE 14 instruction manual GR9200 series

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESThere are a number of high quality GME accessoriesavailable to enhance your marine entertainment experience.These accessories are available through your local GMEretailer, should you have any difficulty in obtaining anyGME accessory, please call or email your local GME SalesOffice (within Australia and New Zealand). Contact detailsare listed on the back page of this manual.International customers should also refer to the back pagefor details of your local importer or• Marine Speakers• Comprehensive Range of Marine Antennas• Interface cable for MP3 devices• RCU9200 - Wired Remote Control for Stereo• LE024 - Wired Remote 5m Extension Cable• LE023 - iPod* Connectivity Lead 1.1m Long*iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc., registered in the U.S.and other countries.From time to time GME may introduce new and additionalproducts to the range or discontinue existing accessories.Details of any changes may be found at our and SPK002 speakersSPK005 and SPK006 box speakersLE023 iPod interface cableLE024 RCU Interface cable (5m)SPK007 6 x 9 speaker RCU9200 wired remote LE68 AUX input cableSPK008 wake board speakerand SPK010 marine subwooferGA9800 - GME Marine AmplifierAM/FM AntennasGR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 15

GR9200 Trouble Shooting GuideSymptom Cause SolutionNo Power. Vessel’s battery switch is not on. Check master switch if fitted.Error messages displayed on LCD orfunctions not operating.One of the fuses is blown.Microprocessor lock up.Replace the damaged fuse with thecorrect value.Press Reset Button.Poor radio reception. Damaged or incorrect type of antenna. Check antenna and replaceif necessary.CD cannot be loaded. There is already a CD in the player. Remove disc, then insert new CD.CD is upside down.Insert correct way up.CD is damaged or dirty.Clean or try another disc.CD has moisture on it.Dry disc and retry.CD reader has moisture on lens.Leave player on for an hour or soand retry.PAGE 16 instruction manual GR9200 series

specifications*FM RadioFrequency Range: 87.5 - 108 MHz (Eu./Aust./N.Z.)87.5 - 107.9 MHz (U.S.A.)Frequency Step: 50 kHz (Eu./Aust./NZ200 kHz /USAIntermediate Frequency: 10.7 MHzSensitivity (30 dB S/N): 13 dBuV (typical)Channel Separation: 32 dBAM RadioStation Memories: 18Frequency Range: 522 - 1620 MHz (Eu./Aust./N.Z.)530 - 1710 MHz (U.S.A.)Frequency Step: 9 kHz (Eu./Aust./N.Z.)10 kHz (U.S.A.)Intermediate Frequency: 450 kHzSensitivity (20 dB S/N): 17 dBuVStation Memories: 12audio amplifierAudio Output: (4 channels x 45 W Peak =180 W Peak) @ 10% THD.Speaker Impedance: 4 OhmBass Adjustment Range: +/- 10 dBGENERALTreble Adjustmentrange: +/- 12 dBDC Supply Input: 10 – 16 Volts Negative GroundMemory Back-up: External Back-up Memory WireBack-up Current: Approximately 16 mAOverall Size: 232 mm (W) x 97 mm (H) x200 mm (D) excluding heatdissipator.Weight: 1.55 kg - GR9220,2.6 kg - GR9240.Supply Current: 7 Amps (max.)Compact disc mechanismMechanism: Auto LoadingSignal to Noise Ratio: 58 dBFormat: 8 times oversamplingEnvironmental: Anti-vibration/Anti-shock*All specifications are typical and subject to change without notice or obligation.GR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 17

Standard communications contract warranty1. STATUTORY WARRANTIES1.1 The Trade Practices Act Part V, Division 2A and other legislationimply conditions, warranties and other obligations on us toconsumers that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.Those provisions apply to the extent required by law.1.2 We exclude all other conditions, warranties and obligationswhich would otherwise be implied concerning the activitiescovered by this agreement.1.3 We limit our liability where we are allowed to do so. Examplesof where we are allowed to limit liability are -(a) you acquire goods from us for re-supply;(b) the goods or services we supply are not of a kind ordinarilyacquired for personal, domestic or household useor consumption.1.4 Where we are allowed to limit our liability, to the extentpermitted by law, our sole liability for breach of a condition,warranty or other obligation implied by law is limited -(a) in the case of goods we supply, to any one of the followingas we decide -(i) the replacement of the goods or the supply ofequivalent goods;(ii) the repair of the goods;(iii) the payment of the cost of repairing the goods or ofacquiring equivalent goods;(iv) the payment of the cost of having the goodsrepaired; or(b) in the case of services we supply, to any one of thefollowing as we decide -(i) the supplying of the services again;(ii) the payment of the cost of having the servicessupplied again.2. ADDITIONAL WARRANTIES2.1 The warranties in this clause are in addition to the statutorywarranties referred to in the previous clause.2.2 We warrant our goods to be free from defects in materialsand workmanship for one year from the date of originalsale (or another period we agree to in writing). During thisperiod and as our sole liability to you under this warranty,we agree to, at our option, either repair or replace goodswhich we are satisfied are defective. We warrantreplacement parts for the remainder of the periodof warranty for the goods into which theyare incorporated.2.3 We warrant our other repairs to be free from defects inmaterials and workmanship for three months from thedate of the original repair. During this period and asour sole liability to you for the repair, we agree torepair or replace (at our option) repaired goods whichwe are satisfied are defective.2.4 We warrant that we will perform services withreasonable care and skill and agree to investigateany complaint made in good faith that we haveperformed services unsatisfactorily. If we are satisfiedthat the complaint is justified, and as our sole liabilityto you under this warranty, we agree to supply thoseservices again at no extra charge to you.2.5 If you want warranty service under this clause youmust give us an original or copy of the sales invoicefrom the transaction or some other evidence showingdetails of the transaction.3. OTHER LIMITATIONS3.1 You may not rely on any representation, warranty orother provision by or for us which is not covered byclause [ 1 ] or repeated in this agreement inclear terms.3.2 We are not liable (nor are our employees, contractorsand agents) for any damage, economic loss orloss of profits whether direct, indirect, general, specialor consequential -(a) arising out of any breach of any implied orexpress term, condition or warranty; or(b) suffered as a result of our negligence (or thatof our employees, contractors or agents)- apart from liability as set out in the previoustwo clauses.3.3 The liability of a party under this agreement (whetherarising in contract, tort or by statute) is to be reducedby the same proportion as represents the proportionof the loss or damage caused or contributed to by theother party, its contractors or agents.GME after sales serviceYour GME GR9200 is especially designed for the environmentencountered in mobile or portable applications. The use of allsolid state circuitry, careful design and rigorous testing, result inhigh reliability. Should failure occur however, GME maintain afully equipped service facility and spare parts stock to meet thecustomer’s requirements long after expiry of the warranty period.PAGE 18 instruction manual GR9200 series

GR9200 series instruction manual PAGE 19

A Division ofHead Office: Sydney- Locked Bag 2086, North Ryde, NSW 1670, Australia. Tel: +61 (0)2 9844 6666 Fax : +61 (0)2 9844 6600MELBOURNE ADELAIDE PERTH BRISBane sydney auckland7 Micro Circuit Unit 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit B 2/24 Bishop Dunn PlaceDANDENONG STH 3165 14 Phillips Street 10-12 Harvard Way 89-101 Factory Road 22-24 College Street East TamakiTel: (03) 9798 0988 THEBARTON 5031 CANNING VALE 6155 OXLEY 4075 GLADESVILLE 2111 MANUKAU 2013 NZFax: (03) 9798 0177 Tel: (08) 8234 2633 Tel: (08) 9455 5744 Tel: (07) 3278 6444 Tel: (02) 9879 8888 Tel: (09) 274 0955Fax: (08) 8234 5138 Fax: (08) 9455 3110 Fax: (07) 3278 6555 Fax: (02) 9816 4722 Fax: (09) 274 0959For customers outside Australia and New Zealand please contact your local GME Distributor or email: Site: No: 310443 Drawing No: 44415-1 instruction MANUAL GR9200 series

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